Two Is Easier Than One

There is a former couple, Jennifer and Jerry that I have had an acquaintance with.  Jerry is one of those artistic types, but he isn’t hard-left is is harmless.  He has had on and off work throughout his life with odd construction type jobs, plus as a security guard.  It has never paid that much.  Jennifer, on theater hand, has had odd jobs also, never paying that much either.

Jennifer decided to divorce Jerry because he didn’t make enough money.  Jennifer hung out with a semi-wealthy divorcee who would not commit, but was interested in other aspects of the relationship.  Eventually because of her poverty, she left the area to go live with her parents out west.

Jerry, on the other hand, found his calling in life.  He makes crafty objects that can sell for a reasonable amount of money.  He is not rolling in the dough, but makes enough.  He doesn’t have to try to support Jennifer any more.

When they were married, they shared an apartment, along with other expenses.  This can mean a lot.  In this case, Jennifer threw it all away in search of something better that never came.

Exit Question — How often does kind of thing happen?

[This the 1000th post by Farm Boy it is]


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  1. “Two can live as cheaply as one” has always been a lie. One is ends up paying double while the other pays nothing.

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  2. okrahead says:

    How often? Women initiate around 70% of divorce filings. Almost any woman who files for divorce obviously thinks she can improve her life. Bloomberg reports that women who divorce after age 50 see their standard of living drop by 45%. From another source, “On average, a woman’s standard of living goes down 27 percent after divorce, while a man gets a 10 percent bump, according to an updated reissue of “The Divorce Revolution: The Unexpected Social and Economic Consequences for Women and Children in America.””
    The irony is that even the economists who come up with this data see women losing ground financially after divorce as the problem, rather than seeing women divorcing their husbands as the problem. If they didn’t choose to leave their husbands they wouldn’t have this problem.

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  3. Farm Boy says:

    The irony is that even the economists who come up with this data see women losing ground financially after divorce as the problem, rather than seeing women divorcing their husbands as the problem

    This is telling, is it not? Why is this perspective so ingrained?

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  4. okrahead says:

    It’s ingrained because no one wants to tell women “no”.

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  5. horsemanbombadil says:



  6. h0neyc0mb says:

    Someone .. please .. get that squirrel a calm-down pill .. heh


  7. b g says:

    No, two cannot live as cheaply as one. But when a couple do complement each other, life with scarce resources can be a lot more pleasant for both. Been there, done that, couldn’t afford a damn T-shirt ;-D

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  8. Jack says:

    The idea is not that two is cheaper than one, but that two sharing facilities, utilities, and expenses is cheaper and more convenient than two living separately.

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  9. I wish it was a parody account… read this and see what you think, Comrades (and yes, their term! Yikes!)


  10. Cill says:

    If you can’t see the similarities with this and #BLM, you are too deep into your white privilege and can’t be cured

    “can’t be cured?”

    Shit. How about “If you continue to narrate this incurable divide you are too deep into racist dogma to be anything other than the actual problem?”

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  11. Is the last comment from One of you?!? (The one about what do they care about defunding police or military in the US, as that is not their country, their country CHAZ has neither so they should be happy!) Lol!


  12. Hopefully someone from the alphabet agencies is following THAT account! Would they be considered a domestic or international threat at this point? It’s all fun and games till people face federal charges… for LIFE.

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  13. Tourism board video: visit Chaz/Chop! 🤣

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  14. theshadowedknight says:

    Marriage is all about sex and children. No matter how rich or poor, how dangerous, or any other consideration. If a man can be sure that he will have a woman that will have his and only his children, he will do nearly anything to make it happen. Without that, men go back to the hunter gatherer ways of checking out of society, joining a gang, and meeting only basic survival needs.

    Men will create civilization if the only way to get pussy is by building and being civilized. Men will tear civilization apart and raze it to the ground if the only way to get pussy is to be a conqueror. Right now, we are building due to inertia, and that inertia is just about out. Unless men go back to hard paternal control over women, the decay and wear is going to tear this down.

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  15. This is interesting, all is not as it seems with the Chaz/chop “warlord”

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  16. Cheque d'Out says:

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  17. Which “alphabet agency” do you think is worth actually worth a shit?


