Leader Of The Pack

Here we have an oldies song, one from the 1960’s.  What might we glean from it?  A fair bit I might think.

Here we have the late teen falling for the bad-boy, or perhaps a bad-boy wanna-be.  Some (very often women) deny that this is a thing, as it is embarrassing.  Still, it is obviously there>  Why might it be embarrassing?  Obviously, there is no long term future with a such a fella.  In the system in existence in the 1960’s (and partly today), this was obviously stupid, unless one was just interested in his hot seed.  Any way, these people don’t want this brought up, so I will stop now.

Her dad probably hoped that she would come to her senses on her own, but she didn’t.  So he put his foot down and told her that the boyfriend had to go.  Here we have the father as the protector of his daughter.  These days, with SIW women, this really isn’t a thing.  Though it probably should be.  Furthermore, back then, she felt obligated to obey him.  Good luck with that today.

Times change, not necessarily for the better.

Exit question: How embarrassed (if any) are modern women for falling for bad-boys (especially pseudo-bad-boys)?

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  1. h0neyc0mb says:

    They nevva stop fishing for attention ..

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  2. Farm Boy says:

    That is the currency. Not a particularly useful one from a societal perspective


  3. h0neyc0mb says:

    And she still hasn’t named the perp .. hmmmmm

    Duffy: Singer was ‘drugged for four weeks, raped and taken abroad’ – BBC News



  4. horsemanbombadil says:

    Our Leader

    There are not enough facepalms

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  5. An alien abduction story would be more believable.

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  6. I wonder what brand of footy pajamas he wears under his big boys clothes when he has to leave his playroom?


  7. Farm Boy says:

    Yes they do


  8. h0neyc0mb says:

    Make youself a challenge .. or act in manner contrary to the norms they (th’ wimmimz) expect.

    An aloof jerk is all that’s required.

    You can smell’em cream themselves from across the room.

    Once the wimmimz learn their charms to tame me failed (about 3 months) .. they move on .. and call / text / chatch-up with me when they need a fix (aka a hit of my essence).

    Anyway .. I’m a decent fella now .. so I get a lot of younger wimminz interested in me .. as a mark.

    They’re fun to flirt with .. but as a grown man with no extra time outside of my mission .. they are just eye candy.

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  9. Cheque d'Out says:

    I’d rather follow this guy than Trudeau

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  10. Cheque d'Out says:

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  11. Farm Boy says:

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—Joe Biden has committed to wearing a mask in public to be a good example and to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Aides were disappointed and a little frightened, however, when Biden immediately cut a large hole in the middle of the mask so he could continue to invade people’s personal space and sniff their hair, necks, and faces.


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  12. SFC Ton says:

    Leader of the pack is a great red pill song though

    #1 it was a hit in a time period some chumps consider a high water mark for femmine behaviour
    #2 it lays down the foundation of alpha widow
    #3 notice how the leader of the pack dude smiles and dips out without a fuss
    #4 notice how her father shuts that shit down hard enough she complies.
    #5 notice how she turns bad into sad ie bad boy she can rescue… spin hamster spin
    #6 notice how she was willing to deal with some degree of social isloation for dating him
    #7 her bad boy is on a motorcycle……. bikes most def pay off in the SMP

    Unspoken in all this is……. the wrong side of the tracks deal. He was from the wrong side of the tracks and bad….. not from the wrong side but a good student with a plan to improve his lot in life etc etc

    It’s red pill gold really

    And so is another one of their tunes


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  13. SFC Ton says:

    To answer the exit queation

    Women are embarrassed about falling for fake bad boys. It demonstrates how easy to fool they are

    Real bad boys are a badge of honor they pick up as collateral damage along the way to marrying their consolation prize betas


  14. Cheque d'Out says:

    Replacement Sports for the guys

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  15. Liz says:

    Women falling for the “bad boy” is the subject of every (successful) woman’s “romance” novel.
    Can’t think of an exception.
    There’s some difference of opinion on the specifics and what “bad” though.
    They aren’t pining over Silence of the Lambs guy
    “It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again…”

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  16. h0neyc0mb says:

    Snitches get stitches .. heh

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  17. h0neyc0mb says:

    (re: Alien Abduction vs Duffy story)

    They brought her back .. (let that sink in) ..

    She obviously was a total bitch (even) while drugged .. heh!

