“Grow Up”, She Says

I hate to keep picking on Candy, but she is illustrative,

Toward the end, she pleads for men to grow up.  She feels that she has been mistreated by men in the past, probably through pump ‘n dump type behavior. I am guessing that it has become worse for her in the last few years due to her aging, and her tendency to drive relationships toward long-term, sooner  rather than later.

So what is probably happening here?  She got a taste of hot men a decade or more ago.   She liked it.  She still likes it.  These hot men have options, for due to hypergamy, lots and lots of women seek them.  Large swaths of these types of men play the field.  When a woman becomes more trouble than they are worth, they get dumped, and on to the next one.

So, from her perspective, they have no compelling reason to grow up.  It is said that non-hot men are invisible to women.  One might take this woman as evidence that it is true.  She is desperate for a man; she wants babies (even if she won’t admit it to herself), she needs income, she needs firm direction (though she won’t admit that either).   Yet all she needs to do is lower her standards (especially hotness standards) a bit, and she could have a man that a rational person would suggest is more than acceptable.  But this won’t happen.

This attitude is effectively suicidal.  Modern prosperity has enabled it.  That is not a good thing.

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  1. okrahead says:

    During the course of her video, she complains about her friends who won’t go out clubbing with her because they have to stay home and take care of their children. She admits she is unemployed, and, apparently, unemployable. She has never married and is childless. She uses the passive voice and at no point takes any responsibility for her plight.
    Markers for adulthood:
    1) Take care of myself.
    2) Have a job to pay the bills.
    3) Get married (optional in today’s society, but definitely to the point here).
    4) Have children (see 3)
    5) Provide a stable home for my family.
    This woman has completed exactly 0 items from this list. She is living as a parasite, either off government, her family, or both. She has nothing of value to bring to the table. While telling “men” to grow up, she evidences visible exasperation at women who have grown up, as seen in her griping about her female friends who stay home and take care of their children.
    Interestingly, she sees only two ways to meet a man… Her friends hook her up, or she meets one at a bar. I expect her female friends know her pretty well, and would only send a man her way if they genuinely hated him.
    At no point does she explain why she is a good catch… Because she can’t. At no point does she consider some other option to meet people (church? school? gym?). Emotionally, she is at the maturity level of a twelve year old….. at best. I believe her admonition to grow up is what is known as “projection.” And her name is legion.

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  2. okrahead says:

    Re: growing up… she repeatedly, and solely, refers to herself as a “girl.” Never as a woman, or a lady… only a “girl.” A term for a child, not an adult.

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  3. She’s so tone-deaf on so many levels. After all her whining, she still thinks that going to bars will help her meet a long-term guy? Pathetic.

    Her best hope in life is to redeem herself a bit by warning young girls not to whore around like she did.

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  4. Jack says:

    She’s stuck in her solipsistic standards and sinful life habits with no avenue of expression (or repentance). The Red Pill term for this is “alpha widow”. The biblical term for this is “defiled”.

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  5. h0neyc0mb says:

    Who’s onboard .. heh!

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  6. h0neyc0mb says:

    Totally legit .. totally! HEH

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  7. Cill says:

    The video at 3:21 pm started off too good to be true, and it was.

    So this androgynous project, this attempt to have men and women have equal lives, is I think fundamentally mysogynist because it doesn’t really acknowledge what women have historically done as much as what men have historically done.

    I’m sick of this truth-telling that lapses into craven arse-licking of Women and Feminism. Any honest discussion of this subject will tackle the contra nature of Feminism head-on and lay the blame where it belongs. Otherwise it’s just more sycophancy from white male academics who “proudly” (but weakly in fact) claim to stand against the tyranny of Feminism and political correctness.

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  8. Cheque d'Out says:

    This was a newly formed Remain Party’s first public dinner.

    Every one of these MPs lost their seat in the subsequent 2019 general election. Every one.

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  9. Cheque d'Out says:


  10. Those of you who haven’t wanted to go down the rabbit hole (why would you?) may not be aware that Candy Dawn Amber (formerly, “the pretty witch”) now has (or at least recently had) a boyfriend.

    Frankly, I cannot figure out WTF this guy is thinking, but there he is. How long will this last? No idea. But, I think I see him getting bored and wanting to wrap things up well before this 12 minute video ends.

    CDA seems like a train-wreck to me, so any guy who would be into her would have to have some non-trivial issues of his own. OTOH, maybe it works out? (nope) WTF do I know anyway?

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  11. Liz says:

    Now 454 people on the cruise ship have the Hanavirus.
    ROK politicians going to China to stimulate the tourist industry.
    It’s like something out of a Monty Python skit.
    They say this will all burn out with warmer weather.
    So why has it taken off in Singapore?

