Red Pill Movie Review — Soylo, A Star Wars Story

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Warning — Spoilers ahead (though it probably can’t be spoiled for anybody here)

This could have been a good enough movie.  There was good action, nice special effects, good guys and bad guys, friendship, loyalty, etc. like a good Star Wars movie should have.  But, modern SJW ideas made it fail.

Let us start with Han Soylo; he a bit of a doofus.  He is not totally a spring chicken either, so ideally he would have some cleverness and maturity.  But no.  He makes many silly moves, some of them downright dumb, often with his ex-girlfriend watching and smirking.   He smiles lots and tries to act roguish and likable, but it doesn’t work.  Just like the lead in last summer’s flop, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, where the leading man tried to act the same way, and failing miserably, the character just doesn’t work as delivered.  Perhaps being a roguish doofus just can’t be done.

As for the ex-girlfirend, when Han meets up with her again, she has quickly risen to the number two person in a mafia type syndicate operation.  Apparently this happened in the three years since they were accidentally separated when trying to escape from the Empire’s forces. She now has lots of skillz, both mental and physical, fully overmatching Han.  All modern Star Wars movies need a Mary Sue character; here she is.

So why do “Mary Sue” characters continue to flop?  The conventional explanation is that people were raised in an Evil Patriachy and learned about how things should be from that.  Furthermore, these people are just too conservative and stupid to change their ways.  Or perhaps people have something built in that makes them uneasy about Mary Sue characters; being that they don’t fit built in Jungian archetypes.  Apparently they don’t even come close, as garden variety SIW types also seem to make people uncomfortable.  Short answer — these female characters just don’t fit built-in expectations, therefore causing discomfort.  Additional short answer — we can suspend our disbelief with respect to science/technology, but suspending it with respect to these Mary Sue characters is painful.

Of course, there is the SJW droid that we have all heard about.  She is loud, she never shuts up, she talks fast, she is always harping on SJW issues; making her a poor candidate for marriage.  But wait, you can’t marry a droid, can you?  Well, they make Lando and her be a couple together, with feelings and everything.  Poor Lando.  Anyway, I cringed every time she was on the screen.  Eventually she was destroyed; that being the best part of the flick. And by the way, why would a droid be female?  Droids are made on assembly lines, we saw that in the Episode II.

As for Jungian archetypes, apparently there is not one even close to the loud mouth never-shut-up SJW woman.  I can’t imagine why there would be one.  After all, teaming up with such a thing wouldn’t be very useful with respect to your survival, so there probably isn’t much positive imagery to be found in a mind with respect to that.  So reach back in your mind, do you see such an archetype?  One that has a “feels-right-want-to-associate-with” vibe?

The other characters were not so bad.  You had Woody Harrelson as Han’s mentor, along with our old friend Chewbacca, and the big bad villain head to the syndicate.  Since I like Chewbacca, I am glad that they didn’t mess him up.

The actor that they found to play Lando was pretty good at the job.  This is one thing that they got right.

Also note that this is the first Star Wars movie where the Force does not play a role.  As such, they can’t use that as an excuse as to how the current Mary Sue got her skillz.  Producer Kathleen Kennedy states that the Force is female.  I wonder if she considers the Dark Side female also.

In the end, if they didn’t have the SJW droid, I might of kind of liked it.  But, that was enough to make it almost unwatchable.

Note: Perhaps the SJW droid was meant to be an over the top joke.  Poe’s Law and all.  In that case, it might have been funny.  But alas, with Kathleen Kennedy in charge, this was not to be.


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  1. Yoda says:

    Also note that this is the first Star Wars movie where the Force does not play a role.

    If ignore the Force they do,
    Then ignore me they will.

    Safe for now I am

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  2. earl says:

    ‘This could have been a good enough movie. There was good action, nice special effects, good guys and bad guys, friendship, loyalty, etc. like a good Star Wars movie should have. But, modern SJW ideas made it fail.’

    You could replace ‘movie’ with marriage, society, communities, nations, etc. Their ideas are poison.