    Kinda reminds me of this video ..

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  18. Wow, quality stuff. Its at least 3 microns thick. Don’t make’em like that any more.


  19. Liz says:

    Posted at Didact’s but I’m not sure it will show up so wanted to post it here:
    I don’t know any more than anyone else does about this specific incident, but from what I’ve read Captain Crozier did attempt to go to his immediate chain of command. When nothing was done, he went higher (up the chain of command). His letter was leaked…not by him. If he used the means communication he would typically use for Navy leadership (I see no reason to believe he used a different means of communication), he seems to me to have satisfied his due diligence. It’s up to his superiors to decide if it was warranted. Sometimes one has to die on one’s sword. If you’ve watched Band of Brothers and saw the point where the first shirt went to Winters with a concern about Lt Dikes, you saw someone going over the chain of command. Those kind of judgement calls are what leadership is about….or a sharp Lt could do a captain’s job (or just AI programed to follow all rules)

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  20. Liz says:

    That was me quoting me.

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  21. Cheque d'Out says:

    A potentially interesting twat thread about the difference between dying of and dying with WuFlu. And the fact that the difference may not be as stark as some people might wish.
    Follow the thread.

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  22. Farm Boy says:

    “The first thing I want to do is get the United States Senate on the record where we, we don’t blame Trump, we blame China,” Graham said. “The Chinese government is responsible for 16,000 American deaths and 17 million Americans being unemployed. It’s the Chinese government and the way they behave that led to this pandemic. This is the third one to come out of China.”


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  23. Farm Boy says:

    Imagine this…

    Amazing Dems spend so much energy on so many things but were ultimately unable to come up with a candidate who can speak a single complete and coherent sentence. I have nothing against this man, he seems very nice, but he is clearly firing on few or possibly no cylinders.
    — Sean Ono Lennon (@seanonolennon) April 8, 2020

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  24. Farm Boy says:

    I’m really tired of reading how business owners are “forced” to layoff workers. No one made them do that. They *chose* to do that. Not saying it isn’t a hard choice, during a hard time, but to say they were *forced* obscures their agency AND casts owners/CEOs as the victims.
    — Sally Kohn (@sallykohn) April 9, 2020


  25. Farm Boy says:

    Both ABC and Cooper marveled in amazement at the mobilization communist China’s mass surveillance state to track their citizens and monitor for their coronavirus. Cooper seemed to go slack-jawed after hearing about a required tracking app and called it “incredible.”



  26. Farm Boy says:

    One often-heard statistic is the “case fatality rate”—that is, the percentage of people diagnosed with a disease who will die of it. This afternoon that figure stands at 3.5 percent for COVID-19 in the U.S., but this rate is significantly inflated because it does not count asymptomatic cases or undiagnosed people who recover at home. What we really need to know is the infection fatality rate: the percentage of all the people infected who eventually die of the disease. That’s what the German study attempts to do.

    Over the last two weeks, German virologists tested nearly 80 percent of the population of Gangelt for antibodies that indicate whether they’d been infected by the coronavirus. Around 15 percent had been infected, allowing them to calculate a COVID-19 infection fatality rate of about 0.37 percent. The researchers also concluded that people who recover from the infection are immune to reinfection, at least for a while.

    For comparison, the U.S. infection fatality rates for the 1957–58 flu epidemic was around 0.27 percent; for the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic, it was about 2.6 percent. For seasonal flu, the rate typically averages around 0.1 percent. Basically, the German researchers found that the coronavirus kills about four times as many infected people than seasonal flu viruses do.



  27. Farm Boy says:

    Downing Street has been forced to clarify that officers won’t be checking what people buy in supermarkets after yet another tweet by a police force that doesn’t understand the coronavirus lockdown laws.


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  28. Hmmm, I only got a “B” in my college Econ classes from reading the chapters the night before, but I’m gonna take a whack at this one.

    Let’s see…
    1. I open a business to sell goods and or services.

    2. I do more business than I can handle on my own so I hire people to help me and pay them from the revenues they help generate.

    3. The government makes me shut my business down due to the Chinese virus from Wuhan, China.

    4. I am now not generating any revenue so there is no money to pay anyone including me.

    5. Sally Kohn says I am now a bad guy because I am not paying people money that I don’t have.

    So in this exercise we learn that Sally Kohn is an idiot and that nobody actually needs a degree in economics. Just reading some chapters the night before makes you better qualified to have an opinion that some dumb bitch on CNN.

