Buying a Wife – Part 1

As far as I was concerned the year 1988 mostly sucked. After throwing out and divorcing a cheating wife earlier that year, got my lawyer paid off, quit my job and sold or gave away everything else that I owned. After wrapping up some minor personal business I left with one suitcase and passport for an overseas engineering job, got on the plane and mentally said “AMF” to the States. It was lucky for me that during the late 1980’s overseas expat jobs were pretty easy to come by if you could tolerate a rougher lifestyle and location, the newspapers were full of adverts for US workers and teachers back then. When someone serves you a steaming shit sandwich, don’t eat it…throw it back in their face.

Once I had arrived at my job site I found out that nearly every one of my workers spoke almost no English, and of course I didn’t speak their language either so managed my crew at first by using “sign language” (waving the arms and hands, speaking one English word at at time slowly and loudly so they could really not understand me a lot faster and by drawing stupid diagrams on a chalkboard or paper). Not satisfactory at all, besides making me look like a total idiot. Right after that first disastrous meeting I bought a bilingual dictionary so I could at least memorize a few single words and phrases to get by, really hate the idea of having to depend on someone else to translate what I say or mean. It blew me away to watch and listen to the few other Americans who had been in country a lot longer and still didn’t speak a lick of the native language. Someone once said that for everyday normal communications a person uses only a couple of hundred different words, mostly rearranged in one form or another. I figured if I memorized just 5 new words a day that in a month I’d have a decent working vocabulary, proper grammar was never my strong suit so I went mostly for complete phrases for the common stuff.

I rented a second floor furnished apartment in a quiet neighborhood that was less than a 10 minute commute from work. The place was decent enough, not luxurious but comfortable and had a balcony where I could watch the neighbors hang out their laundry to dry while I drank my coffee in the morning. In the winter the place was heated with a bottled propane space heater and in the summer AC was open windows and a fan. No one was dumb enough to directly drink water right from the tap though, it always had to be boiled first. All over my apartment I stored big plastic bottles of boiled drinking water since electricity and water was usually cut off several times a week without warning or reason. Downstairs was a small market where I could get veggies, fresh bread, goat or sheep meat once in awhile and the local bitter black coffee (was not that bad if it was well diluted and sugared up considerably). Life was good, laid back daily routine and peacefully single…

Quite some time later I was asked by some friends downtown to teach informal evening classes for people to practice speaking English. Reading foreign words out of a book is easy, pronunciation can be a lot harder so most of my “teaching” was just normal conversation. One young man in particular seemed keen about building up his vocabulary but several weeks later suddenly quit coming, I figured that was last I would see of him and quickly forget all about it.

Later I received an in-country letter from someone unknown to me, in the letter (and in her native language) a pretty young lady introduced herself to me as that male student’s younger sister. Enclosed in the letter, which her brother insisted she write, was a very modest photo of herself. She had just turned 22 years old, beautiful dark brown shoulder length hair, a nice figure and brilliant green eyes. Yep, I was toast. She and I started a regular correspondence and traded a few more pictures, I can guarantee that my study of her language grammar increased considerably at that point since she spoke not a single word of English. Translating letters word by word from a dictionary gets old fast.

After eight months on the job I took three weeks of vacation time to meet her in their village and after a very uncomfortable overnight bus ride arrived pretty wore out. Her brother met me at the bus station alone and we ate breakfast at a ratty one star hotel (the only one in the village) that I stayed in. He would introduce his sister to me in the tea garden the following evening. The first time I met her it was a pretty odd because from the moment they arrived he started and kept on talking almost non stop, she kept quiet and said next to nothing. I would start to ask her a question then he would promptly jump in to interrupt and chatter on, and on, and on like a demented chipmunk….I seriously wanted to tell him to STFU but managed to hold my tongue for the moment, however not much later he would discover how very annoyed I would become at being interrupted. She was sitting directly across from me and for most of the evening kept her head slightly bowed so as not to look at me directly, but twice I caught a glimpse of her green eyes sneaking a peek at me. Later in private he told me that she was to be seen but not necessarily heard at the first introduction.

