A word that ends in “ist” can be a powerful weapon, too powerful in fact.  But what does “ist” mean?  It means everything, and it means nothing.  It means, or doesn’t mean, whatever the correct people desire at the time.

With respect to this blog, we are most interested in the word “sexist”.  What might a sexist be?  One might suggest that it is a person who uses sex to differentiate between people, influencing their thoughts and actions.  Of course, by this logical definition, everybody would be sexist.  Guy are attracted to chicks, operating on this attraction is sexist.  Same goes for chicks eyeing the fellas.  It just is the way that it is.

Well, we can’t have that.  What the people need is an all-purpose pejorative to attack men with.  “Sexist” is that word.  The meaning assigned is intentionally vague, but normally boils down to: “you are making a dffererentation between the sexes that we don’t like / makes women look bad”.  Notice that truthfulness is not mentioned. Also note that this only flows one way; that is, the issue can only be about women coming across poorly.

In reality, as everybody knows, but might not admit, there are differences between the sexes.  That is why the first definition above clicks in people’s minds.  Operationally, the second vague definition is conflated with it.  Since people normally don’t think so deep and prefer to just react, this is a rather effective tactic.

To the detriment of the society this all would be.  If only universities taught people to think more effectively…

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  1. mgtowhorseman says:

    ” If only universities taught people to think more effectively…”

    Really? Hahahgaha.

    But thinking is hard and who would pay to do hard stuff??

    Silly rabbit.

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  2. mgtowhorseman says:

    So I am 1st on Ist?

    [True this would be]

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  3. earl says:

    “you are making a differentiation between the sexes that we don’t like / makes women look bad”

    I thought the word was misogynist.


  4. Yoda says:

    Yes, misogynist the word would be


  5. Any word ending in “its” also implies the one being labeled such is a hater, unfair, not a good person, etc. sometimes this is so but mostly it’s been weaponized to shut down anyone with views that don’t align w sjw’s.

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  6. Ist, not its. Darn autocorrect!


  7. Cill says:

    BTW Crusaders win title number nine after proving too strong for Lions in Super Rugby final. I will not have to eat a bird’s nest, nor yet the crotch out of a dead leper’s undies.

    Final score 38-17

    Choicy lodged a big bet on this, so Choicy you owe me a beer you Aussie bastard.

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  8. earl says:

    I stand corrected.

    I guess they missed the memo on equality again…then again it’s easier to say equality than to call it what it really is ‘women’s supremacy’.

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  9. mgtowhorseman says:

    My comment yesterday on maternal age and Downs Syndrome.

    This is trending in the NY times.

    Seems average age of first child for women without a college degree is 23.
    With a degree 30. Thats nation wide. In NYC its 31.

    From here

    Risk of downs at 29 1 in1050, at 31 1 in 820. A 21% increase in risk of Downs in 2 years!
    (1050-820=230. 230/1050*100= 21%)

    So nation wide average, the 23 year old non college mom has a 1 in 1400 chance.
    The oh so smart college educated mom at 30 has a 1 in 940 chance.
    The oh so desperate 39 year old “its never too late” has a 1 in 110.

    I assume autism and other disorders follow the same curve.
    Any wonder we are seeing these strong independent women raising a generation of Downs children.

    Getting daycare for healthy child is hard enough. Imagine trying to get it for a special needs child?


  10. mgtowhorseman says:

    The green is over 30, the pink is under 30.


  11. mgtowhorseman says:

    Oh and first births. Dont wanna compute the odds for second child if theycan afford a second round of ivf.


  12. I’ve got a word for y’all, real-ist. No one on the Left is a real-ist, but instead there are social-ists, commun-ists, and fasc-ists. All of them constantly doing their best to either ignore reality or trick others into ignoring reality.

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  13. earl says:

    ‘No one on the Left is a real-ist, but instead there are social-ists, commun-ists, and fasc-ists.’

    Some of them need to eat a f-ist.

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  14. Cill says:

    “ist” is a German word e.g. das ist nicht gut

    Does Yoda speak German?
    nicht gut das ist

    [Ich bin ein Degoban]

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  15. Farm Boy says:

    Over the past week an Islamic State media group has called for biological attacks in the West.

    The photo on their poster is of San Francisco, California.

    [For this to happen, they need ISIS not,
    Scheisse in the street already doing the job it is]


  16. earl says:

    Why would ISIS target a city that is an enemy of the United States?

