The Feminization Of The Mainstream Media

In the Manosphere there are rules of thumb with respect to female behavior.  It has caused much frustration over the years, with it described many a time over the years.  These behaviors seem odd to the fellas; who normally are not seemingly predisposed to engaging in it.  However, the ladies are seemingly predisposed to it.  Though I am sure that Ton would state that a firm hand can stop much of it in the bud, not allowing it to take root.

Over the years, more and more women have become integrated into the Mainstream Media (MSM).  Probably at first, they were under the strong hand of men, with something resembling journalism ethics; that is guidelines related to truth, verification, impartiality, etc.  Of course, the media did not exactly adhere to these rules completely, but they did enough to make a plausible case that they were.  Over the years things changed, and the plausible case is no longer there.  Many factors are at work here, but women in the profession are  a big part of it.

Let us explore some.  Consider each issue and how it might apply to the modern MSM

  1.  Manosphere issue:  Women like to talk and complain.
  2.  Manosphere issue:  Women are not interested in practical solutions that might be less than perfect. 
  3. Manosphere issue: Women expect the patriarch (who isn’t allowed to be a patriarch) to solve everything 
  4. Manosphere issue: Women rewrite history (and/or the present) to correspond to making their current position make some sort of sense.
  5. Manosphere issue: Women may acknowledge that a very relevant fact is true, but it doesn’t matter to the current situation
  6. Manosphere issue:  Women can’t really articulate what the problem really is. 
  7. Manosphere issue: Woman want it all, and think they deserve what they want

Mull all of that over.

Exit question: What kind of males buy into the MSM pitch?

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  1. h0neyc0mb says:

    Exit question: What kind of males buy into the MSM pitch?

    That is all!

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  2. Sumo says:

    I truly regret showing you people that picture…..

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  3. okrahead says:

    #7… oddly enough, I think this is what the new Wonder Woman movie is about. I’m not sure how they’ll pull that off without cognitive dissonance making their heads explode.

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  4. okrahead says:

    Deti gave some advice about dealing with lying women; I respond in context…

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  5. All of Western Civ got feminized when women got the vote and they’ll vote for whomever panders the most to their emotions.

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  6. I saw the drinker’s review of the trailer, but I still don’t think I know what its supposed to be about. There’s a magical MacGuffin (isn’t there always) that grants wishes or something, but its not a monkey’s paw. (Monkey’s paws are tight!) When I got the feeling that GG isn’t doing full-frontal in this one either I lost interest, again.

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  7. Farm Boy says:

    Wonder Woman wants her man, so even if he is dead, she will have him

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  8. Farm Boy says:

    It used to be that the MSM “lied” by omitting relevant facts. This is more of the man style of doing it. Lately they just outright lie because the reality has got to be the way that they feel it should be, a more female way of operating

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  9. Farm Boy says:

    Leftwing White Women Are In Some Contest To Prove They’re the Most Hysterical Lunatics On the Planet and No One Else Is Even Competing for Second-Place

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  10. Larry G says:

    The should be no further doubt that the US of A is totally fucked. Gotta choose, fight or flee


  11. theshadowedknight says:



    That is all.


  12. SFC Ton says:

    Hollywood and pretty much everyone in it is the enemy

    Why fund the enemy via purchasing their product? Especially a product that is not required to maintain your health and what not?

    One of the reasons we are fucked is because White people keep funding the people who want to end us

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  13. h0neyc0mb says:

    ^^^ This ^^^ (re: voting with your wallet)

    x 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999+

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  14. Hollywood seems to epitomize all the worst aspects of humanity. It’s like a Venn diagram of all the levels of Hell from The Inferno, plus a couple more Dante didn’t know about.

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  15. Take a man, rip out his testicles, make him give away logic and reason, then adopt emotional arguments…

    Whoops! Where was I? Weak ass men are the kind of people that eat up the MSM shitshow.

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  16. Farm Boy says:

    Does the media articulate exactly what is the grievances of the protests are?

