Protestor Guys and Gals

Lately we have seen various “protests” around the US.  Very often they are younger people.  Naturally enough, they are of both sexes (plus various LGBTQ+ types).  Everybody really believes in their cause, and a camaraderie no doubt exist.  Lots of warm fuzzies are in the air.

During this age, the fire burns hot for the fellas.  Naturally, they think that the warm fuzzies in the air might lead to something further.  It is a question of how often this happens.  On the one hand, they feel togetherness in the cause.  On the other hand, fellas who engage in this type of thing are typically not very physical, are assertive only in showboaty manner, and have little capability of actually being able to do anything (financially, practically, etc.) now and in the future.   So how much potential attraction might their be with the gals for these guys?  It is unclear.  Probably the participants do not have a clue as to what is going on with them, just like the fact that they don’t have any idea of what is going on in the world.

Exit question — So how often do these guy get some from the gals?

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  1. Sumo says:

    I think this one is oddly fitting:

    I know, I know – I’m staying on topic. It is the apocalypse, after all.

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  2. Farm Boy says:

    I wonder what skills they have…

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  3. Larry G says:

    wonder what skills they have…

    Punching Nazis, resisting something, fucking Trump, and, oh yeah, fighting facism I think. Real job? Thou must be shitting me methinks

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  4. okrahead says:

    Sumo, I notice that in that picture there are no females present. However, I am not at all certain that precludes a number of serious romantic entanglements within that group.

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  5. Larry G says:

    Can’t see any if those six totally retarded pussys storming the beach’s of Normandy.

    [Only if the year 1945 it would be]

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  6. okrahead says:

    Actually… I think those are steers, not bulls, so it’s a moot point.

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  7. theshadowedknight says:

    If you look at the moloyov sisters from New York, the younger sister looks quite pretty. I’d hit it, and if she was barefoot and pregnant she wouldn’t be causing any trouble on the streets.

    There are plenty of pretty young women out near these riots. Widespread violence gets women feeling the need for seed. Hoping to get picked up by a violent, dangerous alpha man, even if they are not conscious of the reason. They go out and get all slicked up and excited that the men burning the cities down might choose them.

    [Wonder how many find they will I do]

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  8. horsemanbombadil says:

    No. Just, just No. Stop it.

    I am going to puke.

    Someone drive them downtown and drop them off after curfew.

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  9. “wonder what skills they have…”

    Well, it looks like they can all count to potato.

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  10. Texas folks, heads up!

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  11. Make no mistake about it folks, somebody has declared war on the United States… I hate to think that but what else would you call this?

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  12. Any woman who would bed down with that side is a fool. And a traitor.

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  13. Sorry I lost my composure there for a second. Maybe these silly women are getting swept up in the moment and they don’t even understand themselves why. Not that I’m making excuses. These young people are being manipulated by somebody who does not have their interest in mind, but they don’t have the wisdom or experience to see that. Chits in a much bigger game. Disposable ones, at that.

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  14. Pallets don’t drop themselves, so who offloaded that’s stuff, and why? There’s nothing spontaneous about all this.

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  15. Larry G says:

    Oh this is sooooo sweet…all kinds of warm fuzzies. Tonight’s so-called local Denver news showed police officers walking hand in hand with rioters. A real Kumbiya moment

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  16. okrahead says:

    Fools and traitors… being manipulated… chits in a much bigger game….
    Ever heard of Eve and the serpent?

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  17. This is a nice photo, in front of the presidential church. Wonder if he’s sending a message, or something, to someone? Like maybe declaring something back?

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  18. theshadowedknight says:

    Why does treason never prosper? If it prospers, none dare call it treason. No one is shaving these women for consorting with the enemy. No one is beating on antifa. The police let them run rampant, and that means that they have power. Power is the world’s best aphrodisiac.

    Who is the fool? The guy rioting and burning and getting pussy or the hard working, obedient men that watched their neighborhoods and livelihoods go up in flame? What woman wants a loser? It’s easy to call them a fool, but who is more foolish, the woman following the men that burn and loot or the men that watch it happen because the police will come after them if they do anything to stop it?