  18. Farm Boy says:

    There are two basic definitions of racism in the United States, one roughly associated with progressives and one roughly associated with conservatives. The former describes racism as the failure to acknowledge and seek to redress systemic discrimination against select disadvantaged minority groups. It is very broad and captures everything from unconscious bias to white supremacy. The latter views racism as making assumptions about, or taking action towards, an individual or group on the sole basis of their race. It is narrow and generally requires belief, intent, and animosity.

    These definitions don’t simply differ; to a great extent they actually contradict each other. Much of the contradiction stems from the fact that the progressive definition of racism requires that an advantaged individual or group must be attacking the less privileged. The more conservative and narrow definition of racism requires no appeal to power structures, only to bias, and can be committed by anyone towards anyone.

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  19. Farm Boy says:

    According to police in Seattle, a second shooting in the area known as CHOP, for “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest,” occurred on Sunday night.


  20. Farm Boy says:

    AOC brags that anti-Trump TikTok users sabotaged Trump rally sign-up

    I wonder about vote fraud

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  21. Farm Boy says:

    Germany: Mobs Chant ‘Allahu Akbar,’ Attack Police in Stuttgart

    “Clothing shops, a jewellers and a phone shop were among those targeted.


  22. Farm Boy says:

    Police cars have been removed from the hit videogame “Fortnite,” a change that comes amid a national debate over law-enforcement practices in response to the killing of George Floyd


  23. Farm Boy says:

    Based on AOC’s bragging about using TikTok teenagers and K-Pop fans to reduce the headcount at Trump’s rally in Tulsa, some new rules are evidently in effect:

    1. Any rally with a headcount < 6200 is a miserable failure.

    2. Foreign interference in an election is now totes OK.

    3. Voter suppression is also totes OK.

    4. Abusing the ticketing system to intentionally deny people the ability to hear the politician of their choice is "a form of protest" and is thus totes OK.

    5. A candidate being 10 points ahead in some poll 5 months out from the election is absolutely dispositive.

    6. Millions of online viewers count for nothing.

    7. Stacey Abrahms is the rightful governor of Georgia (this is always true).

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  24. Holy f**k, what an idiot. Hope she gets ______ in the ______ by a syphillitic ______ also suffering from communicable leprosy.

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  25. What’s the problem? Lefty chooses A.


  26. okrahead says:

    St. Valentines Day Massacre Chicago 1929: Seven shot dead, international news and national scandal.
    Fathers’ Day Massacre Chicago 2020: Fourteen shot dead, over 100 shot, 5 children killed, nobody notices.

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  27. JPF says:

    It is true that two, living together in (mostly) harmony can live more cheaply that two maintaining separate domiciles. More cheaply does not equal the same cost as one.

    An addition consideration however is the fact that many single men buy houses that are large enough to accommodate a family, with the hope that they will have a family in the future. If/when the wife later arrives, there are only small increases in housing costs due to the increased use of utilities. (Plus renovations if you have a foolish/demanding wife.)
    But in this scenario, it is not true to say that two can live (almost) as cheaply as one. If the man had no need for a house big enough for a family, then he could have bought a smaller house, which would have cheaper a purchase price, and cheaper utility and tax costs.

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  28. @okra

    BLM says, “Your facts are racist.”

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  29. Farm Boy says:

    Speaking of racism, something from the previous thread that you might have missed

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  30. Cill says:

    okrahead: don’t confuse us with the facts. 👀

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  31. okrahead says:

    I prefer to piss you off with the facts, but I’ll take whatever I can get.


  32. Cill says:

    Fair enough


  33. Cill says:

    Note how gulls always sport a wide crotch when trying to make an impression…

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  34. Cill says:

    Even Plato was guilty of it

    Even Plato was guilty of it

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  35. Cheque d'Out says:

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  36. Gull-spreading FTW.

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  37. Does he have his own hat?

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  38. Cill says:

    By jove this joker is keen…


    [Like corn on the cob I do]


  39. Cill says:

    What’s Larry doing these days?


  40. RichardP says:

    A friend posted that picture on the left to his FB account and promptly got banned for a week.

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  41. Cill says:

    Well maybe we should ban it here as well. BUT… where’s the hate word in it? There’s nothing for Aunt Jane to tag I tell ya!


  42. RichardP says:

    This link about the two hemishperes of the brain is an interesting read, if you have the time.

    The normal relationship of reality to representation has been reversed. At the beginning of this book, I summarised the left hemisphere’s role as providing a map of the world. That map now threatens to replace the reality.

