Captain Marvel Once Again

We last visited Captain Marvel here.  A long list of possible reasons as to why she is so unappealing were listed, basically boiling down to the fact that she is so perfect, without struggle and that she really seems to be selfish.  The former makes for little story to be had and the latter makes for generally unlikable character.  

But I am thinking that there is something more.  I have noticed that many lefty types are not so enamored with Captain Marvel.  They might profess allegiance, because the is what they are supposed to do, but often there are doubts.  There is a level of discomfort.  Where might it be coming from?

I am wondering it is just as simple as the idea that the role that she takes just makes people uncomfortable.  Women just are not supposed to be like that; to be uber-powerful, totally dictating the agenda.  Perhaps both sexes are deep-down uncomfortable with this situation.  Something says that this is just not how things should be.  

It might take something like this to overcome the typical lefties programming.  And it often does seem to.  Probably they would say that this is a response to some learned false consciousness thing, but rather it does seem that the lefty promotion of ideas such a Captain Marvel is the real false consciousness.  

Exit question — What makes for a false conscious?

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  1. okrahead says:

    Nobody likes her because she’s Karen as Kal-El.
    Christopher Reeves’ Superman was wildly popular because he was, of all things, humble. Also, he still espoused “Truth, Justice and The American Way” completely unironically. Bree Larsen could never pull that off. Reeves was a good enough actor that he could actually portray empathy; the audience could see an alien with immense power still caring about individual humans around him. Larsen looks like she hates everyone around her; her pre-Endgame interviews with other cast members tend to back that up.

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  2. Farm Boy says:

    Yes, she does look like she hates everyone.

    She also gives off a selfish vibe

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  3. okrahead says:

    False consciousness is a Marxist term which more or less means believing things contrary to Marx’s teachings to your own detriment. Since I hold that Marx was a simpering lunatic filled with mindless envy while being economically illiterate I am sure that Marxists would accuse me of having a false consciousness. I would merely respond that I enjoy exercising the benefits of my privilege in enlightened self interest, including investing in a number of nifty anti-Marxist devices, which unfortunately I lost in the bottom of a lake in a canoeing accident if anyone comes looking for them.

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  4. Farm Boy says:

    So are men being hot for women a false conscious?

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  5. okrahead says:

    Well, if it’s being hot for Brie Larsen I suppose that might be false consciousness. But if we’re going with super heroines, why is Gal Gadot so much more appealing than Mz Larsen?

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  6. Kind of hard to claim victim status when Capt. Karen-So-White is the most powerful being in the MCU.

    [With respect to modern victimhood, being a women not enough any more it is]

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  7. Farm Boy says:

    But if we’re going with super heroines, why is Gal Gadot so much more appealing than Mz Larsen?

    Firstly, Gal looks better. Second, Wonder Woman at times appears to be feminine. Third, Wonder Woman likes guys. Fourth, Wonder Woman has a dose of humility. Fifth, Wonder Woman acts selflessly to save the World. Sixth, Wonder Woman doesn’t have a chip on her shoulder that has nothing to do with respect to saving the World.

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  8. Sumo says:

    Capt. Karen-So-White is the most powerful being in the MCU.

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  9. I’ve haven’t heard Hemsworth say anything horribly stupid (yet), but Ruffalo is just the worst. Well, maybe Chris Evans is worser, but it’s a real slugfest of worstiness.

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  10. Sumo says:

    I’m comfortable saying Ruffalo is the worst. I dimly recall Evans spouting off some feminist bullshit or something, but it doesn’t compare to the shit from Roofie.

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  11. Larry G says:

    Sixth, Wonder Woman doesn’t have a chip on her shoulder that has nothing to do with respect to saving the World.

    You missed Seventh, FB. Has bigger tits

    [Like boobs I do]

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  12. Larry G says:

    Dr. visit was a bust. He poked for awhile then set me up for real surgery later in July. Not amused

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  13. b g says:


    Hang tough, getting older is not easy ;-D

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  14. b g says:

    Jeez, guys prefer feminine girls, who knew ;-D

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  15. Farm Boy says:

    guys prefer feminine girls, who knew

    Well, seemingly lots of people don’t know

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  16. Cheque d'Out says:

    “Yes, she does look like she hates everyone”

    This is unfair. Now it’s true that she hates folks who are less than her. It’s hardly fair to blame her for that being everyone.

