Make Your Own Stuff

We have been subjected to female Ghostbusters, female Star Trek (Discovery and Picard), female Captain Marvel, female Terminator, female Star Wars (the last trilogy), female Dr. Who and in the near future we will be subjected to female 007, female Thor, female Star Wars series made by Leslye Headland, with more to come for sure.  It is not so much that we have female protagonists, it is that they are shoved in our face, detracting from any story that might be there.  Furthermore, most of these protagonists are just not very likable, being some combination of bitchy, arrogant, etc.  Perhaps we prefer fellas in the protagonist roles, and acting in the manner that protagonists should.  If so, that is the way that it is.  Probably there is something built-in that makes it so.

So here is the question?  Why aren’t new franchises created with women protagonists?  This would go for movies, comics and video games.  Build up your client base for the character/franchise, perhaps doing more with every iteration.  Maybe even become as rich as George Lucas.  So why not?

Well, first of all, it is really difficult, mainly because people really don’t want that shit.  The stuff just doesn’t seem right, hence it won’t sell.  The only way that it can even kinda/sorta work is take the goodwill of a current popular character/franchise and glom onto it.  Then suck it dry until there is nothing left.

Exit question — Do the people doing this realize what they are doing, or does it “just happen”?


Addendum by Deti:

So here is the question? Why aren’t new franchises created with women protagonists? This would go for movies, comics and video games. Build up your client base for the character/franchise, perhaps doing more with every iteration. Maybe even become as rich as George Lucas. So why not?

Someone else might have said this.

I think it’s very simple.

It’s because the men made it and created it, and therefore they own it. And women look at that and say “that’s not fair, you have to share it with us. Plus, if you don’t, you’re a mean poopyhead and we will not like you and we will tell everyone else that you’re a mean poopyhead. And we will not have sex with you.”

And the men say “OK, we’ll share, please just don’t call us mean poopyheads. And maybe have sex with us?”

It’s because women aren’t as creative, aren’t as risk taking, and don’t put in the work. They want to capitalize on and use men’s work, appropriate it to themselves, shame those who won’t “share”, and then call those men names and accuse them of being small dicked incels who can’t get laid.


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  1. Cill says:

    Movies of women beating up on multiple big male warriors and doing men’s stuff better than men is as boring as women’s rugby. It will never be any good, no matter how hard they pretend.

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  2. Sumo says:

    I was so bored last night that I took the plunge and finally watched the latest Star Wars film.

    I’d say that it was a vile piece of shit, but that would be an insult to vile pieces of shit everywhere.

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  3. Larry G says:

    Not China Plague, just stomach issues (nearly back to my normal lovable empathetic self). Doctors said to lay off the spicy foods, coffee is good to go

    [Look forward to gratuitous images I do]

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  4. Sumo says:

    No kung flu for you!

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  5. Men aren’t interested in watching women play the “hero”. Doesn’t matter if it’s soldier, scientist, spy, or super. Men know that women aren’t supposed to be on the front lines fighting the enemy, and women know it too.

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  6. Larry G says:

    Yeah, I was a bit perturbed and a little anxious I may have had the CP

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  7. Ame says:

    VERY good to hear Larry … been concerned.

    well … if you had to choose btw spicy food and coffee … i guess you won the jackpot 😉

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  8. Larry G says:

    Can skip the jalapeños and get on with the Triple Black and Greasy Extra Strong Columbia’s Premium coffee

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  9. So…. still not sure if we did or did not have Kung Flu as testing is not available in my area except for the very sick, no antibody testing that I know of. Matters not. But I would get better, then seem to relapse, get better, then seem to relapse. I *think* I finally figured it out due to a post on the DARPA twitter page (will find the link) that said some OTC and the virus don’t mix bc protein something something. Well normally I take and have ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) but had heard advice early on better to use acetaminophen (Tylenol) but all I had w that was NyQuil. It was night, had a headache, and had been having trouble sleeping so I figured why not? And have taken it as needed since. Well then I read the cough ingredient in it was one of the DARPA mentioned ones ( Wish they posted a full list but as far as I could see they had not.) Hopefully that will be the missing piece, had this low grade almost autoimmune thing since early March and am so OVER IT! Taking high dose C, daily D, Zinc, and a wormwood supplement (anti malarial) and NOTHING ELSE. Day 2. Hoping that plus lots of good clean food w tumeric garlic raw honey and other virus busting goodies will finally knock it out. Stay tuned!

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  10. SFC Ton says:

    In was so bored last night I….. what the fuck am I talking about? I wasn’t bored. I got drunk and banged my baby mammas 😉

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  11. And I don’t mean to worry people it’s very low grade but still lots of fatigue foggy thinking and one step forward two steps back but no pneumonia or anything like that…

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  13. okrahead says:

    There have always been successful movies with interesting female leads. But those leads were feminine. Sheer envy leads feminists to take a male role, clearly written as such, and have a mediocre actress appear onscreen mouthing the lines. It’s just as entertaining as watching a man in drag try to pull off playing a female role without satire or camp.

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  14. Ame says:

    Bloom – have your daughters got it, too?

    praying for you. please let me know if there’s anything i can do for you other than pray … my gmail is talkiname.

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  15. Cheque d'Out says:

    “But I would get better, then seem to relapse, get better, then seem to relapse.”
    I have heard that’s a possible symptom of the WuFlu.

