Up Your Game

PUA’s and Game have been at a little bit mainstream for a decade now.  Stuff has soaked in.  Has there been a reaction to men trying to employ game?

According to anecdotes floating around the web, game is not as effective as it once was.  Word has spread to women, and they are on the lookout.

So what is the result?  The short answer — if your game is poor, it will be ineffective these days.  Perhaps in times past, it might have worked, but it is mockable now.  As we all know, women on the prowl, thinking they have all the power, do like to mock.

So what precisely is/was the problem.  I am thinking that much of it comes from incongruity; that is, a fella implements some game concepts, but they are not at all what he really is inside.  Women can sense the disconnect if they are looking for it, and often even when they are not.  For example, a fella might act cooly confident, but in real-life he is anything but.  Little incongruities can tip one off.  Or a fella will try too hard, over-doing what ever technique he implementing, something one who is “real” would never do.  In short – you have to be good.

How might one find success thes days.  The first rule is to stay within yourself.   Or at least mostly stay within yourself.  Implement techniques that play to your already present strengths.  Tweak them, improve them.  Don’t provide tells.

It is probably true that this will result in less strong game,  meaning less visible / less extravagant game. However, it could lead to more effective game.

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  1. earl says:

    ‘For example, a fella might act cooly confident, but in real-life he is anything but.’

    It’s easy to act it…the real test is when adversity comes.

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  2. Liz says:

    I kind of wonder about the specifics when people say a behavior that once worked doesn’t anymore. I don’t doubt this can happen, but is it possible there are other variables involved? I’d have to know the context.


  3. Farm Boy says:

    Supposedly women are now on the lookout for game techniques.

    If they are implemented poorly, they will be detected, and as such, are a real negative


  4. Ame says:

    interesting experience today … called our Homeowners Warranty service … and the girl whom i talked to asked permission to call me Mrs. [Last Name].

    so … i guess it could be offensive to call a married woman Mrs. [Last Name]? (we had already established i was my husband’s wife as the name on the acct is his.)

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  5. b g says:


    When we were young there seemed like a possibility that our country would divide, not the historical difficulties with our French Canadian province, but with the western provinces being pillaged by the more populated eastern provinces. Our historical parties were tits useless, much like your Democrats and the Rinos. A new party was trying to form, its program seemed reasonable, and the leader was coming to talk to our little city.

    The problem was I was going into the bush at the time of the meeting, so I asked my wife to go and see if the leader was as he described or as the media perceived him. When I got back she just handed me my membership, we were amongst.the first hundred Reform members. She just said that sure, he looks a bit goofy, but he speaks well, and his wife loves and trusts him ;-D

    When she got her first letters from the party she was addressed as Ms. She phoned Sandra, the leader’s wife, and that was corrected by the next letter. She was gentle and kind soul, but you really did not want to stupidly make her angry ;-D

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  6. Ame says:

    She was gentle and kind soul, but you really did not want to stupidly make her angry ;-D


    my Husband and kids would probably say the same about me. i have endless patience, till i don’t!

    i remember when “Ms” was introduced … didn’t like it then; don’t like it now.

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  7. b g says:

    Well, she only ever publicly more than held her ground on that nonsense was when Ms Strongitharm, her self-identified “elderperson” , addressed my wife as not only as Ms. but a Fisher. She said I am a happily married woman, your problems are yours. And do I look like a 115 pound bloody weasel? If fisherman offends you so much try angler, female anglers have been around for centuries.

    The local group around laughed, the guys tended to grin, while the girls just looked at each other and giggled. It is a redneck town and the people still smile about that day when my quiet wife spoke her mind . Stronghitharm was not re-elected. Identify yourself as Mrs., your daughters will probably do the same ;-D

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  8. b g says:

    LOL, I should at least tell the context. We were fishing in a derby, the prize for the biggest Coho was a thousand bucks. We went fishing, I caught a seven plus pound fish and this was June. This is a big fish for June but Stronghtitarm announced that there was already a bigger Coho there so we didn’t care much. But when we showed up the biggest fish was less than an ounce larger and weight loses weight over time. The Elderperson’s inability to use metric weights basically lost us first place, five hundred dollars about thirty dollars ago, that was a lot of money back in tough times. My wife was always a very kind and gentle soul ;-D

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  9. Ame says:

    My wife was always a very kind and gentle soul ;-D

    i love how you always say that about her … that is so very beautiful. what a powerful legacy. i think i’ll get the ‘very kind’ … but my kids might say i’m more of a ‘tough’ soul than ‘gentle.’ idk. i’ll have to ask them 🙂

    my Husband would probably say i’m a ‘gentle soul’ unless you mess w/my babies! lol! then i turn into another beast all-together 🙂


  10. h0neyc0mb says:

    An Alaskan Women’s Shelter Is Sued for Turning Away a ‘Man in a Nightgown’

    Sue’em everyday they refuse a man wo-man from gaining access for the night. There should be a line of men wo-men every-night attempting to gain access!

