Borderline Part II

What are some coping mechanisms with respect to borderlines?  Perhaps the first and foremost is acquiescing to their craziness.   One learns to walk on eggshells.  It seems better than standing up for yourself using facts and logic.  In any case, one cannot win.  You are the present villain in their life story, and that is where you will stay.

Is there any chance of them getting better?  Unlike many other psychological disorders, the answer is almost always no.  It is a sad fate.  Whatever it is that makes them that way, cannot be reasoned with, cannot be therapied out in any way.

What to do?  As harsh as it might sound, the answer is to, if possible, go away.  For your own sanity, and also kinda for the borderline’s.  As you are the present object of their contempt, it is best for both sides to remove that object.

It should be noted that borderlines fear abandonment perhaps more than anything else, yet their behavior once the switch turns on, is almost guaranteed to make it happen.

One might wonder how all of this isn’t obvious to the players involved.  Well, the borderline can’t see anything but the distorted view of reality that they have encased in their brain.  The others are just plain confused because the borderline keeps them off balance, perhaps sometimes intentionally.

Very often a cycle happens, wash, rinse, repeat.  If the borderline has enough attractive qualities, she can bounce from fella to fella.  Eventually the attractive attributes wane, then it is who know what.   But it was sometimes fun, and always exciting.

One type that a borderline can maybe make a go with it would be a narcissist.  They wouldn’t operate in walking on eggshells mode.  This is kinda what a borderline needs, though it really isn’t enough.  Perhaps if there was a enough hot sex and financial support going on, it could be enough.  Hint — I have seen it.

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  1. Sharkly says:

    Sorry! This comment is cut and pasted from a previous thread:

    The one who cares least about the other in a relationship has the most power in the relationship.

    I have also heard that when both parties want to make a relationship function and grow, the relationship is controlled by the least emotionally mature partner, because their personal lack of maturity is what is always keeping the growth of maturity in the relationship held back at their level. So all progress in the relationship becomes dependent on the improvement of the more emotionally immature partner, and sometimes they may regress, forcing the combined relationship to become only as mature as they currently can sustain.

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  2. Farm Boy says:

    To be honest, if one is talking about coping mechanisms with respect to a borderline, one has already lost


  3. Sharkly says:

    I think I may have trained a “Borderline” girl at work. She was a little odd, always asking me for reassurance that She was doing well. She claimed she was strong and wasn’t affected by what other people said, but it later seemed like that was a bluff. She got very defensive and reactive at the least bit of criticism, no matter how legitimate. And after about 4 weeks, she seemingly decided that I was the enemy, and every single thing I was doing was some sinister plot against her. At one point her accusations against me got so crazy, that for my own protection I decided I needed to report our interaction to her manager before she went to him with her unhinged crock of accusations. Her manager tried to reassure her that I had been with the company for six years and never had serious personal issues with anybody else. I found out some other stuff about her that also seems to fit with “Borderline”. Fortunately they moved her to train in a different area the next day, and I have tried to stay away from her as much as I can since then. Thankfully I can avoid her.

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  4. Farm Boy says:

    Is she still there? How is she doing?

    Borderlines can sometimes be “high functioning”. She kind of sounds “medium functioning”


  5. Farm Boy says:

    One dangerous thing about borderlines is that they believe all of the stuff that pops into their head.

    Others who see the entire picture wonder “what planet they are from”, or perhaps more charitably, “what they were smoking”


  6. White Guy says:

    From what I understand it can only be ‘managed’ never cured, but by God’s grace maybe progress can me made.

    But the key is they have to want to change themselves. A good therapist and a loving spouse can help them manage this, but you need all three to even have a chance. Mine didn’t, she wouldn’t turn loose of the victim card.

    I am at least 3 SD’s smarter than my crazy, I knew what it took, even tried to lead her there, but at the end of the day, crazy was lazy, so here we are.

    She’s now trying to balance being the victim and punishing me at the same time, it’s actually helping my case.

    The ONLY way to deal with them is set Hard Boundaries with them at the beginning and stick to them, be willing to walk away in any relationship be it professional or personal.

    Glad you got away Sharkly.

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  7. Farm Boy says:

    Well, to be honest, often they are not so interested in managing. The pain for them is too great for them to be anything other than what they are. That is their management.

    White Guy, once you entered the “bad guy zone” , your influence was done


  8. Sharkly says:

    She was training on first shift, and they moved her to second shift about a month ago. I interfaced with her for a few minutes at the end of my shift a couple weeks ago. She still acted suspicious of me, but seemed to be able to keep her crazy in check for the few minutes we interacted. She is really smart and good at her job, I just think “the crazy” will be her downfall. Unfortunately the company I work for is really looking to empower women, so all her accusations against any men will be troublesome, and they aren’t likely to fire her no matter how crazy she is.

    I have predicted issues to both her boss and my boss with her current situation. The Borderline Hispanic girl is partnered with an old Black woman who has a Bipolar son, and seems a touch Bipolar herself. She is due to retire in a couple of months, but I anticipate that they’ll go at each other before then. LOL Got my popcorn ready for the show. I’m pretty good friends with the Black lady, who once trained myself, so I’m pretty sure I’ll eventually hear about any drama if it ensues.

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  9. Farm Boy says:

    I have seen borderlines in divorce totally fritter away their settlement with lawyers trying to get back at their spouse. Then “represent” themselves in court when the money is gone, ending up in contempt of court

    Kinda reminds me of this

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  10. White Guy says:

    It’s starting to look that way, I do have a ace in the hole, she’s driven by a powerful greed, I always tried to ignore it, but she’s always sought security in material things, so I’m going to insure that all parties know how much a trial is going to cost.

    Her lawyer is already switched to CYA mode her just last week…

    But trying to predict crazy is crazy.

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  11. RichardP says:

    There is a reason it is called borderline. And that is what makes it so pernicious. Back and forth across the border between normal and not normal. Just when you think you’ve figured out that there probably is a problem, it all goes away and normal returns. Only to go away at an unexpected time.

    When one is observably and firmly ill (schizophrenia, psychosis, etc.), one knows what one is dealing with, and can make a plan based on the predictability that the person is ill. With borderline, and others of the same subtle nature, there is no predictability that one can plan around and be confidenct that the plan won’t be upended.

    A story about observable illness: The folly of youth (mine) and a malfunctioning mind. When wife and I were first in Washington, D.C. together (I was at the Pentagon while in the Army, but we weren’t married then), we lived in an apartment up Connecticut Avenue from the White House a few miles. She worked at Sibely Hospital and I worked near the White House – so she took the car and I took the bus. It dropped me off close enough for me to walk a block or so.

    Invariably, there would be a gentleman riding that route that was quite gone. Disheveled, unbathed, unshaven – but seemingly quite gentle. In spite of his mental deficiencies (whatever they were), I always saw courtesy on the bus (it could be quite crowded at times), never any flashes of belligerence or anger. And he seemed capable of getting himself from Point A to Point B, even if he could not hold an intelligible conversation. He was forever talking quite earnestly to someone in his head – out loud most of the time.

