The Symphonic Art of the Hustle

A survey of the hypnotic effects of Surf Rock (AKA West Coast Rock) on young ladies’ loss of libidinal self-control during the 1960’s.

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Those who are not Boomers will automatically presume that Surf Rock included The Beach Boys of the Good Vibrations fame.

Blair Naso notes [1],

The Beach Boys, by their own admission, were not surf rock and were not listened to by actual surfers.  Real surf rock was instrumental music made for dancing on the beach with pretty girls whose name you barely knew while you tried to escape from your abusive father.

Despite its lack of lyrics, surf rock was bangin’ music.  This isn’t immediately apparent, but as you listen to these lesser known hits (available on a compilation I have), think about how young people would dance.  Like, what kind of young people would dance to it, what kind of dancing you would do, and how this was the absolutely hardest rockin’ music available at the time.

Naso understates the bangin’ aspect.  Surf Rock shot rockets into the stratosphere.

The above video shows The Ventures playing Wipeout in 1966.  You can see the excitement on their faces as they perform, because they know they’re going to get mobbed (and more) by young women after the show.

The Ventures charted thirty-eight albums (including a seasonal Christmas album) in the US, and six of fourteen chart singles made it into the Top 40, with three making it into the Top 10.  Of their 38 chart albums, 34 of them occurred in the 1960s, and the Ventures rank as the 6th best pop album performer for that decade, according to “Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Albums”.

Among their achievements in America, in 1963 the Ventures had five LPs in the Billboard Top 100 of the albums chart at the same time.  With over 110 million albums sold worldwide, the group remains the best-selling instrumental rock group of all time.

Now what, pray tell, could be the reason for such sensational, perennial, perineal popularity?

Because, The Ventures‘ hits, Walk, Don’t Run, Pipeline, and Wipeout, among many others, were classics that were known to magically peel off panties and snap G-string bikinis.

The next video shows the same men playing Pipeline about a decade later.  Can you imagine how much p00n they must’ve had to become this drizzled and jaded?  A young Peter Frampton plays with them on the stage left.

These songs are dripping with wild passion fruit juice, which can still be felt through a 60-year-old recording.  The bass line was an integral part of the pyle-driving passion.  Unfortunately, the bass was not well captured in those early recordings.

Apache, written by Jorgen Ingmann, and covered by The Shadows and The Ventures, was one particular song with the right combination of energy and romance that lured young people to slink off into nearby bushes and the broad backseats of Buicks in the trance of lurve.

Peter Frampton, a popular signature rocker of the 70’s, grew up on West Coast Rock and attempted to integrate this same sexual sensuality into his music using unique, playful guitar solos.  His style is perhaps best exemplified in his piece, Baby I love your way.

Tom Petty, who just died in 2017 after a long, illustrious career, was perhaps the last mainstream Rocker with roots in the West Coast Rock scene.

There is no music today that can compare to these hits in terms of their sheer magical power over women’s p@ssies.

I imagine that today’s sex drought would make this bit of history rather incredible to younger generations.  But believe it or not, this is how the drought all began – rebellious girls gone wild in the thralls of impromptu bangs with boys on the beach.

Exit Question: This might be a long shot, but is there anyone on Spawny’s Space who was born in the 1940’s or early 50’s and who had such an experience?    If so, could you tell us about it for the sake of posterity?


  1. Blair Naso: Six Unwholesome Classic Rock-n-Roll Songs (2019 July 12)

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  1. Ame says:

    Exit Question: This might be a long shot, but is there anyone on Spawny’s Space who was born in the 1940’s or early 50’s and who had such an experience? If so, could you tell us about it for the sake of posterity?

    hummm … i wonder how many of us are here b/c of those songs! lol!

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  2. Ame says:

    Tim Kennedy
    · 8 hrs ·

    I was the boy that had too much energy. I was the boy that couldn’t sit down to do his math. I was literally duct taped to a bench so I would do my homework. My teachers said I needed to be medicated…. If you have a kid like this. Congratulations! You have a healthy kid (regardless of gender but especially applicable with a boy). There’s nothing wrong with them. I’m not telling you how to be a parent. I’m just telling you what my parents did and what I am doing. They gave me healthy outlets for my energy. There is nothing wrong with a boy learning masculine. There’s nothing wrong with boys wanting to wrestle. There’s nothing wrong with them want to climb, jump, run, smash, and explore. Give them safe bumper plates for life but let them ultimately smash into the pins at the end. Losing games. Not getting what they want. Finding struggle. Having to overcome adversity. All of these things will shape and develop who they are as young men. And ultimately give them a view of what is just and unjust. You can’t be gentle unless you have the capability to be powerful. They’ll be protectors of the week. They’ll be kind. They’ll be patient. They will be become men

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  3. Farm Boy says:

    I am a bit too young for all that. But I have read accounts and seen pictures of when the Beatles invaded America, with the young girls aflame with whatever. It is a real phenomenon. One that a fella does not understand

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  4. Farm Boy says:

    I have to admit that the British Invasion of the 1960s was way better than the one of the 1810s

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  5. Liz says:

    It is a real phenomenon. One that a fella does not understand

    Non-fellas do not automatically understand this either.
    Mike knew a groupie in high school who had sex with some popular rock stars at the time. She mentioned David Lee Roth has some sort of hair hat he removed.
    Wonder what she is doing now.

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  6. Ame says:

    I’m with Liz. I never understood that kind of obsessive infatuation with an image.

    [Perhaps the British accents it would be]

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  7. b g says:

    Hmmm, I am guilty of being of that age, but trust me most guys could not understand preteen or teenagers behavior. It was hormonal and they were obviously orgasmic watching the singers. It was not just the ones Jack mentioned, that includes Elvis, the big O, the Everly brothers, and a host of disgusting androgenous low life that I called the !@#$%##%$ bobbies. And it is not the young women, middle age ones toss soaked panties at Tom Jones.