    Does the media put forth any practical solutions to these grievances?

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  17. Farm Boy says:

    At one time, journalists were supposed to focus on what, who, when, how and the like. In fact, this was the focus of my high school journalism class. Apparently this isn’t the case anymore

    Universities are supposed to teach critical thinking. Apparently this doesn’t happen anymore either

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  18. b g says:

    The complaints are the usual bitchin’, pissin’, and moanin’ that some groups are not doing as well economically as some others because of supposed systemic discrimination. The only solutions offered are also the usual lies, cheating, and stealing: preferential treatment; set asides, quotas, affirmative action – whatever horseshit terms they wish to hide an openly evil plan of deliberate systematic discrimination against those with better physical, intellectual, and educational abilities or acquired experience.

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  19. okrahead says:

    Can I add a number 8 to the list above? Women’s cognitive dissonance finally overwhelms them, so they do something completely stupid and over the top to get men’s attention… See gobaldforblm.

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  20. okrahead says:

    What kind of males buy into MSM pitch?
    Males who have been raised by single mothers and attend public schools with all female teachers who have been indoctrinated that all men are evil and the only path to redemption and love is to emulate women. AKA soyboys.

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  22. Ok let’s just call this what it is — chaos caused by people who are guilty and corrupt that are willing to do almost anything hoping they can evade justice.

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  23. Health experts: “We decide wether X is good or bad based on how we feel about particular instances of X.”

    Rational person: “That’s not how science works.”

    Health experts: “Shut up. It’s our “expert” opinion.”

    Rational person: “LOLGF. Send more cops experts.”

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  24. Farm Boy says:

    The science is settled. It is determined by the political expediency of that moment

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  25. We’ve decided to home school youngest boy in the fall. I was quite unhappy with the supposed education he was getting at the “Blue Ribbon” private school we were paying for prior to the remote-learning fiasco, so he’ll be attending Headhunter Academy come August.

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  26. Sumo says:

    he’ll be attending Headhunter Academy come August.

    With a solid “sandwich making” curriculum and plenty of “picnic” field trips?

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  27. h0neyc0mb says:

    Very good news brother!

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  28. Was planning on taking him today, but I decided to buy a new lunchbox this morning, so he stayed home. It was crazy busy and people were waiting up to an hour to get a range spot, so I’m glad I didn’t take him.

    In other news, I couldn’t get my new lunchbox today because my DL is expired. Like really expired. I was shocked, but at the same time I was like, “Hey, it seems like I was just there at the DMV.” So, I put the “lunchbox” on lay-a-way and I’ll have to get my DL renewed this week.

    Tempus fugit, and the more tempus you have behind you the more fugit it gets.

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  29. Healthcare is literally drowning in women and their feelz.

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  30. h0neyc0mb says:

    Fawk da Po-Lease Fo-Cis-She-Ins!

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  31. theshadowedknight says:

    I saw someone saying that we shouldn’t fuck the police, we should fuck their wives.

    Cuck the police.

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  32. h0neyc0mb says:

    “Meanwhile .. in Kentucky .. a Father teaches his son about gravity” .. [1]


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  33. horsemanbombadil says:

    I guess Covid has magically disappeared and the lockdowns are over.

    “…closed off much of downtown Washington to traffic ahead of the planned march, which authorities estimated would attract up to 200,000 people outraged by Floyd’s death 12 days ago at the hands of police in Minneapolis.”

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  34. Farm Boy says:


    You are wrong. Here is what happened

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  35. Farm Boy says:

    Public Health Experts Have Undermined Their Own Case for the COVID-19 Lockdowns: Police violence is a metaphorical disease. Coronavirus is a literal disease.

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  36. Ame says:


  37.… a favorite too.

    But theres one missing from the list.


  38. Farm Boy says:

    The man accused of shooting two cops and stabbing a third in Brooklyn this week screamed “Allahu akbar!” three times during the unprovoked attack, police said Saturday.


