President Hillary

Now that we have a crisis on our hands, we see how President Trump is responding.  How might have President Hillary responded to the same situation?

Let us consider the situation.  The Chinese Virus can infect anyone.  But based on where (often in terms of population density) and how you live (behaviors) the probabilities are no doubt different.  The Government can at this time only do so much that actually might be helpful.

Back to President Hillary.  I am sure that she would view women and suffering more than men, as this is how she is.  Furthermore, she probably wishes that the deplorable (especially the white men deplorables) would be more susceptible; but since they mostly live in rural areas of fly-over country, they are not.   Naturally enough the white people who think the correct way that live in coastal enclaves would be who she would want to protect, along with those who are designated as approved victim groups.

Probably President Hillary would have used the crisis for a power grab, with much of the grab having little to do with improving the situation with respect to the Chinese Virus.  And in that power grab, white men would be put to a disadvantage.

Exit Question — What do think President Hillary would have done?

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  1. Farm Boy says:

    I wonder if Hillary is at home baking cookies…


  2. Cill says:

    Old Hill would handle it like a crim. A careless and incompetent crim at that. She would do so with impunity because the entire Left is as crooked as she is, and she would be given the same dream run from the MSM that they gave Obama.

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  3. horsemanbombadil says:

    Simplest home mask I have seen.

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  4. I could say but that may not be very nice. Let’s just say I am glad we are not in WWIII, while also fighting a pandemic, with a “flat hierarchy, let’s all take turns with the talking stick, everyone feeling good is what matters,” approach, while nobody really watches the money, or understands the economic impact of all this. I mean it’s bad, no doubt, just the virus and such, but it could be a whole lot worse!

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  5. Cheque d'Out says:

    At an old people’s home, it was time for the star of the show, Claude the Hypnotist!
    Claude explained that he was going to put the whole audience into a trance. “Yes, each and every one of you and all at the same time”
    The chatter dropped to silence as Claude carefully withdrew, from his waistcoat pocket, a beautiful antique gold pocket watch and chain.
    “I want you to keep your eyes on my watch” said Claude, holding the watch high for all to see.
    “It’s a very special and valuable watch that has been in my family for six generations”
    He began to swing the watch gently back and forth while quietly chanting,”Watch the watch…watch the watch…watch the watch”
    The audience became mesmerized as the watch swayed back and forth.
    The lights were twinkling as they were reflected from its gleaming surfaces.
    A hundred and fifty pairs of eyes followed the movements of the gently swaying watch.
    They were all hypnotized, then, suddenly, the chain broke!!!
    The beautiful watch fell to the stage and burst into a hundred pieces on impact.
    “SHIT,” shouted Claude.

    It took them three days to completely clean up the Retirement Village and Claude was never invited back again.

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  6. Cheque d'Out says:

    You can skip to 18:00 or so for the NY doc to speak


  7. Cheque d'Out says:

    Our brave new deputy leader of the laba party speaks

    From her pre-pollytix daze


  8. Cheque d'Out says:

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  9. BuenaVista says:

    My prediction is that this week the C19 illness will be racialized, and Clinton won’t even have to be president to join AOC’s already-stated “concern” that it is affecting “black and brown communities” disproportionately. So Trump will next be attacked for furthering a racist, even murderous, viral outrage against black and browns.

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  10. BuenaVista says:

    In the above, change “this week” to “right now”. C19 is working in concert with racist white privilege-mongers to discriminate against blacks.

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  11. BuenaVista says:

    Meanwhile, this. Remember, Trump is making her do this to express his white privilege.

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  12. Liz says:

    What do think President Hillary would have done?

    Press release from this alternate universe:
    “Ms President, Ms President, what are you going to do about the pandemic?”
    Hillary, “I accept full responsibility”
    “But…what are you going to do?”
    “I said I accept full responsibility. Now stop talking about it!”

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  13. Liz says:

    Somewhere out in the internetz of orange-man-bad land:
    “Trump says gas is 91 cents in some places! AAA says the average is (something else)”.

    Sometimes these folks are so dumb correcting them feels a little like clubbing a baby seal.
    A mouthy, smelly, foul, unpleasant and confrontational baby seal.

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  14. Your overthinking this stuff re: Hillary, FB.

    Let’s see what it says the “Rules for Sociopathic Homicidal Kleptocrats”.

    1. Amass as much power and influence as possible.

    2. Sell access to or use of said power at every opportunity. Highest bidder wins.

    3. Kill anyone who gets in your way. Or could possibly get in your way. Or just for fun.

    Its like to 3 Laws of Robotics, but in real life.

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  15. So, I thought governors were supposed to serve the people of the entire state. Boy, was I wrong! Apparently Gov. Cuomo has ordered the National Guard in his state to seize ventilators from upstate NY hospitals (serving mostly Republican voting districts) who aren’t using them currently. They’ll be returned when NYC (the deepest blue imaginable) no longer needs them.

    Thanks for the civics lesson, Gov. Cuomo.

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  16. Cheque d'Out says:

    This is not a joke. Well it is but…it isn’t.

    [Ms. Emily given a shadow position she is?]

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  17. Is it true Ms. Emily’s shadow weights 43lbs?

    [How many stones that would be?]


  18. Shadow Secretary for Forestry Affairs Gives Gloomy Forecast re: TP Production For Next Quarter

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  19. Farm Boy says:

    DR. BIRX: It is disappointing to me right now that we have about 500,000 capacity of Abbott tests that are not being utilized. So they are out. They’re in the states. They’re not being run and not utilized.

    Why aren’t the tests being utilized? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are standing in the way. On its website, the CDC has extremely restrictive criteria regarding who should be tested

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  20. Farm Boy says:

    Biden Campaign Advisor: Prosecute Trump For ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ For Endorsing Hydroxychloroquine To Fight Virus

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  21. Farm Boy says:

    As many as 4,000 people in New York are currently being treated with hydroxychloroquine, the New York Post reports

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    New Jersey desperately needs COBOL Programmers.

    That’s what the State’s Governor, Phil Murphy, apparently meant today, when he said at a press conference that the State needed volunteers who with “Cobalt” computer skills to help fix 40-year-old-plus unemployment insurance systems that are currently overwhelmed as a result of COVID-19-related job losses.

    COBOL, for those who are unfamiliar, is a computer language that is over 60 years old, and was once the staple of software development across industry and government. By the late 1980s, however, it had become sufficiently obsolete that many universities did not even include it in their computer science curricula. In fact, while there are certainly are COBOL systems still in use today, relatively few software developers under the age of 50 have ever seen, never mind written, even one line of COBOL. It is not surprising that even New Jersey’s 62-year old governor, who was an executive at Goldman Sachs for decades, had apparently not heard its name recently enough to remember it correctly.

    COBOL’s heyday in the 1970s means that the majority of COBOL experts in America are likely well over 60 years old – making them significantly at risk for death or danger by COVID-19 – and probably a bit rusty at their former craft; many of them have likely not developed in COBOL since long before many of the readers of this article were born.

    Umm, it’s my understanding that relatively few government employees have been declared “non-essential” and are still working at full pay, while nurses are actually been laid-off in some areas. Why should people volunteer to fix for free now what government should have paid them to fix 20 years ago?