I received an invitation for dinner at their home a few days after the tea garden meeting. When I arrived (she still lived at home as an unmarried girl) I met her father who was a short and stocky bricklayer. Although my foreign vocabulary was so-so, it was good enough for us to become friends and we hit it off almost immediately. Before dinner we sat outside on the porch and talked awhile, discussed marriage in general, my job, quite a bit about religion, my views on family and oddly enough our mutual prior military services. That particular conversation with him taxed my vocabulary to the limit but somehow I managed not to completely embarrass myself. When it was time to eat everyone sat on the floor on cushions around a very low wooden table, my young lady served the family and I was told by her father a couple of times that she had prepared the entire dinner by herself, including the fresh baked bread, just in case I had missed the point that she could cook. Her father was served first, then me, followed by the brothers, last served were the sisters, mother and herself. I honestly do not remember much about that dinner other that it was good food and she kept looking directly at me with those pretty green eyes.

Attitudes and customs are so different in her culture than those in the West and for that I am glad. Unlike the requirements of most western women there is no ridiculous list that a man must meet in order to qualify himself as a potential husband. An eligible man only needs a steady job, a willingness to support a wife and not be living out of a bottle or a gambler, if he is religious that’s a big plus in his favor. That’s about as far as a list goes, a man’s looks is rarely even considered as long as he is a good provider. There is no casual dating and no premarital sex. Every “date” we were allowed to go on before the marriage was always chaperoned by either one of her brothers or brother-in-laws. No hand holding, private alone time or kissing allowed.

Virginity is a requirement in her culture to be a honored bride. If there is no proof of her virginity on the wedding night she is considered immoral and the marriage more than likely will be quickly annulled. Her family would be publicly shamed and the punishment or fate of the ex-bride is left to her male relatives to deal with, quickly and harshly, which never turns out well for her.

A couple of weeks later and much closer to the end my vacation, her father and I were having a smoke on the porch again when our conversation really came down to the wire; her father asked me directly what my intentions were towards his daughter and what I was after? Less than three weeks had passed since I met her for the first time and now I had to decide to go all in or walk away. Right. no pressure.

I really respected her father so I had to give him my answer right then and there. I took a minute to get my wits together then told him that I fully intended to marry his daughter. Suddenly I had committed, not just to her, but to the whole family. Our marriage, like most arranged marriages in her culture, has little if anything to do with the “falling in love, let’s get married” crap that is normal for modern, dysfunctional western society. It is a business deal, straight and simple, with promises made and kept, contracts and behaviors strictly observed, valuables given and received for services (future and present) rendered. And exchanging vows had and still has the full force of law. Neither me or my wife-to-be would would have said we were in love till well past the original marriage date.

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  1. Farm Boy says:

    Unlike the requirements of most western women there is no ridiculous list that a man must meet in order to qualify himself as a potential husband. An eligible man only needs a steady job, a willingness to support a wife and not be living out of a bottle or a gambler, if he is religious that’s a big plus in his favor. That’s about as far as a list goes, a man’s looks is rarely even considered as long as he is a good provider.

    There is much to be said for this.

    Women end up happier also

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  2. Farm Boy says:


    As I recall, after your divorce, didn’t you go to some Polynesian Island? Or am I thinking of somebody else?


  3. BuenaVista says:

    Wonderful history, Thanks.

    I married an American woman on four (4) days notice. Didn’t work out as well as your quiet commitment. Envious.

    My relationship with my Moldavian Yak worked out better!

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  4. Jack says:

    So your first marriage blowing up proved to be a blessing later on. I hope the story will continue in a follow up post.

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  5. Larry G says:

    “As I recall, after your divorce, didn’t you go to some Polynesian Island?”

