Verizon Guy

Verizon has a new pitchman,

Apparently some viewers consider him to be funny.  Actual answer — he is cringeworthy, an embarrassment to men.   Let us consider in more detail

He plays a socially awkward nerdy type.  But he doesn’t actually seem to have true nerdy skillz, like being able to write computer programs or the like. This probably makes him less threatening to many viewers.  So what does he have going for him?  People feel sorry for him.  I know, that isn’t much, but is seems to play well here.

Supposedly this is all amusing.  I would be grateful if somebody out there could explain how this works.  Perhaps one has to be a millennial.  They are, after all, who the ad is targeted at, as they are young and easily influenced.

This seems to be just one more case of doofus incompetent men being portrayed on TV both in shows and commercials.  Consider how many incompetent females you see on TV.  Please describe your list in the comments.

Now consider this Verizon Guy from times past.

He is a nerdy kind of guy, but he is competent and doing something useful (yes, I know that they don’t do it exactly that way). He is also not obviously social awkward.  He is not cringeworthy.

He has since found work pitching for Sprint

He is still a bit nerdy, but he is pitching the product on its merits.  I have much more respect for this compared to trying to be funny, but failing in a cringeworthy fashion.


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  1. Farm Boy says:

    The new Verizon guy makes my skin crawl. At least a little bit.

    How about you?


  2. earl says:

    Most pitchmen are male feminists, effeminate or gay. Often creepy vibe.

    I’d prefer this type of pitchmen.

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  3. earl says:

    And finally…

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  4. Farm Boy says:

    How many fellas in present day commercials can one count as impressive?

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  5. SFC Ton says:

    I’ve noticed most nerds have no nerd skillz like programming or what have. Nerd’dom seems to be more about us less shit nd faux IQ then actual brain power

    Though that could be the homemade wine talk I g

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  6. Farm Boy says:

    Well Ton, there actually seems to be some truth to that. I have seen many of them. I wonder why they display the negative nerd qualities when they don’t have its benefits.

    Perhaps they are “stunted nerds”
    Or maybe “failed nerds”

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  7. I can’t watch the video so allowing you tube to track my cookies but I can imagine the guy wo seeing it.

    I personally think the nerdy wo nerd skills thing is about hoping some gal will think he’s a good guy? Not like those actual guys… you know toxic masculine types!!!!

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  8. Bc good guys won’t rape you… as recent revelations of pro-women pro-feminist have shown (not!)

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  9. It’s all the blue pull trope. “Be nice. Be good. Girls like that.” but The part left out is girls only like that if the guy is two or more out of her (self perceived) league. Otherwise, no.

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  10. Blah blah blah… you guys go to bed way too early! Lol. Talking to myself….

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  11. Adam says:

    There was only one pitchman.

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  12. earl says:

    That’s going in with the assumption that male feminists are ‘good guys’.

    I loathe male feminists more than female feminists because they are bigger subversives.

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  13. Ame says:

    i did not know this:

    in 2009 Congress mandated that all doctors and hospitals buy and use EHR [electronic health record] systems by January 1, 2014, or face significant financial penalties. Thus, more than 80 percent of physician offices and 99 percent of hospitals use EHRs today.

    Across industries, the average cost of a data breach is $4 million. The average global cost per record is highest in health care, at $355 per stolen or lost record. Additionally, the fines imposed by HIPAA on organizations that suffer data security breaches only add to the cost of recovery and do little to compensate the individuals whose privacy may have been lost forever.

    These many examples are evidence that the electronic health record mandated by Congress has allowed hospitals to be hijacked — and is putting every patient and their privacy at risk.

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  14. Cheque d'Out says:

    “Battle Stations” series

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  15. Cheque d'Out says:


  16. SFC Ton says:

    FB, the engineers and software dudes I have hired over the years do that shit for a living but don’t go home and dress up like star wars characters or pretend they orcs on the weekend.

    I reckon that shit is for dorks who think they’re smart but in reality are just looses with over developed imaginations and delusions of grandeur

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  17. Effing awesome! I’m printing it out and putting it on my truck’s dashboard.

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  18. Cheque d'Out says:

    13th week.

    Another poor sod lost a hand & forearm.

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  19. Cheque d'Out says:

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  20. Farm Boy says:

    During the Yellow Vest March I saw many Frexit signs. One can hope…

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  21. Liz says:

    It’s the first time I’ve seen this nerd but I suspect there might be a simpler reason for his popularity: AT&T sucks

    We just signed on to Verizon after AT&T and it’s like…what a person from the USSR must’ve felt like the first time they stepped into a US Walmart.
    I mean, Walmart sucks, unless you’ve always lived in the USSR.

    Think Mike has spent over 100 hours on the phone with AT&T, just over incorrect billing.
    To give you some idea our family has a sort of mantra derived from the following Shia LaBeouf lyrics (found here if interested
    But ATT replaces Shia in our lyrical interpretation.
    “Legendary fight with AT&T! Normal Tuesday night for AT&T!”
    The boys would start singing this in the background after Mike was on the phone for about an hour+ (Daddy on the phone with AT&T again?” It was a monthly ritual and I’m not exaggerating)

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  22. Adam says:

    Damn, Cheque, my eyes.

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  23. Cheque d'Out says:

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  24. Cheque d'Out says:

    Sorry Adam. She’s a prof or something at Cambridge university. She’s convinced that we all want to look at her wonky baps and rancid growler for some reason. I fear that her sanity might not be all that one might hope for.

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  25. Liz says:

    AT&T. Doing what they do


  26. Larry G says:

    Q. What did the feminist woman get her family for Christmas?
    A. A bigger litter box and a brand new scratching post.

    Q. What do feminists and Duracell have in common?
    A They go on and on and on and on and…

    Q. How can you tell you are in a feminist bookshop?
    A. There is no humour section.

    Q. What do feminists hate more than a sexist joke?
    A. Having it explained to them by a man.

    Doctor Doctor, my period won’t end!
    Ahhh, I’m afraid you’ve caught feminism.

    I went to a feminist picnic the other day.
    It was great, apart from the fact no one made any sandwiches.

    What started Feminism?
    An unlocked kitchen door.

    Feminists have got it all wrong. Us men don’t ‘see all women as sex objects’.
    Just the ones with nice tits and arses.

    My girlfriend always says, “Women belong in the kitchen.”
    Fuck that – she’s staying in the cellar.

    My wife says SHE is the main breadwinner and I need to treat her like SHE is the man of the house…
    So I divorced her and took the house.

    Today I’m getting in touch with my feminine side…
    I shall remain blameless all day.

    A group of feminist women with strap on dildos pins a known rapist down and says,”Right,how bout some role reversal.”
    The rapist says,”Not now,I’ve got a headache.”

    Why did the feminist cross the road.
    To complain about sexism to the men who were building it.

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  27. Cheque d'Out says:


  28. Cheque d'Out says:

    Oh yeah. Trigger warning and all that for the above. Sorry it’s a bit late.

    Owen Jones is a leftoid gobshite ‘journalist’


  29. Larry G says:

    ewwwww….lemme guess…British sex robot, economy model? or the new IKEA assemble it yourself jerk off toy?

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  30. Farm Boy says:

    Glorious Patriarch,

    How is Operation Fear going?

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  31. Cheque d'Out says:

    Cambridge university professor or some such. Her growler has an Owen Jones infestation, sadly. I doubt that either are happy about that.


  32. Winner:

    My wife says SHE is the main breadwinner and I need to treat her like SHE is the man of the house…
    So I divorced her and took the house.


    Today I’m getting in touch with my feminine side…
    I shall remain blameless all day.

