Get ‘R Done

Males are judged from an early age onward with respect to what they accomplish.  Usually this comes down to getting things done and doing them effectively.  Furthermore, there is the ethic of working with the team, and for the team, that is instilled.  Probably fellas have pre-dispostions built-in toward developing these characteristics.

There is a question about how these characteristics in men should be used.  Historically, the supposition was that a man should support his family and the tribe with the fruits of his labor.  Men still think this way; though today it seems to be much less so than the past.

Presently, the fruits of men’s labor goes for much more than the family and the tribe.  It goes for other’s families and other tribes; and to fund a class of people who know all, but know nothing.  This state of affairs just does not jive well with men’s internal sense of how things should be.  The hierarchy is messed up.  Men are built this way.  Probably it is based on a built-in disposition, one that would be considered evil by many in the modern world, but it is what it is.  So where will all of this lead, and what should individual men do?  What should they use their get ‘r done talents to do, and for whom?

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  1. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    the base issue is that there are fewer men, and more soy-boys. men should continue doing what has helped to fuel society for thousands of years. soy-boys need to learn how to stop being cucks, and start working on having real personal moral courage.

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  2. earl says:

    ‘It goes for other’s families and other tribes; and to fund a class of people who know all, but know nothing. ‘

    I don’t like to use this term often…but a real man never favors socialism.

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  3. Farm Boy says:

    Speaking of get ‘r done

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  4. honeycomb says:

    Obviously you’ve had to much to think ..

    And you should stop and go back to the plantation mister!

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  5. Farm Boy says:

    “There were men who specifically said I will not hire a woman going forward,” he explained.

    “Those who said they would hire a woman said they would not travel with one, and they, more importantly they would not engage in activities after business hours,” Taylor added.

    [Apparently a “backlash” it is]

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  6. Farm Boy says:

    Women Let Out A Primal Scream Over Brett Kavanaugh

    “My body is on fire.”


  7. Farm Boy says:

    “I feel like my SlutWalk is sexually liberating, body positive and we’re fighting back,” Rose said. “We’re allowed to be sexy. We’re allowed to dress how we want. It’s not an invitation to touch us inappropriately … we’re just not taking any shit anymore. It’s done. It’s over.”


  8. Larry G says:

    FB, “Women Let Out A Primal Scream Over Brett Kavanaugh”

    Now if we can just figure out a way for the all of the cunt’s heads to explode simultaneously while screaming we could call it a day, then have a few beers to celebrate.

    I am soooo glad that I will not personally witness the final (well deserved IMO) implosion of western culture …have fun, y’all!

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  9. mgtowhorseman says:

    For FML

    Earth to Delta Tug 4!
    Aaaargh is not a good answer.

    Kennedy Steve in fine form.

    For the non airplane types Steve is a ground controller at Kennedy in NYC moving aircraft to and from the runways in one of the largest airports in the world.
    Imagine an old style traffic cop directing traffic in the highway express lanes.

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  10. Lamest slutwalk article evah!

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  11. Farm Boy says:

    For a Farm Boy, this is hilarious. Go to the thread. Have some laughs


  12. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    And the simple map

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  13. SFC Ton says:

    What should they use their get ‘r done talents to do, and for whom?
    To do? Chase after life. On a Harely. Unrepentantly, unreconstructed mascuilne life of trials, hardships and joys

    For whom? Themselves. And their American Pit Bull terrier

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  14. Ame says:

    Horseman – those are great 🙂


  15. Ame says:

    Ton – when ever i see a bike with a side car i think of you and your fav girl 🙂

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  16. Cheque d'Out says:

    Ame, he’s working on training her to operate a side-car mounted mini-gun

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  17. mgtowhorseman says:

    And the dog operates the rear mounted rocket launchers.

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  18. SFC Ton says:

    LOL she is only in the side car when one of The Girls ride with me. Dont happen all that often anymore. Both cut way back after getting prompted to Baby Mamma. Other wise I have this leather doggie box thing I strap to the second seat and sissy bar but I swear Lady Pit loves mechincal mayhem as much as I do. She’ll whine when we stop offloading and keep it up until we’re back on the trail or she’s to worn out to care. Occasionally I come out the house and she’s sitting on the bike, the boat or truck waiting for me

    I let my Lady Pit out on some tourist who didn’t respect property rights last night. I stepped out the house to let them know they were trespassing. Some fucker with a Jersey accent got smart. I opened the door and let her do her thing. Cops came by, a little cranky. Denied the whole thing and they left

    The Girls thought I was intemperate in my response; told them to note I didn’t use a gun or let Girl loose.

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  19. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    what happens at Ton’s compound, when trespassers don’t leave


  20. Cheque d'Out says:

    Dog’s gotta eat

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  21. SFC Ton says:

    I have a come on in the dogs are hungry sign vs a beware of dog sign.

    Though I am down to 4 so the good bill ain’t that bad these days

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  22. Liz says:

    Whew! The thermometer outside says 15 degrees. Talk about lazy clam weather!
    All I want to do is sip cocoa by the fire.
    But I’m watching the neighbor’s dogs so I have to brave this shit and take them for their morning constitutional. Good thing too or I would blend into the couch here, and nap until spring. Also have some de-icing to do on the driveway.

