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Over at RPG’s, Alan Kardec states,

We are programmed to give our attention to Alphas, those who others are focused on. That attention just snowballs out of control and people become important because other people think they are important. Again, that’s fine but our society should appreciate them for their few remarkable talents … in context.

He was referring to actors/actresses, while some may be able to act, this does not imply much of anything about other aspects of them.  Probably, in actuality, they act best average and probably inferior in other areas.  Yet we go to them for moral guidance, we use them as role models, we emulate what they do; all for no real logical reason.

One of there reasons that these types engage in such strong moral preening is that it is easy to do.  It doesn’t require thought, effort, sacrifice, or much of anything really.  It fits well within their skill set.  My ex used to gush about the morality Hollywood types.  I used to giggle when she did.  Perhaps this was a shit test on her part.  If so, it was actually rather easy to pass.  There were plenty other ones that I did not pass.

Feminism is of course one of the dogmas that is ever so easy for Hollywood types to push.  I suppose that it is too much for almost all of them to consider deeply how the schema works and the impacts of what Feminism has wrought.  Probably if confronted with negative outcomes, the mindless reaction is to double down on Feminism.  Just a simple rule is need for the response; critical thinking is not required.

It does seem that Hollywood types have lost much of their luster.  Will this continue?

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  1. earl says:

    ‘ Probably if confronted with negative outcomes, the mindless reaction is to double down on Feminism. ‘

    Actually they blame the Patriarchy.

    Hollywood is a baston of emasculation, divorce, sexual immorality, idolatry, attention whoring, and cash and prizes. Feminism is the perfect ethos there.

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  2. earl says:

    This could almost be too real to be fake….

    ‘Complementarian Man Authoritatively Delegates All Decision Making To Wife’


    “I hereby permanently and irrevocably—but with absolute authority to do so of my own sovereign right—abdicate my divine responsibility to rule my household and agree to willingly and voluntarily submit to you, honey,” he declared after his wife asked him what movie he wanted to go see tonight. “I will fearlessly lead my household by following my own directive to follow your directive on everything.”

    “The great thing about this is I don’t have to do anything, but I can blame her as my subordinate if anything goes wrong,” he told reporters later.

    [Being absolved of blame a good perk it would be]

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  3. Farm Boy says:

    The Babylon Bee is much more entertaining that almost all of Hollywood


  4. Farm Boy says:

    The Babylon Bee is surely more clever than Hollywood


  5. Farm Boy says:

    Note that Hollywood is uber pro-feminist, but also the workplace of Weinstein plus friends like him


  6. SFC Ton says:

    Just out there doing the jobs traditional/ heritage amercians just wont do



  7. Farm Boy says:

    Well, she wasn’t a Hollywood type


  8. earl says:

    ‘Just out there doing the jobs traditional/ heritage amercians just wont do’

    What they forgot to mention in the story…

    ‘The father was unavailable for comment.’

    Make no mistake Hispanics have continued going the same route of blacks and whites…they were about God & family until drugs, socialism and feminism starting weaving their ugly heads in.


  9. Major Styles says:

    In the face of strident feminism, I like to utter the primitive growls of a savage. Then, I double down with my second comment, making it even more piggish. Usually, at that point, most of the women have gravitated my direction.

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  10. earl says:

    Thanks, study.

    ‘People who take selfies regularly ‘overestimate how attractive they are’ – study ‘


    “Selfie-takers generally overperceived the positive attributes purveyed by their selfies,” said researchers.

    “Here, we found that selfie-takers believed their selfies to look more attractive and likable than photos of them taken by other people.

    “In reality, though, external raters actually perceived the targets’ selfies to look less attractive and less likable than the photos taken by others (as well as more narcissistic).

    “This self-favoring bias did not extend to non-selfie-takers.’

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  11. earl says:

    Entitled white people complaining about that poop again

    Complaints soar as San Francisco drowns in human waste


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  12. earl says:

    ‘Many of the complaints are connected to the city’s homeless problem. Rent in the city averages over $3,500 per month, pricing out all but the highest earners and creating a city of wealthy tech employees on one side, and a teeming homeless underclass on the other.’

    That’s a socialist homosex rainbow unicorn utopia for you.

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  13. earl says:

    It’s even worse than a third world hell hole.

    ‘Dr Lee Riley, an infectious diseases expert at the University of California in Berkeley, told NBC reporters that in some parts of the city, the contamination is “much greater than communities in Brazil or Kenya or Italy.”

    Getting stuck by a used needle can pass on diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B and C. San Francisco has one of the largest HIV-positive populations in the US, with an estimated 16,010 people living with the disease.’


  14. earl says:

    A guy makes a reasonable logical arguement and upsets a wimminz feelings that all men are evil.