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  19. Farm Boy says:

    The disturbing video quickly went viral online and social media sparked outrage, though the mainstream media has largely ignored the incident. President Donald Trump, did, however, reference the attack during a Monday address calling for law and order nationwide.

    “Horrifying video shows about eight men armed with metal clubs and wooden two-by-fours smashing the window of a jewelry store on Saturday afternoon, as the woman comes out of the building with her husband to plead with them,. The gang then turns on the couple, swinging the wooden planks and repeatedly punching the petite woman, knocking her to the ground.”


  20. Farm Boy says:

    ‘We came to riot’: Illinois man livestreamed lighting fires, handing out explosives in Minneapolis, charges say

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  21. Farm Boy says:

    MINNEAPOLIS, MN—In a powerful display of their care for love and justice, protesters in Minneapolis burned the word “LOVE” into the city, arranging the inspiring message with homes and businesses set ablaze by their riots.

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  22. h0neyc0mb says:

    They don’t have the arm muscles to beat themselves off ..

    Which is much less than the fisting they are asking for!

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  23. h0neyc0mb says:

    And if you need a second opinion ..

    They’re ugly and their moms dress’em funny!

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  24. Seems like dropping off pallets of bricks to random locations should count as a criminal act
    by the supplier. And are the cops just going to let them sit there?

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  25. h0neyc0mb says:

    I guess De-Ball-LESS-see-oh’s kids turned out ok after all ..

    All that leftist training paid off .. I betcha he’s a proud pappa .. heh

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  26. Farm Boy says:

    But groups and individuals who identify with Antifa, the anarchists who agitate for violence and destruction — most recently following the excessive police force death of George Floyd in Minneapolis — have been allowed to spread their destructive messages on Twitter.


  27. h0neyc0mb says:

    That black guy scratchin’ his “tea bags” must be one disgusted mofo ..

    He decided he wasn’t gonna leave empty handed! heh

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  28. Farm Boy says:

    Possible VP candidate

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  29. h0neyc0mb says:

    Supposedly for an actual project .. read bout earlier.

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  30. Farm Boy says:

    “I don’t buy into the notion of white privilege,” he said. “See, I think that’s a liberal political construct right along the lines of political correctness. It’s designed to intimidate and get people to shut up and admit they’re guilty of doing things they haven’t done. I don’t have any white privilege.”

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  31. h0neyc0mb says:

    I hope her island doesn’t sink / flip / capsize if to many freaks show-up ..

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  32. Farm Boy says:

    In a bizarre claim, Barack Obama’s former National Security Advisor Susan Rice said Sunday that the rioting and violence being witnessed in major American cities is “right out of the Russian playbook.”


  33. h0neyc0mb says:

    Mandatory social distancing: The greatest theft of all time – The Jerusalem Post

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  34. Well, the situation has changed. Go pick them up.

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  35. [Liz and Mike very skilled they are]

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  36. Farm Boy says:

    Confirming what many had suspected, recordings leaked to the Associated Press show that Communist Chinese strongman Xi Jinping’s government “sat on releasing the genetic map, or genome,” of the novel coronavirus “for over a week after multiple government labs had fully decoded it.” As a result, health officials at WHO, in the U.S., and around the world were missing “details key to designing tests, drugs and vaccines.”


  37. Farm Boy says:

    Why does this distinction between protesters and looters matter so much to Krasner? Is it not obvious to everyone with two eyes and a brain that the people who organize the “peaceful protests” are doing so with the intent of causing riots? And that the people committing “crimes of opportunity” understand this as well as the political organizers do? Of course, the protest organizers are funded by Soros, the same man who spent nearly $2 million to elect Krasner. Democrats are the party of criminals.

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  38. Farm Boy says:

    Of course, the Gentry is playing a different game. Ever since Marx, the Gentry left has been playing an over-under game, using the Victims as a catspaw to beat up the deplorables of the middle class while serving themselves heaping tablespoons of political power and ambition and vanity as the valiant champions of the downtrodden

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  39. Farm Boy says:

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are concerned for their family’s safety following multiple incidents at their Hollywood Hills home, where drones have flown as low as 20 feet above their property to snatch photographs of the couple and their young son, Archie.