    There came the day that he was sitting a row or two ahead ahead of me and across the isle. My head had more hair on it, which was tastefully longish at that time, and my beard was quite bushy. He was busily engaged in convincing someone that they really were there: I know you are there. I can see you. Stop pretending you can’t see me. I know you are there … – over and over in many different permutations. Finally, I grew weary of his conversation and bored with it. So – the next time he said I know you are there … – I said quietly, but very distinctly no I’m not. He stopped talking, slowly turned and looked back at me, held my gaze for a moment, and then exclaimed loudly and with a question mark in his voice: Jesus? I quietly assured him I was not. But whenever we met after that (infrequent) he would ask if I was sure I was not Jesus. His questions were sincere. A demonstration that he could not effectively distinuish between his thoughts and reality.

    There were others of his sort who walked the streets around the White House who had the same sort of conversations with the invisible others as he had. But if one were to talk with them, they would get no response – that is how far gone into their own heads they were.

    I offer this story as an example that mental illness is often not an all or nothing thing. It is not an either all ill or all well thing. Some of the folks could not / would not relate to others who approached them. So it was obvious they were ill, and could be delt with as such. But consider my fellow. He could be approached. So someone who approached him infrequently, who did not know he was ill, would encounter someone who could interact back with them. But, still, his responses would not square with reality. So – if someone did not know he was ill.they would take what he said at face value. When that information was later seen to be problematic, the sane one would question whether the ill one had misspoken, or whether the sane one had misunderstood what was said, etc.

    And it is that uncertainty, that confusion, that is pernicious and does the damage. Is it them, or is it me? You can’t ever just have a converation like “normal” folks do (without defining normal). The borderline folks are good at creating that confusion and off-balancedness in others. I’ve known a few in my life – and it was so helpful when finally I would encounter another who had been enlightened already and would sa to me: Oh, them … they are likely to say anything. Don’t take any thing they say at face value. Hearing that makes all the difference in the world.

    I can’t imagine the horror of having a spouse like that.

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  12. I am at least 3 SD’s smarter than my crazy, I knew what it took, even tried to lead her there, but at the end of the day, crazy was lazy, so here we are.

    I think I know why you might want a woman who was -3SD to you around for maybe an hour each day, but I sure as Hell can’t account for the other 23.

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  13. RichardP says:

    At the end of the day, crazy was lazy, so here we are.

    I like that. That is t-shirt or bumper-sticker good.


  14. Farm Boy says:

    Apparently there is crazy, lazy and stupid wrapped up into one package


  15. We did a little on-line IQ thing a long time ago (her idea). 28 point difference in my favor to her slightly better than +1SD score.

    “That can’t be right! Do it again!” +33 to me. “Well, that thing’s just wrong! Are you cheating?”

    “You are sitting there watching me answer the questions as they pop up. How can I be cheating?”

    My son is now the fourth generation attending the same private high school.

    “Our son got a 94th percentile on the entrance exam!”

    “That’s pretty good! He’ll get the honors track.”

    “What do you mean, pretty good?!?! It’s great! Wait, what did you get?”

    “99th percentile.”

    He’s a MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better student than I was though, so he’ll actually get more out of it.

    Mu supposedly high IQ has never really mattered much anyways though since her reasoning, as far as I can tell, goes something like this:

    “Even though KYHH is correct 97% of the time, and I am correct ~60% of the time, it can be said that we have BOTH gotten things wrong before and thus our opinions should carry the exact same weight.”

    In the next life I want to be a plesiosaur.

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  16. Farm Boy says:

    The thing about borderlines compared to others with mental illnesses is that borderlines seem to be out to get you

    That is, if you are that special someone

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  17. Farm Boy says:

    “Even though KYHH is correct 97% of the time, and I am correct ~60% of the time, it can be said that we have BOTH gotten things wrong before and thus our opinions should carry the exact same weight.”

    I know how that goes. It was that way with my ex. It is amazing how the same things happen to people

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  18. If there has to be a BPD girl in my immediate area, I want it to be Christina Ricci.

    Now, I don’t know she has BPD, but since all actresses are at least a 7 on the Crazy Scale, she might as well be.

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  19. Liz says:

    Funny anecdote about IQ, KH. 😆
    I’m the dumbest in our house by far, and I’m glad.
    It would suck to be surrounded by dumbasses.
    Better they have to put up with my dumb ass. 😆

    [If big boobs you have,
    tolerate this one might]

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  20. Sumo says:

    It would suck to be surrounded by dumbasses.

    Welcome to my world.

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  21. b g says:


    LOL, still laughing about your ” dumb ass.” Good one ;-D

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  22. Farm Boy says:

    BREAKING: Twitter Bans Fox News Host Pete Hegseth For Sharing Manifesto Of The Saudi Terrorist Who Attacked The FL Military Base

    Twitter let mainstream orgs share content that featured the manifestos of the New Zealand & El Paso terrorists to smear Trump

    — Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) December 9, 2019

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  23. b g says:

    Have to laugh at Canuck humour (notice the u, eh ;-D) :

    So ok, it’s like the three stooges but with back bacon and high alcohol beer ;-D

    [Aboot time people laughed at Canadian humour think I do]


  24. Ame says:

    gosh … every time i hear another mental illness definition … i wish i couldn’t relate to it! lol! between my mother and my ex and my ex fil … der be some crazy der!

    that thing where they’re either really great or really bad – that was definitely my ex. and we never knew which one to expect.

    Richard answering that guy and him calling him Jesus! lol!

    – – –

    seriously, though, i know it’s not funny. but ya gotta laugh sometimes.

    Aspie-Girl was diagnosed BPD when she was 5. i know that’s controversial, so i’m not even gonna go into that. in the last few years it’s been changed to ‘mood disorder.’ either way … that’s the diagnosis that kicks all our butts the most, esp mine as i’m the one who has to deal with her.

    BUT … that appt with the phd at the autism center last week gave me so much hope. first that it revealed how well i’ve done with her 🙂 … and second that this woman ‘got’ the brain things and processes that she needs help with. they’re ‘hidden’ processes that are difficult to explain to people, but this woman just got it. so … lots of hope in there.

    baby steps … pieces of the large puzzle that is her life … one puzzle piece at a time. so love that girl 🙂

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  25. Sharkly says:

    White Guy, Kentucky Headhunter,

    I have read that when one person is more than 20 IQ points above the other person that they are speaking with, there is a communication breakdown, where they are not really able to communicate on the same level. Thus the need for middle management. Ideally your leader is 120 or above. Your managers are 100-120. And your workers should not be below 80.

    However in a marriage, where there is no intercessor, There may be many things you just can’t talk to your spouse about clearly because of the difference in intelligence.
    Also many extremely high IQ people have felt lonely and misunderstood because of this phenomenon.

