Thin Skin

At Dalrock’s Deti says,

And so when women are in control of the social discourse, as they more or less are today, the discourse becomes utterly dominated by male-generated threats and the mitigation of those threats, while any actual male concerns are dismissed as irrelevant or insignificant in comparison — because from the perspective of most women, based on the way they are wired, that simply *is* how they experience the world.

This is a presupposition by women not only that men’s concerns should be dismissed as irrelevant or insignificant, but also that men should not have these concerns at all. Women are saying these concerns are not just irrelevant, they are illegitimate and have no place in public discourse or thought. Men’s concerns about #MeToo are wrongthink.

To women, men’s thinking about consent and sex as self preservation and avoidance of accusations of assault are not just ill-advised, they are evil, sinister, malicious, and malevolent.

Women are concluding that men thinking about it this way is men saying that WE WOMEN are evil, sinister, malicious and malevolent. And with women’s predilection toward personalizing literally everything that’s said, individual women are concluding “well, he’s saying that I PERSONALLY am evil, sinister, malicious and malevolent.

In order to survive, men develop some measure of a thick skin.  In order to survive, men learn to not take what might be considered slights personally (e.g.  lack of promotion at work) personally.  Furthermore, the team requires this of its members.

Women, on other hand, if not curbed by having to focus on real work to do, with expend energy considering  their standing within the group (be it among friends, relatives, workmates).  In the modern world, this is all so silly, making issues affecting the pecking order very personal indeed.   It all goes toward the old academic concept of ‘”academic debates are the most vociferous because the stakes are so low”.

At any rate, women do tend to take things personally.  They probably take things more personally when the criticism (as implied above) is legitimate.  Women deep down know that vast swaths of women can, on the drop of a dime, become #MeToo accusers.

What to do?   Hold your breath until you turn blue seems to be as good as anything

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  1. horsemanbombadil says:

    Answer to why manisphere.

    The lyrics say why we do it, why we spread the word, why we keep getting up when everything wants to knock us down.

    And the punch of this, the original version by the songwriter, is the perfect work or workout song.
    Through the night, through the dawn
    Behind you, another runner is born
    Don’t look back, you’ve been there
    Feel the mist as your breath hits the air
    And it’s underneath the moonlight
    Passing some
    Still your heart beats in the moonlight
    Like a drum
    And you will run your time
    A shooting star across the sky
    And you will surely cross the line
    To pass on the flame
    Sun come up, sun go down
    Hear the feet, see the sweat on the ground
    Watch your step, keep your cool
    Though you can’t see what’s in front of you
    And it’s underneath the moonlight
    Passing some
    Still your heart beats in the moonlight
    Like a drum
    And you will run your time
    A shooting star across the sky
    And you will surely cross the line
    To pass on the flame
    Cause you’re a runner in a race
    Taking someone’s place who’s run
    You’re a runner in a race
    And the only way it’s won
    Is to pass on the flame
    And you will run your time
    A shooting star across the sky
    And you will surely cross the line
    To pass on the flame
    (Pass on the flame)
    To pass on the flame
    (Pass on the flame)

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  2. horsemanbombadil says:

    Behind you another runner is born

    Still your heart beats in the moonlight
    Like a drum

    And you will surely cross the line
    To pass on the flame


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  3. Cheque d'Out says:

    Used in The Philadelphia Experiment (1984)


  4. b g says:

    Well at least you are admitting that there is a difference. There is no chance in hell that over thousands of years, men would not evolve to develop teams needed to handle the killing of large and dangerous prey; while women would evolve to develop a herd that handled the wily and vicious wild turnip ;-D

    Joking aside guys, maybe if we hadn’t loved the look, sound, smell, feel, and taste of women we would have put a bounty on their heads. But we didn’t because mostly we kind of like them a whole bunch, and given time they might again figure that out too ;-D

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  5. Cheque d'Out says:

    Thought for the day

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  6. b g says:

    Well here is an interesting song from the people created by my Germanic neighbour’s parents. They loved the wild West, cowboys, Indians, and animals. Sometimes you had to laugh. We took them into the section of the woods where we might see bears where she was fearful but he was hopeful. Well I can smell bear and their daughter had also learned that ability. We came around a turn and no matter where you smelled we were surrounded by bears, which is scary because you expect too many cubs and an irate sow. But it was our three dogs rolling in the bear crap and surrounding us. The Bavarians still laugh about the fearsome Canuck guides being so worried. Well, that’s how they think 😀

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  7. b g says:

    Okay, I am just stubborn enough to try again:


  8. Cheque d'Out says:

    You’ll be laughing by the end, I promise

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  9. Cheque d'Out says:


  10. Cheque d'Out says:

    How hard should this guy be to find?

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  11. Ironhorse says:

    With regard to things always relating to their personal experience, here’s an example:

    The reaction of many women to the Pence rule is: “He has to have the door open because he feels like he can’t control himself?” Never considering that a man would do that to protect himself from a false allegation. Like it would be impossible for a woman to make a false allegation.

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  12. Liz says:

    Iron horse: Yep. You’ve summed it up exact.

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  13. Liz says:

    Mom in law sent a photo of Mike and me when we were wee. Wow we were young. Think it was our first year of marriage. Might use it as a gravatar image for a half day or something. I don’t want to dox us, but it is really cute.

    [Wonder how big the boobs were I do]

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  14. Farm Boy says:

    The vagina bean bag toss boasted giant inflatable lips that served to mimic a “vagina,” and students could throw large pink bean bags into it. The game doubled as an educational display, informing students on flyers that “not all people with vaginas are women.”


  15. Farm Boy says:

    They had “lubricant taste tests” at the above carnival. I’m not really sure how that works


  16. Farm Boy says:

    That is a feature, not a bug


  17. Farm Boy says:

    We’ve seen this fight before. The current conflict fundamentally reprises the end of the French feudal era, where the Third Estate, made up of the commoners, challenged the hegemony of the First Estate and Second, made up of the church and aristocracy.

    These dynamics are unsettling our politics to the core. Both the gentry left, funded largely by Wall Street and Silicon Valley, and the libertarian right, have been slow to recognize that they are, in de Tocqueville’s term, “sitting on a volcano ready to explode.” The middle class everywhere in the world, notes a recent OECD report, is under assault, and shrinking in most places while prospects for upward mobility for the working class also declines.

    The anger of the Third Estate, both the growing property-less Serf class as well as the beleaguered Yeomanry, has produced the growth of populist, parties both right and left in Europe, and the election of Donald Trump in 2016.


  18. Liz says:

    I’m sure the folks who organized the vagina toss and lube taste test are super hot.
    Just kidding.
    I’d actually bet their faces would make babies cry.

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  19. Farm Boy says:

    This is a relief

    The site goes onto claim that the risk of cervical cancer for a person with no cervix is very low.