    Also, “Shut up, bitch” is really the answer to all social media idiots.

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  29. horsemanbombadil says:

    Women don’t need no men to run the world.

    Fine, change your own lightbulbs.

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  30. b g says:

    Yeah, that kind of stress on your muscles especially your heart is why men tend to die earlier.

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  31. SFC Ton says:

    I have 0 fucks to give about that navy captain. Best I can tell navy leadership at that level is like a gaggle of teenage girls playing a social dyniamic/ status game with a mindless number of invisible/ unwritten words.

    Maybe he did right, maybe fucked up, maybe he just served coffee out of sequence to the wrong set off cock sucking naval fancy pants and now must pay the price

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  32. SFC Ton says:


    Sam Francis

    Y’all should do a quick study on that


  33. SFC Ton says:

    That’s a tough climb

    Has to be hell on your feet and I wonder how many climbs it takes for the typical guy to settle in with the heights?

    AND……. how pissed does he get when he drops a tool or hardware?

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  34. Cheque d'Out says:

    Oh yes they did. The comedy is complete


  35. Farm Boy says:

    Police in Canada will visit the homes of people under coronavirus quarantine to check they are in compliance, with those who flout the law facing a fine of up to $1 million dollars and three years in jail.



  36. It’s funny that I only heard of anarcho-tyranny just a few short years ago and that was when people were complaining about the relatively weak sauce version compared to what is going on today. “Certain People” in SF can shit on the street or carry $999 worth of goods out of stores with out paying and the cops will do nothing, but if a white guy wants to play catch with is kid in an otherwise empty park, he gets cuffed and stuffed in front of his child.

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  37. Gunner Q says:

    Don’t forget the Malibu surfer who got arrested despite maintaining 6,000 feet of social distancing. He was accused of spreading coronavirus into the ocean!


    A paddleboarder was arrested in Malibu Thursday after ignoring lifeguards’ orders to get out of the ocean amid social distancing rules, authorities said.

    The lifeguards flagged down deputies for assistance, but the man ultimately chose to stay in the water alongside the Malibu Pier for about 30 to 40 minutes, Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials said in a Facebook post.

    Deputies summoned their patrol boat from Marina Del Rey, and the man swam to shore once it arrived, officials said.

    He was subsequently arrested on suspicion of disobeying a lifeguard and violating Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stay at home order, a misdemeanor. …

    Kim Prather, who works at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, told the Los Angeles Times that the beach could be one of the most dangerous places in California amid the outbreak. She said she fears the virus is being washed into the ocean and transferred back into the air along the coast.

    “I wouldn’t go in the water if you paid me $1 million right now,” she told the newspaper.

    Forget about the nursing homes with fifty people on respirators, it’s lounging on a deserted beach that will spread the plague and get you killed!

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  38. “Kim Prather, who works at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, told the Los Angeles Times that the beach could be one of the most dangerous places in California amid the outbreak. She said she fears the virus is being washed into the ocean and transferred back into the air along the coast.”

    Looks like she’s a climate kook as well as a hysterical virus-nutter.

    Hmmm, I wonder if the deserted beach is more dangerous than the feces encrusted and urine soaked streets of L.A. or S.F.?

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  39. Liz says:

    Kim Prather had better find a way to stop bats from crapping in the ocean.

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  40. h0neyc0mb says:

    Kim Ann Prather ..

    And this is a more flat-er-ing pic .. she’s a hill-da-beast ..

    So maybe she’s the bat whisper! heh

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  41. Weird how companies seem to actually want to de-value their own properties these days.


  42. Cill says:

    Ten-Gallon-Juggs Jess Phillips is living proof that mammary mass ain’t everything. Some are full of loathsome repulsiveness making my fondness for boobs kinda stall and take a dive… until next time I clap eyes on my woman’s pair and Jess’s blobs are cleansed from me mind like fog in the sunshine.

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  43. Cill says:

    All is well.


  44. Cill says:

    Of all the loathsome women of the Left, Jess Phillips is the worst IMO. She has the stiffest competition the world has ever seen, yet she takes the prize. Her voice, her brattish face… even her jugs are an insult.

