Why is it that memes seem to drive Feminists/Lefties nuts?  Memes have the capability to quickly point out the ludicrous nature of a situation; their visual nature just drives the point home more readily.

When your whole being is based on nutty premises, and it is mockingly pointed out to you, you might become irritable.  Deep down, they know that what is being mocked is true.  Or at least some of them.  I suppose that there are true believers that immune to such doubts; though I can’t believe the it could be good for their mental health in the long run.

So if you were in such a position, what would you do?  A rational person might perform some introspection; but we can not count on that happening.  More likely, they double down (on emotion, not thinking); not so much to convince others of their cause and the evil of the other side, but rather to keep themselves convinced of the correctness of their cause.

Oddly enough, fewer people than one would hope notice the preposterous nature of their situation. So sad.

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  1. The Engineer says:

    It’s evidence. They can’t stand anything that testifies that they are wrong. Worse. A meme is anonymous so they can’t attack the person testifying. Third its quick. A meme communicates a lot in a glance. No need to stop and read. Just see it. Last. They are effective.

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  2. The Engineer says:

    I don’t know why they don’t ignore them. Be like Ivanka and just ignore the little reporter. Main stream media does get it. They ignore them and disappear them wherever they can.

    Maybe it is the social reward from their group for finding the bad think and “pointing” at it. I note the reaction as identifying people to avoid. “Smile and wave boys. Smile and wave.”

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  3. Farm Boy says:

    This here meme is a serous feminist meme, one put out by serious feminists


  4. BuenaVista says:

    I think the Wonderful Wokesters are now moving beyond simply doubling down, raising the decibel level and changing the subject. It’s much more insidious and dangerous.

    The UK and most USA college campuses have already decided that self-appointed grandees should decide which speech is acceptable, and which is a threat to the civil order. In this way, a cheery and sunny satirical site (babylonbee) is held by “fact checkers” and the twerps at CNN as a provider of dangerous disinformation. They lobby to have it banned from Facebook. Supposed beacons of freedom are saying that people who deliver effective humor, at the expense of wild and wonderful Wokesters, should be censored. Just as anyone who writes blandly on Twitter that there are only two sexes, and one of them isn’t a mentally ill dyke pretending to be a man and giving herself weekly testosterone injections.

    It’s incredibly easy to mock the Woke: they live in a self-referential bubble, and they (and they’re uneducated followers) have drifted so far into absurdity that you really can’t describe their thoughts and behavior prosaically — it’s too ridiculous. But it is extremely easy to mock, usually by just restating what some nutjob has stated.

    My experiment today was to comment on a stunning and brave woman’s bragging about abortion and laughing about how funny it is that killing babies occupies the majority of the country. Her thread was buried by mostly serious people. I just restated her position and received more positive feedback than I ever have on anything, online.

    So, it’s impossible to confront the Left with facts or logic; they just impeached the president but forgot to name a crime. It’s pretty easy to turn the lights on and reveal their absurdities. In response, they will call us terrorists and attempt our utter exclusion and removal. They’re serious. They tried shaming and it failed. We just strip them naked with irony or humor. They’re going for ex-communication and force exile now. Broadly, it looks like an extension burst, to me.


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  5. BuenaVista says:

    In the olden days, the transgressive left produced humor and humorous people. These days they are fragile, shrieking authoritarians who will cancel you for a one-line joke, and seek to have everyone you know cancel you as well. They’re old and bitter and humorless at age 22. This is very strange.

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  6. BuenaVista says:

    Ivanka’s ignoring of Acosta is how someone, who’s been wealthy her whole life and is accosted every time she leaves the house because her dad has been a notorious celebrity her whole life, says,

    “I’m not talking to you, YOU LIBERAL HACK. You’re invisible and unworthy of a single word, a single occupied breath, of mine.”

    (It doesn’t hurt to have Secret Service details within 10 feet.)

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  7. BuenaVista says:

    FB posted the former Georgetown law student who had her 15 minutes a few years ago, demanding that the government buy her birth control and claiming financial hardship. Hers is one of the great “resting bitch faces” I’ve seen.

    Has anyone noticed that over the past few weeks, when Schumer is pretending to address the entire Senate on TV, he’s had a young (I would say 25-28) woman sitting to his left. No other persons are in the camera. The young woman sits, in speech after speech, with a crinkly resting bitch face, her slouching torso unmoving. She’s evidently a crucial stage prop for some unknown reason. Like all fiercely unpleasant lefties, she’s incredibly easy to mock, so I did.

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  8. Cheque d'Out says:

    Emily is such a treat. She thinks that she can lie her way out of anything

    Anyone convinced? Brass necked cunt. I’ll be sorry when she’s removed from the contest though I look forward to her holding forth on why she failed It certainly won’t be her fault

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  9. Cheque d'Out says:

    “Hers is one of the great “resting bitch faces” I’ve seen.”

    Emily says, “Hold this lemon that I’ve been sucking”

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  10. Cheque d'Out says:

    Stupid Boy.

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  11. Cheque d'Out says:

    Another part of last night’s car crash

    It’s over, Big Em, walk away

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  12. Farm Boy says:

    Brooklyn resident Floyd Hayes, 47, registered a pint of beer as an emotional support animal with the USA Service Dog Registration in December, according to Ale Street News.

    Brooklyn Paper reports that Hayes aims to use the certification to carry his beverage of choice — like, say, a seasonal IPA — on public transit

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  13. Farm Boy says:

    U.S.—Addressing a crowd earlier this week, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez declared that Joseph Stalin was actually a conservative or at least a center-right kind of guy


  14. Farm Boy says:

    Yes, you read that correctly. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Mean Girl Hillary Clinton dissed Bernie Sanders by claiming that “nobody likes Bernie.”

    Boy howdy, talk about hubris. That’s like the Wicked Witch of the West calling the Wicked Witch of the East a bitch.

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  15. Farm Boy says:

    Hillary Clinton: Democrats Don’t Have Enough Control Of Media To ‘Influence Americans’ Thinking’


  16. Liz says:

    Candidly, I guess I can understand why memes bother some folks.
    Ever seen a liberal “meme”?
    Aside from that “Cuban missile crisis” letter Hillary stole from Kimmel, they’re usually pretty terrible these days.
    Consists of maybe photoshopping Trump’s head onto a chihuahua with Putin holding the leash, and then a Nelson-esque “HAHA!!”
    It’s kinda the equivalent of spam.
    But they love it, and high five each other over the “cleverness”.
    And I’m sure when I say something like,
    Why doesn’t Trump wear glasses?
    …wait for it…
    He’s got 2020.
    It makes them madder than any cogent argument (which would also take a lot more time).

    Side note: my keurig wants tits up this morning, so I haven’t had my coffee yet.
    Boo. Anti-squee.

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  17. Liz says:

    typo there, “went tits up” not, “wants tits up”.
    Everyone wants tits up, so much better than tits down….

    [”Tits on tap” even better it would be]

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  18. Farm Boy says:

    The reason lots of lefty memes don’t work is because their underlying premise is BS. Or at least it is for those with common sense.