    Honorable Mention:

    Why did the feminist cross the road.
    To complain about sexism to the men who were building it.

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  33. Cheque d'Out says:

    Operation Fear is not going well as no leaver believes a word and even many remainers are getting the hump due to it being such transparent bullshit.

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  34. Cheque d'Out says:

    Getting the hump = getting pissed off.


  35. Farm Boy says:

    “About 48 years ago, I’m sitting with a 72-year-old con, and he had been in just about every prison in the country and he did two bids in Wisconsin,” William J. Gallagher said, according to a plea hearing transcript. “And he said it was the best food, commissary, this, that, everything.”

    Another incentive for Gallagher to get imprisoned in Wisconsin was the great healthcare inmates here receive, which reportedly rivals the care offered through the US Department of Veterans Affairs. VA doctors had recently removed cancerous growths off of his back and had found three other lymph nodes in his stomach and a nodule on his lung. He figured they could be taken care of in prison.

    But it wasn’t just the superior amenities and healthcare of Wisconsin prisons that made this Vietnam veteran go to such extreme lengths to get locked up again.

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  36. Cheque d'Out says:


  37. Farm Boy says:

    Chatman has been checking on Fairfax throughout the week and last spoke with him Tuesday or Wednesday, she said. She has known him for 20 years and helped raise money for his campaign.

    She said defending Fairfax is difficult because the idea of standing up for a man accused of sexual assault is not in her nature. But “even though I’m a very strong feminist,” she said, “you can take advantage of MeToo and get back at someone you dated. I believe in believing women, but you can’t believe all women because some people lie.”

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  38. Cheque d'Out says:

    Tommy Robinson released a Facebook video yesterday saying he’d got evidence of a BBC documentary Panorama being made on him. BBC in collaboration with hope not hate (think antifa).

    He’s going to show his documentary in public next saturday

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  39. Farm Boy says:

    In terms of fodder for memes and stuff, AOC seems to be winning out over Hitler

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  40. Farm Boy says:

    VIRGINIA—In a statement issued from on high, the Almighty has agreed to spare the state of Virginia from His imminent wrath if state officials can locate just ten Democrats who never wore blackface or a KKK costume at some point in their lives.

    God had announced His plan to immediately destroy Virginia, but Democrat leaders quickly begged him to spare the state if they could locate just 50 Democrats who never dressed in blackface. Being unable to do so, they managed to get the Lord to reduce the requirement to 40, then 30, then 20, and finally just 10.

    Virginians’ relief, however, quickly turned to panic as Democrat lawmakers announced they couldn’t find a single leftist politician who hadn’t dressed in a horrifically racist costume in their college years. They thought they found one but he was accused of sexual assault and so didn’t count.

    The state’s citizens immediately began gathering their things and fleeing for other states, being careful not to look back.

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  41. Cheque d'Out says:

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  42. Farm Boy says:

    Some fine logic

    Rep. Al Green on Thursday pledged to force a House vote to impeach the president, citing the blackface scandals plaguing Virginia Democrats as “a symptom” of the president’s bigotry.


  43. Cheque d'Out says:

    Video taken just before the glum faced BBC ‘journalists’ picture above.

    Invited by the BBC to give his side of their smear material, he instead showed them undercover material that he has of them conspiring to smear him. He then left (in this video above)

    Social media should be entertaining next Saturday, the BBC might reconsider showing their hitjob (scheduled for the 21st iirc)

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  44. Farm Boy says:

    “There are no male-only programs operative at Cornell University which can balance the female-only programs listed herein,” the complaint states. For example, the complaint includes the Cornell Women’s Resource Center as alleged evidence of anti-male bias, alleges that the center violates Title IX, and states that there is not an equivalent “Men’s Resource Center” at Cornell. Additionally, the complaint takes issue with the Iris Cantor Women’s Health Center, stating that there is no comparable Men’s Health Center at the university.


  45. Cheque d'Out says:

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  46. So she doesn’t have a soul. Big deal. I can get over that.

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  47. Farm Boy says:

    She does have boobs

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  48. Cheque d'Out says:

    Ginger can look very fine on a woman. Men have it worse, I think.

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  49. Cheque d'Out says:

    And once again; She doesn’t have no soul because she has all the souls that she’s stolen from normal people

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  50. Farm Boy says:

    So if a non redhead dyes her hair red, does she lose her soul?

    Does it matter if she was originally blond?


  51. Farm Boy says:

    If a red head wears blackface, can she be held responsible? After all, she has no soul

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  52. Farm Boy says:

    Do red and black go together? What if somebody else wears that to the party?


  53. Farm Boy says:

    These are important questions.

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  54. Liz says:

    So she doesn’t have a soul. Big deal. I can get over that.

    If she stays in that sun much longer, this might become a more pressing issue…


  55. BuenaVista says:

    I think Tommy Robinson erred in tipping off the BBC. Seems awfully gentlemanly to give them a chance to arrest him for a bad haircut or something. I think I would have waited until within five minutes of the BBC airtime, or even five minutes after.

    Eagerly await squealing cries of “No fair! Out of context! It’s doctored!”

    I assume the same mole captured the confrontation, above. That person better have a safe place to sleep.


    So, this week in metaphor: Gen. Daniel Morgan, at the Battle of Cowpens, South Carolina, asked his local militia to just fire 2-3 times — and then run away. So of course the Redcoats (under someone named Tarleton) charged straight at the fleeing men, anticipating a slaughter.

    Well, Morgan had two lines of concealed Continental regulars and it was enfillade city. Tarleton lost 90% of his force.


    I just see no strategic or tactical benefit in TR scheduling his ambush. I keep reading how you go to jail if you say something mean or uncomfortable on FB over there; it should be trivial to get the cops and a judge to enjoin the publication of his video.

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  56. BuenaVista says:

    Speaking of making girls “uncomfortable”, this is now actionable against boys in college. For example, “I saw him looking at me and then he actually walked over and touched me on the shoulder and asked me out for coffee. I didn’t consent to that and I was so frightened …”

    So Verizon boy is built like a girl; skips on the balls of his feet like a true lightfoot, or like a 14 year-old girl in a field of daisies in a Disney movie; always nods his head and smiles and uptalks, because that’s how the kids keep each other comfortable; has his skinny jeans so everyone knows what he wants stuck up his ass; shifts his eye contact to make sure he still has everyone’s attention; understands that flirting is sexual violence so he would never ever ever. So the marketing girls and their gay pals think the best way to capture millenial share is to instantiate Pajama Boy — to celebrate a universal object of ridicule.

    I’m so used to this groveling and girlishness with these young sensitive males that I was thrown way off balance when I met my daughter’s boyfriend. He stood straight, impeccable physical condition, wore a good suit, looked at me impassively with little expression when we were just breaking the ice. It was about three hours before I elicited a couple of grins, and since I’m the funniest guy in the world, hardly expected. Of course, he’s a separated Army captain, not some thespian who went to Vassar. Class guy, he made a point of telling me that there was little role for artillery in Iraq/Afghanistan. In fact, that was one of the first things he told me.

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  57. Cheque d'Out says:

    I tend to agree with you about Tommy’s scheduling.

    His personal video made it plain that the video had been uploaded globally already. Perhaps he thinks that offers some protection?

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  58. Farm Boy says:

    So Verizon boy is built like a girl; skips on the balls of his feet like a true lightfoot, or like a 14 year-old girl in a field of daisies in a Disney movie; always nods his head and smiles and uptalks, because that’s how the kids keep each other comfortable

    That describes much it. It sure makes it uncomfortable to watch. An emabarrament to men in general


  59. Cheque d'Out says:

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  60. Cheque d'Out says:

    I gather that the swamp draining has a way to go yet?