    As are digestive tract problems. There are ACE2 receptors there. WuFlu loves ACE2 receptors.

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  16. Cheque d'Out says:

    Took me four evenings to watch the star wars film. Didn’t make it right to the end. The writing was catastrophic. Doesn’t really matter about anything else when the story is all over the place. It was pretty but we’ve seen plenty of pretty films.

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  17. RichardP says:

    In late February, 13 folks from SoCal (Southern California) went on a ski trip to northern Italy.

    Northern Italy is where a lot of Chinese folks work in industry. Many of them had gone home to Wuhan for Christmas and brought the Covid19 virus back with them. Early on in Wuhan, scientists noticed a mild form of the disease, which they labled Type S. Type S soon mutated into Type L, which was a more vigorous, aggressive and infections form of the virus. It made folks extremely ill. That Type L no doubt was transported back to Northern Italy by at least a few of the vacationers returning from Wuhan.

    The 13 folks from SoCal all got infected with the Covid19 virus on the ski trip and brought it back to SoCal. Skiers. Healthy folks. Lungs work really well. All got really sick. But recovered.

    Today, the final skier was released from the hospital in Tarzana – out here in the San Fernando Valley, southwest side. where Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author of Tarzan, lived (the town named itself that after “Tarzan” became well known.

    That final skier was was in fine shape when he returned from the ski trip. But he saw the news about Covid19 in Italy and decided he needed to have a doctor examine him. They admitted him to the hospital, and soon moved him to the intensive care unit. Went downhill for thirty days. Put him on a ventilator for another thirty days. Sixty plus days total in the hospital for a guy healthy enough to go sking in Northern Italy. He was released today. Can’t talk well, with obvious shortness of breath. Can’t walk well, but that could just be from being bed-ridden for 60 days.

    Too many folks are claiming that Covid 19 isn’t real. Stories like this one demonstrate just how real and vicious it is.

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  18. Cheque d'Out says:

    Should have Cill’s parents’ generation chuckling with betrayed nostalgia.
    Everyone else might enjoy the *ahem* updated narration

    Quite the social commentary.

    And any kids complaining that there’s nothing to watch these days can get knotted.

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  19. Cheque d'Out says:

    RichardP there are reports of a bunch of scuba divers that never went to hospital, they self-medicated at home (I assume that they had access to oxygen due to nitrox mixing). Their lungs are fucked. They won’t be diving again. Seems to be a real lottery.

    I bought the local mostly retired farmer Vitamins D3, K2 and C, which are said to help a lot with survival rates. He doesn’t even have a smart phone, nobody was telling him anything helpful. He was still working his livestock but he was concerned. The MSM are a cunch of bunts.

    I like the Peak Prosperity channel’s guy. Calm assessment of the stats and the medical research. He confirmed the usefulness of the vitamins listed above.

    This one speaks of the two main strains, Italy got hit by the newer, more infectious strain. Pretty much everywhere got both strains

    The whole video is good (watch from the start) 15:25 is where he talks about the stats of the strains (after explaining them earlier in the video). It’s likely that you can catch both, no transferable immunity (probably).

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  20. Cheque d'Out says:

    Oh, and he likes Trump’s HydroxyChloroQuine+ (HZQ + Zinc + azithromycin).
    And he explains why many of the medical trials of HCQ seem designed to find that HCQ doesn’t work. They’re designed to fail.

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  21. Cheque d'Out says:

    A Queen sing-a-long

    [Wonder what kind of garden he was in I do]

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  22. Solomon would approve.

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  23. Liz says:

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  24. Little boy upfront says, “You’re gonna try and have sex with me when I turn 13.”

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  25. Yoda says:

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  26. Farm Boy says:

    Consider how destructive this utilitarian moral preening is to women. First, it tells women who have been abused or harassed by liberal men to keep their mouths shut. Political positions are far more important than your shattered lives so you will have to stand alone. Second, it encourages women to make false accusations against conservative men. Political positions are more important than the truth so you will never have to stand alone. Third, it gives liberal men permission to abuse the women around them. Your political power or generous contributions are more important than whatever happens to the bimbos you fool around with so you will never have to say you’re sorry.


  27. Farm Boy says:

    After studying global data from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, researchers have discovered a strong correlation between severe vitamin D deficiency and mortality rates.


  28. horsemanbombadil says:


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  29. Farm Boy says:

    But when he comes to the goal, or the intention of the media in their misleading, his answer is curious. He claims that these journalists want to craft a narrative that makes them “sound smart.” But why would intentionally misleading the public regarding the coronavirus sound smart?

    This is a very important question. The answer is that for months now, the media “narrative” Silver refers to has been that smart people know Trump bungled the response and to reopen the economy before the medical experts say it’s OK is tantamount to murder. The dumb people say that the Trump administration responded well in unprecedented circumstances and it’s time to start thinking about opening up.

    So when Silver says these journalists want to “sound smart” what it really means is that they want to promote a progressive anti-Trump agenda. Now, let’s be honest that isn’t some deeply-guarded industry secret, but it’s telling that Silver won’t just come out and say it.

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  30. RichardP says:

    Cd’Out – that was an excellent Covid19 review in the video you posted.

    The original article that introduced the issue of Type S and Type L is here. The main body is in a PDF file that is linked to at the bottom of the article.