    As a side bar ..
    They destroyed male athletics with Title IX. Time to destroy the free money our Gov spends on th wimminz. Either have equal funding and services for all or take’em all equally.

    They’re (these sjw’s) the first to claim you violated someone’s right to be called a pro-noun of their chosing .. but also the first to deny men wo-men their right to use your facilities.

    Which they (th wimminz / sjw’s) cheer when a cake maker gets sued for using a higher moral standard than you’ll ever develop.

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  11. Liz says:

    You know that old joke about asking the wife to pass the salt, and it comes out, “you bitch you ruined my life”?
    It’s never about the salt. Or putting the cap on the toothpaste right. Or whatever.
    I suspect pickup is a lot like that. It probably gets very old over time, and I can’t imagine the boredom/anger or whatever can be hidden easily. Micro-expressions give it away.
    Humans are social animals.
    Maybe that’s part of the reason game stops working?

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  12. Liz says:

    I also believe there’s a lot of overthinking in “those spheres” that can kind of be counterproductive. For example, one guy might say, “I love woodworking projects, but I don’t want to make furniture because that will turn me into a beta bux…”
    It’s kind of absurd. PUAs seem to think about game 24/7, which, again, isn’t likely to be organic/authentic.
    This is true of other advice as well. When I read about #dancelikeadad I think the brunt of the anger has more to do with the build-up to this (men disrespected and ridiculed) than the actual theme. Kind of like the salt joke above.
    Mike hams it up all the time. He and the boys have a lot of fun together, it’s not “game face” all the time….and we’d be far less close as a family if that were the case.
    But people see this, some internalize the advice and believe fun is weakness and clownishness. And I think that’s a mistake.
    Anyway, [/rant]

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  13. BuenaVista says:

    He didn’t need a manual to be a man. Happy Saturday.


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  14. Horsemanbombadil says:

    It’s all a fucking game (small g).
    Everyone just wants what they want when they want it.

    I’m horny, I need someone to give it to me
    I need money, I need someone to give it to me
    I need something to do, I need someone to entertain me
    I’m pissed off, I need someone to yell at

    Everyone is pretending, or strutting, or mocking or faking.

    No one wants to try
    No one wants to accept
    No one wants to think

    Why it doesn’t matter. Why failure is baked in at this point.

    Those of us who do and can will. For ourselves, by ourselves.


  15. BuenaVista says:

    Forget it. No more pics.


  16. Liz says:

    Happy Saturday!
    Making pasta salad for a high school football bbq this afternoon. 🙂


  17. Horsemanbombadil says:

    “Gee you’re so lucky, I wish I could, I wish I had”

    No gamer
    My assets are the earnings (not reward) of years of work
    My abilities are years of honing my skills

    It takes 5,000 hours to master a skill.
    Learn, practice, fail, practice, retry, practice, improve, practice criticize, practice

    Wanna earn a half million?
    Set aside $350 a week for 28 years. Do the math. Not counting interest.
    Thats 4 hours a workday at a minimum wage second job.
    Most of you watch tv that much.

    Its not rocket science.
    But its not a game.

    That it is not common knowledge is why we are doomed.

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  18. Liz says:

    I always liked this video. 🙂


  19. Horsemanbombadil says:

    “Work from sunup to sunset”
    6 am to 6 pm

    How it was until recently.

    Work those 4 extra hours and you get $150,000 a decade at minimum wage.
    Tradesman overtime as time and a half on 25 an hour….375,000 a decade.

    Aint fucking hard.



  20. Horsemanbombadil says:

    Yeah yeah preaching to the choir

    P.s. Git offa my lawn!!

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  21. jg1 says:

    I think this is why MGTOW will continue to go grow…


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  22. Horsemanbombadil says:



    Straight up dude.