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  61. BuenaVista says:

    The Obamas have a multi-year contract with Netflix. They’ve been paid $50mm or so by NY publishers for their memoirs — books that don’t sell. Hillary’s book went off at $15mm and was remaindered within weeks. So this is just the buying and selling of pols, and tithing to their agenda. It’s done with impunity now because the historical print used to do stories, not PR fluff, on such events.

    (My theory as to why the three Virginia pols were so stupid, and are: Dems simply don’t think the mainstream media will cover any story that hurts them. The Washington Post knew about the first rape accusation for over a year. And people now say there are three more women in the wings, iow, this was common DC knowledge. So they’re all becoming complacent.)

    Buy beef cattle and airplanes. AOC’s eliminating them in 10 years.

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  62. Cheque d'Out says:

    Two of the three BBC ‘journos’

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  63. BuenaVista says:

    CdO, sure I think TR has shipped copies to friendlies for release. But will or can they?

    Anyway, I just don’t any point (other than ego) to signalling his move. Someone as sophisticated as Assange is bottled up and silent. TR doesn’t seem, to me, to be in Assange’s league.

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  64. Cheque d'Out says:


  65. Cheque d'Out says:

    No, i agree. I wouldn’t doubt Tommy’s bravery, his wisdom…?

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  66. Ame says:

    AT&T was like that 12 years ago when i ditched them. and they haven’t improved. that’s … really bad.

    love that Shia LaBeouf video! LOL!

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  67. Cheque d'Out says:

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  68. Farm Boy says:

    This cockamamie scheme is not about saving the planet. It’s about massively expanding the size and scope of the U.S. government, making mincemeat of the Constitution, and spending trillions upon trillions of dollars to make us all dependent on government.

    It’s as if Vladimir Lenin has been resurrected and his plan to nationalize business, industry, and capital has been reimagined.

    The reaction to Ocasio-Cortez’s plan has been so negative — even from Democrats — that she’s been forced to pull the text from her website. It’s that bad.

    Graham has the right idea. Democrats should not be allowed to quietly tiptoe away from this massive political blunder and they should be told to put up or shut up.

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  69. Cheque d'Out says:

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  70. Liz says:

    AT&T was like that 12 years ago when i ditched them. and they haven’t improved. that’s … really bad.

    They are like practical joke level bad. But they don’t allow that comic relief time where they stop kicking you in the nut sack so you can laugh about it. With five cell phones we had under contract, it was like a hostage situation. About two months ago they were paid up, and the contact was over but they still wouldn’t unlock it so we could leave….Mike talked to many support people and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong, that answer was, “well, you just have to wait until the computer unlocks it”. Painful. But now we’re free!
    Sorry to write more about AT&T, but if it saves one poor lurking soul….

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  71. Liz says:

    Liked some of the other responses on that Victoria Bateman twitter too.
    One said, “You should think of teaming up with Gillette” 😆

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  72. Cheque d'Out says:

    The guy sat next to me on the train pulled out a photo of his wife and said, “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” I said, “If you think she’s beautiful, you should see my girlfriend mate.”
    He said, “Why? Is she a stunner?” I said, “No, she’s an optician.”

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  73. Ame says:

    my grandfather retired from at&t, so it was almost sacred in our family. so it was a big deal that i broke ties with them. i know my dad inherited a lot of their stock – have no idea what he did with it, but parting ways with at&t was one of the best decisions i ever made … figuratively and literally 🙂

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  74. Cheque d'Out says:

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  75. Cheque d'Out says:

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  76. Cheque d'Out says:

    A plane is on its way to Washington, DC, when Democrat, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is seated in Economy Class, gets up and moves to the First-Class section and sits down. The flight attendant watches her do this and asks to see her ticket. She then tells the new congresswoman that she paid for Economy Class and that she will have to sit in the back.

    Cortez replies, “I’m a Democrat, I’m beautiful, I’m socialist, I’m going to DC and I’m staying right here.” The flight attendant goes into the cockpit and tells the pilot and the co-pilot that there is a Democrat bimbo sitting in First Class, she belongs in Economy and she won’t move back to her seat.

    The co-pilot goes back to Ocasio-Cortez and tries to explain that because she only paid for Economy she will have to leave and return to Economy. Ocasio-Cortez replies, “I’m a Democrat, I’m beautiful, I’m socialist, I’m going to DC and I’m staying right here.”

    The co-pilot returns to the cockpit and tells the pilot that he probably should have the police waiting when they land to arrest the future congresswoman who won’t listen to reason.

    The pilot says, “You say she is a Democrat Socialist? I’ll handle this, I’m married to a liberal. I speak socialist.” He goes back to the Democrat and whispers in her ear, and she says, “Oh, I’m sorry.”

    She then gets up and goes back to her seat in Economy. The flight attendant and co-pilot are amazed and ask him what he said to make her move without any fuss.

    “I told her, ‘First Class isn’t going to DC.'”

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  77. Cheque d'Out says:

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  78. SFC Ton says:

    Some time back we had a guy rob a bank some could his heart condition looked at.

    The state refused to charge him because the state did not want to be saddled with the cost of his medical care

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  79. SFC Ton says:

    he made a point of telling me that there was little role for artillery in Iraq/Afghanistan.

    LOL one of the many things to hold against generals and civilian leadership

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  80. BuenaVista says:

    I’m too impatient to deal with contemporary customer service, and if I have a choice I use vendors where I can walk in the door and say, “HI!” I switched from ATT to Verizon when I moved to NW Bumfuck since they had no coverage, ditched the iPhone, bought a $60 Motorola, signed up for prepay (month to month) and some poor girl gets to deal with the issues when they occur.

    I pay my electrical bill in person. I have to send my gas check to Wisconsin, but I make them send me a paper bill and I send them a paper check. I can’t get the national papers except by subscription, sucks, discontinued Amazon Prime because you can’t call a human to fix something: I used to give Amazon at least $5K/year, but talk to a human?. I paid 20% more to buy a new washer in this small town; if it breaks, those guys have a store. I had great phone service; then the phone company was sold twice and there is no domestic call center — for rural America, just study Hindi. It just wasn’t this bad when I was a family man. These new technologies just worked pretty well. Now we’re looking at the result of 20 years of cost-cutting, off-shoring. I lose my shit over this stuff.

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  81. BuenaVista says:

    Bateman: Perhaps a spokesperson for Gillette. Or Toro Hedge Trimmers.

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  82. BuenaVista says:

    CdO, Okay, I think I see what Tommy is doing. He wants to leak fragments of his tape so that he pulls 1mm people to a public event. It’s the teaser for the public rally. This is a good way to do that, provided the totalitarians running Britain don’t disappear him. Also, he needs some grunt network/web guy to put enough bandwidth on the net.

    I suppose public assembly and anti-OxBridge free speech and Yorkshire accents are illegal in Britain. Your government is going to totally freak out, because this could be vilets jaunes X 10. They will attack the civil assembly as a general threat to social order, and, of course, violently racist for simply existing. I believe that if someone calls you a racist in Britain you’re not allowed to laugh; you’re not allowed to pass GO; you go directly to jail.