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  20. Farm Boy says:

    Clown Town

    It is will soon be illegal in California for both public and charter schools to suspend disruptive students from kindergarten through eighth grade

    Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday signed into law Senate Bill 419, which permanently prohibits willful defiance suspensions in grades four and five. It also bans such suspensions in grades six through eight for five years.

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  21. Farm Boy says:

    Climate change is a death cult because its leaders, our global betters, want us all to just go away and die, leaving the earth for them to enjoy in peace, unsullied by our horrible existence. If hell is other people, why not just get rid of all of the people?

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  22. Farm Boy says:

    Historically, Britain has looked more upon the seas and the New World than eastward to Europe. In that transatlantic sense, a Canadian or American typically had more in common with an Englander than did a German or Greek.

    Over the last 30 years, the British nearly forgot that fact as they merged into the European Union and pledged to adopt European values in a shared trajectory to supposed utopia.

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  23. Farm Boy says:

    Of the respondents, 67% believe ethics in journalism will be worse during the 2020 presidential campaign, while 40% of those surveyed considered local print and online journalists as the most ethical and 23% considered local TV reporters and anchors most ethical. National print and online journalists are considered the most trustworthy by 22%, while only 15% said national TV anchors and reporters were the most ethical.

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  24. BuenaVista says:

    There was a prominent social media dialogue last week started by some Google or FB female exec who uses the word “fuck” a lot publicly to demonstrate how sassy, edgy and fearless she is. So her corporate hobby horse is punishing men who won’t meet with women without a witness. Her (and her acolytes’) response to that is, “You’re accusing yourself, your objection is proof of your habit of assault, you are guilty, you will be destroyed.”

    It’s a pretty good Catch-22. Meet and mentor a female: get falsely accused. Refuse 1-on-1 meetings: you just convicted yourself, you self-accused. 1) All women must be believed. 2) Failing #1, all women are abused, we just don’t know how yet.


    U. of Southern Cal imposes mandatory sexual counseling on students. The lesson this year is: “Consent is not absolute, consent is not final.” IOW, girl says, “Geez, Bobby, just do me RIGHT NOW!” and that’s not consent if she changes her mind tomorrow.


    So Antonio Brown (USA football star) signed a $15 million contract on Sunday and was sued for sexual assault and rape on Tuesday. The woman never filed charges (there’s no criminal proceeding underway). She traveled thousands of miles over two years to be with him. Her lawsuit is preceded by failed “settlement” negotiations (she wanted $1.6 million.)

    The lawsuit includes two guttural, ghetto, incoherent texts from Brown to her. This is meant to buttress the civil claims while turning his employer (the Patriots and the NFL) against Brown. The lawsuit does not include copies of her communications to him. I’m sure they’re properly punctuated, and none of them included and dirty pics.

    Sally Jenkins is a very, very respected sportswriter for the Wash Post. (She may have won a Pulitzer; her Dad was Dan Jenkins, one of the better sportswriters of the 20th century.) Her take: “I don’t know what happened, but Brown’s misogynist language makes him an untouchable. Burn him.”

    Gee, I wonder how the spurned bimbo (gah! I’m misogynist now!) talks to Antonio Brown in private? Because we all know ghetto hoes follow Emily Post.

    But the takeaway is really that consensual sex should cost you your livelihood if a woman decides she doesn’t like your language. Or that you won’t impregnate her. Or that you won’t capitalize her gym (that was the … rub with Brown. She needed her own gym.) Or that a signed, written agreement from a Southern Cal coed is not indicative of consent.

    One of Hemingway’s early short story collections is titled “Men without Women.” (1927, buy it.) Women forget — because they collect boy feminist orbiters like a porch lamp collects gnats and moths — that we know how to do it. One of the ironies of this latest feminist gambit is that guys like me trust a stripper or barfly more than a female professional or housewife. (I’d rather spend time with a female professional or housewife.) Because the former do things like the following, and they’re not going to pretend tomorrow that they’re Laura Ingalls Wilder, lost in the big city being victimized by prurient, violent, toxic males: “So you’re dead hee-hee-hee!” (Following is from a mainstream phenomenon called the Barstool Blackout Tour.)

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  25. BuenaVista says:

    I would like to see a pic of LIz and Mike.

    I would reciprocate, but when I got divorced my wife took every single photo from 23 years of our living together and raising children and refused to let me copy them, or have our son copy them. (I’m so old everything was in photo albums.) The judge affirmed that as we had separate days to clean out the house and I hadn’t negotiated the matter in writing (no consent!). My lawyers advised me we needed to die on another hill.

    But we were a couple about whom, when spying us walking about the campus, our friends would say, “You look so good together!” Everyone knows when there’s an organic match between a man and a woman.

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  26. BuenaVista says:

    It’s a little hokey, but I keep a journal and also try to record an epigram or two each day. I thought this was a pretty good epigram, today. Conventional wisdom here, from left or right, is that tariffs create disaster. Trumps tariff’s have hurt farmers some, but the government has thrown them money to compensate. American consumers haven’t noticed the Chinese tariffs — but the Chinese have.

    “Children find faces in clouds: economists find meaning in randomness.” — Spencer P. Morrison, in web mag “American Greatness”

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  27. BuenaVista says:

    Incidentally, the TradCons say, “And that’s why you should only have sex beneath the veil of a Christian marriage!” the same shit is applied to married men by the divorcing wives now. So, please, spare us. Christian wives divorce at the same rate as lowly heathens — with their pastors’ support.


  28. Liz says:

    Thanks BV, I’d love to see your photos!
    I really like the ones you’ve posted. 🙂

    I used to post a lot pictures on my old debate forum, but I kind of regretted it later (when the internet became smaller…and smaller)
    I’m paranoid now, but there’s good reason to be paranoid I think.
    The photo is really small and hard to see here, I’d like to just post it, but then it would be out there and I worry about the doxing.

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  29. BuenaVista says:

    Chris Stevens was a very kind man. My gf at the time adored him and loved working for him. I met Smith, no opinion. I didn’t meet Doherty and Woods. My opinion is that our government abandoned them, which in that environment is really something else again.

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  30. BuenaVista says:

    Thx, LIzzie. As I expected. He’s probably about 6’2″ so you’re, what, 5’7-8″? Gator crop top FTW. Your boys must be as Greek gods.

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  31. BuenaVista says:

    Iowa State cheerleader, this week (playing big brother).


  32. Farm Boy says:

    These regulations exemplified everything wrong with the Obama administration

    The official told the Daily Caller, “Today, the Trump Administration announced its repeal of President Obama’s oppressive WOTUS regulation. For years, this rule has been used by government agencies to punish farmers and private land owners with out-of-control fines and imprisonment for simply working to protect or better their property. This is another promise kept for our farmers and ranchers as President Trump continues to remove crushing regulations from the American people.”

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  33. Ame says:

    ahhh, Liz! you are Mike ARE adorable! what a sweet pic!

