A Reckoning is in store for the Woke?

Will there ever be a meaningful reaction to Feminist madness (or “woke” or whatever you want to call it)? I’ve tried to track it since 2014-2015.

I even wrote an app for it. For years it scoured the internet to identify and process the info until, a few weeks ago, it gave up the ghost. I’d hoped for six more months of processed data so I could do a report. I looked into the coding and thought “Gordon Bleedin’ Bennett, did I really write all this?” (most of the functions came from an old betting app that I worked on for years). I put it in the “ain’t got time to fix it” basket. It’s now a matter of forgetting it or talking about it, I guess.

I made half-baked attempts to talk about it back in 2014 but it was too early for discussion. I called it “the sea change” back then. It was continually coming and going – or the signs of it were, at least. Now that 5 years have gone by, however, the signs can be threaded into something more constant. It’s not a sea change yet, but it is a big under-swell of defiance and disgust.

This under-swell, if it runs its full course, will transition from (i) (a possibility) to (ii) (a probability) to (iii) (manifest reaction) to (iv) (sea change). At this stage it is still only one of several possibilities that could transition into our future – i.e. it is still at (i). Meanwhile there are signs, not yet conclusive, that it is transitioning to (ii) (the most likely of possible futures).

As for specifics, obviously Brexit and the Trump phenomenon were the most momentous by far. There were also other significant signs that the MSM ignored. There is an abiding disgust at the spectacle that women, the woke, the Democrats, and the MSM made of themselves during the pussy marches, MeToo, the Kavanaugh hysteria, and the interminable Trump derangement syndrome.

In addition there have been a host of reactions against the LGBTQ nonsense and all the rest of the anti-science, anti-nature crap.

All up, there have been signs of the under-swell (ahem) swelling. “Big deal”, I hear you say. “I could have told you that without a computer program.” To which I would reply, Fair enough, but this is more than opinion and it shows me stuff I wouldn’t have seen – e.g. the Kavanaugh debacle did a lot more damage to the Woke than I had noticed.

Some reactionaries have been given air-time at MSM level (Jordan Peterson, Ricky Gervais, Laurence Fox et al). Although only a tiny fraction of the reaction, they are significant because they give the public clear glimpses of the under-swell. These glimpses should alarm the left a lot, but their one-eyed focus on the “progressive” narrative has lulled them into a false sense of security. The echo chamber is a pretty serious weakness.

There are signs the Woke are teetering but we don’t know how distant the tipping point is. Aligned against any real progress are the same obstructionists and resisters that Trump has to contend with every day of his Presidency: the MSM, the teachers, the politicians, the bureaucrats, the judges, the leakers, the whistle-blowers, and all the leeches and parasites and sundry slimy things that slink and slither in the swamp.

Spawny at “What Is Their Problem?” linked to the response of “Benjamin” to “Ellie Mae O’Hagan” on Twitter:

There has been resentment against the Woke for at least a decade now. Ricky Gervais accelerated it by publicly slapping the Hollywood elite in the face with it, just when they had settled down nice and comfortable in what they thought was a safe space. Gervais shocked them. I think a decade from now his timing will be regarded as impeccable.

Hindsight might give a top mark to Laurence Fox as well. Of the two, Ricky’s moment was the more definitive, but I take my hat off to Laurence for taking up the cudgel. He has put himself on a path that will demand a helluva lot of fortitude. His best is yet to come. I hope he’s up to it. If I was a praying man, I’d pray for Laurence Fox.

2020 will be the telling year. These are the alternative futures as I see it:

A) Trump loses and Feminism and the Left take over government. One of these outcomes could emerge:

  1. Western civilization is lost. There will be a place for some of us among the winners (Eastern Europe, Russia, East Asia) while the once great West that white men built goes San Franshitsco.
  2. The tyranny of the woke becomes so extreme, common sense prevails and kicks them out before #1 can happen. They will try to force straight men to date trannies, or something. They will legalize pedophilia, whatever. I know it sounds nuts, but things we thought in the past were far too ridiculous to be taken seriously suddenly became Swamp policy (800 sexes etc).
  3. Western civilization continues to limp along somewhere between #1 and #2, steadily losing ground to countries that don’t punish merit.

B) Trump wins the 2020. A Trump victory could (a) provoke an unprecedented level of lunacy from the left, or (b) it could knock the stuffing out of them, or (c) somewhere between a and b with the swamp obstructing and resisting unabated. If we do have a or b then we will, I believe, have the manifest reaction (iii) that I mentioned near the start.

I’m not saying (iii) will be an unstitching of Feminism. That would be (iv)(the sea change). It would require decades if not generations of work and lots of humble pie that I don’t think women are capable of eating. Feminism’s momentum could be derailed by (iii), is all.

Your opinion might be different, and you have as much chance of being right as I have. No-one can predict with confidence until this year’s water flows under the bridge.

Let’s see 2020 out. Americans can cast their votes. As to the under-swell, “clear the deck and stay on an even keel” would be good sailing orders right now. And keep a sharp lookout, me hearties.

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  1. Farm Boy says:

    I would say that this Impeachment Farce will take a toll on those people.

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  2. Cheque d'Out says:

    Ze Daily Wail hast got einz Cherman to write an artikle about ze impendink Brekzit, hein. Er ist uppenbeaten fur Johnny Englander’s chanzes. Aber nicht für die Deutsches. Wie schäde.

    Not sure that I buy it all but it’s nice to see some optimism with under seven days till we’re legally out. Though it’ll be a fun packed year.

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  3. For the West to recover it’s going to take Men collectively saying “enough of this shit” and just beating the shit out anyone who uses words or phrases like “white privilege”, “toxic masculinity’ or “social justice”. Women will need to learn that their place is in the home. This is where they provide SOCIETY the most value. Not being some paper-shuffling cube slave or corporate drone. Professional class women are just drags on the economy. Women lawyers and doctors are horrible wastes.

    Of course, most of the men I know (the other fathers at school or the few I work with in the office) don’t show any signs of having enough spine to face down a chimpmunk, let alone their fat angry wives. Last year this woman was screaming at a 6th grade soccer coach that her kid didn’t get to play exactly half the game. He just stood there and took it and her husband just stood next to her staring at the ground. In a just world the husband would have grabbed her and dragged her off the field. Maybe an attitude adjustment in the car, so as not to become even more of a shameful public spectacle.