  23. Horsemanbombadil says:


    You know that old joke about asking the wife to pass the salt, and it comes out, “you bitch you ruined my life”?

    Nope. You ruined your life by your choices. She/he was just the enabler.


  24. Liz says:

    I think this is why MGTOW will continue to go grow…

    She looks a lot like Brie Larson. And that’s not where the commonality ends.

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  25. Adam says:

    She has a mouth like a cat’s arsehole.

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  26. Farm Boy says:

    “John Doe,” a former assistant professor of economics, not only claims that the Christian university ignored evidence that contradicted his student accuser, a former lover. He says female professors are tacitly allowed to date students in violation of school policies, to the point where some have married their male students.


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  27. Horsemanbombadil says:

    What you can do when you have some competence.

    Thats a 60k+ machine

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  28. Farm Boy says:

    Writing in the California Law Review, Gersen and her husband Jacob argued that the creation of a “sex bureaucracy,” as the title of that article christened the system of administrative oversight of student sex lives [during the Obama administration as a result of the “Dear Colleague” letter], entailed “the enlargement of bureaucratic regulation of sexual conduct that is voluntary, non-harassing, nonviolent, and does not harm others.” The Gersens go on to note that “watered-down notions of nonconsent” embedded into regulation allowed “ambivalent, undesirable, unpleasant, unsober, or regretted sexual encounters to meet the standard.” The system thus “will investigate and discipline sexual conduct that women and men experience as consensual (if nonideal) sex.” The conduct deemed illegal, the Gersens wrote, “plausibly covers almost all sex students are having today.”



  29. Cheque d'Out says:

    No spoilers…but I reckon you’ll like this

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  30. b g says:


    Yeah, Presto is light years ahead of Turdo the Second ;-D


  31. Farm Boy says:

    On the first day of classes at Denair Middle School near Modesto science teacher Luis Davila Alvarado handed out worksheets from a transgender advocacy group titled “The Gender Unicorn” asking students about their “gender identity,” “gender expression,” and their sexual and emotional attractions.



  32. Cill says:

    “She has a mouth like a cat’s arsehole.”

    Indeed. Cats with their arseholes wreathed in smiles

    … They lack humour who are already a joke.


  33. Farm Boy says:

    I am not sure what unicorns have to do with gender


  34. Horsemanbombadil says:


    Miley Cyrus’ split with Liam Hemsworth isn’t just celebrity gossip — it’s a blow to the patriarchy
    Women like Cyrus are speaking out about sexuality in ways that put the power — and responsibility — back into their own hands.

    So a slut breaking up her marriage is about speaking out.

    A blow to the patriarchy yes.

    But a HUGE blow to “man up and marry these sluts.” and “I am ready to settle down with a nice guy.”

    If Hemsworth game aint strong enough to keep a hasbeen the wrong side of the wall….

    Just sayin.

    Btw bitches…think about it.
    Smash the patriarchy = no eligible men wanna marry
    Cause =effect.

    P.s. Miley…ya got a phone call from Charlise Theron.

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  35. Ame says:

    Spawny and Farm Boy – i’ve got a post written in Drafts … i’d appreciate both your opinions on it before it’s considered for posting to make sure it’s appropriate. Thank you, Ame


  36. Horsemanbombadil says:


    This I Gotta see.

    Would be like Mrs Butterworth telling Tony the Tiger to F Off.

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  37. Farm Boy says:

    I am curious as to what the Glorious Patriarch has to say about the Ame’s post. It is not the normal garden variety post by any means


  38. Farm Boy says:

    Omar, Johnson alleged, was trying to become an “international celebrity” rather than focusing on the people in her district who were dealing with crime and poverty.



  39. Ame says:



    i’ve had my share of ‘inappropriate’ moments in my life, Horseman! i really do try to keep them off the internet, though … ‘forever’ and all that 😉

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  40. Farm Boy says:

    Note that Ame’s post does not involve boobs

    Nor were there any hurt in its production

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  41. Ame says:



  42. Farm Boy says:

    Antifa attacks people on a bus. They try to pull them out and hit them with a hammer. #PortlandProtests pic.twitter.com/JSkCE1Vrcy

    — Andy Ngo (@MrAndyNgo) August 17, 2019


  43. Ame says:

    FB – i was talking to my dad when i read that comment, and he had just asked me a serious question … and i glance at my laptop and read, Note that Ame’s post does not involve boobs. Nor were there any hurt in its production. and then had to not laugh and give a serious answer … because i was NOT going to explain to my dad why i was laughing!!! lolol!