    [Wonder if room for Ms. Emily in the Shadow Government I do]

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  45. Farm Boy says:

    Calling out around the world
    Are you ready for some brand new sheet?
    Summer’s here and the time is right
    For poopin’ in the street

    They’re poopin’ in Frisco (poopin’ in the street)
    Down in Los Angeles (poopin’ in the street)
    In New York City (poopin’ in the street)

    All we need is heat, sweet heat
    There’ll be odor everywhere
    There’ll be gagging, barfing, and vomit spraying
    Poopin’ in the street

    Oh, it doesn’t matter what you wear
    With no need to wash your hair
    So come on, every they, grab a them
    Everywhere around the world

    They’ll be poopin’ (poopin’ in the street)
    They’re poopin’ in the street (poopin’ in the street)

    It’s an invitation across the nation
    A chance for folks to reek
    There’ll be gagging, barfing, and vomit spraying
    Poopin’ in the street…

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  46. Farm Boy says:

    In a rather hilarious and an uncanny incident, China, the now ‘fair-weathered’ friend of Pakistan, had promised ‘top quality’ medical aid to Pakistan for fighting the deadly coronavirus infection has ended up sending N95 masks made out of underwear. China actually duped Pakistan as its ‘top quality’ aid failed to be of any help for Pakistan.


    [Wonder if used material they were I do]

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  47. Farm Boy says:

    Tweet from Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin shows us what we can expect from Democrats: Squeezing Trump in a vise with mass economic disaster on one side, and death of Americans on the other


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  48. Farm Boy says:

    LANSING — After Friday, Michigan residents will no longer be able to jump in the car — or cross the street — to visit friends and relatives inside the state, or to go to the cottage Up North, with limited exceptions.

    That is one of the major changes in Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s “stay home” order, issued Thursday, which also extends the expiration of the order to May 1.

    Until now, travel between two Michigan residences has been permitted.

    Beginning Saturday morning, that will end, except for purposes such as caring for a relative, an elderly friend, or a pet, visiting a nursing home or similar facility, attending a funeral with no more than 10 people, or complying with a court order related to child custody.


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  49. Farm Boy says:

    Tara Reade, a former staffer to then-Senator Joe Biden, has reportedly filed a formal criminal complaint against the now-presidential candidate over an alleged sexual assault from the early 90s.


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  50. h0neyc0mb says:

    I’ve used this recent case in a recent convo with other stats ..

    Allz Iz can say is th’ other side hate facts!

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  51. h0neyc0mb says:

    She’s (i.e. Michie Gov) a Planned Parenthood Preacher as well ..

    So .. she’s been a Dr Of Death for a long-time now.

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  52. Cheque d'Out says:

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  53. Cheque d'Out says:

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  54. Cheque d'Out says:

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  55. h0neyc0mb says:

    Like a BOSS.

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  56. Like

  57. Really, just follow this one, good stuff. Like this! (It’s already good but go ahead, watch the video!)

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  58. Cheque d'Out says:

    I know that I’ve posted this before. Sue me.

    Somebody might not have seen it the first time.

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  59. Ok last one for now 😂

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  60. Cheque d'Out says:

    FTR Penis Moron is still a shit stirring POS

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  61. Ok maybe just one more… 😂

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  62. SFC Ton says:

    LOL which is why the coined the phrase hate facts

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  63. SFC Ton says:

    That runner is awesome!

    When I was a kid I didn’t understand how anyone got caught. At one point the bacon trying to pull me in was SOooooo fat his belly was resting on his firearm…….

    Now i operate on the theory my lawyers are better, the state doesnt want to take over my expensive are medical care ans hosue arrest aint that bad so fuck ’em

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  64. Looks like Cardio is rule No. 1 in VirusLand too.

    Zombieland Survival Rules
    1. Cardio
    To escape a pursuing zombie you will need to out-run it, and this means being in good shape.

    Though I’m still partial to

    2. Double Tap
    When in doubt, don’t get stingy with your bullets.

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  65. Cheque d'Out says:

    Also, you don’t need to run faster than the zombie, you just need to run faster than the leftard that you just knee-capped.

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  66. I hear carpet-bombing is very effective against the virus.


  67. Start with stately Feinstein Manor.

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  68. Yoda says:

    For Liz,

    Well, he is a subject of the Queen
    He has a sir in front of his name

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  69. Liz says:

    My coffee maker broke for good this time.
    Keurig (the “luxury” coffee maker) has outsourced to China.
    This was obvious before I looked it up. But I looked it up.
    It is luxury quality no more.
    Going back to a regular cheap drip coffee maker without any “special features” that never let me down.

