Get A Life (Earlier Rather Than Later)

We all know Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer.  In my case, I have tried to figure out what talent they might have.  It appears that they have built their whole life around sex, complaining and stuff.  It is not impressive to me.  Is it impressive to anybody?   They seem like cheap attention whores.

I suggest that they and women like them get a life.  Perhaps doing something productive and worthwhile.  Going through life like them is no way to live.

It does seem that Amy Schumer has figured it out a bit.  In her late thirties, she decided to have a baby.  She could have done the world (and herself) a favor by doing it earlier.  Lena, what will you do?

Exit question — What would living a lifetime of wokeness do to a person?

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  1. Farm Boy says:

    Let me state that Ms. Dunham and Ms. Schumer are unappealing in more ways than one.

    But that did not influence this post at all


  2. SFC Ton says:

    Amy Schumer has done the world a disservice by reproducing.

    Her in particular, skypes in general, are a liability for the rest of us.


  3. Not to be funny but added information: Lena had a hysterectomy. Its up to her if she wants to make something of the rest of her life. Im not anywhere a fan of hers but the illnesses/behaviors she exhibited were explained.

    She easily could have passed the attitude over looks rule. Most guys would be kind to a rough looking chick if she was a pleasant person who was living a good life/living the Golden Rule. But the mouth and “you go girl-ism” destroyed that possibility.

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  4. Farm Boy says:

    Most guys would be kind to a rough looking chick if she was a pleasant person who was living a good life/living the Golden Rule

    Yes, they would

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  5. Ame says:

    but … according to FB’s friend, they’re also restricting domestic travel.

    Daily update: President Trump meets with airline CEOs to discuss Coronavirus and travel

    President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence sat down with airline executives at the White House this morning, part of the Administration’s ongoing work to address the Coronavirus and protect the health and safety of Americans.

    “Mr. President, you said from early on that we were going to have a whole-of-government approach,” Vice President Pence said. “But the truth is, as evidenced by all these great industry leaders, it’s really a whole-of-America approach.”

    The risk of contracting the Coronavirus for the average American remains low, according to experts. The Trump Administration is still taking every precaution available to keep families and communities safe.

    In addition to suspending travel from China early on, as of yesterday, all passengers on direct flights from Italy or South Korea to America are being screened multiple times before boarding. “Everyone here should know that we’re going to continue to follow the facts and the data,” the Vice President said.


  6. Adam says:

    Amy Schumer having a baby is not an example of doing the world a favor.

    [Seems to be a consensus on this there would be]

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  7. RichardP says:

    Katy Perry – dropped 2 hours ago – not too bad, but I didn’t listen all the way through. Announcing she is pregnant. Presumably, Orlando Bloom is the father.

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  8. Sharkly says:

    I know I already thanked you, Ame, for your helpful comments on my blog. But today again I was witness to how your comments truly helped some people. You’ve outdone yourself.(and were used by God)

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  9. Cheque d'Out says:

    The Critical Drinker is not keen

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  10. Farm Boy says:

    Here is the post where Sharkly is so impressed with Ame’s contribution

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  11. Gals like Amy and Lena slut it up bc it’s the only way they would get laid. Their short term or one night relationships are all they had. Guys (or the top guys they wanted) likely were not interested in committing to them, before or after. They are like the fat chicks at the bar hoping someone will get drunk enough to go for it. Not to be mean. Maybe now w money they can attract an opportunist but still. Angry and bitter is all they’ve got. Especially after 30 or so… they are popular bc there are many women who can relate to them and it normalizes their own fat chick, bad choices, pump and dump experience.

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  12. Farm Boy says:

    Confidence in what one has to offer is one thing — but believing that the world wants to have sex with you is another altogether. Yet the latter appears to be exactly what Rep. Rashida Tlaib thinks about herself.

    While participating in a pro-abortion rally outside of the Supreme Court on Wednesday, the freshman congressman delivered a bizarre speech (yet again) in which she chastised America’s men for allegedly wanting to have sex with her and other unhinged liberal women.


  13. Farm Boy says:

    So who are the Democrats anyway? An association for power, clearly. But now that association is split between the establishment and the socialists, roughly 60-40.

    This is untenable. All that holds them together is enmity for Donald Trump. Without that they wouldn’t even be the semblance of a party anymore.

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  14. Farm Boy says:

    A council in the UK removed two “transphobic” flags because they displayed the dictionary definition of the word ‘woman’.