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  12. Liz says:

    CDA does wear a metric crap ton of makeup. Good grief. I could only watch the first minute ’cause my internet has the wu wu. He seems like a good guy though.
    Never really considered what the makeup hiders (folks who wear enough to look much different without it) go through. Must be like wearing industrial strength spanx. Or something.

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  13. So the phrase, “she’s putting her face on” is actually a real thing.

    CDA actually takes her face off in that video, like a Mission Impossible operative or a Scooby-Doo villain reveal. I don’t know how anyone could live like that or with that.

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  14. h0neyc0mb says:

    Co-Cane Meth is a powerful drug!”

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  15. “Lock your wife and your dog in a closet. Let them out after two hours.. Who’s happy to see you?” – Mark Ryterski

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  16. Liz says:

    Heads up:
    I have discovered a beverage called “bing”.
    Someone at our party night before last brought it.
    This is good stuff. REALLY good.
    Also, more caffeinated than the average cup of coffee.
    Just sayin’.

    Side note: I have also taken up CBD oil (topical) so maybe that will counteract the effects of over-bing. But I just wanted to warn ya all in advance.

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  17. Cheque d'Out says:

    Gets into the tricky sex and race differences. I must admit that I skipped the start where he holds up a beach ball…your call. I don’t watch him for comedy. I do watch him for factual content.


  18. h0neyc0mb says:

    I think youtube delete’s video’s as soon as you share’em.

    (re: vid unavailable)

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  19. h0neyc0mb says:

    It was less than 2 min this time.


  20. Cheque d'Out says:

    Actually the video IS on youbend. I’m watching it now. Try copying the video’s link and paste it into a new tab.

    It’s got some great information, good video. R/K. Gender differences. Changes in religion.

    The same is true (the content is still on youtube) of yesterday’s link.

    It’s odd. I see a broken video image as you apparently do. I haven’t changed any settings. And not all videos are broken.

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  21. Cheque d'Out says:

    The latest broken video is called
    Why is it the Way of the World that White Women Are So Woke?
    it’s by Dr Edward Dutton aka ‘The Jolly Heretic’.
    The ‘heretic’ seems to refer to independent of thought, it’s not a religion related statement AFAICS.

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  22. Cheque d'Out says:

    Amongst other things that video (building towards the end) explains why giving political power to women is a mistake because they’re mad and do societally destructive stupid shit (in evolutionary terms).

    I know. I was as shocked to hear that as you are.

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  23. https://disrn.com/news/boy-scouts-of-america-plagued-by-sex-abuse-lawsuits-and-declining-membership-files-for-bankruptcy

    They really only have themselves to blame. After making horrible decision after horrible decision, this was the inevitable result.

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  24. BuenaVista says:

    I loved Scouts, but then I’m so mature that most of our leaders were WWII and Korea vets who took us camping when it was -20 and snowing, or rock climbing on the Mississippi bluffs with no gear — just bare rope. (We repelled off-belay combat style, i.e., rope between legs, up and forward, over the dominant side shoulder, controlled with a hand behind the butt. This is why sweaters sold as “commando style” have the patches on each shoulder, so a rope doesn’t burn a hole in them while you’re bouncing down a rock face.) At age 11 or 12. We, basically, didn’t do anything outdoors that the grown-ups didn’t also enjoy. (Sailing in a dinghy (505), me in the trapeze in November when it was 40F and blowing 40; that’s what Mr. Cater and I did, and he didn’t make me wear a life jacket over my winter coat.) So that was a different time and ethos. This group of trans-friendly, girl-friendly, homo-friendly Boy Scout-SJWs deserve whatever they get now, but their disappearance will leave yet another massive crater where boyhood used to thrive.

    On reflection, we all thought that one of our scout leaders (a photographer who it was rumored had quite the blue picture collection) was a perv. We discussed it openly amongst ourselves and he was not popular. We felt sorry for his son.

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  25. Cheque d'Out says:

    Can people check out the 3rd comment in this thread? It was caught up in ‘pending’ and I only just found it.

    Welcome ‘Eternity Matters’

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  26. Cheque d'Out says:

    I would have loved BV’s scout troop.

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  27. Ame says:

    Liz – ’cause my internet has the wu wu.


    surely she needed more than two makeup wipes to get all that crap off her face. idk why the heck women think that looks good.