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  83. Liz says:

    Some time back we had a guy rob a bank some could his heart condition looked at.
    The state refused to charge him because the state did not want to be saddled with the cost of his medical care

    That sucks, Ton. 😦
    Healthcare is so over the topic expensive in this country it’s hard to believe.
    Just paid the vet for tooth cleaning and a cystotomy surgery…long list of procedures and lab tests. Total for everything was 1000 dollars (including the head cone). Last time I had surgery it was 30,000 dollars just to rent the damn operating room for a half hour. The surgeon and anesthesiologist made about 1500 each. For the send out lab result for my dog’s stone it’s 16 dollars. Haven’t worked in the lab a while, but I’m pretty sure it would set a person back at least 10 times that amount for the exact same thing.

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  84. Liz says:

    Just to add, the above was for bunion surgery. Something like 40 grand for one toe!
    We were fortunate the insurance companies paid everything.


  85. Farm Boy says:

    Gratuitous images follow.
    No eye-bleach warning is needed

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  86. BuenaVista says:

    On the customer service thing (I’m BPD about customer service): what’s faster? Be the first guy in the store with a cell phone problem, or spend an hour on the phone with tongue-clicking Filipinos or Indians?

    I bought some fancy mags for my new truck with some fancy snows and I bought them from my friend, the bald fireman who went swimming a couple of weeks ago. So I paid … 20% more. The mags have an issue: the studs and wheel centers are rusting after less than a month. (Great: buy classic American Racing wheels, they have them made in Bangladesh or someplace so they rust.) Can you imagine the hassle if I’d bought them from Tire Rack? Like I have a lift in my garage and want to spend half a day boxing and shipping defective wheels out, while my vehicle is on blocks? I go to Adam, say, Do I have a warranty? he takes a picture, says he’ll get back to me after he talks to the distributor, his wife gives me a hug and says I’m definitely the funniest guy in the whole world. But can you imagine the shit-show if I’d bought these fancy wheels direct?

    It took me a while to dial it back, after I returned from the swamp. Once I bought a half-ton of cut stone to build garden beds, and the moron delivered it in pieces, not whole. So I went to my friend Brad, who brokered it, and said, “What the fuck? What are they thinking? They delivered broken pieces of limestone! WTF?” He didn’t talk to me for a year.

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  87. BuenaVista says:

    Last time I went to the doctor it was $786 for a five minute consultation about this-and-that, and the commodity drug panel.

    My lawyer recommended the doc, and was pissed. So he called the friendly doctor and asked WTF?

    “He’s apparently a cash customer.”

    That means I paid $786 to fund five deadbeats illegals.

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  88. BuenaVista says:

    I prefer Melania. I think she could wrestle back. The Japanese girls would break into little pieces.


  89. Farm Boy says:

    I have a fondness for Holsteins. I grew up around them. Sometimes I wish I could go back to that life

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  90. BuenaVista says:

    This is the New York Times repeating their approved talking points about the Obamas’ payoff from Netflix.

    Sure, Obama won’t sully his reputation being partisan. He’ll just have Netflix throw 8 figures at the useful idiot AOC, and if it doesn’t work out, sucks to be her.

    “The former president and his advisers have rejected that approach, believing that Mr. Obama would become a convenient political target for the current president. As a result, the Netflix deal is unlikely to be a vehicle for any sharp, partisan rhetoric by the former president, officials said.

    “Word of negotiations between Mr. Obama and Netflix was first reported in The New York Times in March. Netflix did not disclose financial details of the arrangement, though similar deals between streaming services and high-profile celebrities have been worth many tens of millions of dollars over several years.

    “Ted Sarandos, the chief content officer for Netflix, said the deal will benefit the service’s audience.”

    I think it’s really philanthropic for Netflix to do graft that “will benefit the service’s audience.”

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  91. Farm Boy says:

    I think it is very important for the Democrats to press forward with their Green New Deal. It would be great for the so-called “Carbon Footprint” to permanently eliminate all Planes, Cars, Cows, Oil, Gas & the Military – even if no other country would do the same. Brilliant!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 9, 2019

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  92. Liz says:

    Mike went to Chicago today for a few hours.
    Years back when he flew into Chicago he said the only good thing about that airport was some food place called the Pot Belly. It was a chain and there were always long lines there. Most of the other places had few customers.
    He went there today and mentioned to the co-pilot. “Well, at least I can get something at the Pot Belly”. Oh, hadn’t you heard? That place was kicked out. Obama made some deal with the Mayor and only food places that would pay him an extortion fee would get a place to sell food at the airport.
    The level of corruption is unbelievable.

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  93. BuenaVista says:

    I’m particularly enamored of the new national high speed rail network that will run off coal- and gas- fired electrical plants. Then, sent I won’t be able to gas in my vehicle, all I have to do is walk 80 miles to catch the nearest train. It will be just like France, really. They have really fast trains in France. We should be like France.

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  94. BuenaVista says:

    Pot Belly is good, concur. I’ve been in Midway approximately 500 times and I’d make a recommendation, but it wouldn’t be a good luck for a guy in uniform with his Jepps in tow.

    Chicago’s new plan is to give $1000 to every resident. No strings attached. This was one of the great cities of the world.

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  95. BuenaVista says:

    Meh, they probably don’t drag Jepps around any longer.


  96. Farm Boy says:

    The high speed trains will run off of electricity from solar and wind. Coal, natural gas, nuclear and even burning cow farts is not happening


  97. Farm Boy says:

    If a small business owner’s taxes go up to pay for your college experience then that small business owner will have less money to invest in his business. So he doesn’t begin that new expansion that he planned and which would have created a few dozen new jobs. The future jobs that you college graduates were planning on having so that you could “stimulate the economy”.

    There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

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  98. SFC Ton says:

    That sucks, Ton

    Not really. Worked in my favor about 2 months back when I had to correct some lying ass yankee at the VFW


  99. Farm Boy says:

    Masculine ideology, itself a byproduct of the “patriarchy,” benefits men and simultaneously victimizes them, the guidelines explain. Thus, the APA committee advises therapists that men need to become allies to feminism. “Change men,” an author of the report stated, “and we can change the world.”

    But if the reaction to the APA’s guidelines is any indication, this change won’t happen anytime soon. Criticism was immediate and fierce. Few outside of a handful of departments within the academy had ever heard of “masculine ideology,” and fewer still understood how defining traditional masculinity by men’s most boorish—even criminal—behavior would serve the interests of men or entice them to seek professional help. Instead of passing quietly into the night, as most academic pronouncements do, the APA’s guidelines did what few such documents have ever done: They engendered a social media maelstrom, and likely not only lost professional credibility, but potentially created new barriers for men who need help


  100. Farm Boy says:

    A tragedy befell humanity at large through the 1970s. The APA permanently abandoned a great and unique mission to create and disseminate scientific, universally relevant psychological theory, and instead reoriented philosophically to destroy the Judeo-Christian moral code. Since the 1970s, the APA has accredited tens of thousands of pieces of anti-moral propaganda designed to normalize and trivialize the psychological effects of abortion, including infanticide, and to devalue sanctified monogamy and the father-led family. Especially, APA literature has evidenced a full-blown obsessive disorder in incessant worshipfulness toward variant and deviant sexuality, symptomized by pathologizing Judeo-Christian morality regarding the problem of sex and by ceaselessly troweling LGBTQ+ slop onto a cultural pedestal.

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  101. SFC Ton says:

    Anyone who uses the term Judeo-Christian is a cuck.


  102. Farm Boy says:

    Matt Whitlock, a senior adviser to the NRSC, accused Ocasio-Cortez of “gaslighting” the public by pretending a document put out by her office never existed.


  103. Farm Boy says:

    From Ton’s link

    An op-ed was published in Yale University’s student newspaper on Thursday, suggesting that students collect and store evidence on white male classmates, so that it can be used to ruin political careers in the future.