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  17. Love says:

    “Three-quarters of first-time mothers under 25 are unmarried.” That’s horrible and so sad.

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  18. Farm Boy says:


    Sometimes terrorists are like this


  19. Cill says:

    “Ich bin ein Degoban”

    Correct Yodish would be:
    “Ein Degoban ich bin”

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  20. Cill’s being a grammar-ist. Call the New York Times!!!


  21. Farm Boy says:

    The New York Times doesn’t hire grammarists, only man hating racists.

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  22. SFC Ton says:

    If only universities taught people to think more effectively…”

    If they did that they’d go out of bidness because no one would go in debt for the shitty degrees they push

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  23. @earl bc the thing the left has overlooked is that they too are considered enemies of Islam, notice the anti gay quote in the article by the man arrested for plotting an attack in San Fran. I have always found this perhaps the most ironic (moronic?) thing about the open border folk — they also often represent the very same groups least tolerated by those they are welcoming. What’s that about? Some form of “ist” surely?

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  24. RichardP says:


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  25. Ame says:

    because i couldn’t resist … did a search for words that end in ‘ist’ … and it broke them down by the number of letters in the word from 15 letter words to 4 letter words. interesting.

    psychotherapist obstructionist ventriloquist extortionist semanticist fictionist terrorist feminist utopist egoist exist wist 🙂


  26. Cill says:


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  27. Cheque d'Out says:

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  28. Cheque d'Out says:

    [Bought such a tee shirt I did.
    Difficult to find the correct size it was]

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  29. @Ame

    Most people today don’t know Orwell or 1984 or even Animal Farm, and there’s a reason for that.

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  30. @Cill
    I keep getting the Emotionists and the Romantics mixed up.

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  31. Farm Boy says:

    Why ban straws? Because straws, according to the San Francisco ordinance, “may threaten public health” and are bad for the environment? Piles of human waste in the street are great for public health and the environment. But a Chicago medical association disagreed and cancelled its planned conference.

    When Chicago thinks your city is dirty and dangerous hellhole, you really have a problem.

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  32. Cheque d'Out says:

    In an echo of Trump’s fight for a fairer deal for the US

    Pity we have the Saggster who is touring the EU on her knees begging for a shit deal (worse than being in or out of the EU). And to give them £39Bn (at least) while not meaningfully leaving, just abandoning any pretence that our voice matters

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  33. @CdO
    Those stats are pretty damning. Flanders will lose 42,000 jobs if the UK leaves? Wow, sounds like the they’re a vassal state to Britain and not a trading partner. France has 4 billion trade surplus I guess by law under EU? Yeah, fuck that. I’d want out of that deal too.

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  34. SFC Ton says:

    So far doesn’t seem like Trump has done much fighting for better trade deals.

    Pretty much everyone has rolled over

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  35. SFC Ton says:

    Just a little something for the dipshits who still believe in the rule of law

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  36. @Socialism, “For our Utopian society to work we need you to be our slave, Headhunter.”

    @HH, “There are slaves in Utopia? Why the hell would I want to be your slave?”

    @Socialism, “Because then you would get the benefits of living in our Utopian society!”

    @HH, “The Utopian society where I’m a slave?”

    @Socialism, “Yes!”, Socialism chirps giddily.

    @HH, “Hey, look over there! It’s a baby wolf!” Sound of sharp blade slicing through the air, and then through something more solid, followed by a thunk sound, quickly followed a slumpety sound, and then a brief gurgling sound.

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  37. earl says:

    Socialism only benefits those who are running it. For everyone else it’s equal misery.

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  38. Cheque d'Out says:

    I understand Trump’s view that the US is being taken advantage of. Mostly because I think that the UK is being similarly bent over to the benefit of the rest of the EU and the third world. Just sick of it. I wish we’d start disconnecting from the UN too.

