Competency and Men

What should men strive for?

One thing would be competency.  Why might this be?

First of all, a fella is mostly on his own in life.  Competency can make everything go smoother.  On the other hand, designated victim groups members really do not need to be as competent.

Secondly, a competent fella is a more legitimately confident fella.  Ideally, a fella who understands and is skilled in making his way around the world.  The world does not blow him around, he chooses his own path.

What kind of competence?  Actually, most any kind.  Ideally many would be directly related to making money, handling the world as it comes his way, but others (e.g. video games) are competencies also

How does one develop competencies?  Normally it is through doing new activities (either within a familiar field or a new one).  Experience matters.  Paying attention to what is happening when you are engaged, and using that information to improve your performance is essential.  So much of life is about paying attention to what is happening.

This approach is not really difficult to implement.  One does not need to become competent everywhere at once.  But over time, competencies can accumulate, all for the better.

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  1. honeycomb says:

    I was looking for a competent dog .. see list below .. [1] .. anyone know what breed it is ..

    [1] ..

    I heard they are banned everywhere .. it sounds like a great breed!


    Yes .. men care about being a competent man. Or at least I care about that.

    (Dog not included.)

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  2. mgtowhorseman says:

    Be competent in what you need to serve your own needs. Provide for yourself so you are not beholden to anyone for work, resources, skills, anything.

    Then when they come for you, accuse you or just push you too far you can tell them to fuck off and walk away.

    What happens when the Kavanaghs say fuck it and walk away. When the engineers, builders, warriors walk away. For a short time the monkeys rejoice and dance as they use up the last stockpiles of the competent men. Then “how do we make the magic machine run?”

    Rhodesia, Yugo, Ukraine, Venezuala.
    Detroit. Pittsburg, San Francisco.

    By then the Kavanaghs are fine because they are competent.
    But even as it burns, they will never return to the public good.

    “What about the (insert here.)?”
    “Fuck em!! They fucked me!”

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  3. mgtowhorseman says:

    Its scary.

    I don’t get angry any more. Even upset.

    Just a little melancholy for what is lost and what might have been.

    I speak softly these days.

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  4. SFC Ton says:

    What should men strive for?

    Behold! The Ton has all answers for the important questions of life

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  5. BuenaVista says:

    If you read people like Hemingway or Salter slowly and carefully, competence achieved (and it’s hard to achieve) is an act of devotion, a methodology of faith. To fly, fish, hunt, love: these are the attributes of life and love that most people discount. But then most people are dead in three days if the power goes out.

    Hemingway: Big Two-Hearted River: a man home from a bad war who walks deep into the Michigan wilderness to fish and reflect.

    Salter: trapped above cloud in a VFR jet, bingo fuel, the reticent few moments before death.


  6. earl says:

    Men should strive for the opposite of what this crazy world is going for.

    Lots of incompentence…so competence is good.

    So is sanity.
    So is self-control, emotional stability.
    So is physical exertion to develop strength…be it in a gym, hard manual labor, or some combo of both.

    It achieves 2 things…you aren’t a soy boy and hopefully it drives away the banshee women.


  7. RichardP says:

    Speaking of competencies – a little something tasty for Dr. Ford from Clapton and Swift:

    Reconsider Baby


  8. Farm Boy says:

    Jeremy and Bryan posted the following announcement on their Facebook page: “If you interact with our kid, please make an effort to use Naya’s name, rather than a gendered pronoun.” This is because “much of our culture and many of our traditions are based on telling people (directly and indirectly) what they can and can’t do, or should and shouldn’t do, based on their gender rather than their capabilities.”

    Why does this matter? Well, Jeremy explains, with equal parts compassion and insight, “And we know this has tremendously negative consequences for both kids and adults.” It makes one wonder how many of Hesse’s readers will see Jeremy and Bryan with the admiration she does. How many will find this parenting approach admirable or asinine?

    Thus, do such stories help or hurt the gender redefinition cause? It’s one thing for “progressives” to support the cause in theory. It’s wholly another when they see how it actually presents itself in the real lives of children. Gender theorists and their media enablers don’t seem to appreciate just how wacky their basic assumptions sound to everyday people regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum.


  9. mgtowhorseman says:


    Another great short story if you can find it.

    “Let Not This Sparrow Fall.”

    “The Shepard.”

    Also the tv christmas movie with Scott Bacula lost over the pacific in an AgCat.

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  10. Farm Boy says:

    His country and his continent last century escaped fascism and communism, but former Czech President Vaclav Klaus argues that Europe desperately needs to be liberated again — this time from the clutches of globalists and multiculturalists, and from a European Union bent on imposing open borders and crushing the principle of sovereign rights.


  11. Farm Boy says:

    This is all about killing babies. Remember that. Democrats are furious that Kavanaugh might prevent them from killing babies. If Kavanaugh was in favor of killing babies, they wouldn’t care if he was a serial rapist. The Democrat Party is truly the Devil’s own party. Pure evil.
    — Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) September 25, 2018

    If Kavanaugh was pro-abortion, they wouldn’t care if he, say, raped a woman in an Arkansas hotel room, or drove a woman over a bridge and left her to die.
    — Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) September 25, 2018

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  12. Farm Boy says:

    He preaches mercy, but in reality he is an ice-cold, cunning Machiavellian, and, what is worse – he lies,” said the Cardinal.


  13. Farm Boy says:

    Michelle Obama encouraged people who “know nothing about nothing” to get out and vote while speaking at a campaign-style rally on Monday in Las Vegas.

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  14. Farm Boy says:

    Christine Blasey Ford donated to progressive pressure group ActBlue and Senator Bernie Sanders, marched against Donald Trump, and signed a letter by health professionals protesting the administration’s border policies. Deborah Ramirez, who accuses Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her at Yale, told the New Yorker that she “works toward human rights, social justice, and social change.”