  104. Liz says:

    So, Mom (who cannot express herself very clearly, so it’s a little hard to piece together exactly what happened, especially over the phone) changed from a local network to Comcast because it was cheaper.
    They were supposed to come by and hook her up a couple of days ago, but never showed. She called and they said they’d be there the next day from 8 to 5, but again never showed…but she did get a call from the service person.
    He told her he needed her full social security number in order to come to the house and hook her services up. Which sounds very very strange. She didn’t provide it, and cancelled the service and went back to the previous provider …but I got an earful yesterday and have been thinking about it.
    I have to wonder if there are scammers at the Comcast office who wait for obviously confused old people to potentially exploit.

    This is hardly a stretch of the imagination.
    In the past few years, I’m familiar with a couple of cases where personal information was compromised due to simple incompetence.
    One person in charge of SGLI processing had all the paperwork in his closet for some reason. A whole stack of papers for people had filed to get life insurance, with all their personal information. He not only hadn’t placed this information into the system (so they’d all be SOL in the event they passed on and their families needed it), he’d brought it to his home where it was sitting in the back of his closet like an old desiccated stash of pot in the pocket of his 90s jeans. For months.
    There was another airman who had taken all the personal financial information from the folks at the base who agreed to donate a portion of their paychecks toward the CFC (combined federal campaign…there’s a list of charities). The information was in a basket and rather than hand it to the person who was supposed to process it, she left it on a table where it was promptly stolen.

    So…anyone familiar with Comcast? Does it seem a little odd that the serviceman needed her full social security number over the phone? Just wondering if I should report this to someone. Not sure how to proceed but maybe I’m doing the community a disservice if I don’t? It’s possible this is a scam where they prey on elderly people.

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  105. Farm Boy says:

    This is France and Italy, supposedly friends and neighbours, engaged in verbal warmongering. And what actually has happened? The French have withdrawn their ambassador to Rome because the Italian vice-premier met leaders of the “gilets jaunes” (yellow vests) in France last Tuesday and backed their anti-government movement.

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  106. Liz says:

    From Ton’s link
    An op-ed was published in Yale University’s student newspaper on Thursday, suggesting that students collect and store evidence on white male classmates, so that it can be used to ruin political careers in the future.

    I’m not sure how we’re going to get anyone worth a damn in any position of power in the future. It’s almost impossible now. Why do that to yourself and your family?
    No exposure is good exposure.

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  107. Farm Boy says:

    So what does “equity” mean?

    Instead, Northam, in his first one-on-one interview since the scandal broke last week, says he will finish out his term, where he will “pursue an agenda of racial reconciliation and ‘equity,'”


  108. Farm Boy says:

    The mainstream media pretends that their scorn for President Trump is almost universally shared overseas. While globalists everywhere (along with their media allies) dislike him for standing up for national sovereignty, a rising tide of populist revolt is shaking them to their core. And Trump is a hero – even a superhero – to the growing number of anti-globalist populists around the world.

    Stark evidence of this popularity of President Trump comes from Italy, where a populist government won power – though the media tend to ignore this.

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  109. Liz says:

    Ms Isis Davis-Marks, I understand the frustration you must feel…your future as a Huffpo opinion writer seemed so secure only last month, but that’s a poor excuse to show your cards so obviously. You’ve now offered publicly stated confirmation that you are a juvenile and obsessive lunatic. This will be used as evidence against you if and when you make any future claims. That was very stupid. So thank you.

    PS: Learn to code.

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  110. Cheque d'Out says:

    Chariot swinging quite sweetly right now.

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  111. Farm Boy says:

    People actually think this way

    Lastinger often interacts “with undergrads of various genders” and said that graduate associates “often see students who have a lot of internalized toxic masculinity,”


  112. Farm Boy says:

    You’d be really suspicious if that admission of guilt showed up in the amended version of her report – after an accused student was unexpectedly granted an appeal.

    California State University-Fresno got rebuked in court this week for an unfair sexual misconduct proceeding against an accused student.


  113. BuenaVista says:

    Liz, I’d place a call to your mom’s city or county attorney, and keep it short: “A local vendor asked my vulnerable mother for her SS#, and I don’t think that’s in their terms of service.” An address is all you need to get utilities, otherwise few of the illegals would have electricity. “Protecting seniors” is a win-win political issue. And if they don’t help you, write a letter to the editor of the local paper.

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  114. Farm Boy says:

    Think I exaggerate? Consider the level of writing and thinking in her Green Deal in whatever ever-changing iteration, with or without the banning of cow flatulence and air travel, and notwithstanding the guaranteed income for those unwilling to work. (Isn’t that already the case with internet trolls — but I digress?) This document, if one can call it that, resembles nothing more than the kind of swill presented to — and highly approved by — professors in today’s grievance-obsessed colleges, where Shakespeare and Milton are dismissed or rejected and actual thought (i.e., intellectual reasoning) is ridiculed as manifestations of “white privilege.”


  115. Farm Boy says:

    An insider’s groundbreaking investigation of how the global elite’s efforts to “change the world” preserve the status quo and obscure their role in causing the problems they later seek to solve.
    Former New York Times columnist Anand Giridharadas takes us into the inner sanctums of a new gilded age, where the rich and powerful fight for equality and justice any way they can — except ways that threaten the social order and their position atop it. We see how they rebrand themselves as saviors of the poor; how they lavishly reward “thought leaders” who redefine “change” in winner-friendly ways; and how they constantly seek to do more good, but never less harm. We hear the limousine confessions of a celebrated foundation boss; witness an American president hem and haw about his plutocratic benefactors; and attend a cruise-ship conference where entrepreneurs celebrate their own self-interested magnanimity.
    Giridharadas asks hard questions: Why, for example, should our gravest problems be solved by the unelected upper crust instead of the public institutions it erodes by lobbying and dodging taxes?


  116. Farm Boy says:

    Seeking a competitive edge in attracting students, many American colleges and universities launched massive spending programs: student housing, sports and recreation facilities, student clubs, health care, libraries, computer centers, facility renovation, plus increased administrative staff to maintain compliance with increasing state, federal, and accreditation demands. These amenities and expenses are not typically found in foreign postsecondary institutions where the infrastructure is relatively modest. The late William Bowen, an economist and former Princeton president, deemed such expenses a “cost disease.”


  117. Liz says:

    Thanks BV, will do!

    Per the Italy piece Farmboy linked to above, my aunt said they needed someone like Trump before the new Prime Minister was elected. She says things are getting better now.
    Italy just has a long history of appeasement with everything….not just WWII jokes, it’s part of their culture from the acceptance of mass bureaucracy and graft, to the gypsies they allow to rob them blind in their own homes, to the masses of immigrants they’ve allowed on their shores. Back during the Iraq war when the journalists were on the ground, they were awarding the largest ransoms of any country. So Italian journalists were specifically targeted and kidnapped for that reason.
    At any rate, it’s good to see things are changing a bit.

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  118. BuenaVista says:

    “Free speech” in the UK: I’m fascinated to see how T. Robinson’s million man march plays out:

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  119. BuenaVista says:

    Or we could admire Dr. “Hedge Trimmer”, above. Christy Turlington:

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  120. Farm Boy says:

    Senior Democrats like Dingell racked up large contributions from business because by the 1980s Congress was largely designed to be an extortion racket. “Pay us to either kill what you don’t like or to insert protections for you in the bad bill we are about to pass or else.” Before 1986, high tax rates were part of a code festooned with countless arcane provisions to lessen the blow but only for paying customers. Enormous regulatory assaults were legislated but with hundreds of arcane provisions to protect those who stepped up and paid up.

