Can Married Women be Happy?

If she feels that she settled, the answer is no.

The end.


Actually there is a bit more to it.  But that is the gist of it.  So what does settling mean these days?

It is really a question of this: can a young lady in some way, shape or form overcome the modern day witches brew of self-esteem on steroids mixed with unleashed hypergamy?  For the typical woman, this pretty much has to happen, unless you can marry Tom Brady.

How often does it happen?  I am not totally sure.   Most of societal forces are pushing against it.  For most, it is rather difficult to go against societal forces.

But what of those that do?  Some might just intellectually figure out the true situation, some might have had a upbringing (e.g religious) that encouraged humility, others might have been humbled in life and chose introspection as a way to figure it all out.

So where does this leave us?  We have lots of unhappy women.

Exit question — How many paths to happiness do modern women have?

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  1. SFC Ton says:

    Women want men they can’t have, and all women are riddled with massive levels of anxiety/ self doubt et. so marrying them automatically implies you settled/ you are a beta

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  2. Ame says:

    It is really a question of this: can a young lady in some way, shape or form overcome the modern day witches brew of self-esteem on steroids mixed with unleashed hypergamy?

    it’s not that women have high self-esteem … few do … it’s that all women are telling individual women what to do, and they’re caving to the herd. “You deserve better!” “Don’t let him do *that* to YOU!” “You’re worth it, Girl!” and more … all the while the herd is cowering in their own homes.

    unless you can marry Tom Brady.

    uck! blech! never!

    How many paths to happiness do modern women have?

    obviously few that work b/c there aren’t many happy women out there.

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  3. This is the book my 11 yo boy’s teachers want us to buy for them to read over the next month:

    … this story is of a young 12 year old girl living in Pakistan and exposes the reader to the culture of this country in Central Asia which coincides with our study of Eastern World Geography. The main character loves to learn and puts the needs of her family before her own desires which are characteristics that we would look forward to discussing further with our students.

    In the email she asks if the parents will respond to a survey if they are “willing” to purchase the book. The survey actually just asks if you can buy the book by 4-2-20. So, I just didn’t answer the survey and replied to her email directly.

    “I am not interested in buying this book.”

    She’s already replied that she will see how she can “accomodate” my son in completing this unit.

    I really don’t think 11-12 yo boys have changed so much since I was kid that they’d want to read an entire book about 12 yo Muslim girls in Pakistan.

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  4. h0neyc0mb says:

    What happened to the hardy boys? /S

    Eight to fifteen year old boys need adventure and skillz bookz.

    If the cub (and boy) scouts weren’t so cucked I’d say .. get’em to earnin’ badges.

    As for me .. I only wanted to read airplane and (old stories of) sailing (adventure) books.

    My favorite book is still “Stick and Rudder”.

    Conclusion .. NO WOMMINZ should be teaching boys / young men. They ain’t got the right tool-set.

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  5. Ame says:

    KH – cannot trust teachers to make wise or good book recommendations for our kids. the one time i didn’t read the book first was the last time i didn’t read the book first. it was such a terrible book choice that i wrote the principal and the superintendent and told the teachers that i didn’t even want my daughter to see the book in their classroom much less read or hear about it.

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  6. Larry G says:

    hmmm..looks like I’m starting to get the hang of typing one-handed. auto-correct is earning it’s privilege to exist for the time being…

    “So where does this leave us? We have lots of unhappy women.”

    Sorry, the statement “We have lots of unhappy women.” only gets me into a laughing fit with a good dose of derisive mockery…..Women CHOOSE to be unhappy. Modern Western female unhappiness is a self inflicted and well deserved wound, the sniveling and bitching is their way to express chronic dissatisfaction and rebellion, no matter how well off they may be.

    Honestly, fewer and fewer men really give a fuck if women, married or not, are unhappy. These females need to relearn and perform the basics…submit to your husband and respect him as is his due, be responsible stewards for the things you are entrusted to manage (home, finances, children), a wife is a helper to her husband…..these modern cunts will not comply or obey, so they are unhappy….fuck ’em.

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  7. h0neyc0mb says:

    Congress will ensure th’ (poor lil) wimminz do their 2 years at sick-call ..

    Of course they still won’t be happy .. bwhaaaa

    And in a classic “crazy eye-vin” twist .. th winminz will be allowed to still be thots and insta-whores with all their new (government paid for) free-time in outta uniform.

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  8. h0neyc0mb says:



  9. Although the nationwide military draft was halted in 1973, the Selective Service System allows Congress and the president to tap a pool of conscripts if needed.

    The commission found that many young men were unaware of their obligation to register. Most men, the report said, register “incidentally” when they receive a driver’s license or apply for federal student aid.

    “For most men, registration is a passive process, with many men not even aware of the obligation for which they have registered,” the report said.

    The U.S. government requires men ages 18 to 25 to register with the Selective Service System.

    Definition of obligation
    1 : the action of obligating oneself to a course of action (as by a promise or vow)

    If I apply for a driver’s license I am obligating myself to follow the traffic and safety laws of that state.

    The government saying, “Do this or else.”, does not place me under any obligation to them.


  10. “Honestly, fewer and fewer men really give a fuck if women, married or not, are unhappy.”

    And why should they?

    As a wise man once said, “Fuck’em.”

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  11. Adam says:

    The question is flawed. Happiness as a default state or end goal in general is a zero sum game.

    I wrote about this a while ago:


  12. Sharkly says:

    unless you can marry Tom Brady.

    uck! blech! never!

    Well if a tall handsome intelligent multimillionaire professional athlete can’t meet their standards, I may be women’s only hope left! But there is only one of me, and I’m already mostly done with women. Things aren’t looking good for the weaker vessels.

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  13. Cheque d'Out says:

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  14. Sharkly says:

    I bought a good bit of tonic water today, with quinine in it. And I already have enough tetracycline hydrochloride broad spectrum antibiotic to treat a heard of cattle. which combined together is my equivalent to the Wu-flu cure given in this article:

    Plus I’ve got my own little home pharmacy with a host of other effective antiviral substances at the ready. I just plan on getting exposed and hopefully getting over it quickly if I even develop symptoms. I find it funny that you can go out today and buy the cure for the Wu-Flu without a prescription, but you still can’t buy any toilet paper. Why buy myself the cure, when I can hoard T.P., Mountain Money, Rolled Gold. LOL

    With half a brain, you can be more prepared for this Wu-Flu, than the US CDC is.