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  44. Farm Boy says:

    Gratuitous images

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  45. b g says:

    Okay, being an old fart and a technoserf, I will try to introduce some Canuck kindness more directly. Try the butter tarts, my wife used those to bribe my crew to add male voices to sing in Christmas choirs ;-D


  46. Farm Boy says:

    Tyler is hard-nosed, brave, and uncompromising when necessary. He’s brash and intrepid without compromising a sense of compassion toward others. He even echoes some semblance of faith in God without resorting to garish tropes. Rather than casting these traditionally masculine facets of character as hopelessly toxic, the film presents them in a refreshing and heroic light, especially by today’s standards.


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  47. Farm Boy says:

    Jason Siler lists his top 10 contradictions of the left:

    • Women’s sports and transsexuality
    • Adults treated as children and children treated as adults
    • Diversity and the Scandinavia model
    • Abortion and the death penalty
    • CO2 doom and private jet travel
    • Open borders and gated communities
    • Trump as Hitler and gun confiscation
    • ID for everything else and not for voting
    • White people are evil and so is racism
    • Tolerance is mandatory and so is conforming to their ideology



  48. Farm Boy says:

    Do we fear praising masculinity in case it leads to a scolding for encouraging toxic masculinity?

    It’s not an unreasonable fear because the conflation of masculinity with toxic masculinity, to use the phrase favoured by the roving gender police, has become routine. This common sleight of hand to use gender to confect some crudely defined phenomenon stokes pointless gender wars and risks harming both men and women. . . .

    Perhaps Gillette’s next foray into “The Best Men Can Be” will include some vision of those brave men saving Sydneysiders from further violence earlier this week. It does no one any favours when gender is used as a cheap weapon, a stunt for ulterior motives


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  49. Farm Boy says:

    Shoot yourselves. Suicide is the only way out!”
    —Antifa man to Portland cops
    — The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) August 17, 2019

    “Look at this c**n” — Antifa mock a black Portland police officer
    — The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) August 17, 2019

    Antifa taunting a black Portland police officer, calling him “Uncle Tom” and a “race traitor”
    — The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) August 17, 2019

    The young Antifa woman who called the black Portland police officer a “c**n” was twerking in the middle of the street and got arrested.
    — The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) August 17, 2019


  50. Farm Boy says:

    The University of Michigan recently began a partnership to create a social justice-themed public high school.
    With the rise of social justice-centered education, Campus Reform takes a moment to reflect on a few notable instances of social justice majors and other social justice initiatives held by universities.



  51. Liz says:

    Any antifa running around Portland in a bear outfit?


  52. Horsemanbombadil says:

    This is so fucking funny.

    A lesbian expected to pick up the check like a dude.
    A les goes on a date and gets hit with her dates baby rabies

    As less and less guys will even date …… The alternative is??

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  53. Really pretty. Too bad about her being a bat-shit crazy “bi-sexual”.


  54. “Making pasta salad for a high school football bbq this afternoon.”

    Why do you hate high school football so much, Liz?

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  55. Farm Boy says:

    One of the longest-running Title IX lawsuits stemming from the Obama administration’s “Dear Colleague” sexual-misconduct guidance has settled.

    A federal judge ruled last month that a jury would decide whether Grinnell College violated an accused male student’s Title IX rights and breached his contract by treating him differently than his female accusers.

    That apparently prompted the Iowa liberal arts college to settle with “John Doe.”



  56. Farm Boy says:

    Note that the pro-abortion lobby is using the health of poor women as a cudgel against the Trump administration. They can provide all those other services, but are refusing because they can’t advise clients to get an abortion



  57. Farm Boy says:

    Employees at the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center where convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein reportedly took his own life last week are not cooperating with the Justice Department investigators according to Fox News.



  58. Ame says:

    Horseman – i actually found that excavator video interesting 🙂


  59. BuenaVista says:

    This is a good example of how tedious and tendentious and pretentious Game has become.

    Sage PUA says, “If you have something interesting to say to a live human, say it.”

    Oh my gosh. That is some real game-changing knowledge.

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  60. Ame says:

    my Dad’s advice to me for the day:

    “Don’t try to cross bridges that aren’t there yet.”