  15. Farm Boy says:

    The prescribed cure for the problem with no name was for women to go to work and begin having more abortions. Politicians obliged with the demanded policies, and companies began to accommodate


  16. Farm Boy says:

    SB 212 criminalizes the failure to report subjectively “unwelcome” speech or conduct – including overheard sex jokes – to the Title IX apparatus. Employees can also be fired for failure to report.


  17. And it’s down to… two old white guys! Imagine that?!?

    Bernie vs. Biden — can either one even get up on the stage unassisted?!?!

    Let the trolling begin!

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  18. Maybe one can come out as a cross dresser, pick up the rainbow votes 😂🤣😂

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  19. Cheque d'Out says:

    I nearly died laughing. The fucking neck on this man

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  20. Cheque d'Out says:

    Our equivalent of The Texas


  21. SFC Ton says:

    The prescribed cure for the problem with no name was….

    The pimp hand. That is the cure for all their problems. Anything else is a mistake

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  22. Farm Boy says:

    it’s worth a snicker to consider President Obama, behind the scenes, suddenly realizing he’s going to have to endorse idiot Joe Biden for president, a man he considers unfit for the office.

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  23. Farm Boy says:

    Nancy Pelosi: Democratic Voters Are Showing a ‘Certain Element of Misogyny’


  24. Farm Boy says:

    Is your meth contaminated with coronavirus? This Florida police dept. will test it for free

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  25. Speaking of sooner rather than later…

    Hot on the heels of a stunning announcement by ABC that Clare Crawley is the new “Bachelorette,” many fans of the franchise have vowed to boycott the upcoming season.

    Crawley, 38, made her first foray into “Bachelor” nation in 2014 while she was among those competing for Juan Pablo Galavas’ love when she arrived to meet the man of her dreams donning a fake baby bump. She ended up doing well for herself on the show, becoming one of the two finalists on the season. The pair split, however, with Crawley infamously telling Juan Pablo that she’d “lost respect” for him.

    The youngest of six sisters, Crawley returned to the franchise via their spin-offs, appearing twice on “Bachelor in Paradise” during season 1 and 2 as well as “The Bachelor: Winter Games” in 2018 where she became engaged to Benoit Beausejour-Savard – a relationship which went nowhere as the pair called it quits just months later.

    Given Crawley’s storied history with the franchise, aficionados of “Bachelor” universe weren’t exactly jumping for joy at ABC’s selection of the California hairstylist.

    38 and best known as, “Crazy Clare”. What a catch!

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  26. SFC Ton says:

    Coronavirus Patient Zero in Italy Was Pakistani Migrant Who Refused to Self-Isolate
    Who doesn’t enjoy such cultural enrichment?

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  27. Cheque d'Out says:

    And people wonder why the Chinese authorities welded the door shut on such people’s homes.


  28. Ame says:

    Is your meth contaminated with coronavirus? This Florida police dept. will test it for free

    that’s hilarious!

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  29. Ame says:

    in other news … apparently the sun is still hot! lol! such a beautiful, sunny day in the 70’s with a gentle breeze, and the doggie (who got allergy shots this morning) and i enjoyed every moment we got to spend out in that sun! my Daughter walked in, looked at me, and said, “Mom! You’re sunburned!” implying … Mom … you do this every year! you should know better by now! lol! she generously applied aloe to my back for me … twice already 🙂 🙂 🙂

    (yes, i keep aloe on hand … doesn’t everybody?! 🙂 )


  30. Ame says:

    there is only one Ton 🙂


  31. Ame says:

    someone made a comment on fb: “Does anybody cook at home anymore? This restaurant (where they are) is packed!”

    i don’t think many people cook/prepare most of their meals at home anymore. with all our intense dietary restrictions, 99.99% of our meals are prepared/cooked at home. i buy organic produce and our meat at Whole Foods b/c their suppliers are the best in our area – i can definitely taste the difference. when i check out with a cart full of organic produce, veg’s, and meat, with just a few other things where their price is comparable to other stores in my area, the checkers are always shocked. they say things like, “Are you having company?” “Do you juice?” and i tell them that no, we eat ALL our meals at home (prepared at home), and they are shocked. i just might be their only customer who does that given the way they always respond.

    not only do i prepare all our meals at home, my family thanks me for doing so. gratitude is a powerful thing.

    anyway … i think it’s sad that we live in this world where feminism has driven women from the kitchen, demeaning domestic roles.

