I think that it was BV who suggested that after First and Second Wave Feminism, the subsequent waves were more about keeping people’s minds off of the results of Feminism than anything else.

Yes, bored housewives could now work.  And so could lots of non-bored ones, often in less than satisfying jobs, and to the detriment of children if they were married, and future children if they are not.

Furthermore, they could now have abortions on demand, which was defined as progress, a very fine capability to possess.  They did/do work very hard at defining it this way, taking a toll on their souls.  Perhaps this effort could have been more productively placed elsewhere.

The prestige and joy of being a mother was now gone (or at least much of it).  Perhaps this is where I will leave it.  Upon inspection, it is rather easy to see why new waves of Feminism were necessary.

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  1. jg1 says:

    A lot of feminists claim that 2nd wave feminism was a response to abuse of women by men. But it has also been claimed that women were happiest before the advent of 2nd wave feminism. Has anybody done an accurate accounting of the abuse the women suffered at the hands of men before this period? How can women be the happiest and abused at the same time before 2nd wave feminism? When Betty Friedan wrote her famous “Feminine Mystique”, she referred to the issues that women were facing as the “Problem with no name”? How can this be? Am I missing something here?

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  2. Farm Boy says:

    “Problem with no name”

    Well, if you can’t define something like that, it does make you wonder if there really was a problem

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  3. Farm Boy says:

    Can anybody explain Feminism as a self-consistent system?

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  4. horsemanbombadil says:

    You can now do whatever you want, both sexes. Have kids or not, work or not, screw or not, find love or not. There are no rules to prevent you from pursuing whatever you want. Be alone or be in a relationship.

    But YOU have to do it. For yourself, by yourself.

    Because now no one gives a fuck about you.

    Thats what removing the institutions did.
    The institution and its members did not know you as a person the day you showed up. But as a new member they opened their doors to you sight unseen. “You want to be with us, we will treat you like one of us. You take care of your fellow members and we will take care of you.”

    Church, knitting circle, boys club, girl scouts, sports team, chess club, the lodge, the rotary.


    Now your just another motherfucker on the street getting in the way.

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  5. Ame says:

    it’s so tragic that they’ve created generational cultures to buy into this stuff … and they refuse to see the generational effects on children that *their* choices have and continue to make.

    there has always been severe abuse. there were ‘underground’ ways women and others helped such women and children. i have no idea the percentages of women and children who would fall into this category, but i very much doubt it’s as high as many proclaim.

    also, as Ton often noted, women have always worked, esp the lower income classes. they needed to work.

    the difference is women didn’t have a need to replace and demean men in men’s roles in society in order to (attempt to) elevate and ‘prove’ their own worth.

    there have always been women who excelled in some roles generally held by men, but they were able to use those skill sets in ways that didn’t demean men or replace men … like women who were good at running a business.

    and … as always … the children are the ones who suffer the most. then they grow up to be maladjusted adults who repeat the cycle if they don’t figure out that they’re in it (RP!) and then do the crazy-hard work to get out of it.

    when i was ending the call with my dad earlier this evening, he thanked me for calling every day and told me he was always glad to talk to me. I replied, “Really?! Because if I called Mom twice close together she would ask why since she’d just talk to me.” it was like once was enough; don’t call again. my dad was a bit aghast at that and reassured me that he wanted to talk to me when i called him.

    there have always been ‘bad’ people … ‘bad’ parents … ‘bad’ mom’s … but this feminism thing seems to celebrate whatever crap women throw out under the guise of ‘good’ while destroying men, and they have yet to wake up to realize they’re destroying themselves and their children who will be our next gen adults the most.

    (my Dad’s doing well, btw. i do call him every day to make sure he’s sleeping well and eating well. since i can’t control his social environment – BV’s comments on how to help him were excellent – i can call him every day to check on him. i always ask him how he slept and exactly what he ate. i’m hoping that this motivates him to sleep and eat well knowing i’ll be calling to ask and check up on him.)

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  6. Ame says:

    it was interesting interviewing for jobs after being home for 25 years as a SAHM b/c all of the people i interviewed with before this job i got were women … women who did *not* / are *not* – stay(ing) at home and raise(ing) their children. interesting interviews. i didn’t get offered any of those jobs. but i only had a one hour phone interview with a man, and he didn’t even want my resume – he knew i’d be good for their company. i somehow knew i’d need to interview with a man to get a job, and i was right.


  7. Ame says:

    and now the fun story . . .