  40. Farm Boy says:

    The death of George Floyd has convulsed the nation for a week now, the literal flames fanned by the national media. But a far larger – and ongoing – death toll of (mostly) young black men in Chicago slain by gang warfare gets almost no attention. Perhaps because the many killers in question are mostly other young black men of the criminal gang persuasion.


  41. Farm Boy says:

    “The Act Of Protesting Should Never Be Overshadowed By The Reason We’re Protesting”


  42. Farm Boy says:


  43. Farm Boy says:

    “I hope you all know what the fuck you did,” states the woman, 19-year-old Jasmine Kelly. “My sister is gone and it’s not from a cop…my sister is gone because one of you, a protester, shot my sister.”


  44. Cheque d'Out says:

    A bit of lend-lease that I’d never heard of. I have no idea why

    [This video is more or less true. Though often the video of what they are showing is not want they are talking about at that instant – FB]

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  45. Cheque d'Out says:

    Sorry, Sis. But play stupid games and win stupid prizes.

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  46. Hey, I resemble that remark, including the thinning up front part.

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  47. “Sorry, Sis. But play stupid games and win stupid prizes.”

    Yep. Hope she liked the “once in a lifetime” atmosphere.

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  48. Damn, I need to trim my nails again.

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  49. Cheque d'Out says:

    More Winners in our Stupid Games category

    It’d take a heart of stone…not to laugh

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  50. Cheque d'Out says:

    Been a rumour for a while. But I don’t trust BloJo. He’s got a list of other dumb decisions. But…

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  51. Cheque d'Out says:

    I gather you’ve been skipping your spa days then?
    Carpet cleaner can only do so much with a pelt.

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  52. Cheque d'Out says:

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  53. Ame says:

    so … Harr-ball and Sir Meggie are upset they don’t have privacy in liberal-land-hollywood.

    ha! hahaha! LOL!

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  54. Cheque d'Out says:

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  55. Cheque d'Out says:

    Did he learn anything? I doubt it

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  56. JPF says:

    Susan Rice said Sunday that the rioting and violence being witnessed in major American cities is “right out of the Russian playbook.

    She is right about this. I will not claim that the Russians are involved in the US crimes in any way. But, supplying labour and finances for protests, even in a foreign country, are actions they have repeatedly committed before. Be grateful we do not live near Russia.

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are concerned for their family’s safety following … [drones taking pictures]”

    First world “problems”. Compare this with the theft and property destruction of the riots….

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  57. Farm Boy says:

    Here is a set of riot and looting videos for your enlightenment


  58. Farm Boy says:

    Posted to Twitter by filmmaker Ami Horowitz, the video, presumably from Monday night, featured a 20-something white male giving roaming crowds outside his window a thumbs up as they walked the streets outside. Shortly thereafter, as the crowd noticed him, rocks were heard pelting his window until the glass shattered.

    “We’re on your side!” the man yelled out. “We’re on your side!”

    His pledged allegiance was met with yet another rock that shattered another window.

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  59. Farm Boy says:

    Matthew Rupert was arrested by the Chicago Police Department on Sunday after breaking the city’s curfew. and when police searched his car, they found evidence of explosives and other incendiary devices. An eventual search of his Facebook page yielded a number of videos, which Rupert had set to “public,” showing Rupert encouraging rioters to burn buildings and attack police officers


  60. Farm Boy says:

    Gov. Tim Walz doled out that talking point, that may be the rioting was caused by white supremacist groups. Minnesota’s Department of Public Safety couldn’t back that up. Also, it was simply not true. A former British Army counterintelligence officer who now specializes in crowd management said based on his reports, the far right is not there

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  61. Farm Boy says:

    Antifa firearms training

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  62. SFC Ton says:

    Self sustaining mono ethnic nation states must be looking good to some folks. You know with the wu-flu and chimp out and all

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  63. SFC Ton says:

    Trump ain’t put a single fucker in jail for all their trying to wreck an election and email server and all

    They’ll be safe if Trump wins the next one too

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  64. Farm Boy says:

    A video clip shows a woman immediately obeying a black man’s request to kneel on her feet in the street and apologize for her “white privilege”.