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  23. honeycomb says:

    Liz .. I’d take some cooler temps .. we’ve been blazin hot .. and now I’ve got Michael bearing down on us with a direct hit. I’m just on the other side of PC inland.

    Heck I just hope I have power back in a couple of days .. Jeep and chain-saw time upcoming .. I’m gettin’ to old for this chit .. lol

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  24. SFC Ton says:

    LOL mid 80’s today. Took the day off work and we’ll be on the boat once The Girls and Fuck Trophies are ready

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  25. SFC Ton says:

    LOL I left Gulf Shores and drove into Florence to check on my house and plant. Well not in that order.


  26. Liz says:

    F or C ?
    15 F…about 10 below in Celsius.
    But now it’s warmed up to 18 F! Time to walk the pooches
    (really dry and calm though, makes it feel like Christmas) 🙂


  27. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    someone I know lives in PCB, and works for Walton SO. hope she stays safe.


  28. @horseman re: Amazon AI/ML

    So they seed the AI to look for things that have been in past successful candidates resumes and the results are then found to be turning up a lot more men than women. Huh. Every IT person in the world is familiar with that scenario. “It does exactly what they asked for, but not what they want.”

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  29. Farm Boy says:

    An uncertainty of what constitutes sexual harassment has made some men uncomfortable around female co-workers and wary about how to navigate changing workplace dynamics.

    “One troubling trend,” Taylor said, “is executives going as far as to not invite female colleagues on trips, to evening networking events or into their inner circles to avoid any situation that could be perceived incorrectly, thus reducing the opportunity for women.”

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  30. Farm Boy says:

    A large announcement sign at a middle school in North Carolina was photographed last weekend with the message “FUCK KAVANAUGH” on it, a reference to recently seated US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


  31. Farm Boy says:

    Is she included?

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  32. “He bravely ran away. Brave, brave , brave, brave, Sir Craig…”

    h/t Dalrock

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  33. @FB She’s bravely agreed to go first. Oh, wait…

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  34. SFC Ton says:

    No healthly middle school kid anywhere gives a shit about Kavunhgh

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  35. “about how to navigate changing workplace dynamics.”

    Where women can say anything and must be believed because vagina. You know how you navigate those waters, but steering around them. Don’t hazard the Bermuda Triangle (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) boys.


  36. SFC Ton says:

    LOL she’s probably transracial

    If you read through enough of their bullshit they want to kill the concpet of Whiteness as a race since before that a man would consider himself English or what have you vs the group identity of being White. Of course they also want to destroy the concept of being English, Scottish via blood and soil.

    What they want to do is destroy White people. In concpet and in reality. Which is why I get cranky with “conservative” who don’t see race etc etc. Any non racist White man is playing for the other team/ sitting out the fight be default


  37. Farm Boy says:

    If they are perpetually dressed up as handmaidens to protest being forced to become handmaidens, have they avoided the fate they fear, or actually inflicted it upon themselves?

    — Adrian Vermeule (@Vermeullarmine) October 9, 2018

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  38. Not sure if someone already posted this but:

    Looks like this false accusation thing might finally be getting some pushback and the demand for repercussions. Let’s hope!

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  39. The ha dmaiden thing and all the rest is such projection. The same people screeching about how women are at such risk are the ones advocating immigration of cultures that don’t just oppress women much worse than handmaids, they honor kill them just on the suspicion they are out of line.

    Also re Alyssa Milano, couldn’t that kind of talk be considered slander or defamation of character? Neither one of those men have been charged and convicted of being sexual predators, not even close!


  40. Liz says:

    Just returned from my first drive in snow. I have to say, this car rocks for this type of terrain. Sure, it’s (apparently) a dyke mobile. But I love it. Even wrote a little song…

    I wanna zoom ‘em mountains like they do in IRT
    Like Santa on his sled a ho ho yeah that’s me…..
    Arctic claws yeah yeah they rock my hippy car
    It might scream dyke but without it I won’t go far…

    Can’t catch my
    Can’t catch my
    No, can’t catch my little sube
    Can’t catch my
    Can’t catch my
    muh, muh, muh, Can’t catch my little s s s sube

    Course I’m just tempting fate after my one outing.
    Hope I don’t slide off the mountain now.
    But, man, what an exit!!

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  41. Liz says:

    Bloom, the women wearing those handmaiden outfits are getting off fantasizing about being in chains. They’re disturbed.

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  42. Liz says:

    No that I care about their secret kink…it’s just the protesteth too much bit that grates.
    “Stop objectifying us!”
    Kind of smacks of, “Every time I watch gay porn, I’m offended. Every single time.”

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  43. earl says:

    Look at that skin suit she’s wearing.


  44. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    then maybe you should stop watching it, @Liz … 😜


  45. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    not completely caffeinated yet, eh?

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  46. earl says:

    Hollyweird actresses love men who let them do whatever they want in order to benefit themselves…even if they are the Bill Clinton/Harvey Weinstein rapey types.

    Once the roles stop coming in their second career is a victim signalling SJW. Especially when it comes to men who may just tell them they’re doing wrong.