    The only thing that pisses a person off more than telling them that you’re smarter than they are, is when you get the opportunity to clearly prove it and then you expect them to acknowledge it. LOL

    People cannot judge when someone’s intelligence is above their own. They can’t know for sure if they are witnessing intelligence above their own or are just being baffled with bullshit. So often people will try to judge your intelligence by your credentials and accomplishments. Which might not really be reflective of your intelligence.

    Anyhow, wisdom is to not tell people exactly how smart you are. They’ll use it against you any chance they get. They won’t ever let you play dumb, after you’ve let everybody know exactly how smart you are. At least that’s what I heard from a friend. 😉

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  26. Cheque d'Out says:

    The OMRLP obviously worried about keeping their brand safe from confused Corbyn voters


  27. Sumo says:

    The last time I took an IQ test, I scored over 150. That apparently means that I am way, way smrt.

    Suck it, you ignorant peasants.

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  28. BuenaVista says:

    My business partner of 26 years is Russian, and that means, people, he grew up een Sovyet era. We’ll call him Yuri.

    So anyhow, I mostly enjoy if not love many things Russian. I sponsored about 300 Russian religious refugees, if one includes the chain migration thing. We’ll skip the Moscow and SPB anecdotes this morning. But Reagan created a special immigration program for Soviet Jews. I moved them to the USA and then they brought their families. We imported physicists and mathematicians, basically.

    One attribute of Russian educational system (if you haven’t guessed yet, there are no (grammatical) articles in Russian, and good luck teaching a native Russian speaker when to say “the”) if everybody is tested for IQ. Everyone. Then the children were put on this or that track. No high-IQ children were put on a Feminist Studies track. For example, Yuri’s wife was a physicist who designed experimental tethered satellites. The odds of a Jew being allowed into Russian strategic programs: near zero. The odds of a Jewish woman being allowed: Hahahaha.

    Yuri got his first job in America with me. It was a mathematical coding job on a bond arbitrage product we were building for Wall St. He worked 20 hours a day. One reason was that he was on the phone 10 hours a day telling his astrophysicist wife how to be a DB analyst at AOL. Our receptionist (a hard-smoking native German, hated Jews) was livid. I mean spitting mad. She monitored everyone’s phone activity, of course.

    Fast forward, two companies later, he’s my partner, we’re doing unusual shit, life is good.

    I ask him one day,

    “Yuri, I understand everyone EEN SOVYET UNION was IQ tested. So, what was yours?”

    This is when he would reach for a Marlboro Red. We officed in an industrial steel building next to a black operation, because he and I could have exhaust fans in our offices so we could smoke. He, Marlboros, which he had by the multiple case in a trash bag in the trunk of his Toyota. Me, because I like a good Maduro, Henry Clay at the time.

    So he lights up, exhales, slows things down.

    “I don’t know. They don’t tell you if it’s over 165.”

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  29. BuenaVista says:

    I disagree sharply with Sharkly about the “if he’s 20 points smarter, he can’t communicate with normals”, just based on practical experience. It’s a question of good will and kindness.

    I sent my older two children to Johns Hopkins to be tested at age 4/5, just to protect them from the school bureaucracy. Son, 160. Daughter, 155. They communicate with their mom just fine! (And we’re not talking about a 20-point spread, there, trust me.)

    More seriously, they’re both in high-touch, high-interaction careers now. Smart people, iow, are not organically jerks and disabled from connection. Yuri, the guy above, is the smartest human I have ever met, and everybody just loved him because he made the impossibly abstract, and complex, very simple. He did so with patience and kindness. My children do so well because they’re analytical, competitive machines who were raised by a woman with the best social skills I’ve experienced.

    One of the values in our family was that we always respected everyone and communicated to the level of our interlocutor. (Unless it was me: From time to time I said “Fuck this, it’s pointless.”) I never thought much about this, being a lowly peasant from Agroland, but at my wedding reception with 400 people on the point on Long Island Sound, said point named after my wife’s family, my wife’s grandfather gave me one of the finer compliments I ever received. He said, like his father and my wife’s father, I didn’t distinguish between the fancy people and the gardener types. So we made this a centerpiece of our child-rearing.

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  30. BuenaVista says:

    On a lighter note, apropos the generally debauched crowd we inhabit, get a load of this asshole. There are many odd elements here; there are no stories like this east of the Missouri River:

    a. He was leaving a party at a Hutterite Colony??!!! Hutterites are religious separatists who live in communal encampments. Women wear homemade long dresses, cover their hair etc. I didn’t know that they got bombed with graduated juvenile delinquents, like our hero.

    b. Two of the three elk he murdered were felled by sidearm. Must be a good shot.

    c. Fucker is 6’6″ tall. You’d think he’d be sufficiently self-assured to avoid going to the prison farm for 285 years for murdering elk out of season.

    d. The pull quote is:

    “I’ll make these bitches move,” Benes said, according to his statement to state game wardens.

    “Benes then “unloaded a semi-auto pistol at the group of elk,” striking and killing two trophy elk, prosecutors say. A trophy elk is valued at $8,000 under Montana law.”

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  31. BuenaVista says:

    Above I write “black operation”. This is to mean “secret and secure government contractor facility.” I’m sure they employ blacks, so that they comply with their customer’s racial spoils requirements, but my remark did not reference race.

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  32. BuenaVista says:

    Speaking of maduros, this is the best penny-pincher cigar I can recommend at present. They compare to $5-$10 cigars in the store, seriously. I give them to people like the priest at church or the bartender (both last week), and they really enjoy them. And they are CHEAP.

    The negative: they come a little dry so humidify them.


  33. White Guy says:

    BV, that’s exactly what I’ve found, that if I work hard and ‘slow’ my thoughts down and explain them like I do to a child (this can backfire at times of course), this plus kindness. Works better than anything else that I’ve tried.

    Story time: My old man is pretty sharp, he kissed the blarney stone for sure, he should have been a lawyer not an engineer. But I’m sure he didn’t know what to do when is 5 yr old son took a pair of broken binoculars apart, figured out how they worked, and then put them back together, twice, when he saw fingerprints on the inside, while sitting on a picnic table in the woods, bored. I was also born with a cleft lip, so y’all can imagine what public school experience was like.

    I guess what I’m trying to say BV is, I know what you did for your children, and if they never said it, I will, Good work, you gave them a wonderful gift that I hope they pass on their own tricycle motors! I had to learn it the hard way, my parent’s did their best but they didn’t know what to do with their ‘special’ kid and kept trying to pound my squareness in to the round hole of life.

    Being around midwits all the time wears on the soul, but that is life so you deal and adapt and learn to love everyone however God made them. I actually really enjoy spending time with the blue collar crew at our family concrete business, good people, where that 3+SD difference is nothing.

    Though there as been many a times where taking that intuitive leap in front of normal people and not being able to explain the ‘why’ to them, they will look at you more like a ‘wizard’ using some sort of magic and it makes future communication more difficult to say the least.

    I’m learning to keep my mouth shut in the corporate world when predicting future disasters based on poor management decisions.