    Anne at Return of Queens challenged me asking if I thought that I understood women, I said, “hell no, not even women understand women” ;-D

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  8. Farm Boy says:

    I am going to repeat RPGs link from the other thread. Interesting stuff

    It is a bit long, but interesting

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  9. Farm Boy says:

    Some takeaways from RPG’s link

    * The MSM is not bright, has a narrative, and likes to throw what they think are gotcha questions in peoples faces.
    * You need exposure to the real world to build up immunities. By sheltering in place, you are not really doing that.
    * Hospital administrators are pressuring doctors to inflate the deaths due to the Chinese Virus
    * The historical best accepted practice has been to quarantine the sick, not the non-sick
    * The vulnerable need to be protected by the many means at our disposal
    * Data now shows that the Chinese Virus is not really that virulent
    * The side-effects of people staying at home can be really bad. Drinking, violence, not going to the doctor for other non Chinese Virus problems, loss of income, etc
    * The media uses this disease to hype anything to make those they decide that they don’t like look bad
    * The media will cherry pick statistics and make a big deal about them without understanding much of anything
    * Because this virus really isn’t that virulent, not much more virulent than the flu, sheltering in place is rather stupid
    * The various lock-down rules are rather contradictory and hence stupid
    * The media is oblivious as to how stupid they look
    * Countries that have lockdown don’t fare that much differently from countries that don’t.
    * Some people are wedded more to models than actual data

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  10. SFC Ton says:

    I said, “hell no, not even women understand women” ;-D

    Women are convaluted not complex.

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  11. b g says:

    What I was trying to say was the group did not much matter. If the rhythm was solid, if the beat was right, women reacted. My wife loved the Beatles, the Everly brothers, the big O and had most of their records, tapes, and disks. But I once saw her happily dancing as she washed the big living room window to what I called shit stomping music. And right behind her was the Sweetie, maybe three but more likely only two because she was wearing diapers, stomping her feet and swinging her arms in mimicry to my wife ;-D

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  12. Farm Boy says:

    the big O

    I dont know who that is, but I do respect the directness of what the group was try to accomplish.

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  13. b g says:

    LOL, Ton are you actually picking a nit….relapse this is the country song my wife and the Sweetie were dancing to ;-D

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  14. b g says:

    The big O was Roy Orbison


  15. Jack says:

    My father had albums from all the artists that BG mentioned, and many others. BG mentioned one, “The Big O”. I learned from my father that this was Roy Orbison’s popular nickname. (He sang Pretty Woman, Crying, Blue Bayou, et al.). It has an implied sexual connotation (i.e. big orgasm). Orbison had an amazing 4 octave range! All his songs were about lost love.

    “And it was not only the young women, middle age ones tossed soaked panties at Tom Jones.”

    I remember my grandmother was crazy about Tom Jones. Back at that time (late 60s), she was in her late 50s, and Jones was in his late 20s. My grandfather thought it was hilarious. Jones had a TV show for a while. He sang songs with sexual undertones that only adults would pick up on, like “What’s New Pussycat?”

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  16. Farm Boy says:

    Well, Orbison did “Pretty Woman”, which shows what he was interested in. “Big O” is appropriate

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  17. Farm Boy says:

    This has the added bonus of Daisy Duke to look at

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  18. Jack says:

    The Dukes of Hazzard was one of my favorite TV shows when I was a kid. I would go to my grandparents house to watch it.

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  19. Ame says:

    2h ago
    I’m with Liz. I never understood that kind of obsessive infatuation with an image.

    [Perhaps the British accents it would be]

    Yoda – no. i just didn’t fall for an image, and a singer or actor is portraying an image. i care about the person. if i don’t know the person, their image is nothing to me.

    [Project an image I do.
    Impressed you would be not?]

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  20. b g says:


    LOL, if you and Liz were 14 or 15 and viewed the Beatles you would have acted like all thousands of other girls, so quit it ;-D

    My wife gathered fifty bucks, more than a working man earned a week, to see the Beatles in Maple Leaf Gardens…Her ticket was forty eleven miles away, they looked like ants, but she reacted…women are like that, you are designed like that, grasp that truth…we have to ;-D

    [Bet that Liz really purr she would have]


  21. Guests says:

    Jack, my great nepheW referred me to here. This is the first time I tried so please excuse my lack of blog etiquette. I was born in the 1940s and remember the surf rock of the sixties. Surf rock sure did shoot rockets into the stratosphere, as you put it. I never heard the great bands, Shadows, The Ventures, in person but I was able to enjoy their records and their immitaters, some of whom made quite a good fist of it. A live band sounded better than any recording although perhaps nostalgia influences my memory.

    The first full rock sound I can rememebr was Bill Haley and the Comets in the early 1950s.

    Women were not openly promiscuous as the women today. Sex was secretive and the young men who experienced it didn’t talk about it except simetimes in hush-hush with their friends.

    It was embarrassing to buy “frenchies” (condoms). There would be a row of men on barbers chairs having theiur hair cut and they could all hear you ask for a packet of frogs. The barbers usually asked your age and treated you like a juvenile delinquent. They treated you the same if you asked for a packet of fags (cigarettes) and I could not buy liquor until I was 21. You had to take a copy of your birth certificate to the pub.

    Sex outside of marriage was frowned upon. All my contemporaries respected the authority of their parents even if they didn’t like them. When I rebelled my father would whack me with a leasther razor strop. I bought condoms in case of an emergency and all considered I avoided actual sex. It was acceptable to snog in a car so I did plenty of snogging. I was so randy I blew my load. Therefore I would have a strop (masturbate) before going to a party where the music would be played and the surf rock would always lead to snogging. While you wre dancing the girl might murmur in your ear “Do you have a car?” and out you went together. Resisting the sex was torture.

    Goodbye Jack. All the best.

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  22. Guests says:

    He asked me to leave a nom de plume.

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  23. Jack says:

    This seems to be on topic.

    “As commonly regarded by the average person, idols appear to come in various forms, be it superstars, prized possessions, an intense self-centered desire, an ego fixation, or the classic carved image of antiquity. But in the spiritual sense, idols are none of these. Instead, idols are figments of the mind and heart – figments which are believed to fulfill some missing aspect of one’s existence, and perhaps do, in some diminished fashion.

    The superstar, author, actor, philosopher, hero, HB10 woman, or carved image, is merely an object which gives expression to the true nature within, and thereby improvises a temporary ‘fix’ to the brokenness.”
    I question whether this libidinous craze for Surf Rock and other pop stars of the 60s was rooted in some kind of idolatry – something that gave expression to the inner nature of young women.


  24. Adam says:

    You’ve left out Bill Frisell.


  25. Cheque d'Out says:

    [Never hear the term “Bonnie Nicola” I do]


  26. SFC Ton says:

    One of the reasons I cannot take boomers serious as a generation is their continual adoration of the Beatles.

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  27. SFC Ton says:

    Naw bg, women are easy to understand. That’s pretty much the cornerstone of the man o sphere

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  28. Larry G says:

    How you see coworkers in virtual Monday morning meetings….