  47. Ame says:

    Lady Pit loves mechincal mayhem as much as I do. She’ll whine when we stop offloading and keep it up until we’re back on the trail or she’s to worn out to care. Occasionally I come out the house and she’s sitting on the bike, the boat or truck waiting for me

    ahhh! i love that 🙂

    The Girls thought I was intemperate in my response; told them to note I didn’t use a gun or let Girl loose.

    LOL! 🙂


  48. Stephanie says:

    “Bloom, the women wearing those handmaiden outfits are getting off fantasizing about being in chains. They’re disturbed.”

    Yea that’s what I was thinking. If they’re walking around like that and it’s not Halloween… they WANT to believe they’re oppressed in that (sexual) way.

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  49. Cheque d'Out says:

    Not sure that this is authentic video of Liz going to get the shopping

    I’m not sure that Liz has the Turbo Nutter Bastard version or not. Warning…maybe fake…may not be Liz with a fake moustache and beard.

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  50. Stephanie says:

    And love Steven Crowder’s sign for Columbus Day. Does anyone know when they started changing it to be all about how bad he was and telling kids this?

    Our city even has signs over the streets trying to change it to “Indigenous People’s Day” LOL… they want to erase him from history or at least make it seem like he was a monster.


  51. Ame says:

    y’all take care in that storm.


  52. honeycomb says:

    a dyke mobile

    Liz .. so you’re saying .. you drive a Lipstick Lesbian SUV .. eh?

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  53. honeycomb says:

    y’all take care in that storm.

    Thanks .. roger wilco .. on the verge of losing power .. but for the moment I have internet and electricity.

    Cure-Few was over an hour and a half ago .. lol .. like I care about a curfew.

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  54. Cill says:

    WTF are medals for


  55. earl says:

    This is exactly the scenerio as to why wimminz and tradcon white knights are crying.

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  56. Cill says:

    Spawny 8:57 am
    A dog with a chain gun on a bike would catch the eye. How about a bear

    Look at his hind legs. He’s sitting there like he thinks he’s a biker.

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  57. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    in their case, maybe for getting their employees killed in differing ways?

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  58. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    they may look pretty with all of that bling. but they aint real cops.

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  59. Larry G says:

    “The handmaiden thing and all the rest is such projection. The same people screeching about how women are at such risk are the ones advocating immigration of cultures that don’t just oppress women much worse than handmaids, they honor kill them just on the suspicion they are out of line.”

    So what is the problem with honor killing a female who gets out of line? Seems to me that the sure knowledge known by the female that if she screws around at all, her life is forfeit at the hands of her male (sometimes female) relatives is a wonderful deterrent against acting like whore. Shall I put a bit of personal spin to this?

    One year of engagement was required prior to the marriage of me and my wife. During that one year period, we were chaperoned at all times especially for the first few months; not even holding hands! My father-in-law to be took me aside into the back storage room in his house and showed me a rather old double barrel 12 gauge shotgun laying on the floor. He quite clearly asked ME if I was serious and fully intended to marry his daughter? If I was not serious, this was the time to say so then leave the house, and never again contact his daughter or even show up in town. By me leaving it would be the honorable thing to do and no harm would fall on the girl.

    However. If I indicated I would marry his daughter, then at a later time defiled her (she was a virgin) and left her, she would be killed and family honor could be restored. But her death would be my fault alone since I was the man. When I informed her father that his daughter would be my lawful wife, I was looking at that shotgun.

    This also applies to a married woman who cheats on her husband, the father or brothers will deal with the problem lethally if the husband has not already dealt with her himself. Again, a wonderful deterrence to female infidelity.

    Perhaps a solid does of that type of fear is required to straighten out and muzzle these feral females. It’s really too bad the liberal and rotted culture infesting this miserable country won’t allow it.


  60. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    I have been thinking really hard about this, and am considering the following…

    To set up a “gofundme” page, and for every $1,000 raised, I will spend a day doing what Maxine Waters suggests people do to members of Trump’s cabinet, but to Maxine Waters herself. I would plan on an 8 hour day doing exactly what she has said people should do.


  61. Liz says:

    Just spoke to some friends of ours from PCB. Some bailed, one stayed and said it was a bad idea to stay. I guess it was pretty scary….worst seems to be over now (knock on wood). All verizon cells are down, ATT seem to still be working.

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  62. Cheque d'Out says:

    Ooh look, an image of Cressida, chief of London police. Same medals by the look. 5 year long service,10 year long service, 15 year…you get the idea.

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  63. Cheque d'Out says:

    Chief Dick to you and me. Not kidding.

    [Shirley a joke name it is]

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  64. Liz says:

    Hope you’re well, Honeycomb (don’t know where you are).
    “Liz .. so you’re saying .. you drive a Lipstick Lesbian SUV .. eh?”

    I’m not sure if it’s a lipstick lesbian car or full up butch.
    I don’t know how to classify this find!
    Didn’t even know it was hippy/dyke until some folks in here told me. 🙂


  65. Cheque d'Out says:

    FML, ha! Not so wrong then.


  66. Cheque d'Out says:

    Multiple World Rally Championship winner, Liz.

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  67. SFC Ton says:

    Fair certain letting Girl loose would have been a crime against humanity

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  68. SFC Ton says:

    God Bless Honeycomb.

