Difficult To Fathom

I have been reading this book,

Air Power: The Men, Machine,  and Ideas That Revolutionized War,  from Kitty Hawk to Iraq authored by Steph Budiansky

Here is an excerpt,

The staff of the factory were no doubt touchy themselves as a result of being such a large and visible group of men not in uniform; they were frequently suspected of being “shirkers” or deserters, and as one recalled, “It was extremely distasteful to be stopped in the street by police and made to produce papers, or to be presented with white feathers by crazed females.” The problem was eventually solved by giving everyone on the staff RFC rank and uniform.

So this was the way it was during the Great War.  Women seemingly had little else to do than to shame men to volunteer for military service.

Culture sure must have been different back then.  Presently, it would be difficult to imaging women trying to get men to join the service via shaming.  Even if men are not explicitly MGTOWs, many just don’t respect (the modern incarnation effectively choosing to being poor imitations of men) women/womenkind enough for them to react to this.  Probably a cordial FU would be a common response.

On the other hand, appealing to men’s notion of being on the team with other men, not letting the side down, etc. could work; maybe even today.

Of course, the best response today would be to take the white feather and hand it back, suggesting that the woman volunteer for a combat position.

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  1. Farm Boy says:

    I wonder what Hillary would have done if she lived in that era….

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  2. Farm Boy says:

    She wouldn’t have been named Hillary because Sir Edmund hadn’t done his thing yet.

    Oh wait….

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  3. Farm Boy says:

    Borrowed from our most Glorious Patriarch

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  4. honeycomb says:

    Of course, the best response today would be to take the white feather and hand it back, suggesting that the woman volunteer for a combat position.

    “SUGGESTING” [sic] nothing .. DEMANDING!

    Men have had the vote a mere 100 years longer than th wimminz .. and we had to provide our servitude (e.g. draft) to secure that honor.

    This is why you never give anybody anything. The feel entitled without compensation.

    If a womminz handed me a “white feather” (as a vet) .. I’d knock that BISH out!

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  5. Stephanie says:

    “So this was the way it was during the Great War. Women seemingly had little else to do than to shame men to volunteer for military service.”

    LOL… or “crazed females” – very funny he chose those words – were always part of the societal mix….

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  6. Adam says:

    The news feeds in Australia today are full of sanctimonious women pontificating at how men started and fought the wars and how pure and wise women should be leading the world.

    The white feathers and flowers have been conveniently consigned to the memory hole. Women’s part in collectively shaming and ostracizing their men for not going off to die remains a very uncomfortable and inconvenient truth.

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  7. Farm Boy says:

    how pure and wise women should be leading the world.

    Well, it does seem that women’s approach very often is to capitulate to evil

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  8. Farm Boy says:

    I wonder how long the legacy notion that “women are pure” will last…

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  9. SFC Ton says:

    Didn’t some man o sphere dude show that historically having a queen lead to war in the Europe?

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  10. “Of course, the best response today would be to take the white feather and hand it back, suggesting that the woman volunteer for a combat position.”

    Dang! That thread was over before it started. Next!

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  11. Back at the start of the last century you could probably con fellows into joining up by saying that the current version of this would be the reward for victory (him having a good family/economic situation).

    These days men are promised nothing but death (divorce first) and taxes.

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  12. Liz says:

    “Didn’t some man o sphere dude show that historically having a queen lead to war in the Europe?”

    27 percent more likely. Original data came from this paper:

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  13. Liz says:

    “LOL… or “crazed females” – very funny he chose those words – were always part of the societal mix….”

    True. Think in this case “useful idiots” would be another term for it. They really thought they were doing their civic, patriotic duty handing out those white feathers. Can’t remember where I found the link, but my favorite anecdote of the time was a soldier on leave (think it was medical leave). A teenaged girl handed him a white feather on a trolley because he wasn’t wearing a uniform. He took out his military paybook (if memory serves…something like that), and smacked it across her face. He didn’t wear his uniform in public because it was “lousy” he said, “but it’s nowhere near as lousy as you!”

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  14. mgtowhorseman says:

    The adventure junkie or bully recruit “yeah gimme a gun” type is the first to die and are useless. Same for the scared shitless ‘I was dragged into this”.