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  17. Cheque d'Out says:

    Ex London cop gets a bit too real on a tv interview, they couldn’t shut him down fast enough

    [Truth dangerous it is]

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  18. Moving on from Seattle to Portland…

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  19. Liz says:

    Airlines joke:
    One flight attendant said to another, “Hey did you hear about that pilot who killed his wife?”
    Other flight attendant, “OMG, No!”
    “Yeah…he actually put her body in a wood chipper…”
    “Wow, that’s terrible”
    (pregnant pause)
    “So…I guess that means he’s single?”

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  20. h0neyc0mb says:

    Pilot / Flight Attendant jokes .. I have sooooooooo many ..

    Must not be tempted ..

    Ok .. weak moment over.

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  21. Farm Boy says:

    Professor plans to sue Catholic University for firing him over tweets criticizing powerful Democrats


  22. Farm Boy says:

    There’s new evidence that a 2,000-year-old medicine might offer hope against a modern scourge: COVID-19.

    The medication, called colchicine, is an anti-inflammatory taken as a pill. It’s long been prescribed for gout, a form of arthritis, and its history goes back centuries. The drug was first sourced from the autumn crocus flower.


  23. Farm Boy says:

    Consumer Spending Increased at Record 8.2% Pace in May

    “…the Commerce Department said Friday, in what was the biggest one-month gain since record keeping began in 1959.”

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  24. Farm Boy says:

    Gun violence is up 358% in New York City since June 2019 as police are being stripped of resources in Democrat run cities nationwide

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  25. Farm Boy says:

    Students are petitioning to have a professor at Loyola University New Orleans fired over his opinions on slavery, even though he vehemently opposes it.


  26. Farm Boy says:

    President Trump noted Thursday that it is highly concerning that his Democratic rival for the Presidential election in November cannot even speak properly


  27. Farm Boy says:

    An uber-progressive neighborhood in Minneapolis has vowed not to call the cops on people in the community and instead to utilize the American Indian Movement to help solve local grievances.

    And for the last two weeks, an encampment of at least 300 homeless people (and counting) have made the neighborhood their home. It’s all playing out exactly as you’d expect


  28. Farm Boy says:

    Joe Biden just said, “Now we have OVER 120 MILLION dead from COVID.”

    — Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) June 25, 2020

    [Thanos was here not]

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  29. Farm Boy says:

    Mayor: ‘What Happened Last Night In Madison Was Far From Peaceful And Exceeding Dangerous’

    They tried to burn dozens of people to death


  30. Luckily it seems the Portland camp was busted up yet again… but they vow to keep trying…

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  31. In other news… local citizens say “not this statue!”

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  32. Biden is obviously impaired, yet the MSM hasn’t been told to give him the hook yet, so their masters must not have their plan in place quite yet or can’t agree on whaat the plan should be.

    [Wonder if the following person it would be I do]

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  33. I don’t think Hillary would be acceptable to the crazies and the minorities. They really don’t want Biden either, but their irrational, completely manufactured hate for Trump is what is keeping him from totally sinking at this point.

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  34. theshadowedknight says:

    That old bastard running after him with cane. My man! Good to see people fighting back. Thats the key. The government isn’t coming to save you.

    Also, fuck the police. They should have arrested him for attacking a statue. They won’t protect the statue but they protect him. He runs behind their skirt, and skirts, because the cops are a bunch of pussies. All cops are bastards until a bunch of pissed of geriatrics are trying to kick your ass. Great optics.

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  35. Cill says:

    Larsen looks like she hates everyone around her; her pre-Endgame interviews with other cast members tend to back that up.

    I remember an incident when I was in a gym waiting for a friend. A sweet-faced young woman approached me and against my better judgement I let her lead me to the mat. She tried to dump me. She put everything into her move succeeding and it didn’t. She pulled a muscle or strained something and sort of crumpled down and wept.

    When I started to type this I thought it was relevant and now I’m not so sure. Anyway I’ll let it stand. Had a couple of beers with some mates last night (more than a couple TBH)

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  36. Cill says:

    It’s a form of physical shit test for us big buggers.