    This fellow critiques the findings related to Type S and Type L

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  31. RichardP says:

    This article demonstrates the confusion that can be caused by the lack of a body of words with clearly articulated and accepted definitions related to the Covid19 problem. The author uses Type L and Type H without (as far as I can tell) whether his Type L is to be considered the same Type as was defined at the link in my previous post. Here, the author is using Type L to refer to an emerging phenomenon where the lungs work properly and a full inhalation can be made, but the patient still suffers from hypoxia. Something seems to be interfering with the blood cells that have received their normal load of oxygen in the lungs and are now attempting to deliver that oxygen. The blocked delivery creates the hypoxia rather than compromised lungs.

    The author labels as Type H the progression of the Covid19 disease to the point where the lungs are compromised. I presume here that is the progression from Type L, where the hypoxia is created by something attacking the blood cells and veins and arteries.

    This is a good summary /compilation of some of the more important scientific papers from those studying the progression of the Covid19 issue.

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  32. h0neyc0mb says:

    Here they come .. terminators .. heh

    Peter R. Quinones on Twitter: “” / Twitter

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  33. Sumo says:

    will aid in ensuring safe distancing in parks and gardens

    Holy shit, it’s a RoboKaren!

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  34. Cheque d'Out says:

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  35. Liz says:

    Here they come .. terminators .. heh

    T1: “Our facial recognition software has determined you are not wearing a mask. You have ten seconds to comply…ten, nine, eight”
    (person scrambles to put on mask)

    T1 to T2, after person skips away:
    “It is a joy making the humans perform tasks”

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  36. Liz says:

    That’s how it all starts!

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  37. Farm Boy says:

    TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Chinese leader Xi Jinping (習近平) asked World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to suppress news about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the German intelligence agency BND found, according to a report by German magazine Der Spiegel.

    During a conversation on Jan. 21, Xi reportedly asked Tedros not to announce that the virus could be transmitted between humans and to delay any declaration of a coronavirus pandemic.


  38. Farm Boy says:

    Republican Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia celebrated the state’s lowest number of hospitalized novel coronavirus patients and the fewest number of COVID-19 patients on ventilators on Saturday, 15 days since the Republican loosened lockdown restrictions in the face of persistent attacks from the mainstream media

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  39. Farm Boy says:

    Gratuitous images


  40. Gunner Q says:

    “Murder hornets insist they are the ‘Hornets of Peace’”

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  41. Farm Boy says:

    [Perhaps send some to Brian May we should]

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  42. Liz says:

    Murder hornets insist they are the ‘Hornets of Peace’”

    Please understand their culture.

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  43. Farm Boy says:

    On Wednesday, Mount Sinai Health System issued a press release about a recent observational study that appears to show a significant benefit to treating severe hospitalized COVID-19 patients with anticoagulant (blood thinning) medications.

    “62.7 percent of intubated patients who were not treated with anticoagulants died, compared to 29.1 percent for intubated patients treated with anticoagulants,” the release states.

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  44. Cill says:

    Spawny 8:40 am,

    Droll narration. British humour, bloody funny.
    E.g. 5 minutes 20 into the video:
    “The Mayor of Dumpton is with the Town Clerk… ”

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  45. RichardP says:

    Re. FB’s link about anticoagulants and Covid19 folks on respirators:

    Anu Lala, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, noted that having treated COVID-19 patients for weeks, she has seen “an increased amount of blood clot cases,” …

    We have an otherwise healthy, 41-year-old character actor at Cedars-Sinai here in Los Angeles that had to have his leg amputated because of a blood clot. His name is Nick Cordero.

    He felt unwell so wife dropped him off at the ER to get checked out. She said she would be right back, as she had some errands to run and took baby with her. When she returned to pick up her husband, she was informed that he had been admitted and she was not allowed to see him. He was placed on a respirator the next day. The last chance she had to touch him was when he got out of the car at the ER. She was in a hurry, so who knows? Maybe they kissed each other goodbye. Maybe they didn’t. What does it matter? (/sarc)

    He deteriorated so quickly that they placed him into a medically-induced coma, to quiet his body down in the hopes that quietness would help with his recovery. While in the coma, the blood clot created a problem and they had to amputate his leg.

    They took him off his coma-inducing medicines 10 days to two weeks ago. It has been a number of days since the doctors told wife that he should have already come out of his medically-induced coma by now. He has not. And they have discovered that he now has holes in his lungs.

    She is being brave. If you read between the lines, you can see that she is in denial. But what else can she do but be optimistic? There will be time enough for being realistic later. Wonder if blood thinners would have helped Nick if administered at the beginning.

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  46. b g says:

    Hmmm, don’t know about any cobra deathchicken, but I can personally guarantee that the bloody biting flies North of 60 will have the murder hornets for breakfast ;-D

    The Great white North actually does exist:

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  47. RichardP says:

    I can’t think of a more heart-rendering plea than this one from that young mother:

    Wake up Nick

    This is not a hoax for those who have to deal with it.

    (Ame’s line comes to me at a time like this: women are mostly afraid. Always. Particularly with a baby, but without Nick. I can’t imagine. Wake up Nick

    So how do we know which of us is only going to have a headache or get the sniffles and which of us is going to end up basically brain dead with holes in our lungs? Let’s ask Nick just before he gets out of the car at the ER? Wonder what he would say.