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  4. whiteguy1 says:

    KHH, I’m working my way there. This evening I did a strict overhead press at 215 for a single, followed by a triple at 190. It took a bit of time but I got to lockout. Letting that bastard down was a whole ‘nother kettle of fish though.

    Buuuut tonight out having drinks and dinner with a neighborhood friend giving him an ear to him bitch about his good for nothing wife. He’s ready to swallow the pill. She’s being a lazy twat, and he’s sick of it. I gave him a road map. I’m hoping he might actually right his ship.

    Plus it’s easy to sell the red pill when the 19 yr old waitress is flirting hard with me and my ‘twiggy’ arms. lol

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  5. Jack says:

    KHH wrote,

    “For the West to recover it’s going to take Men collectively saying “enough of this shit” and just beating the shit out anyone who uses words or phrases like “white privilege”, “toxic masculinity’ or “social justice”.”

    To truly convince and convert people, fear and intimidation is inadequate, and perhaps counterproductive. Instead, you have to demonstrate how your way is better than theirs, and educate them on why it is better. Then they will gladly take your side.
    But yes, those who are extremely obtuse will only learn the hard way.

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  6. I am probably way misquoting this but, “When your opponabt is taking themself put, just get out of the way.”

    They can’t even see how they are alienating the mid and indy and (formerly) undecided.

    For me, that moment was when it was declared that anyone who identified as female could use the ladies locker room. As a mother with two girls I could instantly see the many possible ways that could be abused by peeping toms and others who didn’t really identify as female, but just saw that as an open door policy.

    I didn’t see how ignoring 98% of the people, the ones who wanted mens and womens locker rooms and restrooms, was a winning strategy. But they didn’t care.

    And just like that, I was out. Just like that.

    Maybe for other people the moment they realized the party they formerly identified with no longer identified with them was different, but in the past few years I think more and more people have had that moment. And because they are afraid of saying it publicly they just don’t and won’t say it until they’re in the voting booth. and those numbers are growing by the moment … quietly and silently, but surely just the same.

    Putting 2 or .02 % first does not elections win. Doubling down on that? Even less.

    Its a numbers game, 51% is the goal. And not just in the urban coastal areas but nationwide.

    Perdonally I’m glad they don’t see it, because if they can’t they aren’t representative anyway, and I just enjoy the popcorn as they dig dig dig… themselves into obscurity.

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  7. Being ever more unrelatable and unrepresentative doesn’t seem like a good strategy but hey if they want to run with it, who are we to stop them?!? lol.

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  8. Yesterday I mentioned hoping there was a plan, or of not needing one real quick. KHH just summerized my thought exactly, after hitting “post comment.” Which was, “I guess there’s always the tried and true Viking plan, if all else fails…” Not that I wish for that long for that but if it comes down to it that will be how it rolls. Because it it’s down to that or the opposite, the opposite is not a plan. I am just observing history there. Kipling, Saxons, and all that.

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    by Rudyard Kipling

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddently bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

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  10. What or when that point is, who knows. But as the poem says, in an instant and w/ warning, too much, too far, and its simply too late.

    I may also just have pms. Meh, who knows?!? lol

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  11. And now its likely clear why I probably should just shhhhh. lol. I have been trying!!!

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  12. Cill says:

    I said on the other post I’d raise my glass to you later in the day. It’s now 6:56 pm and 30.7 C (87 F) in the shade. Took a boatload of fun-lovers out in the sloop and had a great day of fishing and diving. Cheers!

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  13. Cill says:

    And of course Spawny and the Americans will all be asleep except Bloom, who lives in the West? Be that as it may, here’s another toast to y’all (and Spawny). Cheers!

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  14. 10:30 pm here. Cheers!

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  15. I am con spiracy theoried out tonight so far, maybe if I check twittter that will change but for now I have no new news lol. Maybe time for bed instead… zzzz


  16. Farm Boy says:

    However, the most important part of the article is the fact that government officials view divorce as positive, while completely ignoring the downsides of divorce. Government does not view divorce as destructive, simply because it is positive for women. Government doesn’t care that men have less income, or that children have poor life outcomes as a result of divorce. Divorce is like, great and all, because it like, empowers women!


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  17. RichardP says:

    @rpg said: I may also just have pms. Meh, who knows?!?

    Yeah! Like you don’t really know. 😉

    Good opportunity to teach the young fellas something?? At least it’s not more of the same old same old. Type the term into Google Images for a quicker understanding if needed.


    To the young guys who don’t know, this is why your girlfriend / wife always knows. Whether they are woke or not.

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  18. Ame says:

    if they’ve been taught what it means … or have looked it up for themselves.


  19. Ame says:

    divorce is terrible for women, too … they just refuse to acknowledge this truth.

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  20. Ame says:

    Cill – very interesting and well-written piece. you are an amazing man, and i’m honored to know you from afar in this wonderful space called Spawny’s.

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  21. Cheque d'Out says:


  22. Cheque d'Out says:

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  23. Cheque d'Out says:

    A sensible description of where we are in Brexit negotiations. It explains why I’ll celebrate 11pm next Friday but don’t see it as anywhere near the end of the possibilities to be betrayed by the politicians, civil service and the legal system

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  24. Cheque d'Out says:

    It’s this kind of genius thinking that lead to a huge empire


    [If not large Empire, lead to large footprint it would]

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  25. Cheque d'Out says:

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  26. Cheque d'Out says:

    The Irish are waking up to globalism…


  27. Jack says:

    Concerning the questions posed in the main post,

    “No-one can predict with confidence until this year’s water flows under the bridge.”

    A couple years ago, I offered a prediction about how things will go. The details are fuzzy, but the general trend is clear, and is already in motion.

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  28. Cheque d'Out says:

    Eleven months plus less than a week.

    There’s been a succession of attempts by remoaniacs and the EU to get the period extended. The longer they take the more cash the EU gets from us, the more (desperate) hopes of it being called of due to ‘events’, the more difficult other deals are to negotiate etc etc.