    Aspie Girl has gone through untold numbers of cell phones since i first allowed her to have one. we used to be able to find them at thrift stores before smart phones. if there’s a way to break a cell phone, she’s figured it out!

    we do not do the rent-a-phone phone plans. we buy our phones and use a plan that pays as we go. it works out well for us.

    so … another phone bit the dust … went to best buy b/c they have warranties … she picked out her moto something phone and bought the two year warranty. the warranty covers THREE replacement phones! the total came to 400 … so she gets FOUR phones for 400! the kid helping us just kinda went, “Yeah, that’s right!” he said most people don’t want the warranty. i told him we’ve used 95% of the warranties we’ve bought. (we’re the ones they lose money on! lol!)

    so … SQUEEE!!! four phones for $400!!! i’m a happy Mama! (and she used her own money to pay for it!!! double squeee!!!)

    – – –

    she also goes thru ear buds like water, although lately one set has been lasting her for a whole month – really, this is a record, folks!

    so the other day we got a package in, and Oldest was in the room when i opened it. we use amazon prime weekly. neither Oldest nor i could remember ordering anything that looked like it would be in that package. i opened it up and TEN sets of ear buds came out! LOLOL! we couldn’t stop laughing! Aspie-Girl came in and said, “I won’t have to buy any for TEN months now!” lol! (and, yes, she paid for those, too, out of her own money 🙂 )

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  8. RichardP says:

    When Betty Friedan wrote her famous “Feminine Mystique”, she referred to the issues that women were facing as the “Problem with no name”? How can this be?

    Don Draper is to blame. He created a fictional woman and mother who benefited from all of the appliances that his advertisements sold. Friedan made the (dubious in my opinion) claim that the women after WWII bought into all of this advertising. They believed that if they bought all of these products, they would have a smile on their face and a spring in their step, just like the woman in the ad. And their children would all be as well-behaved as the ones in the ad. (Friedan’s claim would be relevant only for those women who had television and radio in the 1960s. Not all did, then.)

    When the women in real life, who had bought the lie pushed by Don Draper, discovered that their lives did not magically shift to mirror the life that the woman in the ad was living (in the ad), a great and deadening sadness enveloped the real-life women. That great and deadening sadness was the problem with no name Friedan’s actual proposed solution was to go back to thinking of men and women as America did in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The flaw in her reasoning was that she did not understand we can never go back, once radio and television took over and presented non-stop images of things for us to compare our lives to – to see how much our lives suck because we aren’t using the product of the moment being pushed by Don Draper. (Look up “Don Draper” in Wikipedia if you need to.)

    This is a fairly decent review of the issue Friedan “identified”, and her thoughts on how it could be solved. https://www.thoughtco.com/problem-that-has-no-name-3528517

    The issue is no more complicated than this: consider the Seven Deadly Sins (again, Wikipedia is your friend). One could reasonably argue that these “sins”, or approaches to life, have an easier time of emerging when we have a multitude of things and other people against which we can compare our lives. It is said that, in days of old, folks rarely travelled more than a day’s journey away from the place where they were born. That reality naturally constrained the number of things and people that one would encounter that they could compare their own life against. Nowdays, with air travel, and television and movies and radio, and YouTube, there are an unlimited amount of things and people one can compare their life to. And all of the advertising does its best to make sure you see yourself in an unfavorable light compared to what you are looking at. And a great and deadening sadness ensues, for everybody engaged in comparing what they have with what others have. It just seems that women are more affected by this than men.

    Now – in all seriousness – think about Cill. By choice he is avoiding all of this malarkey by purposefully reducing the “noise” he allows to reach him that would tell him what a pitiful life he is leading because he isn’t using their products.

    The problem Friedan identified was advertising. She proposed her own set of solutions. The better set of solutions would be for folks to focus on listening only to what the folks who love them are saying, and not what the advertisers are saying. But women, being the curious sort (cue Eve and the forbidden fruit that was good to look at), are not easily convinced to do this. And therein lies a problem that does have a name. But no real solution.

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  9. b g says:

    “there have always been women who excelled in some roles generally held by men, but they were able to use those skill sets in ways that didn’t demean men or replace men …”

    Yeah, my wife could handle the fishing gear if one of my uncles showed up when I was in the bush. Several of them were impressed with her, she netted the fish, bonked it with one hit behind the eyes, then cut the gills to bleed out. Then she asked if we were going to fillet it to smoke or clean the whole beast to be impressed at home ;-D

    Glad your Dad is doing ok, encourage him to eat properly…been there, done that.

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  10. BuenaVista says:

    2nd Wave feminism, to me, because I find it hard to keep all this stuff straight, is “equity feminism.” I took them at their word. They wanted equal opportunity and equal responsibility. They said so and being a good boy, I took them at their word.