    ‘Why every conservative must stand up for David Leyonhjelm’


    This divide played itself out in federal parliament last week as a motion to allow women to carry non-lethal weapons for self defence was solidly defeated. (This right should be extended to men and women, as should be the right right to bear arms, but that argument is for another article.) The grounds given for opposing giving women a greater ability to defend themselves was the same illogical argument which had been made in the media; that women shouldn’t have to defend themselves, men should just stop raping women.

    This is of no help to women, for the aforementioned reason that evil people are not going to be deterred by being told not to rape. The fact it is against the law already sends this message, yet it does not always stop evildoers. This is also deeply insulting to men, as it collectively blames all men.

    This collective blame is what Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young did when she called out, as claimed by Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm, that men should stop raping women. Leyonhjelm responded by calling out that Hanson-Young should “stop shagging men.”

    Leyonhjelm has given an excellent explanation of why this forceful response was appropriate:

    “She called out somethng that I’m 99% sure was “if only men would stop raping women”, so she was saying that in the context of why do they need something for self defence, the inference being that men are collectively responsible for such attacks as happened to Eurydice Dixon. I responded by saying “stop shagging men.”

    “She was effectively saying “men are the enemy.” I responded by saying “you’re sleeping with the enemy.”

    Naturally, Sarah Hanson-Young got upset, demanded an apology, and when Leyonhjelm did not back down, neither in parliament nor in interviews since, has sent him a legal letter accusing him of “defamatory actions”.


  15. SFC Ton says:

    LOL they are Catholics and walked away from those things long before WASP America did


  16. earl says:

    The probably should go back to the faith then. Making the state as god, selling their kids and trafficking drugs isn’t working out well for them.


  17. earl says:

    What Christianity needs is a return to following the Gospel of Jesus Christ and praising God the Father…not staying on the new agey social justice-wimminz worship-feminist-homosex nonsense which is ruining it.


  18. earl says:

    Prediction…either he’s lying or will be dead within a year.

    ‘Mexico’s New President Announces Absolutely Insane Plan Before Taking Office’


    ‘Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced this week that he plans to travel without armed guards and claims that the people will protect him, even as the country has been rocked by scores of political assassinations over the past several months.’


  19. earl says:



    ‘Satan is attacking the family now, as he attacked the first family in the Garden of Eden, by attacking the head of the family — the father.

    Chapter three of Genesis recounts how Satan attacked Adam as the head and defender of the family by going directly to Eve. Satan divided the family, and the family fell. But it was still Adam’s fall that caused society to fall into original sin.

    He’s using the same strategy today. As statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau show, one in three children do not live with their biological fathers — that translates to some 24 million children. The hardest hit are African-American children — some 57 percent live apart from their father.’


  20. Farm Boy says:

    A professor at Kansas State University argues that virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa are sexist because they have female voices.



  21. Cheque d'Out says:

    Today is potentially the end of the line for British Democracy. Thou the result might not emerge till tomorrow

    A Third Way.

    Today could see an interesting change in the UK, the destruction of a nation, of a democracy and a political party. It is May’s choice to chose the road she wishes travel, however it is not her choice to drag the nation down into the gutter with her.

    She came to leadership of the Conservatives with a clear mandate from the electorate. There was no confusion about it. In/Out. The order was clear.

    May could have gone down in history as a leader with the strength to stand against detractors, to stand for the nation and for democracy, sovereignty, the future. She would have joined the halls as a great leader of the nation who had the courage of democratic conviction her predecessor simply did not have. Revered as a saviour of the nation for future and current generations.

    Or May can go down in history as hated traitor to democracy to her nation reviled and toxic as the originator of the ‘The Third Way’, Tony Blair.

    Who does May think she will appeal to in creating a Third Way, that was not what the electorate voted for, nor was votable choice ? The right ? No, not with the betrayal. The left? No, they will always hate her for not being left enough. The centre? No, likewise as the left. Other national leaders ? No, betrayal of your people, of your nation speaks volumes as someone not to be trusted. The EU ? Considered a useful idiot, as someone willing to sell out her party she will never be trusted

    The Third way was a phrase used by Tony Blair, to coin his betrayal of the electorate who voted for him and the nation. He has become a pariah, hated by left, right and centre.

    May in trying to create a Third Way is emulating her own future and destroying the country for nothing, for no one but her own ideology.

    The conservatives need to oust her this week, not just for their own personal values, but for the party, the nation and future generations

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  22. Cill says:

    I agree with your post FB. I’ve gone off movie stars, long since. I don’t see the characters they are trying to portray, only a sanctimonious twat.