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  39. SFC Ton says:

    Well you guys are the usa in the EU. Economically at least. Mexcio and Canda( and China, India and Germany etc etc) both have e-con-omies based on American elites selling out American workers

    No we have at least one elite who isn’t down with that progam and those folks are whining like bitches

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  40. Farm Boy says:

    The editors of the Verge, where Jeong still works, described any assertion of racism in Jeong’s tweets as “dishonest and outrageous,” a function of bad faith and an attack on journalism itself. Scroll through left-Twitter and you find utter incredulity that demonizing white people could in any way be offensive. That’s the extent to which loathing of and contempt for “white people” is now background noise on the left…

    Yes, we all live on campus now. The neo-Marxist analysis of society, in which we are all mere appendages of various groups of oppressors and oppressed, and in which the oppressed definitionally cannot be at fault, is now the governing philosophy of almost all liberal media. That’s how the Washington Post can provide a platform for raw misandry, and the New York Times can hire and defend someone who expresses racial hatred. The great thing about being in the social justice movement is how liberating it can feel to give voice to incendiary, satisfying bigotry — and know that you’re still on the right side of history.


  41. Farm Boy says:

    But viewing a silly movie was only part of the student’s punishment (along with placing him on academic probation and forbidding further contact with his accuser). According to Campus Reform, UT hearing officer Jennifer Zamora also sentenced the student to write a 5-6 page double-spaced “reflection paper” on “your definition of masculinity and how it has been informed.”

    He was also told to “identify gender role stereotypes/concepts, and how [these] have impacted your relationship with women,” and to “define your idea of ‘healthy masculinity’ and describe what active steps you can take today to encourage healthy attitudes around masculinity at all levels of society.”

    To top off this Maoist self-criticism experience, the student was told to report for consultations at UT’s Counseling and Mental Health Center—the very same entity that had come up with the now deep-sixed MasculinUT program. When the student (who has since graduated from UT’s law school) appealed both Zamora’s finding and his sentence, according to Campus Reform, UT president Gregory Fenves sent him a note saying that “nothing you allege, even if true, would change the ultimate outcome of this matter.” Fenves essentially told the student that whether he was guilty or innocent of the alleged harassment was immaterial; the sentence was supposed to be a learning experience–“an educational process from which you learn.”


  42. Cheque d'Out says:

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  43. mgtowhorseman says:

    From Ton’s article

    “But how, ask the authors, could he possibly guard her all the time? When would he have time to gather food?

    He wouldn’t, so he’d have to gain a reputation for extreme jealously and violence such that other men wouldn’t go near his woman. The result would be a tense, untrusting society with lots of inter-male fighting, such as you find among the Bushmen of the Kalahari. Such a chaotic society could never develop anything close to civilization.

    So he came up with a much better solution: Patriarchy.

    What this system means is that males—trusting that their investment in the female and her offspring will be worth it—can afford to be less violent, less jealous and more cooperative. They will invest more of their energy in looking after their children, making these children less short-term oriented, able to create stronger social bonds, and likely to be more cooperative.

    And so a civilization will duly be able to develop.”

    Why the slow descent.

    We have taken away the ability to trust other men. Honour is lost.


  44. mgtowhorseman says:

    Bushido, original chivalry, all honour codes have nothing to do with women or the desire for women.

    Its about seeing other men, even mortal enemies as reflections of yourself, a man not out for your personally but a fighter just doing his job to protect his.

    That way the killing, damage is minimized. Surrender after a worthy fight losing to a better is allowed. Honour has been satisfied. Both withdraw, functioning, with tribute given to the winner

    Without such honour, weakening before an opponent who will not stop when the outcome is certain leads to a take him with me response in the loser. Phyric victories always.

    This leads to the massacres of modern times, the anarchy Ton cites. Why even movies like the Purge exists.

    One of the Five Questions; “What Wouldn’t you do if you Could?”

    I.e. if no fear of getting caught what would you still not do?


  45. mgtowhorseman says:

    Women unrestrained, hoping from man to man like horny bunnies is to tempting without a man’s honour.

    The alpha cads don’t give a fuck so they use her for a night. But pumped up on unrestrained sexdrive they will beat the shit out of a lesser who interferes, not to gaurd her but for sport. Why pillaging happens after battle, it is testosterone release.

    The betas who manage to land a woman who needs bucks while pregnant will attack anyone coming near because he KNOWS it is only a matter of time before she jumps to the next exciting man. This is his Only time with a woman so it has to last as long as possible.

    And the unfuckables at the bottom, with no hope of sexual fulfillment or need to be an upstanding citizen to attract a woman take a nihilist approach. I’m gonna die at the hands of a better after a lonely life so what do I have to lose. They are the most dangerous because they will take insane, suicidal risks for no discernable reason.

    In this environment how can anything get built or maintained? Any wonder that the decay of inner cities happens? Rather than work together to grow anew, its lawless men fighting over scraps.