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  61. Sometimes you see a girl and a thought/observe pops into your mind. Instead of holding it in, use it as an opener and share it with her.

    Would “Great rack.” fall into the category of things I should share with her?

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  62. RichardP says:

    Don’t try to cross bridges that aren’t there yet.”

    Proper response is: But we know the semi-trucks are loaded and are headed this way. We need to start building the bridges now if we want the trucks to be able to cross on them.

    Have no idea what that means. Just following the advice that BV posted: Sometimes you see a girl and a thought/observe pops into your mind. Instead of holding it in, use it as an opener and share it with her.

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  63. Larry G says:

    We arrived home safely early this afternoon, barely beating out the California Kamikaze School of Suicidal Driving graduates on I-70 coming back to Denver from the mountains. Glad to be home, my Mrs. went straight to bed and is taking a serious nap while I got all the crap unloaded from the truck.

    Was a mixed bag, this trip. We took off Thurs morning pretty early, three hours to Glenwood Springs (not counting the time spent sitting and waiting for the eternal construction delays on I-70). Got to Glenwood Springs right around 1130 am and I booked a “hike” up to Hanging Lake just outside of town. There is no direct access now to the park, everyone has to get reservations ($12 per person) and take a shuttle bus to the Hanging Lake park. Shuttles run every 45 minutes so getting to and coming from the site is easy.

    Now for the “not so great” trailer…the hiking trail up to Hanging Lake is a bit over 3 miles one way. Within that 3 miles, you will climb nearly 1135 feet in altitude, the website says the trail is a challenge (that is no bullshit!) the entire hike is over large boulders, jagged broken rocks, slippery tree roots and no water supplies. If you are in just moderate or less physical condition and stamina, don’t even think about taking this little hike. My wife and I climbed for nearly 2 hours and only got to the halfway point, she was exhausted (i wasn’t in much better shape) when I finally said fuck it, we are going back down. Be advised that going back down over the same terrain you just ascended can EASILY result in a twisted ankles or broken legs, it is that rugged. Not trying to dissuade anyone from climbing up to see Hanging Lake, but do be prepared for a trail that closely resembles a US Marine Corps obstacle course x 3 miles each way. And take LOTS of water, you will need every drop.

    Around 5 we got to our hotel (the Hanging Lake Inn) in Glenwood Springs. This hotel is run by a old Serbian cunt whose second language is Lie. As I was checking in, I was told that there was no refrigerator or microwave in the room. This is the very first time we had ever booked a room in any hotel that DID NOT have those in Glenwood Springs. Needless to say that put me more in a pissy mood, especially after the obstacle course we had just run. We had out coolers and ice so there was little chance of losing out food that evening. But no microwave to heat any thing up either. Made a trip to Walmart and picked up a single burner butane stove we cooked our supper on, finally eating around 7’ish.
    Now very few things can move my old fat ass faster than hearing my wife shriek at something/someone. The something(s) were pretty decent sized cockroaches that performed dances quite well in the bathroom, on the bed, in the sink and on assorted walls. She killed 8 of the little bastards in less than an hour. I went and told Serb Cunt and she said there couldn’t be cockroaches in the room. So I went and collected the recently deceased carcasses of the “non-cockroaches” that Serb Cunt said could not be in the room and deposited them on the counter top in her office.
    After a couple of hours of spirited discussion between me and Serb Cunt (no police were involved at this time, yet), it was decided that we would get out of the room and find another hotel and Serb Cunt would void all the charges for the infested room we would not stay in for even one night…that bitch really did like to argue, and I sure as fuck don’t mind going at it with any smart ass female. We walked next door and booked a very comfortable room at Affordable Inn for 1/3 less cost..
    mind you, with nice refrigerator, microwave, excellent free breakfast, back patio with gas and charcoal grilling areas, laundry facilities and free WiFi. Took us some showers and hit the sack, slept like dead people..end of Day 1


  64. Larry G says:

    Hanging Lake trail…gratuitous images

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  65. Liz says:

    Well, it looks beautiful on that trail Larry!
    Sorry to hear your first night was so awful.

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  66. Larry G says:

    LOL! Well, I said this trip was a mixed bag, Liz. There was a LOT of good too…I’m writing Day 2 in a few minutes

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  67. BuenaVista says:

    More deep, deep shit from a Game Guru: spend time with women you like and find interesting. (See below after Wall of Text. No failed .jpg links, promise.)