    Lefties often make their arguments complicated and long mainly for the sake of obfuscating their BS. This way of operating and memes don’t mix well

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  19. Farm Boy says:

    Lindsey Graham 2.0

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  20. Liz says:

    The reason lots of lefty memes don’t work is because their underlying premise is BS. Or at least it is for those with common sense.

    I agree, but I’m not sure I’m agreeing because it’s true (though again, it is true to me), or I’m agreeing due to confirmation bias (I want to believe it).
    BV is right, the left wasn’t always abjectly humorless and obtuse.

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  21. As noted above, lefties hate humor because nothing is funny, but memes can be not only funny but persuasive about the absurdity of left positions and so are “dangerous “.

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  22. Alan Kardec says:

    Memes and the Left. The left, over the last fifty years, has become the establishment. But the left cannot see itself as the establishment. It is part of the left’s mythology that is always, young, always revolutionary, always counter culture. The left has been the political persuasion of artists. In politics artists have often been the pranksters, the jesters, disobedient, the serrated cutting edge of counter culture. The left has also spent a lot of time controlling, documenting, interpreting art. To our detriment too many went from doing it to just talking about it. It could be that’s what corrupted their artistic values.

    Memes are political cartoons. They are art. They are rebellious, prankish, street art. They are being created by anyone and everyone, but mostly the young. Besides mocking the “woke,” they are a symbol of a significant cultural movement escaping the clutches of the left. Besides the amusing message of any particular meme, the mere existence of memes says to the left, “this is something you lost, this is how out of touch you are with the things you value.” It shows them up for the dull witted squares they really are. Memes are stealing away the left’s identity and the left reacts, unconsciously understanding what a threat they really are.

    Comedians are beginning to get this. They were the last to give in to wokeness and now they are beginning to come back, tearing into it. They don’t have a choice. It is simply their job to think this way. A fundamental of comedy is laughing at death. In real life you laugh when something that could have killed you, doesn’t. Comedy simulates this by causing a minor shock to your expectations, a twist, the aptly named punchline. Comedy is not funny if it is safe. The left has ripped into the dull safety of the right for decades and it was funny. But then they got got control of the culture, got woke made a lot of subjects not safe … in their attempts to civilize us all they set up a lot of punchlines.

    With any luck other arts will break out and transgress against what has become a stuffy, pretentious, left. The left’s fear of that happening is why you see artistic communities, and those who are art-adjacent commentators, like academics, doubling down even further than the average leftist. They know their reality is threatened. They fear that they will either need to hop on this train or be left behind. Many of them are far too old to hop.

    Politics is downstream of culture. Art is the first battleground (and the healthiest battleground) of culture. I pray that whatever impulse is feeding the creation of counter cultural memes and anti-woke comedians can spread to more and more art forms. To a great extent it is how the left triumphed over the right between the 1950s and the 1970s and it would be the best way for the right to take back the high ground of culture.

    Get your spray paint and photoshop … let’s misbehave.

    [Good analysis this is]

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  23. Cheque d'Out says:

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  24. Cheque d'Out says:

    He played the pawn shop owner in the Stallone Judge Dredd film.

    Poor joke, but my era

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  25. thedeti says:

    I didn’t see this until today. Dalrock is hanging it up.

    Now I know it’s time for me to leave this corner of the internet.

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  26. BuenaVista says:

    Humor, irony, satire and parody — if to work — must reveal (and often through deployment of absurdity) a disguised truth, an essential truth. Overt nastiness is antithetical to the effort. Trump as a wiener dog being walked on leash by Putin: nasty slur, signifies only Leftist thoughtless hate. Hatred of Trump is it’s point: “I hate Trump! So do my friends. Why don’t you?”

    Trump photoshopped onto Stallone’s chiseled boxing physique: simultaneously makes fun of Trump (we know he’s a tub of lard) and reveals the truth of his winning combativeness, his perpetual underdog position vis a vis the self-appointed establishment elites, his delight in the spotlight.

    When Swift proposed in A Modest Proposal that there would be no famine in Ireland if those noisy, bereft and fecund Irish would just start selling their babies for food to their English overseers, through his absurd construction.he simultaneously he provided a timeless social commentary; he provided insight that we still read. The Right does this sort of thing, on a casual plane, daily. We see the tension between insight and insult.

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  27. Cheque d'Out says:


    Waiting to find out who the three were. Just need to let them finish the salty sobbing stage.


  28. BuenaVista says:

    In support of Kardec’s post, which wins the Internet today, who on the Left is as thought-provoking as Sabo? Why isn’t there a National Lampoon or SNL that entertains as well as reveals? Why don’t Dems understand that Trump has an impeccable sense of humor, and impeccable extemporaneous comic timing?

    What would happen if, in the event there was a humorous SNL today, Republicans moved to ban it as “disinformation”? (In the manner CNN was Babylon Bee shut down.)

    I think this is related to the complete failure of liberal talk radio. Or the failure of the supposed Dem frontrunner, Biden, to draw more than a few dozen to his “campaign appearances.” As Laurence Fox’s father apparently told him, “Remember, the audience is always smarter than you are.” In the absence of any emotional or intellectual appeal, all of the ancillary *cultural* representations of the Left just don’t work. Their appeal is: “We need power to give you things you want. So vote for us.” Half the country complies, but they sure don’t like to be reminded that that’s what they’re doing.

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  29. BuenaVista says:


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  30. Cheque d'Out says:


  31. Cheque d'Out says:

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  32. Cheque d'Out says:

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  33. Liz says:

    Having probably the worst coffee of my life right now (I tortured the Keurig into leaking out a viscous coffee like syrup of sorts), but it is life giving. Tragedy averted until I can get down the mountain.

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  34. Liz says:

    Sludge was the word, not syrup. Vocabulary starting to worky better now.

    Cutlery company creates knives with square tips (so they’re not as efficient at stabbing).

    They should probably get rid of aluminum foil too.
    The boys made a lot of pointy knife looking objects when they were in their aluminum foil phase.

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  35. BuenaVista says:

    I have generated about five snarky (acidic) remarks about the Keurig coffee system today, thanks to you. I am trying to pass a snark-free day. Thanks a lot.

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  36. Cheque d'Out says:

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  37. Cheque d'Out says:

    David Lammy is a contender for thickest MP in da House. A position for which there is obviously utmost stout competition.

    (another old joke, my apologies)


  38. Cheque d'Out says:

    “I am trying to pass a snark-free day. Thanks a lot”
    You know us, always happy to lend a helping hand

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  39. Popeye’s Chicken*

    * not necessarily chicken

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  40. BuenaVista says:

    Virtue of parody: President 45 edition. “Tweet-tweet!”

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  41. BuenaVista says:

    (Trump’s official social media guy made this short masterpiece. He really did. Chin-strokers and Never Trumpers presently seeing if they can get more Depends on Prime 2-hour delivery. Winning!)

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  42. Cheque d'Out says:

    Things wot I never expected to see as news

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  43. Cheque d'Out says:

    Oh. Oh dear.