    Haiti hurricane was over a decade ago, its not yet rebuilt.

    [Blame Chelsea for Haiti not being rebuilt I do]


  46. mgtowhorseman says:

    I respect Ton and Cill and Earl in different ways for thier obvious convictions even though their beliefs and lifestyles differ from mine.
    I would take their word if they offered truce.

    But I would still not hesitate to point and pull if they messed with mine.

    Dawn, if you are still lurking.
    Why we give you or any newb a hard time. You need to prove yourself worthy.

    (Even Ton and Earl who will always be at odds keep it civil out of mutual respect for this place.)

    [Include me you should.
    Follow the Jedi Code I do]


  47. Farm Boy says:

    David Hogg’s vision: Each member of Congress will have a young person

    [Volunteer to be the first he should]

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  48. “Fenves essentially told the student that whether he was guilty or innocent of the alleged harassment was immaterial; the sentence was supposed to be a learning experience–“an educational process from which you learn.” ”

    That’s really an excellent lesson (that guilt or innocence is immaterial) for law students to learn President Fenves. I guess he’s gonna get some OTJ training suing your ass into the ground as well. It’s a two-fer! Huzzah!

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  49. Was Haiti ever “built”?


  50. Cheque d'Out says:

    “I respect Ton and Cill and Earl in different ways for thier obvious convictions even though their beliefs and lifestyles differ from mine.”

    I see this disrespect of the Glorious Patriarch but the Glorious Patriarch understands that his omission is due to so many movies having English actors playing the bad guy. Even when (especially when) the bad guy is German (Die Hard).

    We got a bad press.


  51. Cheque d'Out says:

    Well Tommy Robinson has finally been released from prison and not a day too soon as far as I am concerned and not because I agree with the way Tommy goes about things, I actually don’t but I do believe that if people would have listened to him ten years ago, a lot of young peoples lives may not have been so grotesquely wrecked and you would need a very strong argument to prove that statement wrong.

    However, Tommy has had to endure a tirade of abuse from all quarters simply because he has spoken out so adamantly against something that can only be classed as being at epidemic proportions in the UK today, the serious issues of Muslim grooming gangs. To deny they exist is worse than ignorant because the convictions clearly prove otherwise and now the new home secretary Sajid Javid has also stepped up to the mark to tackle the problem. It is something that is real and needs to be dealt with and the only one shouting about this ten years ago was, in fact, Tommy Robinson, so like him or loathe him, don’t ever try to convince me that he was wrong to do so. The ones who were wrong in my eyes are those who have closed their ears and condemned him for speaking out simply because he was from a working-class background or he was painted by the media as a football hooligan, racist, etc.

    So the appeal is now over and for the time being Tommy is a free man, although somewhat surprisingly the judge, Lord Burnett, who happens to be the most senior judge in the land has ordered a retrial and I personally think that is a complete waste of taxpayers money. Especially has Tommy has served the equivalent of a four-month sentence already. This is Lord Burnett’s judgement of the appeal case, with a few inaccuracies and contradictions, which I will point out in this blog.

    (more on the link above)

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  52. Cheque d'Out says:

    Would you Adam & Eve it?

    The tories are reaching the Earth’s core and the advice is to double down on the digging?
    UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE from Garvan Walshe is a former National and International Security Policy Adviser to the Conservative Party. He runs TRD Policy.

    They seem to have misspelled TURD policy.

    Cameron’s successful strategy for detoxifying the Party to was to seize ownership of an issue on which the Conservatives actually had quite a good record, but were not known for it, and use that to reach out to new, younger voters. For him the issue was the environment. For the next leader (if a challenge to May during the negotiations would surely be madness, asking her to carry on after the negotiations would be cruel and unusual punishment) it should be feminism.

    There is a feminist wave breaking, spurred by revulsion at Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein, and it’s one that the doddery male leaders of Labour and the Liberal Democrats are ill-placed to surf.

    Cameron was elected leader of the tories back in 2005(? something like that) as a Bliar tribute act just as the country turned from Bliar and his snake-oil. Ever since then they’ve been signing up for policies that the public is turning from. This level of incompetence is remarkable, even unbelievable.

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  53. Cheque d'Out says:

    Adam & Eve = Believe


  54. Cheque d'Out says:


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  55. Saw that Michael Caine version of The Italian Job was on yesterday, rated G(?). I still enjoy him the most in Zulu, though Man Who Would Be King is also up there. Geez, my dad took me to some weird movies when I was young (under 10).