    You recall correctly, I did a short stint in the South Pacific immediately following the divorce. After a year of getting my shit together I accepted the transfer assignment where my story picked up. The time on the islands is another story altogether and is not a real happy tale so I skipped it.

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  6. Larry G says:

    Jack, there is a Part 2 & 3 so yeah the story will continue

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  7. Ironhorse says:

    Awesome tale so far. Looking forward to parts 2 & 3.

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  8. Cheque d'Out says:

    Liking the story. Am resisting the urge to have a peek at parts 2 &3. Especially interested to hear what culture you two developed in the your household. The concept of having to manage someone in order to keep them happy intrigues me. And because they’re incapable of running their own lives…amazing and depressing.

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  9. Cheque d'Out says:

    A woman bought a new £100,000 Jaguar car and proudly drove it off the
    showroom floor to take home. Halfway home, she attempted to change
    Radio Stations and saw that there appeared to be only ONE Station..?

    Unimpressed, she immediately turned around and headed back to the dealer.

    back at the dealership, she found her salesman and began, rather
    excitedly, to explain that her radio was not working, and they must
    replace it immediately, since she only had ONE Radio Station.

    salesman calmed her down and told her that her car-radio was
    voice-activated, and that she would only need to speak aloud the type of
    music that she
    wanted and the car would find it.

    She got into
    the car and started the engine and then said the words “Country Music,”
    and the radio changed to a station playing a Dolly Parton song.

    was satisfied and started home. After a while she decided to try out
    the radio and said “Rock ‘n’ Roll;” the radio station changed and a song
    by the Rolling Stones came from the speakers.

    Quite pleased, the woman continued driving.

    A few streets from her house, another driver shot through a red light, causing her to slam on her brakes to avoid a collision.

    The woman angrily shouted, “Fucking Arsehole..!”
    The radio promptly tuned to a Corbyn political broadcast

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  10. Farm Boy says:

    The columnists are right to see the immigration angle in the impeachment hearings—they just take the wrong position on it.

    The witnesses are an argument against arrogant immigrants like Fiona Hill running America’s foreign policy. They show contempt for middle America and believe they are the real America. They consider opposition to their foreign-policy agenda to be un-American and possibly treasonous. To attack one of them is akin to burning the Constitution.

    “Our nation is being torn apart. Truth is questioned. Our highly professional and expert career foreign service is being undermined,” Hill warned in her testimony, signaling that our “expert career foreign service” must never face criticism.


  11. Farm Boy says:

    Further, the media outlets that worked together to report the women’s allegations – ProPublica and Portland Monthly – acted irresponsibly and unethically during the reporting process, and are expected to face a defamation lawsuit from Sondland. In a letter from Sondland’s attorney, Jim McDermott, the ambassador denied the allegations and explained that each woman had a motive to malign Sondland. “Notably, what each of these three women share in common is that they pursued Ambassador Sondland for financial and personal gain — an investment, a job, and insurance brokerage work — and he declined their proposals,” McDermott wrote.

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  12. Farm Boy says:

    Perhaps this other stuff isn’t its market

    The Hallmark Channel has now been scrutinized for having a lack of religious and racial diversity during its “Countdown to Christmas” programming.


  13. Farm Boy says:

    Democratic congressional candidate Cenk Uygur admitted in 2013 that he thinks bestiality should be legal in cases where people are “pleasuring the animal.”


  14. Farm Boy says:

    [Apparently the SNP the “brain” of Britain it is]

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  15. Farm Boy says:

    It was an astonishing sight. And it wasn’t entirely down to Neil’s famous grilling techniques. Neil is great, of course, but much of this disaster was of Corbyn’s own making. He can’t answer basic economic questions, he won’t take a stand on the biggest issue of the day (Brexit), and he won’t even drop a bomb on a mass-murdering, woman-enslaving, child-killing religious lunatic. Most strikingly of all, Corbyn looked like he just didn’t want to be there. Which is one thing he has in common with the rest of the country: we don’t want him to be there, either.