    Roll the dice and take our chances? Or be inconvenienced for a while because we recognize what is actually at stake – for the families of those in comas with holes in their lungs and for the families of those who have no job, so no money with which to feed their family. There is no easy answer – which is just flat out unacceptable for some. Listen to their little feet stomp.

    Not trying to be morose. Just pointing out what life was like for thousands of years before modern antibiotics and antifungals and modern medicine. Folks could (and did) kill each other with extremem efficiency, just by being in each others’ presence. Tomorrow was not promised. To anybody. That reality led to a certain way of life, out of necessity. For those younger than a certain age, they are getting their first taste of that reality now. That problem that has no name. Not yet anyway, for them. Betty Friedan should write a book about it.


  48. Gunner Q says:

    “Roll the dice and take our chances? Or be inconvenienced for a while because we recognize what is actually at stake – for the families of those in comas with holes in their lungs and for the families of those who have no job, so no money with which to feed their family.”

    That’s a moot question when the government seized control of society and begins issuing dictats. We should have been allowed to make that choice for ourselves and our families. Instead, the government made that choice… based on astonishingly inaccurate predictions… and decided to start embezzling funds while they were at it.

    They finally did it. They outlawed fun and oxygen.

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  49. Adam says:

    The first reply to the tweet posted earlier showing the dog pulling the cat into a better position was the following:

    I replied with a nice, Ok, Karen.

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  50. Cheque d'Out says:

    For the record; I never had much hope for Priti Patel. She was said, by people that should have known better, to be a re-incarnation of Maggie Thatcher. She’s been fucking useless.

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  51. Cheque d'Out says:

    Oh dear, RNHS, this looks a lot like manslaughter. Multiple, multiple manslaughter

    I want heads on stakes for this

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  52. Cheque d'Out says:

    It’s so cute that Ireland thinks that the EU gives a shite about it, its interests or what it says

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  53. SFC Ton says:

    Nick is going to die and that will most def suck for his family.

    Millions are out of work/ buiness they own are shut down and are on the road to loosing everything they have worked for. Some percentage of those milions are to old to recover and will now face grinding poverty and the crippling effects of old age.

    But the “elite” don’t care about the out of work folks who will never recover because these things don’t effect them. They’ll get bailed out, their goverment type jobs will keep payimg them, their still working from home, their comfy white collar jobs will bounce back quicker, their soft bodies arent worn out from hard labour etc etc and they are immune to the fall out off the decisions they make

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  54. SFC Ton says:

    I got stung in the A-stan by a wasp. The venom ended up doing the brown recluse thing and ate a hole in me

    Then the docs had to cut a large hole in me to get the affected area/ rot out.

    Wasn’t that bad but then again I am The Ton.

    The thing about geese is funny though. Them fuckers are mean and federally protected so fighting back is a hate crime and comes with jail time/ large fines

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  55. And, my youngest got sick first, early March, recovered in a day or two. Then I got sick. My oldest never seemed to get sick, but from what I have read there is about a 90% transmission rate wi a household so I think she was likely asymptomatic as I don’t know how she could have avoided it.

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  56. Cheque d'Out says:

    It’s interesting that the reasons seem likely to mirror concerns mentioned by alternative sources that seem reasonable (not talking about the lunatics)

    However, given the limited research on COVID-19, there are likely a few factors that military medical professionals are trying to hash out when it comes to recruiting survivors: Whether respiratory damage from the virus is long-lasting or permanent, and whether that can be assessed; the likelihood of recurring flare-ups, even if someone has had two consecutive negative tests; and the possibility that one bout of COVID-19 might not provide full immunity for the future, and could potentially leave someone at a higher risk to contract it again, perhaps with worse complications.

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  57. Cheque d'Out says:

    “Droll narration. British humour, bloody funny”
    I thought I’d offer it up to the others too, but really? You (and Choicy) were my favoured options.
    Your parents’ generation might have been raised on Trumpton and Camberwick Green, so they might like the video particularly. It’s a great mix of nostalgia with modern biting satire.

    [Unavailable on Degoba the video unfortunately was]


  58. Cheque d'Out says:

    I think that over time pretty much everybody is going to get it. I don’t want a vaccine until after it’s been proved safe (if it is ever proved safe). But I do want prompt access to HCQ+ (or something like it) to be possible if I catch the fucker. Speaking to a local doc, he and the NHS do not sound like they’re interested in doing anything for you beyond self isolate and if it gets worse then in hospital you may get oxygen and paracetamol. And if you’re really ill they’ll macerate your lungs with a ventilator.

    Even if they decide to offer HCQ I don’t see them allowing it unless you’re in hospital. The last place that I want to be is in hospital on a ward with many other infected bastards, some of which might have a different strain that they might give to me.

    We can all make our own decisions about the lockdown vs normal life but the NHS approach is fucking unacceptable as far as I’m concerned. HCQ might be a risk but then I want that choice to be mine. If I start getting symptoms then I want to be able to take HCQ+ immediately, it appears to work as a prophylactic anyway.

    I haven’t heard anything very scary about HCQ (from a plausible source) and I am distinctly pissed off that it’s being denied for no legitimate reason that I can see. Big-pharma’s profit margins are of no concern to me. Especially when remdesivir looks likely to be more dangerous to punters than HCQ is.