    If you were paying for protection, this was not a one time fee. Once your protections were enshrined in a paragraph or a sentence in legislation, there was the eternal threat of repeal or amendment so the payments had to continue.

    Once I recall that all the reps in one coalition I worked with got a letter from Dingell’s AA which said: “The Chairman may lose interest in your issue if your support is not more forthcoming.” If you think of it as an invoice, it makes more sense.

    In defense of Dingell and the Democratic Party of that recent era, they were not nuts. They were close to small businesses and workers in their home districts, not rich white liberals in Malibu and Manhattan. They delivered. They were not impractical. John Dingell and his ilk knew not to kill the Golden Goose. They knew how to compromise and get things done when it was important–not always what one would prefer they do but it got done. Patriotism was bi-partisan. They were not ideologues and the other party was not evil, just wrong. And frankly, I would rather have a Congress that I could bribe rather than a majority of AOC-type ideologues.


  121. Farm Boy says:

    Today Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to by me as Pocahontas, joined the race for President. Will she run as our first Native American presidential candidate, or has she decided that after 32 years, this is not playing so well anymore? See you on the campaign TRAIL, Liz!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 9, 2019


  122. BuenaVista says:

    I worked in East Asia, in and out of Japan, for 15 years. Once hospitalized, often hungover (unrelated events). Japan is … different.

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  123. Farm Boy says:

    An op-ed was published in Yale University’s student newspaper on Thursday, suggesting that students collect and store evidence on white male classmates, so that it can be used to ruin political careers in the future.

    Conservatives have always had to be “better”. This just adds to it

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  124. Farm Boy says:

    “Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” is, at 16 syllables, a mouthful. The day before yesterday, she was “Sandy,” a pleasant-seeming young woman who liked to dance, worked in a bar, worried about her family, and chafed that her advantages and elite education (Boston University shares Case Western’s academic ranking and is significantly more expensive than Princeton: Is there a more appropriate preparation for life in Washington?) left her struggling, obscure, and unsatisfied. And so she set after glory and personal significance in politics, to which she is relatively new — the hatreds and grievances she dotes on are obvious enough and familiar enough that one assumes she has been in possession of those for some time. They are not newly acquired.

    If you spend enough time around politics and/or media, you have seen this figure before. Years ago, a young woman beginning what would turn out to be a successful turn on the Washington cursus honorum asked me, earnestly: “Is it wrong to want to be famous?” I asked her what she intended to do with the celebrity she sought — for what purpose did she want it? “Why?” The question obviously had never occurred to her. I might as well have asked her why she wanted two eyes rather than one. She has a lot of Twitter followers now.

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  125. Sumo says:

    It’s possible this is a scam where they prey on elderly people.

    Being Canadian, obviously I know nothing about the policies of any U.S companies, but I have a tangentially related anecdote – a few years back SumoDaddy, who is currently on the south side of 75, received a call from someone claiming to be from Revenue Canada (our version of the IRS) telling him that he owed $1500, and that if he didn’t immediately pay it, the RCMP would break down his door and arrest him.

    For whatever reason, he chose not to tell me about this event (I found out from my mother). Given my background and experience in LE, I have repeatedly tried to impress upon them that they do NOT, for any reason give out any personal or financial information over the phone or online, and also not to respond to any sort of “official” requests or demands without consulting me first. I guess he forgot, and sent the money.

    Anyhow, it turned out that my mother had taken the original call, and wrote down the number for SumoDaddy. Even a few days after the fact, they still had that scrap of paper with the number; one look at it was enough for me to know that it was a scam – it had an area code for a private number somewhere in Toronto, all Government of Canada agencies have 1-800 numbers. Since SumoDaddy had mailed a cheque, I tried to convince him to put a stop payment on it and report the incident to the authorities. He declined to stop the payment, but did end up reporting it.

    Lo and behold, the police confirmed that it was a hoax a few weeks later.

    Slightly amusing addition to that story – a couple of months later, I was with the ‘rents for dinner or some such, and the mother received a similar phone call. I took the phone from her once I realized the general gist of the conversation, and inquired as to the caller’s name, position, and location (call display meant I already had the phone number). Couldn’t quite place the accent, but it was Middle Eastern or Indian or something like that. The little shit got rude with me, and tried to tell me that he would be looking into my tax records. I said sure, then told him to start by searching for my name under the law enforcement agency that I worked for. Then I told him that as soon as that call ended, I would be calling a friend of mine who worked at RCMP headquarters in Ottawa and be asking him to run a trace on the phone number that was calling my parent’s home.

    He hung up immediately.

    TL;DR – yes, Lizard, report that shit.

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  126. Liz says:

    BV: “Japan is … different.”

    Much of Asia seems to be “different”.
    Korea is like the Mexican version of that video. Same music and weirdness, but dirtier and less structurally sound. And add some bleary eyed students flagrantly cheating on their exams in the background (and some car crashes, and cab drivers and buses purposely swerving to run over stray dogs by the side of the road).

    Farmboy: “Conservatives have always had to be been “better”.

    Which is how we’ve gotten to the point where a small number of the lowest but loudest of the inmates have been allowed to set the agenda in the national asylum.
    Isis: I’m watchin’ you black girl! You race baitin’ clam.

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  127. Liz says:

    oops…code fail that was supposed to just slash through the “had to” and added the “been”.


  128. Liz says:

    Thanks Sumo!


  129. Farm Boy says:

    One of the foundational myths of modernity holds that the progress of scientific knowledge and technology has been accompanied by moral progress. As wealth and knowledge increase, the old impediments to moral improvement such as poverty, religious superstition, and ignorance are being swept away, resulting in a kinder, gentler, and more pacific human nature.

    Last week we were presented with evidence that this argument is woefully mistaken. In New York a bill was passed that removed restrictions on late-term abortions, allowing infants viable outside the womb to be killed “at any time” to protect the mother’s life or “health.” Worse yet, this regression into primitive custom was met with celebratory cheers and a standing ovation by the “lawmakers” who had approved it. In Virginia a similar law was proposed but rejected. It had been defended by Del. Kathy Tran and Gov. Ralph Northam (pictured above). They admitted that a baby could be killed even after the mother went into labor, or after delivery. Tran, by the way, on the same day as she introduced the bill to liberalize late-term abortions, also introduced a bill to protect gypsy moths and cankerworms.

    In other words, infanticide, once a practice of savage and barbaric cultures like cannibalism, incest, and human sacrifice, has now been legalized by the culture that boasts of its moral progress and superiority. But this legislation is not just a return to ancient brutality, but a species of moral idiocy much worse than the savagery of the past.


  130. Cheque d'Out says:

    Newly released, haven’t watched it through yet


  131. Cheque d'Out says:

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  132. BuenaVista says:

    My Dad owed me some money and two years ago (age 89) he wanted to wire it to me. This was with a bank he’d used for 65 years, the kind of relationship where he’d walk in, say “Hi Ben” to the president, walk up to a window and say “I need some money” and in 10 minutes he’d hand me a check for a full semester’s tuition and fees.

    So Dad, who was sharper at 89 than I am now, ordered up the wire transfer. I received two (2) phone calls from some junior birdman banker, evidently concerned that his account holder was being scammed.

    On reflection, I realize that everyone asks for our SS#’s, but at least where I live, a person is allowed to say, “I don’t give that out.” By statute, here, even the state can’t demand it for non-tax activities: Almost everyone has the SS# as their driver’s license ID, but I don’t. It’s another reason why I have a pre-paid phone deal: I’m not giving some storefront my number so they can do a “credit check” for service on a phone I already own.