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  34. BuenaVista says:

    “The official told the Daily Caller, “Today, the Trump Administration announced its repeal of President Obama’s oppressive WOTUS regulation.”

    This is a HUGE DEAL DID I SAY A HUGE DEAL for rural landowners. Men have lost their ground and gone to jail for mitigating spring flooding and August drought, by damming runoff.

    The Farm Boy missed his calling: he reminds me of a few of lanky men from my youth, smoking and ripping copy off the AP teletype and saying, “We got something here. Page 1 or 3?” (I’m sure I’m the only person here who knows how copy used to arrive at a newspaper. I’ll try to find a Youtube facsimile.)

    Obviously, one of them was my Dad. But they brought the copy to him. And Mark R., Catholic boy from Dubuque, before he moved on to WashDC. Micheal Tu, city editor, from Taiwan. And … no actually, Dad didn’t give a shit what went in the sports section. I think my love of tobacco and not being fat springs from being in a newsroom before and after school. I was either delivering papers or at swimming practice, and would walk downtown to have breakfast at the paper; my junior high was downtown. Every man in the room was a tough lanky guy with a brain and an ashtray on his desk.

    My boss in that newsroom was Johanna B. Rail thin. 70 years old. Her dead husband was an Olympic wrestler. You want tough, make the US Olympic wrestling team as a boy from Iowa. I wish I could publish all of their names. Anyway, Johanna smoked menthols and wrote obits and I sat next to her. One day I bugged out when the paper was on deadline waiting for me. Oh my goodness. No one talked to me for a week.

    Michael Tu gave me a handmade bamboo fishing rod he brought with him from China, and a few lures to use in the river that bifurcated our small town. He drove around every night memorizing the streets and neighborhoods of our small city. My Dad was the only man within 2000 miles who would hire a Chinese guy who spoke imperfect English with an accent, to be his city editor, and Michael knew it. He and his wife took care of us from time to time, because irregular home conditions etc. I never saw him without a necktie, and there were no bullshit typos or grammatical errors or incomprehensible paragraphs in the paper — as there are daily, now, in the Wall Street Journal. After Gannett bought the paper he went off to California.

    And oh man, when the press started up and the entire building began to shake. We would be done with our work and we’d walk down the back open stairs to the press room floor, the whole building moving, and everyone on the floor was a big man with a leather apron and fingers twice the size of ours. We had made another product for our town to consume, and they did so. This is the culture Gannett and American consumer culture killed.

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  35. BuenaVista says:

    Thank you, LIzzie. Take it down, now. AI.

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  36. BuenaVista says:

    This is the AP teletype I referred to. I’ts a relic, because you’ll notice there’s a mid-80’s computer terminal of some sort to the right. But the thing worked, so perhaps it was still in use, despite all the moving parts. When it fired up and started stamping paper, someone (like me) would rush in and see whats up and then distribute the copy.

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  37. BuenaVista says:

    The paper is historically correct: it’s soft and yellow. (I used to buy copy paper (in 11×8.5) from the paper to use to write my school papers. Dad made me pay for it. But it’s a wonderful working paper for anyone who writes, and I don’t know how to buy it now.)

    The blogger lifts the glass screen to better film the printing, but in real life, you let it print out and then RIP the yellow copy tape against the glass window, which was never lifted.

    Look at all those moving parts. They never failed. All newspapers were published with the benefit of that technology. Sorry, I’m not taking shit from countries that never invented the wheel, and that’s most of the world.

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  38. Farm Boy says:

    Perhaps he had inside info

    Ralph Blasey, the father of Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford, reportedly offered repeated support last fall to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after Ford made her unsubstantiated allegations against Kavanaugh.

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  39. Farm Boy says:

    2020 Dem Marianne Williamson Caught On Hot Mic Saying ‘Conservatives Are Nicer’ To Her Than The Left

    “What does it say that Fox News is nicer to me than the lefties are? What does it say that the conservatives are nicer to me?” she wondered

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  40. Farm Boy says:

    On July 10, a Marshals inspector contacted an air traffic controller at the St. Thomas airport whose number was provided by the Herald reporter, a document shows.
    That controller told the inspector that between June 2018 and November “she has seen Epstein get off the plane with young girls,” and recalled two specific times, “with the first being two girls who appeared to be eleven (11) to twelve (12) years old,” the report says. “Another time a girl looked to be” 16 to 18 years old, the report said.

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  41. Ame says:

    Farm Boy
    Clown Town

    It is will soon be illegal in California for both public and charter schools to suspend disruptive students from kindergarten through eighth grade

    Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday signed into law Senate Bill 419, which permanently prohibits willful defiance suspensions in grades four and five. It also bans such suspensions in grades six through eight for five years.

    i think i mentioned that my sister, who has been teaching elementary for 25 years, has never seen dumber or more disruptive kids – children throwing furniture, running all over the school, etc, and the teachers cannot discipline them.

    my friend and her husband retired after last year – 35 years teaching/coaching – b/c the kids were in-his-face disrespectful. they knew the letter of the law and took it right to the line, crossed it, and stared it down. the male principal was powerless b/c of who their parents were and social medial … and, though she didn’t say, i am guessing b/c of their nationality.

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  42. Farm Boy says:

    Thanks, Beto.

    “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,” he said, on television, on the Democratic Party debate stage, for all to hear and see.

    And with that, all the Democrats who’ve tried for years to deny the gun confiscation motives behind their gun control pushes went -noooooooooo

    It doesn’t get any clearer than that, does it?

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  43. Farm Boy says:

    Truck Circles Dem Debate With Searing Message: ‘Abortion Separates Children From Their Families’

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  44. Farm Boy says:

    Western Couple Travel to Middle East to Prove It ‘Gets a Bad Rap’ — End Up in Iranian Prison

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  45. Farm Boy says:

    Glorious Patriarch,

    What is happening on the Brexit front?


  46. Farm Boy says:

    PORTLAND, OR—LGBTQ+ activists are praising Spot, as Spot is the world’s first genderfluid dog. Spot came to the realization he’s genderfluid after his owner announced they would be going to the vet to get neutered.

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  47. b g says:

    Tucker has some hard thinking and a few laughs. He is probably the ‘Murican guy that I would most likely take fishing or hunting and share a campfire and a bottle with ;-D

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  48. Farm Boy says:

    This man wants to take your money and control your life


  49. Liz says:

    Puppy butt!

    That is all. Just, puppy butt.

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  50. Cheque d'Out says:

    How’s Brexit going?

    Treachery abounds and is increasing.
    Does Dominic Cummings have a master plan? (he’d be insane to tell us if/what)
    Does BloJo have the stones to use it?
    And exactly what the fuck does BloJo want in the first place?

    With the Squeaker of the House declaring legal war on BloJo in a speech last night, I think that any master plan is going to have to be pretty controversial and so we’re down to wondering;

    IF BloJo is looking for a clean Brexit (and nothing else will save him or his party come the next GE IMHO) can he sell his controversial way of getting there to the courts and to the voters?