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  37. okrahead says:

    Well, in all fairness Cill, the uke is supposed to let himself be thrown, and the nage is supposed to go all-in. If you’re talking about something other than judo then just disregard this.
    Also, I am the world’s worst uke. Especially when it’s a “throw line.”


  38. okrahead says:

    Red Pill Girl,
    I am sorry to report that despite the old fellows you posted defending the statue, the city of New Haven caved to Antifa and removed the statue. Those old guys lost.


  39. Cill says:

    It was judo or karati or sumat brother. #n “dan” champion whatever. Dizzy bitch. To cap it off she got the hots for me after that.

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  40. okrahead says:

    They usually do, specially if you’re a big bugger.

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  41. okrahead says:

    Also, if you weren’t a regular there, it’s entirely her fault for trying that stunt to begin with. Any judo sensei I’ve ever worked with would have had the head of any judoka dragging a visitor onto the mat and trying for a throw. It just isn’t done, period.

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  42. Cill says:

    Hey I’m sorry the old guys lost. I spent a lot of time in the USA and met some staunch men. Bloody good blokes. I wondered why they didn’t deal to the thugs already. Do you reckon they might have started? (wakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve)

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  43. h0neyc0mb says:

    Whelp Twit(err)or suspended their account.

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  44. M says:

    A little bird should tell him the #n Dan had the hots for him *before* she tried to dump him (I heard it on the underground telegraph). She wanted to have his undivided attention for a moment. It happens… a lot….
    and I do wish it didn’t!

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  45. okrahead says:

    I’ve been into it with my older family members over this. My view from the ground? The Boomers would rather see their descendants slaughtered and/or sold into slavery rather than be called “racist.” Since the group tearing down statues has named themselves “Black Lives Matter” the Boomers will not oppose them. They are genuinely more afraid of being called “racist” for opposing BLM’s goals than they are of seeing their own grandchildren slaughtered. Obviously not universal as we see in the video, but a vast majority.

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  46. okrahead says:

    In my area here “Black Lives Matter” firebombed a black church May 30 (irony is dead). Still no push back. They are testing for limits, so far it doesn’t look like they’re finding any.

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  47. Cheque d'Out says:

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  48. Cill says:

    I have to hand it to you for subtlety me old Empire

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  49. M says:

    Spawny you are incorrigible!

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  50. Cill says:

    But he has BTMSGL

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  51. Cill says:

    Note the one on the right. Classic case of drooped crotch.


  52. Cheque d'Out says:

    What can I say except that I’ve talents?
    And btmsgl.
    My only fault is that I’m overly modest.

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  53. Cill says:

    Modest to a fault me old cobber.

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  54. Orkahead that’s so sad the city caved. Boo. Do you know what the statue is of?

    The thing a lot of people don’t get about this BLM thing is that the name is really deceptive. But it’s that way for a reason because if you oppose it then you’re racist but if you support it, then you are supporting the lawlessness and the rioting and all the rest. I think people are starting to see now that it’s more than meets the eye. I hope so because this group is actually very radical and their beliefs are very much not main stream.

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  55. Cill says:

    It is approaching the hour of 10 here and high time for me to greet the new day. There are deeds to do and promises to keep. See y’all in the ‘bye.

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  56. Farm Boy says:

    Has anybody figured out what systemic racism is yet?


  57. Farm Boy says:

    ‘Society of Snitches’: Northam Asks Virginians to Report Churches, Gun Ranges That Violate COVID Restrictions

    But not protests, at least the right kind of protests

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  58. Farm Boy says:

    A police force in the UK is “facilitating” a Black Lives Matter protest despite it violating coronavirus laws, while forbidding any form of counter-protest.

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  59. Farm Boy says:

    Around 140 police officers have been injured as a result of breaking up illegal ‘street parties’ and Black Lives Matter protests in the UK over the past 3 weeks, although the government and the media appears to be more concerned about too many people visiting the beach


  60. Farm Boy says:

    Scientists are testing to see if gargling and flushing out your nose with salty water could be a simple treatment to help fight the coronavirus.