  39. theshadowedknight says:

    Ame, sound like that bitch is in dire need of either a good dicking or being burned at the stake, and I lean toward burning. Suffer not a witch to live. Maybe with a good man she could repent, but I doubt it. Set her on fire, and the Christians who pray to help her alongside her.

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  40. theshadowedknight says:

    Nevermind, she’s a whore and her girlfriend has way too much ink to keep either. Got daddy issues, and goes on about rape. The fire it is.

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  41. b g says:

    Well, a little pleasantry to improve moods, the sweetie phoned me from my backyard this morning to tell me that she had picked several dozen stems of asparagus (ours are all males so the stems are about as thick as a man’s fingers), She asked if I want some, I said I have a dozen in the crisper, but they don’t go with the chili that I was making.

    She said that they were having a wiener roast for super because it was her brother’s wish for his birthday last week and she wanted to know if I would make some of my sauce into coney sauce for them. So I added a little brown sugar and yellow mustard to a container of chili sauce and told her she would have to add a bit of ketchup to finish her coney sauce. She left as happy as a clam, kids keep you young ;-D

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  42. SFC Ton says:

    I’d rather cast my vote with 12ga slugs.

    Typically I would have said .308 rounds but my eyes are fading and it’s a struggle to hit man size targets out past 800 yards tgese days

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  43. b g says:

    Yeah, or double ought…being over the proverbial three score and ten myself ;-D


  44. SFC Ton says:

    At one time, journalists were supposed to focus on what, who, when, how and the like. In fact, this was the focus of my high school journalism class. Apparently this isn’t the case anymore

    It ain’t been the case sense that godless commie Walter Cronkite said the war in Vietnam was over despite us basically destroying the NVA during the Tet offensive

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  45. SFC Ton says:

    Home schooling in NC allows camping and visits to battlefields to count as history, they allow shooting to count as PE

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  46. Farm Boy says:

    I did not kill George Floyd. The attempt to hold all whites responsible for the death of Floyd shows what a dead-end woke politics is.

    There’s a new sin. Forget gluttony. Forget sloth. The great moral error today is whiteness. To be white is to be fallen. Whiteness has become a kind of original sin, an inherited moral defect one must atone for throughout one’s life.

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  47. Farm Boy says:

    Gratuitous images

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  48. Farm Boy says:

    I didn’t know that this could be done

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  49. Farm Boy says:

    Shouldn’t they be busy being Moms

    Upper East Side moms Facebook group implodes after intense diversity fight


  50. Farm Boy says:

    [Probably full of shit he is]

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  51. Farm Boy says:

    CNN gave airtime to an ‘anti-racist activist’ who suggested that white children should not be allowed to have an ‘innocent’ childhood, but rather be made to feel guilty about their ‘white privilege’ at an early age.


  52. Farm Boy says:

    After this week’s looting and ransacking in Manhattan and The Bronx, Lucy Hosley went viral. The 69-year-old co-owner of the Valentine Deli was seen on a video posted to YouTube, imploring: “They tell me ‘Black Lives Matter.’ They’re lying . . . I’m black, look what you did to my store.”

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  54. SFC Ton says:

    CNN gave airtime to an ‘anti-racist activist’ who suggested that white children should not be allowed to have an ‘innocent’ childhood, but rather be made to feel guilty about their ‘white privilege’ at an early age.

    Have i mentioned race war lately ?

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  55. theshadowedknight says:

    Thats a really great tactic. Threaten people’s kids. I’m sure that will end well and everyone will be on board with it. Though if this shit keeps going, I’m going to need to get out of dodge. Anyone got a community in northern latitudes that could use a man with a gun and chemistry know how?

    Why a race war? Just arrest them all and ship them back to Africa. Let the Chinese deal with them.

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  56. SFC Ton says:

    Because Americnas don’t have the balls or the fore thought to deal with problems when they are small and easy to manage

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  57. Sharkly says:

    …White children should not be allowed to have an ‘innocent’ childhood, but rather be made to feel guilty about their ‘White privilege’ at an early age.