    One [the right brain] says ‘I do not know,’ the other [the left brain] ‘I know – that there is nothing to know.’ One believes that one cannot know: the other ‘knows’ that one cannot believe. … The concepts of skill and judgment, once considered the summit of human achievement, but which come only slowly and silently with the business of living, would be discarded in favour of quantifiable and repeatable processes.

    Puts me in the mind of these two cliches:

    Education is the process of going from a state of cocksure ignorance to one of thoughtful uncertainty.

    Or – The more I learn, the more I come to understand how much I do not know.

    The folks burning things down in the name of peaceful protests would do well to learn what the linked article presents (summarized in the three quotes here). The lessons of CHAZ / CHOP will do nicely: they seized the territory, erected borders / boundaries, established standards to guide their behaviors, and established a group of folks whose job was to guard the borders and enforce the standards. Their “map of reality” (the opposite of what CHOP did) was discarded the minute they stared reality in the face. The “map” is what they wanted. Dealing with Reality and not the Map is what they needed once they engaged with reality (the way the world actually is vs. what they want to believe it is).

    Wonder if this lesson is registering with any of the woke folks.

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  43. RichardP says:

    @Cill – I think the version my friend posted to FB had words attached. It was probably the combination of words and image that got him banned. I had cautioned him some time ago that he might want to be more careful about what he posted, lest he catch the attention of the FB Karens. He blew me off. But the first thing he posted when the ban was lifted yesterday was that he was going to be more careful with what he posts to his FB page. The next ban will be for 30 days. That got his attention.

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  44. Cill says:

    Facebook and ss are two different things. Children don’t read ss… or do they? Maybe I should zap the pic after all. Hell I wouldn’t like my kids or Wee Meddy to see it. Nah it’s okay. Only a rude person would see anything crude in it. I mean, to me it’s just a pic of a bloke warming up.


  45. Cill says:

    Also, perhaps he just doesn’t like the wind in his ears. There are all sorts of innocent explanations.

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  46. Farm Boy says:

    New European research has added to the growing body of evidence which suggests that a vitamin D deficiency could be linked with developing a more severe case of COVID-19.


  47. Farm Boy says:

    The mob also wants to redefine what racism is. They want you to think you can sin without knowing it. They want you to think America is bad even when you know it is good. Here, the mob goes too far.

    So what should civil rights mean in America in 2020?

    Civil rights should mean what they always have. All liberties, all civil rights, flow from the unchangeable fact that every individual has dignity, and deserves to be treated with respect by the state, by others, and by the police. This is the premise on which America was founded, even if the mob doesn’t like it. This is the premise that solves the strife.

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  48. Farm Boy says:

    In an interview with The Telegraph, an Italian infectious disease doctor said he believes the coronavirus could die out on its own without a vaccine

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  49. Farm Boy says:

    But health officials continue to discount those concerns, saying total new cases is not the best measure of community spread because of aggressive levels of new testing.


  50. Farm Boy says:

    After a series of shootings that resulted in one fatality, organizers of the Capitol Hill Organized/Occupied Protest (CHOP) — formerly the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) — say they are taking measures to improve security inside their six-block nation, instituting proposed “safe zones” for drug use


  51. Farm Boy says:

    ‘This Is A War Zone’: Footage Of Shooting At CHAZ Live-Streamed Before ‘Security’ Can Delete It


  52. Farm Boy says:

    Yet Ngo tweeted a prosecutorial record involving Amelia Joan Shamrowicz, who allegedly committed arson, criminal mischief (destroying or damaging $1,000 or more in property), and rioting. When police interviewed Shamrowicz’s roommates, they “reported that SHAMROWICZ stated they started the fire using a Molotov cocktail, and she is part of Antifa. SHAMROWICZ was reported to be extremely excited about being labeled a terrorist and was very animated about her hopes that police officers would be killed and injured by the riots. She also stated that she would be going out on another mission and the goal would be to set another fire.”


  53. JPF says:

    every individual has dignity, and deserves to be treated with respect

    This is a very problematic statement.
    Does it mean I should treat you with respect, within the limits of what I think is respectful?
    Or, can you decide that you think/feel I was disrespectful, and now that proves we have a problem?
    And can you decide a week later that my actions/words were disrespectful?

    And who said we have a human right to be treated with respect? If I call you four-eyes when I see you wearing glasses, should the police be able to fine or jail me for this?
    We cannot legislate common-courtesy, or respect, especially when the left invents new offenses and pushes the normalization of another perversion every year.