    Even today, women don’t want the burdens of equal opportunity and equal responsibility for their, and their loved ones’, outcomes.

    What do elite women doctors, lawyers and investment bankers want? To work parttime while some man pays the mortgage! (And … we have the wage gap.) They call this “leaning in”. I only understand my latest, and likely last, love as an “Extractor.” Feminism has taught her it’s her due to extract money, pleasure, emotional support, intellectual entertainment, while it is sexist for anyone to seek the same from her (that’s abusive, exploitive, controlling). We’re a long, long way now from equity feminism, People.

    To suppress and distract from the meltdown that generates, we have multiple follow-on forms of feminism that address female unhappiness-cum-projection. Feminism didn’t make anyone happy, except the lurid 20% who delight in not being happy, so we need new ways to project our unhappiness onto men. This projection reaches insane levels, and I’ve promised myself to stay away from anecdotes. But you haven’t lived until you’re in a serious affair with a married woman — and she accuses you of banging unnamed other women and being “unfaithful.”

    Most social movements predict or promise a utopian (or at least better) outcome. At this point, feminism is at its most appealing when women are miserable. That’s why they’ve elevated grievance and victimization to self-defining, self-evident virtues. Indeed, feminism *requires* unhappiness, so that it may be layered onto every other frustration they have previously applied to men. I’m sure we’re just around the corner from socio-sexual parity and peace. Me, one of my objectives is to learn how to fish.

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  11. Ame says:

    Yeah, my wife could handle the fishing gear if one of my uncles showed up when I was in the bush. Several of them were impressed with her, she netted the fish, bonked it with one hit behind the eyes, then cut the gills to bleed out. Then she asked if we were going to fillet it to smoke or clean the whole beast to be impressed at home ;-D

    whoa! your wife beats me by a looong mile! lolol!

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  12. b g says:

    “Can anybody explain Feminism as a self-consistent system?”

    ROTFLMAO, between two men, surely you jest ;-D

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  13. b g says:


    What she was trained to do was called “Princess Dressed.” The most wealthy Jewish women demanded a higher quality Lake Whitefish for their food at their ceremonies. Fishermen produced that quality. You would also notice the difference in the taste.

    BTW… That movie I sent you was originally for Fuzzie, he enjoyed, I hope you will.

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  14. Ame says:

    I’ve promised myself to stay away from anecdotes.

    not a fan of that promise … just sayin 😉

    But you haven’t lived until you’re in a serious affair with a married woman — and she accuses you of banging unnamed other women and being “unfaithful.”


    i had a woman ask me once . . . isn’t it wrong for my boyfriend (whom i’m living with) to have sex with his stbx?”

    i said … so (don’t’cha love it when a woman begins a sentence with ‘So,’ and then pauses!)

    SO … what you’re saying … is that this man is still legally married … and had sex with his wife … and you’re upset about that?!


  15. Ame says:

    BG – i hope i enjoy the movie, too … i have to be in the mood for a tear-jerker, though 😉


  16. horsemanbombadil says:


    Didn’t read it. From the headline alone the jokes write themselves.

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  17. BuenaVista says:

    The intellectual foundation (if I may so call it, without someone throwing an empty Bud bottle at me and saying “You’re buying everyone in the place shooters, bozo”) of Feminism 2.0 – Present is controlled by a lesbian mafia. As mentioned before, e.g., the “Affirmative Consent” initiative, that the American Bar Assn. “working group” is trying to jam into the American legal system, is the result of 40 years of patient bricklaying by two vicious lesbians (and their acolytes) with sinecures in academia, Mackinnon and Dworkin. (Dworkin died prematurely of acute morbid obesity.) The admirable thing about Leftist totalitarians is that they are perfectly comfortable spending two generations patiently infiltrating, proselytizing, and then dropping the hammer with their Marxist “This is how it’s gonna be, you kulaks, and the People are with us!”

    But it doesn’t make them happy, does it? The highest incidence of domestic violence occurs with dykes.

    So, how to distract (second obligatory attempt to honor the OP) the Elect from their miserable, violent, hateful lifestyles?

    Ah yes. It’s a man’s fault. Daddy, ex-, the President, Joe who had the temerity to touch someone’s arm and say, “Hey, wanna have coffee sometime?” (ASSAULT!), Bob who said “I think we should see other people. I want to go out with someone who wants to sleep with me and you don’t want to.” (This is a violation of Title IX at the U. of Michigan.)