    KHH, yeah it was rough, one reason I got hoodwinked by my crazy is that they are SO GOOD at emotional manipulation + she was still pretty damn good looking even at 32, I thought with her being a nurse we could make it work. Little did I know she was a marginal nurse at best.

    Since BPD’s make everything up all the time, she thought I was do the same thing to her with my ‘wizarding ways’.

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  34. horsemanbombadil says:

    In the spirit of the season, the two wise men


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  35. I don’t know how Liz feels about it, but I wouldn’t recommend nurses as potential wives just because of the lousy work schedule never mind the “drama”.
    Hot chicks have made fools of the wisest men. Sex drive is a hell of a thing.

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  36. High IQ without drive/ambition can lead to mediocre or poor outcomes just the same as average IQ.
    I’m doing OK, but I’m bored silly most days at work. However the pay and conditions are good and since nothing is calling me to leave I’m kinda sleep walking through each work day.

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  37. Liz says:

    Mike’s mom’s IQ was measured at 160, his dad 165…but it might’ve been like Yuri’s situation and just stopped there…he also was a rocket scientist and worked for Nasa for a while. Even in his twilight years he was super sharp (though crazy). Think I mentioned at the time when he bought a Ducati motorcycle he discovered a flaw of some sort in the design. He contacted Ducati to report the flaw and they offered him a job. When Mike took aerospace engineering, his dad still remembered everything…I’ve forgotten about everything I ever knew in chemistry (I’d have as much chance of translating ancient Greek as doing a physical chemistry problem now), for him it was like helping your kid in basic elementary math.
    When he was a kid he built his own car from a book. He started saving parts at 14 (he made money delivering meals on his bicycle, from a local restaurant). Each week he would go down to the junk yard and buy a car part. Two years later he had a car.

    At any rate, Mike is exceptionally intelligent (his parents spawn would be), but what really makes him stand out is his social intelligence. He’s an extreme extreme outlier there. People say he’s the funniest guy they’ve ever met, pretty regularly (a great deal of humor flows through our home, at all times…our boys are extremely funny too).
    He also took aerospace engineering and graduated with high honors (about 0.001 percent of the population could do that), got a fighter in a class full of outliers and there was only one available (technically two, but the other was going to go to the Captain who had been a WSO for years).
    When he started instructing pilots he was so good he was voted instructor pilot of the quarter (anonymous survey) so many times he had to eventually refuse the award to give others a chance. At the last installation, an IG assigned told him they’d passed inspection, but had done particularly well with an anonymous online survey for the installation and the community. He had an exceptionally high “approval rating”. Imagine how hard that is to do as a commander in an anonymous survey that includes spouses (and they’d just had a mandatory surprise exercise that started at 4AM on a Saturday…and did really well). Those numbers Mattis was quoting for fighter maintenance? He got those from our maintenance…no one else came close, but he knew it could be done (since our maintenance did it…and it had been the worst when Mike took over).
    Their maintenance teams then traveled around to help everyone else get their stuff up to speed. He didn’t do it by being Santa Claus, but he was fair and people like winning. What they don’t like is losing while working their asses off. Think I mentioned before maintenance was working 12 hour shifts five days a week and leadership wanted them to work 6 days a week when Mike took the reins. Six months later they were working nine hour shifts four days a week with the best maintenance record ever seen.
    (okay, that was a long winded overshare blab…..point is, he’s hella smart)

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  38. Cheque d'Out says:

    I’m mostly here to lower the tone and the mean IQ

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  39. Adam says:

    I’ve never had my IQ tested but I’m probably really dumb cause only the smart people get tested, otherwise why would you want to know, ammiright?

    How happy is the moron,
    He doesn’t give a damn.
    I wish I were a moron,
    My God, perhaps I am.

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  40. Farm Boy says:

    Liz’ neighbor frisking Mike

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  41. Cill says:

    “Anyhow, wisdom is to not tell people exactly how smart you are. They’ll use it against you any chance they get. They won’t ever let you play dumb, after you’ve let everybody know exactly how smart you are. At least that’s what I heard from a friend.”

    Better to play dumbass. The thing is, the dumber you play it, the more people are going to praise your wisdom.

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  42. Cill says:

    And the nicer I try to be, the more I scare people.

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  43. Farm Boy says:

    There are no confirmed reports as to who was targeted in this latest strike, which occurred near the town of Afrin in Aleppo Governorate, although there are some unconfirmed claims. Supposedly, three people were killed in the vehicle when the bladed weapon smashed through the roof of the vehicle. The post-strike video below is very gruesome.


  44. Cill says:

    I tried to be nice to a lady (a stranger) yesterday, returning some lost property to her. I rang her doorbell and her watchdog tried to tear the door down to get at me. She opened the door an inch and the dog burst it wide open in its fury, jaws open to have a piece of me. The gleam in its eyes changed in mid-leap and it sort of grunted on the ground in bafflement. Then it was all over me in friendship.

    She gawked at me in terror while her dog beheld me with manifest approval. He didn’t mind me trying to be nice. If I had wanted to, I could have walked away with that dog as my companion for life. Just as well I’m nice.

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  45. Ame says:

    all i gotta say is . . . thank you for letting me be a part of your group 🙂

    y’all are amazing anyway, but, wow!

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  46. Cill says:

    Liz is no dumbass. Unlike some Americans, she’s too clued-up to have an IQ higher than Einstein’s.

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  47. Cill says:

    Just so you all know, I could be a dog in human clothing. There’s one great difference between me and a dog, however. When dogs rut, they get tied. I don’t.

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  48. Being a dog wouldn’t be a big change for me. I basically wear the same thing everyday as it is, and I’d still get in trouble for biting people even though they deserve it.

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  49. BuenaVista says:

    To Cill’s point, the less I say the more I’m appreciated. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I talk way too much. As the child of two writers, I was informed as a child that if you can’t write it, you didn’t think it.

    I was watching the Wisconsin-Ohio State game Saturday, in the bar, and three strangers from Wisconsin wanted to talk. I’m still mad I agreed to do so. Everything goes better when I say, “Meh, I don’t talk about myself.”

    In corporate settings, White Guy, just make them beg for your take. “Show up, shut up, put up the work product” may be a blue collar virtue, but the white collar guys respect someone who isn’t always running for office.. I got along great with the Japanese, because they are, at core, a peasant culture. I figured out, “Just treat them like Grandpa’s neighbors.” Village culture, imo, doesn’t change across the world. Show up and get shit done, even in fancy environs, and it seems to trip a latent switch in everybody’s head: “This guy will keep us alive.”

    Liz, I think you have an epic family. Congrats. Your FIL sounds like a figure from a romantic American movie. It’s such an indictment of the bureaucratic military that he isn’t running the Air Force. Seniority trains are hostile to excellence.

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  50. White Guy says:

    Funny thing is, being smart as I am, I can still be a dumbass, I mean I did marry the crazy.

    My buddy has told me more than once “White Guy, for such a smart guy you sure are a dumb fuck”

    Every man needs friends like that.