    Why not! I’m already letting the schools berate my sons for being males. SMH

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  58. Farm Boy says:

    “Many people–out of a respect for social distancing–missed a parent’s dying hours,” author J.D. Vance wrote. “If you think experiencing that–while watching mass gatherings praised by the same scolds who prevented you from seeing family–doesn’t erode trust in authorities, you’re actually an idiot.”

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  59. Farm Boy says:

    A man identifying himself as “Ace Burns” delivered an ominous threat to New Yorkers Saturday during a live interview on Fox News, warning that protesters could set fire to Manhattan’s storied Diamond District if New York leaders don’t meet their demands.


  60. Farm Boy says:

    An 82-year-old man living in Fall River, MA, was holding a Trump sign in a public space. A passing car eventually stopped, the young male driver got out and allegedly beat him, kicked him, and tore up his sign


  61. Liz says:

    Nevermind, she’s a whore and her girlfriend has way too much ink to keep either. Got daddy issues, and goes on about rape.

    In a couple of years this witch will claim to be a Christian. Her girlfriend will too.

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  62. Liz says:

    I told her she was disgusting. Maybe I’ll get banned from Twitter.

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  63. Ah, they are these guys…

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  64. SFC Ton says:

    I told her she was disgusting.

    Probably got her a pay raise

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  65. TSK you would fit in up north. Have been thinking Coeur d’Alene looks nice, then I saw these pics and it’s looking even better! No bs there.

    This evening the town of Coeur d' Alene Idaho heard rumors that the same people who were rumored to come in white vans…

    Posted by Pucktography on Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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  66. theshadowedknight says:

    Bloom, they are there to make sure that no one false flags the protesters. In Ukraine, they color revolution side shot some of their own, blamed it on the elected government, and thats why Ukraine is now a warzone. You do that here, and you get shot by the USSS. Makes it harder to prop up the color revolution narrative.


  67. Ame says:

    just curious … do aborted babies lives matter, too?

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  68. SFC Ton says:

    Northern Idaho? Where White Nationalist have been moving to for 2 generations now? 😉

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  69. Farm Boy says:

    Oddly enough, nobody calls out the Chinese for being racist

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  70. Here we go, right on the lake and boat access only! I could see myself happy here! (Dreaming but… looks nice!)

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  71. A neighbor of mine who is a mortgage broker, real estate, general contractor guy had this advice the other day: Move as many assets into cash as possible, set up home equity lines of credit now, get positioned now because he predicts in 6-9 months it will be 2009 all over again with lots of cheap real estate to be had and cash will be king. Like last time, getting it then won’t be possible so do it now was the wisdom he shared.

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  72. With another neighbor, the ex mil guy, I joked we may want to go back to the walled citadel idea. He replied he’s already thinking how to block roads w logs and other debris and such. I replied “I am in!” And he replied, “Roger that.” 🥳

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  73. I also told him about the farm market I am organizing and he offered to be security! Nice!

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  74. and badges marked “United States Secret Service Special Operations Counter Sniper Team”

    That must be a big badge.

    ’round here we just call them the USSSSOCST of America.

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  75. Did a race in Coeur d’Alene. Nice little tourist town, but I don’t know what else besides tourism supports it.


  76. Adam says:

    Here we go, right on the lake and boat access only! I could see myself happy here!

    Lol. Chicks are never happy.

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  77. theshadowedknight says:

    Bloom, depends on where you are. I would bet that home prices in cities will plummet, but suburban and rural prices will rise dramatically. No one is going to want to live in the cities, especially blue cities and those in blue states.

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  78. h0neyc0mb says:

    Taht’s why their heads spin when you say .. “ALL lives matter” ..

    Because to a leftie .. Only a select few lives matter!

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  79. KHH luckily tourism fits nicely with what I do. Anyway, not ready to flee quite yet but if someone had asked me if I would ever even consider moving not so long ago the answer would have been, “no way, here for life!”

    Adam, point noted! Lol. AWALT.