    1. Feminism has devolved to a spoils contest, and women want the spoils. By and large, they’ve won. That’s now the law.

    2. Equity feminism is just a sneaky move by the patriarchy to force women to own their own behavior and outcomes. It’s misogynist to apply the rules governing male lives to women, because males need to be taught how to be service animals for females.

    3. Women are still unhappy, children are unhappy, family integrity is a bad joke. Men kill themselves in much greater numbers. The lezzies LOVE this, they’re telling jokes about it, and they are writing the rules. But no one’s happy except deranged rug-munchers.

    4. This miserable situation must have a tyrannical basis in biology, because otherwise women are going to have to deal with something Grandma used to say: “You wrote the rules, you made your bed, now lie in it.” NO NO NO. Grandma was a gaslighted tool of the patriarchy!

    5. So projection must occur. Whatever afflicts a woman must find its source in male standards and practices. Where projection is implausible, generating ridicule and laughter, constructive social pathologies (e.g., toxic masculinity) must achieve the status of truisms, as in “rain is wet.”

    6. Presto: projection is distraction.

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  18. Liz says:

    Mike got me a card that has the picture of a puppy butt on it.
    The front says, “Puppy butt”
    Inside it says, “If a photo of a puppy butt doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what will.”
    He wrote under it:
    You are adorable. I love how everything makes you happy!

    (sorry for the over share, I just thought that was a great card. It’s true, I’m basically always happy. No broody bitches. They will drain your life of joy!)

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  19. Liz says:

    “Can anybody explain Feminism as a self-consistent system?”

    Is a self-contained system self-consistent?
    Cause I could explain it into a sort of mobius loop.

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  20. Larry G says:

    You know what time it is? Yep, that’s right…time for gratuitous images!

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  21. Me, one of my objectives is to learn how to fish.

    Me, I’m a terrible fisherman, but I still love to go. If there’s a better sport for introverts I can’t think of it. Biggest fish I ever caught was when I was 3 yo at a home-a-rama type thing. Dad had to hold onto me to keep me from getting pulled into the lake. Got my picture in the paper and everything.

    My oldest was lucky enough to pull a decent spotted bass out of the Ohio the first time I took him when he was 7 or 8, but he’s not really showed much interest since. Sigh, guess I’ll just go by myself…

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  22. The only thing holding up the world at this point…

    When idiots refuse to accept common courtesy and declare themselves to be resisting the whatever the fuck they think it is they’re resisting by doing so, you know there’s no going back without real strife. That is going to suck real hard for everybody, but I don’t really see another way out.

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  23. Farm Boy says:

    Universal Studios has canceled the release of its violent new R-rated massacre movie, “The Hunt,” for now, but the fact it even was made shows we’ve reached a dangerous new point in our political culture.

    You have to wonder what twisted minds would dream up this liberal fantasy of jet-setting elites hunting down conservatives like vermin.

    “They’re not human beings,” the Hillary Swank character says at one point, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    “The Hunt,” originally titled “Red State vs. Blue State,” is a sign of where irrational Trump hatred has taken us.

    It’s what the left is doing in real life. They’re dehumanizing their opponents and trying to incite violence against them


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  24. Farm Boy says:

    “…The reason why conspiracies now can take root so quickly is explained by recent poll numbers: A July 2019 Pew Research survey showed that “about two-thirds (69%) of Americans say the federal government intentionally withholds important information from the public that it could safely release, and 61% say the news media intentionally ignores stories that are important to the public.
    That indicates a massive failure not of the public, but by the very institutions we fund and have entrusted to promote the nation’s safety, well-being and prosperity. In a separate poll from early August, 57 percent of all voters said the media has done more to divide the country since Trump took office; only 16 percent said the media is trying to unite us…”



  25. Farm Boy says:

    On Tuesday morning, CBS News reported that “shouting and shrieking” was heard from inside registered sex offender and multimillionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein’s jail cell at Metropolitan Correction Center the morning he died.



  26. Larry G says:

    ““The Hunt,” originally titled “Red State vs. Blue State,” is a sign of where irrational Trump hatred has taken us.
    It’s what the left is doing in real life. They’re dehumanizing their opponents and trying to incite violence against them”

    Just a suggestion..now might be a good time

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  27. Farm Boy says:

    So projection must occur. Whatever afflicts a woman must find its source in male standards and practices. Where projection is implausible, generating ridicule and laughter, constructive social pathologies (e.g., toxic masculinity) must achieve the status of truisms, as in “rain is wet.”