  16. Farm Boy says:

    A conservative student senator narrowly beat a censure vote that stemmed in part from his call for restraint and due process in a racially charged incident.


  17. Farm Boy says:

    Previously unaware that Kafka and Orwell had written training manuals for police officers, Miller decided to bring a court case against the College of Policing, whose Hate Crime Operational Guidance (HCOG), issued in 2014, forms the basis of current practice. As Miller has argued at the High Court this week, ‘the idea that a law-abiding citizen can have their name recorded against a hate incident on a crime report when there was neither hate nor crime undermines principles of justice, free expression, democracy and common sense’.

    This action is long overdue.

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  18. Adam says:


    Excellent story, keep it coming.

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  19. Farm Boy says:

    “I am writing today about a dimension of diversity that is still too often overlooked and that needs the attention of our entire campus: gender inclusion,” writes Drell, who makes a point of specifying in the letter that she personally prefers the pronouns “she/her” (full letter below). “At the national level, we have seen protections for gender inclusion rolled back. For example, a few weeks ago a federal judge vacated a portion of a federal regulation protecting transgender individuals from discrimination in certain health care settings. While at Stanford our Nondiscrimination Policy protects gender identity and gender expression, students, staff and alumni have made it clear to me that we have much more work to make Stanford fully gender-inclusive.”

    Drell explains that she has met with transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary (TGNC) members of the Stanford community and has decided that some major changes are in order to crack down on “misgendering and prejudice” on the campus.


  20. Farm Boy says:

    Thanksgiving is a uniquely North American celebration and as such it has not metamorphosed around the world, unlike Halloween for instance. I have never had the pleasure of celebrating this holiday but perhaps one day I will be so fortunate. It is a holiday which celebrates a nation, which means that the left hates it. Anything that helps a people stay in touch with their ancestors and history is verboten to the progs, because as Solzhenitsyn said, to destroy a people you must first sever their roots

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  21. Farm Boy says:

    And front and center at the rally were printouts of the president’s Wednesday tweet showing his head on Rocky Balboa’s chiseled body.

    “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong,” thousands of protestors chanted in a public square as they waved American flags and held up copies of the photo composite.

    “Bare-Chested Hillary would not have been as effective.”

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  22. Larry G says:

    “Liking the story. Am resisting the urge to have a peek at parts 2 &3. Especially interested to hear what culture you two developed in the your household. The concept of having to manage someone in order to keep them happy intrigues me. And because they’re incapable of running their own lives…amazing and depressing.”

    I’ve been a little lazy yesterday & today. So…
    1. Especially interested to hear what culture you two developed in the your household.

    We have a bilingual home, sometimes the English language is a desert when we want to express ourselves so both of us flip into her language for something more appropriate when necessary. Another difference and one my wife sticks to, I lead, she follows. I will ask her opinion once in awhile because she is very smart, but make no mistake, once a decision is made I bear full responsibility for it. My wife has the correct personality mixture of intelligence, common sense, a quiet and submissive disposition, a work ethic that is exactly like my own and total trust in me to look out for our best interest.
    One aspect that I especially appreciate in her to is her faithfulness to religion, a solid belief that God sees everything and forgets nothing, rewards and punishes in this world and the next. This wife of mine is 100% against any hint or idea of feminism or the so-called “liberation” of the western females.
    Since we came back to the States, she has accepted small parts of this culture and has rejected the rest…as a few examples: I allowed her to learn to drive a car, I sent her to driving school so she could get her license, then bought her a car of her own. Notice however that after she asked to learn, I allowed it. Same with her first job, she asked and I allowed it (in fact I helped her fill out the job application and took her to the interview). Now I imagine a few people would scream and snivel about how I am oppressing my wife, and let me assure those busy bodies that I still do not give a flying fuck about those opinions. I have a happy and contented wife because she has freedom AND iron clad boundaries that she dare not cross.