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  44. Cheque d'Out says:

    Well done to all involved if this is true

    The Real Umbrella Corp: Wuhan Ultra Biohazard Lab Was Studying “The World’s Most Dangerous Pathogens”
    As it turns out, it wasn’t a joke, because moments ago it was brought to our attention that in February 2017, Nature penned an extensive profile of what it called the “Chinese lab poised to study world’s most dangerous pathogens.” The location of this BSL-4 rated lab? Why, Wuhan.

    A quick read of what this lab was meant to do, prompts the immediate question whether the coronavirus epidemic isn’t a weaponized virus that just happened to escape the lab


  45. Cheque d'Out says:

    Shame. I’m a big fan of Bercow. Hard to find a bigger traitor to democracy although we’re not short of candidates for the post of biggest.


  46. Cill says:

    FYI y’all:

    By “the Big M” is the Patriarch referring to Ronald Macdonald or Mo Farah? Why no, he means none other than Emily Big M the godammed bliMp Thornberry!

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  47. Cill says:

    A meme with a pulse she is.

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  48. Cill says:

    Wave the fat wand over her the Fairy Godmother did. Billowing sans substance the bliMp now is.


  49. Cill says:

    when Schumer is pretending to address the entire Senate on TV, he’s had a young (I would say 25-28) woman sitting to his left.

    I too have noticed that, BV. I think it goes back more than a few weeks.

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  50. Cill says:

    Now that the Aussie smoke has cleared we’re able to enjoy the beautiful weather.
    9 am and 28 C (82 F) already.

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  51. Cill says:

    Everyone wants tits up, so much better than tits down….

    Better yet, “Tits on me”. Within easy reach, they would be defenseless against shameless molestation, abuse, and downright exploitation 24/7.

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  52. Liz says:

    I have generated about five snarky (acidic) remarks about the Keurig coffee system today, thanks to you. I am trying to pass a snark-free day. Thanks a lot.

    Heh, sorry BV.
    But at least I can say I accomplished something today. 😆

    (having my first cup a real coffee, after descaling the k-rig, woohoo! Back in business…)

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  53. Liz says:

    As it turns out, it wasn’t a joke, because moments ago it was brought to our attention that in February 2017, Nature penned an extensive profile of what it called the “Chinese lab poised to study world’s most dangerous pathogens.” The location of this BSL-4 rated lab? Why, Wuhan.

    I usually balk at “conspiracy theory” disease origins (a professor in Africa asserted the Pentagon created ebola, for instance…cure was raping a virgin infant or something).
    But here was have an actual facility and that is its stated purpose. And it is in China.
    I’m inclined to believe this.
    Captain Trips?
    At least they’ve closed off the city.

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  54. Liz says:

    Fueled by my cup of slightly-vinegar-tasting java, I will attempt a limerick.
    Well, maybe just a haiku…

    I am feeling bold
    Trying to avoid a cold
    Hate dry January

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  55. Cheque d'Out says:

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    “We talk about China as our competitor? We should be helping, and benefiting ourselves by doing that,” Biden said during a campaign event in Iowa. “But the idea that China is going to eat our lunch, it was like I remembered debates in the late 90s, remember Japan was going to own us? Give me a break.”

    “The idea that we have a serious problem facing us now that’s different, and it’s dealing with the whole idea of cyber war, underground cables that go across the Atlantic that allow us to control everything from satellites to shipping,” Biden told the audience. “We have to be prepared to modernize those, keep ourselves way ahead of the game to make sure that they are not able to be screwed with.”

    Biden continued, “So, the idea we’re gonna cut the defense budget significantly, we can cut it some, but we don’t need standing armies, we need to be smarter than we’re dealing now into how we handle this.”

    What the hell is holding this guy up? Who the fuck is telling pollsters, “Yeah, Joe Biden is my guy.”

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  57. Liz says:

    Who the fuck is telling pollsters, “Yeah, Joe Biden is my guy.”

    The Chinese.

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  58. Ame says:

    6h ago
    I didn’t see this until today. Dalrock is hanging it up.

    Now I know it’s time for me to leave this corner of the internet.

    tis a sad day, indeed.

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    Feminists have decried as sexist an Australian KFC ad that shows a young woman inadvertently putting on a peep show for two boys as they sit in a parked car.

    In the 15-second video commercial, the young woman pauses while walking past the sedan to examine her hippie-style outfit in the window. She checks out her cleavage before spinning around to get a look at her butt.

    As the woman leans in to adjust her breasts in a low-cut top, the passenger window rolls down to reveal the two pre-teen boys gawking at her. Their mother is also in the car, and she looks angry.

    After an awkward pause, the young woman quips, “Did someone say KFC?”

    When I was a kid I liked the legs, but now I’m very much a breast man. Still like the legs though, if they’re nice and juicy.


  60. RichardP says:

    Some interesting “advice” for the young men just starting out. The first entry makes me think of Stephanie and her comments that she really liked/likes it that her husband teased/teases her.

    Got the link from the comments section at Dalrock’s farwell post – as an example of what he could do. The owner of this link stopped posting, but left everything available on-line.


  61. Like

  62. horsemanbombadil says:

    I didn’t see this until today. Dalrock is hanging it up.

    Now I know it’s time for me to leave this corner of the internet.

    Like him or not Roosh
    Our own Bloom
    The Mighty Ton

    Its going quiet.
    Its all been said.

    Even Rollo has way cut back.

    Sad, sad times

    “Leave it, it is over.
    All will come to darkness and My city to ruin”

    Although going silent I still believe they are not abandoning but rather a well deserved rest awaiting the day when

    “I do not know what strength is in my blood
    But I Will Not let the White City fall
    Nor OUR People fail.”

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  63. Ame says:

    I had to delete my first blog back in 2008, iirc. I don’t regret doing so because it was necessary at the time, but I’ve often lamented no longer having the content.


  64. horsemanbombadil says:

    Just saw this from Dalrock

    “Dalrock says


    Dalrock, thanks for your efforts over the years. I do hope the blog remains publicly available, both for those who would benefit from the good stuff, and also as a historical record.

    This is something I’ve given a great deal of thought, and my decision is to pull it, either by taking the blog private or deleting it entirely. I am strongly leaning toward the latter. But from a practical perspective to readers the impact is the same.”

    He is not just stopping

    he is DELETING it.

    Years of work and tons of practical advice and insight. Destroyed.

    I can see from the personal risks of being doxxed its the right thing for him as the woke left get meaner and meaner.

    But the effort, the research, the insight, the bravery….poof vanished for all time into the ether.

    Such a shame.

    Ian has not posted to the Red Pill Room in years but I still go back and reread it.
    Messenger/Lazarus for a time pulled his content but slowly reinstated it.

    The fact that good men must erase their masterpieces to protect their families and themselves beyond pisses me off. Worst still for a devote man defending his god like Dalrock

    Godspeed Brothers.
    (And the few worthy Sisters here)

    I almost hope this is an outbreak.
    30% of the world sick and 10% dead would teach these fuckers what a real danger is.

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  65. BuenaVista says:

    My neighbor, a stand-up man, a man I admired.
    Played guitar, flew Navy, opened champagne with his sword.*
    Made admiral, changed his mind, married the woman he loved.**

    A situation arose, oh an unlikely situation, truly most dire.
    Home ill once, now from Lockheed, a man clearly most bored.
    I’ve got it! he said, I’ve got a solution by Jove.