    Supposedly all the Empire roles were British and the Rebel roles were American on purpose for some reason…

    Maybe Yoda knows why that might be?


  56. Cill says:

    “Include me you should.
    Follow the Jedi Code I do”

    Indeed you do.

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  57. Love says:

    Ton, a followup to your article. It is absolutely disgusting what happened. People who protested/ rioted/ camped out for 5 weeks were not hard working tax paying citizens. They must not have had a job to have the luxury of taking over a month to solely cause a ruckus. They turned a clean upscale area of town (NOT already overrun by homeless and drug addicts) into a zombie war zone.
    The tax payers had to pay to clean up their sh!t!
    So what did they accomplish other than increase taxes for people who actually work?

    [The word “shit” always associated with lefty cities it is.
    Wonder this would be I do]

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  58. mgtowhorseman says:

    No disrespect for the Master or our Glorious Patriarch.
    Just making a point that the most diametrically opposed of our merry band can still be civil to each other because we honour the space.

    Besides comparing Kentucky to Ton or FB to me just doesn’t make the point in the same way.

    [SG – None taken. Just kidding. I have previously commented on the Bad Guy = English actor]

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  59. Cill says:

    “Geez, my dad took me to some weird movies when I was young”

    Bloody hell mate, so did mine. Except my dad played them at home from his old reel-to-reel projector, with a wall as the screen. Ancient movies. Michael Caine, as you mention, and a movie with a title something like “Saturday night Sunday morning”, a weird movie for kiddy watching, I tell ya.

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  60. Cill says:

    I looked it up and Lo and behold!

    Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (film)

    I must ask dad to play it again to see if it’s as bad as I seem to remember.

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  61. mgtowhorseman says:

    What were the similar sit ins in major cities a few years ago? I forget the name.
    Same fucking thing. Out of work bums bitching about social inequality blah blah.
    Then winter came.

    Hey have all the sit ins you want in Calgary or Edmonton from New Years til Easter.

    “Patrolling the Mohave makes you wish for a nuclear winter.”

    “No lolligagging!!”


  62. Farm Boy says:

    Anti-white racism is endemic among liberals. For liberals, it is permissible to show disdain for white people in a way that would be totally, totally unacceptable to show for blacks, Hispanics, or people of other “colors” of the liberal rainbow.

    This is clearer than ever now that we have been exposed to the ravings of The New York Times’ latest hire, editorial writer Sarah Jeong. Jeong, who is Asian (a word I despise for its P.C. vagueness), has a long history of making racist comments about white people on Twitter. When confronted with the fact of this, the Times doubled down, releasing a statement saying it knew about Jeong’s comments but was okay with them because Jeong was just using “satire” to bait people who were making racist comments against her.

    Can you imagine the Times excusing such naked racism as “satire” if directed against any other ethnic group?

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  63. Cill says:

    I don’t know how dad got copies of those movies. He never volunteered an explanation.


  64. Cill says:

    He was friends with an old movie star, maybe that’s how.


  65. Farm Boy says:

    Candace Owens copied Sarah Jeong’s tweets, replacing the word “white” with “Jewish” and “black”.

    She was immediately given a 12 hour suspension.

    Jeong’s account remains unaffected.

    The absolute state of this platform.#FreeCandace

    — Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) August 5, 2018

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  66. Cheque d'Out says:

    ‘Get Carter’ The Michael Caine version kicks arse. Very dark.

    The Stallone remake isn’t bad but…Michael Caine rocks and a lot of people know that

    BTW the ends are different. The remake is closer to the book, I have been lead to believe.


  67. Liz says:

    A pugilist, a feminist, and a humorist walk into a bar…
    (forgotten how that one goes, something about her raising her arm and everyone though she was kicking high…because of all the hair there, or something…)

    I’d tell you the one about a family setting out and the car breaking down, but…too soon.
    Long story short, we’re here another day!

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  68. Cill says:

    Two San Francisco tramps are sitting on a bench. One says to the other “It’s nice out.” The other says “Yeah! Hold on a minute while I get mine out too.”

    [Talking about Scheisse or something else they are?]

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  69. Cill says:

    Or comparing dick size maybe? No, scheisse is more likely, it being in SF and all.

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  70. Cheque d'Out says:

    [Talking about Scheisse or something else they are?]