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  51. Liz says:

    Heh, thanks BV.
    But this bit:
    As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I talk way too much

    NOT TRUE!!!

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  52. Cill says:

    “I talk way too much”

    I don’t agree. I do agree re the Japanese. Japan is a land where unpleasantness is rare. The only time I was treated boorishly there was by a gangster. His fellow gangsters immediately berated him. They were appalled by his behavior.

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  53. Liz says:

    My Dad was smart and he married dumb and crazy twice.
    (both very beautiful women though…beauty was his achilles heel I guess. Plus mom didn’t speak English for years and I’m sure that helped)

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  54. Cill says:

    You have dog characteristics there, KH.

    My favorite animals are dogs, birds and horses. Birds seem to have no soul, but I think they have a sense of humor. NZ’s Kea is notorious for it.

    Blackbirds like my company – why I have no idea. I don’t deliberately give them encouragement. I did show them where to look for snails in daytime. One of them waits until I’m watching, then he hops around the lawn with a snail in his beak, showing it off. Another stands with his wings akimbo, facing me with legs apart as if proud of the width of his crotch. He puffs himself up and squawks as if to copy my laughter.

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  55. Cill says:

    5 tourists dead on White Island. Tourist operators have been putting people at risk for years. This wasn’t just an accident waiting to happen. It was absolutely inevitable that someone would be killed by the island.

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  56. Cill says:

    Latest toll: 5 dead, 8 missing, 31 in hospital.


  57. Cheque d'Out says:

    Three days from now the counts will be in full swing. All in search of a competent and patriotic government

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  58. Cheque d'Out says:


  59. BuenaVista says:

    White Guy, I can out-dumb you 100x. (Because I’m a lot older.) I am just too vain to articulate the ways again. I think we need to focus more on the upside and turn the page. I’m not very good at that, but you’ll know it when you do it and suddenly in your voice and manner you are the man you thought you were.

    Robert Duvall hits rock bottom in “Tender Mercies”. He has nothing. There’s nothing left, there’s no where to go. (Australian director Bruce Beresford, “Breaker Morant”.) Then look at Duvall when he’s coaxed on stage by the young pickers — and he’s in the flow. Get in the flow. Things will sort themselves out.

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  60. BuenaVista says:

    The Mike will be chief pilot for SWA or he’ll quit first out of boredom. Candidly, my money’s on boredom. Anyway, Lizzie, I admire you and your family and I think hard on the stories.

    My 12 year-old son and I were thrown off Breck 15 years ago. (We were going too fast.) One of my favorite memories. One of the more flattering experiences of my life. Ski Patrol guy, when he caught up, just ripped up our lift tickets. Breck always was a tourist mountain, but it’s certainly more fun than Vail (to furreners: another 20 miles down the valley), which is flat. I’m an A-Basin guy anyway

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  61. BuenaVista says:

    CdO, there’s an interestng profile of Boris and his career by Andrew Sullivan. Sullivan is a gay guy who overlapped with BoJo at Oxford, and like him was president of the Oxford Union (a debating society, apparently a big deal in Britain). He’s bitchy and narrow, but there is a picture of Boris that is, to me, commendable.

    I’m curious, CdO, if you find any of this profile accurate. After all, he’s know Boris for 40 years.

    Sullivan blew up his career for some reason a decade ago, but evidently he’s on the mend, career-wise. It was a helpful profile for me, because now I understand why Nigel loathes him and they can’t work together. (I think. Sullivan says he betrays anyone of consequence in his life.)

    The profile is in “New York Magazine”. The editor of “New York” for 20 years, and Sullivan’s sponsor, was a guy I studied with as an undergrad; there were 12 students in an honors program and it included both of us. Adam Moss: He resuscitated Sullivan. I thought he was boring, truly uninteresting, at the time, but he became the NY celebrity. I did not. Like Sullivan he also promoted himself as a major gay guy, which we didn’t know as undergrads, as he was closeted at one of the gayest colleges in the country.

    This circle closing reminds me of my first date with a woman who was at the time married/separated from an infamous movie producer. We were walking back from Central Park and the Boat House cafe. I was blue pill to the max then. I was very surprised she was letting me walk her home on a first date. (“Oooh, so daring.”) I didnt know her last name, even.

    As we walked along, she told me her full name. It’s a name that causes people to go nuts. Honestly, I didn’t react, expressed an honest ignorance, which never happened to her in Manhattan. (I didn’t/don’t follow pop culture.) I was an intelligence/risk guy. I didn’t read the gossips. So she liked me more.

    She talked a little more. “Oh, him.” I said. “There was an Auletta profile of him in The New Yorker. Sounds like an entrepreneur; of course everyone in Hollywood hates him. Seems like a sorta cool guy to me.” I think that cemented our brief friendship. I walked her home to the place on Central Park West and we had a solid six months. De Niro bought the place when she sold, post-divorce, and immediately set it on fire such that it was unliveable. I do think De Niro is a moron.

    This is one of those end-of-life posts. Hope it is not too long-winded.

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  62. horsemanbombadil says:

    What to get a Canadian

    8 comic books
    7 packs of smokes
    6 packs of 24s
    5 golden toques
    4 pounds of back bacon
    3 french toast
    2 turtle necks
    And a beer in a tree


  63. horsemanbombadil says:

    If you don’t get it scroll up and listen to the two wisemen.


  64. horsemanbombadil says:

    Us Canucks don’t care about IQ. I mean we elected Justin.


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  65. Cill says:

    I’m about to partake of a Krombacher Pilsener and test how it stacks up against CDDU. Some mates are visiting, so I will crank up the barbie and cook up a feast fit for a king. Lamb chops and mint, various cuts of wild venison down from the hook after 2 weeks of curing, COAOG (Cill’s One And Only Gravy) and MMFWS (Moehau Man’s Ferocious Wild Sauce). That’s what I’ll call it, anyway, as a conversation starter for the guests.

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  66. Cill says:

    I can state categorically that the Krombacher is not as good as the CDDU.

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  67. BuenaVista says:

    This is a good example of the Aussie Beresford’s view of West Texas, which is knowing and beautiful:

    The movie was written by Horton Foote, a playwright, and obviously this is a playwright’s scene, not some Hollywood hack’s. It’s the last time Duvall sees his daughter:

    Duvall was my neighbor, Foote’s daughter married a good friend of mine from Oberlin. I have no idea I have to know all these people.

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  68. Cill says:

    “Us Canucks don’t care about IQ. I mean we elected Justin”

    It might be the other way round, Horseman. They care enough about IQ to add intersectionality to the quotient, don’t they?


  69. Farm Boy says:

    President Trump told reporters today that the revelations from the Department of Justice’s Inspector General (IG) report into the spying by the Obama administration’s FBI was “worse than I would have ever thought possible” and that the effort to spy on his campaign and early presidency was “an attempted overthrow” of our government.