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  29. Cheque d'Out says:

    I hope that no one badgers me for returning to the birth of this SS meme

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  30. Farm Boy says:

    Spawny and the Americans

    Anyone know when their next album comes out?

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  31. Farm Boy says:

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—In his opening statement at Trump’s impeachment trial, Rep. Adam Schiff reminded the Senate of their solemn duty and the gravity of just what it is they will be discussing at the trial.

    Schiff warned that if Trump is not impeached, the American people may have a chance to tamper with the next election.


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  32. Cill says:

    Spawny, my opinion remains as it was at the time of the vote in June 2016.


    There are some worries though. I listened to a radio interview of Rees-Mogg and was struck by his failure to give a firm answer to a simple question: What will Britain do when it has no Big Sister EU rules to govern the quality of Australian beef?

    IMHO the only things that can prevent Britain being a stronger economy post Brexit (after a period of adjustment) are a lack of agency and capitulation when negotiating with the EU.

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  33. Farm Boy says:

    Along with the familiar cis-gendered faces, Picard introduces a mysterious new character named Dahj, whom we inexplicably know to be a girl, despite nobody taking the time to ask her gender identity. In fact, the whole universe appears to function perfectly fine for some reason without anyone interrupting the story flow to introduce their “they/them” pronouns, express outrage at being misgendered, or yell, “Stunning and Brave!” every time an LGBTQ character enters a room. The notion that a futuristic society could operate so flawlessly without including all 576 unique genders might just stretch the “fiction” in science fiction beyond belief.


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  34. @ Jack

    “Instead, you have to demonstrate how your way is better than theirs, and educate them on why it is better”




    Who needs to be educated on why 1 is preferable to 2?

    The time for talking is well past. Its a fool’s errand to talk to anybody on the Left. The last 2500+ years of Western Civilization was the time for explaining why 50 genders, white privilege, toxic masculinity, being able to self-identify as a man, woman, dragonkin no matter the reality were bad ideas. That’s why the other side works to hard to deconstruct that history and why education has fallen completely into the shitter.


    I respect many people on this blog (including Jack) and would ask a favor. Anytime I appear to be engaging in, or likely to veer off into pathetic keyboard warrior territory, a good rap on the knuckles would be most welcome.


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  35. Cill says:


    There are now more than 800 sexes, not 50. Pay attention KH

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  36. I’m getting older and can’t keep up, Cill. Actually, I refuse to keep up…

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  37. Farm Boy says:

    After waiting in line to get his moment with Warren, a voter “vent[ed] frustration that her promise to wipe out student loan debt would not reimburse him for the tuition that he’d already paid,” as The Hill report has it.

    I would put it slightly differently. I would say he wondered if Warren understood that her proposal would make him a chump of the first order.

    “My daughter is in school,” the man said, as captured in The Hill’s transcription of the exchange. “I saved all my money just to pay my student loans. Can I have my money back?”

    “Of course not,” Warren responded.

    “So you want to help those who don’t save any money and the ones that do the right thing get screwed?” he responded.

    The Hill notes that the man cited his friend who makes more money than he does and, instead of paying off his loans, bought a car and went on expensive vacations.

    “I saved my money,” the man said. “He made more than I did. I worked a double shift, worked extra … so you’re laughing at me.”

    “No I’m not,” Warren responded.

    “Yes that’s exactly what you’re doing,” the man said. “We did the right thing and we get screwed.”


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  38. Cill says:


    It’s good you have the weight lifting because you can set goals and measure your progress. At the same time you are building something. Good objective stuff to improve the wellbeing. I have referred some “problem” young men to weight training friends and it has worked out well (not so much with martial arts I have to be careful about that with these violent young blokes). It’s an area where I don’t set the example myself. I don’t do work-outs. My work and recreational activities keep me fit. Good for you, though. Keep it up!
    (the weights I mean)

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  39. More Warren wankery…


    CBS anchor Tony Dokoupil on Friday asked Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) about her exchange with a father who accused Warren of hurting people who saved for college.

    “For Americans who are in that father’s position, who felt they did the right thing and you’re bailing out those who didn’t, what’s your response?” Dokoupil said.

    “Look, we build a future going forward by making it better,” Warren said. “By that same logic what would we have done? Not started Social Security because we didn’t start it last week for you, or last month for you?”

    “Look, we build a future going forward by making it better,”…

    WTF is that even supposed to mean?

    “Not started Social Security because we didn’t start it last week for you, or last month for you?”

    Really? She’s comparing Social Security, which you are your employer are supposedly paying into) to wiping out unsecured college debt, a racket set up with A LOT of government assistance?

    Now, could we do something about the college debt situation? I actually do think it needs to be addressed, but guess who would actually pay to just wipe it out. The same people who paid for their own and their kids education. So they get the stick twice while other people get nothing but carrots? Sir, no, sir.

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  40. Farm Boy says:

    Live facial recognition cameras will be deployed across London, with the city’s Metropolitan Police announcing today that the technology has moved past the trial stage and is ready to be permanently integrated into everyday policing.


    Are Social Credit Scores coming soon?

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  41. Spawny and Farm Boy Kia ora ra korua.
    ” i’m honored to know you from afar in this wonderful space called Spawny’s” Ame thankyou for your words. I am proud to call him my ffriend.
    I say to people I am his friend. It is a silent warning from me not to tell lies behind his back or I will have you for breakfast boy. Anyone else tasted people meat? I refuse to answer the question 😉 It is easy to get. Just another missing Pakeha bro. The thumb is the tastyest part eh.
    ra whanau ki a koe tungane

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  42. Liz says:

    That look you give when you realize you’ve probably eaten “gutter oil”:
    And here I thought cat was the worst thing I’ve ever eaten.

    The nation that gave this to the world cooking up some experimental viral pathogens.
    What could possibly go wrong?

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  43. Cill says:

    And here I thought cat was the worst thing I’ve ever eaten.

    It absolutely is the most bloody awful meat. Except, maybe, for “people meat”, which I’ve never tasted. I’m half expecting to receive an anonymous gift of a thumb or two any day now…

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  44. Farm Boy says:

    On Monday, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign issued a warning to reporters and editors in a circulated memorandum demanding that they debunk claims of corruption against him.