    On average I take about 30 different supplement pills a morning, plus a number of things mixed into my coffee, and I have probably tested well over 400 different supplements on myself in the last 8 years, to try to find out what actually works. My health is a lot better than it was 8 years ago, and I have cured everything but my male pattern bald spot. I could do a whole blog on the things I’ve learned.
    But here are some free recommendations for daily health:

    Quit anything with fluoride
    Quit all trans-fats
    Don’t supplement Calcium
    Supplement iodine
    Supplement potassium via potassium bicarbonate or potassium chloride to lower high blood pressure.
    “Research” some form of Epitalon, it works! It even erased my hay-fever allergy.
    Take a lot of vitamin C
    Eat more protein in your diet
    Do some form of strength training at least weekly
    Take a teaspoon of black seed oil once a week, or every day if you are sick.

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  15. Farm Boy says:

    Uber Eats has nothing on these hustlers.

    In an effort to keep his dancers and kitchen staff employed during the coronavirus lockdown, a strip club owner in Portland, Ore., has created “Boober Eats.” The service brings pub fare, delivered by strippers clad in booty shorts and nipple pasties, straight to the customer’s door

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  16. Sharkly says:

    Can Married Women be Happy?

    First she needs to be taught from a young age to be shamefaced and why she should be.
    Tertullian said: And do you not know that you are (each) an Eve? The sentence of God on this sex of yours lives in this age: the guilt must of necessity live too. You are the devil’s gateway: you are the unsealer of that (forbidden) tree: you are the first deserter of the divine law: you are she who persuaded him whom the devil was not valiant enough to attack. You destroyed so easily God’s image, man. On account of your desert … even the Son of God had to die.
    And she also needs to be taught to reverence and bring glory to the image of God.

    1 Corinthians 11:7 For a man indeed ought not to cover his head,[during prayer] forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man.

    Once she fully accepts that she is an inferior second class of human, a weaker vessel, fortunate to have the opportunity to become one flesh with the very image and glory of God, and that she can be saved by showing her faith through serving a husband as Lord, including the service of bearing him children, the sooner she can take joy in the uplifting role of getting to serve the God she loves through serving and loving and reverencing her man, if some man should so choose her to be his own.

    1 Timothy 2:15 Yet woman will be saved through bearing children, if she continues in faith and love and holiness, with modesty.

    That truth can set women free, free from their bondage to sin. With godliness and contentment comes great gain and enduring joy.


  17. Farm Boy says:

    Yahoo reports a gang of UK teenagers who intimidated an elderly couple by coughing on them have been arrested.

    The pensioners were approached in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, and one of the group coughed in their faces.


  18. Farm Boy says:

    [Very anti-antipodal this would be]

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  19. h0neyc0mb says:


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  20. Biden sure is making Muslim homo Obama look good by comparison, isn’t he.

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  21. Any thoughts on this blog comment I stumbled across…

    Girls, the quickest way to kill a man’s desire for you is to tell him about all the hot guys you’ve fucked. A guy who lays lots of girls is a hot guy, even to girls who know nothing else about him. Girls who have sex with a lot of guys are just gross.

    Christine thinks she rejected you because you’re unattractive. What she doesn’t realize is that male attractiveness is maybe one-third looks and two-thirds attitude, the latter being something men switch off in the presence of unattractive females. So 30-something women think men have all turned into dorky losers when in fact they’ve just stopped trying to have sex with her.

    Imagine chatting with some ugly dyke when a more attractive guy walks into the room, and suddenly her face lights up, thirty pounds of fat disappear from her waist, all her tattoos vanish, and her crew-cut blue hair turns a natural color and grows two feet longer. It’s sort of like that.

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  22. Let’s drill some holes in the boat to make it lighter, eh?

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  23. Ame says:



  24. Damn, the Biden family would make a great couple of X-Files episodes or maybe even a complete season.

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  25. h0neyc0mb says:

    I was thinking More-ee Po-Witch ..

    You might be the father show! HEH

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  26. h0neyc0mb says:


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  27. Adam says:

    The Biden-granddaughter photos. I just can’t even … what is wrong with these people?

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  28. Farm Boy says:

    “You can watch the wheels come off of his presentation in this video that Breitbart posted to their Twitter feed. Things seemed to be going fairly normally for a little while as Biden obviously recites some remarks while reading them off the teleprompter. But then the prompter obviously must have failed. At that point, Joe went to full ramble mode. The video is only a bit more than thirty seconds in length, but it feels a lot longer. Frankly, it’s pretty uncomfortable to sit through, but make sure you have the sound on for this.”


  29. h0neyc0mb says:

    Joe Biden’s neighbors reaction to his granddaughter(s) ..



  30. h0neyc0mb says:


  31. Farm Boy says:

    Diversity officials for the University of California system have banned using “Chinese virus” to refer to the pandemic that originated in the communist nation, instructing students, staff and faculty to discourage others from using the term as well.

    The Council of Chief Diversity Officers released a statement instructing everyone in the system to “reject racism, sexism, xenophobia and all hateful or intolerant speech, both in person and online.”

    “Be an ‘up-stander,’ and discourage others from engaging in such behavior,” the officers said.


  32. h0neyc0mb says:

    Joe Biden is a man you should hide yo wife .. hide yo kids .. hide even yo’self from.

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  33. h0neyc0mb says:

    Oh a new term for Do-Gooder ..

    [re: Be an ‘up-stander,’ and discourage others from engaging in such behavior,” the officers said.]

    Do-Gooders (now Up-Standers) are White-Knight ™ types. And, richly deserve to have their heads placed on a spike.

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  34. Farm Boy says:

    Everybody has known for a long time that:

    –China spies

    –China’s human rights record is abysmal

    –Chinese tech can’t be trusted

    –China buys politicians in other countries.

    –China plays dirty

    –China steals tech and intellectual property

    –China launders money

    –China corrupts our universities

    But the stunning and brave journalists in our MSM appear to be mostly silent on these things. In fact, the only one who appears to want to push back against manifold Chinese aggression is Donald Trump.

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  35. Gunner Q says:

    Kentucky Headhunter says:
    25 March, 2020 at 1:37 pm
    “Any thoughts on this blog comment I stumbled across…

    “Girls, the quickest way to kill a man’s desire for you is to tell him about all the hot guys you’ve fucked. A guy who lays lots of girls is a hot guy, even to girls who know nothing else about him. Girls who have sex with a lot of guys are just gross.”

    It’s still a step better than her telling you how all the previous men she dated were filthy bastards and you’ll hopefully not be like that.