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  29. Cheque d'Out says:

    Saving this for next year

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  30. Stephanie says:

    b g, my husband sings that to me whenever it comes on!!!! Definitely works 😀 !!!

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  31. Liz says:

    Maybe they were just hard up for entertainment back then?

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  32. Liz says:

    Maybe folks wouldn’t like this, but here goes:
    To me this is more a demo of the power of social conditioning and wanting to fit in.
    Anyone think that if/when these were just a band of blokes starting out at parties everyone was screaming and enraptured?
    Seriously. Imagine everyone listening to the music, someone turns to her friend and says, “hey this is really good!” next moment a rando (or should that be randa?) walks in the room hears the sound, sees them playing, holds her head in her hands a shrieks at the top of her lungs and feints.
    Call me doubtful.
    What happened is some folks started doing this and as they got more and more famous this was the thing to do.

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  33. Stephanie says:

    “The next video shows the same men playing Pipeline about a decade later. Can you imagine how much p00n they must’ve had to become this drizzled and jaded?”

    Defilement idol much?

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  34. Liz says:

    Once this becomes normalized behavior, no one wants to stand out as “the weird one”.

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  35. There is no music today.

    Ok, next thread.

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  36. Stephanie says:

    “Once this becomes normalized behavior, no one wants to stand out as “the weird one”.”

    Didn’t they mock girls (or guys) who stood out as being, “square,” or, “prudes?”

    Kind of like today’s decision it’s just, “purity idolatry,” and that women my age should melt down their purity rings in defiance? LOL

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  37. Liz says:

    Didn’t they mock girls (or guys) who stood out as being, “square,” or, “prudes?”

    Yes. Imagine how awkward it would be to stand there and listen with a passive expression while everyone around is shrieking, jumping up and down and faking an orgasm.

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  38. Liz says:

    It’s kind of like being out of a dress code.

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  39. Stephanie says:

    For anyone who doesn’t know, this is the woman who got lots of, “sexually repressed girls,” (that’s what they call purity movement girls who grew up in that age) to melt down their purity rings into a vulva idol…

    They seem really proud they’re no longer, “sexually repressed…

    Sometimes this stuff is too weird you’d think it’d be made up.

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  40. Liz says:

    Yes, powerful famous men get sex more often than others.
    There are all kinds of groupies in this world.
    There are groupies who follow up and comers hoping they will make it big.
    It’s not limited to music.
    Every bar in Wichita Falls Texas, or Enid OK seemed filled with pilot groupies.

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  41. Liz says:

    to melt down their purity rings into a vulva idol…

    Good grief. Gross.

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  42. “There are all kinds of groupies in this world.”

    As a general rule, refusing to kiss and tell is the best philosophy you can adopt if you want to get kissed (and more) by that person again, but this is hard to do when you’re one of those people who lets your ego take priority over a little thing called “common sense.”

    No one knows this better than Sabrina Dudish, who managed to hook up with Julian Edelman after meeting him at a Boston club, where he was celebrating in the wake of his Super Bowl win.

    Unfortunately, Dudish’s actions had consequences, and one of those consequences is being denied entry to every club in Boston, which apparently is something that happens in real life and not just movies about the LA night scene.

    MZ managed to contact Dudish to get her side of the story, and it looks like she won’t make the same mistake if she somehow gets another opportunity to have sex with an athlete in the Boston area.

    She said,

    “I made a mistake. I feel really bad about it… He passed out and I was bored I guess. I was drunk … and I made a mistake and I feel terrible about it.”

    In conclusion: She made a mistake and doesn’t feel good about it.

    He passed out and she got “bored”.

    She was drunk.

    She made a mistake and is “sorry” [now].

    The only reason this didn’t turn into a false rape allegation when it went sideways on her is the picture and caption itself.

    ” [I] Just fucked Edelman no lie”

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  43. Stephanie says:

    We have Badge bunnies,” LOL same thing…

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  44. Mr. Owl, what do old hag lesbians hate more than young pretty non-lesbian girls?

    The world may never know.

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  45. Cheque d'Out says:

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  46. Liz says:

    We have Badge bunnies,” LOL same thing…

    Yep. That’s actually a pretty cute nickname. 😆

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  47. Ame says:

    idk, BG, i’m not much of a ‘groupie’ personality. i’ve always been kind of a loner, an outlier. i’m more likely to walk away than join.

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  48. Wow some heavy stuff here, not sure what to make of it but would love to hear what you all think?

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  49. Liz says:

    I’m more of a loner too.
    But I’m sure if I were a teenaged girl when the Beetles came to town I’d be screaming right along with them.
    Why? Because acting stupid can be fun. And it doesn’t really hurt anyone.
    I scream when I go down a roller coaster too.

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  50. b g says:


    Fair enough Kid, I never should have said that you and Liz would have succumbed by Beatlemania. It was a widespread phenomenon but there are always outliers. Hell, I was well on my way to becoming a recluse, possibly even a hermit, when I ran into my wife.

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  51. Also, watch this video again, in light of what has happened since. He knew.

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  52. Anyway it’s the video of T the night before the election. Just click on it and have a listen… lol.


  53. Liz says:

    Bloom, I’m having trouble streaming right now so I’ll have to view the videos some other time.

    There have been psych studies on groupthink type actions. When people are in a novel situation, and a crowd, they look at what others are doing. People tend to follow the herd. Those who don’t are rare.

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  54. Jack says:

    “…Karen has been incentivized by cowardly corporate officers and government officials to get something she doesn’t deserve simply because they want her to shut up and not disturb everyone else.

    It was one thing to indulge Karen her entitled behavior when she was getting a free order of fries or month of cable. It’s quite another when Karens become the State’s target audience for public policy.”

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  55. Stephanie says:

    “’m more of a loner too.
    But I’m sure if I were a teenaged girl when the Beetles came to town I’d be screaming right along with them.
    Why? Because acting stupid can be fun. And it doesn’t really hurt anyone.
    I scream when I go down a roller coaster too.”