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  45. Cill says:

    That is not to be taken literally by the way. Definitely not.

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  46. Farm Boy says:

    It is difficult to take Joe Biden literally. Comically, perhaps.

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  47. Farm Boy says:

    No one died after Iran launched a missile at a U.S. base in Iraq on January 8, but 34 U.S. soldiers have now been diagnosed with concussions or traumatic brain injuries


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  48. Cill says:

    My comment was intended for Tom 😉

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  49. Cheque d'Out says:

    Trying to think of a less tempting pair to make an enemy of than Cill and Tom. Not having much luck. Ton and Hillary? Not a likely pairing but still…

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  50. Cill says:

    Let me be clear: I am not a people eater… except perhaps unwittingly, when I was told it was Turkey or Chicken… at a Hangi … These things can happen, you know.

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  51. Spawny my brother tell me who they are. It is breakfast time.

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  52. Farm Boy says:

    Miami police captain suspended for being racially fluid. A mostly Hispanic Miami police captain has been suspended for identifying as black when he took an exam for promotion.


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  53. Cheque d'Out says:

    Yes. I remember the information on native cooking methods. And I mean that in both ways.

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  54. I will heat the hangi stones up when I have some fresh meat. Come to think of it it is better to hang ut upside down and bleed it for a day eh.

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  55. HEADS UP!
    Ma te wa

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  56. Cill says:

    I’m sitting here chortling like a schoolboy. That really is funny, I tell ya. “Ma te wa” as I understand it can mean different things depending on context, everything from “Time to make friends” to “Goodbye”.

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  57. Cheque d'Out says:

    So those ‘friends’ might be ‘ancestors’?

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  58. Cill says:

    Maybe. I’d like Tom to clarify, if he’s still there.

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  59. Cheque d'Out says:

    I’m hoping that he’s laughing at my 5:24 one. Subtle, I thought.


  60. Cill says:

    Such subtlety would not be lost on the Tom sense of humour. Not when it’s something to do with food.

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  61. You know they’re already in place. Say something wobbly in reference to muslims or trannys and its a visit from the crime-think po-po.

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  62. Liz says:

    If some space aliens tried to make sense of the Trump impeachment, I think they’d come to the conclusion the Democrat party is a cult.

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  63. Cheque d'Out says:


  64. thedeti says:

    Here’s the bucket of cold water none of you want.

    There will be no reckoning. This ends with the Left/woke winning. Trump’s election in 2016 and probable reelection in 2020 is a bump in the road, and the left knows this. The long march through the institutions is complete. The left has won every major battle. They’ve won everything they ever wanted. Their success has been beyond even their own wildest dreams. That’s why they keep pushing, and it’s why they can’t see what they’re doing.

    This is the natural progression of where we’ve come from, since the Protestant reformation and the Renaissance. Classical liberal democracy naturally leads to maximum individual autonomy coupled with a larger and more powerful government to promote and protect that individual autonomy. This is a direct result of decay of traditional Christian morality. US-style constitutional checks and balances democracy works only with a homogeneous population where all have agreed to live by codifying into law and culture the Ten Commandments and traditional Christian moral values. We don’t have that anymore.

    There will be no reckoning, and there will be no turning this around. It’s way way too late to turn this around. All that can be done now is to buckle up and ride this out. It is not going to change during my lifetime or my children’s lifetimes. We can easily go another 50 years like this – we’ve already been on this path for 50 years. Arguably we’ve been on this path for the past 250 years, since the founding of the Republic and a bunch of ragtag lawyers and rich merchants in a colony telling George III to go fuck himself because they want their shit for themselves. And before that it was Henry VIII telling the pope to go fuck himself because he wanted a male heir (read: more and better pussy).

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  65. Alan Kardec says:

    I suspect that a future that is a clear reaction to the troubles of the present is unlikely. One that contains any 180 degree corrections is unlikelier still. I’m guessing there will be an evolution and melding of our current Right and Left politics. We have seen some of this already in the last few years. In the 20th century Right and Left found a lot of their battleground in economics and class. There have now been some compromises and adjustments in those areas. Some of these have allowed the Right to act a bit more socialistic when it comes to the economy and have also allowed the Left to move toward Socialism to redefine itself.

    The new battle space must be culture. For a very long time the Left has owned culture but that was because they were the ones who were moving and defining it. The Right was just digging in its heels, the Conservatives were trying to conserve everything rather than trying to apply worthy conservative principals to a new definition of the future. Now that the Left has built a fort around itself, set its ideals in stone, they have given the advantage of maneuver to the Right. I think nearly every idea about Trump, good and bad, is overblown, but the truly important thing is that he not is tied down to the immovable principals of the old Right which kept it from fighting effectively … this is a lesson that is either being learned or is inspiring the replacement of those who have not learned. The first lesson was to simply fight. It seems to me that the need for nastiness was an interesting shock tactic but more the important lesson was to use humor … and the use of more sophisticated and cutting humor seems to be growing over the amusing name calling.

    The Right is finally learning how to be rebellious. I think there is a great advantage in finding a way to sell rebellion as fun and liberating, like the Left did between the 1950s and 1980s. “Liberating” does not need to only lead to libertine or irresponsible behavior. The vision of the 1960s suggested that adults could spend their lives living like adolescents, recently we’ve seen millennials say, “why should we even be adolescents if we can get away with acting like children.” But, in reality, the only truly and permanently free people are adults. This is a message that Jordan Peterson has delivered fairly effectively. The big question is can we make being adult seem fun, funny, rebellious, and liberating. If so, that idea will sell, and it’s surely the right time to sell it.

    I try not to talk critically about the differences between men and women or differences between generations. I fail consistently, but I really think that what we are getting it wrong. The real differences are simply between between maturity and immaturity. Since WWII our culture has allowed, even encouraged, immaturity. In my opinion the people we complain about, regardless of their age or any variation of gender, are those who have bought into a militant form of immaturity. It can only go so far. If we don’t correct it someone else will. And the best way to correct it is to offer an alternative that fills the many voids that are swallowing up so many sections of our society and to define or describe that alternative in terms that are addictive, entertaining, and meaningful. The Left has proved that scolding doesn’t work. It’s time for the Right to give up on that tactic.