    We are from from out of the woods and I have no ides where we’re headed.

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  51. Cheque d'Out says:

    Looking rather better this time

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  52. Cheque d'Out says:


  53. Cheque d'Out says:

    Remoaniac talking sock-puppet Femi gets lectured over the reality of Yellowhammer.

    Yellowhammer – A biased report created by remoaner civil servants to imagine the worst case scenario for no-deal Brexit (their smiles must have been ear to ear when they were asked to do this). The MSM here have been hysterically talking of it as if it were the reality rather than worst case as dreamt up by hysterical remoaniacs

    An enjoyable watch


  54. Cheque d'Out says:

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  55. Cheque d'Out says:

    I know that you won’t know about Ian Beale (and that’s alright)


  56. Cheque d'Out says:


  57. Liz says:

    Novaseeker, over at Dalrock’s:
    Honestly, we are at a nadir in terms of comments. It’s horrifically bad currently.

    I kind of wonder if people aren’t just punchdrunk going over the same stuff all the time?
    Deti suggested (earlier in the same thread) that the millennial influence has had an impact. I’m not so sure…From my experience back at my old forum, after years some of the Ents just tired of responding to the same material, and became a little “short” with newcomers (I was guilty of this, in hindsight). That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing Nova over here…wonder if he knows about Spawny’s space.

    At any rate, here is a joke for the morning:
    Q: Why doesn’t any man need more than one rooster?
    A: Because a cock a dude’ll do

    (you’re welcome, I’m here every Friday)

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  58. Liz says:

    Just thinking further….do they say cock-a-doodle-do to imitate roosters over the pond? I know Italians say eeekeeekeeekeeekeee or some such. If it’s different, that would ruin the punchline.

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  59. Cheque d'Out says:

    What sounds like ‘miaou’ is Thai for cat. Hope that helps.

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  60. Liz says:

    Then again, some of the participants are just shyte contributors.

    Real conversation elsewhere:
    Liz has no feminine anchor. None. Barely a mother in spirit. Notice how she pimps wahoo self righteously? It’s one thing for a single guy to dismiss children, bratty or else. But a woman…young or old…to have such little intuition and sympathy or love of interiority…is telling of her deep-intention malevolence.
    (snip)…liz and (snip) should hang out in a CBRF or nursing home for a workday. They’ve got another thing coming.
    Yo, liz, As 101 future primer for all y’all those-children-are-deplorable-restaurant-nuisances (you know who you are), live and piss and shit in your bed for 8 hrs and oh-so-please reserve the self-righteousness to consciously impugn the character of those (and their parents, lol, just to drive the hubris home) charged to clean y’alls asses. Good luck with that and the skin grafts.

    My response: “I’ve worked in nursing homes. I am a nurse”

    His response: “I am a nurse.”Beware a woman who tauts credentials as authority. Fairly warned. Women like her have something to prove.

    Good grief.

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  61. Liz says:

    (slaps fingers)
    Almost mitten season, just in time.

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  62. RichardP says:

    ”Beware a woman who tauts credentials as authority.

    Kind of in the same ballpark as beware a person who thinks chromosomes have anything to do with who they are.

    Should put them on the next moon launch – and let them pick who they would like to have sitting at the controls on the ground monitoring their progress. Wonder if they would pick anyone with credentials?

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  63. Liz says:

    True..but, well, I wasn’t actually touting my credentials.
    I was just answering “hahaha! Liz should spend one workday at a nursing home!”
    by explaining that (as a nurse) I’d worked in nursing homes.

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  64. Liz says:

    “The official told the Daily Caller, “Today, the Trump Administration announced its repeal of President Obama’s oppressive WOTUS regulation.”

    This is a HUGE DEAL DID I SAY A HUGE DEAL for rural landowners. Men have lost their ground and gone to jail for mitigating spring flooding and August drought, by damming runoff.

    I wonder if this would have helped those ranchers out in Oregon (the standoff years back).
    I just read Trump pardoned them last year (I didn’t know that…unless I forgot).
    He’s solving so many problems. Go Trump!

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  65. Cheque d'Out says:

    Liz FWIW I’d just ask the men in your life, and your sons in particular, for their customer feedback. My guess is that you’ll be alright with the reviews

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  66. Well, the guys go steady,

    ‘Cause it would be right,

    To leave your best girl home,

    On a Saturday night…

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  67. wouldn’t, it wouldn’t be right

    Damn it.


  68. “yo, you should try working in nursing homes for a day”

    “I have worked in nursing homes as a nurse”

    “oh, so now you a big time nursing home nurse and I should bow down to you? Huh, you should try trail running up mountains”

    “I trail run up mountains most days”

    “oh so now you a world champion mountain trail runner and I should bow down to you?”

    I’m getting to hate the internet.

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  69. BuenaVista says:

    The Oregon stand-off had to do with newly restricted grazing rights, compounded by a LEO shooting a rancher in the back (captured on film). Cliven Bundy was arrested along with his sons and others. I don’t know very much about it, but the Bundys have been populist activists at odds with FedGov hegemony over the majority of western ground. In 2016 the mounted what can only be described as a minor, domestic insurgency that recruited men from across the west.

    WOTUS was a move by Obama’s wingnut EPA director to regulate everything down to the ditches that line gravel roads, under the same umbrella the EPA uses to regulate the Mississippi River. Seriously, road ditches. This was an existential threat to both row-croppers and livestock operations. As a westerner now you can imagine the impact of jailing ranchers who build small ponds to collect water for cattle. Leftists always go after the kulaks.

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  70. BuenaVista says:

    It’s hard for me to imagine people losing their shit over something The Liz writes, truly.

    I get why I piss people off but I enjoy being provocative with a certain type of blowhard. (I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I’m banned from my two college boards, and I was very wired and active at the board level there.) I don’t pick up that vibe with T.L.

    While I think this is a tomcat, and not our favorite female feline, this is how I view the risk and threat of internet trolls v. The Liz.

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  71. BuenaVista says:

    Limbaugh has a woman on his show at the 1:40 mark right now who professes deep concern about the rollback of the Waters of the US (WOTUS) rulebook. I strongly suspect she’s a lying leftist spoofing, and I think Rush does too. She doesn’t realize he’s trolling her back. She says she’s a conservative who runs some sort of nonprofit to protect the environment.Ya, you betcha.

    (Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch published documents this week outlining how the Dems funded, organized and managed secret seminars to teach leftists how to call conservative talk radio and surreptitiously corrupt conservative thought. An InfoOp!)

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  72. BuenaVista says:

    The Farage clip clarified for me why he is so wary of Boris, whom he considers a Bamboozling Blowhard (I take it). Farage is a masterful retail politician, if that is a typical performance. Thanks, CdO.

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  73. Rush had been going over the history of seminar callers into his show this week after some Clinton library papers basically laid out the deal.