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  32. b g says:

    “…it’s sad that we live in this world where feminism has driven women from the kitchen…”

    That may be changing, in the last couple of weeks two of my nieces and a grand niece have asked for input from my wife’s cookbooks and recipes. Over several generations, many of the cooking methods have been lost. Many can be found by searching the net but for example, what does “Alberta butter” mean? It is unsalted butter not usual in Ontario, Saskatchewan, and British Columia, goodies made with such butter can develop far more flavour ;-D

    BTW, tell Stephanie, the gobbler’s a keeper ;-D

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  33. Farm Boy says:

    An event in Brussels, Belgium is set to take place where white people will not be welcome unless they pay a fee and clean up after the black attendees.

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  34. Farm Boy says:

    Migrants hold their children over smoking fires in order to make them cry for the cameras so that the press can get the pictures they desire!

    These aren’t refugees, they are economic migrants who wish to guilt trip Europeans into handing them everything on a plate.

    — Mark Collett (@MarkACollett) March 2, 2020


  35. Farm Boy says:

    Caught on tape while filming a new Hulu documentary about her life, former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reportedly claimed she is “the most investigated innocent person in America.”


  36. horsemanbombadil says:

    Be safe everyone. Its starting.

    “Teach the children quietly, for someday our sons and daughters will rise up and fight when we stood still.”

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  37. horsemanbombadil says:


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  38. Farm Boy says:

    Yes, readers have probably noticed that the importance of having a woman’s “consent” in order to bed her is the latest battleground of feminist philosophy. The weakness (or strength, from the feminist view) of the “consent” argument, in this case, is determined by how the woman feeelz about the experience, which is a completely subjective assessment. Not least of all, these feeelz might change at any moment, even years after the deed is done.

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  39. Farm Boy says:

    They care more. Just ask them.

    They care about the environment more than you do
    They care so much they protest more than you do
    They care more about children than you do
    They care more about workers than you do
    They care more about everything than you do
    Doggone it, they’re just better people than you are.

    That’s what Joe Biden said on Super Tuesday:

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  40. h0neyc0mb says:

    She’s back ..

    Elizabeth Warren on Student Debt, Abortion Rights, and Ghosting

    Pimp yo daughters .. your (USsA) government demands it!


  41. Farm Boy says:

    I’m almost beginning to feel that there is a conspiracy afoot here. Democrats need to have a deck of victim cards ready to play at all times. If they keep running thoroughly unlikable women like Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren who are destined to fail because they are generally awful people, they can keep sexism and misogyny front and center, even though it’s all b.s.

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  42. h0neyc0mb says:

    Bwhaaaa ..

    Nearly EVERYONE is sexist in some way: United Nations finds that nine in ten people have a bias against women

    Correct me if I’m wrong .. but if th wimminz make-up 51% of the worlds population ..

    How can “9 out of 10 people” be biased against wimminz without the majority of wimminz biased against themselves .. hmmmmmmm /S

    SMH .. Yet another story about how bad da wimminz have it .. we just aren’t doung our part .. apparently 😂

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  43. Farm Boy says:

    All of Italy’s regions are now infected with the coronavirus, according to the head of Italy’s Civil Protection

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  44. Farm Boy says:

    The Democrats

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  45. @HC

    “How can “9 out of 10 people” be biased against wimminz without the majority of wimminz biased against themselves .. hmmmmmmm /S”

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  46. Here’s Al’s reaction to Liawatha dropping out of the race:

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  47. Farm Boy says:

    A journalist expressed her shock that there were no checks whatsoever for coronavirus after she landed at JFK airport having returned from Italy.


  48. Cheque d'Out says:

    Worth checking the thread started by this twatter

    Then you can educate any normeez saying how cruel the Greeks are being when defending their border with the Turks.

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  49. Cheque d'Out says:

    But I heard that The Donald got more votes than ALL the democrat candidates put together. Perhaps I missed some critical information. Or the democrats are morons prone to lying?

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  50. Farm Boy says:

    Human Rights Watch Allegedly Took Saudi Money “by Promising Not to Support” Gay Rights in Middle East


  51. Farm Boy says:

    At a Fox News Town Hall on Thursday evening, President Trump openly suggested that there’s something fishy going on with Joe Biden. According to Trump, Biden’s many gaffes could be a sign that he’s simply not mentally competent.