    I like my lungs and as an ex-scuba diver, I’ve always tried to take care of them. I used to have slight asthma but country air cleared that up.

    It’s possible that my Mum has had it, it likely gave her a miserable few weeks in March-April (dry cough, no energy) but she (mid-70s with co-morbidities) shook it off without drama.

    I think that if I check the death stats I’ll probably find that my Dad died of it (20 years ago)

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  59. Those Tongan boys who kept themselves alive for over a year (~1966=67) had already learned the skills to do so. Being smart about cooperating and solving their interpersonal problems is what really stands out to me. What random group of Western kids would be able to do the same?

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  60. People were expecting this WOC to protect the borders of Britain?

    Good luck with that, mate.

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  61. Farm Boy says:

    ‘I have no other talent’:
    Gold Coast influencer breaks down
    in tears as she loses followers on
    ‘porn’ website OnlyFans due to
    the coronavirus pandemic and
    can no longer pay her rent


  62. Liz says:

    I suspect if and when there is a vaccine for the covid it will be like the flu vaccines.
    Every year a different strain.
    They’ll force it on military and healthcare workers, and everyone else they can.
    And it will be equally (in)effective.

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  63. Stephanie says:

    “We have been dealing with Canadian Death chicken attacks for years”



  64. Farm Boy says:

    The White House’s coronavirus task force response coordinator, Deborah Birx, said in a recent meeting that “there is nothing from the CDC that I can trust,” The Washington Post reported.
    Birx and others reportedly feared that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was using inflated data on coronavirus death and case rates.

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  65. Stephanie says:

    Ton that was such an encouraging link about the six boys. Thank you for sharing that!!!!

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  66. Stephanie says:

    KH – I know our two older sons work extremely well together, very fair and try to help each other. Only Ard thing can be that the second is still 5 so some things are harder for him to grasp, but he’s kind and fair and generous already.

    They’re going to live learning about those boys in comparison to the stupid Lord of the flies tale.

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  67. Stephanie says:

    Good grief the typos!

    TLDR they’ll love that story.

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  68. Stephanie says:

    Meant tldr for my comment with all those typos. Article will be printed and enshrined!

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  69. Cheque d'Out says:

    Let’s just say that I had no faith in Priti Useless from the get-go. And I was still proved to be too optimistic.

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  70. Ame says:

    (((hugs))) Bloom. I will continue to pray for you and your children. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can possibly do for you

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  71. Yep, even though I’m not in direct patient care anymore (Huzzah!!!), I still have to the get the flu shot every year. The only thing that keeps me from bitching about it more is that I see my SVP in line with us every year.

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  72. Stephanie says:

    So my husband told me he kissed me this morning and whispered Happy Mother’s day before leaving (this is like around 4am) and apparently I was so tired I actually wished him happy mother’s day back!! 😂

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  73. Stephanie says:

    He thought it was cute LOL

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  74. Cheque d'Out says:

    In Glorious Socialist Regime some losses are to be expected. Their (involuntary) sacrifices will be feted (for a short while until the mongs forget)

    Mummy, mummy! What happened to nana and granpa?

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  75. Cheque d'Out says:

    “Unavailable on Degoba the video unfortunately was”


    I’m not sure that it would have worked for you, but I’d have liked to have found out if it did

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  76. Cheque d'Out says:

    Oops. I discovered today that I haven’t seen (as I claimed) series 4 of The Last Kingdom. I have watched up to the end of, what turned out to be, series 3.

    So should I bother with series 4? Clearly it’s not something that I idolise. But the death scenes towards the end of series 3 were pretty good, I thought. Actual acting and pathos(!!!)

    In the meantime

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  77. Farm Boy says:

    WASHINGTON — A private analysis of cellphone location data purports to show that a high-security Wuhan laboratory studying coronaviruses shut down in October, three sources briefed on the matter told NBC News


  78. Farm Boy says:

    After a defeat in court earlier this month, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) says it will appeal a decision that pointed out they rejected previously the very equal pay structure they now claim to want


  79. Cheque d'Out says:

    iirc The Last Kingdom is set 100 years before the Uhtred described in the video above

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  80. Ame says:

    Richard – Roll the dice and take our chances? Or be inconvenienced for a while because we recognize what is actually at stake – for the families of those in comas with holes in their lungs and for the families of those who have no job, so no money with which to feed their family. There is no easy answer – which is just flat out unacceptable for some. Listen to their little feet stomp.

    there are always very ill people … there are always people who become very ill seemingly overnight and die quickly or linger then die. i don’t understand it all, and i have more questions than answers.

    but i can’t live in their stories or i become so depressed i stop living in my own story, and while i’m alive, i have to live. it’s not that i don’t have compassion – i’ve been in children’s hospitals, i’ve heard terrible stories, i’m close to many who have terrible and tragic stories – i just can’t live their stories. it’s not healthy.

    if this virus was like a rolling sand storm, covering everything in its tracks … or a never-ending tornado, or a hurricane that never lost its power, like they indicated it would be in the beginning …

    but it’s not. will some get it and have life-long complications? sure. will some get it and die? sure. but to shut down the whole world for a few possibilities (statistically), shows there’s a lot of nefarious stuff going on that i don’t want to be a part of. forcing people to isolate from other people, some having had no contact or touch in two months? that’s criminal. destroying peoples’ ability to provide for their families? that’s criminal.