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  36. “I’m tired of hot, interesting men, who I really want to #MeToo through the mattress. I’m ready for someone like you instead.”


  37. Diversity officials for the University of California system have banned using “Chinese virus” to refer to the pandemic that originated in the communist nation, instructing students, staff and faculty to discourage others from using the term as well.

    Can’t quite remember, but it goes something like:

    “Something make no law, something something prohibiting something, or abridging the freedom of speech, something something or the right of the people peaceably to assemble something, something.”


  38. Burgess Meredith cribbed all those lines from Joe Biden’s Happy 9th Birthday cards to his granddaughters.

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  39. RichardP says:

    I haven’t read it. Does that UofC requirement also ban phrases such as “let’s go out for Chinese food?” How would one rephrase that and still be understood? I guess “let’s go out for dim sum” might get the idea across.

    So – “the dim sum virus”? For short, call it the DSV.

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  40. Liz says:

    Sounds to me like Richard is calling Chinese people dim.
    Commence hateration, if you aren’t a racist.


  41. Liz says:

    And China mobile is a terribly racist name for a company.
    Henceforth it should be called simply mobile.

    Going to do the tide pod challenge now because Trump said hygiene is important.

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  42. Liz says:

    Going to do the tide pod challenge now because Trump said hygiene is important.

    Just to add, this is a reference to the people who drank fish tank cleaner.
    My stupid next-door site had a warning from a “neighbor” not to listen to medical advice from Trump. Because the natural thing to do when the president says, “good news! Looks like this medicine might be helpful” is to drink some fish tank cleaner.

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  43. Liz says:

    Being quarantined with the internet has not made me like people more. Good thing it’s limited due to the boys’ school work.

    [A cat you are.
    At best, indifferent to people you would be]

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  44. Cheque d'Out says:

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  45. Larry G says:

    Welp, starting tomorrow our princess governor has issued a statewide “keep yo white asses at home” order. Just now on tv the fairy queen made a long winded speech

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  46. Farm Boy says:

    Joe Biden’s Sexual Assault Accuser Breaks Silence With Graphic Allegations
    She details an assault she says occurred in 1993.


  47. Farm Boy says:

    Russian authorities are now admitting, however, that there may be more cases in the country than is currently known, including in Moscow, where it is said to be much worse than it looks.


  48. Farm Boy says:

    A large crowd of people congregated on the streets of Alexandria, Egypt to protest against the coronavirus, shouting “Allahu Akbar” in a move that only increases the risk of spreading coronavirus

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  49. Farm Boy says:

    Biden Shouts At Webcam From Three Inches Away For Entire Remote Press Conference

    “Is this thing on? Can you guys see me? Hello! Hello! Hello!” Biden shouted for several minutes on end, never able to get his entire face in the frame throughout the press conference. “Hellooo! Is anybody in there?” He was then informed that nobody is actually in the computer, confusing him further.

    The increasingly agitated presidential candidate finally threatened to fight the laptop and then challenged it to a push-up contest. Aides rushed into the room in hazmat gear and gently coaxed him to the game room for Bingo and his meds.

    “They don’t make these computron doohickeys like they used to, I tell you what!” he shouted while being dragged away.

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  50. RichardP says:

    Liz, that gave me a good laugh. Cd’O’s bedroom video did the same. It is raining here – so both gave a lift to my day.

    Maybe it should be the Sum Dim Virus (SDV)

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  51. Liz says:

    SO, we’re playing a family game of axis and allies.
    After Russian took over some territory and was then defeated again, the loser declared that his men had pooped on all the doorknobs.
    Then Germany took over and was repelled and the loser announced that he too had his men poop on all the doorknobs.
    Eventually this disturbing practice spread throughout all the powers.
    It was mutually assured defecation.

    -quarantine day number…whatever.

    [Ever reach Deficationcon One it did?]

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  52. Gunner Q says:

    RichardP says:
    25 March, 2020 at 8:17 pm

    “So – “the dim sum virus”? For short, call it the DSV.”

    Sounds more like a computer virus.


  53. Farm Boy says:

    This was posted at the end of the last thread. It is kinda good, so I will post it again


  54. Cill says:

    China mobile is a terribly racist name for a company (Liz)

    I agree, Liz. We must be nice and caring and sensitive and considerate in our approach to China.

    As a good example, my Great Gran holds China so precious, not only does she have to speak politely in its presence but she also has to project her little finger at exactly the correct angle whilst sipping tea from it.

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  55. Farm Boy says:

    “While CPAP machines are not ventilators, and don’t have software to deliver assist control or pressure control ventilation, they may contain much of the hardware needed for certain types of ventilation. What they don’t have is the software. Normal CPAP machines deliver a max pressure of 20cm of water. (That’s not much, about 2% of atmospheric pressure.) Many ventilation patients use much less than that, but serious ARDS patients need that and more. Ventilators usually are rated to deliver over 40cm, though they don’t normally go to that level, as it’s dangerous. Researchers have discovered, though, that the blowers used in some CPAP models are capable of 45cm and up to 400 l/min of airflow, much more than is needed for CPAP, and enough for ventilating many ARDS patients.”

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  56. Farm Boy says:

    Australian Sen. Mehreen Faruqi is not the first person we’ve heard remind us all that COVID-19 isn’t tied only to racism and xenophobia; it’s also a gendered crisis in which women are serving on the front lines


  57. Farm Boy says:

    During her 12:00 p.m. ET hour show on Wednesday, MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell revealed her greatest fear amid the coronavirus pandemic – Donald Trump’s approval ratings going up

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  58. Farm Boy says:

    “Democrats need little from the front-runner beyond his corporeal presence.” It’s not quite “Hope and Change,” but I suppose it’ll do in a pinch. Obama’s selling point was inspiration, and Biden’s is respiration.

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  59. Cill says:

    “Just now on tv the fairy queen made a long winded speech” (Larry)

    Speake ye of Jared Polis, the Faerie Queene of Glorious Feminism – that Dragon horrible and stearne?

    “Faerie Queene” (published 1590, by Edmund Spenser):

    Upon a great adventure he was bond,
    That greatest Gloriana to him gave,
    That greatest Glorious Queene of Faerie lond,
    To winne him worship, and her grace to have,
    Which of all earthly things he most did crave;
    And ever as he rode, his hart did earne
    To prove his puissance in battell brave
    Upon his foe [to set] a Dragon horrible and stearne.