    2. The concept of having to manage someone in order to keep them happy intrigues me. And because they’re incapable of running their own lives…amazing and depressing.

    Not sure what you mean here, CdO. What are you referring to exactly? I’ll attempt to answer once I have a clearer idea of the question..

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  23. Larry G says:

    CdO, as a follow on thought..I provide the protection and security for my Mrs. that she wants and has openly said that she needs. When I first met her, if she had showed even a trace of rebelliousness towards male authority, I guarantee we would never have married.
    This is what still amazes me at times, how modern western men will tolerate bad behavior from their women instead of correcting them for their own good.

    [Yes, for their own good it would be]

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  24. Ame says:

    “Bare-Chested Hillary would not have been as effective.”

    eeeeeeek!!!!! don’t ever want to think about that!!! lolol!

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  25. horsemanbombadil says:

    Bare-Chested Hillary would not have been as effective.”

    eeeeeeek!!!!! don’t ever want to think about that!!! lolol!

    Ok Y’all are warned! Eyebleach warning or no…


    Even in jest.

    There are not enough Hungarian, Latvian, Polish beauties in the world to make up for that.

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  26. horsemanbombadil says:

    I mean it!

    I have a picture of the Justin and the Wynne I have been saving for just such an emergency!!!

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  27. Cheque d'Out says:

    At times like these it’s important that we don’t panic

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  28. Larry G says:

    Bare-Chested Hillary – this is obviously a distraction from people seriously thinking that Epstein didn’t kill himself

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  29. Ame says:

    Horseman – There are not enough Hungarian, Latvian, Polish beauties in the world to make up for that.

    ain’t that the truth! lol!

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  30. Ame says:

    Larry G
    4m ago
    Bare-Chested Hillary – this is obviously a distraction from people seriously thinking that Epstein didn’t kill himself


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  31. horsemanbombadil says:

    Now that we are officially in the holiday season.

    (I hate getting a TCAS warning during a CAT III approach)

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  32. horsemanbombadil says:

    To correct a gross oversight on this site regarding gratuitous images, I proudly present the following.
    P.s. Its 31, who the fuck put Shania Twain in there.

    And yes we “STAND on gaurd for thee”

    If ya know what I mean😋


  33. Ame says:

    Cheque d’Out
    14h ago
    The concept of having to manage someone in order to keep them happy intrigues me.

    i think this goes to the nature of women … women were designed to be the helper and then destined to be ruled over. when they are not ‘managed well,’ they are truly unhappy.

    so you have all these go-gurl women who raised daughters thinking they didn’t need anyone “TELLING THEM WHAT TO DO!!!” b/c, sheesh if they ever have to submit to any authority but their own … b/c they’re princeses, after all.

    and what a huge disservice that has been done. everyone has to answer to someone or there’s complete chaos (as is revealed in our liberal culture now).

    most women respond to male strength and leadership and being managed well with a firm hand.

    unfortunately, another part of the nature of women is not simply to want what they don’t have but to want what the *cannot* have. back to the beginning, Eve wanted to be ‘like God.’ well, no one can be ‘like God,’ but she was deceived to believe she could.

    so all these crazy women are running around wanting what they think they *can* have but absolutely canNOT have. and they’re miserable. and they’re ruining many lives along the way.