    A team at the University of Edinburgh previously discovered that using saline solutions noticeably reduced common colds by two or more days.

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  61. Farm Boy says:

    Woman in Fredricksburg, VA Calls 911, Complaining That Violent Thugs Are Blocking Her Car and Jumping on It; 911 Tells Her The Police Have Been Ordered to Let the Terrorists Do What They Want

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  62. Farm Boy says:

    Federal judge: Cuomo and de Blasio can’t limit the size of outdoor religious services if they didn’t care about limiting the size of protests


  63. Farm Boy says:

    They have found the Nazis


  64. Oopsie! It’s George FLOYD, not Kirby, Nancy!!!

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  65. Alexandria Virginia is not letting their statues be harmed it seems…

    Hope this cheers you up especially, Horseman!

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  66. okrahead says:

    I’ve been out of pocket for a bit; in answer to your question upthread RPG it was a statue of Christopher Columbus; the men defending it were local Italians who objected to having their heritage erased. The Sicilians really need to start getting serious with these jackasses before they start losing the respect of the neighborhood.

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  67. Farm Boy says:

    Harlem Black Residents Push Back Against Abolishing the Police

    “I would say it’s pretty good [the relationship between the community and the NYPD]. You know, all police officers are not bad. You know, you got some of them that really care about the people and really want to help the people.”

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  68. So much negative news lately, easy to miss the items like this:

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  69. Farm Boy says:

    So, your sort of sideways point that nobody is willing to finger the protests for the spike in cases is probably correct. I did some work on this about a week ago, but am not willing to write about it myself, being a corporate tool. Math: Median time from exposure to symptoms (if you get them) is 5-6 days. Median time from symptoms to hospitalization is 7 days. Point is, hospitalizations should start to increase ~12 days from a super spreader event. Well, that is exactly when cases started to spike here in Austin. I graphed the “Texas reopening” orders against the Austin MSA hospitalization graph. No effect, until exactly 12 days after the first big demonstration. Here you go.


  70. Because 40 years of affirmative action wasn’t enough! At what point does equality actually mean “on merit?”

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    The take is a bit slanted, not sure why the author is blaming Trump for this mess?!? Maybe the state governors need to answer why their roadways are unsafe?

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  72. theshadowedknight says:

    Bloom, I don’t think he is blaming Trump, per se. He is building a case for Trump to act. The demand for order has to be able to drown out the screams of, “dictator, fascist, monster, bad!”

    Trump is giving people who voted against him a taste of their policies. Until they throw up the poison they ate, they cannot be saved. If they have to burn, then so be it. It will save us bullets in the long run.

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  73. Farm Boy says:

    Hospital patients four times less likely to die now than they were in April, Oxford study finds

    Experts say doctors may be becoming better at treating patients and several drugs now appear to have an impact on survival


  74. Farm Boy says:

    The ‘this’ is an uptick in daily new cases from 19,002 on June 9 to 38,386 on June 24. The high to date in new daily cases was on April 24 — 39,072. Since April 24, the daily case count started declining, then began rising again after around June 9. What virtually every fear-mongering story on America’s allegedly precarious situation leaves out, however, is the steadily dropping daily death numbers — from a high of 2,693 on April 21 to 808 on June 24. That April high was driven by New York City and its environs; those New York death numbers have declined, but they have not been replaced by deaths in the rest of the country. This should be good news. Instead, it is no news

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  75. Farm Boy says:

    All 23 seasons of “South Park” are now available for viewing on HBO Max, except for five episodes that were removed due to the depiction of a Muslim figure.

    Guess who

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  76. Cheque d'Out says:

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  77. Cheque d'Out says:

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  78. Well is the cops are on Antifas side, the angels have nothing to worry about.

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  79. Ame says:

    okrahead says:
    26 June, 2020 at 10:06 pm
    In my area here “Black Lives Matter” firebombed a black church May 30 (irony is dead). Still no push back. They are testing for limits, so far it doesn’t look like they’re finding any.

    that’s b/c Ton’s not in charge … if Ton were in charge, we’d never even know things could get this far.

    sure hope Ton’s okay.