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  60. Farm Boy says:

    If her work is accurate, that would likely mean a large swath of the population has built up resistance to the virus. Theoretically, then, social restrictions could ease sooner than anticipated. What needs to be done now, Gupta said, is a whole lot of antibody testing to figure out who may have contracted the virus.


  61. Larry G says:

    “Speake ye of Jared Polis, the Faerie Queene of Glorious Feminism – that Dragon horrible and stearne?”

    uh, yup. This state lost it’s mind electing a fag…but for your entertainment, here are a few seriously offensive lezzy jokes…

    Why were lesbians invented?
    So that feminists wouldn’t breed!

    What do you call two lesbians floating down a river.
    Fur Traders.

    How can you tell if a lesbian is butch?
    She kick starts her vibrator and rolls her own tampons.

    How many screws are there in a lesbians coffin?
    None, Its all tongue and groove!

    What do you call an open can of tuna fish in a lesbian’s apartment?

    What’s the difference between a lesbian and a ritz cracker?
    One’s a snack cracker and the other is a crack snacker.

    What do you call a lesbian Eskimo?
    A Klondike!

    What do you call an Irish lesbian?

    What is the leading cause in death with lesbians?

    What do you call a truck load of vibrators?
    Toys for Twats.

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  62. Larry G says:

    in case boredom sets in while waiting out this civilization disturbing event, some educational reading material…

    Click to access John_Seymour-The_Complete_Book_of_Self_Sufficiency.pdf

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  63. Farm Boy says:

    “You’ll recall, too, at the beginning of this, when it was clear that this was an issue, China knew about it, they were the first country to know about the risk to the world from this virus, and they repeatedly delayed sharing that information with the globe,” Pompeo continued, later adding, “There was a lot of discussion today amongst the G7 about the intentional disinformation campaign that China has been and continues to be engaged in.

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  64. Cheque d'Out says:

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  65. Cheque d'Out says:

    Hopefully someone can explain this genius to the studies graduates?

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  66. Cheque d'Out says:

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  67. Farm Boy says:

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday that the state was getting hit hardest in the United States because of their welcoming spirit.

    Cuomo noted that New York had 15 times the coronavirus cases of California and other states and offered his opinion about why that was the case.


  68. Farm Boy says:

    There are no benefits to the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s get that out of the way now. But it has shown many what a few of us already knew: The political left is filled with the worst people in the world

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  69. Farm Boy says:

    The media have done even worse in the poll. And why wouldn’t they? They:

    Were caught carrying water for the Chinese government to criticize Trump.

    Tried to do silly gotcha stories on Trump for failing to keep proper social distancing while sitting close to other reporters.

    Slammed Trump for giving what they consider “false hope” about using malaria meds to help treat very sick patients.

    Demanded to know why he didn’t nationalize companies for supplies when companies are already helping.

    Used the pressers announcing how the government is responding and offering new information to grandstand.

    Called the president a xenophobe and racist for instituting a travel ban from China early in the crisis.

    Called Trump a racist for calling a virus from China a Chinese virus.

    Called him selfish for not doing getting a COVID-19 test even though his doctor didn’t think he needed one. It was negative.

    Accused Trump of not believing in science so people shouldn’t believe what he said on COVID-19.

    Used Chinese government talking points about that government’s response to the disease.

    Blamed Trump and “right wing media” of sending mixed messages in a National Emergency that changed by the hour.

    Encouraged other media not to air the president’s daily Coronavirus Task Force briefings deriding them as “dangerous.”

    Depicted minor differences in approach between Trump and his NIH pandemic expert as catastrophic.

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  70. Liz says:

    The political left is filled with the worst people in the world

    It really is.

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  71. Liz says:

    Mike said there seems to be a generational divide (though military are more like the older generation).
    Newer pilots on his message board seem to prefer to take their problems to everyone in text rather than just call and ask the source.
    “Listen to this problem I have with scheduling….”
    Mike: “Did you try calling scheduling?” (this they didn’t seem to consider)
    These folks just want to complain and cluck around rather than solving problems.
    This is the divide, I think…from work to politics.

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  72. I’m sure someone like Idris Elba or Oprah, or maybe any of the oh so virtuous actors from the sing-a-long video could give you a wonderful 90 minute lecture on what’s making the magic happen here.

    [Invented by a man under an apple tree who left London to social distance he did]

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  73. Here’s what I’ve I’ve learned from the PRC’s Chinese Virus from Wuhan, China debacle:

    Everything I thought to be so before this happened has been confirmed a thousand times over.

    I’m actually sleeping better nights now, knowing I’m not crazy.

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    Cincinnati police are temporarily suspending in-person responses to certain 911 calls for service starting on Tuesday in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19.

    Isaac said he reviewed the department’s essentials functions and modified the response plan “to reduce unnecessary contact between officers and the public to reduce the spread of COVID-19.”

    “I want to also assure everyone that if there’s an emergency situation, we will be there,” Isaac said.”

    Police will no longer respond to assault reports, unless a suspect is still present or the victim requires medical attention, breaking and entering reports unless a suspect is still present, menacing reports “unless suspect is expected or threatens to return or is part of the elements of domestic violence” or theft reports “where there is no possibility of immediate apprehension.”

    Police are asking victims to report those crimes through the online or telephone reporting system.

    Isaac said the announced calls for service do not require dispatch or a physical police response and will be referred for online reporting or telephone reporting when applicable.

    Issac issued a statement along with the response plan:

    “I want all of the residents and visitors to Cincinnati to understand that the Cincinnati Police Department is ready and able to respond to any emergency call from the public.”

    Yeah, they’ll respond. Just not in person. All the ED’s need to switch to this setting.

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  75. Liz says:

    The bright side of the economic crash is it will ween the public of of cheap Chinese crap.
    With no market, China is in trouble.
    Then the unrest begins.
    Meanwhile, America pumps money into rebuilding industry…
    a decade of great jobs restarting American industrial dominance… the Roaring 20s all over!
    …until the robots are plugged in.
    (but that is a different story).

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  76. I really would like this to be true, but I’m very skeptical that TPTB are going to reverse course without a couple of actual heads on actual spikes.

    Why do I think the stimulus plan is just a giveaway to corporations and banksters? Because that’s how it always turns out.

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  77. Cheque d'Out says:

    The fact that globalisation is currently being shown to be a disaster. And the EU has descended into 27 countries all living behind closed borders. What does this leftarded bell-end come up with?

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  78. Farm Boy says:

    The UN is such a sterling success, why not just expand it?