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  52. Cheque d'Out says:

    Tommy Robinson latest.

    New political regime, no change.


  53. h0neyc0mb says:

    Pulled in less than 6 minutes .. noce job youtube /S

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  54. Cheque d'Out says:


  55. Cheque d'Out says:


  56. Ame says:

    Missing BV and Liz 😢


  57. RichardP says:

    Eleven folks in LA County have tested positive for Covid-19 as of right now – including a medical worker who was screening folks at LAX.

    Shades of China’s approach to those affected. Imperfect solutions in an imperfect world.

    Tarzana resident Pam Angel said her husband and two adult sons (all tested positive for Covid-19) went on the ski trip (northern Italy). … Angel’s husband, Dennis, and sons, Cory and Brian, have all been quarantined. Cory has been hospitalized in Tarzana (San Fernando Valley) and Dennis and Brian have been isolated in a separate Tarzana home.

    “I have talked to (Cory) and I have FaceTimed him. Today, he is feeling worse than he felt yesterday, and he looked awful. It broke my heart,” Angel said. “The attending doctor told Cory, and this was yesterday, that he wanted him out. Reason being, he feels that Cory is a health risk for the doctors, the nurses, the staff and other patients. Where’s he gonna go? Go where? He clearly needs to be monitored 24/7.”

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  58. Cheque d'Out says:

    Alert The Mighty Ton. I bear good news

    Probably not just good news for him, I’ll admit.

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  59. Ame says:

    Women understand women, and they hate each other!



  60. Ame says:

    where do you see this all going, Richard?


  61. Cheque d'Out says:

    Two blokes bumped into the other in a supermarket the other day. One said to the other “Oh sorry, I’m looking for my wife”….the other one said “that’s funny, I’m looking for my wife too, what does your wife look like?”….to which the first bloke said “Shes about 24 years old, blonde, around 6” tall, tanned, with long legs and is a model…..what does your wife look like?:….to which the other man replied “that doesn’t matter…..let’s go look for your wife!”

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  62. Ame says:



  63. Farm Boy says:

    So just because the cable news anchors and Carville clones are all high-fiving each other and cheering for managing to narrowly prevent a communist disciple of Stalin and Castro from sewing up the Democratic nomination for president by the beginning of March, don’t forget how disappointed they are at heart. If Biden goes on to clinch the nomination, the Democratic Party will have managed to take all the aloof, plain, manila-folder blandness of John Kerry and combine it with the alertness and energy of a nursing home after pill rounds. This is the one whom the commentariat is celebrating right now, the guy Obama and the gang blocked from running in 2016 because they felt him not quite up for the challenge when he was four years younger. The vice president during the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression, the wordsmith who marveled at Obama for being strangely “articulate” for a black guy, and the obtrusive shoulder-rubber whose chief political instinct was to sniff the hair of the wives and daughters of White House officials and visiting dignitaries. Imagine being in such dire straits because the previous Democratic president so hollowed out the party’s future by losing over a thousand elected officials across the country during his time in office that the last, great hope to beat President Trump this year is just hoping to make it to bed each afternoon before saying something so inappropriate or illogical or ridiculous that Red Bernie becomes the Democrat’s Dear Leader by default. For every minute of his few wakeful hours, his handlers have to be on constant guard against the possibility that a voice in Biden’s head will scream, “Oh, look, a young child with wonderful-smelling hair.” “Comeback Joe”? More like “Come back, Joe!”

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  64. Farm Boy says:

    China Pushes Back as Coronavirus Crisis Damages Its Image

    The country is appealing for sympathy while attacking those who blame its leadership for making the situation worse


  65. Farm Boy says:

    During the show Clinton, Cohen and Real Housewives of New York star Dorinda Medley stepped up to take a drink from a ‘shotski’

    Clinton downed her shot with ease as the audience and fans on social media went wild


  66. Cheque d'Out says:

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  67. Farm Boy says:

    The latest on the US CoronaVirus effort


  68. Farm Boy says:

    Joe Biden says,

    “Because they invaded another country and annexed a significant portion of it called Crimea. He’s saying that it was President [awkward long pause] my boss. It was his fault.”


  69. RichardP says:

    Ame asked: where do you see this all going, Richard?

    Being blunt: those who are going to die will die.