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  80. theshadowedknight says:

    Well, looks like it has started. “Police” without badges and in either operator casual or full tactical gear black bagging protesters into unmarked vans. “If you follow us you will be shot,” does not sound like something cops would say while being filmed. Whoever said that shit knows he is not going to hear from IA about community relations.


  81. SFC Ton says:

    Feds wouldn’t be putting her in a mini van


  82. theshadowedknight says:

    Why not? A convoy of panel vans might look suspicious but a few minivans are unremarkable. If they are going about this quietly, from the bottom up, they might not want to alert those higher.


  83. RichardP says:

    @Bloom: all that glitters is not gold.

    The lake is a repository for 75 million tons of sediment polluted with lead, cadmium, arsenic and zinc. In the early days of mining, tailings were deposited directly into the south fork of the Coeur d’Alene River. These metals have washed downstream after more than a century of mining in Idaho’s Silver Valley. Today, the Bunker Hill Superfund Site is the nation’s second largest Superfund site. The pollution from Bunker Hill and other mines in the Silver Valley extends both upstream and downstream from the 21-square mile “box” that is now included within the Superfund cleanup site. Due to the Clean Water Act and because mining operations have become more efficient, much less pollution is being deposited than in the past. But because of the huge amount of mine tailings in the Silver Valley, the toxic legacy will be with us for many years to come, likely forever.

    If you study the history of silver mining in the Silver Valley, and the polluted water that was allowed to flow from these mines directly into Lake Coeur d’Alene, you come to understand that the price of silver, and things made from / with silver has never reflected the true cost of production to get the silver out of the ground. Rather, that true cost was allowed to settle into the river banks between the mines and the lake, and settle at the bottom of the lake.

    Which is a microcosm of the truth about the true cost of production of many of the items that we consider standard staples of our land blessed by God. Maybe blessed by God. But certainly much of the “good” that defines us has come about by the production companies being allowed to pass the true cost of production off onto folks too poor to fight them, rather than making the consumer of those products pay the actual price the product should sell for. If the price included the true cost of production (mitigating the pollution created during the production), no one would buy it.

    Silver Valley and the Lake

    The right side of the map is the border with Montana. Scott’s place is off to the right into Montana a ways. I’m familiar with this area – spent some time there as a kid. We learned that water from the foam-green-colored river would eat our skin if we got some on us, so we were always careful and mostly stayed away from the river – which flowed directlly into Lake Coeur d’Alene. The banks of the river were a disgusting grey-brown – the lead and arsenic and zinc tailings that had precipitated out of the water. The same tailings lying at the bottom of the Lake.

    The Silver Mountain Resort is in Kellogg. The Silver Valley stretches basically from Kellogg right to the Montana border. Kellogg is in the largest “bowl” of the area – the ring of mountains being farther away than those surrounding Osburn, Wallace and Mullan (all mining towns). No trees on the mountains around Kellogg and a good ways east in the Valley. Killed by the fumes vented from the metals extraction process applied to the mined ore. Folks in the area seemed more hardy than the trees, as they didn’t seem to die in the same numbers as the trees.

    Then there is the Berkeley Pit over in Scott’s general direction. This, too, is a Superfund Cleanup Site. The true cost of production passed on to U.S. Taxpayers rather then to the purchasers of the product.

    The Berkeley Pit is a former open pit copper mine located in Butte, Montana. It is 1 mi (1,600 m) long by 1⁄2 mi (800 m) wide with an approximate depth of 1,780 feet (540 m). It is filled to a depth of about 900 feet (270 m) with water that is heavily acidic (2.5 pH level), about the acidity of Coca-Cola or lemon juice.[1] As a result, the pit is laden with heavy metals and dangerous chemicals that leach from the rock, including copper, arsenic, cadmium, zinc, and sulfuric acid.