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  23. Farm Boy says:

    “In France, we were told yesterday on a conference call that [French President Emanuel] Macron was talking to [Chinese President] Xi and Macron asked for a billion masks, and Xi said, ‘We’ll give them to you if you implement 5G with Huawei.’ That’s who China is and it’s time the world wake up and recognize it.”

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  24. BuenaVista says:

    Important news alert:

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  25. Farm Boy says:

    Far from discrediting Trump’s point of view, the COVID-19 crisis reveals what his strategy asserted: that the world is a competitive arena in which great power rivals like China seek advantage, that the state remains the irreplaceable agent of international power and effective action, that international institutions have limited capacity to transform the behavior and preferences of states.

    China, America’s most powerful rival, has played a particularly harmful role in the current crisis, which began on its soil. Initially, that country’s lack of transparency prevented prompt action that might have contained the virus. In Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, Chinese officials initially punished citizens for “spreading rumors” about the disease. The lab in Shanghai that first published the genome of the virus on open platforms was shut down the next day for “rectification,” as the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported in February. Apparently at the behest of officials at the Wuhan health commission, news reports indicate, visiting teams of experts from elsewhere in China were prevented from speaking freely to doctors in the infectious-disease wards. Some experts had suspected human-to-human transmission, but their inquiries were rebuffed. “They didn’t tell us the truth,” one team member said of the local authorities, “and from what we now know of the real situation then, they were lying” to us.

    Now China’s propagandists are competing to create a narrative that obscures the origins of the crisis and that blames the United States for the virus. This irresponsible behavior and lack of transparency revealed what Trump’s National Security Strategy had identified early on: that “contrary to our hopes, China expanded its power at the expense of others.” Instead of becoming a “responsible stakeholder”—a term George W. Bush’s administration used to describe the role it hoped Beijing would play following China’s entry into the World Trade Organization in 2001—the Chinese Communist Party used the advantages of WTO membership to advance a political and economic system at odds with America’s free and open society.

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  26. Farm Boy says:

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  27. Farm Boy says:

    Pelosi then quickly weaponized the viral crisis in hopes that COVID-19 could do what Robert Mueller’s dream team and impeachment had not done—destroy the administration of Donald Trump before the November 2020 election. Only such an obsession explains why any sober politico would damn Trump as culpable in January for ignoring the viral dangers, while nearly a month after his necessary and controversial travel ban of January 31—that stopped perhaps 7,000 Chinese citizens entering California per day, some on direct flights from Wuhan—she was doing a photo-op tour to urge the public to get out and shop in San Francisco’s crowded Chinatown: “That’s what we’re trying to do today is to say everything is fine here“.

    Such a crazy juxtaposition is not just politics or hypocrisy—it’s insanity. The night before an impeached Trump was acquitted in the Senate, and five days after Trump had controversially stopped incoming Chinese visitors, Pelosi tore up his State of the Union address before a national television audience, a level of spiteful vitriol not seen in the U.S. Congress since the years leading up to the Civil War.

    When the Congress finally agreed to call a truce and pass a bipartisan “rescue bill” to stave off a depression and deliver some relief to millions of unemployed, Pelosi single-handedly delayed passage to insert irrelevant progressive treats into the authorization—until she was reprimanded by her own party to cease and desist

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  28. Filed under “Couldn’t Do It Today”.

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  29. h0neyc0mb says:


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  30. “Shut up, bitch” protocol engaged.

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  31. Cill says:

    “Thornberry’s Shadow” has a nice ring to it.


  32. Cill says:

    … a certain impressiveness, as in “Stamp of Authority” or “Parkinson’s Law” or “Mouse universe” by John Bumpass Calhoun.


  33. Cill says:

    Em the bliMp™️ Thornberry FTW

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  34. Cill says:

    How ’bout “Thornberrys Shadow” as in “Finnegans Wake”?


  35. The Shadows are a malevolent alien race from the TV series Babylon 5. The name “Shadows” is not their true name. Their true name is actually ten thousand letters long and is hard for anyone outside of their race to pronounce. They were also known as “The Ancient Enemy” by a warrior alien race, the Narn. Up until the middle of the fourth season, they were the main antagonists of the entire series. Despite not being in the fifth and final season, their dark legacy, through the actions of their former dark servants and left over Shadow-Technology, was strongly felt for a long time.

    I did not watch this show as it seemed to lack having hot chicks in catsuits. If there were any, image links would be appreciated.


  36. thedeti says:

    Leaving aside the President Hillary (shudder) question as I think it’s really not all that relevant or interesting (no offense FarmBoy)

    Someone was making the point a couple nights ago on a talking head show on FoxNews that no president has ever faced a situation or crisis like this. None of the prior presidents have been chiming in to talk about this, or what they would do, or to render any opinions on Trump’s handling of this crisis. Trump is in uncharted territory for an American president. How do you handle it when a global pandemic of a novel, extremely contagious and sometimes deadly virus is sweeping across your country? Trump is writing the script for it because it’s never been done before.

    On a meta scale I have a few concerns. First, is nationwide lockdown going to be the response whenever the seasonal flu hits? Because that kills 400,000 people worldwide, every year.

    Second, this new script Trump is writing – is this going to be the basis for response to every crisis? Lockdown because daddy government said so? Um, here in the USA we have this little thing called freedom of assembly. Part of the first amendment. That clause doesn’t get much play, but here it is:

    “Congress shall make no law… abridging… the right of the people peaceably to assemble….”

    Yes, yes, I know, that doesn’t apply to the president. It DOES, however, apply to the states through the 14th amendment because it’s considered a fundamental right. Are we all really going to put up with being told “no gatherings of over X number of people”? I can make a really, really good case that a state governor ordering that is a violation of that clause.

    But…. right now, does anyone really care that their constitutional rights are being violated?

    Third: are we all going to get used to living like this? I sure as hell can’t. I can’t go out to eat. I can’t go to a bar and get a drink. I can’t entertain a client. Shit, I can’t even have a face to face with a client. I can’t rent a movie. I can’t go to the store to buy a new suit. I have to order clothes for the time being from Amazon or some other online outlet.

    Does anyone else think the response to this has been a little overblown? Think about this:

    seasonal flu infects like 700 million people worldwide every year. about 1% of people die from it. a whole bunch of people get sick. This happens every year. EVERY YEAR. With Coronavirus, it appears to be spreading quickly, like flu does. Covid currently has a .06% death rate. The highest estimates now from the experts are that 0.66% of people infected will die. That’s less than one percent. For most people, COVID will be like the flu. You get it, you feel pretty bad for a week or so, you go to a doctor, you get treated, you rest, take it easy, drink lots of fluids, and you feel better.

    And yes, I know. People are getting really sick from this. A few people are dying from this. We don’t understand it as well as flu. it’s a new very contagious virus. I get it.

    But guys… people get sick all the time. And some of those people die. That is life. That is the way it is. People die. People die all the time. Babies die. Kids die. Old people suffer in pain and die. I know. It sucks. But that’s life. I will die and so will all of you. Not now, God willing. But we will all die. Sometimes, people get sick, and they die, and there’s nothing we can do about that.