    Weird how they would go right back to it. I mean it would be weird for a rational person to do it.

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  74. BuenaVista says:

    How to make $15mm before you’re 21: Be like A.J. Epenesa, #94. He’ll be a pro in April.

    (For the non-football enthusiasts: The man A.J. is blowing up is typically the strongest, most-athletic offensive lineman, and 320 lbs is average for the position.)

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  75. BuenaVista says:

    Agreed, KHH. The caller even had the velvety tones of someone with a future in phone sex. And she had a perfect line — not the usual cellphone mess.

    There was a caller two days ago who had the same message on tone.

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  76. Pretty good talk and Q/A. He laughs maniacally a couple of times, but overall he just comes across as sincere.

    Bummed he gave a shout out to J.D. Vance. That guy is a fraud and a scumbag.

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  77. That left tackle got a tough row to hoe. Not really sure how he could do much better, besides getting lower and not giving ground so quickly to start. Hopefully they stuck a tight end out there to help with a double team. that must have been one long effing game for the tackle.


  78. BuenaVista says:

    A.J. is a generational talent. He went to Iowa instead of someplace like OSU or Alabama because Iowa took his Dad back in the ’80s. They’re Samoan, more recently Edwardsville, Illinois. He’ll be doubled or even tripled all day tomorrow. It being Iowa, where we wait our turn, this is the first year he’s started, though as a backup last year he was All Big Ten. He never complained once.

    Good game tonight, KHH. WashState v. Houston. Mike Leach, imo, is the most influential football thinker of the past 40 years; Dana Holgersen coaches Houston, and Dana’s first coaching job was for Leach at Iowa Wesleyan, a very, very modest little school in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. (The head coach at Wesleyan then was Hal Mumme, but he keeps getting fired, but Leach has taken Mumme’s ideas and now every high school and 80% of colleges use his system.) A.J.s Dad played two years for Wesleyan straight out of Polynesia before he walked-on at Iowa to play for Hayden Fry. So life is a circle game, as noted Canadian philosopher Joni Mitchell articulates so well.

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  79. Liz says:

    I was reading a book called, “The Husband’s Secret” (it was mentioned in Save the Cat, how to write a novel, so I thought I’d give it a look.
    I had to stop reading when one of the characters in the book sold some multilevel marketing product (tupperware or something) and “made even more than her husband who is an engineer!” (female author, obviously).
    Thanks for the compliment, BV.
    I’d like to think I deserve it but I can be pretty snarky from time to time. Just hasn’t happened too much lately. 😆

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  80. Seems like the Bee took the Libertarian’s challenge “to make your own X” as concerns the once peerless the Onion. The Onion is rotten now, but once upon time kids it was was freaking beautiful.

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  81. Liz says:

    Maybe I should start a MLM designed to block other MLMs. The seller would be obligated by contract to block all other MLMs as a condition for buying into this MLM scheme. For a small fee, maybe 50 dollars. The product itself is an irrelevancy…the hook is that any dealer is now exempt from buying anything from any other MLM distributors. For someone who is around this stuff all the time, 50 dollars is extraordinary savings. No more getting suckered into attending or hosting parties, no more anything, just “Oh, I’m sorry, as a condition of my home business I’m not allowed to participate. Don’t want to get sued tee hee!”

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  82. Liz says:

    Have I ever mentioned how much I detest MLMs? About a third as much as I detest Gillibrand. And that’s a LOT.

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  83. Cheque d'Out says:

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  84. Cheque d'Out says:

    I wouldn’t take Nigel’s views as gospel, I think he’s a bit too sceptical. But notice he doesn’t burn bridges with Boris. Nigel needs to keep the hounds on Boris to prevent backsliding, while also making the offer of a pact.

    A GE cannot now happen before Boris’ do or die leaving date, 31/10. So really it’s all now down to Boris. All Cummings’ cunning tricks aside, Boris probably can get a shit deal through parliament. Laba and Tory remainers could probably deliver that. But the country is a different matter. Deal or no deal a GE is impending. Boris and the Tories will be hammered without a solid brexit.
    Laba is going to be hammered outside the metro bubble, in its old heartlands up north either way. Jezza is a complete liability but when he goes he’ll be replaced by a female faced sock puppet of the hard left…so no real change will be achieved by binning Jezza. Shame etc.

    If Cummings pulls a fast one then Boris has to counter the inevitable MSM screams of foul. Can he? Will he? Don’t know…

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  85. Cheque d'Out says:

    Nigel gave another good speech tonight, I hear. I’ll post it if I see it tomorrow.

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  86. Cill says:

    I carried a heavy load into my woman’s house this morning, and had to step aside to let her pass through the door.

    “The one with the burden should always have the right of way”, I said.

    “I am the burden”, she replied.

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  87. Farm Boy says:

    Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a Democratic presidential candidate, argued that his support for “democratic socialism” is not the same as the form of socialism that the government has imposed in countries such as Venezuela and Cuba.


  88. Farm Boy says:

    On Wednesday, a transgender barista booted a young conservative woman from a coffee shop in Lincoln, Neb., attacking her for her political principles. The coffee shop later apologized to the conservative woman and fired the impolite barista — in a move the barista interpreted as evidence of discrimination against transgender people.

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  89. Farm Boy says:

    UFO expert claimed to have spotted a massive alien base capable of housing an entire fleet on Jupiter’s moon Europa. The expert came across the image of the alien base after going through a NASA photo.


  90. Farm Boy says:

    HOUSTON, TX—Debates can be tough, what with all the attempting not to say anything nonsensical and standing there and trying not to fall apart. Last night’s ABC debate in Houston was particularly brutal for Joe Biden.

    “None shall pass me in the polls,” he declared early on, confident in his ability to keep himself together, literally. Despite his opponents warning him that they weren’t going to go easy, he wouldn’t back down. Finally, after he was asked about healthcare, the duct tape gave way and Joe Biden’s left arm tumbled to the floor.

    “Stand aside, Joe,” said Elizabeth Warren. But Biden continued to fight, and several moments later his right arm fell off.

    “Victory is mine!” said Pete Buttigieg. But as he began to pray, thanking God for allowing a good Christian man such as himself to triumph, Biden started kicking him.

    “Had enough, eh?” said Biden. The other candidates urged him to give up, but he insisted that it was “just a flesh wound.”

    “What are you doing to do, bleed on me?” asked Kamala Harris, which she regretted after Joe’s eye exploded in a spurt of blood all over her nice dress suit.

    Of course, his other two limbs soon followed, and Biden sat there, a stump on the stage. “Alright, we’ll call it a draw,” Biden conceded. He then began taunting his opponents, saying they were too scared to face a strong, intimidating candidate such as himself.

    “I’ll bite your legs off!”

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  91. BuenaVista says:

    Wasn’t the north of England militantly anti-Thatcher? (My information is ultra-scientific in origin: the guy I hired to handle England was the grandson of of a miner.) So it’s fascinating that the north is punting on the Labor party. Apologies if my premise is cockeyed.