    So my dad saw my mom for the first time at some concert probably a lot like this (he was born in 1948, she in 1954). He said she was just a gorgeous blonde with long long hair ❤

    I just can't see you, Liz, throwing your panties 😀 and I bet if my dad had seen my mom do that, he would not have married her LOL

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  56. Liz says:

    I just can’t see you, Liz, throwing your panties 😀

    LOL that is true. Never in a million years. But jumping up and down and screaming…I’m not going to say I wouldn’t have done that. I suspect I would if everyone else was. Though of course I’d like to think I wouldn’t. 😀

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  57. Farm Boy says:

    This groupie behavior by some women is most unimpressive. Definitely not something that you would want to marry

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  58. Liz says:

    I really, really, really miss the sun.
    Yesterday I ran outside to get some but it was about 50 degrees and windy, so it wasn’t pleasant enough to not wear a jacket.
    Just now I ran outside and jumped into the back of our truck to lay out. Woohoo! The sun is out. And in the back of this truck I will be nice and warm.
    Went under the clouds after only five minutes.
    Mike said I looked like a little girl after someone stole her lollypop.
    I do miss the sun. Feels like something out of Mice and Men.
    Tell me about the sun again, George.

    [Of course cats miss the sun they do]

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  59. Farm Boy says:

    China is a face culture, but the CCP’s face culture has Mafia rules. The CCP suffers from systemic ineptitude and authoritarian narcissism, but it doesn’t want the world to know. So CCP apparatchik police treated Wuhan’s conscientious doctors as criminals and suppressed their warnings. CCP thuggery and brutality halted local efforts to confine the virus and prevented responsible medical efforts from disseminating information that might help global researchers find cures and vaccines.


  60. Stephanie says:

    “I really, really, really miss the sun.”

    Sad, Liz!! I was able to go running yesterday with our oldest again, and it was HOT even in the evening. It’s practically Summer here… wish I could send some sun your way, we have enough to spare 😀

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  61. Cill says:

    Liz 6:21

    You wouldn’t believe the Beetles fans of yore in my clan. Quiet, demure, dignified ladies they are now. Expert knitters and sewers and darners and cooks and homemakers, all.
    Back in the 60s they employed profound cunning and forward strategic planning to gain access to the concert stage where they wrestled with security to get at Ringo and John and co.

    They studied the management of the band and entrepenours of the tours, examined them for weaknesses, phoned them and hotels where the band was staying, disguising their voices to sound like press or tour staff or dignified dames. They impersonated politicians and celebrities to gather intelligence on the band. They learned room numbers and personal habits and tour planning and schedule times and opportunities to ambush the band. They almost succeeded, and received a friendly warning from the police (“friendly” because they were so darn pretty and cute – it worked in them days too, and they knew it very well.)

    The subject is a huge source of mirth for younger blokes in the clan, me included. We will never get tired of pulling their legs about it every opportunity we get.

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  62. Farm Boy says:

    Protests were held in Berlin and other German cities against the lockdown measures imposed in the wake of coronavirus pandemic. On Saturday, around 1000 protesters came out in German capital Berlin and hundreds in the southern German cities of Stuttgart and Würzburg against restrictions in place since March 22, German newspapers reported.


  63. Farm Boy says:

    So why can’t you really hear the accents when Britons sing?


  64. Farm Boy says:

    And when they sing, do they say “leff-tennant”


  65. horsemanbombadil says:

    Women when stuck at home.

    Men when stuck at home

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  66. Ame says:

    that ping pong video is awesome 🙂

    – – –

    i asked my Husband if he thought i would have been one of those screaming girls with the beetles, and he said no 🙂

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  67. Farm Boy says:

    However, even a timely marriage to a virgin is no safeguard nor guarantee against defilement. There have been some (e.g. blogger SFC Ton comes to mind) who married a virgin who (sometime later) became scurrilous and/or sexually promiscuous.


  68. Farm Boy says:

    Here is another ping pong video. It is French, but it doesn’t matter

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  69. horsemanbombadil says:

    And the modern pandemic relationship


  70. Farm Boy says:

    Dozens of protesters descended on Queen’s Park in Toronto, Ontario, last week, “to call for an end to the shutdown of many services, businesses, activities and public spaces across the province amid the pandemic,” according to Canada’s state-run broadcast network.


  71. SFC Ton says:

    Anyone think that if/when these were just a band of blokes starting out at parties everyone was screaming and enraptured

    Possibly. I’m not a particularly good guitar picker and it has gotten plenty of em damp in the pants


  72. SFC Ton says:

    I just can’t see you, Liz, throwing your panties

    That’s because she hasn’t meet The Ton.

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  73. b g says:


    “…women are easy to understand.”

    LOL, I am afraid that we are just going to have to agree to disagree ;-D


  74. SFC Ton says:

    Trust me bg, read Rollo etc, apply what you learn and they will no longer be a mystery


  75. Sumo says:

    Anyone got smoked beef? I gots smoked beef.

    Drool, you smoked beef-less bastards!

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  76. Farm Boy says:

    “In the great debate of the past two decades about freedom versus control of the network, China was largely right and the United States was largely wrong. Significant monitoring and speech control are inevitable components of a mature and flourishing internet, and governments must play a large role in these practices to ensure that the internet is compatible with a society’s norms and values.”


  77. SFC Ton says:

    LOL I have a pork loin on the smoker today

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  78. Ame says:

    KrisAnne Hall, JD
    1 hr ·
    Tuesday April 28, 10 am EST

    Inalienable Right To Keep & Bear Arms

    Learn the #Constitution the way our Founders intended.

    You Must REGISTER to Attend…



  79. Liz says:

    Mike just spoke to a friend from his old neighborhood (where he was raised) in Miami. The guy said they aren’t even allowed to bring their boats out, the docks are closed. We spoke to another friend in the Florida keys and he was out on his boat the other day. FWC (fish and wildlife commission) boat came over and the guy asked if they’d mind if he stayed there a little while to talk he was lonely and bored to tears.

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  80. b g says:


    LOL, humans are a sexually dimorphic, pair-bonding, species…and I always kind of enjoyed the mystery ;-D

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  81. Sumo says:

    I have a pork loin on the smoker today

    I’m The Mighty Sumo and I approve this message.

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  82. SFC Ton says:

    LOL I cook on the smoker 4-5 nights a week little brother. Super is generaly smoked something another and fried catch of the day 😉

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  83. SFC Ton says:

    Just put the stuffed tatter skins on the smoker

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  84. Sumo says:

    I pretty much assumed that. I’m just giddy that I finally have my own smoker. Used them for years in a professional setting, but since I was usually able to squeeze in some personal items now and then, never saw the need for one at home.

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  85. Cill says:

    I had some loin in the sack this morning and I approve also.

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  86. Cheque d'Out says:

    Parking this for tomorrow

    [The Queen the authority on this she is?
    Is she not?]