    BV and I must be on the same wavelength, I just wrote a post about projection. Coming soon

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  28. Farm Boy says:

    But it doesn’t make them happy, does it? The highest incidence of domestic violence occurs with dykes.

    I have cousins who are lesbians. They are an unhappy lot. I am not sure why anybody would want to be one


  29. Farm Boy says:


    It used to be that being considered a bad Mom was a very poor thing indeed. Now it really doesn’t seem to matter for some odd reason

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  30. Larry G says:

    “You do not negotiate with these people. You destroy them”

    well, there ought to be no further questions as to what these lunatic bastards intentions are.


  31. AlanKardec says:

    I’ve always been interested in the early Don Draper era. After WWII the promise was that the middle class (really the period’s upper middle class) would live in a manner much like that of the upper classes of the previous 100 or more years. Labor saving devices and the booming American economy made this possible … that and a fascinating “cheapening” of that upper class lifestyle. Many of the nicer houses of the period were inexpensive and poorly built compared to upper class homes of, say, the 1880s, but there were compensations, like air condition and dishwashers.

    Middle and lower class women in earlier times were often partners in mom and pop operations, small farms, the shop with the apartment upstairs, etc. Often the woman raised the kitchen garden while that man planted the cash crop. They were partners. They both worked. There were no “housewives.” There is truth that the war employed women in numbers previously unknown, but they hadn’t been out of work before that, they just hadn’t been employed by industry. The same is true, in slightly different numbers, of men. Self employed men, farmers, ranchers, shop owners, were in the same state as women.

    But suddenly the war industrialized society, even office work, prosperity struck and people were sold on a “nearly” or semi upper class lifestyle. The man would work while the woman tended the home, just as she had tended the home garden and kitchen livestock for a couple of millennia prior to the war … except there was very little tending to do. So, the majority of women got to live as their betters had done in earlier times. Not only did they get to live that way but they also came down with many of the problems of the old upper class. Boredom, lack of stimulation, lack of meaning. The ills of not being needed, not being challenged. They may not have liked it but 20 years earlier getting the milk cattle rounded up as a tornado ripped up the horizon or rushing to bring in the wash before a rainstorm was a challenge, as was walking the groves and fanning the fruit trees all night if there was a frost.

    Though they are convinced that NOT having those challenges is an improvement (and it is) they have lost the sense of meaning in their lives and it has made them lash out. Years after 2nd wave feminism struck we are now seeing men suffer from the same sort of thing. We live lives of ease, several generations have. Men are becoming disconnected from meaning too. There’s no five day hunt while starving in winter for most of us. The way we work there is not even that mush of a sense of accomplishment anymore, the jobs are so compartmentalized.

    As a kid I occasionally worked for a stone mason. After lunch he would often say to his son and, “Come guys, ve finish stadium.” We were usually working on something like a barbecue or someone’s back steps but he never let go of both his sense of humor and the concept that a small crew of men could build anything. If someone NEEDED a stadium he was ready to go. It drove our sense of meaning. When we arrived at the job there was nothing. When we left there was something. We were men. Our job was clear. Women need this too but too often the aspire to the jobs (and often do them well) that men don’t find meaningful either. Many of us need something beyond what we are doing in order to feel pride and fulfillment.

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  32. Farm Boy says:

    “As we students cross the street, we are told by the symbol of a white man when it is okay to cross,” Campus Reform’s faux petition reads. “Many students from diverse backgrounds, including individuals of color, gender fluid individuals, and LGBTQA+ individuals, feel oppressed by this.” Students who sign the petition are supposedly letting the university know that they “vehemently urge the University to consider changing the crosswalk signs.”



  33. Farm Boy says:

    “I shook Robert Kennedy’s hand in 1968,” a woman tells Pete Buttigieg. “So you’re good luck?” he asks. “Not really— he was shot a month later,” she tells him. pic.twitter.com/RiW0fw1uwB

    — DJ Judd (@DJJudd) August 13, 2019


  34. horsemanbombadil says:


    Ok I am not a fan of our degenerate society but how do you not see this coming?
    Feminism, wokeness is based on attention seeking and free love, literally.

    Instagram is based on look at me. Its sister Tumblr was based on look at this.

    Yeah yeah pictures of your food and exotic sunsets, but it only goes so far. So enter porn mostly self shot. Tumblr makes money.

    Enter wokeness. Ban porn on Tumblr. So its back to pictures of sunsets and people in swimwear…..yawn comparatievly.

    Outcome? Tumblr is today sold to wordpress at 1 Billion with a B loss for 1% of what it was originally bought for.