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  28. Ame says:

    “Lock your wife and your dog in a closet. Let them out after two hours.. Who’s happy to see you?” – Mark Ryterski


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  29. BuenaVista says:


    This is one of the better nontechnical reviews of PTSD, or combat fatigue, that I have read. It notes the enhanced predilection for stress reactions among men who were also damaged as children; also notes the disparity between stress-thresholds between civilians and those who lived the sportier life. It echoes a comment Ton made once about the word-salad mumbo jumbo that causes anyone to claim a PTSD disability. It notes a practice some troops follow in refusing Purple Hearts for diagnosed concussive brain injury.

    The brain injury and PTSD discussion begins about halfway down, so I’d scan ahead for that.


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  30. Ame says:

    btw – how many different names are there for the wuflu now? every time i turn around there’s a new one.

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  31. BuenaVista says:

    Yes, you would have CdO. Incidentally, the adult troop leaders mostly were tenured PhD’s teaching at the university and they were a class of men who simply don’t exist on campus any more. Sometimes a couple of the adults would take a couple of us (2-3) on excusions, and they shared tobacco and whiskey in the evenings.

    I was a notorious sleep walker and would wander off at 2 a.m. into woods and ravines, usually getting lost by the time I woke up. No one wanted to be in a tent with me. To this day I don’t share motel rooms or tents (with a guy). Instead of asking me to “open up” and “share what’s on your mind” one guy, Mr. Carmen, who taught geology, laughed and tied some little bells to a piece of baling twine, and had me tie the twine to my wrist. “Problem solved.” He was ex-US Army Rangers, prototypical GI Bill academic. Mr. McGlaughlin, Marines, also Geology, climbed in Nepal etc every summer. My Dad, Navy. Mr. Skogstad, Merchant Marine. Mr. Cater was Navy; he went to the USA 505 Nationals every year and competed in the top-10. This entire world, that of accomplished men acting independently of the emerging feminine-primary society, is just erased. A guy would think women would prefer the prior situation when there were masculine men fully integrated in the socio-sexual matrix, but they don’t, so fine, well, bye.

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  32. BuenaVista says:

    The pics of my fellow Oberlin alum Lena Dunham (and hasn’t she put on another 50 pounds in a hurry) remind me of a famous tranny from the early John Waters oeuvre: Divine. Dunham has converted herself, in my eyes at least, from a vulgar lying overweight narcissist — into a facsimile of a fat man who plays women on film.

    Very meta.

    Divine, at least, was a man sufficiently lady-like not to randomly tattoo herself.

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  33. Cheque d'Out says:

    A treat. And fully clothed.

    And totally accurate for 1980. Much better days

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  34. Cheque d'Out says:

    A whole lot of woman

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  35. Cheque d'Out says:

    From Eternity’s comment at 12:50am
    “Her best hope in life is to redeem herself a bit by warning young girls not to whore around like she did”

    The old test pilot / astronaut holy lore of ‘save the next guy’ seems to be a purely male concept. The standard (but not all) female alternative seems to be ‘(I fucked up) come join me so I feel less bad about it and reduce the number of women that can criticise me’.

    There’s definitely a team-woman thing of circle the wagons when a man criticises any woman but there’s also a team-me when it comes to personal fuck ups. Obviously each other woman will evaluate whether sympathy is their best response, or back-biting.

    Men have to take their lumps but surely it’s just so much easier a way to live your life?

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  36. “Her best hope in life is to redeem herself a bit by warning young girls not to whore around like she did.”

    Too much crab bucket mentality on the other team for that to happen.

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  37. Because it was there.

    [Both her wits like I do]

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  38. Liz says:

    how many different names are there for the wuflu now? every time i turn around there’s a new one.

    I don’t know. Stuff kinda writes itself though.
    I just made up Hanavirus.
    Thought that was clever.
    And what’s a cuter word then wu?
    not sure there is one. 😆

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  39. So they use the purple-haired vixen to lure you up to the moon to join the all-male mesh t-shirt brigade?


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  40. Cheque d'Out says:

    It was a constant worry, bro. Thanks for the sympathy. Was it not on in the States? Cracking theme tune.

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  41. Liz says:

    Here she is wearing an inverted hefty trash bag/ Christmas themed tablecloth combo.


    [Looks like she is going to kill somebody Lena does]

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  42. BuenaVista says:

    Her black garbage bag couture is so slimming.

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  43. Liz says:

    At least she’s wearing it with panache.
    Look at the smile on that face!
    The whole package screams ‘I might be fat, but I’m fun with a good attitude”

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  44. Ame says:

    Fufutude! She’s got goin on, guuuurl!

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  45. h0neyc0mb says:

    HOW DARE YOU .. assume “its” pronoun .. heh

    And for the record .. that’s a man baby!

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  46. Liz says:

    Mike sent me a photo of the pool in some tropical environment this morning.
    I asked if it’s Hawaii and he said Cancun.
    He put a “heh, heh, heh” with the photo.