    Does Brett Kavanaugh so politicize his predatory behavior that he only targets left-wing activists or do left-wing activists make up tales of predatory behavior to target the judge?


  15. “but former Czech President Vaclav Klaus argues that Europe desperately needs to be liberated again — this time from the clutches of globalists and multiculturalists, and from a European Union bent on imposing open borders and crushing the principle of sovereign rights.”

    He ain’t lying. Same can be about all Western countries. Just switch out EU for local leftist/marxist cabal.


  16. honeycomb says:

    Com-Po-Tent people .. need a better educatiin system ..

    Or just homeschool.


  17. earl says:


    ‘Three words — it’s all a woman needs to destroy a man. It’s her nuclear weapon in the power struggle of the sexes. She utters three words and unleashes a megaton of moral radiation. Her primary target — the reputation of the man at ground zero — is obliterated. Her secondary target — his job, his family, his friends and his future are vaporized. The woman has created a radius of lethality detonated by just three words.

    Bizarrely, you can compare this to God creating the world in the book of Genesis. Unlike the other gods of the ancient Near East who create by large-scale acts of violence and bloodshed, the God of the Bible creates by His Word. God creates ex nihilo — out of nothing. The woman does the reverse — she creates or destroys, not by violence or bloodshed, but by her word. Her de-creation of the man and his world can be ex nihilo — out of nothing.

    Three words: He raped me. He groped me. He assaulted me. The three words — the nuclear trident — spoken by the woman results in chaos.’


  18. Farm Boy says:

    “Her own immediate family doesn’t appear to be backing her up, either,” Sperry writes. “Her mother, father and two siblings are all conspicuously absent from a letter of support released by a dozen relatives, mostly on her husband’s side of the family.”

    “In another inconsistency, Ford told The Washington Post she was upset when Trump won in 2016, because Kavanaugh was mentioned as a Supreme Court pick,” Sperry writes. “But Kavanaugh wasn’t added to Trump’s list of possibles until November 2017, a full year later.”


  19. Farm Boy says:

    Many Brexit opponents, both in the U.K. and on the Continent, hope that the chaos of a “no deal” Brexit will bring about a second British referendum. Next time, they hope, a chastened British public will vote to remain. But repeating the referendum until the people vote the “right” way is more likely to fan the flames of populist anti-Brussels sentiment around the EU than to quell them.


  20. honeycomb says:

    As R.A. Heinlein put it:

    A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.

    Still holds true.

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  21. Farm Boy says:

    Now a woman who has opinions or expectations (often mistaken for demands), gets upset or angry or otherwise emotional, and inconveniences anyone — her guests, the bridal party, the guy who’s fitting her veil — in any way might earn the title. Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, for instance, identifies “signs that you might be a borderline bridezilla,” including calling your wedding planner too much and having expensive items on your gift registry. (“A registry should never make your guests feel uncomfortable.”)….

    In that way, the bridezilla accusation isn’t so different from the day-to-day sexism that follows women everywhere. Opinions and demands are the earmarks of a shrill, bossy bitch. Emotional women have been accused of “hysteria” for ages. And women are expected to martyr themselves for everyone else as mothers, wives and daughters. Bridezilla is all the same stuff we’ve heard before, only in a special-edition wedding package.

    — Liz Moorhead, Washington Post, Sept. 14, 2018


  22. thedeti says:

    Regarding Judge Brett Kavanaugh

    Why is all this alleged sexual assault stuff coming out just now?

    Kavanaugh worked for Ken Starr and helped author the Starr Report that was instrumental in the House deciding to impeach Pres Clinton. He then became a White House staff secretary to Bush 43.

    He was nominated to the D.C. Circuit (the second most important federal court) in 2003 and confirmed in 2006. The delay was over ideology. Why didn’t the sex stuff come out then? They had 3 years to bring it out.

    He’s been a federal appeals court judge for 12 years. Why didn’t this come out during his tenure on the bench?

    Answers: No one outside the Beltway really cares about appeals court judges. Only SCOTUS. The ideological stuff won’t work anymore; we have to get them with the sex stuff. So, that time you pinched some girl’s ass in 7th grade will keep you out of the good positions. Some girl you jilted in high school will call your employers and #metoo you. Some girl who had regret sex with you in college will call your employers and #metoo you.

    That’s where we’re headed.

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  23. thedeti says:

    Farm Bo

    re the conventional liberal wisdom on Michelle Obama:

    If you disagree with or criticize Michelle Obama in any way, shape, manner or form, you’re a racist.

    Only racists criticize with or disagree with her.

    And you’re sexist too.

    And THOSE ARMS!!!


  24. earl says:

    They are more concerned his SCOTUS nom will somehow reverse Roe v. Wade. Abortion is practically a sacrament to the left.


  25. honeycomb says:

    Well .. seems like they got everything they wanted .. Planned Parenthood ..


  26. Cheque d'Out says:

    Moonpig sell mail-order personalised greeting cards

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  27. thedeti says:

    No, earl, you’re just a sexist because you support Kavanaugh. If you support his appointment to SCOTUS you hate women and want to see them suffer infections and die from back alley abortions.



  28. thedeti says:

    …. and you support rape too.

    The end.


  29. earl says:

    Oh I’m sexist. I don’t need a dog and pony show about a SCOTUS nominee to bring that out.


  30. honeycomb says:

    I’m so sexist .. “How sexist are you?” .. Glad you asked ..

    I had a sexist convo with a womminz y’dy on my boat ride back from the Dry Tortugas to Key West .. I dare’em to call me out .. in fact I told her multiple times she was sexist. She was not your easily offended fembot .. she had a good time jawing back at me .. very emtertaining.

    Good gal all in and all .. married to an US Army Vet .. He seemed like a decent bloke.

    It was a good time .. being sexist that is to say .. HEH.