    When the pit water level eventually reaches the natural water table, estimated to occur around 2020, the pit water will reverse flow back into surrounding groundwater, polluting Silver Bow Creek, which is the headwaters of Clark Fork of the Columbia River.[1] The acidic water in the pit carries a heavy load of dissolved heavy metals. The pit’s water contains so much metal that at one point one of its owners mined copper directly from the water.

    Yay capitalism and the free market – so long as the taxpayers are available to pay the true cost of production.

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  84. That fat bitch yelling, “Where are you taking her? YOU HAVE TO TELL US! Where are you taking her?” is funny as shit.


  85. I swam 2.4 miles in that lake for the race (I suck at swimming,) but at 54 F it just tasted cold.


  86. Since cop cars are getting attacked it would seem to be wiser to go with unmarked soccer mom transports.

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  87. RichardP says:

    For those who don’t know, Scott in in the general Missoula, MT area. Find that on Interstate 90 in the middle of the map, under “Flathead Reservation”. Go right on I90 to Butte and the Berkeley Pit. Go left to Lake Coeur d’Alene.

    Interstate 90


  88. SFC Ton says:

    Why not?

    #1 Ego.

    There is only one group of operators who lack the self absorbed ego to roll in mini vans. You don’t send your highest dollar assets after low level targets

    #2 it’s a mother fucker to shove an unwilling someone into a mini van or what have you; pain in the dick for you to get out of a min van with all your bullshit

    Practical stand point only you use cargo/ work vans. And yes there are mini van versions but those were fuck trophy haulers. You’d have to pull two rows of seats out to make it workable

    Staged? Antifia extracting their own?

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  89. Richard P thanks for the info, yeah not sounding as idyllic now! Lol.

    The arrest thing is strange, could be all sorts of things but…very…odd… More info needed, for sure.

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  90. theshadowedknight says:

    Ego is important. Thats a good point. Looking tacticool is a big deal to a lot of people. I also hadn’t considered the difficulty of using a minivan to do work. That means it is either top professionals or complete amateurs. Can you look at the way they move and tell which? They look like they know what they are doing to me, but I was never trained for that sort of thing.

    If this was a coup attempt with all the generals coming out against Trump, he might be relying on those top guys. It could also be mercenaries, because Trump is in bed with Eric Prince. I doubt it was antifa, because they would be cooperating. Unless they are cleaning house, of course. Disposing of anyone who could finger the higher ups.


  91. Everything is so odd right now! I don’t like it. Waaaa. 😭

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  92. h0neyc0mb says:

    Staged? Antifia extracting their own?

    Exactly what I was thinkin’.

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  93. theshadowedknight says:

    Be strong, Bloom. Your daughters need your stability in this time. Have faith in the Lord and His providence. He guides the faithful and girdles us for war. You have a good community. Fall back on them if you need support.

    Also, I wouldn’t put too much stock in the ranting of environmentalists. They are pagans worshipping Gaia and are constantly warning of her wrath and demanding human sacrifice. They are cut-rate religious fanatics, not scientists. If it hasn’t killed the people living there yet, its probably not going to.

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  94. theshadowedknight says:

    If it was staged, it would be all over the news by now. Bad Orange Man dragging peaceful rioters off to rape lairs or something equally ridiculous.


  95. JPF says:

    theshadowedknight said In Ukraine, they color revolution side shot some of their own, blamed it on the elected government, and thats why Ukraine is now a warzone

    I suggest you get your news from somewhere other than Russia Today (RT).
    I would not doubt a few policemen were killed by protesters. But the police are on video beating and shooting protesters; not the other way.
    Some of the protest doctors, who treated both protesters and policemen, did say that some of the wounds looked similar. The thought was that the state shot a few of their own policemen to stir emotions.

    And eastern Ukraine is a war zone because Russian sends money, military hardware and terrorists (soldiers) into Ukraine. As soon as Russia removes their terrorist army and money from Ukraine, the war would peter out quickly.

    It surprises me that (some) freedom-loving Americans think Ukrainians should just stand aside when Russian troops attack. After all, if the Ukrainians would just roll over and submit, there would be no war.