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  79. I’ve heard Mars needs women. They might even take all the recent Muslim women immigrants to the EU. Oh, wait, women only make up like 3% of those “refugees”. Never mind.

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  80. Farm Boy says:

    China is a face culture, but the CCP’s face culture has Mafia rules. The CCP suffers from systemic ineptitude and authoritarian narcissism, but it doesn’t want the world to know. So CCP apparatchik police treated Wuhan’s conscientious doctors as criminals and suppressed their warnings. CCP thuggery and brutality halted local efforts to confine the virus and prevented responsible medical efforts from disseminating information that might help global researchers find cures and vaccines.

    My last paragraph sketches an alternative history that isn’t our gritty, deadly reality. We confront hard fact history: Beijing’s communists decided to let Chinese citizens die rather than confront the epidemic.

    More facts: Between late December and mid-January, an estimated 5 million people left, entered or passed through Wuhan. Hard consequence: The virus went from local Wuhan to global hell.

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  81. Farm Boy says:

    Ah the days of her youth when all those pesky normal people couldn’t look over a bill and spread the word on social media to the point where the press couldn’t ignore it. The days when a president of the other party couldn’t use social media to fight back.

    This may in fact be the day that Nancy Pelosi cost the Democrats the house by going along with nonsense that she likely would have gotten away with if it was still 1987 when she was 1st elected. One might wonder how a seasoned pro like her would have made such a mistake

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  82. Farm Boy says:

    Authorities have charged a man accused of licking deodorants in a Walmart store in Missouri during the coronavirus outbreak for making a terroristic threat.


  83. Farm Boy says:

    Meanwhile in Liz’ neighborhood

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  84. Farm Boy says:

    One reason Mr. Trump’s opponents have had such a hard time damaging his connection with voters is that they still don’t understand why so many Americans want a wrecking-ball presidency. Beyond attributing Mr. Trump’s support to a mix of racism, religious fundamentalism and profound ignorance, the president’s establishment opponents in both parties have yet to grasp the depth and intensity of the populist energy that animates his base and the Bernie Sanders movement. . . .

    That a majority of the electorate is this deeply alienated from the establishment can’t be dismissed as bigotry and ignorance. There are solid and serious grounds for doubting the competence and wisdom of America’s self-proclaimed expert class.

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  85. Farm Boy says:

    Epidemiologist Behind Highly-Cited Coronavirus Model Admits He Was Wrong, Drastically Revises Model


  86. Ame says:

    Woohoo! It’s been confirmed! KH is NOT crazy!!! 😂

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  87. No reasonable person believed global warming was an actual thing before the Chinese Virus from Wuhan, China was delivered piping-hot to our door.

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  88. There are solid and serious grounds for doubting the competence and wisdom of America’s self-proclaimed expert class.

    The thing about being smarter than the average bear is that you know that thinking you’re always right/smarter than the other bears is something a dumb bear does.

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  89. Cheque d'Out says:

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  90. Cheque d'Out says:

    To be fair to the piss-bag-bomber, this is how kids learn.

    ‘stay inside, we’ll break the spread of the virus’

    ‘f-u grandpa I’m going to meet my mates and extend the isolation period by weeks’

    ‘bombs away…’

    [Collect urine in bags regularly people do?]

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  91. That is at least a bucket-full of urine. Took some planning.

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  92. h0neyc0mb says:



    Lighten up boomer bomber .. 😂

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  93. horsemanbombadil says:

    Late March

    When the deep blanket of snow has melted away

    Mother Nature opens one eye,

    drops another blanket of snow over her head,

    And says “Five more minutes.”

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  94. Cheque d'Out says:

    Oh I say!

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  95. Cheque d'Out says:

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  96. Farm Boy says:

    MeToo Legal Fund Refused To Help Biden Accuser, Claiming It Couldn’t Risk Nonprofit Status Since He’s Running For President


  97. Farm Boy says:

    “For a woman to come forward in the glaring lights of focus, nationally, you’ve got to start off with the presumption that at least the essence of what she’s talking about is real,” said Biden during the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who faced accusations that as a teenager he had assaulted a woman at a party.

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  98. Farm Boy says:

    On Wednesday, a woman allegedly entered a Gerrity’s supermarket in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania, and coughed on food all over the store, forcing the grocery chain to toss out approximately $35,000 worth of product


  99. Farm Boy says:


    How did the Tide Pod challenge go?
    Do they have smaller doses for cats?

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  100. Farm Boy says:

    Professors are now worried that the political bias they bring to the classroom will be easily recorded and exposed to the public now that their courses have been moved online due to the Wuhan coronavirus.

    “The coronavirus-prompted shift to remote teaching was stressful enough for faculty members before Charlie Kirk weaponized online learning,” reported the Chronicle of Higher Education on Tuesday, noting a recent tweet by the Turning Point USA (TPUSA) founder calling on students to share videos of their professors’ “blatant indoctrination.”

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  101. Liz says:

    Residents dropping large trash bags full of urine on people for not staying inside during coronavirus lockdown.

    I think the longer the lockdown is in place, the more likely the coronavirus death toll will be a coronavirus murder toll.

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  102. OK, Boomers.

    Too soon?

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  103. Liz says:

    Tide pod challenge went purrfectly.
    I feel very disinfected. 😆

    [If die from doing it I do,
    Blame you I will]

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  104. Sumo says:

    Now, with the state government woefully underfunded and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro widely criticized for a slow response to the outbreak, criminal gangs that have long held sway across Rio’s favelas are taking their own precautions against the virus, according to residents and press reports.

    According to well-sourced Rio newspaper Extra, City of God gangsters have been driving round the slum, blaring out a recorded message to residents.

    “We’re imposing a curfew because nobody is taking this seriously,” the message said, according to Extra’s Tuesday story. “Whoever is in the street screwing around or going for a walk will receive a corrective and serve as an example. Better to stay home doing nothing. The message has been given.”

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  105. Farm Boy says:

    Truckers are saying “fuck the log rules, I’m hauling” and they’re getting supplies to the stores. People are stocking the shelves all night and letting old people shop first. Folks are buying meals for truckers, who (obviously) can’t go through the drive-ups. Asking ’em what they want, then buying it for them.

    Carnival Cruise Line has told Trump “We can match those big Navy Hospital ships with some fully staffed cruise ships”.

    GM and Ford have said “hold our cars and watch this — we can make ventilators where we were just making car parts, starting next week” — by re-engineering seat ventilators which their engineers hacked together for a new purpose. In under a week.