  31. earl says:

    We work better as sexists rather than trying to turn everyone into androgynous blobs to be cogs in the homoglobalist machine.


  32. Larry G says:

    “No, earl, you’re just a sexist because you support Kavanaugh. If you support his appointment to SCOTUS you hate women and want to see them suffer infections and die from back alley abortions.

    It’s really too bad the Republicans are pandering to these retarded females in any form. Better that they should have told the robocunts to buy some fresh batteries for their dildos then go fuck themselves. Jeez, what a comedy theater this has become….


  33. Memes’s are sexist guys. Umm, guys, our feewings are up here!

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  34. SFC Ton says:

    A more rational society would understand the left is demonicaly inspired theology, like islam and a shit ton of others

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  35. “And when I woke up she was gone, and my wallet was gone, and my favorite kidney was gone too.”

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  36. Farm Boy says:

    But if these parties really happened, it’s difficult to see how the police were never once called, parents were never once alerted, and the FBI, conducting several background checks on Kavanaugh through the years, never once heard tell of it. And the most incredible thing, the most unbelievable thing, the thing that potentially exposes this as a lie or a gross exaggeration, is that the accuser herself kept going back to these drug-fueled rapefests.


  37. Farm Boy says:

    BREAKING: Congressional sources say new Kavanaugh accuser Swetnick can offer no eyewitness or other evidence to show the SCOTUS nominee participated in any alleged “gang rape” or forced himself on girls, and that she only personally witnessed him drinking “excessively” at parties

    — Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) September 26, 2018


  38. Farm Boy says:

    To review the Avenatti claim: a woman claims that when she was a college aged adult (graduated high school in 1980), she went to high school parties where high school girls were drugged and raped and she, as the adult present, did nothing but avoid the punch.

    — Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) September 26, 2018


  39. Yoda says:

    Brett Kavanaugh strong with the Force he is.
    Used it to hold me down when raped me he did.


  40. honeycomb says:

    [Why do this he did?]


  41. Yoda says:

    The mayor of Houston is exploring options in an effort to “restrict or regulate” the first so-called “robot sex brothel” in the United States that is slated to open this month in the city.

    “This is not the kind of business I would like to see in Houston and certainly this is not the kind of business the City is seeking to attract,” Mayor Sylvester Turner said in an email statement to Fox News.


  42. Farm Boy says:

    Vladek Filler was accused of sexually assaulting his wife, Ligia, in April 2007, who told police he had attacked her repeatedly since 2005. At the time of this accusation, and Vladek’s arrest, he and his wife were going through a divorce and battling for custody of their children.

    During the divorce, Vladek told his wife he planned to move to Georgia with their two sons to be closer to his mother. After that, according to the University of Michigan’s National Registry of Exonerations (NRE), Ligia “ran into the street from the family home holding one of the boys, yelling that she wanted to kill her husband for molesting and abusing their children and that she feared he would kill their 12-year-old son.”

    Vladek’s case wouldn’t go to trial until January 2009, and by that time, a social services investigation found no evidence of child abuse. Ligia testified at trial that Vladek would become angry and force her to have sex with him, one time allegedly because she used his bank account to pay for her haircut. She also claimed Vladek physically assaulted her.

    “A physician testified that he could find no signs of sexual abuse. A police officer testified that Ligia had a bruise on her arm which she said was the result of Filler’s abuse,” it says on the NRE.

    During trial, Vladek’s defense attorney argued that Ligia only made the claims when it became clear there would be a custody battle, but prosecutor Mary Kellett claimed there was no evidence of such.

    Vladek was found guilty of one count of gross sexual assault and two counts of misdemeanor assault. Defense attorneys argued for a new trial, claiming Kellett made improper arguments to the jury. A new trial was granted, over prosecution objections.

    Prior to the new trial in 2011, Vladek’s divorce was finalized. The divorce court found no evidence that Vladek raped his wife or abused his children, but did find that Ligia abused the children, made false accusations that they were molested, and publicly threatened to kill her husband.

    Vladek was tried again in May 2011, and this time found guilty on one misdemeanor assault charge and sentenced to 21 days in jail. After this conviction was upheld, Vladek filed a complaint to the Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar, alleging Kellett had broken bar rules.

    It turns out Kellett had objected to the evidence that would show the custody battle. She also withheld exculpatory evidence of interactions Ligia had with police around the times she claims she was assaulted and made no mention of abuse. Kellett also withheld evidence where Ligia admitted to police that the bruise on her arm had appeared three days after Vladek allegedly abused her.

    Kellett admitted in 2013 that she violated rules by making an improper argument and withholding exculpatory evidence. She was suspended for one month, but vacated that and allowed her to go through six hours of legal education instead. She’s one of the few prosecutors – and the first in the state of Maine – to be sanctioned for prosecutorial misconduct.

    Vladek was finally exonerated in 2015, and he filed a federal lawsuit against those that handled his case, after he discovered more evidence was withheld. A nurse who interviewed Ligia told her to cry during testimony to make her claims more believable


  43. earl says:

    Why do they always take your money and your favorite kidney?

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  44. earl says:

    Gaze into my patriarchal eyes of authority. You’ll see why it’s great to be attracted to a sexist.

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  45. earl says:

    My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with a girl who saw Kavanaugh rape a woman at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.

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  46. Kavanaugh is apparently a one-man-rape-gang with the ability to cloud women’s minds of any specific details of the event. Like a cross between Ronnie Garvin and the Shadow. I think we could could really use a guy like that on the SCOTUS bench.

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  47. Farm Boy says:

    The ex-boyfriend of Julie Swetnick, the woman who accused Brett Kavanaugh of participating in a “gang rape” ring in the early 1980s, filed a restraining order against her in 2001 for issuing multiple threats against him after their four-year relationship came to a halt.