    And who are the breathless consumers for this breathless report, delivered as though it were an unearthed Gnostic scroll?


    I admit to being badly programmed until just a few years ago. Maybe I’m being unfair now.

    But seriously, people. Do we really need to be informed that interesting women are more interesting than uninteresting women? I don’t think so, and I don’t think we need manifestos and checklists, glossaries and pictorials, to reach that conclusion. We do need to be reminded that ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ is a useful habit in one’s personal life. Not simply at the office. And that it is one habit that women who are also on the make appreciate.

    Guys like me were trained for decades to cloak and bury our interests because OMG OVERT NUKE HIM! I approach everyone now, and of course I get stiff-armed — but rarely nuked, because I do it with a smile and a sense of humor. The tavern where I get my lunches has two 20-somethings and both have “boyfriends” — which appear to this red pill man as placekeepers. (The girls speak well of them but I have asked and teased the girls as to why they don’t get married and it’s roll your eyes time.) So I imagine I’m older than their dads. One totally freaked out when I bought her a drink, but has calmed down enough that we discussed, normally, the pros and cons of her doing some stripping. (She is the smallest grown woman I have seen in North America in 30 years, so she understands the pederasty problem. But oh man would she fill up a nightclub.) The other one slapped me on the shoulder and shook her head — and took the drink. Then asked, “What the fuck *are* you doing here, BV?” I think I need to pop the offer to take her to the Mall of America, stay at the Marriott, cruise the hot neighborhoods before it is Arctic again. (This is all a long Minneapolis reference.)

    Ten years ago I would not have even made eye contact with either, because that would be “rude.”

    My Dad was a Good Man, but he was lousy — not good — at being a man. He was in the top 1% of his cohort, in regard to fitness and looks, until he died. Probably in the top .1% after age 70. I started taking him skiing up in Canada in his mid-1970’s, to get him (and me and my son) away from my mother, who of course, has outlived him. Yay.

    Dad hadn’t skied for 30 years because “Your mother doesn’t like blah blah fucking blah” but he wobbled around Tremblant and it was good for Son #1, who is now a pro extreme skier type with a management job at a global ski company, to help his Grandpa get settled on his skis.

    Each night we went out and spent more on dinner than I spend in a week now on everything. Dad would eat all the illegal food (e.g., steak, creamed this or that, dessert) and get bombed on incredible French red wine. Okay, look. My dad, in his mid seventies, made a movie star like Richard Gere look like a homeless person. I don’t care if you believe me. He just did. I have his picture on my bedside table in the rooming house, and the old lady who owns the house has declared her love for him. I would post a picture but we’ve been to that fire.

    Some 40-something waitress at our $500 dinners one night started flirting with him! Guy hadn’t been laid in decades, of course, (he’s a Good Man, wife’s a vicious psycho) but even he asked me, “Do you think she’s being … forward?” I said, “Yes. I think you should get her phone number.” (Remember, the Mom is back at the house, 1500 miles away, not listening to the radio because strange voices use it to threaten her and walk around the house while she sleeps.) I wish I had said, but did not, to 12 year-old Son #1, “Waitress wants to baisez the max out of Grandpa.”

    All Dad had to do was ask her where to go for a good Calvados after our meal, and does she ever go there? Sure, she might have blushed and not shown up. But she might have. And this is what these idiot pull string robot toy Game Gurus should spend more time reflecting on. Problem is, few of them are reflective.

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  68. Larry G says:

    aaaand Day 2….
    At zero-dark thirty, real early in the morning of Day 2, I woke up to an attractive and nude wife who wanted to jump my bones, I let her. We went back to sleep till 7’ish.

    Had a good free breakfast in the hotel lounge (scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, waffles and pancakes, coffee, juice and tea for beverages). Got our act together and headed for the hot springs spa. The spa is huge and divided into hot (105 degree mineral water) and cool (high 80 something temperature). My Mrs. really enjoys spending hours paddling around in the water, but several years ago we forgot the sunblock and both of us got severely sunburned that took a couple weeks to recover from. So I bought some SP 50 spray on sunblock and we completely covered ourselves in the stuff before going into the water. In one afternoon, she got sunburned again, even WITH that spray on SP 50 sunblock. I bought some of that old fashioned cream type sun block in a tube that keeps most white people from trying to look like redskin native Americans. Not a bad burn, but uncomfortable for her that night.