    The best soldier or police or fire is the I don’t want to be here but I need to be here. Level headed, tactical, risk assessing yet willing to do the dangerous because it needs to be done.

    We have taken away the causes for the latter, leaving only the former.

    Like the missing men in the labour rate the military/EMS will have to get women to make up the shortage of bodies.


  15. mgtowhorseman says:

    There are really only three tactical outcomes for the mass caravan at the border regardless of it being U.S., Canada, Germany, Italy. Like Italy’s response to the Med boats.

    1. Be humanitarian and let the group of several thousand in untested.
    Yeah! Peaceful!
    Til the next, and the next and you get 500,000 in a few years. All unvalidated, unskilled, non self sustaining. You become Sweden…or Canada

    2. Let them in into holding camps for processing and validation. Protects them, protects the country, validates. But needs to hold them for months.
    Aaah! Internment! Like WWII Japanese Americans! Think of the children!!
    The cost and constant media at the camps. You are accused of becoming WWII Germany.

    3. Stop them at the border. Period. Like the Cuban boats in the 90s or Turkey, Hungary now.
    But huge crowds get herd mentality. Violence will happen to protect the border.
    At best “Italy is brutes turning away a sinking boat”, at worst its ” Shooting at unarmed civilians”(with rubber bullets.)

    It is a no win for any country or politician. And if the caravan gets in by any method, ALL of Mexico City will be right behind it.

    Pass me the popcorn.

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  16. Liz says:

    Italy’s first response was to join the EU, let the boats all come in and give them passes to get out of Italy and run around the rest of Europe.

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  17. Liz says:

    Italy was kind of like the septic, the rest of Europe the leach field.

    [When the effluent comes out of the septic tank, it is supposed to be harmless. -FB]


  18. Liz says:

    Shores of Gallipoli by Sabaton

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  19. Farm Boy says:

    The feminist activist group Femen is claiming responsibility for sending at least two topless protesters into a wide boulevard in Paris to disrupt President Trump’s motorcade as it traveled to a ceremony to commemorate the end of World War I.


    Probably they are protesting that nobody acknowledges that women suffered the most in the Great War.

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  20. Farm Boy says:

    I am not sure two topless women running around Paris would create much of a reaction. Though in cool Noverember perhaps they would stick out

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  21. Liz says:

    Only TWO protestors?!? In Paris of all places?
    That’s the real story there. They must be running out of steam.


  22. Farm Boy says:

    French President Emmanuel Macron denounced nationalism during an Armistice Day centennial observance in Paris on Sunday.



  23. Farm Boy says:

    Caption this


  24. Farm Boy says:

    Think of the children!!

    Lefties really don’t care about children, except to exploit. Just look at their extremely child unfriendly policies

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  25. Liz says:

    “Caption this”

    “F*cking nationalists have the hottest wives”

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  26. Farm Boy says:

    “And the Nationalist’s wives actually like them”

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  27. Farm Boy says:

    “A French Poodle can beat a Dachshund”

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  28. Farm Boy says:

    “Carbeques are a great way to stimulate auto sales”

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  29. earl says:

    Two terrible leaders of European nations talking to each other.

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  30. Stephanie says:

    LOL too easy… obviously it’s some form of duck call.

    [Probably sounds like this it does]

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  31. Farm Boy says:

    “Which one of us has more balls”?

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  32. honeycomb says:

    caption this .. (below)

    *Sounds of slirping & girgirling & nom nom nom nom*

    [No intelligent words can be uttered while slirping down a big one .. aka th globohomo-agenda]

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  33. Liz says:

    Vulgar version:
    “I shaved my pussy like a boss this morning….”
    “Me too!”

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  34. Liz says:

    ‘[When the effluent comes out of the septic tank, it is supposed to be harmless. -FB]

    Heh, I stand corrected. Analogy fail!
    (But, in my defense I’m completely new to this septic thing. Dealing with it for the first time at my current domicile)


  35. Cheque d'Out says:

    Me too, Liz.