  48. Farm Boy says:

    The new allegation — which is now the fourth allegation leveled against the nominee in the final stages of the confirmation process — was made anonymously to Republican Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado.

    The anonymous complaint alleges that Kavanaugh “physically assaulted a woman he socialized with in the Washington, D.C., area in 1998 while he was inebriated,” NBC reports. The person who sent the complaint says it happened during an evening out involving her own daughter and several friends.


  49. Farm Boy says:

    But men are rightly concerned about Democrats normalizing the idea that raising 30-to-35-year-old charges with no hard evidence and no presumption of innocence can wipe away reputations and careers. Why would any man vote for a political party that is generating this toxic environment?

    If Democrats win on Kavanaugh, these tactics will be become commonplace. Any man could find himself facing unprovable accusations automatically taken as fact, made by an accuser who spent “six days … carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney.” Imagine the impact on workplace disputes, divorce proceedings, or any situation in which a man might stand accused, rightly or wrongly

    This puts an extraordinary burden on men, who would face a dual-track justice system in which they are always in the wrong, unless they can prove otherwise


  50. Farm Boy says:

    Maybe Brett Kavnaugh should identify as a woman. We can’t tolerate such vicious attacks on a woman, can we?

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  51. Farm Boy says:

    BREAKING: 2nd Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick once sued her former employer, the New York Life Insurance, for ‘sexual harassment’. Representing her was the firm run by Debra Katz, who now reps Christine Blasey Ford – WSJ

    — Wired Sources (@WiredSources) September 27, 2018


  52. earl says:

    They might as well get that 4th accuser ready…maybe it’ll stick that time. /sarc


  53. mgtowhorseman says:

    No one of any character who is not already there will ever enter public service and have their name put thru this anymore.

    Superman no longer dating, the VP dining alone and Ninja (a professional gamer) not even be on the internet with women all seem like minor and wise actions by comparison.

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  54. mgtowhorseman says:

    All top tier men at the height of their professions and money self selecting out of interacting with women.

    And not accusers.

    Any woman. As in avoiding ALL of them.

    P.s. what happens to advertising when sex doesn’t sell, it just raises feelings of anger and repulsiveness??

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  55. Farm Boy says:

    The “Distracted Boyfriend Meme,” which was named the 2017 meme of the year, has been declared sexist by a Swedish Ad watchdog.

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  56. earl says:

    ‘The “Distracted Boyfriend Meme,” which was named the 2017 meme of the year, has been declared sexist by a Swedish Ad watchdog.’

    And this is a problem because???????????

    Oh I forgot it’s Feminist Saudi Arabia there.

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  57. Farm Boy says:

    According to Vinneccy, Swetnick threatened him after they broke up and even after he got married to his current wife and had a child.

    “Right after I broke up with her, she was threatening my family, threatening my wife and threatening to do harm to my baby at that time,” Vinneccy said in a telephone interview with POLITICO. “I know a lot about her.”

    “She’s not credible at all,” he said. “Not at all.”


  58. Farm Boy says:

    It sure would be more effective if they ginned up an accuser who wasn’t a loon


  59. Farm Boy says:

    To be sure, much has changed in the last two decades. But some things don’t: Women who accuse Republicans have to be heard and believed because they’re “survivors”; women who accuse Democrats are nuts and stalkers who need never be heard


  60. honeycomb says:

    Ann’s great.

    AND very consistant.


  61. mgtowhorseman says:

    A break from all the insanity.

    God she just becomes more of a train wreck. I thought she had self destructed long ago.


  62. Farm Boy says:

    On the eve the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing examining the stories of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, a man has reportedly come forward, claiming that he, not Judge Kavanaugh, was the one who had the encounter in question with Ford.


  63. Farm Boy says:

    she let slip a statement so appalling that it ranks with her colleague Mazie Hirono’s notorious injunction to the male half of the populace (and her constituency) that its members “shut up.”

    On Chris Hayes’s program, these words actually left her mouth:

    Every time you hear on Fox News, “assume you’re innocent,” “you have to have proof beyond a reasonable doubt,” they’re trying to confuse voters.


  64. Liz says:

    “On the eve the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing examining the stories of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, a man has reportedly come forward, claiming that he, not Judge Kavanaugh, was the one who had the encounter in question with Ford.”

    Scott Adams mentioned being held at gunpoint when he worked as a bank teller long ago. He said at the time, he knew he had to remember everything he could about the robber so he would have a good description for the authorities. Later, he told them everything….they showed him a video image and asked “is this the guy?” He told them “no, that’s definitely not him” they played the rest of the video and it definitely WAS him.

    Tangentially related side note: Have I mentioned before how much I hate Gillibrand?
    If she was on fire, and I had some water…I would, like, totally drink that water.

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  65. earl says:

    ‘God she just becomes more of a train wreck. I thought she had self destructed long ago.’

    Never heard of her. Is she just like every other 20 something carousel rider?


  66. earl says:

    Apparently women have always been like this.

    [Wonder if Moehau women do something similar I do]

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  67. Larry G says:

    Laura Ingraham:
    “These uncivil tactics and slimy smears against good people are exposing just how radicalized, how contemptible some strains of today’s Democratic Party has become.”

    Some?? All liberal Demoncrats should be rounded up en mass and sent to “re-education” camps till they can demonstrate civilized behavior. Rabid animals don’t reason well.

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  68. earl says:

    When a Man Loves a Woman

    ‘Woman (Eve) brought onto all her daughters — women — a hefty consequence: their thoughts now have power they shouldn’t have had. Anxiety, emotions, thoughts, plumbing issues… all increased.

    We know these things biologically: the left amygdala in women behaves stronger, indicating a heightened emotional memory, which is central in the process of anxiety, preconception, and pain. The corpus callosum in women is thicker, which allows more information to travel between hemispheres of the brain and, we think, is responsible for the fact that women process in a more parallel way (lots of things at once) where men process serially (one thing at a time).