    We can’t live our lives in lockdown and panic because a few of us die. We can’t wrap ourselves in bubble wrap. We can’t take showers in hand sanitizer. We can’t stay 6 feet away from everyone forever. We can’t keep millions of restaurant and bar workers out of work forever.

    Because even if we do all those things. people will still get sick and they will still die.

    Just sitting in my office (which I can still use, for now) thinking about all these things.

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  37. thedeti says:

    My grandmother lived to 96 years old. She was in a nursing home and had bad pneumonia. And what happens with pneumonia in old people is that it gets hard to breathe, their hearts over compensate for the lack of oxygen so the heart beats harder and faster. And finally, the old heart muscle gives out and stops. And so this is what happened to Grandmother.

    In my job i work with medical experts. Years ago I had a nursing home case where an elderly lady had pressure sores from lying in bed in one position too long. The claim was the sores got infected and the infection killed her. The experts were telling me this was a natural death and nothing the nursing home did caused her death or even caused her to get infected. One of the experts said:

    “This is what happens when people get old. Their bodies shut down. Organs, especially the heart and lungs, just stop working. It’s a natural process, part of getting old. For some it happens slowly, like to this elderly woman. It happens to everyone if they live long enough. If it were otherwise, no one would ever die.”

    That has always stuck with me. And gave me some peace when Grandmother finally gave up the ghost.

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  38. RichardP says:

    @thedeti said: We can’t live our lives in lockdown and panic because a few of us die.

    Enough has been written, elsewhere and on this blog, that states what this shutdown is all about that I can’t figure out why you wrote that statement. Because that ain’t it.

    Every year in the United States, a “few of us die” from the regular flu (you know the figure) and we do not have a response anywhere close to this response. It is not the “few of us dying” that is driving this response.

    @Cd’Out: My heart goes out to all folks United Kingdom, given that Boris Johnson is in ICU. I take that to mean that the medicines that have worked well on others are not working on him. Do you know who will step in / has stepped in to govern when he can not?


  39. thedeti says:

    Why don’t you fill me in, richardP, because I don’t know what’s been written on this blog that says we need to shut everything down if it’s not that this virus has an emerging but still undefined mortality rate that appears to match that of the seasonal flu.

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  40. h0neyc0mb says:

    I can’t rent a movie.

    Ya’ had me on th’ hook until the above quote ..

    Come-on TheDeti .. I know you have on-demand movie services .. heh ..

    You almost had me there .. glad I caught that slip-up .. /S


    But…. right now, does anyone really care that their constitutional rights are being violated?


    Does anyone else think the response to this has been a little overblown?

    HELL YES! From Day 1.

    is this going to be the basis for response to every crisis?

    HELL YES! And it should frighten everyone!

    “Alright everyone .. this is your POTUS (or Gov-Nur .. or Mayor .. etc) .. You’ve been very bad .. turn in the keys to your car .. we have to stop Climate Change Glow-Bull Warping”

    Yeah .. this ends well for everyone .. especially the Elites.

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  41. h0neyc0mb says:

    Until they are swinging from a lamp-post .. it’s a moot point in the history books.

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  42. SFC Ton says:

    I’m not sure how Hilary would have palyed this if she was POTUS but I am damn sure of two things

    #1) stimulus money would have gone to the banks
    #2) then the banks would habe dumped that cash into her foundation.

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  43. h0neyc0mb says:

    I’m waiting for the mandy-tory vac-sin-nations before you’re allowed to return to “the way things were before” ..

    No vac’ and no leavin’ yo crib .. until you do.

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  44. thedeti says:


    yeah we’ve got on demand movies. But I still want to rent one.

    I want to be able to go out of my house, to the rental place, pay my $2, and rent my fuckin’ movie.

    Like I have for like 35 years

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  45. Cheque d'Out says:

    The New York doctor that starts talking at about 18:20 in (for around 6 minutes) explains what he’s seeing with patients

    The English researcher then explains why he thinks that the ultimate killer is brain damage caused by the virus. But he also explains that in an interview with Stefan Molyneux but in a more focused manner.

    He explains the dropping to the ground of people. The people spitting on keypads and public areas.

    It’s not just flu. He supports the lockdown


  46. Cheque d'Out says:

    Sadly my arcane computer language expertise lies in Fortran (IV, 66 and 77). Formula Translation iirc. The scientific language as opposed to COBOL for the business world.

    If the code has been properly maintained and documented (possible lol) I don’t really see the drama in making changes. Even if you need to pick up the language to do it. That’s how I learned Fortran, I took a pile of shite proof of concept code hacked by an academic and made it into a much better commercial product.

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  47. Liz says:

    I am still able to go to Red box at the grocery store (though it hasn’t had anything new in in what seems like a very long time).

    This is the best day we’ve had up on the mountain in a very long while. Wow it is beautiful. Deer out everywhere. Unfortunately, with the thaw we have the leaks again.
    So…the roof that has been remade is now unmade.

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  48. Cheque d'Out says:

    I’ve not watched this, just copying it over

    Here’s another disturbing public service video from Clif High about the covid19 situation. It contains far more information than you ever expected to know about Horseshoe batshit in China, the inner machinations of the Chinese Communist Party ‘evil fuckers’, and how the virus uses the pretovella B bacteria in bats and humans to monitor the levels of vitamin C in adjacent cells (which keeps it under control) and when it is too low the virus multiplies rapidly and kills people by diverting the oxygen in their blood. Our experts are making the mistake of treating it as a disease when it is a bioweapon, and Clif wants them to recognise this before we get to the next stage where it kills a lot more people. The good news is that high doses of vitamin C keep it at bay, and some hospitals in America are starting to recognise this. Forget bogrolls, stock up with vitamin C.


  49. Cheque d'Out says:

    Is it true Ms. Emily’s shadow weights 43lbs?

    [How many stones that would be?]

    14lbs to a stone. So 3 stones and 1 ounce

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  50. Cheque d'Out says:

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  51. Cheque d'Out says:

    Transcript of the first few minutes of Trump’s speech mentioning Boris Johnson.

    “He’s been really something very special he’s strong resolute; doesn’t quit; doesn’t give up. I’ve asked two of the leading companies – these are brilliant companies. Ebola, Aids, they’ve come with the solutions and just have done incredible jobs nd I’ve asked them to contact London immediately. They’ve really advanced therapeutics and they have arrived in London already, the London office has whatever they need. We’ll see if we can be of help. We’ve contacted all of Boris’s doctors, and we’ll see what is going to take place, but they are ready to go because when you get brought into intensive care, that gets very, very serious with this particular disease. So, the two companies are there. And with what they are talking about, and it’s rather complex and has had really incredible results. We’re working with the FDA and everybody else but we are working with London with respect to Boris Johnson.”

    Cheers, friends.

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  52. Vitamin C-uervo it is then.

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  53. I want to go to the bbq place that somehow ALWAYS have some cute girls working Saturday lunch. Bbq pork nachos and a cold beer with a little scenery to boot. Nice.

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  54. Farm Boy says:

    Scotland’s chief medical officer, Catherine Calderwood, has resigned after practicing social distancing for thee but not for me.

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  55. Farm Boy says:

    Actress and prominent #MeToo activist Rose McGowan had some harsh words for fellow activist and actress Alyssa Milano after the latter said she was still endorsing former Vice President Joe Biden despite sexual assault allegations against him.