    – – –

    i think one of the reasons Larry’s wife is the way she is is that her culture does not allow her to fail at being a wife without great shame. they do not support her being anything but a great wife and pleasing her husband. in other words, she has NO out.

    i think it was Elspeth who wrote once that her Daddy told her when she married she was never welcome home again. she has a great marriage, but she also has no out without great shame in her family, and b/c she respects her Daddy, she does not want the shame.

    i’m disappointed in the number of parents who give their adult children and ‘out’ in marriage … who don’t expect them to stay in their marriage and be the Husband, or be the Wife, regardless (and i’m not talking about real and serious abuse where people’s lives are in danger – by all means, get yourself and your kids to safety – and ‘safety’ does NOT mean in the arms of another man!).

    my ex-in-laws came to hate me with a seething hate (like anti-trumpers kind-of-hate) and essentially gave my ex the choice: them or me. he chose them. i know of a woman whose father hated her husband – she and her dad were very close, and she would whine and complain about her husband to her daddy. he encouraged the divorce, so she went thru with it claiming the abuse that BV talks about.

    as our beloved Ton would say, he ‘owns’ her. i think that gives us a different perspective on ‘dating’ and ‘marriage.’

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  34. Ame says:

    ah, i love that, Horseman!

    btw … that is so claustrophobic with all those clouds obscuring the view! great respect to all pilots!

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  35. horsemanbombadil says:

    A. Turn off the crappy music

    B. Freeze at 2:36. (Should be number 1)


  36. horsemanbombadil says:

    Noticing a trend; Galactica, Stargate, Smallville, Supernatural, Andromeda, etc.
    Hard to make sci fi without Canadian…. ahem ….Talent.

    [Star Trek TOS two Canadians they did have]


  37. Farm Boy says:

    All over the country, universities are going crazy over anonymous fliers that read, simply, “It’s okay to be white.” This, we’re told, is a hate crime, and the FBI is investigating to find the perpetrators.

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  38. Farm Boy says:

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  39. horsemanbombadil says:

    We must support the President!

    Only he sees and protects us from the real Threat of our times!!!

    Not climate change!!

    Not socialism!!!

    Not nuclear proliferation.



    The Return Of D I S C O!!


  40. horsemanbombadil says:


    (Ok maybe its not soooo bad, but lord its not good.)


  41. horsemanbombadil says:

    Caption contest!!


  42. Farm Boy says:

    Well, at least we didn’t have a Hillary Boobs caption contest

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  43. Farm Boy says:

    I really like the movie and I really like the score

    [Good for pallette cleansing it is]


  44. Farm Boy says:

    That same night, a worker had to be sent out to purchase a dildo so the gals could use it on Hunter, sources said.

    It’s unclear if the club didn’t have a similar device on hand or if he insisted on a brand-new one fresh out of the package.


  45. Farm Boy says:

    As we all know, our own Liz was a star

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  46. Ame says:

    that vid of the Hong Kong protesters singing our national anthem and chanting USA … whoa. that’s … powerful.

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  47. Farm Boy says:

    In the post that triggered outrage, Huff wrote, “Getting my boys trained up on how to use a gun in the unlikely event @Bernie Sanders beats @realDonald Trump in 2020. In which case knowing how to effectively use a gun under socialism will be a must.“

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  48. Farm Boy says:

    For more on exactly why/how an increase in contraception actually is followed by an increase in abortion (as opposed to a decrease, as many people expect), let me just direct you to 1 Flesh, because they have better graphics and plenty of references. I’ll just repeat what the Supreme Court had to say about it (Planned Parenthood v. Casey, 1992):

    “In some critical respects, the abortion decision is of the same character as the decision to use contraception… For two decades of economic and social developments, [people] have organized intimate relationships and made choices that define their views of themselves and their places in society, in reliance on the availability of abortion in the event that contraception should fail.”

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  49. Farm Boy says:

    “The number of asylum applications in France increased by more than 20% in 2018 while it is declining everywhere else in Europe. Why is it declining elsewhere and increasing in France? Maybe we need to ask the question, why is this ‘French Eldorado’ being promoted everywhere?”

    — MP Emmanuelle Ménard, French Member of Parliament


  50. Cheque d'Out says:

    Yesterday’s terrorist attack in London

    It’s a narwhal tusk…ISYN.