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  87. SFC Ton says:

    Sumo is now almost a man 😉

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  88. Sumo says:

    Go ride a bike, hillbilly. 😀


  89. SFC Ton says:

    Rode 200’ish miles today

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  90. Sumo says:

    Sweet. Beautiful weather for that sort of thing around here, too. Not that I partake, but the guys who do seem to be happy about it.

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  91. SFC Ton says:

    Peach cobbler on the smoker wasn’t all I hoped it would be

    I average 600 miles a week these days

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  92. b g says:

    Hmmm, seems kind of fitting…the guitar on the empty chair is meant for the big O:


  93. Farm Boy says:

    Can Liz do this?

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  94. Farm Boy says:

    YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki‎ has declared that they will “remove any content that goes against WHO recommendations” on the coronavirus pandemic, essentially censoring any opinion other than that of the World Health Organization.

    This is not the first time YouTube has censored information with which it disagrees. Last year, the online streaming site said it would censor videos that do not agree with the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s exaggerated claims about global warming.

    This move by YouTube sets a dangerous precedent for censorship and has the potential to restrict the flow of information from competing sources—something that has been essential to the discovery of both truths and falsehoods and so to the growth of knowledge


  95. Cill says:

    My old mate Arnold.

    I’ve just finished talking to my old mate Arnold I hadn’t seen for a while. I saw him wandering around on a beach in town. He’s a fine figure of a man, 6 feet 6 and lean because he spends his days walking and fishing. There’s not much he doesn’t know about fishing. He is unemployable due to brain damage from a motorbike accident. He’s a man of few words. People steer clear of him because he looks like a derelict. I give him the time of day because I respected him before his accident and still do.

    He told he caught an octopus.
    I asked him where, and he told me.
    I asked him how big and he told me.
    I settled back on the sand and closed my eyes, spending some quiet time with Arnold. After 5 minutes or so of silence Arnold said “Mum cooked him.”
    “Rings?” I asked.
    “Yeah”, he said.
    “Deep fried. Nice.”

    Another long gap in conversation. It’s a peaceful experience, catching up with Arnold.

    “The woman on the bus was a bitch”, he said. Arnold sometimes jumps subjects.
    “Fucking thing was still alive”, he explained.
    “What thing?”
    “The octopus.”

    I opened my eyes and looked at Arnold. He looked bland and unruffled. I sank back on the sand and closed my eyes again.

    I looked at him again. Arnold is like me, has a way of getting himself into scrapes.
    “Where was this, mate?” I asked.
    “On the bus.”
    “Octopus on the bus?”
    “Yeah. In my fishing bag going home.”

    I looked at Arnold’s fishing bag and tried to envisage it on a public bus. “Malodorous” is the word for it.

    “The bus driver made me leave it at the front”, he said. “It crawled up a woman’s leg in the front seat. Stroppy bitch.”

    Now if that had been all that was to it, as an IRL incident it was already good for a laugh.
    “I hit the octopus with my baseball bat”, Arnold continued. “Fucking bitch screamed like a pig.”

    I could see him wondering why I was laughing. As if a practical explanation would put a stop to my laughter, he said “I hit it four times and it squirted ink all over her dress. Fucking bitch went ape-o. The bus driver kicked me off the bus.”

    When I laughed harder than ever, Arnold asked politely, “Can you drive me home bro?”

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  96. Farm Boy says:

    The WHO is correct that scientists have not determined the degree of immunity enjoyed by COVID-19 survivors. But the tweet version of the brief was missing important context, and it said only this: “There is currently no evidence that people who have recovered from #COVID19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection.”

    That’s technically true: There’s no evidence of immunity. But that’s because COVID-19 is new and the matter hasn’t been conclusively studied yet. Scientists have good reason to expect COVID-19 survivors to have some immunity to the virus, though they’re unsure how strong it will be or how long it will last.

    “When they say ‘no evidence’ they mean something like ‘no definitive proof, yet,'” wrote statistician Nate Silver in response to the WHO tweet. “But the average person is going to read it as ‘there’s no immunity to coronavirus,’ which is likely false and not a good summation of the evidence.”


  97. okrahead says:

    How would I go about submitting a guest post?

    Sent from my iPhone

    [The most Glorious Patriarch sets up accounts he does.
    Eventually come along he will]

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  98. Cill says:

    Just leave your request right where it is at 6:36 am and it will be answered. Meantime have a beer or get some kip.

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  99. Farm Boy says:

    In fact, the president’s reference was to Ultraviolet catheter technology. It was recently in the news and Dr Birx was unfamiliar with it. Here’s how it works. As for other means of disinfecting Virus patients besides the ultraviolet healight others are exploring such things as controlled ethanol vapor inhalation.

    Respirators do not seem to work well, and other technologies are being utilized and explored. Instead of realizing that the president (who seems to work 24 hours a day trying to keep abreast of such things) knew more about these developments than Dr. Brix (or they) did, they distorted and mocked his work.


  100. Farm Boy says:

    The governors of New York, New Jersey, and California imperiled the most vulnerable to the virus — the elderly in nursing homes (and their caretakers) — by ordering virus stricken patients be housed in nursing homes after transport from hospitals. In none of these governors’ many pressers, to my knowledge, were they asked about this policy and why the hell they instituted it. Surely, there are empty motels which would have better served this purpose. After all, our latest reports indicate 20% of the virus fatalities occurred in nursing homes. Add this to other policy mishaps in these states — cutting the number of scheduled subway runs in New York, for example, assuring that essential workers will be more greatly endangered in packed cars, and refusing to permit stricken nursing home residents from being transferred to the hospital ship in New York.


  101. Farm Boy says:

    “When I look back on the perils that have been overcome, upon the great mountain waves in which the gallant ship has driven, when I remember all that has gone wrong, and remember also all that has gone right, I feel sure we have no need to fear the tempest. Let it roar, and let it rage. We shall come through.”
    — Speech to Parliament, May 7, 1941, almost a year to the day he became prime minister


  102. Cheque d'Out says:

    Invite sent to Okrahead. Cheers

    I also told him that he’s welcome to link to posts on his blog whenever he wishes. This is the standard policy around here, just thought I’d remind people and make its applicability to Okrahead explicit

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  103. Cheque d'Out says:

    You may be shocked to learn of dodgy dealings going on. Although there’s a distinct possibility that you won’t be…

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  104. Farm Boy says:


    Whenever you create a new post, just mention it in a comment so that we all know that it is there

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  105. Cheque d'Out says:

    So how is Penis Moron* doing these days, you might wonder. Or not. Either way, there follows an update

    He’s recently gone rather mad and started ranting about everything and everyone but especially the government

    I note it is reported on the twittersphere that since Penis went hysterical the viewing figures are down 42%. And that’s with everyone at home.