    Got back to the hotel and grilled some steaks with mushrooms, had a leisurely supper and went for a walk. About 2 blocks from the hotel is a miniature golf course, really nice. Takes maybe 2 hours to play 36 holes of putting. Not expensive either.

    We cancelled the Sedgway tour around Glenwood Springs on Day 2, our legs were still in major bitching mode about Day 1’s little hike up the mountain. Maybe next time…

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  69. BuenaVista says:

    I really prefer going up, to going down, per Larry’s comment. Thanks for the anecdote. I keep a $12 hot plate in the back of the truck (electric). Most of the “picnic areas” and state parks have AC in their shelters now. For breakfast today I heated up some andouille sausage and at it on fried bread (fried in butter) — and it was good.

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  70. BuenaVista says:

    AC: Alternating current (120V) not air conditioning. “at it” = ate it.


  71. Ame says:

    BG – that’s one of my all-time fav songs 🙂


  72. Ame says:

    Kentucky Headhunter

    Sometimes you see a girl and a thought/observe pops into your mind. Instead of holding it in, use it as an opener and share it with her.

    Would “Great rack.” fall into the category of things I should share with her?


    guess that all depends on the girl 😉

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  73. Farm Boy says:


  74. Farm Boy says:

    “Any online community that is explicitly pro-free speech will inevitably become right-leaning,” he told VICE News in an interview. “This is because in the free market of ideas right-leaning ideas win. Which is why we see these left-wing tech companies censoring. No one is buying their progressive, globalist bullshit anymore, so it must be force-fed down the throats of users and dissent must be stamped out with the iron fist of censorship.”

    Torba claims Gab’s success boils down to its focus on protecting free speech and the influx of users banned by “Silicon Valley tyrants and their centralized privacy-nightmare data silos.”



  75. Farm Boy says:

    The Welsh seaside town of Porthcawl is planning to install anti-sex public toilets that would spray occupants with water and sound an alarm.
    Violent movement sensors would automatically open the doors and sound high-pitched alarms, with fine water jets soaking the interior. Weight-sensitive floors would ensure only one user could be in a cubicle at a time, to safeguard against “inappropriate sexual activity and vandalism”.

    Porthcawl town council is spending £170,000 on the futuristic toilets in Griffin Park, according to WalesOnline. The planning documents detail a range of security features to deter rough sleeping, including an audible warning, combined with lights and heating being switched off.



  76. b g says:


    Yeah, I think most women truly love that song, it was one of my wife’s too. Although almost all great romantic songs are written by a man, that one was written by a woman. Perhaps a man cannot address the hesitancy in the song, he must be more strong and determined, or his desired lover will seek another?

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  77. Liz says:

    Yesterday we bought a bunch of camping kit at REI. Mike is taking the boys out to scout for elk season (he wants to make sure all the stuff works before it gets cold).
    I can’t get over how expensive it is. Think it might be more expensive than fishing…which set us back about 100 bucks a pound.

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  78. Liz says:

    I sent Mike this Jeff Foxworthy video:

    His response: “On my way. I’ll watch that motivational video when I land.”

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  79. Liz says:

    And a Liz blab here, Liz blab there….
    here a blab there a blab everywhere a blab, blab.
    (ol mc lizard had a farm….)

    [Like Liz blabs i do]

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  80. thedeti says:

    How might one find success thes days. The first rule is to stay within yourself. Or at least mostly stay within yourself. Implement techniques that play to your already present strengths. Tweak them, improve them. Don’t provide tells.

    I’m really really late to this thread. Some observations, and then maybe some prescriptions.

    1) This is just another indication of how men and women operate at complete cross-purposes and how men’s sexual interests are diametrically opposed to those of women. Its’ another warning shot across the bow in the war between men and women.

    2) This is a never ending battle. Women were winning, until Game. Then men started winning, kind of, or individual men were learning how to win.

    Cracks in the facade started showing when Erik “Mystery” von Markowiak, the fuzzy-hatted King of Pickup, fell apart quite publicly when his baby mama turned him away.

    Then Roosh’s poor showing on TV, the “neomasculinity” fad, which naturally led into his profession of Orthodoxy.

    Then Neil Strauss the Cypher of the manosphere, going from blue pill chump to redpill pickup to The Game then back to blue pill when he admitted sex addiction and then submitted to his wife to save the marriage he damaged when he cheated on her.