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  69. Cheque d'Out says:

    This is what a cunt looks like.

    This means no BREXIT ever


  70. Cheque d'Out says:

    Some blokes trying marmite, I think. Probably not a video for the laydeez. Or indeed, any gentlemen here present


  71. honeycomb says:

    Up Periscope ..

    Direct hit over my place .. still a cat 3 in the Al-Ga-Fla tri state area.

    No power .. lots of trees down .. flash flooding .. sustained 50+ mph and gusts to over 90 mph .. over 105 mph 5 miles away.

    Probably another 2-4 hrs of ugly.

    The good news .. no storm surge inland.

    Down Periscope.

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  72. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    He should not be allowed to retire. He should be fired and do jail time for official misconduct. It is his fault that officer was killed.

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  73. Liz says:

    Thanks for the update honeycomb! Whoa are you in Panama City or Mexico beach? Saw the coverage it looks devastating 🙁


  74. Farm Boy says:

    News you can use

    First, take a candle.
    Then, pour some salt into your hand.

    Then, keeping the grains in your palm, take a pen to write out a thank you to Christine Blasey Ford, the woman whose allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee — and now justice — Brett Kavanaugh, stunned a nation.

    Or, if you prefer, simply say, “I believe you.”

    It’s just one of the many quasi-religious rituals circulating the internet — particularly pagan and #resistance circles — in the wake of Kavanaugh’s confirmation. These rituals help self-identified witches process trauma, anger, and grief.


  75. Farm Boy says:


  76. Farm Boy says:

    If you have a baby in New York City, you no longer have to assign it a gender at birth, thanks to a new bill signed into law Wednesday morning by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

    The bill will allow those seeking to describe themselves as “gender non-binary” to apply for new birth certificates that list their gender as “X” rather than “M” for male or “F” for female, but it also provides new parents with the ability to select a “third gender option” if they are choosing to raise their baby genderless.


  77. Farm Boy says:

    “Do you want to live in the world of Senator Hirono where you’re guilty until proven innocent because you’re a Republican … or do you want to live in the [Senator] Susan Collins world where you will actually be heard, listened to, and evaluated?” Graham asked

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  78. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    Not to be outdone, Gov Andi Como has directed that all birth certificates include one of the two following designations:

    WAP = With A Penis
    WOP = WithOut Penis



  79. mgtowhorseman says:

    Just because…..

    Its freakin awesome.


  80. mgtowhorseman says:

    Why worry about shit when you have awesome stuff like this. Fuck it. Enjoy the decline.

    And pass the popcorn.


  81. mgtowhorseman says:

    Oh I’m sorry. Was that sexist??

    Of course it Fucking Was!!

    The reward and the motivation.


  82. Cheque d'Out says:

    Whoever it is is already in trouble

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  83. Cheque d'Out says:

    The hero displays his latest award

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  84. Farm Boy says:

    “We’ve run all the numbers, and it’s absolutely clear: every inch of dry land on the planet will be totally submerged by the year 2005,” said one member of the panel. “This is an absolute scientific fact.”

    When several scientific researchers pointed out that 2005 came and went 13 years ago, they were informed that the earth was actually destroyed, everybody was killed, and we are all actually ghosts.

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  85. Cheque d'Out says:

    Pat on point

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  86. Liz says:

    Just an aside about PCB, the story for Tyndall AFB right now sounds a lot like what happened to Homestead AFB after Andrew. It’s destroyed. The roof of the hurricane shelter blew off while they were in there, but no one was hurt. The hurricane shelter itself was a building they were going to tear down but the wrecking ball couldn’t break it so they decided to leave it and make it a shelter….well, I’ll bet it’s one of the few things standing now.
    Good grief FML, how is your friend doing over there? Have you heard from her?

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  87. Liz says:

    Eric Holder, potential Democratic candidate:
    “Michelle [Obama] always says, ‘When they go low, we go high.’ No. No. When they go low, we kick them. That’s what this new Democratic Party is about.”

    There just ain’t no happy news today.
    Think I’ll come back to the internet when my mood improves.
    Going to walk the pups. Have a good day all.

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  88. BuenaVista says:

    Bought first motorcycle since the unpleasantness in 2012 and 2014. 30% more hp than my first car. Of course, we had snow flurries last night.

    Since Horseman made it Cheesecake Thursday, my contribution. Model was 47 at the time.

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  89. BuenaVista says:

    Liz, if you’re new to snow, a few thoughts and apologies if they’re superfluous.

    1. Get real snow tires. Not “all season radials.” My preference is to go down a rim size and buy steel wheels with higher profile (70) sidewalls. They provide more pounds per square inch of contact patch. So one just swaps out the entire wheelset twice a year. I bought the best snows for my lawyer last winter, and I think they were ~$800 total. Big, big difference if driving over Independence Pass at midnight some winter night.

    2. Noobs think “AWD/4WD” means that the vehicles go and stop better. They just go better. They don’t stop better.

    3. Tow strap, shovel, blanket or sleeping bag, little plastic gripper plates in the back. So if you’re in the ditch you can wait safely, or with the jeep recovery plates, drive yourself out.