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  47. Yes, I hear Mugatu wants her to be the lead model for his Horror-ifique collection.

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  48. @CdO it wasn’t on around here in the Bluegrass, but that’s not surprising. We were lucky to get Lost in Space during the summers, and Star Trek was on once a week on Sunday mornings.

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  49. Cheque d'Out says:

    Apparently some father’s watched the UFO series with their sons. Generational bonding, I expect.

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  50. Cheque d'Out says:

    Oh dear, tantrums by bed time.

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  51. Liz says:

    Now 542 people on the ship have the wu.
    And 29 people in the US.
    Watching this stuff on the day to day kind of makes one (or at least me) forget how fast this has happened.
    Only about three weeks ago (January 25th) there were only 2,000 cases (official numbers, whatever that’s worth).
    Now almost that many have died, and the (official) number is up to almost 74,000.

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  52. Farm Boy says:

    “There is a tendency right now within the European Union to say that Brexit is all because of crazy British nationalism and life will be easier without them – but I am not convinced”. So says French academic Thomas Piketty. “There are deep problems with how the EU is working and the kind of discontent you have seen in Britain, you also see it in France and Italy… And if we don’t fundamentally change the model then anything could happen”.

    While we want our European neighbours to prosper, it is worth remembering these realities as we negotiate a trade deal. Despite Brussels’ endless mind games, and the relentless pessimism of unreconciled Remainers in the UK commentariat, Britain starts from a position of strength.



  53. Didn’t some guy in the U.S. already register that trademark over here?

    Those spoiled brats will be crying in their tea before too much longer.

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  54. Farm Boy says:

    UK’s National Health Service Can Refuse To Treat ‘Racist,’ ‘Sexist,’ And ‘Homophobic’ Patients Under New Rules



  55. Farm Boy says:

    A newly uncovered video shows Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg in 2019 describing transgender people as “he, she, or it” and “some guy in a dress” who enters girls locker rooms — invoking a conservative cliché as he argued that transgender rights are toxic for presidential candidates trying to reach Middle America.



  56. Cill says:

    The video in Spawny’s comment at 3:03 pm is worth listening to. Some of us can’t play it; we get the “Video unavailable” message. Here’s a link to it that works for me: http://www.reddit.com/r/CanadaFreeSpeech/comments/f5ufas/why_is_it_the_way_of_the_world_that_white_women/

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  57. horsemanbombadil says:

    Grow up she says

    Fuck off and leave me alone he says

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  58. SFC Ton says:

    $20 says Bloomberg couldn’t figure out a crane elevator…… and the only thing easier then a gran elevator is running a fence line

    Also, I habe heard vdh says some pretty nasty things about farmers, especially the small scale kind

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  59. Gunner Q says:

    Ame says:
    18 February, 2020 at 5:21 pm
    “btw – how many different names are there for the wuflu now? every time i turn around there’s a new one.”

    We just call it Socialism. Oh, that. It’s the China Pox, or maybe you’re referring to the Umbrella Virus.

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  60. Ame says:

    Gunner Q
    1h ago
    Ame says:
    18 February, 2020 at 5:21 pm
    “btw – how many different names are there for the wuflu now? every time i turn around there’s a new one.”

    We just call it Socialism. Oh, that. It’s the China Pox, or maybe you’re referring to the Umbrella Virus.


    that’s hilarious, Gunner!!!

    you know … it’s a good thing people have a sense of humor … it truly makes life worth living 🙂 🙂 🙂

    i really did like Liz’s wuwu 🙂

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  61. Farm Boy says:

    On Tuesday night, former South Bend, Indiana mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said he can’t understand how any Christian would support President Donald Trump, suggesting there is no “compatibility” there.



  62. Farm Boy says:

    U.S.—To support his presidential campaign and continue to boost his meteoric rise in popularity, Pete Buttigieg has released a new study Bible with tens of thousands of notes explaining why most of the verses are wrong, incorrect, and outdated


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  63. Cheque d'Out says:

    Thanks for that link, Cill. Youbend did remove the original. I downloaded the video from your link. I tend to rip out the audio from the videos and listen to the mp3s while driving etc.

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  64. Cheque d'Out says:

    On further checking it looks like the video is still there but doesn’t work when the link is pasted outside of the actual youbend site


  65. Cheque d'Out says:

    Shut up voter-plebs, listen to your betters

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  66. SFC Ton says:

    Non hot men being invisible to women is legit as legit gets

    I know for those men it’s curse but reality is it’s probably as much a blessing as a curse right now. I don’t think most men have a strong enough frame to deal with the fairer sex in the here and now; most non hot/ middling frame or weaker frame guys will probably collect more scars by engaging with women vs side stepping them

    Fair certain it sucks either way but the way I reckon things is, unless your frame is strong enough to go stone cold and find new pussy in 2.2 seconds you don’t have what it takes to be in the game.