    It’s wurst than that

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  71. Farm Boy says:

    Great news, eh?

    Ontario Premier Doug Ford is promising the imminent appearance of “buck-a-beer” in Ontario


  72. Cill says:

    As long as you blokes don’t get on a roll…

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  73. mgtowhorseman says:

    Ok reality check.

    Micheal Caine went from playing The original womanizer in Alfie to kissing Christopher Reeve in Deathtrap.

    How the west has fallen in one career.

    Course he was great as Uncle Garth.


  74. Cheque d'Out says:

    Michael was rock hard in Get Carter. Didn’t even wince when the bird got the boot


  75. Yeah, the Caine ending in Carter wouldn’t have you whistling on your way out of the theater.

    I vaguely remember Benny Hill doing a spoof sketch of “the angry young man” movie trope. Amazing what gets stuck in your noggin sometimes…

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  76. Cheque d'Out says:

    Or indeed, the theatre…


  77. Second Hand Lions is great movie for being made in the last 40 years.

    “Just don’t kill any of ’em, Hub.”

    Caine and Duvall and Connery actually became more entertaining as actors vs Deniro becoming a caricature of his earlier roles.

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  78. Cheque d'Out says:


  79. Cill says:

    Benny Hill

    Dad sometimes plays him too, the fat comedian with a fetish for pneumatic jugs.

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  80. Couldn’t find me lorry in the car park, mate …

    Is that authentic gibberish, or do I need to work on my accent?

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  81. There was another guy, Dave Allen, I think. He would just sit in a chair and smoke and tell stories and jokes.

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  82. Cheque d'Out says:

    I’m convinced, me old mucker


  83. Benny Hill was in the Michael Caine version of the Italian Job. Weird seeing him in a non-comic setting, but I only watched a few minutes.

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  84. Cheque d'Out says:

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  85. mgtowhorseman says:

    God I loved him as a kid.

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  86. Cill says:

    What was the name of the comedy in which the main character was extreme racist against blacks. He was a black guy who was blind and didn’t realize he was black himself. He gets eyesight for the first time, as a result of which he divorces his white wife of many years because [I’ve never forgotten these words] “he just couldn’t bring himself to sleep with a nigger lover”.

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  87. mgtowhorseman says:

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  88. mgtowhorseman says:

    A full episode. Rare to find.
    “Thank you, good night, and may your god go with you.”

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  89. mgtowhorseman says:

    How it should be done. Just sitting in a chair telling stories.
    How charismatic do you have to be? And so genuine. You can’t not like him.

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  90. @Cill

    That was a Dave Chappelle sketch. One of his best. Couldn’t find a longer clip.

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  91. Cheque d'Out says:

    I remember watching Dave Allen as a kid.


  92. Farm Boy says:

    The euro was a big part of the answer. It was intended to serve not as an economic amulet but as a political trick. European leaders provoke crises and emergencies that they use to seize power from democratic electorates. That has always been their preferred model of continental consolidation. Jean Monnet, one of the E.U.’s founding fathers, was quite open about it. “I have always believed,” he wrote in his memoirs, “that Europe would be built through crises, and that it would be the sum of their solutions.”

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  93. Farm Boy says:

    I had my black buddy refer Clayton Bigsby to me. He thought it was hilarious

    [Refer to him as African-American you should.
    Charlize Theron a most likable African-American she is]

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  94. Farm Boy says:

    Oops, I’m sorry. African-American instead of black.


  95. Liz says:

    A journey of a thousand feet starts with a single step
    (found someone who is having a worse day than I am)

    Little guy could’ve used my frog helmet!
    good to see all turned out well 🙂

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  96. Charlize seems like a coont to me. I had it bad for Amanda Coetzer though.


  97. earl says:

    ‘David Hogg’s vision: Each member of Congress will have a young person’

    Why does this kid keep having a platform to talk?


  98. earl says:


    I got you. This was one of the most funny shows I’ve ever watched.

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  99. Liz says:

    “Why does this kid keep having a platform to talk?”

    I’m kind of curious how mainstream media gets their money.
    I’ve heard this mentioned elsewhere (Professor Doom’s). He notes that
    “many alternative sites now have viewerships far above “big” sources like CNN, MSNBC, and NYT are just barely getting by, while the mainstream sites have money for national broadcasting, to send reporters all over the world, get handed tens of millions by Facebook to make more “news,” and all sorts of things that alternatives, despite the much larger viewership, aren’t even close to being able to afford. Yes, perhaps the mainstream sites are spending their savings…but it’s been like this for years now. Who is paying them so much money to spread these kinds of stories?”