    4. I don’t bother with chains unless in a 2WD vehicle. (Colorado used to restrict passage during snow over the passes unless you have 4WD or chains. Don’t know the rule now.) But so-called ‘cable chains’ are what I carried in my SAABs and Volvos; compact and effective.

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  90. Larry G says:

    Now, now…Liz
    “There just ain’t no happy news today.
    Think I’ll come back to the internet when my mood improves.
    Going to walk the pups. Have a good day all.”

    Some HAPPY news!

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  91. BuenaVista says:

    I flew some people out of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. Basically, flew down to Atlanta, fueled up, turned right, GPS direct Baton Rouge. I was skipping across North Alabama and Mississippi at dusk. In Baton Rouge I slept on a church pew.

    Radio was just … dead. There was no traffic. About once every 20 minutes an Air Guard helicopter would check in. Time stops anyway when flying alone at night, but at least you have the voices on the radio. No voices, then. It’s very easy to become cocooned in thought in these situations. Langewiesche wrote once that a profound issue with guys who fly a lot is they become so pleased to be in the air, so comfortable, they forget it’s a hostile environment. There have been times when I was more at home in the air than on the ground, but of course, we belong on the ground.

    Baton Rouge, post-hurricane, was bedlam. We were lined up 20 miles out to land and it was “keep your speed up” etc. into an airport no one had ever seen. Hueys operating in and out underneath, one corporate jet after another joining the conga line. No place to park, took the FBO 12 hours to fuel me up.

    I flew one newly homeless guy up to Indiana — for free — and he was pissed that we were late because it took us an hour to get to the departure end of the runway because of all the traffic. Actually was bitching at me while I was trying to figure out why one cylinder went hinky and hot. This experience changed my perspective on charity.

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  92. Farm Boy says:

    With their social agenda thus wedded to the progressive movement, feminist thinkers have taken a nosedive into corrosive identity politics, asserting their influence based on the notion that all women necessarily share their viewpoint, that women as an identity group (and a voting bloc) are united in a fight against patriarchal oppression. Feminist claims to political power are therefore premised on the fiction that all women are shackled by men and that all women should be united around one liberating platform — the progressive one.

    Identity politics is descended from Marx’s concept of “false consciousness,” which is a fancy way of saying that if you don’t fall into line with your victimhood group, then you aren’t a real person.


  93. Farm Boy says:

    Anna Ayers, who is a member of the OU student senate, was arrested Monday and charged by the Ohio University Police Department with three separate counts of “making false alarms.” It is alleged that Ayers falsely reported multiple threatening messages, including a “death threat,” which she claims was because of her being a member of the LGBTQ community.


  94. Farm Boy says:

    Most members of the “exhausted majority,” and then some, dislike political correctness. Among the general population, a full 80 percent believe that “political correctness is a problem in our country.” Even young people are uncomfortable with it, including 74 percent ages 24 to 29, and 79 percent under age 24. On this particular issue, the woke are in a clear minority across all ages.

    Youth isn’t a good proxy for support of political correctness—and it turns out race isn’t, either.

    Whites are ever so slightly less likely than average to believe that political correctness is a problem in the country: 79 percent of them share this sentiment. Instead, it is Asians (82 percent), Hispanics (87percent), and American Indians (88 percent) who are most likely to oppose political correctness

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  95. Liz says:

    “I flew one newly homeless guy up to Indiana — for free — and he was pissed that we were late because it took us an hour to get to the departure end of the runway because of all the traffic. Actually was bitching at me while I was trying to figure out why one cylinder went hinky and hot. This experience changed my perspective on charity.”

    Heh BV, I know the folks in charge of the airlift for Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria, and several of the folks on the ground. The people doing those airlifts didn’t have a single day off for something like 3 months straight (including weekends). They had some choice words to say about mayor Carmen Cruz. This includes a Puerto Rican whose entire family lives over there.

    Thanks for the snow tips, also! 🙂


  96. Larry G says:

    Oh, by the way Liz…welcome to Colorado…home of legal dope and we have marijuana too.

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  97. Larry G says:

    an introduction of California or Texas drivers to their first winter in Colorado

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  98. Liz says:

    Heh, I’ve been told I’m not allowed to smoke pot Larry. With good reason.
    I’m the type of personality to liketh it too much.

    There’s not quite enough snow to make a Panzer in our yard yet, but I see great potential!
    Yard without a Panzer tank is like a velociraptor without a shamwow. 😆


  99. Larry G says:

    well that is nooooooo problem at all!
    “Heh, I’ve been told I’m not allowed to smoke pot Larry.”

    Got dope laced candy, vapes, cookies, soy sauce, lip balm, candied apples…I sure you can find something that will make you catatonic enough to fit in with the rest of the population if you don’t smoke. Bongs are nice!

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  100. Farm Boy says:

    Trump’s greatest skill is to goad his opponents into even more outlandish behavior than his own. The weirdness field thus leveled, he unveils his secret weapon: a surprising amount of horse sense. That works w taxi drivers where academic jargon does not.

    — wretchardthecat (@wretchardthecat) October 6, 2018

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  101. Farm Boy says:

    It should not transcend devotion to the truth, unless Scott Kelly agrees that history is a lie agreed upon. Winston Churchill is attacked because he was a staunch defender of Western civilization against barbarism. Brett Kavanaugh was attacked because he is a defender of the Constitution and the presumption of innocence against anarchy and mob rule. Just which side is Scott Kelly on?