    My neighbor bolted strong, for in truth, here there was no wire.
    Reason betrayed him, an aviator’s reason, in full, which he ignored.
    Faster, much faster, he shouted as he drove.

    I still regret my comment when I learned what he had bought.
    Years have passed but a man such as I should know aught from nought.
    Not I, alas, that evening; ’twas not merely the Makers Mark.
    “Jesus, Rick,” I said, “A Keurig will cost you, cost you fifty cents a shot!”***
    And there was no rhyme nor reason to that… that rogue, stray thought.

    * Only after six-hour dinner parties at my house, and in the back yard.
    ** Well, he had been her husband’s commander when they were at Kef.
    *** We’ve established that The Liz is a spendthrift.

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  66. Liz says:

    You write liquid prose, BV!

    (and Hey! Thought I was doing good passing up the Starbucks to get vinegar to descale my k-rig 😆 )

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  67. Liz says:

    Horseman, a few more posts into it, Dalrock mentioned he is now leaning more toward keep the site up for archival purposes instead of deleting the whole thing.

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  68. Ame says:

    Dalrock says:
    January 23, 2020 at 1:12 pm
    I haven’t caught up on the comments, but from the ones that I’ve read I’m reconsidering my decision to pull the blog. I’ll post back with more (either in the comments here or with a post) once I come to a decision.

    Edit: To clarify, I’m reconsidering whether I will leave the existing content up, not continuing to post. Also, I want to thank everyone for their kind words. I am deeply moved.

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  69. Liz says:

    I sent Mike the picture of the Popeye’s chicken.
    He loves popeyes, claims that Popeyes would never pedal a chicken that looked like a rodent.
    “Stand down” he says.

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  70. Ame says:

    Horseman –
    Godspeed Brothers.
    (And the few worthy Sisters here)

    i sincerely hope this isn’t a ‘goodbye,’ Horseman.

    i know all the red pill has been hashed and rehashed, but your personality and stories and presence would be greatly missed 🙂

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  71. Ame says:

    not to mention your wisdom and character 🙂


  72. BuenaVista says:

    Insulted, insulted! he cried with no glee —
    That’s not “prose”, no m’am, why that’s po-ay-zee-ee.

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  73. Liz says:

    LOL sorry BV!
    Well, you can see my sad contribution up thar.
    I’m quite challenged just counting syllables.
    Did I mention yet that I hate dry January?

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  74. Liz says:

    Going to watch Homeland now (we’re on season 4).
    It reminds me of BV’s “Mrs Smith” (character Carrie).
    I do hope Mrs Smith wasn’t quite that cray cray.
    Claire Danes plays a very believable crazy girl.


  75. b g says:


    Hmmm, well I can donate some moisture, Over the last week or so we’ve had considerable precipitation, some liquid, some solid. Most has melted but at one point we had several feet of globull warming in the backyard. Even the faithful pooch is getting more than a little pissed off…a bit tough on the privates, you know ;-D

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  76. BuenaVista says:

    I was too circumspect to ask about Dry January. Thanks for the update. I bet you already lost five pounds or more, though.

    Did you take up Marlboros to compensate?

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  77. Farm Boy says:

    Glorious Patriarch,

    Is this a good deal or not?

    Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal has become law after clearing all parliamentary hurdles and receiving royal assent


  78. Farm Boy says:

    The Texas Governor says,

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  79. Weird and wack a doodleness… maybe nothing, maybe something, who the f knows! Popcorn, anyone? Cookies? Drink? (wheels in a fully loaded barcart plus snacks…)

    Wacky. Just weird! 😜

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  80. For further poolside ponderings

    (sorry for repeating that third link twice… was supposed to go to a link about folks next to the dominican republic also up in arms today about lotsa missing $$$…puzzle pieces maybe falling into place, maybe just random same same different day… sorry can’t find the rabbit hole link again)

    popcorn, anyone?


  81. RichardP says:

    Re. Dalrock’s site: there are tools available on the Internet that one can use to download someone’s entire website. Folks are using those tools as we speak to download Dalrock’s webside – that is, all his threads and their comments for ten years. Should be a sizable database. Remains to be seen whether folks will make their downloads accessible by the public.

    In other important news, Bernie has to stay in the House for now, so he has his peeps out spreading his message:


  82. as for hanging it up, not sure when exactly it all came together for me but yeah… just started to feel unsafe to speak freely. And like it had all been said. Plus, I was rubbernecking on politick stuff that seemed off topic and also not wise to be commentin on, either. Not that I ever knew anything anyway, other than what I read on the innernet 🤓

    some says theres a plan an paytriots are in control, I sure hope so. bc if not… we best make a plan quick.

    blah blah girl rambling…

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  83. and I want one of those little thumb clinging Australian critters I never knew existed till now. It may kill me, it may not, it may just wish it could, but i’d still feel safer with it around. I mean, look at it!!!! cute AND super scary!!! awwww 🤗

    (red pill theory comfirmed right there, awalt, lol.)

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  84. Sharkly says:

    You can now vote on what you thought of Dalrock’s blog:

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  85. I vote free discourse should not ever be scary. And until the past few years, I could not even imagine it ever could be… like fundamdntal inalienable and so on… apparently some disagree 😦

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  86. I have not followed the D very close but interesting final option… it is true a few commenters can cause much trouble, and distress and discouragement to the author. For me that was for sure also a factor… sadly.

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  87. * hopefully goes wo saying but it was none of the regular or longtime followers! 💞💗💞 all of you guys!!! It was just a frw random trolls. Sadly.

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  88. I hope I never feel I need to delete my blog but I can see why some would in these weird times. Even though I am not actively posting, people are still reading, I can tell by the stats. And like me, when long ago I discovered a blog by a guy clueing gals into how things actually work, even tho he had stopped posting, I can see people find mine and read back, like I did his. So I hope its still helping those seeking answers to why the script they have been sold isnt working and never will, and providing some springboard onto an alternate path that could. Fingers crossed. If it helps anyone, it was all worth it, in my eyes. I can only hope it helps many avoid a primrose path that leads nowhere, for one that is tested and true.

    Blah blah blah… anyway… lol. Rambling… Popcorn anyone? Peanuts? Cigarettes? Cigars? 😂

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  89. Anyway, ya’ll go to bed too early! Lol. It may be weird times but never forget, good wins! It is written. And thank God for that! 🙏🙌👍😇

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  90. RichardP says:

    There was a time that my future wife, sisters and parents took their Arabian Stallion to a horse show in Portland. I was busy working. There came the evening after the night that they got home. After work I stood in the middle of her driveway while my long-legged, long strawberry-blonde haired, future wife walked in circles around me. Talking all the while. She was excited to be back home, to see me. And their stallion had won grand champion or something. Ocassionally she would reverse directions. But circle me she did, talking all the while, hands clasped beind her back. And I just stood there, still. Listening to her. Watching her move. I could tell from the sound of her voice, the cadence of her speech, the look on her face, and the movement of her body that she was in her ovulating phase. That was something that happened naturally with her. She was not trying to be that way or to not be that way. She just was. Enthusiastic, in a laid back way. I like enthusiasm.