    [We’re hip deep in a new economy people call “surveillance capitalism” and there is no more unique ID than a legitmate person’s SS#. This is a huge deal now as people on the Right are losing all of their financial and social media accounts.]

    Anyhow, Liz, this just sounds extremely fishy. They committed to an install — twice — and then called back to phish for a SS#? Why did they agree to new service if the form wasn’t completely populated with the required info? Seems backwards to me.

    If you get really frustrated, call whichever city agency regulates/licenses the cable providers.

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  133. SFC Ton says:

    Conservatives have always had to be “better”.
    Funny. I would have put conservatives in quotes

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  134. Cheque d'Out says:

    Another Tommy announcement. Took me a few attempts to get the link to work.

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  135. Cheque d'Out says:

    Putting them in stocks is another fine idea.

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  136. mgtowhorseman says:

    Liz “I’m not sure how we’re going to get anyone worth a damn in any position of power in the future. It’s almost impossible now. Why do that to yourself and your family?
    No exposure is good exposure.”

    Called it during Kavanagh.

    Trump is the last one. He is doing it for love of country and quite frankly shits and giggles. No one can destroy him. After this he will retire and maybe play a little in business. He doesnt have a fuck to give unlike most solid potential candidates.

    I am in a similar boat. I neverr have to work again except for grocery money. I have zero debt. I own outright my southern home. My pension I cashed and the funds are disbursed amongst many banks and storage boxes.

    Someone comes after me….take you best shot, i’ve never done anything illegal so I have nothing to fear from you.

    Would I run for office? Hell no!!
    I was a board mermber of the united way for almost a decade because I wantedvto serve my community. Quit because some sjw member was making it political last year.

    Same reason I have turned down offersd to go back as an administrator. Nope!
    Dont need it.

    Within a decade its gonna bite society hard!! The competents will be retired from service and the morons are going to fuck something up big time.

    Society screamed “Help Us!”

    And all the good men, the tradesmen, the potential community leaderd, the godly churchmen…
    They all smiled, that knowing smile, and whispered “no.”

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  137. SFC Ton says:

    mgtowhorseman says:
    10 February, 2019 at 8:43 pm
    Liz “I’m not sure how we’re going to get anyone worth a damn in any position of power in the future. It’s almost impossible now. Why do that to yourself and your family?

    Well 3 ways it can play out

    Whites do whatever and win some and loose some

    Whites become even bigger pussies and get genocided via demographic replacement ( well toward then end it will be be the less pleasant sort of genocide.

    Whites will grow some balls, embrace the fact we are a hated world wide minority with our own ethnic self interests and return to rational ie racist thought and actions

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  138. Farm Boy says:

    Well Ton, it is true that many conservative politicians like to cave in at the first opportunity. Unfortunately this happens on both sides of the Atlantic

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  139. Farm Boy says:

    So, should white boys still be allowed to share their “opinions”? Should we be forced to listen? In honor of Black History Month, I’m gonna go with a hell no. Go find someone whose perspective has been buried or ignored and listen to them, raise up their voice. To all the Chrises, Ryans, Olivers, and Seans out there, I encourage you to critically examine where your viewpoints come from, read a text that challenges you without looking for reasons to dismiss it, and maybe try listening from now on.


  140. Cheque d'Out says:

    Remember, parody account

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  141. Cheque d'Out says:

    Just watching ‘Shock and Awe’

    No spoilers but has it got a happy ending?

    How good a film is it?


  142. Liz says:

    Someone comes after me….take you best shot, i’ve never done anything illegal so I have nothing to fear from you.

    Heh, Horseman…when the law is an ass, please don’t tempt fate like that.

    Case in point, just looked up the case BV linked to in the twitter above, the one with the mother who was arrested for calling a transvestite a man.
    The 38 year old, from Hitchin Hertfordshire, had her photograph, DNA and fingerprints taken and remains under investigation.
    More than two months after her arrest on December 1, she has had neither her mobile phone or laptop returned, which she says is hampering her studies for a masters in forensic psychology.

    I’m wondering what the impact of this arrest might hold for her future career in forensic psychology. This could impact her livelihood in a big way.

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  143. Farm Boy says:


    “Phobia” implies that the person is scared of something. Not using the politically required pronoun might imply that there is not a phobia present.

    On the other hand, using the politically required pronoun perhaps does imply that there is a phobia in play


  144. SFC Ton says:

    Not even sure they have Farm Boy. Do they even have an idea of what they are trying to conserve?


  145. Farm Boy says:

    Fairfax asks for due process; accusers say they’re willing to testify at impeachment hearings

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  146. Ame says:

    Almost everyone has the SS# as their driver’s license ID,

    BV – is this something Iowa does? i’ve never seen it in Texas.


  147. BuenaVista says:

    YouTube hasn’t released Episode 2, as far as I could find. The Rotherham hearing with the quisling police chief is nauseating. If I’m mistaken about Episode 2 please post it.

    I watched the full hour and was astonished at how articulate and charismatic the guy is. I think this is because I, like most people, have had him interpreted by the MSM. Very humbling. The guy has earned his opinions and knows how to express them.

    I think that personal presence and eloquence is why the BBC stiffs were so horrified and defeated in that cellphone tape. One-on-one, fair fight, they’ve got nothing.

    To others, the documentary is extremely professional and, I suspect, produced by the OxBridge kid TR mentions halfway through this episode.


    Back to surveillance capitalism, and the censorious oligarchies controlling social media: There will be no more TR’s if the current trend line continues. Gavin MacInnes, a minor provocateur even had his Chase Manhattan bank account closed this week. He has no means of making a living now using any digital utility. This is straight Sino-Soviet suppression — by American billionaires.

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  148. Cheque d'Out says:

    Check out the latest in post-it note technology


  149. Cheque d'Out says:

    BV the Facebook video says that the episodes will be coming out at 72 hour intervals. Expect second drop on Tuesday night proper time.

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  150. Ame says:

    that’s scary about employees keeping records with personal info and never turning them in, Liz.

    i have a family member that has this need to answer the phone just b/c someone calls. i keep telling them never answer the phone unless they know who’s calling, but they don’t listen … and often get scammers. their mind isn’t sharp enough to discern all the scammers 😦

    if it’s not in my address book, i don’t answer the call – unless i’m expecting a specific call. i figure if it’s important, they can leave a message.

    my daughters are worse than i am … they refuse to give their ph numbers even to their grandparents, lol! my parents will text me on their birthdays 🙂

    on the occasions when i have answered my phone and someone is soliciting, usually a simple question like where they are physically located b/c i don’t recognize the number has them hanging up.

    i have noticed, though, names coming thru with phone numbers that don’t match – like they’re grabbing any name to put up with their phone number. and i hate that they’ve been using ph numbers similar to mine to call – first 4 or 5 numbers similar to mine.

    and it seems weekly, almost, i see alerts to another phishing scheme either on my local neighborhood network thingy or my local PD fb page. grrrrrrrrr.

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  151. Farm Boy says:

    We hear all the time how abortion, including especially late-term abortion, is necessary to save women’s lives. Nothing could be further from the truth. I spent nine years working at a tertiary medical center. There are only certain hospitals in the country that are designated to take care of the really, really high-risk pregnancies …

    Albany Medical Center in Albany, New York, where I worked, was one of them. I was faculty at the hospital for nine years, and I saw hundreds of cases of really severe pregnancy complications – cancers, heart disease, intractable diabetes … toxemia pregnancy, out of control. In those nine years, I saved hundreds of women from life-threatening pregnancies, and I did that by delivering them, by ending their pregnancy by delivery – either induction of labor or cesarean section…

    I always tell people, in all of those years, the number of babies that I had to, that I was obligated to deliberately kill in the process was zero, none.