  102. Farm Boy says:

    HBO rarely strikes out, but it looks like giving Lena Dunham another big contract after her feminist-loved “Girls” series may have ended up being a bad call. The early reviews are in for HBO’s new Dunham-produced “Camping” series and it’s looking like HBO might want to quietly pack up and move on from this one.


  103. Liz says:

    Side note about Tyndall, just found out they couldn’t get all of the F22s out…there were about 17 still there. Those are the only things that can’t be replaced as far as military kit goes. They were in the hangars, keeping my fingers crossed that they made it through okay.


  104. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    @Liz: thanks for asking.

    Icalled her yesterday, and she had just been released from patrol, so she could check on her home. she was ok, and said that things weren’t as bad everyone thought they would be in her sector.

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  105. Also, avoid yellow snow for really any and all purposes.

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  106. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    and they only had how much notice that the storm was coming?


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  107. Liz says:

    They can never fly them all out…there’s always some that have maintenance issues, they’re very high maintenance airframes. Mike has been in countless hur-evac situations and they are never able to take all the jets.

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  108. mgtowhorseman says:

    Refute this.


  109. Liz says:

    Now, if they were still in New Mexico instead of Florida, that would’ve been a lot better (better airspace, better weather, no salt in the air to wear on the jets).
    But that ship sailed long ago when the Florida politicians desires beat the New Mexican politicians desires.


  110. Farm Boy says:

    In her discourse Paglia explains, “The period of the 1920s, 1930s: that to me is my favorite period in feminism because these women admired what men had done. There was no male bashing as became systemic to Second Wave feminism. It’s an absolute poison that has spread worldwide.” The author of Sexual Personae later takes on the “neuroticism” endemic to modern feminism and how the movement’s deconstruction of traditional culture bred the “new religion” of political correctness.

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  111. Farm Boy says:

    “Here, a university held a hearing to determine whether a student violated its student code of conduct,” Geck wrote. “Noticeably absent was even a semblance of due process. When the accused does not receive a fair hearing, neither does the accuser.”

    She contended that the male student, identified in court documents as John Doe, “was denied access to critical evidence; denied the opportunity to adequately cross-examine witnesses; and denied the opportunity to present evidence in his defense.”


  112. BuenaVista says:

    My great-great aunt established the first women’s college in China. University of Toronto, Presbyterian missionary (that side of the family is Scots — McCreery), escaped the Boxer Rebellion in the hold of a British ship. Went back. Educated young Chinese girls. Started her college, retired to my great-grandmother’s house (three blocks from mine, four blocks from my dad’s birthplace). Totally restless, went back to China in her 70’s while the Japs were invading. So they killed her in a concentration camp, we think; there was one Red Cross report that she was alive in a camp. Lifelong spinster.

    My grandmother’s sister, also named Lydia, worked in the settlement houses in Chicago (see, Upton Sinclair, The Jungle) and an evangelical Scots minister sent her to Smith and she became the first psychiatric social worker west of the Mississippi. Spinster. So these were feminists, in the Paglia sense. There are very few women like that now. They took care of themselves, paid their own bills and tried to enact their Presbyterian faith and values, against great hardship.

    Anne Morrow Lindberg, another of Paglia’s models, flew with her husband *open cockpit floatplane* in a single engine plane from New York “Northwest to the Orient” (name of her book) across NW Canada, territory of Alaska, eastern Alaska, Japan, then the Yangtze, where an American ship fished them out of the water.

    So I think Paglia has a point, although Earhart was a poor heroine (imo, she married for money) and objectively a really bad pilot.

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  113. RichardP says:

    It would be interesting to see how many of the productive women of that period were Presbyterian – or at least of the Reformed group of folks. The Reformed folks tended to be industrious.


  114. SFC Ton says:

    Pagila is a liar

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  115. SFC Ton says:

    Best I can tell, the leaders of feminism have always thought women were superior to men etc etc


  116. SFC Ton says:

    Some couldn’t fly out? Sure but you can one time fly a lot of maintainince issues…..

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  117. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    “Some” is one thing. But 17 of them?

    isn’t that the equivalent of a whole squadron?


  118. Liz says:

    Yeah, 17 is a lot.


  119. Liz says:

    I think the hangars are tested to 130 mph winds. When they left it was a category one, so I’m guessing they took the ones under maintenance they didn’t think were safe to fly out, secured them in the hangars, and didn’t expect it to get to cat 4. That’s just guessing.
    It’s a difficult situation because if you’re in charge and take the risk flying a plane that isn’t in flying shape, you’re risking the plane.
    Of course now that it became a category 4 the risks are different than they were at cat 1. The window to make those decisions is really small.

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  120. Liz says:

    Just to add, there were something like 55-57 F22s originally.
    The fleet there is worth more than everything else on the base combined.
    There’s also the T38s but they are cheap and very old, and the F16 drones.

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  121. Liz says:

    Just one more post, then I’ll drop it. Sorry, I know so many people there this is really awful.
    Here is a picture of one of the hangars. They might be tested higher than 130 mph…they’re pretty solid beasts. I was in a Cat 3 bar in the keys and it wasn’t built anything like this.