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  51. Cheque d'Out says:

    ‘And so was born the phrase “don’t bring a knife to a narwhal tusk fight”‘

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  52. Farm Boy says:

    I wonder how much the media will bury the terrorist story…

    I wonder if the the fellas who thwarted the attack will be charged with something…

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  53. Farm Boy says:

    “I felt as though in my life I had been looking at the wrong people as the people who would be problematic toward me,” Justice Thomas said in the documentary. “We were told that, ‘Oh, it’s gonna be the bigot in the pickup truck; it’s gonna be the Klansmen; it’s gonna be the rural sheriff.’ But it turned out that through all of that, ultimately the biggest impediment was the modern-day liberal. They were the ones who would discount all those things because they have one issue or because they have the power to caricature you.”

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  54. Farm Boy says:

    The Met Police have named the London Bridge terrorist as Usman Khan, 28, previously convicted for terrorism

    He was jailed for minimum of eight years having been convicted of a plot to bomb the London Stock Exchange

    He had been part of a group plotting to bomb targets like the US Embassy and kill figures like Boris Johnson

    The knife-wielding terrorist had been released from prison in December 2018 and was wearing an ankle tag

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  55. Yoda says:

    Land poorly he did

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  56. Farm Boy says:

    Baby Yoda has taken Americans’ hearts by storm, far outpacing most 2020 Democrats in social media interactions. As former Gov. Deval Patrick (D-who?) and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg (D-massive gobs of money) entered the 2020 Democratic presidential race, Disney+ launched the first season of The Mandalorian. Baby Yoda, a side character in that TV show, has outpaced both Patrick and Bloomberg — and even frontrunners like Joe Biden (D-nostalgia), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-left of Karl Marx), and Sen. Bernie Sanders (S-USSR) — in interactions per article on social media, according to Axios.

    [A low bar to hurdle that was]


  57. Yoda says:

    Making this perfectly clear I am,
    A green chihuahua I am not

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  58. Farm Boy says:

    Case in point: this op-ed written by actor Robert Redford for NBC News.

    “We’re up against a crisis I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.” Namely: “A dictator-like attack by President Donald Trump on everything this country stands for. As last week’s impeachment hearings made clear, our shared tolerance and respect for the truth, our sacred rule of law, our essential freedom of the press and our precious freedoms of speech — all have been threatened by a single man.”

    [Much projection here there is]

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  59. Farm Boy says:

    He seems to have been aware enough to find a Jew

    French prosecutors drop murder charges against Jewish kindergarten teacher Sarah Halimi’s killer

    Psychiatric experts say Kobili Traoré had smoked cannabis and may have been unaware of his actionsé-1.493649


  60. Farm Boy says:

    Fresh from making a pile from the Nike ads, despite having no value to the NFL as a football quarterback, Colin Kaepernick would like you to know he’s ungrateful.

    He’s made a spectacle of himself at something called “Unthanksgiving.”


  61. Farm Boy says:

    The worst though was the fact that the terrorist was not just let out on a much undeserved parole, he was busy lecturing the leftists at Cambridge University at a conference, participating in “workshops” on his supposed prison rehabilitation, the leftists eating it up and calling for more such “reform.” He was one of their leaders and they were taking it from him.


  62. Farm Boy says:

    Apocalyptic statements like these have real-world impacts. In September, a group of British psychologists said children are increasingly suffering from anxiety from the frightening discourse around climate change. In October, an activist with Extinction Rebellion (”XR”) — an environmental group founded in 2018 to commit civil disobedience to draw awareness to the threat its founders and supporters say climate change poses to human existence — and a videographer, were kicked and beaten in a London Tube station by angry commuters. And last week, an XR co-founder said a genocide like the Holocaust was “happening again, on a far greater scale, and in plain sight” from climate change.


  63. RichardP says:

    If the election were held today we project that the Tories would win 359 seats (a gain of 42 from 2017), Labour would win 211 (down by 51), the SNP 43 (up eight) and the Liberal Democrats 13 (a gain of one). Plaid Cymru would retain their four seats, the Greens would keep their single seat, and the Brexit Party would not take any seats at all.