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  92. BuenaVista says:

    I think The Cill is about to have a baby. Best wishes.

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  93. Cheque d'Out says:

    Harry and Sparkles going well?

    HMQ being, of course, Her Madge Queenie


  94. Cheque d'Out says:

    You’re dead right. The North is virulently anti-Thatcher and so anti-Tory too.

    Laba’s immigration flood (not stopped by the Tories) has been hard on northern communities and jobs. So they’ve now realised that labour is no longer for the working class. It’s the party for the benefits class run by Quislingtonian metro-luvvies in the nice parts of London.

    This is where a leaver party like Nigel’s, that isn’t tory, might just win where the Tories can’t. Obviously better if the Tories up there step down in BXP’s favour.

    A deal based on this could be very helpful to the leave cause. But the Tories aren’t buying it, at least not ostensibly…yet.

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  95. Ame says:

    saw this on someone’s fb page today:

    Donnie Mills
    August 29 at 3:01 PM
    Red Flag laws?

    This IS the way it will happen. It already has in a few states…

    Red Flag Laws. Here’s what will happen…

    It’s a Sunday night and your family has all gone to bed. You let the dogs back in and lock the deadbolt like you do every night. All the lights are off now except a couple of night lights scattered throughout the house leaving that dim glow throughout your home. It’s bedtime and work and school are going to come early in the morning. You crawl in bed, kiss your wife and drift off to sleep being thankful for the air conditioning that allows you to pull that heavy quilt up over your shoulder despite the fact it’s still 85 degrees outside. A few hours pass…

    0200 Monday morning and your wife taps your leg and says, “baby I heard something outside”. As you sit up in bed you hear the dog growling in the living room and you know something isn’t right. You grab that trusty ole 870 and head into the living room. Your wife grabs her 9mm and heads down the hall to the kids rooms just like you have rehearsed. “Good boy” you say as you enter the living room, trying to calm both the dog and your wife just as splinters fly across the room and the front door flys open. “Oh shit!” As you shoulder your weapon and send a load of 00 Buck across your living room and see the perpetrator fall in a heap. Before the “thank God” can even run across your brain, you see a second man coming in the door and you fire again. This time you hear the pop of your wife’s 9mm as she has joined in the fight. It has to be those damn meth heads from down in town! Just then you are consumed by a wall of bullets as you see multiple muzzle flashes from just outside the door and you realize something isn’t right. You turn to yell at your wife to “get down” just in time to see her take a load of buckshot to the face and her brain matter splatter the wall behind her. You feel the burning as 5.56 bullets Riddle your body. One clips your spine as you’re scrambling away and paralyzes your lower body. The last thing you see before you bleed out is a SWAT guy from your local PD holding your teenage daughter on the floor with a knee in her back as she screams and cry’s because she just watched her parents being murdered.

    Why did this happen? You’re no criminal. You’re a Conservative and an honest family man. Your wife is a school teacher and your daughters are on honor roll. Why did this happen?

    Well two days ago, you and your wife went down to welcome the new neighbors to the community. Your wife made them some of her “world famous” cookies and you invited them to church on Sunday. Later that afternoon, you got a friend request on Facebook from your new neighbor, which you gladly accepted. They seemed a little odd, but in the few minutes you talked they were pleasant enough. The next day while you and your family sat in church, your new neighbor scrolled through your Facebook profile. He saw that “Trump 2020” post and got infuriated. See, he’s a staunch liberal and he hates your kind. The next thing he sees are the hunting pictures you took last fall when your daughter bagged her first buck. Now he’s seething with fury because he is wholeheartedly against the “slaughter of innocent animals”. Next he sees your post from the last range day with your buddy and sees those scary black assault weapons on the table and that does it! He has to do something about the racist domestic terrorist living next door. He picks up the phone, calls the local Sheriffs Office and reports you as a threat under the new Red Flag law. The SO follows their SOP’s and conducts a no knock warrant because you have now been denied due process and you are considered guilty until proven innocent.

    Now you, your lovely wife and two deputies have been killed for nothing. Your daughter will have absolute hell for the rest of her life. She will never be that successful person you dreamed for her to be because of the mental tragedy caused from seeing her parents murdered. The local news paper will report that you were killed after firing on and killing two deputies and that “over a thousand rounds of ammo and 22 guns were confiscated from your residence”.

    Oh, those two deputies were just following orders. They left behind families as well and had served their community for over a decade. They didn’t know you were a stand-up guy with a great family. They weren’t allowed time to investigate things under due process. They were told you had threatened your neighbor and were out in the street waving an AR15 around.

    This is the reality of Red Flag gun laws. Innocent people will lose their lives. Red Flag laws will be used for petty and vengeful reasons without merit.

    Do not forget that ALL gun laws are an infringement of your rights!


  96. Cheque d'Out says:

    Full moon. Friday the thirteenth.

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  97. Cheque d'Out says:

    Fantastic film. With Jenny Agutter too (Logan’s Run, Walkabout)


  98. Farm Boy says:

    Future of Feminism

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  99. Cheque d'Out says:

    ”(Have I ever mentioned how much I detest MLMs? About a third as much as I detest Gillibrand.) And that’s a LOT.”
    I, for one, do not consider this to be news.

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  100. Farm Boy says:

    Former pro football player accused of staging racially-motivated burglary
    Edawn Coughman is facing multiple charges stemming from a burglary call in which officers found racial slurs and pro-Trump slogans scrawled on the walls.


  101. Farm Boy says:

    Former vice president Joe Biden said during Thursday’s Democratic primary debate that “nobody should be in jail for a nonviolent crime.”


  102. Farm Boy says:

    It would seem that Joe is still Vice President

    Next debate he will be Groot

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  103. Farm Boy says:

    TBH, I didn’t know that women’s pro soccer was a thing

    Fans at a National Women’s Soccer League game rained down boos during a U.S. Armed Forces swearing-in ceremony Wednesday after the enlistees were asked to pledge they would obey the orders of President Trump.

    The ceremony took place at Providence Park in Portland, Ore.


  104. Farm Boy says:

    How many out there excited by the thought of watching lesbians kick a ball around?


  105. Ame says:

    another mlm irritating story … a friend posted on fb how she prepared this bible study to teach, and the emotion of it had her weeping. then, when she taught it, the women were weeping. apparently it was about the burial of Jesus. then she posted a pick with her mlm brand of essential oils on top of an open bible – to sell the oils used in the burial of Jesus … b/c … bible study.


    but i was a responsible adult and ignored it. no need to pick a fight b/c i was ‘offended!’ lol!

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  106. Cheque d'Out says:

    Nobody is. Except for their families

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  107. horsemanbombadil says:

    When Tim Poole, neutral reporter extrordinaire, calls you evil you know you fucked up.