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  81. Cill says:

    I discussed the subject of Uhtred with my brother a few days ago. We both know Uhtred very well, and Bernard Cornwell apparently knows him too. The character is as real as the real thing. We are puzzled by this, as we know this character IRL.

    Yesterday my other brother rang me and said “Who is this Cornwell guy? Do you know?” (We had passed a copy of “The Pale Horseman” among us).

    I haven’t seen any of the television series. The book “The Pale Horseman” was enough for me. The character is so brilliantly portrayed by Cornwell, he lives and breathes like the real-life man.

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  82. Ame says:

    is this the book you’re referring to, Cill:


  83. Ame says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, too, Bloom!!!!!
    And to Liz and Stephanie … and all the Mamas and Baby Mamas out here 🙂

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  84. Cill says:

    To be absolutely sure, the soft cover of the one I read looked like this:

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  85. Ame says:

    as i pulled out of my neighborhood on the way to the grocery yesterday, i stopped to talk to my neighbors who were working in their front yard. i’d guess them to be about ten or so years older than i, and they are delightful.

    they raised three boys … all doing well and married with kids. in talking about the virus and the changes forced on people, i mentioned how it has caused a lot of women to figure out how to feed their families on their own b/c people are so used to eating out. she said that all three of their DIL’s are SAHM’s, and all three seem to have trouble putting a dinner meal on the table. she doesn’t, but she said she wants to ask them what the heck they’re doing all day that they can’t prepare one meal for their families!

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  86. Farm Boy says:

    On Sunday, Cuomo reassured New Yorkers that the state would no longer send coronavirus-positive patients to nursing facilities, “revers[ing] his March 25 directive forcing nursing homes to readmit residents who were treated at a hospital for COVID19. Those residents can only come back if the[y] test negative for the virus,” according to reporter Zack Fink.


  87. Cheque d'Out says:

    BloJo, for that is how I refer to him, has just made a big policy announcement

    Yes. Really. Fucking waste of space.

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  88. Farm Boy says:

    Got that? The World Health Organization, which authoritatively told us that there was no human-to-human transmission of the virus and which bitterly condemned President Trump’s China travel ban, and the CDC, which wasted precious weeks using the wrong test for SARS-CoV-2, recommended against using anti-inflammatory drugs to treat COVID-19. This failure and misinformation by these taxpayer-funded organizations are as infuriating as the Food and Drug Administration’s recent warning about hydroxychloroquine possibly causing irregular heartbeat in COVID-19 patients even though the FDA provides no similar warning for the millions of persons who take it for malarial prophylaxis or as an anti-inflammatory in the treatment of lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

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  89. Cheque d'Out says:

    Cornwall claims to be a descendant of Uhtred iirc. But makes no claim that his books are historical fact. Guided by events kind of thing.

    I’ve not watched series 4 but I believe that this is an appropriate vid to post

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  90. Cill says:

    Yesterday was mothers day here. I visited my mum, who was visiting her mum. In other words, we all met at my grand mum’s place. My woman took the kids for mum’s day with her mother, who is a seriously good person as well. I met up with them there later. Her mum is like a second mother to me.

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  91. Cheque d'Out says:

    “would no longer send coronavirus-positive patients to nursing facilities”
    How big of the mo-fo. Also, the tests are faulty, knuts, how many are your policies going to kill?

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  92. Cheque d'Out says:

    Meanwhile, in treachery


  93. Cill says:

    My grand mum has a big supply of CDDU and some of the bottles are as old as the hills. My mum says grand mum can’t bear to throw them out because they are gifts from me.

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  94. Cill says:

    I heard the international flights are still running in the UK and wondered if it could be true. It’s hard to believe. No wonder so many poms are rebellious, mate.

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  95. Cheque d'Out says:

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  96. Farm Boy says:

    In the UK, they calculate that those under the age of 65 have faced the same risk over the past few months from coronavirus as they would have faced from driving 185 miles a day – the equivalent of commuting from Swindon to London.

    [Use kilometers the British do?]


  97. Cill says:

    “we shall sun bathe on the beaches, we shall sun bathe in the fields and in the streets, we
    shall sun bathe in the hills”


    That bad, huh?

    [Need vitamin D to battle the Chinese Virus from Wuhan, China people do]

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  98. Cheque d'Out says:

    Stolen goods

    Boris Johnson. He’s a wag,
    A caution and a card,
    A poundshop Winston Churchill,
    A chocolate fireguard.
    A rolypoly poshboy cunt,
    A ball of fucking lard,
    Another Blair, a Cameron clone,
    A globalist retard.


  99. Ame says:

    Ahhhhhhh! That’s so sweet, Cill! 💖

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  100. Cheque d'Out says:

    “[Use kilometers the British do?]”
    Sometimes. Depends. Road signs are in miles/mph. Height in feet and inches or meters. Weight in stones, pounds and ounces or Kg and g.

    For general calculations I prefer metric. I was only ever taught in metric.


  101. Cheque d'Out says:


    Frankly, I’m fucking livid.