  56. Farm Boy says:

    Trump, at his daily coronavirus briefings, has repeatedly touted the drug in combination with the antibiotic azithromycin, despite criticism from health professionals that it is unproven and potentially dangerous. There have also been complaints that Trump’s remarks have resulted in a shortage of the drug for those people who normally use it for its recommended purposes.

    But Whitsett said Trump’s comments helped in her case.

    “It has a lot to do with the president … bringing it up,” Whitsett said. “He is the only person who has the power to make it a priority.”


  57. Farm Boy says:

    [A history of wearing blackface he has]

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  58. Farm Boy says:

    Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said during his daily briefing that he wants President Donald Trump’s administration to increase the hydroxychloroquine because tests at New York hospitals show promise.


  59. SFC Ton says:

    “Congress shall make no law… abridging… the right of the people peaceably to assemble….”

    The constitution died in 1860 and you yankees killed it. It fucking ridiculous to think some modern yankee is worried about it?

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  60. Ame says:

    oh, my, Liz … is that ‘standard’ up there … to have to replace your roof every year b/c of snow?!


  61. Ame says:

    Deti has some valid points … i’ve been wonderin the same things.

    when you step back and look at all this objectively, whose side are all those leaders on anyway? do any of them oppose each other behind closed doors? they have taken away all our rights, and we freely handed them to them … sheesh, we begged them to take them.

    five months ago could you have even contemplated such a scenario where in the whole world willingly gave up all their rights to their respective gov’ts?


    idk what the truth is, but i’m absolutely certain that we really do not know what the truth is.


  62. Liz says:

    oh, my, Liz … is that ‘standard’ up there … to have to replace your roof every year b/c of snow?!

    Heh, no…I don’t think so, at any rate.
    Our roof is insured for at least 30 years, but they can’t come up and fix it until the snow thaws completely.
    Unfortunately, the damage to the inside is not insured.
    Che sarà.

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  63. Ame says:

    on a happier note … i SO wish i could share the pic i got today from my Beloved Niece! my Grand Niece is wearing the cutest onesie that says, “My Auntie is Amazing!” hummm … where might she have gotten that?!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    i got to facetime with that Sweet Pea, and we just talked and talked and talked! my Beloved Niece says she really responds to my voice. That is one very smart little baby! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    [Babies like boobs they do]

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  64. Farm Boy says:

    @WHO has admitted it did not even REPLY to Taiwan officials raising concerns in late DECEMBER over possible human to human transmission in the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan. For fear of hurting WHO relationship with China. Answers needed.

    — Naomi Ackerman (@nomiackerman) April 5, 2020


  65. Farm Boy says:

    As coronavirus-related death tolls continue surge around the globe, Michigan State University (MSU) has prioritized informing students to be careful about their choice of words.

    In a campus-wide email sent to staff, faculty, and students, MSU is recommending that people refer to the Wuhan coronavirus as the “novel coronavirus,” “SARS CoV-2,” or “COVID-19,” according to a report by the Morning Watch.

    “Use the correct term for the virus,” insists the university in its email. “No other names are acceptable.”

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  66. Farm Boy says:

    Chinese state media has been flooding Facebook and Instagram with undisclosed political ads blaming President Donald Trump for the Wuhan coronavirus. Facebook said in a statement that it was an “error” that the ads were not classified as political and is correcting them.

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  67. Farm Boy says:

    “I only want to wake up stupid U.S. politicians and media outlets that are still passing the buck and refusing to accept responsibility, and continuing to find fault with China,” Wang wrote. “It’s the U.S. elites, stupid!”

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  68. h0neyc0mb says:

    “Change or die” .. [by Alan Deutschman]

    Change or Die .. heh! 😂


  69. Farm Boy says:

    China has demanded an explanation from Brazil after the far-right government’s education minister linked the coronavirus pandemic to Beijing’s “plan for world domination”


  70. Farm Boy says:

    Boris Johnson’s government reportedly believes the coronavirus may have accidentally leaked from a Chinese laboratory

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  71. Farm Boy says:

    In a devastating move, the State Department has joined with Judicial Watch in claiming that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cannot dodge a court-ordered deposition in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit seeking “talking points or updates on the Benghazi attack.”

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  72. Farm Boy says:

    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry officially stopped being senior members of the British royal family on Wednesday months after they announced their decision to step away and move to North America. Now, Meghan is reportedly planning to make her return to acting, but she’s determined to only do so on her terms.
    An inside source told Daily Mail that Meghan, 38, only wants to work with A-list directors in the hopes that she will secure a breakout role that will finally get her taken seriously as an actress. She is reportedly worried that critics will be especially hard on her, so she wants to make sure that only the best of the best directors are attached to her projects.

    The source said that Meghan has “been telling her agents that she wants Ava DuVernay involved, and that they need to find the right script.” While Meghan has already been flooded with offers, the insider said that “she thinks the majority of them are cheesy and beneath her.”


  73. OKRickety says:

    Cheque d’Out said “14lbs to a stone. So 3 stones and 1 ounce”. 🙂 What happened to the other 15 ounces? A miracle diet?

    As to COBOL programming, I’ll stick with my COBOL programming job (processing medical billing and payments for Emergency Room care) where I’m getting paid for it (although today I’ve aired out plenty of four-letter words venting about my fellow coders and their predecessors). I wonder if the problem is really the code and not the hardware/software infrastructure. It may be barely adequate for the norm, but totally out of its league with unusually high processing volume. And, yes, I’m over 60 and thinking about retirement. Sometimes the compensation isn’t hardly enough for the aggravation.

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  74. h0neyc0mb says:

    In the mid 80’s I attended college and as a means of meeting ALL of my foreign language classes (required in a STEM degree) .. I took ALL of the programming classes I could.

    It’s been a while .. but I recall more of those languages than I do the talking kind(s) 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Hang in there OKRickety .. the ME-lean-ill-yells are on the way so you can retire .. 😂

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  75. Farm Boy says:

    Gratuitous image of Wilma Deering

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  76. Farm Boy says:

    Gratuitous image of Pussy Galore

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  77. Farm Boy says:

    “The @WHO is an accomplice to China’s massive coverup of Covid19. That’s why I support efforts by @marcorubio & @tedcruz pushing for resignation of WHO director general. He misled the world by blindly trusting a communist regime intent on deception,” Bolton wrote.

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  78. Cill says:

    “This is the best day we’ve had up on the mountain in a very long while. Wow it is beautiful. Deer out everywhere. Unfortunately, with the thaw we have the leaks again.
    So…the roof that has been remade is now unmade.”

    I had many of those moments with my “first paradise” Liz, and I’m supposed to be a builder. My respect to you and Mike.

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  79. Cheque d'Out says:

    A handy print out and keep guide to politics


  80. Cheque d'Out says:

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  81. Cheque d'Out says:

    “Cheque d’Out said “14lbs to a stone. So 3 stones and 1 ounce”. 🙂 What happened to the other 15 ounces? A miracle diet?”

    Quite right. 3 stone and 1lb. These are units that I know but don’t use. I’ve let you down, I’ve let me down…I’ve basically let everyone down 😦

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  82. Cheque d'Out says:

    Said to be an image of a woman trying to get a refund on bog-rolls. I guess that the credit card bill arrived or she was tired of not being able to get into her living room?