    Running into RPG’s stream of conciousness tonight reminds me of that moment. (That is intended to be a compliment.)

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  91. Cheque d'Out says:

    Really too early to give specifics on the firefighting air tanker crash but does give a background on the Aussie fires and the aerial firefighting peeps. RIP guys.


  92. Cheque d'Out says:

    “Is this a good deal or not?”

    In my casual opinion, no. It’s very close to The Maybotz deal. Timescales before the election forced that reality.

    I’d really rather just go WTO and not pay this ridiculous £39bn (or more) to the EU. The EU that made no adjustment to their budget on the basis that we were leaving.

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  93. Cill says:

    popcorn, anyone?

    No Bloom. There is too much random key punching by you.

    (And too much passing the buck to auto-correct)


  94. Cheque d'Out says:

    “(And too much passing the buck to auto-correct)”

    I agree. I hardly ever even slightly use the ability to edit my comments to correct cock ups.

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  95. Cheque d'Out says:

    (Greggs is a high street bakery chain that sells hot Cornish Nasties and the like)

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  96. Cheque d'Out says:

    I thought that this was all done and dusted?


  97. Cheque d'Out says:

    “Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance chief Claire Citeau added: “The negotiated terms are not being respected.

    “There are always delays, there are always exorbitant costs [for Canadian goods being sent to the EU].”

    Well of course. The EU (apart from the UK*) regularly takes the piss like this. They implement what they like and ignore the rest. One of the reasons to want to leave the EU.

    *’Our’ (UK) civil service was renowned for taking stupid EU legislation, boiler plating it (making it worse and adding real penalties) and enforcing it. While everyone else just ignored it for the stupid shit that it was.

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  98. Cheque d'Out says:

    And now for something funny


  99. Cill says:

    CANADIAN industries have threatened to take action against the EU, after Brussels was accused of “not respecting the…”


    Get real.

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  100. Cheque d'Out says:

    Dis gonna b gud

    Haven’t the share holders tired of burning their money?


  101. Cill says:

    Spawny’s link at 10:55 am

    Let me listen to it without interruption if that’s not too much to ask.

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  102. Cheque d'Out says:

    Official UK advice to doctors and the like on the Wuhan virus. Sounds like they’re taking the threat seriously, not just the usual flu.

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  103. Cheque d'Out says:

    Bloom, you’re very welcome to post here any time the fancy takes you. No pressure, no timetable, no required subject

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  104. BuenaVista says:

    American poet Sylvia Plath, circa ~1960: “After all, we are nothing more or less than we choose to reveal.”

    Bloom: “I hope I never feel I need to delete my blog …”


  105. Cill says:

    There’s a tyrannical screaming nipper determined to destroy my allotted time for spawny space. Patience

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  106. Cheque d'Out says:

    I blame the father.

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  107. BuenaVista says:

    [Sorry. We’ll start that one again.]

    American poet Sylvia Plath, circa ~1960: “After all, we are nothing more or less than we choose to reveal.”

    Bloom: “I hope I never feel I need to delete my blog …”

    I think it’s a fairly new phenomenon that we cannot control what “we choose to reveal.” When Plath was writing, it was assumed that short of being someone of public notoriety, we controlled the degree to which we were public commodities. So in this respect, doxxing is a central metaphor of the current day.

    One can choose to abjure the digital and social media, and one can also live in a hollowed out tree and eat berries and rabbits. As did the Unabomber, very successfully.

    I’m trying to write a novel at present, a dystopian view of a world in which people who have not made the social cut (“homeless” people, the unemployed, the mentally ill, in our 2020 argot; by 2050 I think there will be new categories of social untouchables, reflecting the outlawing of eccentricity or dissidence) forfeit the ability to be seen or not seen, revealed or not revealed. Hell is other people, only, unlike “Huis Clos”, in that world, instead of pretending not to see the scurrying human detritus, they are simply chipped and wired. Their reward for being socially and economically compliant: They get X hours of being visible, before they are returned to an invisible state. Instead of being ex-cons or the mentally ill, assigned to a halfway house, they are consigned to a halfway life.

    So, were I Bloom, with her stated concerns, I’d archive that thing and hope for the best. Anything digital exists absent boundaries. And the millenials are just fine with that.

    (c) BV, All Rights Reserved!

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  108. BuenaVista says:

    On what planet does Canada reside, such that its bureaucrats think EU bureaucrats are their friends?

    Maybe we’ll get an Anglo-centric trading deal in place for Britain, Canada/USA, the Antipodes. And then use it as a cudgel on Brussels.

    We don’t have a functioning press, and even if they were functioning, they’re economically illiterate. But one of the earthquakes that has gone unremarked is that USA share of global GDP has gone up by 25 percent in three years. Growth is power, and power is leverage against the dying idea that is the EU.

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  109. Cill says:

    He’s in a good mood I’ve changed my mind about this little rascal sitting on my knee. Hell’s teeth he’d charm the legs off of an iron pot.

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  110. Cheque d'Out says:


  111. BuenaVista says:

    Per above, poor Jim Acosta:

    Acosta, unless Ivanka sees practical value in acknowledging him, simply doesn’t exist. She’s polite and fine with saying “Thank you!” to an Uber driver, but Acosta has rendered himself invisible. He’s an Untouchable. This is how the very rich and royal have always negotiated a dirty, unpleasant chaotic world: Make it irrelevant. Hire humans to interface with it, as one does to mop the floor and change the baby.

    Digital living has seemingly flattened, democratized the social pyramid — but has it? Cancel culture is about destroying — making invisible — social targets of convenience. They could be high- middle- or low-born. Digital tools to attack or isolate are force multipliers on a scale no social order has ever imagined. We now create Untouchables every day, who are consigned to begging from the digital sidewalks. There are very few second acts for the publicly ostracized. Whole populations now have the power to make people invisible, which only the rich could do just 30 years ago.

    Sounds extreme, but you will get jail in Britain if you tell some mentally ill person to take his or her weird pronoun demands and shove them right up their backside. You will get thrown out of class, job and university in the USA if you do same. In Connecticut, the Dems announced this week that they want the State Police (statewide police reporting to the governor, usually superseding local LE) to create an entirely new force to address “hate speech.”

    Like “social justice”, speech needs no modifier, and if it arrives with a modifier, it’s the post-modernists inventing a new control mechanism. (That is, “hate” speech is obviously a perverse term of art meaning “unpopular speech” or “speech that afflicts my interest group” or “Swiftian humor at my expense.”)

    Enjoy the Day! Or, “I hope you enjoy the next 24 hours.” BV’s going to hit that coffee again and enjoy some smoked salmon on toast, smeared with cream cheese.

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  112. BuenaVista says:

    One last observation, and I really, really promise to shut up:

    So-called Red Flag laws, in vogue now with Leftists who can’t get gun confiscation and control laws passed, may be seen as direct interventions to render a person a nonperson.

    The American Constitution doesn’t exist absent the foundational absolute that those rights in the Bill of Rights are held unilaterally by natural persons. They are not rights created or allowed by politicians. So if one strips the natural rights of another person one is cancelling that target’s humanity.