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  70. Cill says:

    Great Scot, the CDDU has put me in a good mood. I feel like singing “Barnacle Bill the Sailor”. Beautiful day. I should go out for a sail. Hell no I won’t. It never pays to be pissed at the helm.

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  71. Moehau Man says:

    “Moehau Man’s Ferocious Wild Sauce” Mrs Moehau Man (my worldly old mum) declared just then, “has already spawned a more aggressive juttage to the brow ridges of young Moehau Mans.”

    [Good to see Moe alive it is]

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  72. BuenaVista says:

    Google doesn’t know what the CDDU is, nor do I. A clue, Cill, please.


  73. BuenaVista says:

    OK, CDDU is a beer, ale, stout or something. Never mind.


  74. Cill says:

    “Google doesn’t know what the CDDU is, nor do I. A clue, Cill, please.”

    Well I’m shocked, BV, shocked that the world’s mightiest search engine is unaware of CDDU. CDDU is Cill’s Draught Down Under, a truly infamous incomparable beer brewed by a jack of all trades peerless master brewer.

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  75. Farm Boy says:

    The Inspector General’s report now makes clear that the FBI launched an intrusive investigation of a U.S. presidential campaign on the thinnest of suspicions that, in my view, were insufficient to justify the steps taken. It is also clear that, from its inception, the evidence produced by the investigation was consistently exculpatory. Nevertheless, the investigation and surveillance was pushed forward for the duration of the campaign and deep into President Trump’s administration. In the rush to obtain and maintain FISA surveillance of Trump campaign associates, FBI officials misled the FISA court, omitted critical exculpatory facts from their filings, and suppressed or ignored information negating the reliability of their principal source. …[T]he malfeasance and misfeasance detailed in the Inspector General’s report reflects a clear abuse of the FISA process.

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  76. Farm Boy says:

    Scholars are claiming that King Solomon kept his concubines in shape by presenting each one of them with her own Peloton exercise bike.

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  77. b g says:


    “I mean we elected Justin.:

    ROTFLMAO, who is this we ;-D

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  78. Sumo says:

    Yeah, I’m with b g on this one. I absolutely refuse to accept any blame for Turdeau getting elected.

    I’ve been amusing myself recently by reading some of the Western separation forums. It’s a pipe dream, but a pleasant one.

    [Yes, pleasant it would be]

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  79. Farm Boy says:

    Perhaps one of the main reasons why we cannot examine our desires is that a hybrid demon of fem-globo-cultural trends and technology has created an environment that jacks up feminine pride to hǝllish levels of constant indignity, and debases the Socio-Sexual-Marriage Market Place. As a result, women are proud, they feel entitled, they can get instant gratification and (false) affirmation at a few clicks, and they find it easy to escape the consequences of bad decisions.


  80. Farm Boy says:

    Portland, Oregon, like many cities on the left coast, is struggling with a growing homelessness crisis. But what can they do about it? One idea that’s now being floated is to change the building codes so that all new structures (including private property, not just government buildings) include spaces for people to “rest” and “feel welcome and safe.” This understandably has prospective property owners concerned, since the wording is all quite vague and suggests that they will be forced to allow the homeless to camp in and around their buildings.


  81. Farm Boy says:

    What you’re looking at here is a 77-year-old man who passed up his best shot at winning the presidency because he was afraid of Hillary Clinton. Now he’s desperately struggling to make up for that monumental mistake, while trying to hold onto his rapidly fading mental faculties. Even if you don’t like Donald Trump, you should be rooting for the Dems to nominate this guy. If he’s this hilarious now, how much fun will he be when the pressure really gets cranked up?

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  82. Cheque d'Out says:

    Coming soon to a Parliament near me…


  83. Cheque d'Out says:

    Funny thing is, being smart as I am, I can still be a dumbass, I mean I did marry the crazy.

    My buddy has told me more than once “White Guy, for such a smart guy you sure are a dumb fuck”

    Every man needs friends like that.

    I think men should learn lessons from their errors. But having taken those lessons, sometimes it’s better to drop the rest of it. If you’ve taken the lesson to heart, torturing yourself over the peripheral issues holds little value, I think. Maybe that’s because I’ve found it so hard to drop those that I believe the value in doing so(?)

    Tony Bliar’s era was famed for politicians saying, “Mistakes were made, lessons have been learned”. I see value in that. The problem when politicians say it is that, clearly, they’ve learned nothing from it apart from the importance of getting caught next time. But then that’s the problem with politicians that are amoral, witless, leftarded* sociopaths…or one of the problems.

    *the right do it too but the left do it better, harder and deeper IMHO. Probably because you need to be a special kind of cunt to have not realised by now that communism doesn’t work and leads to epic suffering every time.

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  84. Cheque d'Out says:

    I note that my swear rate ticks up every time I think of politics. This might be why I’m paying very little attention to what’s happening in the election. Boris appears to be en route to a majority (which is probably the best of all the shit options on offer) but I don’t trust the cunt on Brexit and his other policies seem to revived Bliar era ideas of spunking money up the wall (just on a lesser level than in Jezza Corbyn’s desired dystopian commie paradise on Earth)

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  85. Cheque d'Out says:

    Deep, deep Joy

    Labour’s own Shadow Cabinet Health Minister hopes they lose and they can get rid of Jeremy Corbyn. In the event that Corbyn gets into Downing Street, he hopes the Civil Service machine would be able to safeguard national security from Prime Minister Corbyn. Has there ever been a situation where Labour frontbenchers hope their party loses because their leader is a risk to national security?

    Fuck ’em to electoral hell.

    Ha ha

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  86. Cheque d'Out says:

    Some of the reasons that I’ll aim to watch the election results roll in over night

    Some of the Runners and Riders expected to face their ‘Portillo Moment ‘
    (According to YouGov and the Spectator)

    Jo Swinson -Constituency: East Dunbartonshire <– Jugs Swineson illib undem leader!

    Dominic Grieve-Constituency: Beaconsfield <– iconic remoaniac scheming traitor tory

    Chuka Umunna-Constituency: Cities of London and Westminster <– slime that jumped before pushed from laba to illib undems

    Iain Duncan Smith-Constituency: Chingford and Woodford Green <– Good guy.

    Dominic Raab-Constituency: Esher and Walton <– Good guy

    Laura Pidcock-Constituency: North West Durham <– 'potenchul noo laba leder' moron.

    Dennis Skinner-Constituency: Bolsover <– fossilised laba legend

    Ian Blackford-Constituency: Ross, Skye and Lochaber <– bloviating McWindbag extraordinaire

    Anna Soubry-Constituency: Broxtowe <– ex tory remoaniac emo-windbag

    Theresa Villiers-Constituency: Chipping Barnet

    Zac Goldsmith-Constituency: Richmond Park <– posh-boy green tory-in-name-only

    (obvious additions to quote are obvious)

    ‘Portillo Moment’ comes from the legendary election results being read out for Michael Portillo (arch-Thatcherite) where he lost his seat – a where were you when… moment in the UK.

    p.s. I now rather rate Mr Portillo as a political commentator.