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  102. Liz says:

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  103. Cheque d'Out says:

    “we shall sun bathe on the beaches, we shall sun bathe in the fields and in the streets, we
    shall sun bathe in the hills”

    From what I’ve read/seen D3 + K2 + C can make a real difference to your chances if you catch it.

    I definitely recommend the vitamins, not least for the D3 mood lifting effects. If you take D3 then you need K2 to make sure that Calcium goes where it should. Vitamin C is never a bad idea

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  104. Liz says:

    Happy mother’s day Ame, Stephanie, Bloom!

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  105. Amazing how making a meatloaf or potpie is beyond the ken of today’s SIW.

    [Grab a box from the freezer and put in the microwave they can not?]

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  106. Farm Boy says:

    What precisely is K2? Potassium?

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  107. Cheque d'Out says:


  108. Cheque d'Out says:

    Vitamin K2, something about routing of Calcium to useful purposes. If you search you’ll find combined D3 and K2. Comme ca

    I hear around 5000iu for the D3, so the combined tabs are a little low. Doesn’t seem to be an overdose level. Overdoing C will likely give you the squits.

    I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on the intertwat.

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  109. Cheque d'Out says:

    You can google Brain Sand for what happens to misdirected Calcium…if you like.

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  110. Farm Boy says:

    EU to tell “member countries to gradually lift internal border restrictions and restart some travel to help the ailing tourism sector.”


  111. Liz says:

    Just to add: Thinking further, perhaps most folks won’t understand our sense of humor.
    In short: we like each other. We have fun. By contrast, I bought my mom a very smarmy card, signed my name and it’s all bullshit.

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  112. Cheque d'Out says:

    Oh yeah, tourism. Can’t wait to sit on a plane next to a bunch of coughing mongs. Best of luck with that.

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  113. “What precisely is K2? Potassium?”

    That is a lot of potassium.

    [Also a doctor you are not.
    Also play one on TV you do not do]

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  114. Farm Boy says:

    Illinois governor: Coronavirus restrictions necessary ‘until we’re able to eradicate it


  115. SFC Ton says:

    We did mothers day right.

    I banged the girls twice and now they are making me supper while I sit on the doc and watch the kids not catch fish

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  116. Ame says:

    Awesome, Liz! LOL!

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  117. Ame says:

    Asparagus with dinner! Yummm!!!

    You like asparagus, Ton?! 😂

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  118. Farm Boy says:

    German police arrested more than 130 people who attended an anti-lockdown rally that turned violent Saturday, marking weeks of protests that have often teetered on the edge of riots.


  119. I don’t remember Vick’s 44M. Did M stand for Memory-loss? Is so, it worked great.

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  120. Farm Boy says:

    [The British have 4th of July not
    Go directly from the third to the fifth they do]

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  121. Farm Boy says:

    Any suspected COVID-19 patient should be isolated and a nearby hospital (with an established protocol with the nursing facility) should be contacted. Deep disinfection in the nursing home should be a daily event, and all staff and residents should be tested frequently for COVID-19 (the test is only 60 to 70 percent accurate) as they are at Lakeview Care Center.

    The Trump administration should issue a set of guidelines based on the way Lakeview Care Center conducts business, and these guidelines should be sent to every governor of every state for every skilled nursing facility in the country.


  122. Farm Boy says:

    Oh no, Liz has been abducted!

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  123. Farm Boy says:

    “They wanted to make sure – they wanted to make sure that this – in addition to saving face, that, once they realized this virus was going to cripple their own economy, that it did not remain limited to China,” Cotton continued. “So, the WHO has some real answers to provide the world about why they bowed to Chinese pressure throughout December and January and turned what could have been a local health emergency in Wuhan into a global pandemic.”

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  124. Farm Boy says:

    Specifically, Xi wanted the WHO to not tell the world that the coronavirus was transmitted from person-to-person, the BND, German’s Federal Intelligence Service, concluded.

    “The BND’s verdict is harsh: At least four, if not six, weeks have been lost in Beijing’s information policy in the fight against the virus,” German magazine Der Spiegel reported.


  125. Farm Boy says:

    White House trade adviser Peter Navarro told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) essentially ruined America’s economy in just two months with their handling of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.


  126. Cill says:

    In NZ the WuFlu lockdown started 25th March and will be effectively lifted this Thursday. NZrs are asked to keep to the 2 meters rule “outside your bubble” (household etc). The borders remain closed. They have been closed to all except returning NZrs since the 31st January. No-one else has been allowed into the country.

    Total population about 4.9 million.
    Total cases were about 1500, 93% of whom have recovered.
    Deaths 20, mostly in homes for the elderly.
    2 in hospital
    I have heard Hydroxychloroquine was used.

    All returning NZrs were tested and confined to hotels for 14 days. The govt identified 16 “pods” of outbreak and kept close track of them. Every day they reported to NZ on TV and radio and on govt web site. We knew exactly the number of new cases each day, the number of deaths and which other ailment or condition accompanied the deaths, and which pod they related to.

    The country was prepared to give the rules a go when they saw the govt was doing its bit, especially the borders (the election platform of this govt included reducing immigration). The lifting of the lockdown has come just in time. The people were showing signs that they’d start doing their own thing regardless.

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  127. Farm Boy says:

    So how is Moe doing?