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  67. Farm Boy says:

    Rabbis for the Strictly Orthodox Jewish communities in Britain released a statement last week saying they will not accept the U.K. government’s pro-homosexual curricula for their schools



  68. “Non hot men being invisible to women is legit as legit gets … I know for those men it’s curse but reality is it’s probably as much a blessing as a curse right now.”

    Knowing her objective is to take home the biggest trophy to mount on her wall, would you rather be a 12-point or a 6-point?

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  69. Farm Boy says:

    Is there a relationship between a wuwu and a hoo-hah?


  70. Surely, you’re thinking of woo-hoo, which is an entirely different kind of flying, altogether.

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  71. “Stay way from my kid.”

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  72. Farm Boy says:

    Numerous students at the University of Virginia recently affirmed in on-camera interviews that the school’s multicultural center, lately the site of a contentious incident in which a young woman publicly criticized white students for studying there, should largely remain a space for non-white community members.


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  73. Farm Boy says:

    In its second attempt to explain why coronavirus fears are bigoted, Berkeley warned students about insensitive “memes” that perpetuate “xenophobia.”

    Previously, the university apologized for a social media post stating that that “xenophobia” is a “normal reaction” to the coronavirus.



  74. Farm Boy says:

    PASSENGERS have been spotted covering their whole bodies in plastic sheets in an attempt to avoid contracting coronavirus.

    A video showed a couple wearing plastic sheeting with hoods and armholes along with face masks during a flight in Australia.



  75. Frankly, I think non-whites should have their own drinking fountains too, if that will make them feel better.

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  76. Farm Boy says:

    The coronavirus epidemic that has paralysed the Chinese economy may have a silver lining for the environment.

    China’s carbon emissions have dropped by least 100 million metric tonnes over the past two weeks, according to a study published on Wednesday by the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) in Finland.



  77. Farm Boy says:

    After a series of headlines over the weekend, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she’s not interested in joining Michael Bloomberg on his ticket should he win the Democratic presidential nomination



  78. Farm Boy says:

    I have great doubt there were many intellectually honest socialists even in the days of the Fabian Society and George Bernard Shaw. But now, being able to look back on the ideology’s history of blood and broken promises and economies — starting with Robert Owen’s failed New Harmony project in 1825 to the Bolsheviks to the Maoists to the Khmer Rouge and to Venezuela most recently, where people were eating cats and dogs — they must be rarer than a chaste starlet in Hollywood.

    Socialism fails because it ignores man’s nature, that without a profit motive most people won’t be productive; wealth creation must be incentivized, and insofar as it’s not, poverty and suffering result


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  79. Farm Boy says:

    SANDERS: “You know, Mr. Bloomberg has ever right in the world to run for president of the United States. He’s an American citizen. But I don’t think he has the right to buy this election



  80. Farm Boy says:

    China has reportedly deployed 40 industrial incinerators to the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak Wuhan.

    Chinese media reports that the furnaces have been shipped to the city amid ongoing fears the death toll is being covered up.


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  81. BuenaVista says:

    Me, I just believe ChiCom public information and WHO China-sycophants and mathematically illiterate Americans. Everybody knows the confirmed fatality rate is only 2% and this business about a city of 15 million being boarded up and welded up so that people die in place is just so much xenophobic nonsense.

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  82. “Grow up” = gimme what I want

    Get a high status job and make lots of money so I don’t have to work, because I want status, money and don’t want to work

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  83. BuenaVista says:

    Regarding Huawei, China is the only country I refused to sell to. It was bad enough selling to American corporations, where the barely English-speaking Chinese staff dominated analytics (e.g., American Express). We caught Capital One staff stealing our stuff, and goodness knows where it wound up. People are nuts if they think Chinese staff are loyal to a) their corporation’s primary interests; or b) the USA. They hate the USA and their employers are the object of their contempt.

    IP theft is not an anomaly in China-Global relations. It is foundational. The Chinese don’t believe in IP. Stealing IP is not stealing, to them.

    Boris Johnson could have drawn a line, but didn’t. The USA has indicted senior Huawei staff, and now the corporation. Someone is right, someone is wrong.

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  84. BuenaVista says:

    Twice the size of New York City. Duplicated in 15 Chinese cities. No big deal, just an unprecedented set of actions (unprecedented in human history), the ChiComs report a 2% fatality rate and I totes believe anything the ChiComs say and if you don’t, you’re a xenophobe.