    Memes, as we discussed, are a start. Many fail to see Trump for the humorist that he is. Comedians are making a comeback (let’s hope it continues). This is a cultural fight. The battlefield cannot be primarily in the realm of politics and the political side of things may ebb and flow, a few defeats are to be expected. On the culture side the campaign must be subversive and seductive and it must be unrelenting. We learned that in the 1960s. The Right is now the counter culture, it’s time the Right learned to use this to its advantage. If Brexit shows us anything it’s that many people don’t want parents. They want to be parents.

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  66. Cheque d'Out says:

    The Rejoiniacs are born


  67. thedeti says:

    I didn’t see Gervais’ Golden Globes speech. But I sense a massive troll job there. I’m sure the showrunners and the producers knew he was going to make that speech. I’m sure he gave them the text of that speech and had it preapproved. What fun, right? Show our “relevance” to the dwindling group of people who still watch awards shows, right?

    It was just Gervais being edgy, and the HFPA saying “why not? Let’s just let Ricky be Ricky and say what he wants to say. No one will be talking about it in a week.”


  68. Cheque d'Out says:

    Pretty sure that he should have RTFM first (Read The Manual)

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  69. Cheque d'Out says:

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  70. Alan Kardec says:

    I also suspect that we are dealing with something that is vaguely cyclical. With luck the culture will correct towards conservative behavior and then, just as today’s decaying boomers are revisiting their youth, the AOC generation will rise back up to experiment with the ideas of the 2010s. They will get their way, though it will likely be modified and reinterpreted with other ideas encountered over the years.

    A relatively cyclical future, of course, requires one important thing … a lack of serious change. From the 1950s to today the west has faced no challenge that transformed it significantly in the way that WWI, the formation of the USSR, the Depression, and WWII, did. We are not going to be that lucky (or unlucky … it’s completely possible that traumatic future challenges create a positive outcome). I think one reason the Left is playing with 19th and 20th century political philosophies is because the Next Thing hasn’t yet arrived. It will. And it will shoot everything off at a tangent creating a lot of new and disruptive ideas.

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  71. @Alan
    But, in reality, the only truly and permanently free people are adults. This is a message that Jordan Peterson has delivered fairly effectively. The big question is can we make being adult seem fun, funny, rebellious, and liberating. If so, that idea will sell, and it’s surely the right time to sell it.

    When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

    Thinking everything should be fun and funny is a childish way to think. Adults know that life is not all fun and games. That life is only possible through, often strenuous, effort. And that people growing up and maturing into adulthood, even with the hardships and responsibilities, is what makes life possible to continue and for our everyday lives to be somewhat better than the previous generation.

    The Left is constantly rebelling, because the revolution never ends. It’s their raison d’etre. That’s why they keep getting crazier and crazier. Our side can and should use humor to point out their increasing insanity and the logical outcomes thereof, but that is only going to be amongst ourselves. Logic and reason has no hold on the Left. Power is their only concern.

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  72. @Deti

    Classical liberal democracy naturally leads to maximum individual autonomy coupled with a larger and more powerful government to promote and protect that individual autonomy.

    I very much doubt you can provide even one example from the last 5,000 years where this actually happened anywhere on the planet.

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  73. Cheque d'Out says:

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  74. Cheque d'Out says:

    I win today’s comp

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  75. BuenaVista says:

    Asserts more than twice as contagious as 1918 flu:

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  76. BuenaVista says:

    I’m presently in a village of 8000, possessing of a 2000 student college. Spring term begins next week, so students are returning now. I wonder how many Chinese students are flying in , and how many faculty are back from a January trip from China?

    I wonder how many international air crews will be willing to work to/from China?

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  77. BuenaVista says:

    Of course, we learned during the Ebola disaster that quarantines (crucial to public health durng epi/pandemics) are RACISSSSSS.

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  78. Farm Boy says:

    It is difficult to “like” BVs previous comments, but they are useful info

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  79. Ame says:

    Sure do miss Ton 😢

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  80. Liz says:

    Of course, we learned during the Ebola disaster that quarantines (crucial to public health durng epi/pandemics) are RACISSSSSS.

    And when Obama deployed our military to serve as ebola scrubbers, that wasn’t an impeachable offense.

    Strangely, there was an almost month long isolation period after said “service”…though we were all assured such isolation periods weren’t necessary for anyone else.
    Au contraire…
    Those with high risk of exposure to Ebola were required to eat in restaurants, go bowling, ride the subway from one end to the other, and then scream about their rights.
    If and when they did come up with ebola, they would self promote as “heroes”.
    We did dodge a bullet there.

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  81. b g says:


    Relax kid, it’s Robbie Burns day whereupon we traditionally mix a sheep’s guts with fat and oatmeal encased in a sheep’s stomach and make local sassenach’s eat it…now that will put some hair on your bum ;-D

    Actually this is the pooch’s birthday so both we’ll be having moose stew. I will have some single malt while he will enjoy his traditional marrow bone.

    [“Go to Haggis” you should]

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  82. Liz says:

    flight from las vegas to baltimore was just quarantined.

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  83. Farm Boy says:

    Gratuitous images

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  84. Farm Boy says:

    Warren’s dismissive attitude is significant largely because it reveals a larger truth about the modern left; reward the irresponsible; punish or ignore the responsible. Offering to wave a magic wand and make a trillion dollars in personal debt disappear or offering “free” college education — which everyone but a brain-dead zombie knows isn’t “free” at all — is nothing less than attempt to turn America upside down.


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  85. Farm Boy says:

    Piers Morgan Mocked 100 Gender Idea, Called Himself a Penguin. Petition Called For His Firing. Morgan Fires Back Hard.



  86. Cill says:

    thedeti at 7:28

    I didn’t see Gervais’ Golden Globes speech… It was just Gervais being edgy, and the HFPA saying “why not? Let’s just let Ricky be Ricky and say what he wants to say. No one will be talking about it in a week.”

    But you didn’t see the “speech” or the response to it?