    The physical brain became wired in women to give it the power Eve was seeking to gain for herself, and that meant more anxiety, deeper emotions, and greater reception of pain. Where Man (Adam) earned his sons physical strain, Eve brought her daughters mental strain.’

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  69. BuenaVista says:

    In my lifetime, and it’s not brief, I’ve known one woman who was falsely accused and punished by this or that state apparatus.

    I’d say that 75% of the women I’ve dated have revealed in the first few hours that they were “abused.” The word “abuse”, like the current use of the word “survivor”, has been debauched. This is how they won their divorce contests, or how they achieve social value. “I believe survivors!” is just a puerile tautology; they don’t have the nerve yet to tell the truth, which is that “I believe accusers!”

    And half of the divorced men I know have been, objectively, falsely accused. This is how they lost their divorce contests, homes, children.

    Neither of the above is a novel insight. What is a novel insight, for me anyway, is that I’ve never spent more than a few minutes with any woman who didn’t say (about a false accusation) “That’s so terrible and unfair! But it will all work out in the end and your relationships with your children will be restored and you’ll meet someone (“choose me, choose me”) and she won’t be so horrible.” They’re playing both sides of the street.

    So if a guy has some upside as a provisioner and/or lover, all is forgiven and understood and where are we going on vacation?

    My point: What is surprising to me about the Kavanaugh mugging is that women outside the Acela bubble are often truly pissed off at what’s being dropped on his, and his family’s heads. This means that they have personal knowledge of the legal (financial, social) leverage a false accusation delivers females, uniquely. We’ll see if they do anything about it, and demand he be confirmed, or if they vote in November for the notion’s repudiation. To date, they have always treated a culture of accusation as the hole card in the intersexual lives we lead. I’m skeptical, but I don’t recall social and mass media having quite so many female voices saying “This has gone too far.”

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  70. Farm Boy says:

    Fulton Brown has been repeatedly slurred as a “white supremacist,” “racist” and “alt-right” since her 2015 blog post “Three Cheers for White Men” drew condemnation from feminists.

    She had argued that white men made indispensable contributions to feminism, telling The College Fix at the time that she wanted to “push back against the negative image of the Western tradition” in American culture.


  71. Farm Boy says:

    On the eve of the highly-anticipated U.S. Senate hearing regarding the dubious sexual misconduct allegations launched against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, sitting U.S. Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg applauded the anti-sexual harassment movement known as #MeToo while speaking at Georgetown University.


  72. Farm Boy says:

    A federal judge who says she may be the woman described in a cryptic, anonymous letter accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of assault in 1998 told the Senate Judiciary Committee that Kavanaugh never attacked her


  73. Farm Boy says:

    This accusation has been withdrawn

    Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge were allegedly on a boat in the Newport harbor. The man claimed that when he heard about the assault, “he and another individual went to the harbor, located the boat the victim had described, and physically confronted the two men, leaving them with significant injuries.”

    Catalan reportedly reached out to Whitehouse’s office on September 24, after he saw Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook photo on television and recognized him.

    The nominee denied the incident occurred, and much more besides. “No,” he said. “I was not in Newport, haven’t been on a boat in Newport. Not with Mark Judge on a boat, nor all those three things combined. This is just completely made up, or at least not me. I don’t know what they’re referring to.”

    This reminded me of “Green Eggs and Ham,” so I composed a brief ditty about Kavanaugh’s denial: “I did not assault her on a boat. I did not assault her with a goat. I did not assault her here or there. I did not assault her anywhere.”

    I did not assault her on a boat.
    I did not assault her with a goat.
    I did not assault her here or there.
    I did not assault her anywhere. #Kavanaugh

    — Tyler O’Neil (@Tyler2ONeil) September 27, 2018


  74. Cill says:

    “Some girl who had regret sex with you in college will call your employers and #metoo you.

    That’s where we’re headed.”

    That’s where we are.

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  75. Cill says:

    We work better as sexists rather than trying to turn everyone into androgynous blobs to be cogs in the homoglobalist machine.


    I like Earl’s turn of phrase.

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  76. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    Both of those fuckers should be in jail.


  77. honeycomb says:

    SCOTUS nom-uh-knee Kav-Manly-All is accused by polic-woman of unwanted sex .. and there is a video ..


  78. Liz says:

    “This reminded me of “Green Eggs and Ham,” so I composed a brief ditty about Kavanaugh’s denial”

    I could not, would not on a boat.
    I’d surely rather with a goat.
    I would not even if for hire.
    I would not piss on if on fire.

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  79. earl says:

    ‘I’d say that 75% of the women I’ve dated have revealed in the first few hours that they were “abused.”

    It’s my belief that women have no concept of instigation. Sure they probably were abused…did they bring that on through instigation or did it happen without anything they did?

    It would be like me saying that I was ‘abused’ because I went up to a guy, said his momma wears army boots and he punched me in the face.


  80. earl says:

    More fake news from the BBC.


  81. Farm Boy says:

    Watching Judge Kavanaugh’s statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee, I think he is killing it. He demonstrates indignation and appropriate emotion, every bit as much as Ford. He has rightly focused his remarks on the game against him played by the Democrats. Here he has nailed it. He called them out in every respect. He omitted only their names, but we know who they are


  82. Do masonettes have access to some super-tough nail polish formulas that are considered too powerful for civilian use?

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  83. BuenaVista says:

    I don’t know a single woman who was abused, in the accurate use of the term. So Earl, I didn’t mean what you suggest in any way.

    What I did mean: The majority of divorced women I know prosecuted their divorces and their social careers on the basis of their being victimized by men, and by victimized I mean really horrible shit like having to live on a budget.