  128. Moehau Man says:

    Yes well, this WuFlu is foreign nonsense. We are a Kauri Club culture. “Anything”, Mrs Moehau Man (my sterling old mum) interjected just then, “anything that is too small to be bashed with a Kauri Club is no threat to the Moehau Man. The Kauri Club”, she added, “is our yardstick for everything.”

    [Wish your Mum well on Mother’s Day you did?]

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  129. “On Sunday, Cuomo reassured New Yorkers that the state would no longer send coronavirus-positive patients to nursing facilities…”

    Because it was already done?!?! 🤬

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  130. After several days of not taking the NyQuil, feeling much better! I wonder if that was the reason for the better then worse then better than worse thing? Fingers crossed! (And why are they not telling people a common cough medicine in over the counter stuff could FEED the virus and make things worse?!?! 🤬

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  131. My new fav emojis: 🤣🥳🤬🍷😭🤪🤔💕❤️💕

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  132. Cheque d'Out says:

    NZ is allowed to do things properly because that’s where are the super rich have their refuges. I hope Tom can arrange a few welcome barbecues.

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  133. SFC Ton says:

    What I hate the most about how our system works is…… the “elites” never pay a price for their bullshit.

    In this case Cumo kills who knows how many elderly with his decision to send covid infected people into our most vulnerable citizens but he will never spend one day in jail or spend 1 dollar of his personal money in restitution. Neither will any of the so called educated decision makers who agreed with and/ or complied with his decision.

    Instead they will all be rewarded

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  134. Farm Boy says:

    The lie was this:

    Sex that qualifies as “real sex” must necessarily have all the following characteristics before one can be said to have “lost one’s virginity”.

    It must be a heterosexual
    It must be a committed relationship, preferably with another Christian.
    The female must experience the Tingles with her partner.
    No form of birth control should be used.
    The male’s penis must be placed fully into the vagina.
    The male must ejaculate passionately and unreservedly into the vaginal canal.
    Body fluids must be delightedly swilled, mixed and mingled.
    The female must experience an exhilarating satisfaction with the act of sex, i.e. no regrets nor buyer’s remorse.
    The experience is worthy to claim as an N count, i.e. something to brag about.
    Granted, this is a good description of an ideal sexual experience, and this is the partial truth of the lie.

    But the problem here is that they had it all boiled down to a set of rules. That is, as long as you didn’t have sex properly (as described above), you could still claim to be “Pure”, purportedly with a clear conscience, and in the eyes of God.

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  135. Farm Boy says:

    Beijing Likely Deploying Bot Network on Twitter to Spread Pandemic Disinformation, State Department Finds


  136. Farm Boy says:

    A Baptist minister was seated next to a Newfie on a flight to St. John’s . After the plane was airborne, drink orders were taken. The Newfie asked for Rum & Coke, which was brought and placed before him.

    The flight attendant then asked the minister if he would like a drink.

    He replied in disgust, “I’d rather be savagely raped by a dozen whores than let liquor touch my lips.”

    The Newfie then handed his drink back to the flight attendant and said, “Me too, I didn’t know we had a choice.”

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  137. Too much time on my hands?
    It’s ticking away with my sanity
    I’ve got too much time on my hands
    It’s hard to believe such a calamity
    I’ve got too much time on my hands
    And it’s ticking away, ticking away from me
    Too much time on my hands
    (It’s t-t-t-t-ticking away)
    Too much time on my hands
    (And I don’t know what to do with myself)
    Too much time on my hands

    Too much time on my hands
    Too much time on my hands
    Too much time on my hands

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  138. Wow, Chinese virus from Wuhan, China got the Greta-lim out of the news cycle for a while, so its got that going for it.

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  139. Isn’t it amazing, the choices people will make, when they know there is no chance what-so-ever of them being held accountable?

    I’ll just let you all insert your own preferred images.

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  140. Stay off Twatter and you’ll be invulnerable to CCP twitter-bots, just like me.


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  141. My favorite exchange from The Shipping News (as best I can remember):

    A: “Wait, he died when he was 13 years old? Then there’s no way he could be my grandfather!”

    B: “You don’t know Newfies.”

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  142. thedeti says:

    So here is the question? Why aren’t new franchises created with women protagonists? This would go for movies, comics and video games. Build up your client base for the character/franchise, perhaps doing more with every iteration. Maybe even become as rich as George Lucas. So why not?

    Someone else might have said this.

    I think it’s very simple.

    It’s because the men made it and created it, and therefore they own it. And women look at that and say “that’s not fair, you have to share it with us. Plus, if you don’t, you’re a mean poopyhead and we will not like you and we will tell everyone else that you’re a mean poopyhead. And we will not have sex with you.”

    And the men say “OK, we’ll share, please just don’t call us mean poopyheads. And maybe have sex with us?”

    It’s because women aren’t as creative, aren’t as risk taking, and don’t put in the work. They want to capitalize on and use men’s work, appropriate it to themselves, shame those who won’t “share”, and then call those men names and accuse them of being small dicked incels who can’t get laid.

    [Desire to have sex with Kathleen Kennedy I do not]

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  143. Farm Boy says:

    Did you know that Baby Yoda was supposed to be Baby Yodette?
    Also, perhaps George Lucas is working on the Madalorian


  144. SFC Ton says:

    The question isn’t why women do this, that or the other thing

    The question is…. who the fuck let them out of the house without a leash and muzzle?

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