  36. SFC Ton says:

    Thanks Liz for covering my intellectual slack


  37. Liz says:

    Swithy, You mean the septic I assume? 🙂
    Heh, I’ve been told that’s the vernacular they use over the pond for ‘Mericans too. 😆
    It’s snowed like a foot so far today!
    Our college aged son sent a recording of him playing guitar and singing “Flander’s Fields”. It was very good….hard to believe he only started playing about a year ago.
    Did a search for old squadron patches….was trying to find a “murder inc” one for a Dalrock thread…didn’t find it, but the link to images had a men’s magazine cover with none other than an article about my Dad! What are the odds of that?
    “(His name and rank) fighting CO of Vietnam’s all ace mystery squadron”


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  38. SFC Ton says:

    Near on 30 years and I have seen them all make good troops Horseman. It’s leadership that focuses the reckless, inspires the overly timid etc etc.

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  39. SFC Ton says:

    Pretty sure tgat French chick and the German dude are comparing notes on how to give head. As you can tell, both of them seem to use way to much hand action and not enough gagging on the knob

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  40. Farm Boy says:

    “Putin can interfere with me any day of the week”
    “Me too”

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  41. Ame says:

    it’s Veteran’s Day here in the states … so I get to say Thank You to our Men out here who served. at the risk of forgetting (or not knowing) about some …

    Thank you, Ton.
    Thank you, Liz’s Mike (and Liz and boys).
    Thank you, Horseman (I know … Canada … but still 🙂 )
    Thank you, Larry.
    Thank you, Honeycomb.

    please let me know who i missed.

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  42. Cheque d'Out says:

    Yes, Liz, I meant the tank. I’m waiting to find out how you know it’s ready for emptying. I’m hoping that my kindly treatment of it will mean that it just keeps digesting.

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  43. Farm Boy says:

    The first park in the nation dedicated to the theme of social justice – bringing Columbus together to build the path to a better future through art, education, and dialogue



  44. Farm Boy says:

    After her dramatic win during Tuesday’s election, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez booked a flight to Washington so that she might find an apartment in Seattle close to work as she embarks upon her mission to bring glorious Socialism to America.

    She commented that she was pleased to see the volcano covered with snow as this will keep the lava nice and cool and prevent eruptions while helping to fight global warming.

    Upon seeing the Space Needle for the first time, she came up with a plan to increase NASA’s budget so that they might finally have the funds to launch it.


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  45. earl says:

    Here’s another photo causing the vag men to wet their pants…leaders reaction to Putin. Although I did notice Macron’s mother’s reaction too.

    Also the video I watched Putin skipped shaking Merkel’s hand. LOL


  46. earl says:

    Never mind that was a bad angel of the video I saw…he did shake her hand.

    Although I did see he gave a thumbs up to Trump.


  47. Farm Boy says:

    Caption Macron’s Mother’s thoughts.

    “I wish he was mine”

    “He is a prince, and all I have is a frog”

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  48. Farm Boy says:

    Putin was just trolling all the US fruitcakes on the left


  49. earl says:

    I’ll give it to Macron’s mother…she does like powerful men.

    [Prefer Mrs. Douglas I do.
    Loyal to her husband she was]


  50. earl says:

    Even in the alternative reality that is the twitterverse…white knights are finally getting pushback to their woman worshiping.

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  51. earl says:

    Mr. Douglas was older than his wife and a man. Two things Macron is not.


  52. BuenaVista says:

    Macron Merkel:


  53. BuenaVista says:

    Macron Merkel:

    “And then he said, spitters are quitters!”

    “That’s hate speech!”

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  54. honeycomb says:

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  55. SFC Ton says:

    I did it all for the nookie darling


  56. Cheque d'Out says:

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  57. Farm Boy says:

    Colorado elected the first openly gay governor, but Vermont declined to elect the first transgender governor. I’m bored with all these supposedly historic “firsts” – as I said to a Dem activist on “Tucker” a couple of months back, where’s the first Muslima transgender? Yeah, okay, maybe I scoffed too soon: Kansas did manage to elect the first lesbian Native American ex-MMA fighter.


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  58. Farm Boy says:

    The 102nd went straight into the trenches, commencing eight months of serious combat. The smart little dog became more than a mere pet; he was a battlefield asset. Stubby instinctively understood lives were at risk and defended the men with the same ferocity of your family dog defending your house.

    Stubby’s baptism of fire came in early 1918 when he was under 24-hour artillery bombardment for a full month. His sharp nose and keen hearing detected incoming artillery shells and poison gas attacks before they struck. Injured in the leg by shrapnel, he was sent to a hospital in the rear, where he cheered wounded warriors while he recovered. Back to the front, his comrades had a special gas mask made for him.