    Criminalize criminal behaviour, and leave the rest unregulated. If I am offended because you call me fat, so be it. If I am offended because a woman tells me I’m hot…. well, actually I think only women get offended at that one.

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  54. RichardP says:

    @Cill – I wasn’t suggesting you should delete the picture. I was just commenting on it. My apologies for not being more clear.


  55. Farm Boy says:

    I think that it is supposed to mean “some basic level of respect” upon encountering. Of course, the level of respect might go up or down based on what happens next


  56. theshadowedknight says:

    The basic level of respect is we don’t rape, rob, or murder you. Degenerates don’t even deserve that. Anything above or below that is earned. The different purveyors of perversion and diversity have earned negative respect. They must be driven out, or we will fall.

    War is coming.


  57. Farm Boy says:

    The national media have been insisting on the theme of the allegedly brutal Minneapolis police department. They said nothing as black-on-white robberies rose in downtown Minneapolis late last year, along with savage assaults on passersby. Why are the Minneapolis police in black neighborhoods? Because that’s where violent crime is happening, including shootings of two-year-olds and lethal beatings of 75-year-olds. Just as during the Obama years, the discussion of the allegedly oppressive police is being conducted in the complete absence of any recognition of street crime and the breakdown of the black family that drives it.

    Once the violence began, any effort to “understand” it should have stopped, since that understanding is inevitably exculpatory. The looters are not grieving over the stomach-churning arrest and death of George Floyd; they are having the time of their lives. You don’t protest or mourn a victim by stealing oxycontin, electronics, jewelry, and sneakers.


  58. Farm Boy says:

    A shocking video out of Brazil shows a white girl being beaten around the head as she is forced to kiss the feet of a black woman.


  59. “This is the premise on which America was founded, even if the mob doesn’t like it. This is the premise that solves the strife.”

    This is Jeb Bush levels of pathetic, on the order of Mexicans are natural conservatives or illegal immigration is an act of love.


  60. Farm Boy says:

    On Thursday, police arrested Robert James after he left the CHAZ. He is accused of sexually assaulting a deaf woman who was lured inside a tent. The same day, former city council candidate Isaiah Willoughby was arrested on suspicion of starting the arson attack on the East Precinct June 8.


  61. Farm Boy says:

    The violence over the past few days — a total of three people shot — has rattled a neighborhood that until now had largely enjoyed a festival-like atmosphere after officers boarded up and abandoned the city’s East Precinct station and left several blocks of the city to police themselves



  62. h0neyc0mb says:

    Leave’em to their hed-un-(w)isdom ..

    It would be terrible if they all died of a “staff infection” .. heh!

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  63. Larry G says:

    A quick note to all of you awful deplorable people; I will be out of the loop this coming Thursday till I have no clue when. Received an unpleasant call from my doctor today saying I have some kind of skin cancer, getting carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey on Thursday. This pisses me of slightly , got my .308 and was figuring on shooting the hell out of it on Friday. Another fine plan all shot to hell.


  64. Larry G says:

    Aaaand since this little intruder decided to fuck with me, the little shit picked my right upper shoulder(my shoot in’ arm mind you) to stake a claim. Asshole it is

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  65. Liz says:

    Aw, crap. I’m sorry Larry. 😦
    Hope the surgery goes well.

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  66. Larry G says:

    Thanks Liz. Probably going to screw up my aim for awhile, my strong hand for pistol too. Damn, damn

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  67. okrahead says:

    That sucks Larry. I’ll say a prayer. Extra off hand practice is always a good thing.

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  68. Larry G says:

    Yeah, agreed. I always gave the weak left equal time anyway when shooting (thank god for revolvers) at the range.

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  69. okrahead says:

    Cannot figure out how to post that “I’m not left handed either” clip here.

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  70. Larry G says:

    Mrs is not pleased. Hmmmm… maybe I’ll get “lucky” tonight

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  71. Larry G says:

    Going to leave it to you pros to continue the fine work of badmouthing the retards, feminists, generic shit-for-brains and the liberal assholes who are still living till I get back.

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  72. Farm Boy says:

    Best of luck LarryG

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  73. horsemanbombadil says:

    This is gonna be good. “I hope these organizations we are in dialogue with will leave peacefully.”

    As if.

    They are going to resist. Likely forcibly.
    The cops will say fuck it, not worth my job and back off.
    She will be forced to either give it up to the squaters or totally reverse and come down hard.
    Either way she is fucked.