    Beto calling for banks, cc companies to stop gun transactions because big tech can do what the supreme courts wont. Y’all still want a cashless society?

    Beyond totalitarian

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  108. horsemanbombadil says:

    P.s. election called wednesday, had our first leaders debate yesterday. Guess who didnt show up

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  109. RichardP says:

    We just celebrated the 18th Anniversary of 9/11.

    Yesterday, AG Barr did something – in support of a lawsuit re. 9/11 that has been on-going since 2003. I had no idea this was still going on until someone brought this to my attention.. Justice really should be more swift than this.

    From here:

    I’m copying from the article and re-arranging the order a bit:

    The suit, filed in 2003 in federal court in New York, has gained some traction recently.

    A 2016 law permits foreign governments to be held liable in American courts for acts of terrorism. And a judge last year rejected a Saudi request to dismiss the case and instead ordered discovery into whether the government had a role in the attacks.

    The U.S. said Thursday [9-12-19] that it will disclose the name of a Saudi citizen sought by lawyers for victims of the Sept. 11 attacks who want to link the kingdom to the terrorist plot.

    Attorney General William Barr had the option of invoking a “state secrets” privilege to withhold the release of the name, which lawyers for survivors and victims’ relatives believe belongs to a Saudi government official who they say assigned two men in California to assist two of the hijackers.

    The person’s name was redacted in a 2012 FBI report suggesting that the FBI had been investigating three people in connection with aid to the hijackers. Those include two men whose names have already been released who were thought to have assisted two of the hijackers, and a third who tasked them with doing so.


  110. RichardP says:


    I guess that’s better than being frankincesed or myrhhed

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  111. Farm Boy says:

    A surge in “chemsex” parties, where people spend days getting high on drugs and having sex with scores of partners, is re-fuelling epidemics of HIV among gay men in European towns and cities, doctors


  112. Farm Boy says:

    “This is the face of socialism and ignorance,” the ad begins while showing Ocasio-Cortez’s face bursting into flames. “Does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez know the horror of socialism? My father was minutes from death in Cambodia before a forced marriage saved his life. That’s socialism — forced obedience, starvation.”

    “Mine is a face of freedom. My skin is not white. I’m not outrageous, racist, nor a socialist,” Heng continued. “I’m a Republican.”


  113. Ame says:


    I guess that’s better than being frankincesed or myrhhed


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  114. Ame says:

    Farm Boy

    A surge in “chemsex” parties, where people spend days getting high on drugs and having sex with scores of partners, is re-fuelling epidemics of HIV among gay men in European towns and cities, doctors

    ummm … duh.



    The union that represents professional women’s player in Sweden was shocked to learn Friday that the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation decided to cancel the upcoming Four Nations Cup. And there’s a good reason for that, according to Klara Stenberg, who is responsible for women players at the Swedish players’ association.

    So professional women’s hockey is a thing. Who knew?


  116. AOC has just asked the the FBI to investigate why Friday the 13th is always on a Friday.

    [Also curious that it always comes on the 13th it does]

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  117. Farm Boy says:

    So we learned that there was professional women’s soccer and hockey on Friday the 13th.

    What will come next?

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  118. Farm Boy says:

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) great-great-great grandfather Jonathan Crawford served in Major William Lauderdale’s Battalion of Tennessee Volunteer Militia from November 1837 to May 1838, a six month time period during which it fought two battles in Florida against the Seminoles.

    In heap big trouble she is.

    Remember, white people are responsible for the sins of their ancestors

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  119. Liz says:

    “The one with the burden should always have the right of way”, I said.
    “I am the burden”, she replied.

    M isn’t just pretty, she’s clever! 🙂

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  120. Liz says:

    How many out there excited by the thought of watching lesbians kick a ball around?

    Depends. Are they also being chased by wild dogs?

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  121. jg1 says:

    Gosh, Dalrock;s blog is truly at a low point. The Vox Day cultists have commandeered the blog and now it has broken into factions. I have decided never to go there again. The arrogance and the gaul of these ultra pious tradcons are ruining it for everybody else. They are looking more like feminists in drag, It is utterly disgusting….

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  122. Liz says:

    It could be that your only purpose in life is to serve as awarning to others.

    (This is just a test to see how this e card looks when posted, I’m considering sending it to someone)

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  123. Liz says:

    Okay, I guess that’s not gonna work….


  124. Liz says:

    If someone used an alias and entered Dalrock’s as a troll, it might be unifying for them. It would have to be a sophisticated troll though….not like a bot.
    IB was the great unifier. Everyone pretty much agreed to throw brickbats while she battled her imagined metaphorical windmills.

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  125. Cheque d'Out says:

    Includes Nigel’s speech last night. Starts with his deputy Richard Tice who is also good.

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  126. Cheque d'Out says:

    [A smug pig it would be]

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  127. Cheque d'Out says:

    “Depends. Are they also being chased by wild dogs?”

    Thank goodness that Liz is here to think outside the box

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  128. I wouldn’t feed bad clams to wild dogs. That’s animal abuse that is.

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  129. Liz says:

    that is a good point, KH. 😆

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  130. Farm Boy says:

    Would you pay to watch lesbians in a boat?
    Would you pay to watch lesbians with a goat?

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  131. Cheque d'Out says:

    “From 9am -12pm next Wednesday the European Parliament will hold a big debate on the Brexit process. Curiously, the largest party in the Parliament has been allocated just one minute of the three hours of speaking time”

    And which is the largest party in the EU parliament? Oh yes. Nigel’s Brexit Party. You couldn’t make it up, EU democracy in action

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  132. Farm Boy says:

    Maybe they should be chased by wild boars. Would that fix the problem?


  133. Farm Boy says:

    And while being chased, would they still have to kick the ball?

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  134. Farm Boy says:

    Writing the phrase “marriage is between one man and one woman” on a whiteboard, for example, could constitute bias-motivated discrimination at the Jesuit institution.


  135. Farm Boy says:

    Cheap energy is freedom.
    Which is why our betters don’t want us to have it. The global warmings scam is simply a power play on a global scale.

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  136. Farm Boy says:

    Radar reports people have been enjoying drones, fireworks, video games, plastic straws, saturated fats, milk, rain water, hunting rifles, free speech, the Second Amendment, plastic bags, and feeding homeless people. These and many other dangerous freedoms were quickly targeted by lawmakers.

    “It’s amazing when I look at this printout every morning and notice how much freedom there still is out there despite our best efforts,” said one congressman. “There is much work to be done.”

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  137. Liz says:

    Maybe they should be chased by wild boars. Would that fix the problem?
    Bores chased by boars.
    Now THAT I would pay to see.

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  138. Liz says:

    …is that wrong? 😆


  139. Farm Boy says:

    Brexit risks dinosaur attacks in London,
    warns Brussels-funded CBI.

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  140. Farm Boy says:

    If Brexit cuts off outside food supplies, there would seem to be lots of dinosaur meat to eat.