    Stubby also located and rescued injured soldiers. In the Argonne, he even captured a German spy by biting the man in the leg or bottom (accounts differ) and holding him until the Doughboys arrived.

    That prompted the 102nd’s commanding general to nominate Stubby for the rank of sergeant. There’s no indication the nomination was ever acted upon, but that didn’t matter. He was known as Sgt. Stubby for the rest of his life. (He later received his own YMCA veteran’s card entitling him to “three bones a day and a place to sleep.”)

    Correspondents couldn’t get enough of the dog’s exploits, which were widely reported in newspapers. With the war winding down, Sgt. Stubby was wounded again in the chest and leg by a grenade. The patriotic pooch was personally presented a Humane Society gold medal by Gen. John “Black Jack” Pershing, commander of the American Expeditionary Force


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  59. Cheque d'Out says:

    This is fine…just fine

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  60. Seems like the O.C. is trying to corner the “crazy eyes” market. I thought socialists didn’t believe in markets?


  61. Cheque d'Out says:

    Woman talks sense and a camera was there to record it

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  62. What the hell, is she Asian now? That’s cultural appropriation and racism and hate and stuff!!!

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  63. Cheque d'Out says:

    I know that I totally think that this marriage will last, do you?


  64. “From now on your Delta Tau Chi name is, Crazy-Eyes.”

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  65. earl says:

    ‘I know that I totally think that this marriage will last, do you?’

    This is one of the biggest I’m about to get divorced statement I’ve heard.

    “What Meghan wants, she gets.”

    It’s too bad Harry couldn’t get over his mommy issues.

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  66. Liz says:

    “What the hell, is she Asian now? That’s cultural appropriation and racism and hate and stuff!!!

    And she can’t even do that right!
    It’s Capitarism and Sociarism, O.C. 😆

    [Sounds Scoobish to me it does]

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  67. Cheque d'Out says:

    ‘May stares into Brexit abyss as domestic opposition mounts’

    “LONDON/BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit strategy
    came under attack from all sides on Monday, increasing the risk that
    her plan for leaving the EU will be voted down by parliament and thrust
    the United Kingdom towards a potentially chaotic “no-deal” Brexit.

    In a sign that Brexit talks could go down to the wire, EU sources said
    they want clarity from London by the end of Wednesday at the latest if
    there is to be a summit this month to approve a Brexit deal……

    ……“I think it’s the worst of all worlds,” former education minister
    Justine Greening, who supported staying in the EU in the 2016 Brexit
    referendum, told BBC radio, adding that she did not think there was any
    chance it could get through parliament…..”


    The only BREXIT I’ll trust is a no deal one. And I don’t care what pain accompanies it, for that reason.

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  68. Fa-ra-ra-ra-ra ra-ra-ra-ra!

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  69. Farm Boy says:

    We don’t want Meghan back.

    I wonder what she will be like when she loses her looks…

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  70. Larry G says:

    “I wonder what she will be like when she loses her looks…” This…..


  71. Farm Boy says:

    “It’s OK to Be White” fliers made appearances at various campuses over the last couple of weeks, and as intended they resulted in fresh outrage among students and college officials alike.


    So apparently they believe that it is not OK to be white

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  72. Liz says:

    Re: Broward county, from Professor Doom (who is going through chemo…..had no idea)
    “No, my big problem is their consistent error of omission. Consider that really strange school shooting, which brought that kid (son of FBI agent and CNN executive) to the forefront to advance the Democrat gun control agenda. Where did it happen?
    -Broward County, Florida.
    Now consider those strange mail non-bombs, where supposedly a bunch of anti-Trump people were targeted with nonfunctional mail bombs, supposedly by a pro-Trump guy (though the evidence on that is shaky at best). Where was that guy/patsy found, whose actions tried to advance the Democrat agenda?
    -Broward County, Florida.
    And now we’ve got a big election fraud scandal, with political power in the balance. And, where is the scandal most glaring?
    -Broward County, Florida.
    Coincidence? Sure, it’s possible, but it really seems like someone in mainstream media would go “hmm, we sure do consistently have a problem in this one county, maybe we could do some investigative reporting to highlight how it’s not simply in the same place, but the same people seem to be involved as well?”
    Instead, we get nothing.
    Now, pretty much every “alternative” news source has been flamingly branded as “alt right” or “Nazi” or whatever but…I assure the gentle reader, something’s not right about our current system of media.
    Just sayin’.