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  87. Cheque d'Out says:

    Defining election moments:

    Gordon Brown – ‘That bigoted woman’
    Jonathan Ashworth – ‘Our f*** up of a leader’

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  88. Cheque d'Out says:

    The Millennial Reality

    Millennial: The NHS is overstretched
    Me: We’re importing 10,000 people per week

    Millennial: There is no affordable housing
    Me: We’re importing 10,000 people per week

    Millennial: It’s tough to get a job that pays enough to cover my bills
    Me: We’re importing 10,000 people per week

    Millennial: Our nation’s carbon footprint needs to be reduced
    Me: We’re importing 10,000 people per week

    Millennial: If we reduce immigration, who’ll serve me my latte?

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  89. Cheque d'Out says:

    They’ve found Ashworth


  90. Farm Boy says:

    According to computer science professor David Gelernter ‘76, faculty political diversity at Yale is low: “0%,” he wrote in an email. He added that while there are a “few conservatives, including prominent ones,” their numbers are not high enough to have a significant impact on campus culture.

    Readers might assume that Mr. Gelernter, an occasional contributor to the Journal, is poking fun at the school’s overwhelming leftism rather than expressing mathematical precision. But via email, another Yale faculty member who chooses to remain anonymous tells this column, “I agree with the calculation.”

    A third Yale faculty member, a self-described liberal, says the faculty is “moving further to the left” and has become increasingly intolerant of conservative viewpoints. This faculty member, who also requests anonymity, says that some faculty bias is subconscious: “They think people who agree with them are smarter than people who disagree with them.” This professor adds: “Universities are moving away from the search for truth” in favor of a search for “social justice


  91. Farm Boy says:

    The Real Target of New York’s Attempt to Ban ‘Assault-Style’ Nerf Guns Is Masculinity


  92. Farm Boy says:

    Merriam-Webster just gave the personal pronoun “they” the word of the year title:

    “Merriam-Webster recently added a new definition to its online dictionary to reflect use of “they” as relating to a person whose gender identity is nonbinary. In October, the American Psychological Assn. endorsed “they” as a singular third-person pronoun in its latest style guide for scholarly writing.”

    Of all of the wokeness that I am not very woke about, the pronoun nonsense probably holds the least hope for me every achieving wokeitude. I am still too much a fan of science to believe that there are 6,000 genders that we can all begin identifying as by age three.

    An individual calling himself or herself “they” it sounds like we’re dealing with multiple personality issues


  93. Liz says:

    The Mike will be chief pilot for SWA or he’ll quit first out of boredom. Candidly, my money’s on boredom.

    Yeah…I’m hoping his hobbies will keep him occupied.
    He’s keeping occupied reading up on sustainable farming.
    Hopefully that will keep his mind busy enough for long enough.

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  94. Cill says:

    We watch Michael Portillo’s series on train journeys in the Bri”ish Isles (Michael himself wouldn’t pronounce it “Bri”ish” – which is a pity because it’s the only thing preventing him being a totally top bloke).

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  95. Liz says:

    Awkward wording above.
    Note to self: Never post until the first cup of coffee has been imbibed.

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  96. It’s already one of those days…

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  97. Larry G says:

    Yeah, let’s all wake the fuck up and start using “they”, m’k?

    “Merriam-Webster recently added a new definition to its online dictionary to reflect use of “they” as relating to a person whose gender identity is nonbinary. In October, the American Psychological Assn. endorsed “they” as a singular third-person pronoun in its latest style guide for scholarly writing.”

    Our enemies are impressed too…

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  98. Larry G says:

    Have a serious question, kids. Just suppose some oldish male Colorado total asshole refused to go along with the current flavor of somebody’s mental illness and refused to call them “they”. Other than loudly pissing an moaning, there isn’t fuck all “they” can do legally yet, right? I’m sure the retards will get a law passed sooner or later, but no laws yet?

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  99. @Larry re: our enemies.

    Why would any of them have to move a muscle? Our betters are killing us from within.

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  100. Larry G says:

    “Why would any of them have to move a muscle? Our betters are killing us from within.” Yep, KHH, I have been thinking and saying exactly the same thing for some time now.
    Have had a couple of lively discussions lately with my Mrs. on the same topic. Seriously, it makes me pretty angry to watch this country die by suicide after sever friend of mine gave their lives to protect this batch of lib shit-for-brains. Fuck these morons!

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  101. Larry G says:

    One – stepped on a booby trap
    Another – bled to death after being hit
    Another – back of the head

    for these assholes

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  102. Larry G says:

    I’m in a really shitty mood just now, sorry all….you people and my wife are the ONLY ones I’ll ever apologize to

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  103. Sharkly says:

    Mark Steyn talks about the multi-culti mess.
    Not his best, but still pretty decent.

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  104. Larry G says:

    CdO or FB,
    Please remove my three dead friends names from above, I don’t want them displayed publicly, wasn’t thinking too good when I posted

    [I removed the names as requested -Cill]


  105. I have a new favorite youtube channel…


  106. RichardP says:

    @Larry G: I was going to give a shout-out to those three names – just to show the universe that someone other than you knew their names. But thought better of it, for the same reason you asked that their names be removed. The universe still knows that someone other than you remembered their names.

    Sort of a silly thing to say. But in these kinds of situations that make no sense on a logical level (war dead for reasons other than defending our border), silly is all we have.

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  107. Cheque d'Out says:

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  108. Cheque d'Out says:

    “Michael himself wouldn’t pronounce it “Bri”ish””
    But why would one? Why might one even wish to?

    The Sco’ish do seem to pronounce Scottish like that


  109. Cheque d'Out says:

    “Larry G says: 10 December, 2019 at 5:09 pm (Edit)
    I’m in a really shitty mood just now, sorry all….you people and my wife are the ONLY ones I’ll ever apologize to”

    No need to apologise. There are a lot of similar conversations going on on UK political blogs now and going back a few years.

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  110. Larry G says:

    “The Sco’ish do seem to pronounce Scottish like that”

    you must remember that the Scotts are a “special” race.

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  111. Cheque d'Out says:

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  112. Cheque d'Out says:

    Well the SNP, Sco’ish National Party Special Needs Partei, are certainly special. Biggest bunch of cunts in UK politics. Even out-doing Jezza’s commie laba party for slime. Every fucking announcement aimed at creating division between the Scots and the English while knowing that they’re fucked if they ever leave the union. No currency, the EU won’t touch them with their financial deficit even if the EU felt that they needed another small country looking for handouts. The decent Scots on the UK political blogs are pissed off with them too, once again it’s the vocal sociopathic minority that is heard.

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  113. Cill says:

    You’ve never met a Pom who pronounces it Bri”ish? I find that hard to believe.