    Here’s how it works. There is social discord between an individual and a spouse, girlfriend, neighbor, friend, employer. The individual, say, had a severe brain injury 10 years ago and takes medication to improve his sleep. Red flag! He yelled at me (broke up with me, fired me, took me to court, told me to get off his lawn!) and I hear that he’s not 100% upstairs!

    Just as a girl on campus can fabricate a “terrifying sexual assault” and ruin a boy’s life now, what the Left wants is for dissident personalities with firearms to be reported by anyone in their social network — and then be forced to implore the government to restore his first right of natural law, the right to defend oneself. But of course it is impossible to prove a negative, to prove that he is not a threat. The government and its “helping professions” , who will interview and evaluate him from the perspective of a social work degree, left-wing political habit, 28 hour work week with taxpayer funded retirement and medical, and her 95 IQ, will say, “You can never be too careful.”

    This red flag impulse can then be scaled to the workplace, to church, to youth sports, to the military. The news of the scarlet letter will be in the paper, which is to say it will be permanently recorded next to a name on the internet. At this point many people might prefer the isolation of being invisible. We all know people who have confronted these situations or are highly likely to in the future. This is another reflection of “See something, say something”, “mandatory reporters”, social justicer struggle sessions: the elevation of mob activity to the status of civic prudence.

    BV Out!

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  113. Liz says:

    I think Bloom stole my coffee.

    Did you take up Marlboros to compensate?

    A little too cold up here to really take up the habit. 🙂
    Our home is on the shadey side of the mountain, and the outside deck is on the shadey side of the house.
    A lot of hot tea though…black tea, green tea, spiced tea, fruity tea, jumbo tea, tea creole…

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  114. Liz says:

    Per closing up old forums, I’d always prefer they keep the archives up.
    I lost a LOT of good material when my old debate forum shut down.
    Also when Neptunus Lex (the naval pilot blog) shut down…
    though that was out of his control, RIP.

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  115. Some typos were on purpose. Gotta keep the AI guessing! Lol. Kidding… I hope.

    Yeah maybe a bit keyed up. Coukd be ovulating, interesting thought…

    If an egg drops in the woods… (nit sure where to go with that bad joke lead in so I’ll just stop there. 😉

    True re the invisibles. I am glad I never monotized my blog, or counted on it for income, as some did only to find their world could be gone in a Heartiste… err… heartbeat.

    Hopefully I am just overthinking stuff, but until these past few years I never understood how some historic atrocoties came to pass. Now I can see how they might have happened. People thinking only their way is rightthink are scary, creepy, wackjobs. A group of them with a bit of power, even worse.

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  116. Nothing is ever gone on the Internet anyway, unless the Internet itself is someday gone. And that’s entirely possible. In an instant.

    Catalog the important stuff offline, would be my advice.

    I like the idea of books. Old school books you can hold in your hands, and pass around. And tge idea of writing books that call out the cray, via storytelling, with the plausible deniability, “its just a story, relax, you are reading way too much into it!” Art is by nature sub verse ive.

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  117. Liz says:

    I see at least 3 dead bodies in this corridor what means China goverment lying to the World about serious coronavirus issue there

    Not sayin’ this isn’t true, it very well might be.
    But I doubt those are “dead bodies” just lying there in the wait area.
    Might just be very cold (it’s not unusual for people to cover their heads up completely in Asia, I was afraid the babies would be smothered but it was de rigueur over there. Plus I doubt they’d be wasting a bed on a corpse.

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  118. Perhaps I shall write a book about a young girl who is unknowingly used as a puppet by seemingly kind and friendly folk who are anything but. A kind of screechy self rightous not attractive not unattractive meh girl. With braids. Who is used to mislead otherwise good hearted people to do bad things? I wonder if I could get inside her head enough to write it from her pov. Hummm… Does she ever wake up to her pawn-like role or is she so high on the attention and atta gurrrls she cannot? Or maybe she only sees when its too late, and the atrocities begin? Or would she self-righteously think those wrongthinkers deserved it, anyway, off with tgeir heads! Hummm… Stay tuned! Could be a good read! Total fantasy of course. Nothing like that could ever actually happen…

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  119. 😳

    Errr, might be printing out my blog today, just in case.

    Lol. “Don’t be paranoid.” TM

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  120. They may also be covering their heads in hopes it protects from germs? Or might have been told to cover their heads if they cant stop coughing?

    A neti pot, some salt water packets, and a gargle of the same saline solution at the first sight of anything can go a long way against virus and bacteria of all sorts. As can handwashing. Especially before eating. Yep! I have started to get sick, then not gotten actually full blown sick, with the above for many years now! Simple but effective.

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  121. Not totally sure what to make if this gal but she occasionally does seem to say things that maybe might possibly make sense. In a very dark way… enjoy!


  122. The other day she verred waaaaaay off course so take it w a grain of salt overall, but this part on the HC, spot on there.



    The United Census Bureau says people are fleeing New York much faster than any other state in the nation. As a result, U-Haul has named NY Governor Andrew Cuomo 2019 U-Haul Salesman of the Year.

    U-Haul CEO Joe Shoen said, “Governor Cuomo has been a valuable unofficial member of the U-Haul team. I want to personally thank Andrew for all his hard work. He has helped make U-Haul the #1 moving company in North America for six years in a row!”

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  124. Liz says:

    People In Puerto Rico Are Demanding Answers After A Warehouse Full Of Unused Emergency Supplies Was Discovered

    Well, at least they finally found the supplies that bitch mayor was hiding when she went on television and claimed they weren’t getting any aid.
    I knew the people in charge of that FEMA operation, and they didn’t’ have a day off for about 3 months straight (not a Sunday, not a holiday) they were that busy loading supplies and bringing them to Puerto Rico (AOC seems strangely silent on the issue. Must be busy shopping)

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  125. Liz says:

    Not totally sure what to make if this gal but she occasionally does seem to say things that maybe might possibly make sense.

    Anyone who defines themself as a “sex slave survivor” I run fast and far from.
    -just my .02

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  126. Who wore it better?

    [Hillary wear it also she did?]

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  127. Liz says:

    I might stand corrected on the China video.
    The lady in the video says dead bodies were left laying in hospital aisles untreated while doctors are taking care of other patients alongside them.

    I don’t speak Mandarin, but if that’s what they’re saying….


  128. Liz says:

    I think the truck wore it better,
    but it’s always nice to see enterprising ladies making use of everyday household materials (in this case, a shower curtain) for the purpose of spartan frugality.

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  129. Yes, leaving the dead untreated is normal practice in most U.S. hospitals as well, though they still get to vote in most Democrat-leaning districts.

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  130. Alan Kardec says:

    BV: I think it’s a fairly new phenomenon that we cannot control what “we choose to reveal.

    There is a process of people giving up their privacy that has been going on for some time. It seems to have more profound aspects than just what we have noticed with issues on the interwebs. I noticed it in dealing with fans of literature and film who would write to me complaining about “bad language” and intimate scenes … not always sex, perhaps a scene played out between two people in a restroom or the like. They were generally rather old and they wanted to see no offensive words or, I realized, scenes that “got too close.” I struggled to explain why this was a growing thing in entertainment and settled on the idea that it added an interesting intimacy, and through that, an intensity, and were actually more true to life. But they just didn’t want to get that close to their characters. It’s an attitude from the past, and I’m finally realizing possibly a healthy one … but I’ll get back to that.