    The answer to the above is probably the answer to why that oleaginous little weasel is continuing to have a platform for his drivel.

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  100. Larry G says:

    off topic…


  101. earl says:

    @ Larry

    I’d just admit I can’t handle a strong woman. Why would I want to?

    {For the same reason you desire the experience of passing a kidney stone it would be]

    Now the one on the right…I can handle a sweetheart.

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  102. My personal fave:

    See you in hell, muther$^^*((s


  103. Keep your foreign girls away from the ‘merkin ones, they’ll ruin her for sure. That’s why I’m keeping a couple dozen of ’em frozen in Carbonite until after the SHTF.

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  104. Larry G says:

    Soooooo much fun mocking these batshit crazy females!

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  105. earl says:

    Chappelle also nailed how consent would ultimately end.


  106. Larry G says:

    Just checking in kiddies after a fun filled trip to Walmart this afternoon. I was briefly entertained by watching a white female land whale settle onto one of those electric scooters that were meant for cripples. And the scooter had no fucking power!

    Not the original pic, but you get the idea.


  107. Choicy says:

    Don’t worry Cillo there’s a beer waiting for you here. It is the can of Fosters you opened last time you were here and you took one sip and left it alone mate. I put it on a shelf for you out of harm’s way and there is blow flies and moths and spiders and sundry other carcasses inside it but in the desert we take all the protein which comes our way mate.

    Seriously mate there’s a cold beer waiting for you any time you get across the thousands of miles between me and you. I tell you what- I’ll buy a bottle of that 20yo Glenfiddich you like next time I fly to town mate.

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  108. Farm Boy says:

    Trade Secretary Liam Fox told the Sunday Times newspaper that “intransigence” by EU officials “is pushing us towards no deal.” He put the chance of Britain crashing out without a deal at 60 percent.


  109. Farm Boy says:

    Today, the Chronicle of Higher Education reported that feminist activist, gender expert, and renowned sociologist Michael Kimmel was accused of sexual harassment. Kimmel, who is one of the most famous sociologists, has been an advocate for women and challenged men to confront a culture of gender-based violence.


  110. Farm Boy says:

    Blistering comments by actress Evangline Lilly about how scenes involving partial nudity were mishandled by the producers of the hit TV series “Lost” (2004-2010) have prompted an apology from superstar director J.J. Abrams and his co-producers on the show.


  111. Farm Boy says:

    “Last summer, authorities began blocking pictures of Winnie the Pooh on social media given that the character has become a symbol of the resistance in China with foes of the ruling Communist Party, namely Chinese leader Xi Jinping.” according to The Hollywood Reporter. “Bloggers have drawn comparisons between the pudgy bear and Xi, which has put the country’s censors in overdrive.”


  112. Farm Boy says:

    Did unmanageable public employee pension obligations come up at the meeting? Did the very real public health threat of feces and urine in our streets come up? Was the crisis of empty storefronts on State Street discussed? No. They banned plastic straws. And they were proud of themselves for doing so.

    Unfortunately, Councilmember Jason Dominguez lowered the veil on the real reason our City Council (like others across this crazy state) felt it imperative to act. Mr. Dominguez was quoted as saying of his constituents, “we need to regulate every aspect of people’s lives.” In other words, “people” are too stupid or too venal or too deplorable to do so themselves. In case you missed it, that’s us he was referring to.


  113. Cill says:

    Kentucky Headhunter at 1:20 am

    O yeah.

    That’s why in a different age (and not very long ago) I periodically set my sails for nor-nor-west to ply the shores of the world’s greatest ocean.

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  114. Cill says:

    I attribute 6:59 pm to Liz, not because she is oleaginous (she’s not of course) but because she introduced the word to my waning vocabulary. Ta, Liz.


  115. Cill says:

    Choicy I hear you mate.


  116. Cheque d'Out says:

    Others get praise for expanding vocabularies?

    Now I’ve got the righteous hump*

    (*no, it doesn’t mean that. It’s the opposite of spunky, where we have the smutty version)

    Liked by 1 person

  117. Cill says:

    Also, I can now swap comments with Liz without unseemly lust in my loins because:

    (a) A resident lizard (dubbed “Liz” by me) has adopted me, AND:

    (b) I now have one of those non-‘merkin girls as a fabulously, damned-near-improbably, superbly-to-the-point-of-not-being-overly, endowed, F Dubya B.