    In a project with which I’m loosely associated, a very-effective agricultural disease-control agent was re-purposed and re-labeled specifically for Corona-virus control by the FDA and EPA in under ten days, from initial request to distribution.

    Restaurants and schools have said, “we’ve got kitchens and staff; we can feed the poor kids who used have school lunch.”

    NBA basketball players have said, “Hold our basketballs while we write checks to pay the arena staff.”

    Construction companies are saying, “Here are some high-end masks for medical staff and doctors”.

    Distilleries are making sanitizer out of distilling “heads and tails” which are normally discarded. Nasty shit to drink, but effective sanitizer.

    People are tipping grocery check-out clerks and thanking them for taking the risk.

    Local, state, and county governments are taking control of everything the feds cannot do. Some are doing it wrong, but for the first time in decades … they’re doing it. Federalism is re-emerging, and the smallest unit of government is the individual and the family. This, too, is re-emerging after decades of dormancy.

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  106. Carnival Cruise Line has told Trump “We can match those big Navy Hospital ships with some fully staffed cruise ships”.

    Norovirus vs. Chinese Virus From Wuhan, China Cage Match?


  107. Sumo says:

    Distilleries are making sanitizer out of distilling “heads and tails” which are normally discarded. Nasty shit to drink, but effective sanitizer.

    I have a number of contacts/acquaintances/friends in local breweries, and I’ve been told that a number of them have started to make sanitizer as well. Apparently they can’t sell or distribute it until Health Canada gives them the nod.

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  108. Ame says:

    on cruise lines … iirc, they register in odd countries with little to no governance so they don’t have to follow any rules aboard. so … do they pay taxes to those little countries? if those businesses are not registered in the states, then what benefit do we get to bail them out?

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  109. SFC Ton says:

    Liz you are high as fuck if you think the shot calling skypes will allow manufacturing and what not to return to the usa.

    Their goals and our goals don’t align which is why they have gotten the boot so many times

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  110. SFC Ton says:

    Not being a leftist I see the police standing down as a positive

    The police are taking a break from beinng the over lords strongman( no one is going to jail becuase they are behind on child support or alimony, no one is getting elected from their home due to property taxes etc etc) and while the cops stand down they are giving men the opportunity to reassert their sovereignty.

    The less bacon the more freedom

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  111. Larry G says:

    Ame, found this

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  112. Ame says:

    Larry – so why the heck are we bailing them out?


  113. Ame says:

    Ton – it’s a nice dream to believe manufacturing will be cut off from foreigners and brought back home … please don’t wake me up too soon 😉

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  114. Larry G says:

    “Larry – so why the heck are we bailing them out?”
    aaand that is a very good question which I cannot answer..The Donald has quit asking for my advice on such matters since the China Plague came into town…

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  115. Ame says:

    Hey, Ton … how’s your Girl in healthcare holding up?


  116. Larry G says:

    one thing that has puzzled me also, some 3+ million unemployment claims filed this week, where is the money to pay these claims? Some bright soul is going to start printing stacks of $100’s? Does not a huge over supply of cash and limited amount of goods produce inflation?

    some where I read something about unintended consequences…..

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  117. Liz says:

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  118. SFC Ton says:

    She’s in admin and teaching these days so it’s been pretty normal days

    Girl#1 got away from dealing with sick folks when my health crashed and has her own protocols to keep me safe

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  119. Larry G says:

    My busted wing is better, unwrapped it today like a seriously fucked up Christmas present. Hurts the most while scratching my ass,,,,,,

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  120. Ame says:

    so glad to hear that, Ton. was very concerned for you and yours when you were silent … figured things w/your health were rough. prayed for y’all during that time.

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  121. Ame says:

    LOL! Larry!


  122. Ame says:

    oh! is that really you, Liz? puppyboot?! 🙂

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  123. Larry G says:

    Doggie Do’s

    [Like those Eastern European chicks better I do]

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  124. Ame says:

    this is exactly what Richard warned would happen (and i think BV, too, iirc):

    Hospitals on the front lines of the pandemic are engaged in a heated private debate over a calculation few have encountered in their lifetimes – how to weigh the “save at all costs” approach to resuscitating a dying patient against the real danger of exposing doctors and nurses to the contagion of coronavirus.

    The conversations are driven by the realization that the risk to staff amid dwindling stores of protective equipment – such as masks, gowns and gloves – may be too great to justify the conventional response when a patient “codes,” and their heart or breathing stops.

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  125. Larry G says:

    “Larry G says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.”



  126. Farm Boy says:


    Your comment had too many links. The spam filter doesn’t like that


  127. Larry G says:

    FB, ok. How many is allowed before the filter kicks in?


  128. Ame says:

    Larry + Filter …. that can’t even equal anything b/c it doesn’t exist! lolol!!!


  129. Sumo says:

    How many is allowed before the filter kicks in?

    From experience, I think it’s two. Three links caused me some trouble over at Ton’s place.


  130. Cill says:

    Presently it is set to 6


  131. Sumo says:

    Always have to make me look bad, don’t you?

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  132. Larry G says:

    Hmmm…this time it was 7 links and it went off. Usually my pretty ladies images run 5 or 6, so that’ probably the upper limit I would guess


  133. Cill says:

    In Settings / Discussion it is set to 6, but this is WordPress and the limit depends on spam plugins and maybe other aspects of filtering which means the limit is approximate.


  134. Cill says:

    Sumo, you already looked bad. You were born bad, Bro.


  135. Sumo says:

    That… entirely fair. Carry on.

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  136. Farm Boy says:

    What the media instead are realizing is that they have lost control over the filtering that they are used to providing. They seek to spin the news rather than simply show it and report it. And they justify their bias as being part of a higher calling in the journalism profession as opposed to a glaring failure.

    The media that was able to push impeachment while the coronavirus spread throughout the world, that claimed concerns about it were racist, and that attempts to control its spread were xenophobic, now wants even more control over the message. Their plan to keep Americans in the dark about what the country’s top political and medical officials say unless it is filtered through a group of people who botched the 2016 campaign, the Russia collusion narrative, and the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing is a demonstration of something very dangerous.

    They don’t want to report the news. They want to control it. That is damaging and destructive to their own already hurting reputations but, more importantly, to public health itself.

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  137. Farm Boy says:

    A police force in the UK received an overwhelmingly negative backlash after revealing they had used a surveillance drone to spy on dog walkers and hikers in a remote part of the country.