    It tastes like chicken

    One could have a communal cooking on Guy Fawkes day. The timing might be right

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  141. Farm Boy says:

    After looking through her phone, police suspected she was not being truthful about the encounter and continued to investigate. They determined she had lied and arrested her for falsely reporting a felony crime.

    The Kansas City Star did everything it could to report the story in a way favorable to the female accuser, including placing the misleading claim that only 2%-8% of rape accusations are false immediately under the paragraph explaining the woman was arrested. The study has been widely used to insist that women don’t lie about rape, even though the study’s percentages refer to accusations that were proven false. It is nearly impossible to prove a negative, so of course this number is low. An equally small percentage of rape reports result in a guilty finding before a jury, so using the same misleading method, one could say an equally small number of rape reports are true.

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  142. Farm Boy says:

    Agarwal told the Herald that the lower bar for women was expected to increase female participation in the programs by 10%. She also emphasized that even though the entry bar was lowered, women would still have to complete the programs just as men do.

    “The decision would not lower the quality of the graduates,” she told the outlet. “I really cannot stress this enough – we are not taking people who don’t deserve to be here.”

    If women require a lower score to get into the programs, however, it would only be a matter of time before program standards are lowered for them as well. Once women struggle to complete the degree, will the university accept that women generally just aren’t that interested in STEM fields?

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  143. Farm Boy says:

    As Media Matters noted, despite not saying the word “abortion” (or even its politically palatable euphemisms, “women’s health care” or “reproductive choice”), the candidates did manage to mention The Day After Tomorrow, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s hair, and “17th century philosopher Søren Kierkegaard.” Also, penguins….

    In addition to the lengthy discussion about health care, there were plenty of opportunities to make sure abortion, and reproductive rights more generally, were part of the conversation. Abortion is a racial justice issue. It’s an economic issue. It’s a Civil Rights issue. People who risk their lives every day to provide abortions will tell you it sure as hell is a gun control issue. It’s an immigration issue. If, like Joe Biden, you’re going to tell a live TV audience that the most important thing in life is family, you better be ready, willing, and able to talk about family planning.

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  144. Farm Boy says:

    talk about family planning.

    Is family planning so hard that the government has to get involved?

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  145. RichardP says:

    Is family planning so hard

    “Hard” is not the relvant word. “I didn’t know” is the relevant phrase.

    Looking at how many kids are in the foster care system of each state is an eye-opener. And who is paying for all of that?

    If I’m going to pay for the outcomes of your behavior, shouldn’t I have some control over your behavior?

    History shows that folks poor in finances, health, intelligence are expensive. They tend to burn the palace down. If we are not going to just shoot them, then we need to have some say in how they behave – in order to keep the expense of them as low as possible. The education provided through family planning is one of the pieces of that effort. Being run by humans, all efforts to mitigate the effects of people poor in finances,health, and intelligence will be faulty. But the only other serious alternative is to just shoot them. (And yes, this is an oversimplification.)

    Your choice.


  146. Farm Boy says:

    Of course “family planning” is mostly a euphemism for abortion

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  147. Farm Boy says:

    “I’ve decided I am changing my pronouns to THEY/THEM after a lifetime of being at war with my gender I’ve decided to embrace myself for who I am, inside and out,” Smith’s post begins. “I’m so excited and privileged to be surrounded by people that support me in this decision but I’ve been very nervous about announcing this because I care too much about what people think but f**k it! I understand there will be many mistakes and misgendering but all I ask is you please please try. I hope you can see me like I see myself now.”


  148. Farm Boy says:

    If you want to be identified as they/them, does that mean that there are multiple of you?


  149. Farm Boy says:

    ‘Their ideology becomes a religion,’ she wrote of the feminists who started a witch-hunt against her. ‘Anyone who doesn’t puppet their views is seen as an apostate, a heretic, a traitor, and moderates in the middle are annihilated.’

    It was the coolest, most lethal response yet heard to these hideously over-heated times. I only wish that Atwood would tell her fans that she is not writing, primarily at least, about the way that Trump’s America could go in the future, but about how things are right now for females in repressive Islamic societies. We are so blessed compared to them. To don a red dress and white bonnet, to pretend their suffering is ours, to talk of tyranny, is the most appalling moral vanity.


  150. Liz says:

    “I’ve decided I am changing my pronouns to THEY/THEM after a lifetime of being at war with my gender I’ve decided to embrace myself for who I am, inside and out,” Smith’s post begins. “I’m so excited and privileged to be surrounded by people that support me in this decision but I’ve been very nervous about announcing this because I care too much about what people think but f**k it! I understand there will be many mistakes and misgendering but all I ask is you please please try. I hope you can see me like I see myself now.”

    He used the word “I” eleven times in the above paragraph to explain how he is going to use the plural form. I’m so confused. But maybe not as confused as he is “they are”.
    What’s wrong with “it”? At least it’s singular.
    Or the second person, such as “you went to the store”, “you noticed everyone was staring at you for being a freak”, “hated it, you did”.

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  151. Farm Boy says:

    BBC Tells Kids ‘People Can Go to Prison’ For Disrespecting ‘More Than 100’ Gender Identities

    Joe Biden says that nonviolent criminals should not be in jail. This would seem to be non-violent

    But then again, so did Tommy Robinson


  152. Farm Boy says:

    How about “this thingamabob”?

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  153. Farm Boy says:

    Gratuitous images

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  154. Farm Boy says:

    Famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) computer scientist Richard Stallman is under fire after a leaked email thread showed him defending an associate of the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, claiming that his alleged victims were “entirely willing.”


  155. Would you could you
    With your fist?
    With your fist
    Up to your wrist?

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  156. Wild Boars?

    Duran Duran, 1984

    Don’t mind their accents, it’s definitely “boars.”


  157. Farm Boy says:

    Journalistic codes of conduct, rules, and ethics were set aside in service of a plan to destroy the Trump presidency. Foul language was excused as speaking truth to power; bullying and harassment were considered acts of courage.

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  158. Cheque d'Out says:


  159. Cheque d'Out says:

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  160. Cheque d'Out says:

    Should be an entertaining listen

    Brendan is an old left Brexiteer and Starkey always brings the fireworks.

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  161. Cheque d'Out says:

    On a lighter note

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  162. RichardP says:

    @FB said: Is family planning so hard

    @FB said: Of course “family planning” is mostly a euphemism for abortion

    I was responding to your first statement. Your second statement changed the meaning of your first statement to this:

    is abortion so hard

    I’m assuming that wasn’t really what you meant to say with your first statement.

    “Family planning mostly equals abortion” may be a meme for those who don’t know better. But those actually working in the trenches know from personal exposure just how little many women know about their bodies and the reproductive process (from getting pregnant to eating correctly while pregnant to feeding the baby healthy foods).

    My wife is an OB/GYN nurse. She has dealt with these ladies one on one for many years.


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