    Voter Snapshot


  64. Farm Boy says:

    PALMETTO, FL—If you’re looking for an exciting multi-level-marketing business to join in order to make a little extra cash and show your friends what an awesome boss babe you are, look no further. While many MLM businesses struggle to come up with an interesting or useful product for their independent sales managers to sell in order to pretend they’re not a pyramid scheme, new startup company Le Garbàge literally just makes you sell bags of festering garbage to your friends and family.

    You can get started with Le Garbàge for just $199.99, after which you’re authorized to purchase the company’s official bags of overflowing waste and refuse for $149.99 each. Reps can resell the leaking, toxic plastic bags filled with rotting fruit and discarded food wrappers for $299.99 each, pocketing the profit, minus the 95% spent paying their upline.

    “Tired of trying to convince your friends they need to buy yet another essential oil or stretchy pair of pants covered with a hideous pattern?” a promotional video for the new pyramid company begins. “Now you can just be upfront, and tell them you’re literally selling them a large sack of actual trash.”

    “It’s total garbage. We’re very transparent about that,” the video continued, showing close-up shots of the various moldy banana peels, dirty diapers, and suspicious sticky substances that would come jam-packed in every bag.

    The company further stated it was thinking about introducing new products like literal piles of poop and fuming barrels of toxic waste to its catalog in the coming year.

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  65. Farm Boy says:

    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and others reacted to news of the arrests by accusing ICE of entrapping students and implying that the tactic was new under the Trump administration. As it turns out, former President Obama’s administration not only founded the fake university, it engaged in a similar operation in New Jersey in 2016.


  66. Farm Boy says:

    Gratuitous images

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  67. Farm Boy says:

    “Hillary Clinton had scheduled an interview while it was at the height of the Weinstein reporting and her folks got in touch and said, ‘We hear you’re working on a big story.’ [They] sounded very concerned and tried to cancel that interview,” he explained.


  68. Liz says:

    Holy crap it looks like Hillary lost her Death Becomes Her makeup person.
    Guess the Clinton foundation really is on the fritz.

    [“Clinton Foundation on the fritz”. Hee, hee, a pun you made]

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  69. Liz says:

    This is an awesome read, Larry, thanks so much!

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  70. Larry G says:

    “Larry, thanks so much!” Welcome. No cats in my stories and unfortunately no answer to the the mystery of Epstein didn’t kill himself just yet

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  71. Ame says:

    that trash mlm thing from babylon bee is hilarious!

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  72. Farm Boy says:

    Far-left climate extremist Greta Thunberg unloaded on the world in an op-ed published on Friday, claiming that fossil fuels “are literally” killing mankind, and that they are a threat to “our very existence” as she said that her “climate crisis” agenda is not just about the environment, but about fighting the “colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression.”


  73. Sharkly says:

    One wonders which has oppressed Greta Thunberg the worst?

    1. The harnessing of fossil fuels, to power the advancement of all mankind?
    2. Colonizers who selflessly brought primitive societies the benefits of modernity?
    3. “Racists” who sought to deter criminal aliens from inundating her peaceful homeland?
    4. Patriarchs who steadily shepherded us out of the stone age to the peak of civilization?

    Poor oppressed brat. /S

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  74. Farm Boy says:

    Toxic Masculinity is to blame


  75. Farm Boy says:

    I don’t feel oppressed by the patriarchy, and, in fact, I wish I could do it all over again tomorrow, except not eat so much. I guess I fail to understand what would make this is all so unbearable?

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  76. Farm Boy says:

    FYI — the picture in the associated with this post is from the San Luis Valley near Alamosa, Colorado


  77. Farm Boy says:

    By preserving a chaste unmarried daughter serving in your home until she marries, you are not only being a good father to her, but you are preparing her to be an excellent wife.

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  78. Farm Boy says:

    [Tired my arm will be]

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