  96. SFC Ton says:

    The video feels staged at every level. Choice of vechical is the hard material thing to point to. Heck I would think sedans would be better then mini vans but that’s all guess work.

    Whole string of issues with the badged up vs unmarked deal. Badged up will get you in and out of the police line controlling the area. Unmarked would make that a hassle, You’d have to show some kind of ID,or orders or have your stogies at the control points you want to enter and exit. Unmarked might bring you less heat from some of the “protesters”, likely to make you a target with some groups too.

    The guys with the guns don’t have a sense of urgency., don’t have that this shit makes me hard door kicker vibe going, dont have that high on their on self importantance pig vibe…… they don’t look particularly well trained but all of that’s kind of deceiving. They could be moderately trained etc and just bored with an easy job/ exhausted from the 390th snatch and grab of the evening but they aren’t particularly well trained. … .the folks on the other side don’t seem all that afraid but they could already be mentally worn down to the point they aren’t all that spun up.

    A fuck ton of what ifs so I pretty much go with the vechical choice angle

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  97. SFC Ton says:

    PS I’m not saying it is 100% staged ….. but it dang sure doesnt look all that professional to me either

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  98. theshadowedknight says:

    JPF, are you aware of the Victoria Nuland tape? In it we have the US State Department discussing overthrowing the elected president and installing a puppet. Then there were the Euromaidan Nazis waving swastika flags, who somehow never made it onto the news because they were US backed. The whole thing was a US deep state color revolution.

    Of course the Russians responded. We did the same thing the the Soviet puppets in Cuba. When a hostile, insane superpower starts replacing the governments of neighboring countries, anyone with the ability takes preventative measures.


  99. And my question always is: who is filming this? Pretty steady hand and cohesive for a jacked up “protestor” watching a cohort get snatched. Yet they seem to stay behind, so don’t seem to be w the snatching crew either. Nobody talks to them and they don’t seem to talk either. Odd. Capturing good video even under planned conditions is hard to do, under duress? Even more so…

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  100. theshadowedknight says:

    Bloom, the quality isn’t that unbelievable for phone cameras. A lot of them have autostabilization and some really impressive resolutions. You can almost guarantee that these people have the latest and greatest phones. Either its antifa getting them from their well off family or ghetto types that get the latest sneakers, phones, and expensive cars on welfare. The quality isn’t abnormal at all.

    Yeah, I don’t know what to think, so I have been asking around. Another buddy said that they might have had to rent as it is hard to get vehicles together quickly, and chose the best they could get. Or it could be staged as you said, but I would expect to see it on the news if thats the case. Could be anything, really. I guess we will know if we start seeing major, high profile arrests in a few weeks.

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  101. SFC Ton says:

    Not sure rental car companies would be ok with that….. not that you have to tell em….. but those uhaul cargo vans make more sense then mini vans from Hertz…. couldn’t make out the year or model of those vans ( or any other mini van) but that bit of info could be telling

    The other question is what is the end goal? What is the end goal vs resources spent to archive it?

    That’s a large use of various resources to pick up low level looters and what not. Folks who are unlikely to be prosecuted any which way

    It could be a fairly low budget but of propaganda or generic shit stir’ing


  102. theshadowedknight says:

    I think the idea is you sweat them, they turn on the handlers, you continue on like that until you get the people in charge. Declare antifa terrorists, black bag someone, then once they are hungry, tired, and scared shitless you send in someone who tells them this all goes away if they turn over their social media and email accounts. The shock and awe is part of it. That’s if this is a federal operation.

    It could be the state grabbing people and dropping them out of town. There was one guy with a badge, and it looked like he went for the lead car. State or local cops could be grabbing people and dropping them off outside of town. I heard of that happening. A shitload of people getting corralled, getting an asskicking, then being dropped off in the bad parts of town. Some rioters were complaining about that happening to them.