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  70. Farm Boy says:

    If you’re attending a church service on Easter Sunday in Kentucky, the governor has ordered authorities to take down your license plate and report you to local health departments; you will then be ordered to a 14-day quarantine.



  71. Farm Boy says:

    “Many college presidents are terrified that the coronavirus pandemic will devastate their schools’ finances and enrollment. Anyone who cares about a revival of serious learning can only hope that they are right. . . . The coming higher-ed crisis would, in an ideal world, take out the student-services bureaucracy—that dizzying edifice of associate vice chancellors for student engagement and assistant vice presidents for student development—starting with its most destructive component: the diversocrats. Their job is founded on a patently false proposition: that colleges are filled with racists and sexists who impede the advancement of females, blacks, and Hispanics. To the contrary, virtually every college today is trying to admit, hire, and promote as many females, blacks, and Hispanics as possible. Belonging to those identity categories confers a large advantage on the academic job market and in admissions. Nevertheless, the diversity bureaucracy spends its days devising new ways to promote the culture of victimhood, at the cost of millions of dollars in student loans and private tuition.”



  72. horsemanbombadil says:

    This is the danger of knee jerk Me First decisions.

    Trump ordered 3m to not sell masks to Canada.
    Fine push your size around. But everyone has thier critical skill you all need. We all do, we all need.

    So the only pulp mill on the west coast to make medical gowns…is in BC. And just closed to US shipments.

    You need ventilators. The U.S. plant in Mexico that makes them already. Closed because they wouldnt sell to Mexico. The rationale. The plant was not an essential service to Mexician people.


    I always agree with protect your own. But we are no longer the Riverwood model where each city\state\country is self sufficient. So cut yourself off but do it tactically.

    The grunt needs transport, the airlift needs fuel, the logistics needs protection, everyone needs recon. Each can survive for a while on its own but not for long. Balancing when and where to support each is what makes a commander.

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  73. horsemanbombadil says:

    Rhode Island says all out of state are to quarantine for 14 days and set up National Guard checkpoints.

    Um ok. So all food delivery trucks must enter once and go into quarantine or never return. Ok. Cause Rhode Island is such an agricultural power it can feed itself.

    Face palm.

    Im not even sure what Rhode Island produces. Would cutting it off and pushing it out to sea (which is what it has done) be a big loss?

    Plus the use of door to door searches is so unconstitutional even for a Canuck to see.

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  74. h0neyc0mb says:

    Best move I evva made .. tho .. I use an aero-press or regular french-press at work.

    A good travel grinder is a huge plus when on the road or at work.

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  75. Ame says:

    Texas to Lead the Way Back: Gov. Abbott to Sign Order Next Week About Reopening Businesses


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  76. Farm Boy says:

    Dems Block Small Business Aid, Ask Trump to Release Funds for ‘Death to America!’ Regime



  77. SFC Ton says:

    The difference is horseman we can fill those gaps much quicker then other nations. Much quicker.

    Long term, Canda, Mexico etc will loose. Or would loose. Trumps replacement will be a pussy ass globalist so things will go back to “normal” in a few years

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  78. horsemanbombadil says:


    Agree long term Been a big fan of Peter Ziehan. He called it ages ago. America is now self sustaining once manufacturing is brought back onshore. The rest of the world is fucked.

    Basically America, Canada and interestingly Brazil are the only countries that resource, geographically are self sustaining in food, water, power and security (from land invasion by geograpy)

    Once the US pulls back from foriegn interests then resource wars follow.

    Basically Syrian war allowed because the US no longer gives a fuck about Middle East stabilization.

    Long but worth a listen.


  79. horsemanbombadil says:

    I think global is dead.

    US dont give a fuck really, apathy and uninvolvement…at best.

    All countries now see weakness of not having manufacturing.

    Britian says to EU hey Italy, Spain aint our problem anymore.

    Italy wont forget abandonment by EU in their need.

    German either isolates or goes bankrupt supporting Greece, Turkey, Spain…everybody.

    China…well everyone hates you now.

    Middle East….have at it, Russia, US have their own oil…

    Isreal.. Well, sorry, been nice knowing you.