  87. Farm Boy says:

    Our president said, “America’s newfound prosperity is undeniable, unprecedented and unmatched anywhere in the world. America achieved this stunning turnaround not by making minor changes to a handful of policies, but by adopting a whole new approach centered entirely on the well-being of the American worker.”

    That is incredible. A billionaire spoke to fellow billionaires, fellow world leaders, and academics not about the swell digs they were staying at or the lush cuisine they enjoyed.

    President Trump talked about actually serving the people who entrusted them with power


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  88. b g says:

    Haggis, you want Haggis!


  89. Sharkly says:

    If the EU had just allowed us a few variations on their rules, Brexit would never have happened.

    Reminiscent of George III and an inflexible tea tax made with no input from the governed.

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  90. Farm Boy says:

    I wonder if haggis is a thread killer…


  91. Sharkly says:

    I may also just have pms. Meh, who knows?!? lol

    I think you’re just trying to confuse the guy who tried to “out” your ovulation. Not that I care, or think any of that is in good taste. I don’t believe in “chivalry”, but I’m ok with manners and discretion. Maybe I’m just nostalgic for back when folks didn’t speak about women’s periods. Or is everybody else just dying to know her cycle?


  92. Farm Boy says:

    As the situation worsens and less men go to college, the question remains as to whether or not women will start to change their tune. Men want young, beautiful, feminine and dutiful women who will treat them well and honor them. Men are not after women with a college degree. Not only is it not important for men, with the level of college debt for the average degree, a university education is a logical net negative. For young women out there the correct path to satisfaction is to avoid college completely, work on making themselves as feminine as possible, moderate their behavior and do their best to find a man with serious intentions.


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  93. Farm Boy says:

    U.S.—Hillary Clinton had some helpful advice for the Bernie Sanders campaign after she claimed nobody likes him.

    In a candid moment, she told the interviewer that if she were running the Sanders campaign, the vocal critics would find themselves “swimming with the fishes.”

    “Look, if you want to be likable in politics, you’ve got to be willing to fight for it, and maybe kill for it,” she said.


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  94. Liz says:

    Update from the airline about the Wuhan virus. Person was evaluated and didn’t meet the criteria so all is well knock on wood

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  95. “Update from the airline about the Wuhan virus. Person was evaluated and didn’t meet the criteria so all is well knock on wood”

    It’s just a flesh-eating bacteria, folks. Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.

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  96. Trump should still stop the H1-Bs. Better for Americans and the Treasury as companies don’t pay FICA on them.


  97. Ame says:

    he’s married to an ob/gyn nurse … i imagine that’s ‘normal’ conversation in his world.

    my ob/gyn who delivered my babies was the brother of friends of mine. they would tell stories of the conversations he would have – thankfully, at least to my knowledge, none of his stories were about me 🙂

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  98. horsemanbombadil says:

    3.8? Fuck.

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  99. Sharkly says:

    Trump should still stop the H1-Bs.

    In my fantasy world, industry leaders would realize & internalize the fact that offshoring the programming of your new Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) to $9 per hour foreign programmers, won’t actually save your shareholders as much money as you’d think on that little amount of code. I wonder how much was saved? I’m in a precarious spot now, and working my second weekend in a row, partly because of repercussions from that stupidity. I could tell you stories that’d get me fired, and have you scared to fly. We got a load of guys transferred to us from the 737 program, and a few recent trips to the bathroom have proved that they can’t even shit correctly! Aren’t you supposed to be potty-trained already when they drop you off at Kindergarten? SMH Is Prolly the turd-world H1-Bs, standing on the toilet seats again. Sorry, I’m not too happy about it.

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  100. Stephanie says:

    I think it’s going to become WELL past the time for reason at some point (hopefully not so soon, but it’s obvious it’s not too far off either), and physical violence will be the only way, in the form of probably mass wars in various areas.

    You can’t just reason with people who desire evil, or call evil good and good evil. That’s not how it works at all.

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  101. Stephanie says:

    “Who needs to be educated on why 1 is preferable to 2?

    The time for talking is well past. Its a fool’s errand to talk to anybody on the Left.”

    ^^I hadn’t read your comment yet, KH, but that’s exactly what I thought.

    Most of the people promoting the truly evil stuff out there that is rapidly changing our society, they know what we have and that it’s, “better,” they don’t **want** that, they desire evil, and to go after our children with this evil.

    The only way to stop something like that is with passionate force.

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  102. Cill says:

    The sun has gone over the yardarm, me hearties. Temperature has cooled down to a pleasant 29 C (84 F). Time for a tot of nautical Rum.

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  103. Cill says:


    I’m ready for anything.


  104. Farm Boy says:

    Some rather odd Border Collies

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  105. Cill says:

    “Force” (contd)

    I mentioned in my penultimate post, the Left might ride roughshod over the constitution and set up a racist Leninist tyranny. It amuses me how the “Democrats” switch from abolishing the Electoral College (to nullify an election) to intoning reverently about the Constitution and the forefathers (when it comes to impeaching Trump). It’s pathetically childish and transparent but unfortunately most of the people can be fooled all of the time – especially if the MSM is under totalitarian control.

    Allowing constitutional law to work requires a willing suspension of bad faith. In the past, politicians used to collude to allow constitutional law to work because the alternative, chaos, was not in their selfish interests.

    It appears Democrats have broken the willing suspension of bad faith – particularly, it seems to me, in treating the judiciary as an extension of party politics. If it comes to chaos or tyranny, citizens should resist it with force.

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  106. Cheque d'Out says:

    She’s still in the game, don’t be counting Big Em out just yet

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  107. Cheque d'Out says:

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  108. Cheque d'Out says:

    Gawd bless feminism

    Herr Stammerer is 100% personality free but he’s possibly the best candidate for getting them elected. So the sooner the fembotz get rid of him as a candidate, the better



  109. Cheque d'Out says:

    il a raison (he’s right)

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  110. Cheque d'Out says:

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  111. Cheque d'Out says:

    Yes 33%
    No 67%

    And that started with people that followed an FBPE’s account.
    FBPE = Full Blown Psychotic Episode which is prevalent among remoaniacs.