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  83. Farm Boy says:

    After telling the world that it would donate masks, face guards and testing equipment to Italy, China quietly backtracked and sold the Mediterranean country desperately-needed medical equipment, according to a report.

    What’s worse is that the personal protective equipment (PPE) China forced Italy to buy was actually the same PPE Italy donated to China before coronavirus rushed its own shores and killed nearly 16,000 people.

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  84. Farm Boy says:

    The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis pose a potential danger to efforts to improve diversity and inclusion in U.S. law firms, leading experts to caution firms to tread carefully when making staffing decisions during this uncertain time.


  85. Farm Boy says:

    … Guidelines recently released by the Centers for Disease Control bolster concerns that the death toll is being rigged to show a higher fatality rate. “In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID-19 cannot be made, but it is suspected or likely (e.g., the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty), it is acceptable to report COVID-19 on a death certificate as ‘probable’ or ‘presumed’,” the agency advises. “In these instances, certifiers should use their best clinical judgment in determining if a COVID-19 infection was likely.”

    That clinical judgment, alarmingly, does not require administering a test to confirm the presence of the virus.

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  86. @OK
    “I wonder if the problem is really the code and not the hardware/software infrastructure. It may be barely adequate for the norm, but totally out of its league with unusually high processing volume.”

    That would seem to make sense to me. The code was working “fine”, but at 10000x normal demand the hardware can’t keep up.

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  87. Not for nothing, but I was getting tired of all the paeans to Kobe Bryant and his daughter the “female Kobe” nobody else had ever heard of. Remember them? No, because actual stuff has happened.

    Pro sports could disappear forever, and I wouldn’t miss it. College sports are already too “professional” for me.

    As for celebrities… Ha, ha! as Nelson would say.

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  88. Cheque d'Out says:

    Move along now

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  89. “So the computer is saying, “Fuck you. No refunds, bitch.”

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  90. Liz says:

    Heh, thanks Cill.
    At least it’s only two leaks instead of five this time (knocks on wood). 😆

    Decided to teach the boys italian while we’re incubating here. At three every day we will have a lesson. I’m typing this online to hold my own feet to the first to make sure it’s done (Mike does ju jitsu with them every afternoon at four, and boxing at six or something).

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  91. “How dare you! And what do you mean no refunds? I want to speak with the manager!”

    “Well, Karen, since Amazon bought us the Bezos3000 is the the store manager. We all call him “Jeff”, and Jeff says, ‘Fuck you. No refunds.'”

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  92. Liz says:

    I do hope they don’t refund toilet paper or hand sanitizer. It’s the hand sanitizer that angers me most. That is no sh*t (pun intended) important during a pandemic.

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  93. “Colonel” Deering has a nice flat tummy, and still has good hips. Pretty rare combo these days. Not the greatest pose the photog has her in, but nice enough for me.

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  94. Liz says:

    when you step back and look at all this objectively, whose side are all those leaders on anyway?

    Leadership will take the blame for deaths that happen when the lockdown is lifted. They won’t be given an award for not exercising over-caution to the extreme. Politicians are waiting right now with their Captain hindsight talking points already written for this event.
    This is one of those “one person craps himself so everyone else has to wear diapers” type of paradigms.

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    Yeah, I don’t get this “plan” at all. Dump some marines on tiny islands where they are now stuck , basically defenseless and in need of constant re-supply?

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  96. Liz says:

    Here is a Democrat who won’t be popular at the next Comrade Citizen’s barn meeting.

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  97. Liz says:


  98. Farm Boy says:

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Office of General Counsel and Media Bureau rejected a petition by the progressive Free Press on Monday to “weaponize” the agency against broadcasters and conservatives to censor political speech.

    Free Press recently petitioned the FCC to censor broadcasters from showing President Donald Trump’s press conferences on the coronavirus outbreak.


  99. Re: Chinese Corona Virus from Wuhan, China is not the flu.

    So, Ok, it’s not the flu, it’s in ADDITION to the flu, and possibly more deadly. Saw a link somewhere today that the CDC is softly encouraging doctors to put down the Chinese Choke-ya virus as COD, based on “reasonable assumptions” rather than an actual positive test, so those numbers don’t really get more than a shrug from me.

    Long story short, I don’t believe anyone.

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  100. Farm Boy says:

    How does chloroquine work? Same way as it does for malaria. You see, malaria is this little parasite that enters the red blood cells and starts eating hemoglobin as its food source. The reason chloroquine works for malaria is the same reason it works for COVID-19 — while not fully understood, it is suspected to bind to DNA and interfere with the ability to work magic on hemoglobin. The same mechanism that stops malaria from getting its hands on hemoglobin and gobbling it up seems to do the same to COVID-19 (essentially little snippets of DNA in an envelope) from binding to it. On top of that, Hydroxychloroquine (an advanced descendant of regular old chloroquine) lowers the pH which can interfere with the replication of the virus.

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  101. Farm Boy says:

    “Wheel of oppression, turn turn turn, tell us the outrage that within us should burn!” she chanted encouraging her followers to join in. “Oh wow!” exclaimed Cortez as the wheel came to a stop on ‘The Rich’, “I haven’t complained about them since yesterday. That’s a relief!”

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  102. Farm Boy says:

    U.S.—Stylists have been shut down by the coronavirus pandemic. But many have begun returning to work using an innovative new tool: 6′ long extendable tree pruners.


  103. Liz says:

    That’s an interesting writeup on the mechanism in which chloroquine works, and the way the coronavirus (might) work.
    I’m still kind of sketchy on the details (mature red blood cells don’t have DNA, to my knowledge as they have no nuclei…and hemoglobin is just proteins with heme groups)
    At any rate, I’m a big fan of “what works”.
    Semmelweis didn’t know why washing his hands led to better patient outcomes, but he kept washing his hands and eventually the science caught up.

    [Yes, whole article interesting it was]

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  104. Ame says:

    you all know that pic that has floated around for years … the one where young men and women are taking a break from their jobs at ww2 prison camps, laughing and having a good time, while they are doing despicable things to those people, humans, people that God created, treating them like less-than-animals.

    and we can’t imagine what it would take for people to be like that … how could they NOT KNOW!!!

    so … i’m thinking about all the stuff going on, and that pic and the comments, “How could they NOT KNOW!” creeps in.

    i’m reading my nextdoor, and this woman is raging, RAGING, because some people had a fire in their backyard and sat around it … noting cars, number of people, what they’re doing, all short of giving the exact address (though i imagine as the thread goes on, she’ll give that, too). and people are arguing on nextdoor – screaming at each other via text – “THEY’RE THE REASON WE’RE DYING!!!” … “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!” well … not that calm! lol!

    and within weeks we’ve turned into a country where EVERYone self-police’s everyone’s behavior, broadcasting it to the masses, giving details, private information, and people are going to be huddled in their homes, hiding from these people, more than from any possible chance to get this virus.

    i’m not saying the virus isn’t real.

    but … step back a moment. people are parroting, “We’ve all got to do our part. Stay home! Don’t go out. etc etc”

    businesses all over the world are crashing … people’s ability to support their families, to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. people are dying alone. people are abandoned b/c they can’t have human contact – and we think that’s okay.

    i know for a fact that several cases in our county were tested at the morgue and came back negative – after-the-fact. did they alter those statistics?

    and speaking of statistics … although BV is much more knowledgeable here … my first Husband always said, “It’s all in how you ask the question. You can get any answer you want in how you ask the question.”

    idk the truth … but i sure as heck know that i do not know the truth.

    could you have even imagined, five months ago, anything happening where the gov’t told you that you cannot open your business, you must take the hit, you cannot support your family, and if you try, we’re going to raise up the masses to chastise you and spite you and dox you and your family.