    3) The answer was recognized in The Red Pill subreddit: It’s not enough to act like an attractive man. You have to actually be an attractive man. That stuff you show the girl at your job or the bar or the get together? That has to really be you. It has to be genuine and authentic. You can’t just talk the talk, like Mystery and Roosh. That works only if all you want is the hookup, and probably not even then.

    Because girls can tell: Just as they can sniff out beta pussydom, they can also sniff out fake masculinity.

    4) Men aren’t going to change their core personalities. You aren’t going to be able to take a 98 pound tiddly winks player and make him into a 250 pound rugby player. You can’t take an opera singer and turn him into a sailor or rock climber or mountaineer. Mr. “Magic The Gathering” is not going to become Mr. Master of the Universe. It’s not going to happen.

    You can, however, take Mr. Tiddly Winks and turn him into a kickass swimmer. Mr. Opera Singer whose hobby is model railroading can give up a shitty hobby and take up something more conducive to meeting people, like salsa dancing or mountain biking.

    5) Other places where men need to improve:

    –rejection is part of our lives as men. We need to embrace it. This is unique to men: If women had to endure rejection like men do, women would be killing themselves en masse.

    –approach, approach, approach.

    –get back to self improvement – talking about it. helping others with it.

    –stop bitching about feminism. Life is not fair, and the sooner we accept this, the better off we will all be. Instead, have a laugh at it.

    –if a woman doesn’t like you or rejects you, shrug it off and move on. She’s not the only woman in the world. Let it go. It is NOT a personal evaluation of you. Even if it is, it is ONE WOMAN’s personal evaluation of you. Her loss.

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  81. Ame says:

    Liz – that feet pic! ewww!

    and that Foxworthy – $162./pound! LOLOL!!!

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  82. Liz says:

    When Mike was looking for houses, his Dad’s wisdom came to mind (his Dad was a pilot and engineer and Apple software developer, as well as a cop and real estate agent in his spare time). The advice he gave on real estate was, “if you think something if off, chances are everyone else will too”. In other words, keep in mind the stuff that seems “off” for resale value.
    Sometimes this doesn’t hold true of course, there are outlier exceptions and some people think a home with a yellow brick road pattern floor inside and purple shag carpet just scream “buy”. But it’s generally true.
    I have to think it’s true of other things too. So in that vein….was it really surprising how Mystery’s, or Roosh’s, life turned out? Seemed a foregone conclusion to me. And Mark Minter always seemed like a fraud.

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  83. Liz says:


    Interesting…food cravings might be related to competition between different types of intestinal flora.

    **link found from this Slatestarcodex article, also interesting….I hesitate to link to him because he’s a liberal but I often find the subject matter of his posts very interesting. This particular article refers to anti-depressants and homeostasis, pretty interesting stuff


  84. Liz says:

    I used the word interesting three times in that one short paragraph.
    Hope I’m not turning into my mother.


  85. Liz says:

    No…FOUR. Four “interesting”s. Good Lord.
    Anyway, if anyone is interested, I am a distributor of an intestinal biome product that can be yours if you sign up to be a distributor, and tell ten friends so they can tell ten friends…
    Just kidding, but I did get roped into buying this type of product and it has been on my shelf unopened for months. After reading that article maybe I’ll give it a go.
    Will I be a different Liz when my intestinal biomes change?!?
    We shall see. Bwahahaha!!!


  86. Interestingly, I agree that Slate Star posts some interesting items of interest, but I also concur that his interests fall mainly of the left side of the aisle.

    Gut flora is hobby of mine. I also collect spores, molds and fungus.

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  87. Larry G says:

    Read the really tiny fine print…

    “After reading that article maybe I’ll give it a go.
    Will I be a different Liz when my intestinal biomes change?!?
    We shall see. Bwahahaha!!!”

    it says “Test on any stray unsuspecting kitty first to see if there are any dire effects….”

    ya gotta follow instructions, Liz

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  88. Liz says:

    ya gotta follow instructions, Liz
    Too late, Larry. 😆

    Gut flora is hobby of mine. I also collect spores, molds and fungus.
    Interesting Fascinating, KH!
    I went through a spore phase when I was a BONCAT

    Side note, ADefinitebetaguy sometimes posts at Slatestarcodex, for those who remember him.


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