    Liked by 1 person

  118. Cheque d'Out says:

    UK MSM reacts to Sargon, Count Dankula and PJWatson joining UKIP under its new leader Gerard Batten.


  119. earl says:

    ‘Today, the Chronicle of Higher Education reported that feminist activist, gender expert, and renowned sociologist Michael Kimmel was accused of sexual harassment.’

    No kidding a male feminist was a perp. It’s almost like male feminist = sexual harrasser.

    Liked by 2 people

  120. Cill says:

    7:08 am and hell I’m in a good mood. What a day I’ll have!


    Eat yer hearts out all y’all.

    Liked by 1 person

  121. Cill says:

    at 12:59 am :

    “The Four Hernias”


  122. molly says:

    Cill is up to mischief = he had a good sleep


    lolly lolly lol

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  123. Cill says:

    No they are safe. This is far too good a day to be spent at a computer. I’ll be out and about, as from now.

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  124. earl says:

    Gentlemen…all hope is not lost. Perhaps western women are seeing the errors of their ways. She made it 4 hours.

    [Triggly Puff that is?]


  125. Cheque d'Out says:

    English cuisine
    A master class with a jus de double entendre

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  126. molly says:

    Hey Unca S Cill makes his own sausages…. he IS an expert as they are DELISH! Mutton, lamb, beef, pork, chicken YUM! He made some lamb snarlers with just a weee touch of blueberry in them. It sounds gross eh yet they were SCRUMMY!

    Liked by 1 person

  127. molly says:

    I wonder wonder wonder.. is Cill with M this very minute?? Best not to be too curious eh. Curiosity killed the cat.

    Liked by 1 person

  128. molly says:

    YO I’m proud of the wording “Best not to be too curious”! I first typed “Best not I’m too curious” and thought that looks right and yet it doesn’t look right… I type all my comments in Notepad fisrt so I can fix the mollyisms!



  129. molly says:

    That is my “ist” for Farm Boy.

    Bye-dee-bye now ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  130. @Earl she left off:



  131. Cheque d'Out says:

    Liked by 1 person

  132. Farm Boy says:

    “The NY Times sort of screwed the pooch when they hired Sarah Jeong, an open racist, to sit on their editorial board, didn’t they? Their lame explanation was only marginally less stupid that CBS’s attempt to let it itself off the hook for publishing those crap RatherGate memos. She left a trail of hate a mile wide. Many are combing the Twitter beaches and are collecting her incriminating tweets like souvenirs. So now the Times is in a jam. They can try to brazen it out by keeping her on, and risk diminishing their already tarnished brand, or they can rescind their job offer and risk getting their asses sued off by a certified member of an aggrieved minority who will no doubt claim she was a victim of racism. If that happens, the hot woke-on-woke action will be epic. But I don’t think it’ll come to that. I think the suits at the NY Times are going to double down on stupid and weather the storm. No one at that newspaper will have the guts to fire a minority hire. Also, her tweets spewing hate at whites and Jews are men (and even the NY Times!) aren’t really new or shocking, I’m sure most progs hold the same opinions. The only difference is that Jeong was dumb enough to voice them aloud, and so now they’re in the public record. Which only goes to show you don’t need to poke a prog very hard to have the hate spurt out like hot lava.”


  133. Farm Boy says:

    What should we call San Francisco?

    Poop City?
    Piss ‘n Shits?


  134. Farm Boy says:

    A feminist professor at Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada recently published a book chapter documenting the myriad ways homeless men allegedly perpetuate “hegemonic masculinity” while discussing their hardships.


  135. Farm Boy says:

    In a Twitter post made over the weekend, the always-subtle Planned Parenthood claimed that a proposed Trump Administration “gag rule” that would prohibit taxpayer funds from directly financing abortion services is “state violence,” and that forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for abortion is just plain “economic justice.”


  136. SFC Ton says:

    Here’s a short list of tweets etc from the left regarding White folks and especially Southern White men

    They are enemies not people who simply disagree


  137. @FB “What should we call San Francisco?”

    The Shitty by the Bay

    Liked by 4 people

  138. Larry G says:

    @FB “What should we call San Francisco?”

    Shit-can Francisco

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