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  105. Yes, the whole:

    The reason chloroquine works for malaria is the same reason it works for COVID-19 — while not fully understood, it is suspected to bind to DNA and interfere with the ability to work magic on hemoglobin. The same mechanism that stops malaria from getting its hands on hemoglobin and gobbling it up seems to do the same to COVID-19 (essentially little snippets of DNA in an envelope) from binding to it.

    is a bit vague.

    Is it referring to the DNA in the virus? Maybe just saying that it appears to stops the destruction of hemoglobin that also occurs in malarial infections would have been better.

    Hearing that mechanical ventilation won’t really be the limiting factor it was presented as before is good news, if true.

    Overall, pretty well written and I think most non-medical folks could follow it. Maybe not public school grads, but let’s be realistic.

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  106. Currently incarcerated for felony “Being Outside”.

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  107. Ame says:

    Currently incarcerated for felony “Being Outside”.

    in a women’s prison or a men’s prison?! lol!


  108. Cill says:

    Spawny at 10:26 am (“image of a woman trying to get a refund on bog-rolls”)

    Looks like a rip-off gone arse-up. She looks like one of those solo mums who bought up large expecting (and helping to create) a shortage of bog rolls on the shelves. She was prolly hoping to hock ’em off at a 300% mark-up or somat.

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  109. Oh, this was a citizen’s arrest.

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  110. Cill says:

    Spawny at 11:36 am

    Just look at the regretful leer on them lips. He’s taking one up the chuff there and then for sure. Silly buggar. There’s no rutting a silverback and getting away with it.

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  111. Ame says:



  112. Cill says:

    I released the comment at 7:06 pm by S&P. Looks like it sat in “pending” for quite a while.

    [SG – I think that that’s the mistake comment. I deleted it and altered your comment so that a web search wouldn’t find that sequence of words in that form on this blog. Not that I mind if they did]

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  113. Cheque d'Out says:

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  114. Cheque d'Out says:

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  115. thedeti says:

    Go BoJo!

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  116. Cill says:

    Not sure what you mean by “mistake comment” me old Empire, but your “British” at 10:07 pm is a real pearler.

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  117. SFC Ton says:

    Yeah, I don’t get this “plan” at all. Dump some marines on tiny islands where they are now stuck , basically defenseless and in need of constant re-supply?

    I don’t get why we keep them around. Complete resource drain but I get the marines are struggling to find a niche and some relevance

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  118. Farm Boy says:

    “It reminds me a little, in its tendency to get longer and louder and almost more hysterical, of the applause after a speech by Nicolae Ceausescu or other communist despot, in which everyone in the audience had to show himself as enthusiastic and the most enthusiastic applauder, and to continue applauding as long as someone else was applauding, for to be the first to stop might be taken as a sign of disloyalty and dissent from the official line,” writes Dalrymple.

    Describing the clapathon as “emotionally kitsch,” the author feels there is “something unpleasant” about the implication of not joining in with the collective gesture.

    “There is often the implication that if you refrain from making it—and even worse if you actively refuse to make it—you are in some sense an enemy, in this case, of the people,” writes Dalrymple. “Whatever your inner conviction, it is safest to join in. By doing so you avoid drawing attention to yourself and you are assumed to think and feel like everyone else, which is always safest.”


  119. Farm Boy says:

    The W.H.O. really blew it. For some reason, funded largely by the United States, yet very China centric. We will be giving that a good look. Fortunately I rejected their advice on keeping our borders open to China early on. Why did they give us such a faulty recommendation?

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 7, 2020

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  120. Farm Boy says:

    She Accused Her Astronaut Ex Of Hacking Into Her Bank Account. Federal Prosecutors Now Say She Lied.


  121. Farm Boy says:

    Italy’s deputy health minister says there will be no more “hugs and kisses” until a vaccine for coronavirus is available.


  122. Farm Boy says:

    CNN has published a lengthy article suggesting that wearing face masks to guard against coronavirus is racist due to African-Americans not being able to wear them over fears they will be treated like criminals.

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  123. Ame says:

    my first Husband always used to say, “I just want you to do your job. I’m not asking for anything special; just do your job.”

    so … Aspie-Girl has had her mattress on the floor. saved up for the bed she wants. leaned the mattress against the wall to assemble the bed, and the carpet is damp. since i keep it a bit cold in the house, and it was hard to tell if the carpet was damp or cold, i put down a flat sheet, put a large plastic sheet over that, and put her mattress back down. next day, flat sheet is damp.

    called warranty co – or whatever they are.

    sent our plumber.

    plumber did all his plumber things … determined the general area the leak could possibly be … couldn’t pinpoint it exactly … determined it could cost too much … told me to pull the carpet and pad and wait till water piles up.

    warranty co called me after they sent this in and said, ummm, no, let’s send someone else out there.

    2nd plumber guy just called. asked what was going on. i told him all the above. then he said, “Ma’am, it sounds like he has a problem and he wants you to fix it! That’s not how this works. YOU have the problem, and it’s MY job to fix it. We will be out there tomorrow and move hell to fix your problem.”

    THANK YOU!!!

    that’s a man who knows how to run a business.


  124. Farm Boy says:

    Fortunately, there has emerged a surprisingly simple way to know the actual number of those infected. Last week, the FDA approved Cellix’s rapid response antibody detection test. Those tests detected COVID-19 antibodies in 93.86% of those who have tested positive for the virus. Cellix is only one of scores of companies, universities and hospitals developing and seeking FDA approval for their antibody test. The science of finding antibodies after a patient has been infected is not new. The scientists that I have spoken to say because COVID-19 is a new virus, it makes it easier to detect.


  125. Farm Boy says:

    Chinese hospitals may have cremated still living coronavirus patients according to an unverified report published by Radio Free Asia (RFA), Wednesday.


  126. Farm Boy says:

    The Wuhan Institute of Virology in China indeed posted a job opening on November 18, 2019, “asking for scientists to come research the relationship between the coronavirus and bats.”

    The Google translation of the job posting is: “Taking bats as the research object, I will answer the molecular mechanism that can coexist with Ebola and SARS- associated coronavirus for a long time without disease, and its relationship with flight and longevity. Virology, immunology, cell biology, and multiple omics are used to compare the differences between humans and other mammals.” (“Omics” is a term for a subfield within biology, such as genomics or glycomics.)

    On December 24, 2019, the Wuhan Institute of Virology posted a second job posting. The translation of that posting includes the declaration, “long-term research on the pathogenic biology of bats carrying important viruses has confirmed the origin of bats of major new human and livestock infectious diseases such as SARS and SADS, and a large number of new bat and rodent new viruses have been discovered and identified.”