    *TCFKA Piers Morgan. And you just know what the C stands for, don’t you(?) Anyone that saw him on US TV, before you bullies sent him back here, knows the C in question.

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  106. Farm Boy says:

    It’s very bad luck to be a black cat in Vietnam, where the poor animals are being killed and eaten amid rumors their ground-up bodies can treat the coronavirus, animal rights activists said


  107. Farm Boy says:

    Senator Tom Cotton slammed the communist Chinese government, describing its actions as “deliberately malevolent” when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Cotton said that he believes China consciously allowed the virus to spread so that the playing field would be levelled, and other countries would also experience economic disaster.

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  108. Farm Boy says:

    Great moments in self-awareness

    After the announcement from Governor Whitmer that she is going to extend the stay at home order in Michigan until May 15th, lawmakers in the state have had enough.
    A group of Michigan lawmakers from both chambers are fed up and they are stepping in to curb the totalitarian governor. When Whitmer found out and was asked about lawmakers’ plans she sounded like Joseph Stalin.

    There are two ways Republicans are attacking Whitmer, first, they are going to pass bills that limit her authority, which would require her signature.

    “I’m not going to sign any bill that takes authority away from me,” she gasps.

    “Of course, I will veto bills that they send over to limit the executive power. I’ve been very clear about that from day one,” she said Thursday. “Those blatant power grabs are bad in good times and dangerous in times of crisis…”


  109. Larry G says:

    “My old mate Arnold.”

    Got a great belly laugh from your story, Cill. Luckily my coffee cup was nearly empty or I am sure there would be a mess to clean up now

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  110. Cheque d'Out says:


  111. Cheque d'Out says:

    Coronavirus: Germans don compulsory masks as lockdown eases

    J/K she’s lovely really

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  112. Liz says:

    Can Liz do this?

    But I would have to be very very heavily medicated motivated. 😆

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  113. Liz says:

    Instead of realizing that the president (who seems to work 24 hours a day trying to keep abreast of such things) knew more about these developments than Dr. Brix (or they) did, they distorted and mocked his work.

    They say truth is the first casualty in war.
    I’ve noticed that just about everyone seems a self appointed expert at…everything these days.
    There’s no humility.
    Reminds me of Mike’s second flight instructor at UPT. His tactic for making up for his own lack of knowledge was to assert everyone else was a moron.
    He didn’t do a lot of actual instruction.
    Today folks’ll preach about something they just called you stupid for saying the day before.

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  114. Liz says:

    Sometimes I do with Trump would say less though.

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  115. Liz says:

    Wish. Typo above. I do wish.


  116. Liz says:

    General Michael Flynn, in support of his motion that he be allowed to withdraw his guilty plea, filed a new pleading this week. In it he notes that exculpatory material that he just now tardily received had been deliberately withheld from him, against the mandate of the Brady case. This material supports his motion that he was framed and his son threatened by prosecutors if he did not plead guilty. He also asserts that his prior counsel urged him to give up dirt on the the prosecutors.

    From Farm boy’s American Thinker link above.
    I remember arguing with a lawyer (yes, I’m that stupid) reasons why Flynn might cop a plea.
    This was one of them. I was surely the most moronic conspiracy theorist in the history of the internet. Obviously, there’s only one reason Flynn would do this and it was that he was guilty as sin, and a Trump shill for Russia. This guy was the smart one.

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    And when this is over, what kind of economy will New Zealand have? How many businesses will just be gone, with owners out of business and workers with nowhere to work?

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  118. Kim Jong UnDead?

    Too Soon?

    Not Soon enough?

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  119. Kiwi-related. Watched this with younger son over the weekend:

    We enjoyed it well enough. Passable story, decent effects, cute girl, beautiful scenery.

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  120. Farm Boy says:

    Andrews University Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion Michael Nixon says “conservative America” and “white America” are “hell-bent” on creating a “narrative of oppression” as they protest state and local governments nationwide in favor of reopening the U.S. economy amid the coronavirus pandemic.


  121. Farm Boy says:

    “But they’re going, ‘My film’s coming up and I’m not on telly — I need to be in the public eye,’ not all of them but some of them,” he added. “You can see in their eye — ‘I could cry at the beauty of my personality, I’m just so beautiful for doing this’ and everyone sees that — we get it.”


  122. Farm Boy says:

    “Is there something in this religion that is anti-homosexuality and anti-woman? Does that complicate the issue? I’m just raising it and thinking out loud and maybe being stupid,” Goldblum asked


  123. Farm Boy says:

    “Ambassador Cheng Jingye on Monday said the push was ‘dangerous’ and could encourage Chinese citizens to not purchase Australian exports or travel to the nation,” Sky News Australia reported.


  124. Farm Boy says:

    Why is YouTube censoring a video from a legitimate biotech company’s legitimate research into a potential treatment for the coronavirus? Is it because Trump had been talking about this very sort of treatment? Certainly looks that way.


  125. Farm Boy says:

    Hospitals get paid more money if a patient is coded for the novel coronavirus, even if they haven’t been tested in some states, multiple fact-checking sites have confirmed


  126. Ame says:

    So, it is “oppressive” to be free?!

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  127. Larry G says:

    tsk, tsk…comrad, you are not following the Party line again…back to the gulag for re-education you go

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  128. Ame says:

    LOL! Story of my life … did you not see they never even removed my from my bunk! LOL!

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  129. Freedom is Slavery.

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  130. And since a “university” is involved let’s add, Ignorance is Strength.

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  131. Seems like all the SW Mary-Sue vaguely resemble Kathleen Kennedy…

    Nah, it’ll be fine.

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  132. okrahead says:

    Okay, trying a new post on my own blog, such as it is, for the first time in over seven years. Here goes nothing.

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  133. Cheque d'Out says:

    I’ve just realised that I don’t think that I’ve heard Bill Gates speak before

    Quite like this channel. He talks sense

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  134. Cheque d'Out says:

    To counter that Dismay story above; the female centric (is there another kind anymore?) star wars series.

    I watched ‘Russian Doll’. Not terrible at the beginning (it has some laughs. The central character is kind of a shit-show of a person, but not evil) but towards the end I realised my mistake. At which point? Fork it. (Sunk cost fallacy) I’m so far in that I might as well finish it. And it wasn’t terrible, it was kind of okay. Might have watched the 2nd series if there was nothing else on. Might have.