    Long term it will be what I call the Riverwood model.
    Village, city, state, country having just enough to provide criticality for itself.
    Then a layer of comfort trade as local as possible with friends
    Then luxury trade with whoever that is dropped at a moments notice.

    But basically “we are small village, but we work hard and take care of our own.”

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  80. horsemanbombadil says:

    Europe which cannot feed itself and China/Far East which cannot power itself will either war with each other or return to colonialism to get resources.

    Africa, India will be devestated by covid and typoid from the dead and will be taken over by somebody.

    South America will just wither as they have nothing of value.

    Canada, US Mexico will go internal ignoring the world.

    Russia is the wildcard. With good governance it has resources to feed, power itself but just barely. Managed well they get by, managed poorly they have to get aggressive.

    Good thing out of all this…Libtards, fuck your causes, we just wanna eat and be warm.

    And wamanz (vs women) fuck off and fend for yourself.

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  81. Larry G says:

    WTF??????? Rhode Island has a NATIONAL GUARD??? What, all 9 of them in a Toyota Tundra?

    “Rhode Island says all out of state are to quarantine for 14 days and set up National Guard checkpoints.”

    and let us not forget the Rhode Island Naval Reserve unit…

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  82. Farm Boy says:

    In the past month or so anyone spending time on the socio-political side of Twitter has probably encountered the emergence of numerous Chinese accounts. These are clearly pro-government propaganda accounts based on two basic criteria; they always speak glowingly about the country and its Chi-Com regime, and that general citizens do not have access to Twitter.

    So yea, that alone is something of a tell. Any user touting the merits of its politicians and even laying blame on the United States can be assured of broadcasting Beijing-backed bullcrap.

    When this account from the communist political set was trying to prop up the image of the Chi-Coms he threw a challenge directly at him.

    “I’ll believe you if you tweet that Xi Jinping looks like Winnie the Pooh. Just say it as a joke. Look how easy it is for us Americans: Donald Trump looks like an orange clown. Your turn.”
    — neontaster (@neontaster) April 9, 2020

    No such comment was forthcoming. A number of other accounts came up, also claiming to be free to say what they choose, but categorically what they chose to do was refuse to say what they claimed they were free to say.



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  84. Like

  85. And more things to ponder…


    If this whole thing turns out to be some sort of pandemic dry run I am going to be mighty upset!

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  86. Farm Boy says:

    Per order from @GovWhitmer, people in Michigan are now banned from purchasing a new baby car seat in stores.

    This is dangerous and this order needs clarification immediately. #migov #mileg pic.twitter.com/hlWNab6OTY

    — Tori Sachs (@Tori_Sachs) April 11, 2020

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  87. Farm Boy says:

    Some of these decisions defy belief. Shades of the famous Tennessee Ernie Ford song, Canada sent sixteen tons of PPE (personal protective equipment) to China while undergoing shortages of much-needed supplies, such as masks, goggles, gloves, and appropriate clothing, in the fight against the virus. University of Ottawa epidemiologist Amir Attaran was surprised to learn of this supernumerary gift. “It was absolutely certain in early February that we would need this equipment,” he said. “This decision went beyond altruism into high negligence and incompetence because Canada did not, and does not, have surplus equipment to spare.” Canada, as was to be expected, has no emergency management agency in place and no way of dealing with the export restrictions of needed medical supplies adopted by countries around the world.


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  88. If the MSM had written the headline it might have been, “Michigan Gov. Wants Babies to Die!” Oh wait, no that would only be if it were Trump. Sorry…

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  89. SFC Ton says:

    He’s an interesting dude Horseman….. but I doubt the rest of the world will be fucked long term. Leastwise not the parts that aren’t overran with low iq’s

    Though I would think Canada would struggle. And I mean struggle. Y’all basically have one trading partner and frankly you folk go out of your way to piss us off

    And that all assumes Trump or a Trump like POTUS


  90. Larry G says:

    gratuitous images..Vol I

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  91. P.S. kinda mean to post pretty girls when we are all stuck at home and can’t get our hair or nails done… just sayin! Lol. I have not worn makeup for days…

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  92. Larry G says:

    Delaware Border Patrol….to protect and serve, and to keep yo white cracker ass quarantined at home, honky!

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  93. Farm Boy says:

    Coronavirus Diaries: I’m a Lesbian. But Since the Lockdown, I’ve Been Sleeping With My Male Roommate.