    I mean your platform is literally pictures. No pithy sayings, no profiles, no hookups.
    Pictures!! And what kinda pictures make money??….

    Fuckin idiots.

    Tim breaks it down.


  35. Farm Boy says:

    I must admit that I do enjoy the “get woke, go broke” idea.


  36. Larry G says:

    Spent a little time over on Dalrock’s reading the latest post….jeez, what a cluster fuck. Guess the saying “you can’t fix stupid”still applies to some guys, they learn not one damn thing no matter how many times they’ve been hit with a 2×4


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  37. @Larry

    That is super effing crazy to me. Dude, she’s divorcing you and its not your child. WhyTF are you asking people on the internet what to do? RUN! Run fast and run far.


  38. horsemanbombadil says:

    I will see you gratuitous images and raise you gratuitous video.

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  39. Larry G says:

    Kh, I thought at first that had to be a joke or satire. I mean come on, NOBODY could possibly be that fucking stupid, right?
    I read some of the comments and just shook my head. Makes me very grateful that many years ago when I divorced I chose to burn the whole thing to the ground and walked away.

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  40. horsemanbombadil says:

    Sitting out watching the Persied meteor shower.

    Three Hercs in echelon go whizzing over the barn at maybe 300 feet practicing combat approaches to the base.

    Silent, calm….

    Hugeblack shadow obliterates the sky, glimpse of position lights….gone….dull grumble fading into the hills.

    I fucking love my life

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  41. RichardP says:

    @AlanK – yeah.

    One of the foundational needs we humans have (most of us anyway) is to know that we matter to somebody. Someone to whom we can say “look what I did” – as you show them the “stadium” that you built – and know that they will pat you on the head, because they can, and because they give a damn about your life..

    I imagine that is in the ballpark of what the researchers meant when they studied the issue and concluded that, along with food and air and water and sex, one of the foundational human needs is meaningful work..

    Alan’s post hit the bullseye on that concept.

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  42. Farm Boy says:

    “I mentored a brand new Christian who had had an abortion before becoming a Christian, and she flat out told me that women like men who can be controlled through premarital sex. Men who refuse premarital sex are usually also trying to lead the woman into marriage, which requires her to grow up. It makes perfect sense why the bad boys are deemed preferable.”

    The majority of women I’ve dated have tried this with me, including the two that I married. Women like this will reject a man if sex doesn’t happen by the second or third date.



  43. Farm Boy says:

    A man would have to be crazy to get involved with someone like Miley Cyrus, and God forbid any of my sons should ever make such an error. Yet if any of them were so unfortunate, I would hope when it became apparent to them that they’d made a mistake — “Dad always said never trust a bisexual” — they would have the sense to exit with their dignity intact, rather than permit themselves to played for a chump the way that Miley Cyrus has played Liam Hemsworth.


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  44. Farm Boy says:

    To all the world it looked as if Google—one of the most powerful, pro-immigrant, and ostensibly progressive corporations in the United States—was taking a unified stand. But that appearance of unanimity masked a welter of executive-level indecision and anxiety. It probably would have been more apt if Pichai had said that, over the previous 48 hours, he had been backed into a corner by thousands of his employees.


    In August 2015, the giant IndustryInfo mailing list broke into a roiling debate over why there were so few women in tech. The previous year, Google had become the first Silicon Valley giant to release data on the demographics of its workforce—and revealed that 82 percent of its technical workers were male. To many inside the IndustryInfo thread, the number constituted clear and galling evidence that Google had to change. When the conversation devolved into a brawl over the merits of diversity—one that Cernekee joined—a senior vice president at Google attempted to shut it down. Cernekee proceeded to bombard the executive’s Google+ page with posts about his right to critique the pro-diversity “Social Justice political agenda.” “Can we add a clear statement of banned opinions to the employee handbook,” he wrote, “so that everybody knows what the ground rules are?” In response, Google HR issued Cernekee a written warning for “disrespectful, disruptive, disorderly, and insubordinate” comments.



  45. Farm Boy says:

    They hate you. They really do

    The sociopolitical ideas rife among white people are the main matrix of terrorism in America, Watts contends. Racial profiling, anyone?

    Bemoaning the fact that U.S. law now restricts surveillance of, never mind restrictions on, U.S. persons to those who have committed or may be about to commit crimes, Watts proposes legislation that would permit designating persons associated with what the government may identify as “white supremacist ideology” as subject to surveillance to “preemptively assess whether these white supremacists are taking a radical turn toward violence.”