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  73. Farm Boy says:

    Facebook executive and virtual-reality wunderkind Palmer Luckey was a rising star of Silicon Valley when, at the height of the 2016 presidential contest, he donated $10,000 to an anti-Hillary Clinton group.

    His donation sparked a backlash from his colleagues. Six months later, he was out. Neither Facebook nor Mr. Luckey has ever said why he left the social-media giant. When testifying before Congress about data privacy earlier this year, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg denied the departure had anything to do with politics.

    Mr. Luckey, it turns out, was put on leave, then fired, according to people familiar with the matter. More recently, he has told people the reason was his support for Donald Trump and the furor that his political beliefs sparked within Facebook and Silicon Valley, some of those people say.


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  74. Liz says:

    JBitch has been quite a while, too.
    Not my favorite blogger, but I did notice what was on that blood slide she put a while back. Guess it was her man with the cancer. That sucks.


  75. Farm Boy says:

    Titled “The Chosen,” the 40 second video opens with the image of a beautiful, smiling baby girl. Lullaby music plays in the background as the words “she deserves to be loved” appear on screen. On that point, most viewers will concur. Next, we are told that “she deserves to be wanted.” The viewer concurs again. Then comes the kicker: “She deserves to be a choice.” We are urged to “Stand with Planned Parenthood” as the picture fades.


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  76. Liz says:

    [blab] Re blood slides. I’ve looked at thousands of them, but I’m not so sure the average lab tech is entrusted now to do this simple task. It’s been so long I have no idea….but I wouldn’t be surprised if it required an advanced degree now. I blame a lot of this on government regulations, and they are to blame, but I do remember back in the day the push was from the lab techs themselves to require higher levels of education. They erroneously believed this would lead to better pay for them, and it’s pretty easy to add education to one’s resume. Required tossing a lot of much more experienced people out who either weren’t interested in going back to school or felt too old to try. Anyway, I’m wondering if that’s part of the push for everything else too. All these ridiculous certifications and so forth, resulting in higher medical costs while (ironically) there’s often an inverse relationship between experience and higher education.

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  77. earl says:


  78. Farm Boy says:

    “How can you say you are a ‘patriot’ but oppose putting ‘our interests first’? How can you speak of morality without being concerned primarily for the people you represent? Macron has become a fountainhead of immature, immoral, twaddle.”



  79. Liz says:

    Every few days I see a poster with the handle “Anonymous” in the “recent comments” column, but their post never shows up on the thread.

    [The Ghost in the Machine it would be]


  80. Farm Boy says:

    all working from an original concept from producer JJ Abrams – the idea being to make some money from a customer base which might loosely be described as incels and incel fellow travellers



  81. Farm Boy says:

    According to AFP, 35-year-old Japanese school administrator Akihiko Kondo recently betrothed himself to a hologram named Hatsune Miku — a virtual reality singer that looks like “an animated 16-year-old with saucer eyes and lengthy aquamarine pigtails.”

    Kondo’s family has not exactly welcomed his holographic “wife” with open arms. In fact, his mother refused his “wedding” invitation along with other relatives.

    “For mother, it wasn’t something to celebrate,” Kondo told AFP.


    [Identifies as an 18 year old the hologram does]


  82. “all working from an original concept from producer JJ Abrams”

    No such thing. Never was, never will be.

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  83. Broward County, Florida ?

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  84. “According to AFP, 35-year-old Japanese school administrator Akihiko Kondo recently betrothed himself to a hologram named Hatsune Miku — a virtual reality singer that looks like “an animated 16-year-old with saucer eyes and lengthy aquamarine pigtails.”

    The real stuff is still there in Japan, but most of the men have just given up.

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  85. Farm Boy says:

    The headlong rush to judgment by so many well-educated, middle-class women in the #MeToo movement has been startling and dismaying. Their elevation of emotion and group solidarity over fact and logic has resurrected damaging stereotypes of women’s irrationality that were once used to deny us the vote. I found the blanket credulity given to women accusers during the recent U.S. Senate confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh positively unnerving: it was the first time since college that I truly understood the sexist design of Aeschylus’s Oresteia, whose mob of vengeful Furies is superseded by formal courts of law, where evidence is weighed.