  65. Farm Boy says:

    Get woke — go broke


  66. Ame says:

    am a bit freaked out … went to my local whole foods, and there was a growing protest at the intersection. a flyer had been stapled up around town in the middle of the night saying that b/c the av income level of our town is so high, that if biz’s didn’t contribute $ to the link on the qr code, then they would be looted. inside the whole foods they had the cash register drawers open to show there wasn’t anything in them.

    saw more people driving up and joining the crowd as i loaded my groceries. missed them when i came in b/c i came in a back way. took a different back way home.

    breathing … breathing … breathing …

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  67. okrahead says:

    AME… that’s what you get for shopping at Whole Foods

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  68. Ame says:

    LOL! well … they have the best selection of organic veg’s, and their meat supplier is really good compared to other options around here. we also shop at wal mart, but that is across the street, so the protesters were also in their corner, too. SCARY!!!

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  69. SFC Ton says:

    That would be one dead moon cricket

    And the race traitor might as well go as well

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  70. Ame says:

    our town is a little, landlocked, bedroom community, but there’s one side that is extravagantly wealthy, then there’s our side, lol! there *are* some very wealthy people in our town, so i guess they think they’ll get nicer stuff here? i’m just glad we’re home safe. and i’m praying praying praying.

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  71. theshadowedknight says:

    I shop at Whole Foods. Nevermind all of the jokes, the plains apes should not be dictating where good, decent white men and woman may and may not shop. If I want to walk around in a city then I should not have to fear packs of animals attacking me, whether on four legs or two.

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  72. Ame says:

    i can’t believe how shaken up i am. hearing about it, reading about it … seeing it.





  73. horsemanbombadil says:

    15 miles out of town, 1000 yards up a dirt drive with an old creaky gate down at the highway, house sheltered from the view of the highway by scrubby cedar forest. From the highway looks like a hunting track.

    9 cases of soup, 50+ lbs of flour, 75 of rice. Freezer full of meat, 25 x 35 litre jugs of spring water plus the well.

    Live in a 97% white county centred on the airbase.

    We good.

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  74. horsemanbombadil says:

    Lived it Toronto from 16 to 35.

    But Horseman, why leave all this?

    Some Idjits is so stupid.

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  75. SFC Ton says:

    I heard a cop shop burned to the ground….

    Please tell me that is true. PLEASE……!!!!

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  76. SFC Ton says:

    If I want to walk around in a city then I should not have to fear packs of animals attacking me, whether on four legs or two.

    Fear it? I live for that shit. Especially now

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  77. horsemanbombadil says:

    Yup on the first night I believe.


  78. Sumo says:

    75 of rice

    Shit, even I don’t have that much rice…..

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  79. horsemanbombadil says:

    Warick and Bundy chillin on the Aussie beach, posted today.

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  80. theshadowedknight says:

    Yeah, they burned out the precinct where the cop was from in Minneapolis that started this whole shitshow going. Of course the cops pulled out, and left all their gear behind, so now it’s going to be used against whites. Then they will arrest whites that try and defend themselves from the pavement apes.

    Have I recently mentioned fuck the police?

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  81. horsemanbombadil says:

    “…flyer had been stapled up around town in the middle of the night saying that b/c the av income level of our town is so high, that if biz’s didn’t contribute $ to the link on the qr code, then they would be looted. inside the whole foods they had the cash register drawers open to show there wasn’t anything in them.”

    Yup this is about oppression and justice blah de blah.

    Just like womanz, they have overplayed their hands to show their true nature.

    Btw Sumo when all this started in Feb the grocers had a sale on all hardtack suppliers, wrote a comment that the buyer had a sense of humour. Rice and flour in 25 kg sacks, soup by the case, canned ham 3 for 1. I have a larder so for under 200 laid in 3 months of food.

    Meanwhile the cidiots are buying the $900 emergency food in a pail. Read the labels, its no name kd, rice, noodles, soup and porridge but at 4x the price.

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  82. horsemanbombadil says:

    Besides when I lived in Algonquin Park for ten years February was -40 for weeks at a time and/or snowed in. Between impassable roads and gas jellied in the tanks being trapped inside for a month was not unusual. Laying up a 3 month supply is know as autumn.

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  83. Sumo says:

    the cidiots are buying the $900 emergency food in a pail.