    She was hoping Trump would do the dirty work.
    He wisely ignored it. Local and state problem.

    I love a good game of 5-d chess.

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  74. horsemanbombadil says:

    Larry like Ton is too much of a tough fucking asshole for a melenoma to pester.

    Good luck brother

    Hope you get a friendly eastern european nurses.

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  75. Larry G says:

    LMAO! Just thinking my Mrs might have a bit of issue if a Russian nurse like that one came in to “help” with physical therapy. Besides, hers are bigger

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  76. But, but, but, “block party”! But, but “Summer of Love”!

    Wonder what kind of bribes/ransom she’s offering, even so, some of them true believers aren’t going to go without a struggle.

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  77. Yeah this “clean out” will be something… After a taste of autonomy and no rules, do you think the druggie clan and the others who got a taste of power are going to give that up easy? Not likely..,

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  78. Horseman what stage? What type? 20 year melanoma survivor here, know many others. Thinking of you!

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  79. Here’s the solution! (Not!)


  80. Farm Boy says:

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA—In response to frequent and passionate requests from a handful of users, Twitter announced a new “Send Mob” feature for its popular social media platform. Now, whenever a twitter debate gets particularly heated, Twitter’s algorithm will automatically enable a “Send Mob” button, allowing users to send an angry crowd to their opponent’s location.

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  81. Sharkly says:

    For future instances of suspected melanoma, Paint a mix of 50% Providone Iodine and 50% DMSO on the location a few times a day, and the skin will revert to normal/non-cancerous after a couple months. Cancer doctors will never tell you that melanoma is simple to treat at home leaving no scar or scar tissue.

    For some serious blog goodness, here is the best blog post I’ve read this week:

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  82. b g says:

    Larry, hang in there, guy.

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  83. theshadowedknight says:

    Here is a question for you all: how will American women adapt their sexual displays to having to wear a face mask? More revealing clothes? More aggressive makeup? What wild displays do we have to look forward to?


  84. theshadowedknight says:

    Also, someone apparently needs to let Chicago know that Black Lives Matter. lol

    Don’t die, Larry. Show that cancer who is boss.

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  86. It’s unclear if this is special effects make up or real but…

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  87. Farm Boy says:

    Stacy said she wants accountability for Anderson’s death. Specifically, she wants to know why the protesters didn’t let 911 medical help arrive sooner to her godson, and if the CHOP “medics” have legitimate credentials to give medical aid and make decisions on how the teen was treated and cared for following the shooting.


  88. Cheque d'Out says:

    Happy Fourth Anniversary of the Brexit Referendum.
    I’d love to be telling you how great it was to be out of the EU’s loving embrace right now

    [Should have been on the 4th of July it was]

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  89. Farm Boy says:

    “Our contempt for the media is inextricable from our hatred of this entire world,” the booklet reads. Attacks on journalists who are accused of not toeing the line have become commonplace. On Monday, a masked Antifa militant pointed me out to her comrades and tried to assemble a mob. I left before I could be injured. The following day, a Fox News crew was forced out of the zone.

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  90. Cheque d'Out says:

    Kids go geo-caching and find body in a suitcase. Police won’t say how many other bodies that they found in the area


  91. Cheque d'Out says:

    Haven’t seen her name for a while


  92. Cheque d'Out says:

    Aydin Paladin, I mean ^^^


  93. Cheque d'Out says:

    Sorry to hear the news, Larry. Keep positive, mate

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  94. Cheque d'Out says:

    What’s being obsessed over by the MSM and plod today?

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  95. theshadowedknight says:

    Damn, that joke is so dark it would get beaten by the police.

    Bloom, I would put money on it being real. These people are Christian heretics with beliefs descending from Puritans. The Puritans were and are the worst kind of people; the most obnoxious, holier-than-thou, untrustworthy scum to ever taint the English race. Never bet against them trying to be more holy than everyone else, no matter the cost.


  96. Larry G says:

    here now….WTF is this? I sense racism in this Black Lives Matter bullshit…so no one has thought of Chink Eyes Slanted to also riot and loot over over???

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  97. Larry G says:

    aaand just for the record, I happen to enjoy my white privilege…these dark colored ones should be grateful that their ancestors got free transportation to the land of the free and home of the brave..a little cotton picking never hurt anyone

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  98. Well, it certainly follows that no laws means no criminals. But it doesn’t mean no murders, no rapes, no robberies; it just means those things won’t be crimes.