    I’m not sure that I would find “moral panic” in our recent glut of accusations and public histrionics. It is obviously a positive development that sexual abuse is no longer hidden or tolerated. In 1986, I developed moderate sexual harassment guidelines in my “Women and Sex Roles” class and presented them to the college administration for adoption. I am wholeheartedly in favor of women students or employees knowing their rights and speaking up to defend them. However, the #MeToo movement has gone seriously off track in encouraging uncorroborated accusations dating from ten, twenty, or thirty years ago. No democracy can survive in such a paranoid climate of ambush and summary execution. This is Stalinism, a nadir of politics.


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  86. Farm Boy says:

    Facebook employees expressed anger about Mr. Luckey on internal message boards and at a weekly town hall meeting in late September 2016, questioning why he was still employed, according to people familiar with the complaints.


    “Multiple women have literally teared up in front of me in the last few days,” an engineering director, Srinivas Narayanan, wrote in one internal post following the meeting.

    Everything gone wrong with America is summed up in the above sentence.


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  87. Farm Boy says:

    People sometimes ask me what it’s like to work with the biggest bunch of unhinged lunatics in higher education in America. I used to be able to give them a serious answer. But I can no longer do that because the title of most unhinged institution has slipped away from the UNC system and landed in the great State of Ohio. This is all thanks to administrators at Shawnee State University who have now been sued for punishing a professor because he refused to provide public affirmation to an emotionally unstable student. Specifically, he refused to heed to a male student’s demand to be referred to as a woman, complete with feminine titles and pronouns. The story of how the lawsuit unfolded is simply astonishing



  88. Farm Boy says:

    From now on, UW will provide “intersectional diversity and sexual harassment training to both [student employees] and [the professors who supervise them]” which all students and professors will be highly encouraged to attend.

    Additionally, going forward, “a group of mostly senior faculty will review the introductory programming courses to ensure that they are inclusive of students from all backgrounds.” To be fair, it’s unclear what this means.

    How will professors make coding classes more “inclusive of students from all backgrounds”? Will they mandate textbooks feature more racial and gender minorities?

    When asked by PJ Media, UW spokesman Victor Balta said that nearly every aspect of 100-level computer science courses will be inspected to ensure they promote inclusivity. This includes “curriculum, organization, programming language and environment, teaching methods and techniques, new devices… as well as ensuring that our gateway courses are attractive and welcoming to the broadest group of students.”

    All this, it seems, simply because students were outraged at Reges’ op-ed pointing out that men simply are more interested in coding, as men tend to want to work alone and with numbers, while women are more people oriented.



  89. SFC Ton says:

    Sgt Stubby is a fine example of the demonic American Pit Bull Terrier.

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  90. mgtowhorseman says:

    THE Avenger has left the building.

    Rest In Peace Mr. Lee

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  91. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    But how is it compared to the previous 4 ?


  92. Can’t find what Stan Lee said about:

    Thor being a woman.

    Iron man now being a teen black girl.

    Captain America (Steve Rogers) being a Hydra agent (nazi).

    Captain America now being a black guy.

    Spider-man now a Afro-Latino kid.


  93. Farm Boy says:

    One wonders why there can’t be new characters created that are members of these groups…

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  94. SFC Ton says:

    Stan Lee dead? Who gives a Fuck? Just another White hating skype


  95. Farm Boy says:

    “From ‘The worldwide leader in news’ to ‘This is CNN,’ our taglines have always reflected the core essence of who we are as a news organization,” CNN said in a press release. “Our new slogan perfectly sums up our values, integrity, and passion in three words: Orange Man Bad.”

    “Telling the world Orange Man Bad is what gets us up in the morning,” the statement said.


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  96. Farm Boy says:

    Here is Liz’ fantasy

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  97. Farm Boy says:

    Here is Liz and her neighbor doing morning exercises

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  98. Cill says:

    The Patriarch at 1:28 pm

    She might talk sense, but she’s a parenthesis addict (parenthesis being something I (but I’m sure there will be some others (“others” being a word I use advisedly (although these “others” are remarkably silent on the subject (by jove it’s early morning but looks like another fine day out there)))) try to avoid).

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