    I realized that this was a 100 year old trend that I had also noticed in the technical aspects of film making too. In, say, 1918, a waist to top of head close up (what we would today call a medium shot) was shockingly intimate, compared to the typical play-like staging and film grammar typically used at the time. In fact, early films that used big close ups were reported to cause people to leave the theater, uncomfortable with the intensity of it all. Jump forward to today and the camera is comfortable closing in on just an eye, using a CGI trick to penetrate the skin and examine veins or synapses, and it commonly follows people into the bedroom or bathroom. While in literature you can’t track intimacy using a technical process like shot size, we have definitely seen it dive very deep into all aspects of the lives of its characters, though, since the 1990s much of genre fiction has backed off a bit (as have feature films but not cable/streaming TV).

    The sort of intimacy expected and offered by the ladies in my life has clearly been more than my parents experienced and vastly more than their grandparents. And I’m not really talking about physical intimacy, I mean just what we are supposed to know about one another, access to thoughts and feelings. I’ve actually had more than one relationship crash when the woman wanted to become closer and closer, each stage seemingly requiring 100% more “closeness.” I don’t carry a lot of skeletons so it was an odd yet not too dangerous experience for me … the women, however, seemed to approach some sort of terminal velocity and then self destruct. Not healthy, but something seemed to be driving them to it, demanding they do it. Not being able to fuse personalities, do the Vulcan Mind Meld, or something of the sort, they imploded. Our culture as a whole seems to be on the same course.

    When I was in Junior High in the 1970s we had a class that was called something like “Psychology” but it was really a “break down your barriers and stop acting like a square from the 1950s” class. Lots of intimacy exercises. It was a class in how to be a hippie. I made great friends there and the experience was pretty good. But I realize now that it was a healthy step towards something that, overall, and when taken just a bit farther, was very unhealthy … this damning desire our society has to get ever closer.

    I would say that the idea was correct, in the past we were indeed too removed from one another. But like all too many things in our current culture we have gone zipping past the sweet spot and into a similarly unhealthy extreme on the other side. Damn near everything we complain about these days can be tracked to this Unneeded Intimacy. It’s why people want to cancel one another, why we see micro aggression, why we hate and fear those who think slightly different things than we do. In the past we’d have brushed these things off. We had bigger problems and we accepted that people were different, we weren’t narcissists and we didn’t see difference as a deadly insult to our egos. Today we have gotten so close that we examine everything from a perspective of extreme closeness and we don’t like what we see. We must learn to stand back.

    Psychologists discovered that this was all an issue a couple of decades ago. They started talking of maintaining “boundaries.” Good call but it was not broadcast to society at large in powerful enough terms. I don’t think they recognized how far the concept of unhealthy intimacy had penetrated our society.

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  131. True Liz, seems “scorned psycho former side piece ” might be a better description, after I read her backstory. But I am a sucker for the con spiracy story so I on occasion get sucked into the vortex!

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  132. I sas hopeful upon eeading that Brexit headline. Bpris may take a page from the Don’s playbook, suddenly forget no deal and start demanding the EU pay the UK some rediculoys amount!!! They’ll happily be ready to accept a no deal, lets just be friends, exit then! Art of the deal — ask for way more then let them think what you secretly wanted all along was a compromise! 😉

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  133. Liz says:

    Of all the drawbacks to Mike’s old line of work, lack of privacy was probably the worst.
    One always felt like one was being watched, very closely. Because you were.
    It was unsettling in the extreme. I don’t know how politicians do it…I don’t know how upper level military leadership keeps doing it.

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  134. Liz says:

    I remember a kind of funny stand up Chris Rock did about being rich and famous.
    It’s a much different experience being famous without the “rich” part.

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  135. Cheque d'Out says:

    “Not sayin’ this isn’t true, it very well might be.
    But I doubt those are “dead bodies” just lying there in the wait area.
    Might just be very cold (it’s not unusual for people to cover their heads up completely in Asia, I was afraid the babies would be smothered but it was de rigueur over there. Plus I doubt they’d be wasting a bed on a corpse.”

    This kind of comment is absolutely fine with me. I wasn’t claiming that I have the truth and have no trouble with other people (especially those whom I’d prefer to be right) making counter comments.

    What I am saying is that I have no confidence in the Chinese being telling the truth which means that I cannot be confident in my government being accurate even if I trusted them (which I don’t).

    I’ve been following this guy for a few years (and his bestest buddy SerpentZA). They lived in China for years and made some very interesting documentaries. Now, however, they’re based outside China and can be even more…’open’. This is an interesting video of his from a few days ago.

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  136. To Alan’s intimacy point, I actually quite like to husband-wife relationships as they were often portrayed in older films. Couples were shown as being affectionate, but not groping each other every 5 minutes. There was often “love”, but it was not dragged out every 5 seconds to be inspected for its qualities of depth and authenticity. Intimacy was meant for just the two of them and not to put on a show for others. Vulgar displays of public affection were just that, vulgar. No we don’t have to be Vulcans, but this mandatory over-sharing and that we’re supposed to be constantly googly-eyed over our partners is just 12 year old girl nonsense writ large.

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  137. Cheque d'Out says:

    Have tissues on standby

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  138. Or to put it another way, I want a girl who won’t drive me crazy. Some girl who’ll thrill me and then go away. Orr at least retreat to a comfortable distance.

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  139. Cheque d'Out says:

    If the EU had just allowed us a few variations on their rules, Brexit would never have happened. They believed our bubble dwellers, our MSM and their MSM and thought that we’d just bend over and grab ankles. (I wasn’t entirely sure that they weren’t right at the time (or since)).

    But this is all their fucking fault. They were too arrogant and demanded that David Cameron got NOTHING of value when he went to negotiate for a new deal before the referendum.

    They’ve refused to adapt their budget to reflect our leaving, so if they want sympathy over their current difficulties then they are perfectly welcome to go fuck themselves deeply and thoroughly.

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  140. Chris Rock is funny and is very good on stage. Bring the Pain is hilarious. I think he’s much better than Chapelle as a stand up.

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  141. Cheque d'Out says:

    7 days and four hours to go

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  142. Cheque d'Out says:


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  143. Liz says:

    Babylon Bee is a meme king. 😆

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  144. Liz says:

    I sent Mike Sumo’s quote up there:
    Saying “Have a nice day” to someone sounds friendly, but saying “enjoy you next 24 hours” sounds threatening.
    He wrote back:
    “You have 15 hours until I get home”

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  145. Ame says:

    LOVE having Bloom back! 🙂

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  146. Ame says:

    Liz talking about coffee while Larry’s … somewhere! No Larry banter with Liz’s coffee?!!! Larry … if you’re reading … your comments are missed 🙂

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  147. Ame says:

    Disney seeks all-women …

    all those women smished together … ewww … glad i’m not in the middle of them.

    why do women want to smish together like that?

    Spawny’s right … dat gonna be bad … i’ll just ignore it.