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  112. Cheque d'Out says:

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  113. Cheque d'Out says:


  114. Package delivery update: Your Amazon package will not be delivered today. Or tomorrow. Maybe next week? Have you tried making one yourself?

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  115. @Cill

    “It appears Democrats have broken the willing suspension of bad faith – particularly, it seems to me, in treating the judiciary as an extension of party politics. If it comes to chaos or tyranny, citizens should resist it with force.”

    Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!” – Patrick Henry

    But to paraphrase George S. Patton, “The object of the fight is not to die for your beliefs, but to make the other bastard die for his.”

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  116. Cheque d'Out says:

    Found a nice variant of this original

    ‘Very Well, Alone’: Sir David Low’s Evening Standard cartoon from June 1940, after the German invasion of France

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  117. Liz says:

    Seems the corona virus is contagious before symptoms appear.
    Which makes sense, it being a strand of the “common cold” virus.

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  118. Liz says:

    This won’t be easy to screen for.

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  119. Liz says:

    In my fantasy world, industry leaders would realize & internalize the fact that offshoring the programming of your new Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) to $9 per hour foreign programmers, won’t actually save your shareholders as much money as you’d think on that little amount of code. I wonder how much was saved? I’m in a precarious spot now, and working my second weekend in a row, partly because of repercussions from that stupidity. I could tell you stories that’d get me fired, and have you scared to fly.

    Are they STILL working the bugs out of that?
    I thought that was completed. Heard the KC-46 had the same system can’t they just tweak it like they did that one?

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  120. Liz says:

    So a couple of days ago Mike was in a room in the hotel that hosts crew members (the bar was closed, it was very late…they keep a little room available so folks can mingle and have a beer or glass of wine). He met up with a guy he hasn’t seen since Turkey in 2001…so they chatted for a long while. He hears a flight attendant from the side yelling, “feel my ass! feel my ass!”
    She was talking to him, but since he’d been in conversation with the friend he didn’t know the context. I guess she’d been talking at the same time and felt ignored. He looked at her curiously.
    “I’ve been doin’ lots of squats and exercises for my ass! Feel it!”
    He says nothing, extends a ring finger and pokes one time lightly in a dispassionate way, then turns to his friend and keeps talking.

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  121. Cheque d'Out says:

    (nappy = diaper)

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  122. Cheque d'Out says:

    The first three have been suggested by salty remoaners as ways to fight Brexit at 23:00GMT 31st January

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  123. https://brasspills.com/his-wife-says-she-doesnt-love-him-anymore-he-wants-to-know-if-he-should-try-to-fix-it/

    My (42M) Wife (39F) says she doesnt love me any more and i dont know if i should try to fix it or make a clean break

    So my wife is a stay at home mom. We have two kids under 8.

    I make a really good living so she doesnt have to work.

    She recently told me that she loves me but isnt in love with me – and has said she just doesnt feel that physical attraction anymore… and dropped the bombshell that she has felt like this for 2-3 years.

    I feel physically sick. I didnt suspect anything was wrong – and all of our friends I have told cant believe it because we seemed like ‘the perfect couple’.

    She has started getting really into running the past few years – and says its the only time she is truly happy when she is out running.

    She admitted that she had been running with one guy who she had developed feelings for. But had never done anything about it.

    The day before she told me – the guy had tried to kiss her while running and she says she stopped him but realized she had to tell me because she realized she wanted him to.

    Hmm, I know somebody here could actually point out each step accordingly using Rollo’s terminology, but I’m just going to kinda wing it.

    Let’s see, he’s 42 and she’s 39 and they have 2 kids under 8. So they got married when he was 32 and she was 29 and was in her epiphany phase and she found a good-earning beta she was willing to settle for at that point.

    “She recently told me that she loves me but isnt in love with me”

    Fuck, it pretty writes itself after that don’t it. Of course she’s lying about ever having “loved” him. He was just there at the right time and now she has her hostages, I mean kids, and she’s ready to go fuck other guys while he pays for everything so its time for him to get lost.

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  124. Cill says:

    Em the bliMp™️ Thornberry’s weight distribution dictates that her best brawling stance would be that of a sumo wrestler.

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  125. Farm Boy says:

    He hears a flight attendant from the side yelling, “feel my ass! feel my ass!”

    Not very ladylike

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  126. Liz says:

    Fuck, it pretty writes itself after that don’t it.

    The only thing missing is the boob job.
    Bet she got one of those recently too, to go with her new interest in “fitness” with running man.

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  127. @Liz

    “This won’t be easy to screen for.”

    Here is our current screening documentation we just added:

    1. Have you been to China in the last 30 days?

    2. Do you have a fever or cough?

    Must have been paid for with a government grant…

    I was not consulted about it’s build, but I can think of at least 2 more questions.

    3. Have you been in contact of anyone else who has been to China in the last 30 days or who would have in contact with someone who had?

    4. Are they symptomatic?

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  128. Liz says:

    Yeah I saw the CDC recommends not visiting Wahun now.
    Good we have those folks to explain things.

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  129. I’ve seen very few married women go on “self-improvement programs” that didn’t end up divorcing their oblivious husbands a year or two later.

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  130. He hears a flight attendant from the side yelling, “feel my ass! feel my ass!”

    If movies and TV have taught me anything, it’s that flight attendants are all whores! Whores I tell you!!!

    This message brought to you by Whores and Ale.

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  131. You see! You see! Whoooooorrrrreeesssss!

    She’s really cute, though.

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  132. Cill says:

    FB at 3:42 pm
    I’m a bit disappointed that the observation was not left to Yoda. Something along the lines of [Not very ladylike she was]

    [Coming soon I am.
    Watching over y’all I would be]

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  133. Liz says:

    I’ve seen very few married women go on “self-improvement programs” that didn’t end up divorcing their oblivious husbands a year or two later.

    Me neither. It’s a very common sign.
    I myself go on periodic “self improvement programs” but that’s been the way throughout our life. Mike does too. I didn’t let my shit go for years and then…”hey! for some strange and magical reason I now care!”
    Going to get the rest of our elk meat now (sausage…it took this long to be ready, which seems strange but I don’t know anything about processing meat)
    Hope you all have a great day.
    Stay well.