    People who work on/with and/or fly these planes care more about them than anyone. This is crushing…just hoping the damage isn’t too bad.

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  122. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    So almost a third of their f22s were left to weather the storm.

    Sorry, our military needs help if that % of aircraft were not even flyable enough to be moved.


  123. Ame says:

    i couldn’t see the pic, Liz, but i know the damage from the storm is bad. it’s hard when you know so many people in the bad of it … i’m sorry 😦

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  124. BuenaVista says:

    FML, Mattis issued a memo that was leaked this week, establishing the objective that all air assets needed to achieve 80% availability. So I’d say he agrees with you. Also, he may be maneuvering the bureaucrats into a position where they have to authorize the retirement of old aircraft and accelerated acquisition of the new.

    I got a Lockheed Martin and F-35 sim experience once. The sim was bonkers, but the most memorable element was being handed a small plastic case that I could hold in one hand. The pitch was that the entire ship could be serviced with the nine tools. (Complexity reduction.) I’m sure Col. and Mrs. Air Force know if the guy (President Lockheed Asia) was lying to me, which I don’t think he would since he was a prized neighbor and dinner/drinks (and more drinks and more drinks (he was Navy)).

    However, and this is the punch line, unfortunately a small metal toolset has yet to be designed to fix software.

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  125. BuenaVista says:

    Zero: Number of times I expected to see a chubby candidate for Lt. Governor, who could stand a breast reduction, to appear in campaign mode with a crop top. I think that’s her bare abdomen at 6 o’clock.


  126. BuenaVista says:



  127. SFC Ton says:

    Commanders get paid to make shit decisions but one time flying that much money out of harm’s way is pretty much an easy decision

    I could get it if they had 17 birds with no power plants etc etc. Or maybe he didn’t have enough test pilots…. I’d like to know how bad the birds were.

    On the other hand, I don’t really give a shit. The F35 is a waste of money. UAV’s launching air to air missles can do the same air patrols. Boeing had a plan to replace all combat aircraft with programmable and recoverable missiles but air force officers have to fly cool shit in the hopes it will get them laid. If they don’t get to fly shit they’ll have pretty much the lamest job ever.

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  128. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    Are you sure that’s a crop top? Almost looks like a different kind of fabric, or a belt.


  129. Liz says:

    Four star general Holmes pounds the table, “No drones! My guys MUST get laid, damnit!”
    Heh, the guys who fly the most are young ‘uns. They aren’t in a position to change things.
    Old dudes who are in the seats of power not so much.
    But you’re right, Ton. The job sucks aside from flying cool planes.

    Mike is home for the weekend and I asked about the planes. He said they have to take some of the F22s apart when they do LO (the chemical spray they put on the jets). So he suspects a few of them were in the process of getting treated. The most he’s seen is 6 held back…nowhere near this much. So I don’t know.

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  130. Liz says:

    Saw on the news 100 percent of the buildings at Tyndall are not inhabitable. 😦
    Our oldest son has a friend at the university whose parents are in Panama City. Their place of business is a complete loss. They are jobless now.
    The MQ9s were scheduled to move there…folks from Creech were really looking forward to living in Florida instead of a desert in the middle of nowhere.
    Don’t think that’s happening now.
    They’ll probably close the base like they did at Homestead by the look of things.
    When Homestead closed, they never brought the F16s back, they sent them elsewhere.
    This is a blow to Florida they won’t recover from for a while (not just a blow to Panama City but the whole state).
    Lots of interests hit hard. Really puts things into perspective. Never know what a day might bring.
    On the flip side, as a taxpayer and non-Florida resident, we can probably do with some base closures.

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  131. Ame says:

    that’s so tragic, Liz 😦

    life can be so hard sometimes.


  132. BuenaVista says:

    Is “LO” some sort of radar absorbent coating?


  133. RichardP says:

    I could get it if they had 17 birds with no power plants etc etc. Or maybe he didn’t have enough test pilots…. I’d like to know how bad the birds were.

    The objective is to reduce risk as much as possible. Can’t eliminate risk entirely.

    A short time before landfall, it was a Cat 1. Only had a general idea of where landfall would be. Spend the bucks and the effort to get these 17 birds put back together and out, or guess that they will be hit by a the edges of a storm that would be easily weathered.

    We have to make decisions in the absence of complete information. That means sometimes we guess wrong. They guessed wrong,on two counts: the size, and where landfall would be.

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  134. RichardP says:

    Seems like some of the roof of that hanger in Liz’s link came off.


  135. earl says:

    ‘Refute this.’

    Isn’t it funny…the wife doesn’t want the husband’s marital authority anymore…yet she still wants the state/courts to force him to pay like he still has marital authority over her.

    I wonder if women will ever get it that their overall punishment for men who commit to them by taking them to the emasculating courts is the reason why the rest of us don’t want to bother with them.

    And now with metoo…they’ve taken it also to the hookup arena.

    Rock and a hard place, gentlemen…the only solution I see is taking care of that male thirst.


  136. Liz says:

    “Is “LO” some sort of radar absorbent coating?”