    When that becomes sufficiently clear to the plebeians outside of China, then the necessary air gaps will develop (as is already happening) and transmission will slow. Schools and Universities and churches are closing. Apple and other comanies are telling workers to work from home, etc. That is a good start on creating the air gap. But, even with that, it remains to be seen if transmission will ever stop. Has it ever stopped, worldwide, for the flu and the common cold (serious question; I don’t know)?

    When that becomes sufficiently clear being the key point. We still have a lot of stupid going on that is going to keep the transmission going for a while. A friend of ours knows an elderly couple who have had a vaction to Italy planned and paid for for a while now. They are to leave in a few days. As of today, they are still planning to go. An Australian doctor was in Denver a few days ago. Flew from Denver to LAX to catch his connecting flight home to Australia. Developed sniffles between Denver and LAX. Developed a cough between LAX and wherever he landed in Australia. Went home, freshened up, and went to work at his clinic. Saw 70 patients. Clinic is now closed and authorities are chasing down all the folks who were physically close to those 70 patients after they were seen by the doctor.

    One of our doctor friends told us this story. CDC tells all health places to have a sign at the entrance asking those who think they have Covid-19 to go home, rather than come in, and call the doctor – who will step them through a series of questions. So, Dan’s receptionist was approached by a lady who had walked right past such a sign, ignoring it. Told receptionist she was sure she was infected with Covid-19 and demanded to see the doctor. So receptionist placed her in an examining room. When Dan came out of the other examining room, receptionist told him what I just told you. Dan expressed displeasure that receptionist did not simply turn the lady away, and then asked did you at least give her a mask? No. Was I supposed to? was the response of the receptionist. In a high-status medical office in Beverly Hills. Where one would think the ability to think for oneself would be a bit higher than normal. Dan took a mask in to the lady, asked her to open wide so he could look at her throat. And, while he was almost inside her mouth with his eyes and his flashlight, she coughed vigorously into his face. (Don’t know yet the outcome of that.)

    Life is messy. Medicine is messy. And I imagine this Covid-19 thing is going to get a lot more messy before we are through. Because there is such a wide range in folks’ ability to think well versus think badly, as evidenced by the three examples I just gave.

    Covid-19 kills through organ failure due to low blood oxygen due to pneumonia. Simple solution is to administer oxygen and fight the pneumonia. Trouble is, the folks doing the treating will get infected. So the solution needs to be imposed at this juncture.

    Speculating – I see two positive signs:

    1. I think the medical systems of the West know who most of the folks are who already have underlying organ issues. If they present to their healthcare provider with flu symptoms, their provider will hopefully be alert enough to know that these folks will need special attention.

    2. The organ failure seems to be happening mostly in the older folks. The younger folks feel lousy for a few days, but seem to recover OK. So – when we and the rest of the world get our act together, I think the older folk will be particularly pulled aside for special handling, and I think the medical system will assign the younger health care workers to look after them – understanding that these workers will probably become ill, but probably not deathly so.

    Note that in WWI and WWII, many young men, and a few young women, intentionally placed themselve in harms way in an effort to protect others (soldiers and medics and nurses, etc.) So we know that this spark of intentional self-sacrifice is in some folks. I think this younger generation is about to get the chance to prove that this spark still exists in some folks all over again. A new set of heros is being born as we speak (e.g. the young doctor in China that first sounded the alarm and who is now dead, and those who will willingly step up to care for the Covid-19 patients).

    As our ability to test, and our confidence in that testing, increases, I think we will get a better handle on Points 1 and 2.

    Here in California I’m seeing images on television of the tents that they are errecting outside of hospitals that will house those who are infected and are ill – to keep an air gap between that group and the hospital proper. I expect that the caregivers tending to those tents will also stay out of the hospital. That is a variation on what they have done in China, but I think we (us and Europe) can probably make it work better. This will work up to the point that the medical system gets overwhelmed with older patients. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen – since we have the ability to deliver oxygen equipment to the most remote places – so we can keep the patients spread out, rather than concentrated. I assume Europe also has this ability. If they can only keep Turkey from overloading them with immigrants, many of whom probably have their own issues with the underlying health (or not) of their organs. (Raft only holds seven; here comes the eighth, and all that.)