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  80. Cheque d'Out says:

    Proper Job

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  81. Yoda says:


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  82. Yoda says:

    Seems like the cat has Liz’ tongue it does


  83. David Foster says:

    Bloom, re attacks on truckers: “The take is a bit slanted, not sure why the author is blaming Trump for this mess?!? Maybe the state governors need to answer why their roadways are unsafe?”

    States & municipalities are indeed responsible for policing the roadways in their jurisdictions. However, there is also a provision in federal law that could potentially allow federal prosecution of some of these cases:

    18 U.S. Code § 1951.Interference with commerce by threats or violence,do%20anything%20in%20violation%20of

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  84. Farm Boy says:

    With nothing to look at, visitors are absolved of any grief in their lives. By peacefully meditating in the air where offensive art once stood, visitors can more efficiently process their own guilt, and decide whether that guilt should still be placed on other people (Answer: Yes.)

    After looking at the financial statements, the museum board believes it is cheaper to run a museum with no exhibits


  85. Farm Boy says:

    Rock makes several points in his hilarious bit.

    Obey the Law
    Use Common Sense
    Stop Immediately
    Don’t Run Away
    Turn Down Your Music
    Be Polite
    Don’t Bring a Crazy Friend with You
    Bring a White Friend
    Shut Up
    Don’t Take Your Angry Girlfriend in the Car

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  86. Farm Boy says:

    When Feelz Meets Reason: Woman Has Meltdown Over Black Men Protecting Emancipation Memorial

    Woman screeches, “Why are you protecting it?” and melts even further down when asked “Who paid for it?”


  87. Farm Boy says:

    The modern “Problem With No Name”, which actually has a name, is structural racism. People can’t precisely define it, but use it as a club to beat others with.


  88. Farm Boy says:

    Even activists like Shaun King are noticing that “systemic racism” seems to happen mostly in Democratic-controlled cities and states: “Democrats, from top to bottom, are running the cities with the worst police brutality in America right now. We voted for them.”


  89. Cill says:

    “Systemic racism” aka “structural racism” aka “Black Lives Matter” aka “Down with the Patriarchy” aka “Kill White Man” is what you yell when you are a brain cell short of having two to rub against each other.

    Actual definitions outside of the loop would be beyond the comprehension of closed minds.

    [Progress make we do]

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  90. Farm Boy says:

    Gratuitous images

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  91. Sharkly says:

    Has anybody figured out what systemic racism is yet?

    It is a form of racism where you don’t need specific examples.
    e.g. Sharkly is racist, not because of anything he has said or done, but because he is part of “the racist system”.

    [Progress make we do]

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  92. Farm Boy says:

    Trans Oregon Official Who Created Mask Exemption for POC Said at Gender Confirmation: ‘I Couldn’t Wear This Mask One More Day’

    [Short hair very unbecoming on a chick it is]


  93. RichardP says:

    Has anybody figured out what systemic racism is yet?

    It is a form of racism where you don’t need specific examples.

    Google on the term, or type it into WIkipedia.

    There are very specific examples given of what is meant by the term.

    Example: (one out of many examples)

    1. Person A is poor and so must buy a house in a poor neighborhood.

    2. Schools are funded through property taxes. House prices are low, so few property tax dollars are collected. Therefore, schools have little money to spend on education.

    3. Few property tax dollars means that the schools are populated by the cheapest teachers, which implies the least effective teachers.

    4. Person A’ children are taught by these deficient teachers. So Person A’s children grow up to not be very wise. They can only get poor-paying jobs. So they can only buy houses in poor neighborhoods.

    5. Go to Point 2. Do not pass GO. Do not ever escape this cycle.

    This cycle exists, and is observable. My problem is with the folks who think that only black people experience this cycle.

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  94. RichardP says:

    This picture jumped out at me in one of those “aha” moments.

    This woman has pleasured a man with her body.
    This woman has gotten pregnant.
    This woman has born children.
    This woman has nurtured children.
    This woman has educated children.

    This woman has nurtured a man.
    This woman has helped a man with his mission.
    This woman has enabled a man to do more with her than he could do alone.

    Now – imagine the women lining the wall behind her have done none of these things. Imagine that this truth explains the expressions on their faces.