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  134. Farm Boy says:

    For this past Monday’s Martin Luther King Day, Minnesota’s Concordia College offered a racially segregated seminar titled “How to Embrace Your Inner Racist: A Session for White People.”


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  135. Cill says:

    Me at 4:06 pm
    For the first time I felt the urge to like on one of my own comments. Must’ve been the Force.

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  136. Cheque d'Out says:


  137. BuenaVista says:

    More on coronavirus, same source as above:

    The key information here (imo) is the convexity in the first panel, depicting the second derivative (rate of change of the rate of change) in infection rates. Sustained through this week, it will exceed SARS infection rates and deaths.


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  138. Cheque d'Out says:

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  139. Cheque d'Out says:


  140. BuenaVista says:

    My airline captain goes all Mean Girl on stews: “Cart Donkey” is her take.

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  141. Cill says:

    Spawny 5:23 pm: Brexit ALE, eh?

    Great idea but (alas!) not original. Remember? I put down a brew of CDDU Brexit in June 2016. If you want to know the flavor and nose of it, there were hints of home-spun philosophy about it.

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  142. Cill says:

    Proof! 2016/06/23 at 12:51 pm

    Ignore the italicized bit and concentrate on the rest of these words I uttered back then:

    “I might re-label some of my label a new batch of Cill’s Draught Down Under “Cill’s Brexit Brew” or something peculiarly English such as “Cill’s Spotted Dick Slosh”. If Remain wins I’ll probably drink it on my own with Dog and play Bach for the rest of the day.” [emphasis added by me]

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  143. Cheque d'Out says:

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  144. Cheque d'Out says:

    This Stealth Bomber Prototype Flew in 1947 – It Was America’s First Flying Wing: the YB-49

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  145. Cheque d'Out says:

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  146. Cheque d'Out says:


  147. Farm Boy says:

    In 2016, the Democrats made a significant mistake in opposing Donald Trump: They framed their opposition to Trump in moral terms, but failed to provide a better alternative. In 2017 and 2018, they’re making the same mistake again, adopting an attitude of moral superiority in spite of obvious evidence to the contrary.

    The Left’s failure in the presidential election was glaringly obvious. You claim Trump is dishonest? So is Hillary Clinton. You claim that Trump’s financial dealings are shady? Let’s walk through Whitewater, cattle futures, and the Clinton Foundation. Trump is a predator? Voters who lived through the 1990s remember “bimbo eruptions,” Monica Lewinsky, a rape allegation, and a wife who consistently covered for her husband’s horrible behavior. The Clintons were a package deal, and that deal included a legacy of tawdry behavior

    Hillary centered her entire campaign on the notion that Trump was a bad person. She was the worst candidate to make that argument


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  148. Cheque d'Out says:

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  149. Farm Boy says:

    Ahead of the Iowa caucuses next week, The Des Moines Register endorsed Sen. Elizabeth Warren, saying she would “treat truth as something that matters.”


    [Speak with forked tonque newspaper does]


  150. Kids, bikes, and construction sites. Would’ve been a great song back in the 70s.

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  151. Cheque d'Out says:

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  152. Cheque d'Out says:

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  153. Cill says:

    I’ve just noticed KH at 3:39 pm.

    “To have and to hold until Chad runs my path”. She’s trash. Her side of the relationship is deceit from the start.

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  154. Cill says:

    We’ve just come back from town. What is it with Asians and beautiful blond white kids? They swarm around, fascinated out of their skulls, their cameras and phones in my kids’ faces. I had to tell them to fuck off (the risk of corona and all that).

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  155. Both my bots were very fair-haired when young. My oldest boy got us free food at a local Chinese buffet several times when I’d take him there to eat. The first time a waitress came over (None of them spoke English, It was later linked to a human trafficking ring and shut down. Good food though) and just picked him up and walked off with him I was somewhat alarmed. She took him back to the kitchen, but was kind enough to just stand in the doorway keeping it propped open while approving sounds erupted from within.

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  156. Liz says:

    What is it with Asians and beautiful blond white kids?
    Blonde hair (at least in Korea) is considered “lucky”.
    Kids used to ask for pieces of my hair.
    Also, standards for “polite” and “impolite” are very different. Sometimes 180 out.
    There seems no real concept of personal space either.
    Back when Mike was trying to find shoes that fit (difficult even in the US before the internet), he went into a Korean shoe store.
    The shoe salesman man talked a lot, measured his foot, went out through the back and Mike thought he was going to get some shoes. Instead, he came back with a bunch of people from the neighboring stores to come and get a look at Mike’s feet.

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  157. Cill says:

    I’m really pissed off with myself for exposing my kids to the risk of disease like that, no matter how remote. I’ll be more careful in future.

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  158. Farm Boy says:

    It used to be otherwise. Yes, in the 1940s and 1950s, many a Democrat in the House or Senate had no four-year diploma: Even a president, Harry S Truman, did not. What’s more, those who did frequently went to night law school, or a teachers’ college, and at least still lived, or had a social life, in neighborhoods where no one over a long stretch of city blocks had college B.A.s. This was true even for the profession now cited as a sort of polemic shorthand for rule by the knowledge elite—the “liberal media.” As late as 1970, my friend Steve Franklin joined a city paper and was surprised to learn that most of the editors had never been to college—and of course they lived in neighborhoods all over the city with people who had gone to the same high schools they had.

    Back then, many of these people understood that they could trust the Democratic Party for the same reason they could trust the liberal media. The Democratic Party of the 1950s and 1960s was probably much more corrupt and inept than the Democratic Party of today—but back then it lived in the neighborhood, as it no longer does today. Now the Democratic Party relies on think tanks in elite universities to find out what people back in those neighborhoods are thinking.


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  159. Farm Boy says:

    “Transgender equality is the civil rights issue of our time,” Biden said on social media Saturday night. “There is no room for compromise when it comes to basic human rights.”



  160. Ame says:

    Cill – might be of interest to you: https://krisannehall.com/

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  161. Ame says:

    red heads get attention from everyone 🙂

    had a roomie in college with white-blond hair – she, and her hair, were beautiful. sadly, age has not been kind to her.

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