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  152. Ame says:

    i wonder … if they make it sooo common the digging of old info on people, if people will start to yawn about it and not care.


  153. Farm Boy says:

    i wonder … if they make it sooo common the digging of old info on people, if people will start to yawn about it and not care.

    No need to wonder, with the young generation it is true. I know because I have asked large numbers of them

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  154. BuenaVista says:

    Ame: Iowa does not require SS#. Guess what? No one tells you that. It’s not publicized. My Dad told me when I was going for my learner’s permit. (My Dad was angry in 1968 in an editorial about government privacy abuses.)

    When a drunk Mexican was trying to break into my house three years ago, and I called the cops instead of shooting him, in my 6 a.m. interview with the 95 lb. “officer”, she asked for my SS# while taking my incident notes. Just don’t give it out.

    The USG now has AIs that can map faces, for example at every port of entry; I’m sure Europe and China are way ahead because they don’t pretend to honor privacy. With a digital facial scan and a SS#, you are just a row in a very large database somewhere. I know this sounds hyperbolic, but I’m referencing primary data, not stuff I read on the internet.

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  155. BuenaVista says:

    The mom who called a man a man on the internet is already blacklisted, certainly.

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  156. Ame says:

    just saw a meme: “When life gives you lemons, freeze them and throw them as hard as possible at the people making your life difficult.”

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  157. Cheque d'Out says:

    After the interview, Usherwood claimed on Twitter that [Steve] Bannon said to him off-air: “Fuck you. Don’t you fucking say you’re calling me out. You fucking liberal elite. Tommy Robinson is the backbone of this country.”

    [So what the problem with this off air comment would be?]

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  158. Farm Boy says:

    In truth, the Chicago police are terrified of even hinting they doubt Smollett’s story. There is no major city in the U.S. where the cops are more distrusted by blacks than in Chicago. The police risk a riot if they let it be known they think Smollett is trying to hoax them.


  159. Cheque d'Out says:

    The comment came after this


  160. Cheque d'Out says:

    The Irish teasock has been running his mouth, saying that he speaks for the EU over BREXIT. Shitting on us.

    When the EU doesn’t find him useful anymore some believe he’ll be dropped in an instant. His country with him.

    Also; The EU is looking to (i.e.just a matter of time) harmonise business taxes across the EU (Eire has low taxes, so many companies are based there) I hear that 25% of their tax take comes from such companies. Bit hard to see why they’ll stay in Ireland when the tax benefits disappear.

    This is why you shouldn’t elect narcissists as Queen. Canada should also take note. We have different issues right now.


  161. BuenaVista says:

    What Bannon said was outrageous to the overtalking radio guy because journos call themselves “journalists” now instead of newsmen; they think their rightful place in the social hierarchy is to sustain the administrative state. They do not think their job is to present superior, actual, observed facts and information. (In the hour-long Robinson doc they note that the journos colluded to exaggerate the anti-EDL march, and greatly diminish the numbers at the EDL assembly. Just another day at the office.) They’re courtiers to the administrative, deep state. They believe they are the unelected rulers over the great unwashed. Sounds extreme, but I used to go to dinner parties with these people. I’m understating their contempt for the news and their contempt for their very consumers.

    We’re going to see wholesale attacks on an open internet accelerate.

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  162. Farm Boy says:

    they think their rightful place in the social hierarchy is to sustain the administrative state

    Why, yes they do. Facts and logic must not be allowed to stand in the way.

    This is one aspect that unites Deplorables, Brexiteers, Yellow Vests, etc.

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  163. Farm Boy says:

    Actually, I probably should have said “facts, logic and common sense”

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  164. Cheque d'Out says:

    Hopefully it’ll be in good nick, that deep and that cold.

    SCBBC nooos

    Antarctic scientists seeking to locate the wreck of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s lost ship, the Endurance, have arrived at the search site.

    The team broke through thick pack ice on Sunday to reach the vessel’s last known position in the Weddell Sea. Robotic submersibles will now spend the next few days scouring the ocean floor for the maritime icon. Shackleton and his crew had to abandon Endurance in 1915 when it was crushed by sea ice and sank in 3,000m of water.


  165. BuenaVista says:

    She should be the … image … for the spring Home Depot “Power Tools for Spring Clean-up” ad campaign. This way they can get pluses for being “body positive.”

    And link the ads to South Beach Diet and Pelaton promotions. (“Got thigh gap?”)

    All will be important — earning a chapter — in the forthcoming comic bestseller, “The Social History of the Bush”. Working chapter will be, “Fat Incel Girls in 1955: A Cautionary Tale.”

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  166. Farm Boy says:

    I was going to fix BV’s image so that it displayed directly, but then I thought better of it

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  167. Cheque d'Out says:

    Is it worse than mine at 9:43?


  168. Cheque d'Out says:

    Oh. About the same, as it turns out.


  169. Farm Boy says:

    Dunno about that. It is five times stronger


  170. Cheque d'Out says:


  171. Cheque d'Out says:

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  172. Cheque d'Out says:

    Good night

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  173. Liz says:

    Are: that’s scary about employees keeping records with personal info and never turning them in, Liz.

    Yeah. 😦
    So little surprises me anymore.

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  174. Farm Boy says:

    Well, I don’t speak Swiss either

    And I can sympathize with Obama not being able to speak Austrian

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  175. mgtowhorseman says:


    Thanks for the concern. Why I stay anonymous and here and blooms are the only place I post.

    Interesting Dalrock just did a major article post on why he writes anonymously.


    Agree with your 3 possibilities.
    Unfortunately I see an ongoing slide as most are too ball less and those that can like the guys here wont. I will defend my own but rise up for “society”….. Nope.

    Besides tactically it would be a bad position…outnumbered hundreds to one.

    It will be major cities becoming farther down the Detroit, SF slide plus a little yellow vest anarchy. At some point critical services, infrastructure will fail from lack of support and the city will fall.

    Small, rural communities better able to sustain themselves will survive. Bsically east german in the 90s or venezuala now or zimbabwe. But in the west.

    At least they didnt have far to fall.

    Imagine typical millenial in survival situatiojn

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  176. Farm Boy says:

    We could use to have a ‘looker’ running for President


  177. Farm Boy says:

    The Trump antagonists are giving us another example of the harshness of the left’s demands. Whatever you say may be presented in the worst possible light. It seems that if anything can be portrayed as racist/sexist/homophobic, it will be, and you can be ruined in an instant in the America they have created and want to control. It’s scary.


  178. Farm Boy says:

    How many times have we heard a politician, opinion blatherskite, news reader or random friend say that “so and so leaving” means that there is no longer an adult in the room with President Donald J. Trump. In the last week or so, that has been blown out of the water. We, those of us with common sense, knew it was never true. Dems have proven now that Trump “IS” the adult in the room.

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  179. Farm Boy says:

    “I saw what happened with the Yellow Jackets in France,” the Romanian premier told POLITICO, referring to a number of incidents in which the French authorities, sometimes backed by armoured vehicles bearing the European Union flag, met anti-Macron protesters with considerable force, prompting worried statements from French physicians about an “unprecedented” number of injuries.

    “No-one had any reaction. It’s a double standard. I didn’t see anyone come to the European Parliament and say ‘We want a resolution on France’,” she complained.


  180. Farm Boy says:

    A new report from a French magazine claims that at least 150 Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) activists have their phones tapped by the French government and are being tracked online.


  181. Ame says:

    that sounds like something Larry would do! lol!


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