    Also, it’s just an accident that their biowarfare labs are in Wuhan. Besides, everyone who works in a biowarfare production facility is happy, well-balanced, properly monitored and incapable of dropping a few vials of dread disease in public places.

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  85. Cill says:

    BV 5:36 pm “Boris Johnson could have drawn a line, but didn’t. The USA has indicted senior Huawei staff, and now the corporation. Someone is right, someone is wrong.”

    Huawei will use the gift the UK has given them to compromise the national security of the UK. This is not a possibility. It’s a certainty. There’s no way any UK “monitoring operation” can prevent this.

    In the UK, a monitoring operation has been set up to check Huawei’s equipment for security flaws, while in July a British government report said it could give only “limited assurance” that Huawei equipment did not compromise national security.

    The USA and NZ blocked Huawei in 2018.

    Europe and the UK can carry on selling their security down the river. Things are not so cavalier in my part of the world (southernmost East Asia). From our perspective it looks like geo-centric ignorance with a big dollop of irrational anti-Americanism thrown in. In Europe you can add anti-Westernism as well.

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  86. Cill says:

    Also, NZ has blocked travel from China. Any foreign travellers who leave or transit through mainland China after 2 February 2020 (NZ time) will be refused entry to New Zealand.

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  87. RichardP says:

    re. the Covid-19 fatality rate being 2%: they don’t have enough testing kits to test everybody, both in city and in country. Therefore, they have no idea how many folks test positive at any given moment. Of those who have died, they have no way of determining whether the folks died as a result of the normal flu or starvation or Covid-19.

    Think about it: you’d have to test hundreds of thousands, if not millions. They don’t have enough tests for that many. Even if they had enough tests, do they have enough folks who know what they are doing to administer the tests, and then correctly run them through whatever they do to get a positive or negative outcome?

    For those interested in this, here is some specific information about the Covid-19 infection to file away in the back of your head with what little specific information has been presented regarding Patient 1 in the U.S. and the medical journal articles about the 138 others that were examined.

    From here:

    In China, The [Covid-19} patient died on Jan. 27 after falling ill two weeks earlier and becoming increasingly breathless. Doctors bombarded him with various medications in attempts to save his life, including anti-infection treatment alfa-2b, AIDS medicines lopinavir and ritonavir and the antibiotic moxifloxacin to prevent secondary bacterial infection. He also received a steroid to treat inflamed lungs and “serious shortness of breath” and a lack of oxygen in his blood.

    He reported traveling to Wuhan, China, where the COVID-19 outbreak began, from Jan. 8-12 and experienced initial symptoms of mild chills and a dry cough on Jan. 14, the first day of the illness.

    His fever decreased as a result of the treatment, but his breathing worsened and his blood-oxygen levels plummeted as he reached his final day of life.

    His heart stopped after experiencing acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), which occurs when fluid builds in the alveoli, the tiny elastic air sacs in the lungs that bring oxygen into the blood and expel carbon dioxide.


  88. RichardP says:

    Re. the Change My Mind part of that It’s Just the Flu graphic above.

    Flu viruses and Corona viruses are different. So it is not correct to say It’s Just the Flu. But it is correct to say that Covid-19 kills folks in the same way that the flu does: pneumonia > low blood oxygen > organ failure > death. (see my post above)

    It is just that Covid-19 seems to be way more contagious than the flu – although that is probably still speculation at this point as well. The Covid-19 virus seems to like to bind to a receptor in the lungs of those who smoke. It will be interesting to see if that ends up being the thing that propels the speed of this infection. As in, how fast does it move through a population of mainly non-smokers?


  89. RichardP says:

    The last three paragraphs of my first post above are part of the quote. They should also be in italics.


  90. BuenaVista says:

    The tracking and aural surveillance will be done by Huawei on anyone working in a national security position. Next Britain will suggest that special “secure” networks with secure hardware will protect British interests — as if giving people a second handset means they’ll never use the one the wife and children use.

    A billion people are already under overwatch by the ChiComs and their AIs. They already control a billion individuals based on their digital activity. It takes a special kind of stupid to volunteer entire, new countries like Britain or Germany, for them to plunder.

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  91. BuenaVista says:

    I’m not riding a high horse: I have zero doubt that, had Clinton won, the USA would have thrown open the doors and invited the ChiComs in. As Bloomberg proves, all you have to do to control the Democrat Party and their permanent government in Washington (the bureaucracy) is wave money in their faces. And all you have to do to get USA millenials to waive their personal sovereignty and privacy is wave fancy new screens before their engorged pupils.