    Watts also proposes “red flag” laws, that would allow the government to take away weapons from someone so designated. Loss of weapons would be the least of burdens imposed on anyone so “red-flagged.” Career, reputation, possibly family, would be gone because someone in the notoriously impartial FBI so decided, perhaps with the agreement of the highly scrupulous FISA court, subsequent to ex parte, secret proceedings.

    This has become ruling-class conventional wisdom. Desire to wage war on ordinary Americans—to disadvantage them and even to kill them—had long been bubbling in the ruling class’s basements. The countless, nearly identical pronouncements from on high in recent days can be taken as an announcement that the ruling class has raised them into its forceful mainstream.


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  46. Farm Boy says:

    The University of London is banning hamburgers in order to try to combat climate change.



  47. Farm Boy says:

    If any one measure contributed to the veritable explosion of meth and heroin use on the streets of California, it’s Proposition 47. Infamously titled “The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act” by none other than Kamala Harris in 2014, Prop 47 inexplicably reduced felony drug possession and felony theft to misdemeanors in an anemic attempt to reduce overcrowding in prisons.

    All the measure effectively accomplished, however, was to allow for open drug use just about everywhere including our neighborhoods and schools.



  48. BuenaVista says:

    On meth proliferation, people should know that the efficiency of the Mex cartels’ distribution is so incredible that you can’t make meth in a shithole farmhouse in Nebraska, and sell it directly, for anything *approaching* what the Mexicans can sell it for — after its being transported 1500 miles and marked up twice. As noted previously, an 8-ball of meth now costs $0.60. Try buying a Mountain Dew at the convenience store for $0.60.

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  49. RichardP says:

    FB posted a link to an article re. The Sinful Savior Complex. That article also links to other articles tangentially related to the general theme. I thought it was all a fairly good read.

    I don’t always agree with the conclusions which Doug Wilson comes up with, but I admire his way with words and overall flair for writing. So it is with what he posted today – that has its own place in rounding out the theme mentioned in the previous paragraph. If you have the time and inclination, I think this is a good read and I don’t think anybody here will be offended by anything he says.

    Slouching Toward Respectibility

    A fundamentalist woman in a sun bonnet and a gingham dress, who gets a wicker basket to go pick blueberries, so she can bake her man a pie, with a golden crust, the kind he likes, may be a little bit hokey for your tastes, and certainly for mine. But at least she is trying to achieve an effect that the Bible says women should strive for — she wants to be modest and discrete. She is not trying to achieve an effect that the Bible never urges women to strive for, as in “edgy.” Or “provocative, but not too skanky for an evangelical.” She may be playing the instrument badly, but at least she is playing the right one. Suppose the Bible tells women to play the piano. This does not make every woman an accomplished pianist, but I do have respect for every woman who practices the piano, blunders and all. But the women who show up with a leaky concertina they got at Goodwill are trying to do something else. In other words, let us make a distinction between doing the right thing badly, and doing the wrong thing well.


  50. thedeti says:

    Game Saves Lives. Red Pill saves lives.


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  51. thedeti says:

    I would hope when it became apparent to them that they’d made a mistake — “Dad always said never trust a bisexual” — they would have the sense to exit with their dignity intact, rather than permit themselves to [be] played for a chump the way that Miley Cyrus has played Liam Hemsworth.

    Read the whole article. That is definitely how you don’t leave a relationship.

    You do not discover your wife is cheating on you and then try to “talk it out” or “talk about” separation.

    You do not seriously entertain the notion of an open marriage, nor do you remain in the marriage once she suggests it or even hints that she wants that. She even floats a trial balloon about it, you’re out. She even hints that she might consider the possibility of maybe an open marriage, you end it immediately before she even finishes the sentence.

    You also do not hang around expressing your frustration about it.

    You do not allow your wife to get the jump on the public statements about it by letting her friends say, in public, that she wants an open relationship and you are opposed to it.

    You do not stand by while your wife publicly hooks up with someone else.

    You also do not “wish her happiness” when you finally do decide to separate.

    So, what you do when your wife tells you she wants an open marriage?

    You end the relationship right then and there. And then you tell everyone, including her family and friends, exactly why you ended it. And you leave absolutely no possibility of reconciliation. None. It is over, forever, and you are not going back, ever. You make one, and only one, statement about it, and you do not respond further after that because you have already said everything important or pertinent on the matter.

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  52. horsemanbombadil says:

    Its done. Here is your half. Fuck off.

    Then they cease to exist (snapping fingers Thanos style)

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  53. Farm Boy says:

    The patient, a 62-year-old woman, had tried vaginal steaming at home on the advice of a traditional Chinese doctor. After two sessions of sitting atop a pan of boiling water mixed with unknown herbs, the results – which included an alarming discharge – sent her looking for help at the emergency department.