    [Wonder if Meghan say the same she could I do]


  95. Cill says:

    Sharkly is racist, not because of anything he has said or done, but because he is part of “the racist system”.

    Systemic racism is genetic or absolute racism. All racists are white and all whites are racist. Sharkly is racist because he’s the wrong race.

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  96. theshadowedknight says:

    The woman in the green dress and Duchess Kate are beautiful. The woman in purple has something wrong with her, just an instinct that I wouldn’t want her. The other two are just outside my culture and race, but are otherwise attractive and wholesome.

    I wish I could find women like that. I think I have known maybe three or four in a decade. The rest of them have had screaming red flags. I had hoped Gen Zed was going to be better off than Millenials, but if anything it looks worse. All the good girls get locked down in high school and by the time they get to my social circles they have taken a turn for the worse. Just the decay of a few years as I make my way through school is shocking.

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  97. Sharkly says:

    “This cycle exists, and is observable. My problem is with the folks who think that only black people experience this cycle.”

    So, if the cycle happens to all, independent of a person’s race, then perhaps that systemic feature is just being mislabeled as “racism”, when in fact it is a fairly normal part of how this world functions. Jesus said:

    Mark 14:7 For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always.

    Apparently this problem (the ill effects of poverty) preceded Jesus arrival and existed beyond His ministry, and as He commented will last for “always”. Karl Marx didn’t stamp poverty out, he just spread it to everybody, instead of just a small percentage. It seems that those who are currently fighting this “systemic racism” are actually pushing Marxist ideas as if they were solutions, and are pushing for a Marxist revolution. What if the children of alcoholics tend to become alcoholics, and the children of those mired in poverty tend to stay mired in poverty. What if that was just normal, and how life generally works, not the result of some conspiracy against the children of alcoholics and those impoverished?

    My parents were missionaries. They were not rich, but poor. But I was smart and ambitious and quickly pulled myself out of poverty, joining the ranks of the wealthy. Then shit happened and I’m suddenly back down in the middle class, workin’ for the man. Although now I have learned to be content with that condition. It was quite easy for me to move from class to class in our society, despite no affirmative action to help my kind. What if it was low IQ, lack of ambition, poor work ethic, or foolishness holding most back? What if they lack what keeps the rich ahead? Do we penalize the rich to give the poor unearned wealth? Will those welfare babies grow up to honor the generous Capitalist society which paid for their every meal? Or will they grow up envious of those who have attained more, and still prone to foolishness like Marxism?
    While not all wealth or poverty is earned, some win(luck) and some are robbed. Those are exceptions! Don’t legislate as though the exceptions are the rule. Trying to create equality among people who are inherently unequal, will only penalize those who excel and reward those who are deficient or negligent, creating a perverse incentive to mire all men in mediocrity. God would not want that disincentive to be there for all men to squander the gifts He has unequally given to men. If more is expected by God from those whom He gave greater gifts to, then it is sinful to try to keep them back from greater achievement, by taking away all their incentive in this world. William Bradford’s Godfearing pilgrims tried Communism here in America, long before Karl Marx invented it, and after it horribly failed, and was then replaced successfully with private property and Capitalism, William Bradford then wisely concluded that communism was a vain conceit against God:
    The experience that was had in this common course and condition, tried sundry years, and that amongst godly and sober men, may well evince the vanity of that conceit of Plato’s & other ancients, applauded by some of later times;—that the taking away of property, and bringing in community into a common wealth, would make them happy and flourishing; as if they were wiser then God. For this community (so far as it was) was found to breed much confusion & discontent, and retard much employment that would have been to their benefit and comfort. … Let none object this is men’s corruption, and nothing to the course itself. I answer, seeing all men have this corruption in them, God in His wisdom saw another course fitter for them.

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  98. horsemanbombadil says:

    Tim Poole destroys the dems on the chart above.

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  99. Farm Boy says:

    Life in Liz’ household

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  100. Farm Boy says:

    “They requested a police presence, you know, for their safety at the ‘defund the police’ event.”


  101. Farm Boy says:

    Trust and agency are central pillars of the RvG system, so it is not surprising that trust has been thrown in the trash. The shame of this has not been perceived because it has been displaced by a new standard of honor – namely “oppression” and intersectional stack.


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