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  84. Farm Boy says:

    The California senator asked Kavanaugh why he didn’t call for an FBI investigation into professor Christine Blasey Ford‘s allegations against him. Kavanaugh answered that he’s open to whatever avenues the Senate Judiciary Committee seeks to pursue and noted that the FBI wouldn’t be able to arrive at a conclusion.

    Kavanaugh was guilty of “mansplaining” in that answer, liberal critics charged.


  85. SFC Ton says:

    After hearing that Kaavanugh guy in action I hope he withdraws. Bad enough he is a catholic, not an original american, a swamp creature from an ivy league, he is a complete and utter pussy.

    He’s such a pussy his balls are made of pussy

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  86. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    I’ve watched most of it. I found her testimony lacking, and inconsistent. And there were a number of ‘changes on the fly’ that make her less credible in my eyes.

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  87. BuenaVista says:

    Well,Ton, they do need to choose their next nominee from someplace like Oklahoma who went to public school.

    I think BK did a good job making plain the costs of creating an accusation culture, and what the real costs are. I know I was very worked up. Maybe I’m a pussy.

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  88. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    The crying was just over the top. Gotta give him some props for throwing it back at Feinstein.


  89. BuenaVista says:

    FML: if she were the daughter of the mayor in a corrupt one-horse town, the county attorney still would blow her off. No facts, no dates, no evidence, no witnesses. No witnesses because the people she named immediately impeached her. Testimony that contradicts previous, written statements. Attorneys, whom she didn’t hire, misleading her.

    Her up-talking, little girl voice must have taken weeks to develop.

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  90. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    Knowing a little about SSBIs and the FBI, the so-called “FBI Investigation”wouldn’t prove a thing. All they would do is conduct interviews, and provide written reports on the interviews.

    Even if the could make a conclusion on what is alleged to have happened, there is NO actual evidence to prove anything.

    This is a purely political stunt by the left.

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  91. BuenaVista says:

    I was disappointed in BK’s inability to respond to the Dems by saying, “So, FBI investigation. Investigate WHAT?”

    Because that’s the first thing a special agent would ask. And I am not, under just about any perspective, at all interested in the FBI. My personal experience is that they are try-hard mediocre minds, insulated, self-perpetuating, and often corrupt.

    So agree with FML. Nothing to investigate, since the FBI doesn’t investigate middle-aged bimbos with a grievance about how her life turned out. (Of course, it would be different if she filed a criminal complaint, and became subject to filing a false complaint, but that would be a state matter, not federal. I don’t think there is a statute of limitations for “sexual assault”, so perhaps that’s the next hail mary move for the Dems.)

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  92. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:



  93. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    Girls commit violence more often
    Boys commit greater level of violence


  94. BuenaVista says:

    Domestic violence against children is dominated by females. But there’s no VACA.

    “SIDS” is mothers smothering their children. (When son #2 was born, our ob told us that every single SIDS death in Maryland the prior year just happened to occur when the mother was “co-sleeping.”

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  95. BuenaVista says:

    On the teen violence thing, girls would stop hitting boys if the boys could hit them back without going to jail. The girls know they won’t be rung up, and they know it when they’re 35, as well.

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  96. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:



  97. SFC Ton says:

    The impression I got from him is a pussy who’s done nothing but read a lot and polish a chair with his ass

    The Girls were equally unimpressed with his subcoms


  98. RichardP says:

    The impression I got from him … – which is exactly the impression he needed to convey. He’s being painted as a macho high school and college boy going around aggresivizing aginst defenseless little girls (who have no idea how they ended up at the party). Part of his job today is to create a different image in the public eye.

    I listened to his opening statement and the questioning up to about 10 minutes after Lindsey Graham said his peace. I remember thinking in several spots (about how Kavenaugh was speaking) that he was overdoing it to the point that he was starting to harm himself re overdowing the pussy image. I suppose pussy guys can be good football and basketball players, as he was. But it is not likely.


  99. RichardP says:

    Overdoing – not overdowing.


  100. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    I was surprised by Lindsey Graham. He finally showed some guts.

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  101. BuenaVista says:

    He definitely reads a lot and works at a desk. He lives his faith, lives for his family and community, likes baseball and beer. In the coming civil war, he will be an originalist who defends our right to leave the Union.

    I was disappointed by his nomination because I don’t trust people who worked for the Bushes. And I used to live in the middle of that DC prep school/legal/gov’t world. I’m tired of every qualified justice coming from Yale or Harvard. There are smart people in Minnesota, too. But perhaps the depravity of his opposition indicates how forcefully they believe he will defend the Constitution. Because those people loathe the Constitution and its brakes on their ambitions.

    He reminds me a lot of my Dad, so I’m sure that’s one reason why I found his statement so moving. My Dad is really not a very tough guy — but he enlisted at 17 and ran fire control on a Missouri’s 16″ gun. He’s educated and ran a newspaper and taught college. He gave me the Federalist Papers when I was 10 or 11. He left New York to spend his life in his unfashionable home state. He cried from time to time when he couldn’t solve one of our family problems, which were many. He wimped out on his children in a bad bad way. But no one, as in the case of BK, has anyone ever said he’s a liar or a corner-cutter.

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  102. Liz says:

    “Knowing a little about SSBIs and the FBI, the so-called “FBI Investigation”wouldn’t prove a thing.”

    OSI investigation wouldn’t prove anything either….that’s why the USAF recently placed a statute of limitations on investigating allegations. It was nothing but a big waste of resources. One thing opening up that type of investigation does though….tends to be like opening a can of worms with numerous bunny trails….what they uncover during one investigation, even if it doesn’t add up to anything, can open others. So that’s probably what they’re hoping for.


  103. BuenaVista says:

    That (uncovering unknown other occasions) is clearly the m.o. of Mueller’s scam. They have nothing, never did, but keep chugging along.

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  104. SFC Ton says:

    No longer term good will come of him being on the supreme court. We know dc creatures drift leftward the more time they spend there and i promise you he’s the kind of pussy who will flip sides later on when the pressure is on.