  138. Farm Boy says:

    BALTIMORE, MD—A new study by Johns Hopkins University found that the novel coronavirus is impacting men and women more than all the other genders combined.

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  139. Farm Boy says:

    Quarantined Journalist Really Starting To Annoy Family By Calling Them Racists All Day

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  140. SFC Ton says:

    Thank you. It was touch and go for a goodly while but now I’m almost up to my old substandard lung capacity;)

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  141. SFC Ton says:

    Always have to make me look bad, don’t you?

    Only because you make it so easy to do 😉

    Damn you walked into that one little broither……

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  142. Farm Boy says:

    Denmark’s Jyllands-Posten printed a cartoon of the Chinese flag with virus-like figures in place of the symbolic yellow stars. China is demanding an apology from the paper, which has previously waded into controversy.


  143. Farm Boy says:

    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is very upset that noncitizens won’t be receiving $1,200 checks in the $2 trillion emergency relief bill unanimously passed by the Senate Wednesday night.


  144. Farm Boy says:

    President Trump has met and passed his supreme test. This has left his Democratic opponents desperately espousing gloom and demanding that the economic shut-down continue

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  145. Liz says:

    Aye, Ame. I am puppyboot.

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  146. Liz says:

    A police force in the UK received an overwhelmingly negative backlash after revealing they had used a surveillance drone to spy on dog walkers and hikers in a remote part of the country

    Do these people understand that a walk and some fresh air might mean the difference between a docile, peaceful (though slightly listless) population and masses losing their mind?
    And if and when they lose their mind, they’ll be running around with pitchforks screaming,
    “Where’s that f*cking drone operator? Tell me where that f*cking drone operator is…”
    (I suggest they read about how Robespierre died, and then stop this nonsense)

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  147. Just another example of how the police think they’re above us.. I am so tired of “the thin blue line” crap. Hospital janitors are more valuable to society.

    That sequence from “The Fugitive” keeps coming back to me:

    Richard Kimball, “I didn’t kill my wife!”

    U.S. Marshall Fuckyu, “I don’t care!”

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  148. I miss Peloton Girl. She had a great attitude.

    I will not get fat. I will stay attractive for my husband. I will make him a sandwich and get him a beer before I “suck the chrome off his trailer hitch”.

    I may have embellished some things there…

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  149. Ame says:

    i have not got into twitter … have avoided adding another addiction to my list! lol!

    do you keep up with BV on twitter?

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  150. Liz says:

    I do read Radical Radials (BV’s twitter nom de plume). 🙂

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  151. Liz says:

    Just reading on Facebook, in parts of the nation the tattle tale hall monitors are coming out. Telling the police when they see anyone outside of their homes.
    Police have had to ask these “concerned residents” to cease and desist.
    (it would be helpful if they posted the names of these residents…just asking for a friend)

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  152. Liz says:

    Just to add:
    BV has posted a link to his twitter here before.
    That’s how I know about it (otherwise I wouldn’t put it out there).

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  153. Cill says:

    suck the chrome off his trailer hitch
    Bloody hell, KH, I’m speechless.


  154. Cill says:

    My balls have dropped into the relative safety of the gutter.

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  155. Larry G says:

    well this morning was off to a rather odd start,,,,I slept in a bit which is itself unusual. My Mrs woke me up because she was kinda anxious, all of the TV channels, almost every internet page, even the fucking radio is non-stop China Plague this and that. A steady diet of bad news can seriously mess with your head.
    Like I said, she was (past tense) anxious but is now sleeping peacefully after I reminded her that we have ample food and water stored, which she questioned at the time since she could go shopping whenever she wished. Last summer I installed steel security bars on all windows and steel doors for every ground level entrance, which also drew some comments since we live in a fairly nice neighborhood with almost no crime.
    Now nothing more is mentioned about the stockpiled medicines, first aid kits, multiple fire extinguishers, ammunition and weapons or backup power supplies. Before dropping off to sleep she asked me if we have any face masks in case we have to go outside? Yup, 2 boxes.

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  156. Farm Boy says:

    Johnson: “I am now self-isolating, but I will continue to lead the government’s response via video-conference as we fight this virus.”


  157. That’s quite a bit older than me (I believe), Cill.

    Is there an antipodal equivalent?


  158. You’ve probably already seen most of these, but …

    – On Monday we start Diarrhea Awareness Week. Runs until Friday. (3rd)

    – What if you had coronavirus and Lyme disease?

    – The kid I hired to clean up the poop in the back yard just realized I don’t have a dog …
    #OutOfToiletPaper (2nd)

    – Pro tip: if you get pulled over, just start coughing.

    – All these kids who have been learning Common Core math are about to learn how to
    “Carry the One” from their new homeschool teachers. (tied 1st)

    – Our cleaning lady just called and told us she will be working from home and will send us
    instructions about what to do.

    – The folks who support open borders and poop- and needle-filled streets are suddenly
    worried about a virus?

    – I say we close down the media for 30 days and watch 80% of the world’s problems go
    away! (tied 1st)

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  159. Liz says:

    What if you had coronavirus and Lyme disease?

    They call that tequila mockingbird.

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  160. RichardP says:

    From here:

    Posted on BVs Twitter. Provides some much needed perspective.

    Still – it is not the graphics at that link which rule the day. It is whether any given hospital is overwhelmed at any given moment – Covid-19 patients in severe distress that exceed that particular hospital’s resources. It does that hospital no good that there are hospitals on the other side of the country with resources that they are not using. By the time they get the excess resources repositioned, the patient(s) who need them will be dead.

    For those who like to think carefully, that last paragraph defines the distribution problem. The “West Side Story” asks the question How do you solve a problem like Maria. The question facing governments is in that ballpark: How do you create a model that will tell you exactly 1.) which hospital is going to get overwhelmed?; 2.) when will that happen for certain?, and 3.) how do we transfer the needed resources from where they are not being used to where they are needed in time for the distressed patient(s) to use them?

    For those aquainted with math, modeling, and transportation networks, it quickly becomes obvious that there are no “good” answers to those three questions. Evidence suggests that folks with Covid-19 can appear to be reasonably OK, and go from that to dead in six hours or so. Or not. So how do you model that uncertainty, such that you can accurately pinpoint the hospital(s) that will need additional supplies and then get them the needed resources before they need them?

    What all of this is doing is teaching the folks paying attention that we are not gods. We cannot solve the capriciousness of this emergency just because we are a first-world country populated by self-described “well-educated” people who have a healthy self-esteem. None of that is doing folks any good at the moment in the face of the randomness of nature.