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  99. Yeah, I literally don’t have the ability to listen to some chick talk about Karens for 45 minutes.

    “Fuck, Karen”, is good enough for me.

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  100. So my gym is going to open back up this week. Here’s some of the stupid rules they have in place:

    You have to wear a mask to check in.

    You have to wear a mask in the hallways.

    You don’t have to wear a mask while you are actually working out and huffing and puffing.

    They will have a designated hour each day when you have to wear a mask to workout for the germ-a-phobes to come in to the same space where people were huffing and puffing just 30 seconds ago. Most people will be wearing the useless Chinese garbage or cloth masks of course.

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  101. Nope, not under here either.

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  102. Farm Boy says:

    “Violence and crime are a confiscatory tax on what people would otherwise earn and accumulate over a lifetime,” I wrote in a Washington Examiner column earlier this month. It is a fact, tragic and regrettable, that blacks are much more likely than non-blacks to commit violent crimes, and violent crime rates in heavily black neighborhoods tend to be much higher than average. It’s also a very costly problem because homebuyers are simply not willing to spend as much money (and to invest as much in what may be their greatest opportunity for wealth accumulation) on houses in neighborhoods with violent crime rates 10 times or 15 times higher than the alternatives.

    To be sure, the sharp reduction in violent crime rates since 1990 has increased the housing values in heavily black neighborhoods, thus increasing wealth accumulation by black Americans over that period. Further reductions in violent crime rates could go some distance toward enabling black Americans to accumulate wealth and perhaps narrow the wealth gap that Mead describes.

    Increasing violent crime rates, one possible result of the Black Lives Matter protests, violent rioting, and consequent police reticence, could have the opposite effect, as it did after the violent rioting of half a century ago.


  103. Farm Boy says:

    After expressing her view that the Seattle protest zone represented a “summer of love,” Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has ordered police to dismantle CHOP following two shootings in the area.

    [By summer of love, sexual assaults she did mean]

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  104. Farm Boy says:

    “I think, absolutely, the media’s push is to drum-up as much racial issues and stress as there is,” answered Walker

    An irritated King responded, “Is it a media problem, Rich, is this a media problem? The media created this?”

    “What I’m saying is, the narrative that is being pushed in the media is that white police officers are out on these streets just to kill black men,” Walker told King, “and that is absolutely farthest from the truth.”


  105. Farm Boy says:

    President Trump vowed Tuesday that what happened in Seattle will not take place in the nation’s capital, and that no such “autonomous” zone” will be established in D.C. after protesters who attempted to set up such a space were cleared out the night before.

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  106. Farm Boy says:

    Agitators promoting Black Lives Matter blocked a major intersection in Lansing, Michigan, on Friday evening and pointed guns at a motorcyclist who tried to pass through.


  107. Cheque d'Out says:

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  108. Cheque d'Out says:

    ^^^ So does a tin of Princes’ sardines. And they’re somewhat cheaper. ^^^

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  109. Cheque d'Out says:

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  110. Cheque d'Out says:

    Disney planning to make sequel trilogy non-canon(?) Alternate universe/future

    Karen Kennedy trying to stop it

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  111. Star Wars is dead.

    In other movie news, cat burps are tight!


  112. theshadowedknight says:

    “Summer of Love,” “Make Love, Not War,” blah blah, etc. Of course its a new Summer of Love. It isnt called rape, pillage, and burn because there isn’t any loving going on.

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  113. Larry G says:

    Gwyneth Paltrow new fragrance! Eau de Herring…

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  114. Cill says:

    Well, it certainly follows that no laws means no criminals. But it doesn’t mean no murders, no rapes, no robberies; it just means those things won’t be crimes. (KH 1:51 pm)

    Yes. It was already well established that there is no racism if the victim is privileged (i.e. white). That notion easily became there is no crime unless the victim is privileged. With the spectacle of black businesses ransacked by rioting blacks, with the ease of applesauce we are back to an old one: there is no crime if the cause is just.

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  115. h0neyc0mb says:

    Well that didn’t take long ..

    They set up their version of Utopia (chop or chaz) .. in Sea-Addle ..

    And we got a list of demands for essentials .. border walls .. guns for protection .. required id’s and bavkground checks to enter .. crime .. rape .. shootings .. and murder ..

    The other good news was .. instead of black on black crime ..

    We got commie on commie crime ..