    Tye contends that that posting meant, “we’ve discovered a new and terrible virus, and would like to recruit people to come deal with it.” He also contends that “news didn’t come out about coronavirus until ages after that.” Doctors in Wuhan knew that they were dealing with a cluster of pneumonia cases as December progressed, but it is accurate to say that a very limited number of people knew about this particular strain of coronavirus and its severity at the time of that job posting. By December 31, about three weeks after doctors first noticed the cases, the Chinese government notified the World Health Organization and the first media reports about a “mystery pneumonia” appeared outside China.


  127. h0neyc0mb says:

    Smoke = Fire

    hmmmmm .. tell’em (i.e. black americans) if they weren’t such thugs .. we wouldn’t have such opinions!

    Frankly .. I view’em that way with or without masks.

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  128. h0neyc0mb says:

    That goes for Poly-Ticians as well.

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  129. SFC Ton says:

    Ame, and others, should read the book ordinary men.

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  130. Ame says:

    oh, gosh, Ton … that has got to be a very scary book to read. i think i’ll stick with the summary b/c i’ll have nightmares (my fam has to wake me up from them b/c i yell so loud i wake them up 😦 )

    when we begin to think *that* could never happen to *me,* we’ve just become vulnerable to *that* happening to *me.*

    but for the grace of God go i.

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  131. Ame says:

    (((…shhhh … Ton doesn’t like yankees or marines 🙂 )))

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  132. Ame says:

    “As the Wall Street Journal recently put it, ‘The economic and social-science literature is replete with studies that document the harm to people from recessions and economic hardship — including higher rates of suicide, [drug use], alcoholism and domestic violence.’ … Yet,” despite all of this that is known and despite the economic destruction self-inflicted, “the elites, from Bill Gates down, tell us we need a nationwide shutdown for 10 weeks or more.

    “Others are pushing in that direction, too, putting pressure on various state and federal officials for even more coercion. Perhaps such pushing has its merits in saving some lives, but it will likely take more, and will kill the heart and soul of our country, which is dependent on the economic engine of the rest of us. The consequences of what this country is putting itself through simply cannot be understated.

    “They are affecting the low-skilled and blue-collar workers the hardest. And the solutions the federal and state governments have ordered for the problems they have created — from stimulus checks to loans to abatements and reprieves — are already causing bureaucratic confusion, claims of unfairness, delays, and pitting Americans against each other.

    “And now there is no end in sight for even more massive and unprecedented spending.” I was asking myself last night, in the Trump Organization — over the course of the many years of the Trump Organization — I wonder how many task forces the president put together to solve problems that came up.


  133. Farm Boy says:

    This is CNN


  134. Farm Boy says:

    I am sure Trump is to blame

    Hundreds of Iranians have been killed and thousands more hospitalized after they drank high-concentration alcohol because they falsely believed that it could cure coronavirus.

    “More than 600 people have died after attempting the cure and some 3,000 are now in hospital


  135. Farm Boy says:

    Bernie Sanders was hardest hit by CDC guidelines, as he struggled to stay away from Americans’ wallets, purses, and checkbooks.

    “These guidelines are ridiculous!” he shouted while feeding pigeons at the park, as old people are prone to do. “How am I supposed to steal money to buy another hou — err, I mean, to give some of it to the 99% — when I can’t even get within six feet of anyone? It’s impossible!”

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  136. Farm Boy says:

    One of the many things I learnt from reading the novel is that, in this respect as in so many others, China is different. It’s okay for China to sicken the world in order to save it.


  137. SFC Ton says:

    Regarding marines

    The salty combat pragmatist in me believes jr enlisted marines deserve much better then what they get from their sr officers and nco’s

    Big picture/ tax payer with inside info pov, the marines are much larger then they need to be to successfully execute their various niche missions. They’re foray into expanding their SOCOM footprint has been a joke. They mismanaged the shit out of the recon guys, they tried to duplicate the SF mission( which I think is a moslty failed concept and waste of talent)((SF semi agrees with me as they are changing their operations etc)) now the marines are trying to duplicate the Ranger mission. Which I’m sure is a more realistic expansion for the marines/better investment for tax payers but there is also a lot of reducnacey. Would be better/ cheaper for the tax payers to expand the Ranger Regiment by 2 battalions then waste money having the marines recreate the wheel. The mariens also refuse to increase their logistics footprint which hamstrings them when trying to pull of sustained combat operations. War is a red pill kind of job, marine leadership shotgun blue pills all day long

    Now it seems they want to be a shallow water navy or some such. I am not up to speed on that kind of thing but common sense says it would be more efficient to expand the navy then re-brand the marines. What I agree with is them getting out of the sustained combat mission buiness. They suck at it from a big picture pov due to their lack of logistical support

    yankees are the root cause of most of our problems.

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  138. Farm Boy says:

    A self-proclaimed registered nurse took to Twitter to suggest that she would not give someone emergency medical treatment for coronavirus if he was a Trump supporter.

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  139. Farm Boy says:

    Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain, and the U.S. should take legal action against China’s Communist Party for failing to report and contain the Wuhan coronavirus, according to a blockbuster new report from the British think tank the Henry Jackson Society (HJS)

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  140. Farm Boy says:

    I believe the virus was probably created in a research institute – most likely the Wuhan Center for Disease Control & Prevention (WHCDC) – as part of the ongoing research into coronaviruses. My guess is that some clever researcher did a CRISPR-like replacement of a section of the original bat virus with the bit from the pangolin virus to create this new one. Why would a researcher do that? One reason would be to prove that they really had decoded the genome sufficiently well that they knew what part controlled where it bound to in mammalian cells and they changed it to bind to ACE2 from whatever it was in the bat version.

    This also explains how the Chinese were so quick to release the full sequence of the virus (it’s easy to do that if you created it yourself).

    But, you say, that still doesn’t get us to the market. Well now. Let us assume the researcher has done his edit, infected a bunch of bats and seen that it spread from one to another and still bound to ACE2. Great. Can write paper. But what to do with the infected bats? Who mostly probably haven’t died bet who are still full of the virus because the testing can be done pretty soon after infection occurs.

    Obviously as a researcher you simply send a note to facilities to ask them to remove the bats. You assume the facilities staff will kill them and dispose of the bodies. But this is the PRC. I suspect the chances are high that some lowly paid janitor type sees an opportunity to make a quick yuan or thousand by not actually killing all of them but having a few fall out the back of the cage into a sack in the hands of a buddy who knows someone who knows a guy in the wet market that deals in exotic meat and has customers for bat soup.

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  141. Farm Boy says:

    He is probably not the only one

    Mauro Ferrari, head of the European Union’s top scientific research body, has quit after three months in the job because he is “extremely disappointed” in the EU’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.


  142. Farm Boy says:

    NEW YORK, NY—When Jeffrey Walton tested positive for COVID-19, he hoped for a speedy recovery. But since he has been treated with hydroxychloroquine, the experimental treatment President Donald Trump has been touting, he now hopes he dies quickly to help prove that Trump is an idiot.


  143. Liz says:

    A self-proclaimed registered nurse took to Twitter to suggest that she would not give someone emergency medical treatment for coronavirus if he was a Trump supporter.