    That truth should inform the SJWs going forward. But it probably won’t.

    I will get into more detail when I can. For now, I will say this much.

    Wife is a nurse. Because of that, we know and are known by twenty or so well-regarded and highly skilled doctors in Beverly Hills – said doctors in private practice but connected to the UCLA Medical Center and Cedars-Sinai hospital. Most of these doctors are in a single building.

    Amongst these doctors: ten or so patients have come into the office and tested positive for Covid-19; very wealthy and well-known persons are panicked and demanding that the doctors prescribe the Malaria medicine and Z-Pack – a number of whom are not even patients of the doctor(s); several of these doctors have equipped themselves / are well-stocked with the malaria medicine and Z-Pack – and are stockpiling it for themselves and family, and the very wealthiest of their patients; most have stopped allowing patients to come to the office and are in a crash-course learning mode of how to do telemedicine. Wife has cut way back on personal exposure to patients and doctors, but has not reduced that to zero yet.

    One particularly close doctor friend: early forties; extremely bright heart specialist; got married to one of those Russian cutie-pies a few years ago; has a two-year old daughter and wife is pregnant; within the past year has published a book on heart health and was flown to Brunei by the Sultan to do health checkups on all his extended family (not unusual; many of these doctors have that happen, or the King and extended family of whatever country comes to the doctor in Beverly Hills). In sum, an extremely high-level individual in a first-rate city in a first-world company. But nature does not care.

    He is 2.5 weeks into a serious Covid-19 infection and may not survive. However, he is being treated by the doctor who has the largest supply of the malaria medicine and Z-pack. Don’t yet know the status of pregnant wife or his elderly parents, or my wife – all of whom had contact with him before he fell ill. None are showing symptoms at the moment. We indeed are living in interesting times. Not the imagined reality of the well-regarded Western Philosophers that many suggest we read. But the boots-on-the-ground, this is actually happening so how do we deal with it, reality.

    I will post updates as they occur.

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  161. RichardP says:

    That first sentence and link shouldn’t be there.


  162. RichardP says:

    For Liz and anybody else interested in things Medical:

    I pulled this together for doctors and their staffs who are not accustomed to wading through governmentese and couldn’t make heads or tails of what they are supposed to be doing. Feel free to pass this to anyone you might know who is in the same spot. It doesn’t cover everything, but it points the doctor in the right direction.

    Emergency Telehealth Overview

    For those who don’t want to read this, note that the HIPPA laws protecting patient information have been loosened a good bit for the duration of this emergency.

    I previously told of one of the doctors who had a patient cough directly into his face. That doctor is still doing well. The doctor who is ill is a different doctor. That doctor was infected by a patient who came in to be tested. That patient tested positive – and obviously infected the doctor.

    Doctors who would not ordinarily be interested in Telemedicine are being forced to investigate what it offers – as they attempt to balance staying well with still delivering patient care. My guess is that the practice of medicine is being forced to learn something new, nationwide, during this emergency. And the HIPPA requirements are being loosened in order to enable this. My guess is that, when the emergency is over, medicine, and the HIPPA laws will not go back to business as usual. At a minimum, those folks who discover they don’t have to drive to the doctor’s office just to get a perscription renewed will probably not be willing to go back to driving to the doctors office – when they know they can get it done via telemedicine. It will be interesting times in a different context.

    Liked by 3 people

  163. RichardP says:

    Larry Gatlin had a radio hit some years ago: All the Gold in California

    Needs to re-release the song with new lyrics. Something to the effect that “All the gold in California (malaria medicine) is in the doctor’s office in the middle of Beverly Hills”


  164. We’ve being doing Tele-medicine for several years now; video visits with NP’s for the general aches and pains, sniffles and coughs stuff. It can work pretty well for those scenarios.

    Doctors who charge A LOT OF MONEY for an office visit are not going to be able to charge A LOT OF MONEY for tele-medicine visits. The Sultan of Brunei ain’t gonna pay you $50k to skype examine himself and his concubines.

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  165. Ame says:

    3h ago

    Posted on BVs Twitter. Provides some much needed perspective

    is Richard on twitter, too? are all y’all on twitter? am i missing out on something out there?! is there a herd i should be following?! lol!

    Liked by 1 person

  166. Ame says:

    Thank You, Jesus! so very glad to hear that, Ton!!! i know your Girls and kids and grandkids are elated and grateful 🙂

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  167. Ame says:

    Don’t yet know the status of pregnant wife or his elderly parents, or my wife – all of whom had contact with him before he fell ill.

    Richard – is your wife having to quarantine from you?


  168. Cill says:

    Is there an antipodal equivalent? (KH)

    “Sucks like a Two Bob Whore” is the closest I can think of, but it doesn’t come close.

    Liked by 1 person

  169. Cill says:

    …Unless we want to bring in Eskimo Nell:

    “He thrust it up to the pistol grip
    And fired 2 shots times 3,
    But to his surprise she closed her eyes
    And smile in ecstasy…

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  170. Stephanie says:

    “Just reading on Facebook, in parts of the nation the tattle tale hall monitors are coming out. Telling the police when they see anyone outside of their homes.
    Police have had to ask these “concerned residents” to cease and desist.”

    ^Yes… they are getting 100’s of calls. People want even MORE businesses shut down, too.

    It’s like everyone’s turned into a Mrs. Kravitz!

    Liked by 2 people

  171. Stephanie says:

    “He is 2.5 weeks into a serious Covid-19 infection and may not survive. However, he is being treated by the doctor who has the largest supply of the malaria medicine and Z-pack. ”

    I’m so sorry, Richard. I hope he survives, and how horrible for the others, including your wife, who may have been infected. So sad and scary for his family.

    Liked by 2 people

  172. Stephanie says:

    “is Richard on twitter, too? are all y’all on twitter? am i missing out on something out there?! is there a herd i should be following?! lol!”

    LOL since it’s Twitter and the icon is a bird… I’m guessing it’s a flock and not a herd?!? hahaha

    Liked by 2 people

  173. Stephanie says:

    Yes, Richard… just got a z-pac last night when my husband reminded me we had the telemedicine thing. Very convenient and fast!

    How interesting they’re using z-pacs and stock-piling them….

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  174. Larry G: look for the microphone looking thing on your phone keyboard. Voice tenting! You are welcome and hope you feel better soon! 💕

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  175. Ame says:

    Richard – that link isn’t working for me 😦


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