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  148. Don’t need any new Hollywood movies from Disney or any other schlockmeisters.

    One of my favorites. Complete agreement with RLM. Great movie.


  149. Hmm, that’s weird its supposed to be Tremors. I copied it right off the player window.

    Let’s try again.

    Tron was OK back in the day. Its aged horribly though, and the sequel nobody wanted sucked.


  150. Cill says:

    I have started to get sick, then not gotten actually full blown sick, with the above for many years now!

    Same. Just one cold in 20 years.


  151. Stephanie says:

    We’ve been extremely busy lately, but from the last conversation I had here with Spawny, here’s a quote from an article,

    “The Muslim sex grooming gangs in South Manchester targeted girls from broken families who were taken to care homes. This was not accident or chance. As the report notes, the “offenders understood that a specific children’s home in Manchester was used as an emergency placement unit for children entering the care system and this maintained a steady supply of victims.” And the Muslim sex groomers made sure to be on hand and ready so that the “children were befriended as soon as they arrived.”

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  152. Stephanie says:

    “The migrant populations that destroyed the English working class, displacing them and taking their jobs, leaving men without purposeful work, wives without husbands, and children with broken homes, then completed the hat trick by drugging, raping, and killing the daughters of the working class. And the authorities shrugged because the girls were the worthless leavings of broken homes and a declining populace”


  153. Stephanie says:

    “Carers reported to police that a child had provided information stating that she was being pursued/threatened/coerced into having sex by two men who were Asian,” a brief summary mentions. “A child begged her carers to get her away from Manchester as she was too involved with Asian men. She disclosed that an Asian man known by his nickname ‘made her do things she didn’t want to do’”.

    While girls have been the focus of many of the stories, some of the predators also went after boys.

    “Child 14 was a male looked after child who regularly went missing,” the report also notes. There were “references from other young people that he was being prostituted by Asian and gay men.”


  154. Cill says:

    Liz re privacy (5:30 pm)

    Politicians, celebrities etc…

    I just couldn’t do it. The lengths I’ll go to to protect my privacy are infinite. It’s a matter of time before I’m doxed here (dozens perhaps 100s of readers of this blog know who I am and I’m not popular with all of them) but until then I’ll enjoy myself on ss. Later in the day I’ll raise a glass to y’all. Spawny too.

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  155. Cill says:

    I’m trying to teach my toddler to solve the Rubik cube. He’s not getting it.

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  156. Cill says:

    Now he’s getting pissed off and trying to smash it.

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  157. Stephanie says:

    Makes sense how the Bible commands us to look after the orphans and see that they get justice. 😥

    And the widows… but the Bible is clear they have to be older (real) widows who can’t remarry. Young widows are supposed to remarry.

    Anyway… orphans (or kids left at care centers) really need people who watch over them and take care of them. Ugh!

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  158. Farm Boy says:

    Star Trek: Picard’ Has Finally Beamed Down. Does It Deliver the Goods?


  159. Cheque d'Out says:

    That Picard thing was pretty good but had some worrying signs of potential wokeness..6 or 7 out of 10 would be fair.

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  160. Cheque d'Out says:

    It’s on Amazon over here


  161. Farm Boy says:

    He didn’t just say that Republican senators, who voted to begin the proceedings without calling witnesses, were part of a cover up. He said they had committed treason: “So far, I’m sad to say, I see a lot of senators voting for a coverup. Voting to deny witnesses and obviously a treacherous vote. A vote against honest consideration of the evidence against the president. A vote against an honest trial. A vote against the United States.”

    Easy, Tiger. All Republicans did was follow the precedent of the Clinton trial


  162. Sharkly says:

    I just searched the KJV Bible. “Orphan” appears one time. “Fatherless” appears 43 times. “Motherless” does not appear at all. Apparently God places a great priority on Fathers.

    Our cunt-court system needs to relearn who the most necessary parent is, for weaned children. The term “Bastard” doesn’t have a bad connotation because bastards turn out well, but because they consistently become faulty individuals. Statistics show that single mothers’ children consistently have worse “outcomes” than children of single fathers, and most especially boys, who are slightly more damaged by not having a father.

    About 77% of Black children in America are born to single moms. ‘Nuff said.
    But the other races are also heading towards that level of depravity-instilling fatherlessness. We’re all quickly becoming legions of bastards!

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  163. Farm Boy says:

    I Iiked Tremors from the get-go. At the time “dead teenager” movies were all the rage. This struck me as more of what a horror movie should be; Kinda reminiscent of the old British Hammer movies, but with American directness. Good stuff.

    Here is another under-rated flick

    Yes, that was Jason Statham

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  164. Sharkly says:

    Bastards become more faulty individuals. We all are faulty.(even Sharkly … I doubted myself once.)
    … especially boys, who are slightly more damaged by not having a father, than girls who are greatly damaged by “daddy issues”.

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  165. Farm Boy says:

    A Pennsylvania man grew so “upset” while watching the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump, he allegedly choked and punched his girlfriend when she suggested they watch something else.

    When the woman told Clark she “would like to watch something else,” he began to curse at her and called her “dumb” and “stupid,” USA Today reported. She was on Clark’s lap when she attempted to calm him down, but he began choking her with both hands to the point that she could barely breathe, documents state. When she broke away and tried to leave, Clark punched her twice and pushed her several times.


  166. Farm Boy says:

    If you need any indication or guidance that the UK economy is going to take off, this is it. And when that happens then other EU member states will take a look around and want out as well. Suck on that, globalists.


  167. “Our cunt-court system needs to relearn who the most necessary parent is, for weaned children. ”

    Aren’t most “family court” judges women? Fat chance getting them to rule against other females.

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  168. I was surprised that it was that good. Not great, but pretty good.

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  169. RichardP says:

    @KH said: I want a girl who won’t drive me crazy. Some girl who’ll thrill me and then go away.

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  170. BuenaVista says:

    Rupert Lowe: So much admiration for his public speaking.

    Rupert Lowe is so calm and clear; no hmm or uhm or uh uh uh, ya knows. The 3-minute speech was really a discussion and delivered eloquently at room temperature. This skill doesn’t exist, broadly, in North America — except occasionally in the country, the small towns, the regional cities where self-possession remains a virtue. But even there, the self-possession may exist, but the erudite love of language, the capacity to express complex thought extemporaneously, does not.

    I really appreciate CdO’s posting of these videos. Problem is, for me, I’m now self-conscious when I’m speaking with people. I become annoyed with myself for not punctuating my statements with a pause instead of a “right?”, and really annoyed when I get lost in my own compound sentences.

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  171. Agreed it was a mighty fine speech. And within it I heard the new Brexiit deal: “$100 billion to get us to stay. No? Alrighty then, LJBF.”

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  172. $100 billion a year would make it “equal” right? Fair? Seems reasonable to me. The’d be fools not to agree to getting off for free!

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  173. Stephanie says:

    “I just searched the KJV Bible. “Orphan” appears one time. “Fatherless” appears 43 times. “Motherless” does not appear at all. Apparently God places a great priority on Fathers.”

    ^^Mindblown, Sharkly! That makes a ton of sense.


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