    I can’t see how this was a bad outcome for our side ..

    And that’s the only reason the S(he)it Mayor Jenny is ending it ..

    Hopefully we can help them OWN-IT forever (e.g. in memes) .. cuz that was the shortest stint of commie occupied wall street I recall.

    [Hopefully take forever to dismantle it will]

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  116. Cheque d'Out says:

    I spent some months living on the other side of the headland in the background

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  117. h0neyc0mb says:

    Red sounding alert!

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  118. Cheque d'Out says:

    One of the islands in the background is the setting of part of The Count of Monte Cristo; Chateau d’If (the prison)

    Judging by the map on the web page, the silly fucker set the GPS for the waypoint off of Saint-Henri, unleashed the autopilot and went to his cabin to sleep


  119. Cheque d'Out says:

    That’s Shat-o-Deef for anglo-phones

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  120. Cheque d'Out says:

    Just to balance out the Star Wars (potential) good news above…

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  121. Cheque d'Out says:

    ex Royal Marine speaking sense.


  122. S.S. Hold My Beer visits port for the first time.

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  123. You know who else was an artist?


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  124. Cheque d'Out says:

    Happened over the weekend. The MSM can’t forget about it quickly enough

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  125. Cill says:


    Hold My Cock.

    Milksop virgins will cruise into a wall for that.

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  126. Huh, I got some weird artists using technology video first time I clicked the link.


  127. Cill says:

    All joking aside, that collision would have loosened some joints and rattled some teeth.

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  128. I thought it would come up out of the water a bit more at that speed.


  129. Cheque d'Out says:


  130. Cheque d'Out says:

    The first Royal Marine video is short and rather good.


  131. Cheque d'Out says:


  132. Cheque d'Out says:


  133. Cheque d'Out says:

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  134. Cheque d'Out says:

    Slippery Vaz MP allegations of chemsex parties with Romanian rentboys. Sadly ‘too ill’ for investigation


  135. Cheque d'Out says:

    The same music but put to a patriotic use

    Good film too.

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  136. h0neyc0mb says:

    Well that’s aweful mean .. what happens if they are just “half-wits”? /s

    Thomas Evans on Twitter: “Pictured in San Fransisco, USA. Because Black Lives Matter are completely peaceful.” / Twitter

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  137. h0neyc0mb says:

    “Two half nothings is a WHOLE nothing boy ..” – FogHorn LegHorn

    [audio src="" /]

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  138. h0neyc0mb says:

    Well that go where I intended it too ..

    And whelp .. messed up that audio file ..

    I guess I picked the wrong time to stop sniffing glue .. heh

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  139. Farm Boy says:

    .@andrewcuomo blames the feds for his decision to send Covid patients into nursing homes: “The reason that happened was because we had the virus coming from Europe when the federal government told us the virus was coming from China.”

    — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) June 23, 2020


  140. h0neyc0mb says:

    didn’t go ..

    it’s time for a stiff (neat 12 year old) scotch ..

    I’m out


  141. Farm Boy says:

    It seems that Governor Inslee of Washington State has decided that everybody must wear masks in public. I wonder if this applies to Chaz/Chop…


  142. Ame says:

    haven’t been able to read everything … but saw that the surgeon wants to cut on Larry this week … so sorry to hear that, Larry! i’ll be praying for you – please let me know if there’s anything i can do for y’all 🙂

    and Dr. Sharkly has a skin cancer remedy – i need to find that in the comments and copy it for just-in-case.

    wondering if Dr. Sharkly has a remedy for a tooth infection?!

    didn’t seen Ton around … hope he’s okay.

    still miss BV, but i think he’s tired of me saying that.

    will try to catch up tomorrow 🙂

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  143. RichardP says:

    Re. h0neyc0mb’s link: lets try this

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  144. h0neyc0mb says:

    Cov19 update ..

    And that’s all the news that is fit to be news!


  145. Farm Boy says:

    PORTLAND, OR—Derek Dean, a progressive Christian and activist for social justice, is very excited about one day going to Heaven. That’s because it will give him the opportunity to finally meet God face to face and then give Him a much-needed lecture on privilege.


  146. This is why rational people hate the media. Objective? No. Unbiased? No. Script is meant to inform and not persuade? No.

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  147. Don’t screw around with an infected tooth. Seek proper medical care immediately.

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  148. Liz, are you sure this isn’t you? Never mind, just let me believe!


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