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  114. Larry G says:

    LOL! Now, now….
    “Well the SNP, Sco’ish National Party Special Needs Partei, are certainly special. Biggest bunch of cunts in UK politics. Even out-doing Jezza’s commie laba party for slime.”

    one must be kind to those less fortunate, terminally stupider or if they are totally cuntish, agreed? I have been paying some attention to the (is that REALLY a female?) PM. Poor thing, bless they’s heart…

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  115. Larry G says:

    I ought to clarify my previous sarcasm, I was of course referring to Nicola Sturgeon

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  116. horsemanbombadil says:

    Bg, Sumo
    Don’t look at me, I have never voted Libtard in my life!

    I just wish I could figure out how to get my little seven acres to separate.

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  117. Cheque d'Out says:

    Like I ain’t sayin’ it not never ‘appens, like. Juss that I dont. Innit bruv.


  118. horsemanbombadil says:

    Larry said “Have a serious question, kids. Just suppose some oldish male Colorado total asshole refused to go along with the current flavor of somebody’s mental illness and refused to call them “they”. Other than loudly pissing an moaning, there isn’t fuck all “they” can do legally yet, right? I’m sure the retards will get a law passed sooner or later, but no laws yet?”

    After decades working in a government facility I have made an art form of never using either names or pronouns. “E.g. walk up to the charge and say I need to talk about the blah case.” By context they know who I am talking to.

    Alternatively when they say something stupid or PC I just look at them silently.
    (Also the silent habit gives me 10+ seconds to calm down and surpress the urge to use Dumbass as a personal pronoun.)

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  119. horsemanbombadil says:

    One good thing about going Bombadil.

    You don’t have to talk to anyone other than kin most days.


  120. Larry G says:

    Horseman, you are a true refreshing fount of wisdom at times….

    “Alternatively when they say something stupid or PC I just look at them silently.
    (Also the silent habit gives me 10+ seconds to calm down and surpress the urge to use Dumbass as a personal pronoun.)?

    going to give that 10 second rule a go before verbally upgrading someone’s questionable intelligence to Dumbass

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  121. Cheque d'Out says:

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  122. Cheque d'Out says:

    MSP – Member of the Sco’ish Parliament


  123. Larry G says:

    Brilliant BBC insight (NOT) – “Former UK”

    The UK crops up on postcards, passports, in the United Nations and the Eurovision song contest. Would its name change if Scotland says “Yes” to independence, asks Esther Webber.

    In reality the country could, and probably would, continue to be known as the UK. It’s difficult to imagine a Westminster government advocating anything else.

    But the suggestion that “UK” might need replacing if Scotland becomes independent after the referendum on 18 September has already led to some alternative shorthands being bandied about.

    “The rest of the UK” is the handle used most commonly – it appears 293 times in the Scottish Government’s white paper on independence – but leaves England, Wales and Northern Ireland in danger of sounding like Scotland’s cast-offs. It’s also a bit of a mouthful.

    Its abbreviation, rUK, is already used by Scottish universities to differentiate between students from Scotland and those from the rest of the UK in relation to tuition fees. It regularly appears in Scottish newspapers such as the Herald and Scotsman.

    Meanwhile, several Scotland analysis papers published by Whitehall favour the onward plodding of “continuing UK”.

    “Future UK” has been floated as an idea by John Lanchester in the London Review of Books and “Former UK” by the Spectator columnist Charles Moore. Snappier perhaps, but as both writers have pointed out, the abbreviation – fUK – is somewhat unfortunate.


  124. Farm Boy says:

    So when I hear Nancy Pelosi say, “Civilization as we know it today is at stake in the next election, and certainly, our planet,” I don’t laugh. When I hear Greta Thunberg say, “For way too long, the politicians and the people in power have gotten away with not doing anything to fight the climate crisis, but we will make sure that they will not get away with it any longer,” I don’t just roll my eyes. When I hear AOC say, “There’s no debate as to whether we should continue producing fossil fuels. There’s no debate,” I don’t wonder what she’s been smoking.

    These people are dangerous. They make ruthlessness seem reasonable.

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  125. Farm Boy says:

    “I swallowed my pride and decided I’d give it a shot,” she continued. “Full-on carnivore. I woke up the next morning feeling more mentally clear, focused, wholesome, and healthy than I had felt in years.”


  126. Farm Boy says:

    SWINSON: Well, I know I’m a woman. And I think we do– we know what we are. And I think all women are important and their rights need to be protected, whether they are black, Asian, white. Whether they are gay or straight or bi; whether they have a very privileged upbringing, or they don’t have much money, whether they are cis [newspeak for actual women] or trans [newspeak for men who self-identify as women] whether they have a disability, we are all important, in all of those different ways.

    ANNA FROM WARWICKSHIRE: So how can you tell what a woman is?

    SWINSON: Well, I mean I’m just of, sort of, trying to understand, you know, what you’re getting at. I think we know when we engage with each other, we know if we are a woman. And I can tell you that I am, right? So, you know, we’re not going to start a scenario where we go and perform inspections on people, are we?

    ANNA FROM WARWICKSHIRE: No. What if a man wears a dress to work twice a week? Is he a woman?

    SWINSON: Not necessarily.

    ANNA FROM WARWICKSHIRE: But could he be?

    SWINSON: I think that people can understand their own identity. And I think it’s right to respect people in terms of their gender identity. And that’s for them to say.

    ANNA FROM WARWICKSHIRE: Obviously we respect people, and everyone has a right to express themselves. . . but under self-identification [laws] what’s to stop a male sex offender walking into the changing rooms and saying, ‘Do you know what? Today I identify as a woman.’ Should we be kind and let him?

    SWINSON: So, in a sense, I’ve gone into gym changing rooms, right? And I’ve never been asked for a certificate. Right? I’ve never been asked. So that’s not what you currently have right now. If anybody goes into a changing room and is acting in a way that is any way predatory or anti-social then the institution, the gym, or wherever it is, the swimming pool, should be able to take action on that basis. But what has happened.

    ANNA FROM WARWICKSHIRE: But it’s a safeguard isn’t it, Jo? What we have is a safeguard from men, don’t we?

    So, there we go. Jo Swinson, the leader of the third-largest political party in the United Kingdom, does not know what a woman is, and has promised complete reform of the Gender Recognition Act, which she does not understand the consequences of.

    [Understand what boobs are she does]


  127. Farm Boy says:

    AOC suggested that the free market considers human women as being of lesser value than dogs with their puppies.


  128. Farm Boy says:

    [Calls Nancy Pelosi a c___ he does]

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  129. BuenaVista says:

    More on the NZ volcano eruption catastrophe Cill has referenced. (Virtually no reporting on this event in USA.) There’s a remote photograph of one tourist tramping through the interior of the crater just prior to the explosion; very eerie.

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  130. BuenaVista says:

    … one tourist group …


  131. Cill says:

    BV I can’t read any report on White Island without shaking my head in disbelief. “Rescuers will only go to the island when it is safe to do so, said Superintendent Bruce Bird.” What a stupid, stupid statement.

    IT WILL NEVER BE SAFE TO DO SO. White Island is dangerous all the time. People who go on White Island now, tomorrow, whenever, are dicing with death.

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