    Now I know what kind of Canute ran the series? Fuck right off, no way am I watching it again.

    Nor will I be watching a female centric star wars series. Same as I still haven’t seen the 9th film. I watched the 8th once (a mate gave me the dvd as he didn’t want to watch it again). I might have watched the 7th one around one and a half times – it was a fucking remake with a terribly uninteresting Mary Sue as lead.

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  135. Cheque d'Out says:

    I haven’t seen The Mandalorian either. I might sometime, if it’s free. I’ve heard that it’s okay but mostly because it compares favourably to the rest of the Star Wars universe. Which is currently shite.

    Watching the first film in the cinema was the first time that I remember being in a cinema. As a kid, I was blown away.

    But I’ve never been a huge fan.

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  136. Liz says:

    The SUN IS OUT!!
    I caught some sun for about 20 minutes each side. Slightly pink now. That’ll do Liz.

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  137. Ame says:

    I need sun, too, Liz, and get very depressed if it’s been hiding for too long … so very thankful for you!!!

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  138. Stephanie says:

    You mean you haven’t been captivated by the baby Yoda charm?

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  139. Stephanie says:

    [Like myself I do]

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  140. If you watch Decoding Bill Gates (Netflix I think) you’ll see how un-impressive he is up-close, even though its just a love song to themselves (Mel and Bill). And he was a fly to her spider back when she first started at MSFT.

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  141. Either Drinker or Professor Tosspot did a season review where he re-capped each episode. Maybe somebody here already linked it? Anyway, it looked really effing meh to me. Just like with RLM reviews, more youtubers are putting out better content doing reviews than the TV and Movie studios are.

    Occupied (on Netflix) has been good through 4 episodes so far. The Last Kingdom has a new season out (Netflix) as of yesterday. Previous three were really good, don’t know if they’ll be able to keep it going.

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  142. SFC Ton says:

    Season 4 sucked ass. The Girls bailed on it early


  143. Farm Boy says:

    There has been an “historic” dip in nationwide reading and math scores since the adoption of Common Core curriculum in schools, according to a new study.

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  144. Farm Boy says:

    Up is down

    On Monday, AFP reported that the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) microbiologist Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, actually stated that the world “should have listened” to WHO regarding the coronavirus.

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  145. Farm Boy says:

    The public health establishment is desperate to maintain hysteria in the populace

    These are delusional beliefs, yet they demonstrate the degree of paranoia that has infected the population. Every day the lockdown continues, its implicit message that we are all going to die if we engage in normal life is reinforced. Polls show an increasing number of Americans opting to continue the economic quarantine indefinitely lest they be ‘unsafe’. The longer that belief is reinforced, the less likely it will be that consumers will patronize reopened restaurants or board airplanes in sufficient numbers to bring the economy back to life.


  146. Farm Boy says:

    Was the virus intentionally let out is the big question. Thanks to its one-child policy China has too many elderly citizens and not enough young workers to pay for their benefits.


  147. Farm Boy says:

    Ha ha

    MI Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says Joe Biden is helping her with her communications strategy

    — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) April 27, 2020

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  148. Farm Boy says:

    Bill Gates was an asshole as a kid, an asshole as a businessman and an asshole as a philanthropist

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  149. redpillgirlnotes says:

    Was going to add this to the Social Distance Recipe Thread, but the comments are closed so I will post it here. I finally found the recipe my neighbor lady who watched my brother and I while growing up used to make — turns out it is a depression era recipe! Cabbage Soup does not sound very good, I know, but it actually really is! Very mild, no cabbage flavor.

    [Like raw cabbage I do]

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  150. Farm Boy says:

    When other states open before we do (which they will because they all are actively planning for it and we’re still just planning to plan until more numbers come in), how many people will drive across a border to spend their money, leaving Nevada businesses and Nevada workers in the cold longer than necessary? COVID-19’s impact on our state will be The Worst without additional self-inflicted wounds.

    And once these seals are broken without everyone suddenly dropping dead in the streets, are people really going to listen when the next “second wave” shutdown order is issued?

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  151. redpillgirlnotes says:

    From what I am seeing on Facebook, there are many people who seem totally willing to have the lockdown go on for a year or more. I wonder if these same people remember that EVERY DAY they went out into the world before, and faced the risk of getting sick, getting in a car accident, etc. Madness. But it is true, the longer this goes on the less willing people seem to be to venture out. Now it’s all about “the second wave is going to be EVEN WORSE.” Most of these people are retired or don’t have to work, naturally. And they CAN continue to stay home! But they seem to want EVERYONE to have too.

    A friend shared with me the other day she knows two people who have committed suicide already, because of the stress and economic impacts. 😦

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  152. Stephanie says:

    KH we don’t have TV so I haven’t actually seen it. We have netflix, but I don’t think I’ve seen it advertised on that.


  153. redpillgirlnotes says:

    In other news, I am finally feeling better after weeks and weeks of a low grade crud. I never got super sick, but my energy level has been in the tank, as well as having some serious brain fog. I finally kicked it with oral high dose vitamin C (1,000-2000 mg every few hours), zinc lozenges several times a day followed by tonic from concentrate mixed with water an hour later (quinine, basically, extracted from some type of tree bark I would have to look up), and vitamin D3, and elderberry gummies. I had to keep that up several weeks straight, because if I backed off it would start coming back just like when I first got sick. My youngest came down with it right before schools shut down, was over it in a few days, then I got it and have been fighting it since but think I finally have it licked (fingers crossed!). My older daughter never seemed sick at all, but I suspect she was asymptomatic. The weirdest symptom that started very early on, right after the sore throat, was a feeling of constricted lungs, even though I was bale to breathe in fully and never had coughing. It’s hard to describe. I was aware of and could actually “feel” my lungs. This seems to have finally gone, yay.

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  154. Stephanie says:

    Bloom, you can actually do a very similar recipe just layering it like a lasagna… very easy and ridiculously tasty. Keto friendly if you’re no carbs.

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  155. Stephanie says:

    “From what I am seeing on Facebook, there are many people who seem totally willing to have the lockdown go on for a year or more. I wonder if these same people remember that EVERY DAY they went out into the world before, and faced the risk of getting sick, getting in a car accident, etc. Madness. ”


    Jack’s comment about Karen nation explains a lot of this.