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  70. Jane Fonda has apparently endorsed Bernie Sanders. I am not sure this is the glorious thing some on my Facebook feed think it to be. :/

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  71. Two days ago I started getting a sore throat so runny nose. I did my usual mega vitamin c, salt water gargle, neti pot once a day, tea with lemon and honey, lots of garlic turmeric and ginger in foods, and a zinc lozenge at bed. It took four times over the two days to finally gargle out a loogie from where the sore throat pain was located (w hot tea vs salt water, but whatever works!) Almost instantly the sore throat pain was gone, in less than 12 hours back to normal self. Anecdotal I know but this combo never fails me. Best done early at first symptoms. You can “feel it” when you dislodge the viral colony in the throat or sinus. Almost instantly start rapid recovery. I wish I knew how to get a medical trial started to study this but just because an illness starts doesn’t mean you can’t interrupt its lifecycle and prevent it from progressing. I have done this over and over for years and have never gotten full-blown sick since figuring this out through trial and error. If nothing else the side effects of trying these things are minimal and the positive outcome could be life-saving.

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  72. Oops w/o runny nose I mean…

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  73. And I am creating the air gap even so… luckily for an introvert no biggie. Extroverts in my life can’t seem to resist being out and about in large gatherings!

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  74. Ame says:

    Richard – sent you an email.


  75. Ame says:

    Bloom – VERY glad to hear you are well!!!!!!!

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  76. Ame says:

    Bloom, which Zinc Lozenge do you use?

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  77. And there are many different ones, Zicam is one brand I normally use but it was sold out so I ordered some on Amazon. The best way to take those is at bed, slowly let it dissolve while swallowing normally. No food or drink after for 30 min (or just go to sleep ideally and it’s there all night.) The zinc somehow disrupts the virus colony’s ability to grow. Use nightly during outbreaks as preventative or as directed at first symptoms to fight back.

    I also have a diffuser going with an essential oil blend called On Guard from Doterra. Also commonly called Theives Oil or Blend, a mix of five antiviral/antibacterial oils. Other brands are 1/3 the price so doesn’t have to be Doterra. You can also rub a drop of oil on the bottom of each foot at bedtime. (Just a drop! Don’t overdo it’s potent.) My kids love this and the smell comforts them (heavy w cloves and cinnamon plus eucalyptus, very spicy and nice.)

    Elderberry syrup or gummies, also on Amazon, are good for preventative or to help disrupt viral replication. Have just heard of this and ordered some, will see!

    In other words, there’s lots one can do to build immunity and also at first sign of illness to knock something out early on.

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  78. Ame says:

    thanks, Bloom! looking into that.

    i make homemade elderberry gummies (and lemon and cranberry 🙂 ). VERY easy … i use Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin … and local, raw honey.

    my sister is big with doterra, but i buy Hopewell EO’s b/c they’re much less expensive – i’ll see what their on guard compatible is and see if my girls will tolerate the drops on their feet. they’ll likely tolerate them in their diffusers, though.

    we do a lot of homeopathy, too … and boiron.

    i’m all for anything and everything natural to boost our immune systems.


  79. Ame says:

    Bloom – your girls would probably enjoy making gummies … it’s 1 Tablespoon gelatin per 1/2 cup liquid.

    the lemon ones … i fresh squeeze 1 cup lemon or lemon/lime combo … add 1 cup water … put in saucepan and add 6 Tablespoons (or scoops – the one i buy has a 1T scoop), stir and heat till gelatin is dissolved – not too long, maybe five minutes. remove from heat and let cool a few minutes, then add 1 cup (it seems like a lot) honey – i always buy local, raw honey. stir well.

    then you can put it into molds … but seriously! who has time to take a dropper and put it into hundreds of little molds!

    i just put it in a baking dish that i’ve covered first with coconut oil.

    put in the fridge for a couple hours … and wala! gummies!

    i used a knife to cut into small squares – you can even use mini cookie cutter things if the girls find that fun – mine did when they were young. i just cut into little squares and then use a pancake turner to release and remove, then store in the fridge.


  80. RichardP says:

    @Ame said: Richard – sent you an email

    Received and responded.

    You might also consider Airborne gummies:

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  81. SFC Ton says:

    I think this younger generation is about to get the chance to prove that this spark still exists in some folks all over again.
    Maybe the spark exists, maybe it doesn’t but I know boomers pissed away all most all the social and economic capital this nation evere had so those worthless fucks better hope the younger generations are better men and women then they are

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  82. SFC Ton says:

    I wonder if the Greeks are interested in an experienced gun hand

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