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  92. SFC Ton says:

    People are nuts if they think Chinese staff are loyal to a) their corporation’s primary interests; or b) the USA. They hate the USA and their employers are the object of their contempt.

    I don’t hire curry naggers either. More or less for the same reason. They are also ignorant savages no matter how well schooled.

    I by don’t I mean didn’t. I’m now a consultant vs owner but I doubt hiring practices will change

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  93. BuenaVista says:

    Richard, if you think anyone engineers a bioweapon such that it prefers “smokers” as targets, you need new sources of information. It would make a good SNL skit, though, if SNL did black humor. Or even just regular humor. Basically, it’s just really funny. You’re funny, Richard.

    We all know that Leftists believe the appropriate response to a malignant man with a gun is to “shelter in place”. (Hide in the closet, don’t cough.) All the right people tell us this.

    What China is doing by sending the Army to 15 Chinese cities to board up and weld shut domestic housing is advancing a novel new policy: “Die in place.” They don’t want to just shoot everyone in a town twice the size of NYC (but they will shoot you if they see you on the street and send the bill for the cartridge to your survivors). So they’re allowing you to suffocate in the privacy of your home while your family succombs in concert.


  94. Cheque d'Out says:

    I’m as pissed of by BloJo’s stupid fucking decision as any here. Don’t worry about upsetting me. The proper place for enemies, commercial or military, is as fucking far away as possible.

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  95. Cheque d'Out says:

    Last rumour that I heard was 150 million people in lockdown.


  96. Cheque d'Out says:

    The board of Huawei UK has a surprising number of senior Tory figures on it. Just saying.

    Get The Donald to read BloJo the riot act and mean it.

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  97. Cheque d'Out says:


  98. Farm Boy says:

    The Chinese technological revolution is overseen by an Orwellian dictatorship. Predictably, the Chinese Communist Party has not developed the social, political or cultural infrastructure to ensure that its sophisticated industrial and biological research does not go rogue and become destructive to itself and to the billions of people who are on the importing end of Chinese products and protocols.

    Central party officials run the government, military, media and universities collectively in a manner reminiscent of the science-fiction Borg organism of “Star Trek,” which was a horde of robot-like entities all under the control of a central mind.


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  99. Farm Boy says:

    Bernie Sanders, Mike Bloomberg Trade Jabs Over Who Has the Heart Most Likely to Explode In the Next Two Years



  100. Farm Boy says:

    Rapper Boosie Accused of Going on “Transphobic Tirade” For Saying Dwyane Wade Shouldn’t Allow His 12-Year-Old Son to “Cut His Dick Off”



  101. Farm Boy says:

    Study: Most Journalists are To the Left of Bernie Sanders. But Don’t Worry, Their Famous Professionalism and Control Of Their Emotions and Partisan Animus Keeps Them From Any Kind of Bias In Their Work.



  102. Farm Boy says:

    Steven Spielberg’s daughter says she has self-produced adult entertainment videos and is an aspiring sex worker in a new tell-all interview.



  103. Farm Boy says:

    Warren Nukes Bloomberg: He Calls Women ‘Fat Broads’ And ‘Horse-Faced Lesbians’



  104. RichardP says:

    @BV said: Richard, if you think anyone engineers a bioweapon such that it prefers “smokers” as targets, you need new sources of information. It would make a good SNL skit, though, if SNL did black humor. Or even just regular humor. Basically, it’s just really funny. You’re funny, Richard.

    Regardless of whether Covid-19 was bio-engineered or not, that Coronavirus works through the ACE2 receptor in the lungs. See the bolded part of the quote below for the implications of this. But – even if that were not the case, Flu and the Coronaviruses both damage the body through the lungs. It would stand to reason that long-term smokers would have less-strong lungs than non-smokers, and so would fall prey to Covid-19’s action on the lungs more easily. That logic sequence has nothing to do with bio-engineering a virus to “prefer” smokers. The reality is that attacks on the lungs will always be more successful in general when the targeted lungs are unhealthy..

    I understand that you get your jollies from being ornery and poking at pretentiousness. So I suspect your response to me upthread is more in that vein than in the vein of seriously believing what you posted. I just hope you don’t convince the silent readers here that you are correct to blow off the research that is going on. Trying to get a handle on how Covid-19 operates is an important effort. And all we can do in that effort is look at what the evidence shows the researchers. As in any legitimate scientific endeavor, what is known today can be changed by what we discover tomorrow. But the discovery process is an important one. It shouldn’t be mocked, and i’m pretty sure you agree with that.