  94. Sumo says:

    Anyone have any hands on experience with one of those FN P90’s? Always thought they looked kind of cool and wondered how they handle.


  95. Farm Boy says:

    Still, perhaps the most jaw-dropping partnership from the Obama years had nothing to do with the President himself. Pop singer Lady Gaga teamed with Vice President Joe Biden for a PSA and campaign about sexual abuse.



  96. Farm Boy says:

    When that laughable attempt went nowhere fast, Chinese officials more versed in Western sensibilities decided to play the race card. Sadly, this has been more successful among elite media and establishment types



  97. Gunner Q says:

    “Anyone have any hands on experience with one of those FN P90’s? Always thought they looked kind of cool and wondered how they handle.”

    They’re gimmicky, from what I’ve heard. Popularized by Hollywood because you can see the magazine go in/out, the same reason that Hollywood popularized the convertible. (So you can see the actors inside.)

    Not that a Californian knows anything about assault guns.


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  99. Farm Boy says:


  100. Farm Boy says:

    Gratuitous images

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  101. horsemanbombadil says:


    Yes we have one trading partner but like the US we have all the water, food, arable land, fuel we need. With a Trump or Thatcher to help us with the transition we could become self sustaining. Then the US and Canada could trade, or not, for mutual benefit and ignore the world.


  102. horsemanbombadil says:

    Funny reddit community


    In response to r/niceguys, this sub is dedicated to exposing all the women who complain about wanting a “good man”, to show what happens when women reject decent men for jerks and promiscuity, along with showing the unreasonable standards women have while offering little to no value themselves.

    Example of truthbombs

    Women don’t leave the carousel willingly.They are thrown out by their better younger versions.And she was looking for men in her age range.

    Those men are fishing in a different pond.

    Her age is red flag in itself.

    “What have I done to deserve this?

    Answer :-You wasted your youth in dates and flings(what we call the Cock Carousel)

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  103. horsemanbombadil says:



    The scary thing is you cant make this shit up. All the hundreds of profiles and articles they trash are real.

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  104. horsemanbombadil says:

    Not up to speed, what did Michigan bitch do?

    P.s. Rhode Island


  105. Farm Boy says:

    Well, Governor Whitmer complained about not getting stuff from the Federal Government when she needed to declare a disaster first in order to get it. She banned the drugs that Trump touted out of spite, then reversed herself because of the outrage. She, in general, has operated like a deer in the headlights, on one of calls to Trump, she acted so dopey that Trump termed her “Half Whitmer” publicly. She has banned people from going into any residence other than theirs. Furthermore, if they have a vacation home in the country, they can’t go there.

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  106. Liz says:

    Random rona related Liz blab:
    For USAF field training this summer they are requiring quarantine for the cadets two weeks prior and two weeks after. So they will all be confined to a small room at Maxwell AFB for four weeks total, to do two weeks of training. Real folks of genius, USAF leadership.
    Our oldest was going to do jump school with the Army this summer but I’m guessing that’s cancelled.

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  107. SFC Ton says:

    FN P90 is a legit firearm but very much a niche. They are amazingly easy to control on full auto ……for its size

    Would I spend money on it? Nope. Guns are tools and it’s not needed in my tool box

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  108. SFC Ton says:

    Naw Horseman
    Canada can provide for itself but of you want any kind of prosperity beyond the basics you need to have a surplus and a place to sell it

    Plus y’all are way to globalist to elect a Trump like figure

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  109. Farm Boy says:

    A new experimental COVID-19 treatment called remdesivir has reportedly been shown to be effective against SARS-Cov-2, a new research study finds.



  110. Is it just me or does that MI Gov look like Bruce, I mean Kaitlyn, Jenner? Odd…

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  111. I do think this stay home and hide nobody can go out thing is what the female herd would be telling each other but for somebody to be telling that to everybody is where it comes off the rails bc *someone* has to go out. The only people I know going out are men, like men have always done. Sadly mostly they are the urging of their women folk who “need lettuce” or some such ridiculous benign thing. While their wives wax on FB about how they are “strictly quarantining.” It all goes back to men have always faced death, eggs expensive or whatever, expendable. Not that *I* feel that, but I see it all the time just as a given assumption (mostly on the wives part.)

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  112. Farm Boy says:

    Yes, she does

    Gretchen Whitmer and the former Bruce Jenner

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