    Her account doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

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  144. Liz says:

    I believe the virus was probably created in a research institute – most likely the Wuhan Center for Disease Control & Prevention (WHCDC) – as part of the ongoing research into coronaviruses. My guess is that some clever researcher did a CRISPR-like replacement of a section of the original bat virus with the bit from the pangolin virus to create this new one.

    There are some things wrong with this person’s theory.
    One is the assumption an intermediate pangolin is required. I’m not sure why he thinks that.
    Viruses like this (as far as I know) can jump from bat to man pretty directly (article from 2015 here).

    Next, I don’t have an electron microscope nor am I virologist, but I’ve read that CRISPR leaves a “footprint”….which, according to what I’ve read isn’t there.
    TPTB might be lying, of course. But I’ll only take conspiracy theory so far.
    That said it wouldn’t surprise me at all if some infected bats were sold at the wet market.
    Nor would I place any bets against a Chinese made virus, just sayin’.

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  145. Liz says:

    Just to add, he seems to have developed a theory on a theory….IF pangolins were required THEN (all this chain of stuff in the lab might’ve happened). Seems to me even if pangolins were required it’s at least as likely someone sold infected bats and put the cage on top of some pangolins and the bats pooped on them.


  146. Liz says:

    Comparison between the ROK response to the wu and Taiwan’s response.
    I really can’t understand the international media’s heaps of praise (and partial information) re the ROK’s handling of this virus. I can only assume it’s because they didn’t stop travel from China, yet still somehow (after being second worst case in the world) managed to control the infection rates and “flatten the curve”.
    There’s the misinformation the ROK didn’t close schools (they have, school is still out and probably will be online only for months to come). Even the testing today there is misinformation in the international media about free testing in South Korea, but they don’t mention that a sick person needs to have a CT Scan or an X-ray done before a coronavirus test can be conducted. The cost of the CT scan and X-ray could dissuade people from getting tested.
    Of course, if the international praised Taiwan they’d encounter backlash from China.


  147. SFC Ton says:

    TPTB are always lying. On every topic. Still doesn’t mean it was created in a lab. Just means they are lying about something for their own reasons. BUT you can be damn sure they are lying

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  148. Farm Boy says:

    I was busy crunching through some interesting statistics about the coronavirus death rate in different countries:

    Spain ………………………….. 311 per million
    Italy …………………………… 283 per million
    Belgium ……………………… 193 per million
    France ……………………….. 158 per million
    Netherlands ………………… 131 per million
    United States ………………… 39 per million

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  149. Farm Boy says:

    While Beijing works to rebrand itself as a global leader by selling — at times — faulty protective gear amid the global coronavirus pandemic, Taiwan has been giving it away for free.

    The gesture is not only a dig at China, which has refused to acknowledge Taiwan’s existence, but also raises Taiwan’s profile internationally, something China has been actively trying to prevent for years.

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  150. Farm Boy says:

    “All symptoms in the 10 patients, especially fever, cough, shortness of breath, and chest pain, disappeared or largely improved within 1 [day] to 3 [days] upon CP transfusion,” said the study, published in a respected journal called the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences.


  151. Farm Boy says:

    Maybe the coronavirus will awaken young people, who have been taught by nature-worshipping teachers and raised by nature-worshipping parents, to the idiocy of worshipping nature rather than subduing it.


  152. Farm Boy says:

    The world has changed since the days when truth-minimalization was philosophy’s fad. Back then, the left still perceived its main enemy to be the “western tradition.” Extolling the cultural variability of viewpoints was therefore ideologically useful. When widely accepted truths were antithetical to the left, it made sense for the left to attack the very concept of truth.

    No longer. Today, the received truths are those emanating from the left and its institutions. The globalist left’s messages and priorities control the popular imagination at least as much as the “logocentric” western tradition influenced the culture in the mid-twentieth century. Today, the rebels and resisters are largely on the right – from the America First folks to the Brexiteers and their continental counterparts. Thus, whereas leftist philosophy 60 years ago celebrated the disparate wisdom of many cultures, it now derides all dissent from the dominant leftist message as “tribalism” and as an ignorant and irresponsible assault on the “truth.”


  153. Farm Boy says:

    Law and Crime reports that the 18-year-old Maradiaga had included in her series of Snapchats a trip through a drive-through coronavirus testing site and then a trip through a Walmart.

    Law and Crime reports she said as she walked through Walmart:

    “I’m here at Walmart about to infest every motherf***er, because if I’m going down, all you motherf***ers are going down,” she said. “If you want to get the coronavirus and f***ing die, call me. I’ll meet you up and (she coughs) and I will shorten your life.”


  154. Farm Boy says:

    Dr. Daniel López Regalado was removed from his Oaxaca state health director post on Monday after he spat and coughed on hospital staff

    He tested positive for COVID-19 and allegedly complained that he was not given preferential treatment at Presidente C. Juarez Regional Hospital


  155. Farm Boy says:

    New York City auctioned off hundreds of city-owned ventilators at least five years ago under Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration, according to an investigation by ProPublica.

    The city acquired the ventilators in 2006 under former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration, when a new strain of the flu was circulating in Asia


  156. Farm Boy says:

    U.S. officials anticipate being able to conduct tens of millions of tests starting next month to determine how many Americans have been infected with coronavirus without knowing it, a step that experts say is crucial to reopening the economy.


  157. Ame says:

    Ton, so it’s the leadership and structure of the marines, not the marines themselves … that all makes sense. you didn’t have to explain, but thank you for doing so anyway 🙂


  158. Ame says:! that puppy with one paw on the treadmill is SOOO cute!!!!!!!

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  159. Ame says:

    Farm Boy
    1h ago
    U.S. officials anticipate being able to conduct tens of millions of tests starting next month to determine how many Americans have been infected with coronavirus without knowing it, a step that experts say is crucial to reopening the economy.

    okay … does anyone else think this is creepy? the govt taking our blood, and us assuming they are doing so in good faith, to only test for ONE thing … yes, we can fully and completely trust the govt. idk, maybe i’m thinking too much … but this is an awfully convenient way to get a broad sample of lots of people’s blood and test it however the heck they want or do whatever the heck they want with it.


  160. SFC Ton says:

    LOL I dislike dishonesty, the marines fighting record is 98% hype. I hate that kind of shit

    I love these lower enlisted guys. Sure we have to do things that can get them killed or crippled but we still owe then leadership that accomplishes the mission with the bare minimum level of necessary risk. Their sr leadership does not do that and seems to take an obscene pride in their lack of planning and resources

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  161. Ame says:

    but we still owe then leadership that accomplishes the mission with the bare minimum level of necessary risk. Their sr leadership does not do that and seems to take an obscene pride in their lack of planning and resources

    grrr … that makes me angry.


  162. SFC Ton says:

    I’ve been thinking about the leadership question from a different angle

    In my never very humble opinion this has to be a tough leadership gig. This and the market collapse are probably the two most poorly defined problems to deal with at a national level in my lifetime. Bailing out the banks was a shithead move but folks thought it was required to save the global economy. This deal here is pretty fucked up. The various wars since ww2 have been mismanaged but have not been a serious threat to anyone here in the West.

    For the now I think Trump is probably do as well as any man can given the situation

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  163. Ame says:

    that’s good to know from someone i trust.


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