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  105. Liz says:

    I haven’t watched the testimony and don’t plan too. As has been said, it’s all theatre.
    I’ve seen women fake cry before.

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  106. BuenaVista says:

    Maybe, Ton. Or maybe he’s just been radicalized, as was Thomas. Thomas hasn’t drifted left an inch, and is more hardcore originalist than anyone expected.

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  107. SFC Ton says:

    One dude ain’t the other dude and I don’t recall much about how Thomas behaved during that bullshit but I also don’t recall him being damn near in tears or anything remotely effeminate

    Plus Thomas ain’t catholic or born and breed in the swamp

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  108. BuenaVista says:

    I think it’s worth reviewing, Liz. It’s a major inflection point (I include the pending confirmation vote) in American history. Unclear if it’s a turn for the better or the worse.

    No reason to listen to the accuser. She can’t even keep her story straight, and she has the squeaky, faux-sensitive, up-talking voice that is de rigeur in shitty colleges these days.

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  109. Larry G says:

    this whole thing is one sad assed joke driven by clinically insane leftist Demoncrats and the cuntzillas including some real prize congressthings. I was mildly surprised that even my non-political wife thought that Ford was lying through her teeth. A fucking joke….

    Liked by 2 people

  110. BuenaVista says:

    The only thing authentic about Ford’s performance art was her obesity.

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  111. Larry G says:

    “One dude ain’t the other dude and I don’t recall much about how Thomas behaved during that bullshit but I also don’t recall him being damn near in tears or anything remotely effeminate”

    I turned the TV off when he (BK) started the whimpering and sniveling…jeez,…grow a pair


  112. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    I used to adjudicate background investigations, and I was always pissed off by OPM re-addressing shit in reports, that had already been adjudicated in years past. And a lot of which, was irrelevant stuff.

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  113. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    Yeah, i dont see him leaning left after the bullshit they pulled on him.

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  114. Liz says:

    I kind of expect a USSC justice to be an angry letter man, not the sort who does super manly stuff. I’d think so many years behind a desk specializing in Constitutional law (tax law would be similar) would kind of beat the hard ass out of you.

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  115. Farm Boy says:

    I can’t stand Trump. I didn’t vote for him and for the moment don’t plan to in 2020. But where else to turn? What we have learned in the last two weeks is that the left will crush anyone who does not support The Agenda. Our elite institutions will crush The Agenda’s opponents (take it from me – I work in a university, where I have to maintain a careful silence about virtually everything). Do we really think this will stop with Kavanaugh? Do we really think they won’t come for all of us? I have a son – what am I supposed to tell him? “Be romantic and treat women well… but also get a notarized consent contract for every interaction you have.” What kind of world is the left pushing us into? We all act shocked at China’s new “social credit” surveillance system, but does anyone doubt it’s coming our way? Does the left not see that the endpoint of this road is total surveillance and records of all interactions?


  116. BuenaVista says:

    Intellectuals are tough on stupidity. We so rarely see someone torn apart verbally for making a stupid or dishonest argument, because that’s “mean”, I don’t think, after this, anyone is going to want to push progressive anti-Constitutional b.s. past BK.

    In all candor, I think there may be an impression that because these guys and gals are preppies and UMC and super-conciliatory and polite to strangers, that they’re pushovers. But they are where they are because they can cut you to nothing in 15 seconds and then laugh, if they think you’re stupid. I think BK was emotional today because a constitutional process breached his family wall, and his wife daughters are getting rape and death threats. As Ton notes, he’s not equipped to handle rape threats of 10 year olds. But you do not show up at parties or meetings with guys who operate at this level and say stupid shit. They’re on top because they’re observant and competitive.

    I would tell the anecdote (because that is what I did) about my Russian partner taking a drag on his 47th Marlboro of the day and saying, “I can’t do anything with him. No good.” No good was an MIT Ph.D who started crying when he got thrown out after 20 minutes of failed interview. But I think I told that story already, and I’m doing memory exercises, instead of fracturing my skull, this year.

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  117. BuenaVista says:

    Rod Dreher is a contemptible pussy, on the other hand, who wanted Hillary/Bush to win, and now we’re supposed to pay attention to his second thoughts. Cucks like that are worse than Avenotti.

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  118. RichardP says:

    @Liz said: I haven’t watched the testimony and don’t plan too.

    I wasn’t planning on watching / listening either. But I had to travel in the car and turned on the local news. I thought they were re-running some of the sound-bites from earlier but soon realized that Kavenaugh was just beginning his opening statement live. I really only kept listening because I thought it sounded like he was sniffling and I was listening for that. By the time I was convinced he was sniffling, I was caught up in what he was saying. So I listened – but ony for as long as I was driving – which took me about ten minutes or so past Sen. Graham’s impassioned speech.

    I think I was intrigued by the words only because I was listening, rather than watching. I think I wouldn’t have watched it. But I am glad I heard what I did. I got to hear all of the folks saying stuff that I thought should be said. Except for – “will you call for an FBI investigation”. Kavenaugh should have said – the first time that question was asked – “no – because that was a matter for the local police to investigate, and it is the victim’s job to report the ‘crime’ to the local police”. I was really disappointed that no one said that.

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  119. Farm Boy says:

    News Flash — the Senate Judiciary Committee is voting Friday


  120. RichardP says:

    I thought I read several days ago that Sen Grassley said the opporunity for Dr. Ford would be given on Thursday and that a vote by the committee was scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Friday.

    1. I’m glad that Judge K got to testify second in spite of Dr Ford’s insistence that he testify first. I’m glad someone had the backbone to insist that the accuser must go first – so that the accused knows what he is being accused of. Without that, what can the accused respond to?

    2. I’m glad that they are sticking to the original schedule of voting tomorrow, Friday. I will be seriously disappointed if they change that.