    Umm, yeah……I bought one of those. Mine was $350; I justified to myself by telling myself that since I actually do know where food comes from, if the supply chain gets disrupted or shuts down, I might end up needing it.

    Also, those things are decent food for camping and/or day hikes.

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  84. horsemanbombadil says:

    Brilliant rant by Tim Poole

    With 10s of thousand demonstrating, looting in dozens of cities then either…

    A massive outbreak among the looters


    Covid was bullshi so why are we still locked down.

    Simple logic.

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  85. h0neyc0mb says:

    Womminz are designed to submit!

    Especially when ordered.

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  86. SFC Ton says:

    LOL that is awesome!

    Back to the grind


  87. SFC Ton says:

    Those yankee fucks need to stay up north.

    They have been wrecking Dixie like its their full time job since 1860

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  88. Farm Boy says:

    We’ve been told for several months that there is just no way that there are any lab origins to the COVID virus, and that anyone who suspects otherwise is a conspiracy theorist. Well, the Governor of New Jersey accidentally tipped his hand and confirmed that this isn’t just a regular virus, this is some kind of superhero virus that could not possibly be natural.

    Asked if he was worried that the #GeorgeFlyod protests violated his ban on large gatherings, @GovMurphy says “it’s one thing to protest what day nail salons are opening and it’s another to come out and peaceful protest about somebody who was murdered right before our eyes.”

    It’s the same story from governors and mayors across the country. They know that this virus can tell the difference between a legitimate gathering of thousands of people and five folks inside a nail salon. This virus analyses the motives of its potential victims and can determine who is worthy of being passed over and who should be targeted for destruction.


  89. Farm Boy says:

    The Aussies know

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  90. Farm Boy says:

    Minnesota, New York Officials Say Evidence Shows Weekend Riots Were Planned, Chicago Demands Fed Investigation Into ‘Organized’ Violence


  91. Farm Boy says:

    Now, Colorado has published the results of ongoing antibody tests with a massive sample size of 56,000. The study found, as of Thursday, that 7.75% of the entire state has been infected. That means that an estimated 489,500 Coloradoans have already had the virus. If you divide Colorado’s 1,135 deaths by the number of infections, you get a 0.23% IFR – almost exactly what the CDC pegged as the IFR nationwide!


  92. SFC Ton says:

    The federal government investigating leftist activists is like the fox guarding the hen house

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  93. h0neyc0mb says:

    That homo is a strung out junkie and is probably dead bye(-bye) now.

    If this turd walked at me with that smug look and a bat .. I’d give’em a couple of #1 fast-balls to swing at .. heh!

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  94. Larry G says:

    We need cops in Colorado like this guy….

    Polk County, Fla., Sheriff Grady Judd didn’t mince words at Monday’s news conference when it came to looters.

    “I would tell them, if you value your life, they probably shouldn’t do that in Polk County. Because the people of Polk County like guns, they have guns, I encourage them to own guns, and they’re going to be in their homes tonight with their guns loaded, and if you try to break into their homes to steal, to set fires, I’m highly recommending they blow you back out of the house with their guns. So, leave the community alone,” the sheriff said.

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  95. Liz says:

    Re the picture at the top
    I wonder what skills they have…

    Betting it requires knee pads.

    [Long catnap you had]

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  96. Larry G says:

    Crude, Liz…funny as hell but crude..retards need sympathy, right? Naw

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  97. Liz says:

    “I hope you all know what the fuck you did,” states the woman, 19-year-old Jasmine Kelly. “My sister is gone and it’s not from a cop…my sister is gone because one of you, a protester, shot my sister.”

    What do you call one violent protestor killed by another violent protester?
    A: A good start.

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  98. Liz says:

    Have to catch up on the rest of the comments later, only got to read about half…time for a hike.

    Just read that gun sales have gone up 80 percent, and 40 percent of those sales are to new gun owners. Mike flew with someone who just bought his first gun. He lives in Memphis.
    He’s 57.

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  99. Farm Boy says:

    Unity At Last: Klansman And Rich Liberal Activist Join In Celebration As Black Neighborhood Burns Down


  100. Farm Boy says:

    Grant Napear, play-by-play announcer for the NBA’s Sacramento Kings since 1988, was fired on Tuesday after tweeting, “ALL LIVES MATTER…EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!”