    I’m not sure what the acronym stands for, BV….but yes it is some sort of coating they do to help with the stealth.

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  137. earl says:

    If you are wondering what the next Trump induced media meltdown is going to be over…

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  138. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    Low Observation.

    Some contractor is selling them “Pam cooking spray” for $4,826 a gallon, and saying it helps the radar beams to just slide off the airframe…😜

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  139. earl says:

    Don’t often post from Heartiste anymore…however there was a write up about ‘Brazil’s Trump’…the nuclear line…“I’d never rape you because you don’t deserve it.” He’s got some other gems in there too.

    Perhaps we’ve past peak feminism?


  140. earl says:

    Another tale from Heartiste…this time about how evil women can be when it comes to divorce.

    Sidenote: This infidelity law needs to be nationwide…not just two states.

    ‘Many years ago, my older brother had three children with his now ex-wife. Great father, great provider. Worked a steady job plus extra gigs on the side to bring in extra income. Bought into a business and became the sole owner. Things were good, kids doing well in school, family vacations – the whole bit. He catches his wife in an affair, files for divorce. She goes crazy because Virginia is one of two states where infidelity voids all spousal support. She took him to court to sue for support anyway – and actually tried to make the argument that the amount of work and amount of hours he put into his business was proof that he had walked out on the marriage. Her argument was that her having an affair wasn’t really an affair because his “abandonment” was where the marriage really ended . The judge – who incidentally was a woman – gave her the most brutal verbal beat-down I’ve ever seen. She told her that she was the living embodiment of self-centeredness and had an over-inflated sense of self-importance. Found her guilty of infidelity. She had to get a job, sell the house and share custody. She also had to watch helplessly as he went on to expand his business and rake in even more.

    It was divorce porn for men.’

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  141. Liz says:

    The Brazil guy sounds more like Duterte than Trump.


  142. Liz says:

    Speaking of south America, heard from a friend who is out there a lot that if you ask a woman to sit down in Columbia she lays down.


  143. Liz says:

    Side note: Brazillian women are very beautiful.


  144. Cheque d'Out says:

    Earl, loved that story…

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  145. Liz says:

    “A short time before landfall, it was a Cat 1. Only had a general idea of where landfall would be.”

    Base has been there for 70 years and weathered a lot of storms. Clark Gable attended one of the base chapels, back in the 40s. Think it had something to do with the shape of the bottom of the Gulf that makes hurricanes tend to peter out before they get there. Not this time though. 😦

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  146. Cheque d'Out says:

    Further to Falling Down


  147. Cheque d'Out says:

    Funny how that Falling Down meme came up on a blog and the Bill video came up in youbend at the same time…what a coincidence. They go together so well.


  148. Ame says:

    that is a great story, Earl – a breath of fresh air.

    had lunch with a friend this week who is older than i am, been married almost 50 years – they’re wonderful people. we got to talking about my first husband and my parents – it was all overwhelming to her (i forget, sometimes … oops, but she said she was okay). and she asked the age-old questions, “But what if he … was beating you and the kids terribly … sexually abusing the kids … etc.” it’s where our minds go … the ‘but what if’ scenarios, and then people filter those answers down to everything else. i had to make her see that those ‘but what if’ scenarios are really, really rare. that changes the mindset.

    but even in those … growing up with abusive parents, i can’t imagine having that compounded by them having divorced when i was a kid and us being tossed back and forth between homes. it would have been terrible. they divorced when i was in my 40’s, and that was bad enough. my mom says she wished she’d left when we were younger … “You have no idea how many times I wanted to leave you when you were growing up.” but … can you imagine having to live with a single mom like that? it was bad enough with them married.

    anyway … it was interesting watching her change her paradigm of thinking. and then trying to explain the long-term negatives of divorce my girls and i will forever have to live with, even though he died later … that just means we have to live with both the divorce stuff and his death. because divorce is not a one-time thing, it’s on-going in myriads of little ways that add up over the years.

    “Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat food from it
    all the days of your life.

    women want a hard-working, successful man … till they realize it’s hard. then they want both the man who works hard and the one who’s always home. can’t have both. probably what’s so telling about that woman’s narrative is not that more women don’t use the same excuse, but that she actually used it in court … and then even more telling that a female judge actually judged her fairly. good for the judge. finally.


  149. RichardP says:

    In fairness, earl’s story demonstrates that man does not live by bread (money) alone. That type of story should be taught to girls annually from the first time they have mandatory sex education in fifth grade or whenever.

    The advertisers and marketers have women convinced that happiness lies in having a multitude of shiny things and plastic surgery. Like the woman in earl’s story, women demonstrate over and over again that – in the having of all of these things – they are still left wanting something more … a strong man, who is present, a tender touch, a soulful kiss, ears to listen …

    The one’s who push husband to work longer hours so they can have more shiny things need to know that long-term happiness for them might lie more in a lower-key lifestyle so that he can be present more. But, if she’s decided that he’s only good for money …

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  150. RichardP says:

    Was writing while Ame posted. She beat me to it. Must be something there …

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  151. earl says:

    ‘That type of story should be taught to girls annually from the first time they have mandatory sex education in fifth grade or whenever.’

    They need to be taught that fried ice doesn’t exist.


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