  103. I have seen it said people have been infiltrating this group for over three years. It’s possible it’s already known who the not low level but not too people are, and they got swept up? Hard to say. Makes sense if they were looking for sympathy this would be all over the news, same if people got picked up and dropped off out of town, that chatter would or will start surfacing. Wish the audio was better… guess we will wait and see! Anyone know what city this is from?


  104. * Not top people.

    Gah. Autocorrect! Proof that AI is just a bad bad idea!!! Lol.


  105. theshadowedknight says:

    It could be anyone, for all we know. It’s fun to speculate, but thats about all we can do. If the 4chan autists get their hands on it and say its legit I’ll believe it. Until that or mass arrests, I won’t hold my breath.

    Other than that, all we can do is prepare. Lay in supplies and ammo. Practice shooting, moving, and communicating. Get your community doing the same. Get right with God. If we are lucky, Trump is Caesar. If not, Trump is a Romanov. Either way, we need to be at our best to get through what is coming.

    Bloom, we should talk. Can one of our generous hosts give her my email? Thanks.


  106. SFC Ton says:

    What throws me off is the cops up front look/ act like cops.

    And picking them up, dropping them 20+ miles a way is a pretty good idea but a lot of it doesn’t add up either

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  107. theshadowedknight says:

    If the cops look like cops, its probably cops. Maybe they are doing something shady off the books. Maybe they got told to look as scary as possible, play the boogeyman, and this was their play. Maybe it is something more important.

    If you look at that and think, there is no way that’s real but can’t explain why, I’d believe you. Instinct is a real skill that few people listen to, and experience only sharpens it. If it just looks like shitty tradecraft, maybe there is a reason. Either way, we got to watch a couple antifa females get scared shitless, and its good for morale.


  108. SFC Ton says:

    The cops up front look/ act like bacon

    The ones in the back look poorly trained

    The cars don’t add up but they look like similar makes and models which does

    It’s a mixed bag which always sets off my what the fuck chuck meter

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  109. SFC Ton says:

    As use to have a former cop comentor…… would be cool to have his input

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  110. SFC Ton says:

    I will go out on the limb and say they arent marshals

    Every federal marshal I’ve meet have been much better trained

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  111. Farm Boy says:

    It’s now racist to clean up after rioting thugs destroy property. This right here is the line in the sand…

    — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) June 4, 2020

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  112. Twitter commenters are noticing a lack of anti fa types at protests since D Day…. interesting…


  113. Mugshots…


  114. Liz says:

    It’s now racist to clean up after rioting thugs destroy property. This right here is the line in the sand…

    One would hope so…but it seems that ship sailed long ago.
    It is now racist to breath. If you’re not black. Even if you are black, but have life ambitions beyond living in the hood for eternity and watching your businesses burn to the ground.

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  115. Liz says:

    Bloom, I guess a post I just made was sent to the queue for some reason. I didn’t copy it, but this is the gist:

    I am starting to suspect liberals, leftists, progressives, and Democrats are NPCs with a crashed AI routine.
    How expensive will it be to purchase an apple when grocery stores require private security? The bots will either starve to death or infiltrate other communities.

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  116. Liz says:

    If the cops look like cops, its probably cops.

    Not that I know anything, but I remember there was a scam in Florida a while back with people dressed as police officers (with fake badges…police encouraged people not to open their car door, or home door, until they called in the number). I don’t see why folks couldn’t do the same…if anything, during a riot/protest it would be easier.

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  117. Liz says:

    How do they know who antifa are if they don’t actually identify themselves as antifa?

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  118. Liz says:

    I seriously want to post on next door dot com:
    I would LOVE for our children to protest, but we’re in lock down and worried about the virus.
    However, they are picketing in our yard and we have a contest for who makes the best protest sign!

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  119. Liz if the groups have been infiltrated, they would know based on who was in on planning meetings and such, is my guess.

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  120. Liz says:

    What the world could really use now is some pithy guidance from Greta.
    What are her thoughts?
    Probably finishing up on the two week long PdD program on the subject.

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  121. Yes, Greta will save us! (Not!)

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