    Also impressed that Trump’s meeting with Rosenstein was put off until next week, so as to not distract from what is about to go down with the vote tomorrow.


  121. SFC Ton says:

    wasn’t planning on watching / listening either. But I had to travel in the car and turned on the local news.
    LOL that’s how We ended up listening but for longer. The Girls eat that shit up so i indulged them

    Reckon it comes down to what you want in a SCJ. 1st I want a man. BK has done nothing but study and work nice safe goverment jobs. Nothing in his background suggests things that forge an unbreakable masculine frame. He didn’t risk it all on a bike, or on starting his own business or free climbing a giant as rock face. He palyed nice safe sports and did a lot of reading. Something I have spoken out against on my blog a few times.

    #2 i want a man who distrusts goverment and seems them as dangerous threats to our liberties, peace and prosperity. You know, like the WASPS who carved this nation out of a wilderness and the later took on the greatest military power the world had seen….. Seems to me Constuinal experts are the ones who are unable to resist finding new and creative ways to expand the power of the government. I would never want a yankee on the bench either. Blood tells and yankees destroyed the idea of limited federal power in 1860, the again and again. Swamp creatures like him are no different. They live in the swamp, bred by the swamp etc etc and expand the swamp. It’s what they do. catholics also have a long well established track record of expanding federal government/ power and therefore destroying our liberties and what not

    Can’t see how BK ain’t nothing but all bad. Bad by breeding, bad by religion and breeding, bad by training and schooling and utterly lacking in a strong masculine spirit. I’d rather have a plumber from lower Alabama who startred his own crew and distrusts the government like it’s his religion then any fucker like BK.

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  122. Farm Boy says:

    Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) used his time with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to ask about a number of things in Kavanaugh’s yearbook from over 35 years ago — including remarks about him farting.


  123. BuenaVista says:

    Just spent 30 mins on a post. I got this error message five times:

    “Sorry, this comment could not be posted.”

    There were no images or links. Straight text. A little annoying, Spawny. What’s that about?


  124. Farm Boy says:

    I have not seen that issue before. I will be watching for clues as to what is going on

    There is nothing in the spam

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  125. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    Points taken.

    But what would you get if the Dems made the pic?

    I suggest, a whole lot worse.


  126. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    @liz: you need to watch the video. Apparently BK had a friend named “Squee”. 😎


  127. BuenaVista says:

    To my earlier point: the R’s are starting to understand that this show trial is existential. Even the gerontocracy running the Senate has figured out that if this gambit works, civil society is over.

    Incidentally, Ford’s grandfather, father and brother are/were CIA. She recruits for CIA at Stanford.


  128. Liz says:

    “@liz: you need to watch the video. Apparently BK had a friend named “Squee”

    Heh, it’s hard watching much video streaming out here….reception is pretty poor. Tried to watch some C-Span but it wasn’t booting up.
    Squee is an awesome name though! LOL 😆

    Side note about the CIA/FBI…Kind of surprising to me how liberal some of the intelligence folks are.


  129. BuenaVista says:

    They’re bureaucracies. On the intel side, all the difficult stuff is done by NOCs and contractors. The FBI is a bunch of lightweights glorying in busting pizza parlor rackets. When was the last time the FBI busted a foreign intel cell?


  130. Farm Boy says:

    Calling her to the carpet


  131. RichardP says:

    @ton – do any of the folks currently on the U.S. Supreme Court meet your criteria? I don’t know their lives intimately but I’m thinking they all pretty much flunk your test.


  132. BuenaVista says:

    That’s a funny headline, though less so since they were all cops.

    Meanwhile, in the department of inverse correlations:

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  133. Cill says:

    Allow boys to defend themselves against girls physically, and there will be a decline in violence by the favored female against the unfavored male. Real quick.

    Liked by 3 people

  134. SFC Ton says:

    Worse? The only thing they have done ok on is our right to keep and bare arms. So yeah worse but not by much


  135. SFC Ton says:

    @ton – do any of the folks currently on the U.S. Supreme Court meet your criteria? I don’t know their lives intimately but I’m thinking they all pretty much flunk your test.


    You are correct, though Thomas seems to be the best of a sorry bunch. Last I looked into it the supreme court had one WASP of founding stock. The rest are jews and catholics and such. Blood almost always tells and you can tell by the way they vote limiting federal power and orginal intent aint high on their list.

    Look at it like this, you’re upset about what that cunt senator said from Hawaii said about BK’s presumption of innocence. Well she ain’t american in any sense. Born in Japan of Japanese parents and growing up in a state that more heavily identifies as orential then american…..blood always tells. She doesn’t believe in anything like presumption of innocence or anything like that because she is not american biologically or culturally


  136. Farm Boy says:

    Senator Thom Tillis went after Senate Judiciary Democrats for refusing to participate in the Republicans’ investigation in the allegations of sexual misconduct levied against Brett Kavanaugh during his testimony in front of the committee on Thursday.

    “We were moving heaven and Earth and even moving the schedule to get to the truth. We are doing an investigation. We’re doing our best. I hope that the American people who are watching this will go out to the Senate Judiciary website and take a look at this chronology. Take a look at the lack of investigation on the part of the people who want the investigation, it doesn’t make a lot of sense“


  137. Farm Boy says:

    Feminists chase Sen. Lindsey Graham down the hall during an interview: “These people can yell all they want to. Doesn’t matter. I believe him.”

    — Ryan Saavedra 🇺🇸 (@RealSaavedra) September 28, 2018


  138. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    and her blatantly sexist comments about men, should be enough basis for her removal from public service.


  139. Larry G says:

    so the Demoncunts are throwing another hissy fit, expected and not surprised. may be a good time to buy more ammo while it’s still available…seeing 9mm and .45 ACP bing offered at decent prices in buld


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