  54. Farm Boy says:

    “I gave the documents to Project Veritas, I had been collecting the documents for over a year,” Vorhies told Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe. “And the reason why I collected these documents was because I saw something dark and nefarious going on with the company, and I realized that there were going to not only tamper with the elections, but use that tampering with the elections to essentially overthrow the United States.”



  55. Liz says:

    Well, Liam has known Miley for 10 years (and they’re 26 and 29 years old).
    None of this could be terribly surprising.
    This just goes to show how the celebrity lifestyle completely f*cks up people (and their kids even more).

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  56. Farm Boy says:

    According to a report by Campus Reform, programming created by diversity office officials at the University of South Dakota asks white students to consider if they are “taking” too much “space” away from minority students.



  57. Farm Boy says:

    Jeffrey Epstein had a painting of Bill Clinton wearing a blue DRESS and red heels and lounging in the Oval Office inside his Manhattan mansion – visitor reveals bizarre image inside pedophile’s $56m lair



  58. Farm Boy says:

    The left-wing belief is that all wrongdoing is a consequence of the collective failings of society as a whole, and for this they will happily flagellate themselves and us, preach, act, and donate to liberal causes, to the adulation of their fellow progressives. Racism and sexism aren’t about one individual considering another individual to be of less intrinsic value as a human being because of race or sex; no, they are systemic problems that society is infected with, which must be eradicated by rebalancing the system with positive descrimination and affirmative action.



  59. Ame says:

    b g

    Kid, make your Dad some War Won Ton. When I was in the hospital, my wife made it for me and put some in the nurses fridge. The @##$%@ nurses ate it all ;-D

    i would love to, BG, but he’s in florida, and i’m in texas 😦

    i think his wife is somehow in between him eating well and not eating well, but i can’t prove it from here 😦


  60. Ame says:

    I’m down to two pieces of bread/day. I love bread, just bought the James Beard bread recipe book my ex- used. But two pieces/day. I do have fruit for breakfast a few days a week, so I’m busting the 20 grams/day target.

    me, too … i love bread. can’t eat it anymore, but i do love it … homemade, warm out of the oven, with melted whole butter … yummm 🙂

    when fruit provides good nutrient value, imo, i think that offsets the carbs.

    Ame, your dad could reverse and eliminate his T2D situation if he wished to, in 12 months, but I’m sure you know that already.</i

    i do know that, BV, but he's not gonna do it. my sister was just telling me she asked the heart surgeon what he should do with his diet, and the surgeon said it's too late, he should have done it 20 years ago. my dad's gonna eat what he's gonna eat 😦

    idk if his wife is keeping him from calling the chef or if it's him.

    i'm probably going to have to back off on the diet so he doesn't dread my phone calls, b/c i think that keeping him socially happy will become more important, as you indicated in an earlier comment.

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  61. Farm Boy says:

    Former NFL player Jack Brewer said he personally asked President Trump weeks ago to bring attention to the issues of Baltimore and call out Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., for his failure to address the poverty and crime that have overtaken his city.

    “I had a chance to meet with President Trump, and I told him please call out Elijah Cummings and Baltimore. I asked him to do that three weeks ago and he did it,” said Brewer, a former NFL linebacker from 2002 to 2006.

    Appearing on Fox Nation’s “Deep Dive,” Brewer said he reached out to the president following a recent trip to Baltimore, where he came away devastated by what he saw.

    “I’m seeing these kids that don’t have any core, no culture within them. They don’t have anyone teaching them or training them,” Brewer explained



  62. Farm Boy says:

    Police say a knifeman who killed a woman then attempted to stab numerous other people in Sydney while yelling “Allahu Akbar” was motivated by “mental health issues.”

    One woman was taken to hospital with injuries following the attack and another was later found dead in a nearby residence.



  63. Ame says:

    finally got to read this post by Alan Kardec – this is excellent. he said it better than i have.

    i’ve often said that our culture has blown the edges off ‘crazy’ b/c we have nothing to live for anymore … no reason to work … we don’t need to work to eat like we did 150 years ago when if we didn’t raise the cattle, milk the cow, tend the garden, there was literally no food.

    and i’ve often wondered how much more fulfilled and less crazy there would be if this kind of necessary physical labor ever came back – you know, like the apocalypse, or something. get people outside again … sun, dirt, life.


  64. Horsemanbombadil says:

    At least FB got the model right and didn’t post an Aztec by accident or god forbid a Mooney.

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