    I can’t watch Meryl Streep or Robert denero et al without hearing their hypocritical preach. Acting itself is a lie, an attempt to lull the gullible into a false sense of belief.

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  23. Cill says:

    Some of my friends still go to movies, especially the women, although they admit the movies these days are not very good.

    When I was a little kid my mum rented dvds of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. They seemed very old, they had the mystery of all being made before I was born. Yeah they were a bit old hat, but good watching.

    There was a later starwars movie that featured flying rattle-trap jalopies racing around ground marks. It was such a ridiculous spectacle, so physically unlikely and pointless and the contraptions so fucking stupid, my “willing suspension of disbelief” snapped there and then. I even felt cheated and disgusted to think I had put the dvd in the player and sat down to watch it.

    I don’t have much time for movie star frauds. Sounds big-headed I know, but fuck ’em.

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  24. Cheque d'Out says:

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  25. Cill says:

    All this time and blather, and things haven’t changed then. May’s brexit does not even reach ersatz status.

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  26. SFC Ton says:

    Prediction…either he’s lying or will be dead within a year.

    As I understand things he will take official protection once he is sworn in but there is still a lot of things he can do to remain safe so my guess is this is more about calculated theatrics which ain’t the worst trait in a leader


  27. Farm Boy says:

    The British are famous for “muddling through”. This seems to have the “muddle”, but not the “through”


  28. Cill says:

    I approved the comment at 3:39 am. If I were Major Styles, after about 12 hours in “Pending” I would’ve given up.


  29. Cill says:

    This seems to have the “muddle”, but not the “through”.

    Looking at it from a distance, yep, that just about sums it up.


  30. Cheque d'Out says:

    Democracy in Britain is dead


  31. Cheque d'Out says:


  32. Cheque d'Out says:

    For the comments regarding the betrayal


  33. earl says:

    ‘Democracy in Britain is dead’

    It was alive at some point?


  34. SFC Ton says:

    Democracy is the devil


  35. Farm Boy says:

    Look, my beef with this liberal-splaining to “heterosexual white ones” is that lovers of identity politics are creating a problem in order to “fix the problem.” And the problem that they’re creating is that an ever-expanding list of identity groups are pitted against each other in a battle for the biggest piece of the power pie. Our society is being systematically taught that people who don’t look like they do are the enemy. Except none of that is true.

    The fact that people like Michael Kimmel are able to hold hand-ringing discussions about the “Crisis of Masculinity” without the fear of having the door kicked in by the Gestapo is thanks to the very society they despise. At no point in human history have more people had more access to wealth and privilege than in 21st century U.S. of A. Uprooting and destroying the foundations of the system that have brought us to this point is nonsensically stupid.


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  36. Farm Boy says:

    A suburban housewife in Ohio says she went on a two-day crime spree because she was “bored” and had “nothing to look forward to in life.”

    The 30-year-old mother of two young children stole 28 packages from the porches of her neighbors last July, sometimes with her children in tow, she told authorities in the Cincinnati suburb of Mason.

    Noting that she lived in a $475,000 home and lacked little in terms of comfortable living, Bergman also posted a mea culpa on the Mason website



  37. Farm Boy says:

    The entire Episcopal Church, not just one diocese, is now actively considering replacing all masculine pronouns referring to God such as “Father” and “Him” with gender-neutral terms.



  38. Farm Boy says:

    The media can’t rebut the charge that Elizabeth Warren lied for years about her background to get favorable diversity-hire treatement that a WHITE WOMAN shouldn’t get, so they edit Trump’s attack to make it about… rape?

    Great video. You’ve probably seen it, but if you haven’t, check it out.

    “I shouldn’t tell you because I like to not give away secrets,” Trump said. “But let’s say I’m debating Pocahontas. I promise you I’ll do this: I will take, you know those little kits they sell on television… learn your heritage!”

    “A guy says he was born in Scotland, turns out h was born in Puerto Rico, that’s okay, that’s good, you know. A guy ways he was born in Germany, he was born someplace else.”

    “And in the middle of the debate, when she proclaims that she is of Indian heritage because her mother said she has high cheek bones, that is her only evidence, her mother said we have high cheek bones,” Trump continued.

    “We will take that little kit — but we have to do it gently. Because we’re in the #MeToo generation, we have to do it gently,” the president trolled. “And we will very genlty take that kit, and slowly toss it, hoping it doesn’t injure her arm, and we will say: I will give you a million dollars to your favorite charity, paid for by Trump, if you take the test and it shows you’re an Indian.”

    The media is seizing on that reference to #MeToo and claiming that Trump made a #MeToo joke, as if he was laughing at Elizabeth Warren for being a rape survivor.