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  101. Larry G says:

    “Just read that gun sales have gone up 80 percent, and 40 percent of those sales are to new gun owners.”

    yeah, last week I paid a visit to 5280 and saw/listened to a dozen or so people all trying to get a “first gun” bought. LOTS of new 9mm pistols going out the door, but damn few taking the time to actually practice on the range side.

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  102. Farm Boy says:

    That’s kinda what got me here today. There’s an ever-growing victim count for these riots that is being almost completely ignored in the MSM. Cops and civilians are being gunned down, beaten up, and plowed into by motor vehicles and the MSM hacks are practically spraining their necks looking the other way.

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  103. Farm Boy says:

    The Democrat Party is at war with America. That is the clear message of the Democrats’ responses to the crises that have engulfed our nation over the last six months, made our streets war zones, and destroyed the small business communities that are the life blood of our system

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  104. Farm Boy says:

    “Remarkably, these mayors seem to be largely indifferent to the rise of largely white, anarchist groups, like Antifa, who can be seen in videos committing acts of vandalism and violence, even over the objections of African American protestors.”

    If you’re actively supporting, or even just passively enabling, the people who are destroying black neighborhoods, businesses, and jobs, aren’t you supporting white supremacy?

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  105. Farm Boy says:

    A solid body of evidence finds no structural bias in the criminal-justice system with regard to arrests, prosecution or sentencing, Mac Donald writes; rather, crime and suspect behavior, not race, determine most police actions. Mac Donald writes:


  106. Farm Boy says:

    Watching the blue cities burning over the past few days has certainly been instructive.
    It starts at the top: the blue mayors and elected officials have more affinity ideologically with the rioters and looters than they do with the shop-owners and small businessmen, so they are very reluctant to do anything to quell the riots. It’s the same reason why antifa runs wild when a conservative speaker shows up on campus. If truth be told, the administrators doesn’t like him (or her) either, so they’re pretty much on board with the mob violence.


  107. Larry G says:

    You all know what is lacking here, right?

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  108. Boobs?

    [Like boobs I do]

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  109. Sharkly says:

    Well due to my busy conflicting schedule, I haven’t been working out regularly. I might be able to post a post a photo of the hairy moobs that my pecs are transitioning into.
    Like this comment if you wanna see my moobies! /S 😉


  110. b g says:

    LOL, sometimes you just have to laugh ;-D

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  111. Sharkly says:

    If my mind were in a woman’s body, I suspect I’d be workin’ it shamelessly at every single opportunity for every possible benefit I could tease and flirt my way into. And I’d have figured out a way to make spandex thinner, clingier, and semi-transparent, and then accuse and guilt-trip any man who found me arousing.

    But, I’m a man, so my job is to keep you women from doing exactly that! It’s no wonder that we need patriarchy, to restore modesty, and morality. Women are just naturally gifted to be defilers. They didn’t get gifted with superior physical strength, emotional stability, or overriding abstract rational reasoning. Just a superior ability to tempt others to cast their seed into them and thereby make offspring.

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  112. Bridget Malcolm is an Australian model who looks good in a nightie.

    That is all.

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  113. Larry G says:

    KHH, “Bridget Malcolm is an Australian model who looks good in a nightie.”

    you get no argument from me on that….

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  114. SFC Ton says:

    The left is at war with america

    But it’s a one way shooting match because the so called center and right isn’t fighting back. They are to afraid of being called a racist or a white nationalist to do anything useful.

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  115. SFC Ton says:

    She’d look even better out of it

    Let’s face it, the better looking the bitch the more pointless her clothes

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  116. SFC Ton says:


    I clicked on this link about dog breeds you shouldn’t have, especially if you have kids.

    I own 3 of the breeds. My 2 year old is literally sitting on the head of one of them.

    Click bit is awesomely if unintentionally hilarious

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  117. Yep. Not hearing anything about collective resistance to the nuttiness, but I think rational white people know that the government is against them in every place there is actual trouble.

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  118. SFC Ton says:

    I don’t think there are very man rational White people

    If there were, the various version of White nationalist groups would be enrolling new members by the 100,000’s


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