  156. SFC Ton says:

    I will fuck some bitches up if I ever find cabbage in lasagna

    Or any other meal but that ain’t the point

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  157. Stephanie says:

    😀 My favorite part of the Karen video is when the wife says, “I’ve never been less attracted to you!!!” LOL

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  158. Ame says:

    My sister, who has been teaching for about 25 years, said she’s never seen dumber kids.


  159. Saddened, but not shocked. They killed several major characters in season 3, and didn’t really seem to be setting anything up for the future.


  160. Ame says:

    Bloom, so sorry you’ve been so sick for so long. how frustrating. May you truly be on the mend.

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  161. Cheque d'Out says:

    The end of season 4 was surprisingly touching. It was on telly here beforehand.

    The trouble with Utred is that he’s the bestest ever but that means he needs to be knocked down regularly. Otherwise why isn’t he king?

    I do watch it though. It’s interesting seeing the old place names alongside the new. I’ve lived in a few.

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  162. The first method is obviously superior to the other two. Who doesn’t think so, morons.


  163. I think cabbage soup was a weight-loss thing back in the 80’s, maybe? Because, fuck it, I’d rather not eat.

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  164. Cheque d'Out says:

    More on Penis Moron


  165. Stephanie says:

    LOL Ton!!! Bloom is right you can’t taste it, it’s like a really meaty cheesy taco salad, the kind that are 1000+ cal only it’s way less


  166. Stephanie says:

    Well when you’re losing baby weight tat make sense 😂😂😂

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  167. Liz says:

    On Monday, AFP reported that the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) microbiologist Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, actually stated that the world “should have listened” to WHO regarding the coronavirus.

    that reminds me.
    I’m going to read Catch 22 again.

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  168. Liz says:

    The Last Kingdom book series is really good.

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  169. Liz says:

    I think cabbage soup was a weight-loss thing back in the 80’s, maybe? Because, fuck it, I’d rather not eat.

    Mike’s sister went on that diet for three days or so and lost 11 pounds.
    She had to get below 200 pounds to get into the Navy, and she weighed in a 199.


  170. Farm Boy says:


    [A statue of me in a pedestal it has]


  171. b g says:

    “I will fuck some bitches up if I ever find cabbage in lasagna.”

    Now Ton we can finally agree on women ;-D

    And I don’t want to see any damned cottage cheese in it either. If you’re worried about getting fat, then either eat a smaller portion or work out more. There is no excuse for destroying traditional recipes, they have been around for generations because long gone women loved their families and most were highly respected for their abilities in the kitchen.

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  172. Farm Boy says:

    HAMILTON — A math teacher at Steinert High School was caught on video this week shouting at a group of teenagers playing football in the park that they should “die a long, painful death” from the coronavirus.


  173. Farm Boy says:

    Liz likes the Beatles quite a bit

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  174. Farm Boy says:

    Big Cat trap in Liz’ yard

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  175. Farm Boy says:

    Since mid-March, coronavirus-positive patients at Northwell Health hospitals throughout New York have been prescribed famotidine in an attempt to figure out if the drug actually contributes to their recovery. The discovery of famotidine’s possible effects on the virus were first discovered in Wuhan, China, where the coronavirus originated; there, patients who could only afford the antacid were recovering quicker than those who used more expensive methods of treatment


  176. Sharkly says:

    I will fuck some bitches up if I ever find cabbage in lasagna.

    Will that be with your pimp hand, or with the awful gas you get after you eat it?


  177. Sharkly says:

    LOL Cabbage baked in cheese! Seriously! Who would do that to somebody living in their same airspace?

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  178. b g says:

    “Big Cat…”

    Don’t like them. You seldom see them but they are around, my Lab hates them and won’t let the kids or their Mom follow a trail that he smells is risky. She couldn’t understand why he would refuse, he stood in front of her and would not move. I explained that he could smell in parts per millions that we could not imagine, he was simply protecting his pack ;-D

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  179. SFC Ton says:

    Pimp hand Sharkly as I am sure my finely honed surrival instincts would kick in on the 1st bite 😉

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  180. Farm Boy says:

    MALIBU, CA—Many described the scene as breathtaking or awe-inspiring. Others were so touched they couldn’t find the words to communicate how they felt. Most simply wept.

    No matter how they expressed their emotions, everyone agreed that the scene off the Malibu coast Monday morning was exactly what America needed to get through this pandemic. Celebrities gathered their multi-million-dollar yachts on the waters of the Pacific Ocean and spelled out “WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.”

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  181. Farm Boy says:

    Not really Liz, but perhaps in spirit

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  182. Farm Boy says:

    Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden made head-scratching remarks during a CBS Miami interview on Monday night, suggesting that the United States needed more “economic intercourse around the world.”

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  183. Farm Boy says:

    This would be RPG’s recommended video

    YouTube has censored a viral video in which two doctors criticized the logic of whether California’s stay-at-home coronavirus order is necessary

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  184. Farm Boy says:

    Chinese citizens had been turning to Microsoft-owned GitHub after the outbreak began, as it remains one of the few major foreign websites that can still be accessed in China. Now, volunteers linked to these GitHub pages are facing the growing risk of reprisals from authorities. Another GitHub page, #2020 nCov memory, which was initiated by seven volunteers around the world to chronicle personal accounts and news stories of the outbreak, is no longer publicly available. In an email (link in Chinese), the team behind the page said that its members decided to make the page private to avoid “potential risks,” according to a screenshot of the email shared on social network Weibo.

    In addition to the GitHub volunteers, three journalists have also disappeared since February while reporting from Wuhan, the city where the outbreak was first discovered.


  185. Stephanie says:

    “LOL Cabbage baked in cheese! Seriously! Who would do that to somebody living in their same airspace?”

    Y’all are acting like it’s tofu or something!!! hahaha Who knew cabbage was a banned food? LOL

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  186. Ame says:

    Proof that it’s true.


  187. Farm Boy says:

    This seems to be the thread for this subject


  188. Farm Boy says:

    Another one for this thread


  189. b g says:

    “Who knew cabbage was a banned food?”

    The point for most men was the altering of traditional comfort foods. I love cabbage rolls, sauerkraut, coleslaw, and forty eleven kinds of cabbages in Chinese recipes, but deliberately buggering up lasagna by replacing egg noodles with cabbage is going to annoy many guys…and besides tofu is not edible, my wife said so ;-D

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  190. Sharkly says:

    Who knew cabbage was a banned food?

    If I ever had to invent a food to cause bad gas it would consist of cabbage, cheese, eggs, beans, and lutefisk, and maybe have some asparagus to make your pee stink too.


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