  39. earl says:

    ‘Millions Of Unbelievers Flock To Atheist Paradise Of North Korea’


    ‘The totalitarian land of plenty has become a popular refuge for devout atheist pilgrims no longer able to take the persecution and backward philosophies of nations founded upon Judeo-Christian values. But increasing oppression in the U.S. has led to a record number of atheist immigrants flocking to Pyongyang.

    “Thanks to the wise and godless policies of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, we can have a better life and a brighter future,” one atheist immigrant told state-controlled press as he began a third shift at a state-owned steel mill. “This is our Mecca.”


  40. SFC Ton says:

    Got to give it to the Episcopal Church, they always seem to find a way to hit a new low.


  41. earl says:

    It’s not just the Episcopal Church. This quite possibly in the very near future will be the biggest lie pushed upon us. Taking the masculinity from God.


  42. RichardP says:

    Church leaders were alarmed by the “overwhelming use of masculine language” throughout the book and called for immediate revisions, saying it creates a kind of spiritual exclusion.

    After 35 years in office, they finally got around to reading the Common Book of Prayer – and immediately became alarmed by what they read there. How else to explain that quote??

    Next month they will convene a different committee to see what can be done about Matthew 7:21, because that one verse creates an unacceptable level of spiritual exclusion, and there is really no excuse for that. They are convinced it must be a misquote, for surely a loving God would not say something that divisive. Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.


  43. earl says:

    ‘They are convinced it must be a misquote, for surely a loving God would not say something that divisive. Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.’

    Goes back to that ancient question…

    ‘Did God really say that?’

    They’ll find out that yes He did.


  44. Farm Boy says:

    [Perhaps provide it so know where to poop they do]


  45. Farm Boy says:

    Real or fake?

    San Francisco: man dumping off 20 lbs of human waste in plastic bag on street corner cited for using non-biodegradable plastic bag


  46. So I looked up this Chris Brown fella, looks like a drug user to me. I don’t get it.

    Maybe those gals didn’t read the description of his assault on a gf years ago? Or if they did and still think they’d be down w it, well then they’d get what they want I guess? Again, I don’t get it.



  47. Pics of the gf after the assault. Does not look like sexy fun times to me, but again I don’t get it. (The gf did repeatedly reunite w him after this, sadly.)



  48. Looks like I was right about the hardcore drug use. This guy sounds like a mess! :/ http://www.vulture.com/2017/03/report-chris-brown-suffering-from-serious-drug-addiction.html


  49. Yoda says:

    Who wore it better?

    Rachel Dolezal or John Travola?

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  50. Yoda says:

    [Of course Horseman like Shatner he would]

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  51. Farm Boy says:

    Republican Iowa Rep. Steve King found himself accused of using his white privilege last week after he offered statistics that Democratic Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond didn’t like.


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  52. Farm Boy says:

    Trudeau was 28 at the time, which, for many people, is when they’re getting serious about life. But Trudeau was acting like a frat boy.

    And why not? Famous last name, multi-million dollar trust fund, pretty face. He partied like that deep into his thirties, and now as Prime Minister, he’s notorious for skipping work.

    But the media love him. So they ignore it, turn a blind eye.

    This Creston groping incident would sink another politician. In fact, Trudeau himself has fired a number of Liberal MPs from his caucus for less



  53. Farm Boy says:

    MOLLY McNEARNEY: I remember when Hillary was coming on a year ago, people were still making pantsuit jokes. I was like, “What the fuck are you doing? You’re minimizing this woman to her clothes?” We’d never talk about a man’s outfit. Everyone heard me and they did cut it, but there is learning to be had. These men don’t know, ya know? So it’s our responsibility to teach them. In the same way, I would hope that we’d all be open to learning about things that might offend straight white guys! [All laugh.]

    PIA GLENN, The Opposition with Jordan Klepper: I am totally fine offending them.



  54. Farm Boy says:

    Viral video out of Berkeley shows a Latina antifa berating a white antifa member as “inherently racist” because of his white DNA.

    “You’re still white,” the woman yells at the man. “You’re still responsible. This is your fault. You’re inherently racist. It’s in your blood. It’s in your DNA.”



  55. Farm Boy says:

    Portland State University is offering a course this fall on “Ecofeminist Spirituality,” which combines “feminist biblical interpretation” with the idea that “the oppression of women and the exploitation of the earth are related.”
    According to the professor, the most radical form of ecofeminism is “Socialist Ecofeminism,” which posits that the capitalist economy exploits both women and nature.



  56. SFC Ton says:

    “You’re still white,” the woman yells at the man. “You’re still responsible. This is your fault. You’re inherently racist. It’s in your blood. It’s in your DNA.”


    What a worthless ass White man. Fucker is a disgrace to his forefathers…… well maybe not of he’s a yankee


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