    In current severe global emergency situation of 2019-nCov outbreak, it is imperative to identify vulnerable and susceptible groups for effective protection and care. Recently, studies found that 2019-nCov and SARS-nCov share the same receptor, ACE2. In this study, we analyzed four large-scale datasets of normal lung tissue to investigate the disparities related to race, age, gender and smoking status in ACE2 gene expression. No significant disparities in ACE2 gene expression were found between racial groups (Asian vs Caucasian), age groups (>60 vs <60) or gender groups (male vs female). However, we observed significantly higher ACE2 gene expression in smoker samples compared to non-smoker samples. This indicates the smokers may be more susceptible to 2019-nCov and thus smoking history should be considered in identifying susceptible population and standardizing treatment regimen.


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  105. RichardP says:

    From the comment section at that paper I linked to in my last post:

    Can you refine your data to only include Han Chinese in the comparison between ACE2 expression? All critically sick seems to be Han Chinese no matter the passport.

    Something that really jumps out is the gender mortality rates, which is 70% male, 30% female – I think this needs to be explained by something other than gender as viruses do not normally target one gender over another.

    So, 48% of Chinese males are smokers (which is a huge percentage), whereas only 5% of Chinese women smoke – this could be the answer to this puzzle…

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  106. Farm Boy says:

    I agree that women can have a great sense of duty, honor, and even loyalty, but this is habitually overlooked in most secular Red Pill literature. I believe this omission is partly due to the fact that this kind of woman is exceedingly rare, too rare to put any faith in finding one by chance


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  107. Farm Boy says:

    This was Elizabeth Warren’s debate for she aggressively dominated the available airtime. As the debate progressed, the other candidates fell silent when she spoke out of instinctive deference. With her hoarse voice and scolding manner, she was every mean old lady that children learn to fear.



  108. Cheque d'Out says:

    Look! It’s so windy even the wind indicator has been blown over

    (shamelessly stolen)

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  109. Cheque d'Out says:


  110. SFC Ton says:

    In a sane world we wouldn’t let any kind of random Chinese into Dixe land and we wouldn’t habe to spend 1 minute thinking about the wuflu.

    Shit like that is why nationalism and 0 immigration is good for the tribe

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  111. Cheque d'Out says:


  112. Cheque d'Out says:

    Oh no. Sad, sad stuff. $320million down the pan.


  113. Liz says:

    In a shocking and unforeseeable happenstance, the ROK now has more total coronavirus cases than any nation on earth outside of mainland China (unless that cruise ship counts as a nation).
    Maybe president Moon can encourage tourism more:
    “Make beeg money being a vaccine tester in Wuhan, China!!!!”

    Side note: Internet still bad. I called a few days ago and they said, “it’s partly cloudy in Albuquerque, that must be the reason…” with still no internet nor sign of clouds in this city thousands of miles away, I called again yesterday.
    They are supposed to come today and adjust the satellite.
    But since that call something really surprising happened: it snowed.
    The guy said he will call me today because he doesn’t want to drive up our mountain if it snowed “a lot”.
    I’m wondering what he’s going to do when he sees the snow on the roof. It’s not like it’s likely to melt before May.
    Good grief.
    Wish me luck!
    Hope you all have a great day
    -Liz out

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  114. Ame says:

    FB – there’s a comment in pending.

    [Freed AbleDad I did]


  115. Cill says:

    Go well, Liz. You and husband and sons.

    There are pros and cons to living in remote areas. Yours is a beautiful area, with some good local people (or they were when I was there). My friends in Colorado tell me wokeness is rearing its ugly head over there. I’m somewhat incredulous. Mine is only one man’s experience, but the thought of those folks letting wokeness in seems impossible. It would take a personality transplant, or something.

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  116. SFC Ton says:

    My friends in CO left for Wyoming due to wokeness. And that was before legalized weed

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  117. Liz says:

    Most of the people here are great…but the big cities are ruining things.
    Kind of like most places.

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  118. Stephanie says:

    “Watching this stuff on the day to day kind of makes one (or at least me) forget how fast this has happened.”

    I know these comments are days old, but the way they’re handling this virus makes me so angry. We’re waiting for our first city case caught from the 3 they’ve spread around to our hospitals (and our smug city officials tell us they are expecting more cases from the cruise ship passengers we accepted as well). Ugh!

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  119. Stephanie says:

    “Me, I just believe ChiCom public information and WHO China-sycophants and mathematically illiterate Americans. Everybody knows the confirmed fatality rate is only 2% and this business about a city of 15 million being boarded up and welded up so that people die in place is just so much xenophobic nonsense.”

    ^That’s how my poor father-in-law thinks… he also keeps telling our daughter she needs to grow up to be a, “Strong Woman.” LOL

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