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  3. earl says:

    ‘So why do “Mary Sue” characters continue to flop? ‘

    Because even the loudmouth feminists don’t like the characters. They just have little self-awareness that when they act like that most people think of them as Mary Sue type.

    ‘ Producer Kathleen Kennedy states that the Force is female. I wonder if she considers the Dark Side female also.’

    They can say things like ‘the force is female’ and ‘the dark side is evil Patriarchy’…but they are just words or feelz. Ask them to explain more about their reasoning and they’ll call you a misygonist.

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  4. Yoda says:

    “Get a load of this drooling idiot from Forbes who thinks that ‘Solo’ is failing because it’s about a white guy. Seriously. So let’s recap: Disney’s full-on diversity fest “A Wrinkle In Time” flopped like a gutted fish. The previous two Star Wars installments have way underperformed and ‘Solo’ is tanking big time. You can practically see the diversity check-off list the producers of these movies were told they had to use. I don’t suppose that this Forbes clown would be open to consider that maybe, just maybe, the reason these movies aren’t doing so hot is that audiences are getting tired of having some diversity lecture shoved into their faces? No, probably not. You have to be a special kind of idiot to think that the answer to the failure of social justice overload is MOAR SOCIAL JUSTICE.”

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  5. Yoda says:

    Perhaps male the Force is,
    For heavy lifting it does

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  6. Stephanie says:

    “Eventually she was destroyed; that being the best part of the flick.”

    LOL So good, Farm Boy, so good!

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  7. Stephanie says:

    “And by the way, why would a droid be female? Droids are made on assembly lines”

    I guess the SJWs don’t realize when they’re reverting to the Stepford Wives model of robotic females!


  8. Stephanie says:

    ” Since I like Chewbacca, I am glad that they didn’t mess him up.”

    I imagine it would be hard to mess up Chewbacca. lol… just thinking about that is hilarious!

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  9. Stephanie says:

    Do this they could.

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  10. Stephanie says:

    Apparently an aspiring Chewbacca-ess she would be?

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  11. Stephanie says:

    Lord have mercy! I never knew Chewbacca-ess’ were able to be sexy symbols..


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  12. Yoda says:

    Chicks apparently like selfies they do

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  13. Stephanie says:

    OMG lol… this is insane!!! They missed their chance to find the ultimate SJW Wookie female warrior!!!

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  14. earl says:

    ‘Chicks apparently like selfies they do’

    Probably need to test this theory.

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  15. Stephanie says:

    On the other hand… maybe Han would have paired better (and not divorced?) a sex symbol Chewbacca wannabe LOL…. just maybe.

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  16. Stephanie says:

    From Vogue… when Chewbacca style became Winter Fashion.

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  17. Stephanie says:

    lol…. 😀 ❤


  18. earl says:

    ‘The force is female’

    That is why you fail.

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  19. Cill says:

    “The Force is Female”

    Childish nitwits.

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  20. Cill says:

    A bunch of daft bints is what they are.

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  21. earl says:

    For your viewing pleasure (and the story behind it) also the it’s the ‘not every ass kicking a woman gets just falls out of the sky’.

    4:51 you’ll hear the magic phrase.

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  22. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I had some hope for this movie when I heard that it was directed by Ron Howard. Silly me. All they had to do was make a fun, watchable movie with wide ranging appeal for it to succeed. They had to mess it up with SJW crap. Two things are going to happen. First, Hollywood will be less bankable. Second, it is going to get a lot harder to get people to invest. This SJW stuff is out of control and beyond the ability for investors to control. They will put their money elsewhere. in the meanwhile, we can all hope that some drag racer in the San Joaquin Valley is writing good stuff as we speak.

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  23. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    That is where hypergamy eventually takes us. She cannot accept the authority of a man. Up until the time when she refuses to give her last name, this wall all pretty lightweight stuff. I think the cops would have been satisfied with the alcohol being destroyed. I hope the judge gave her thirty days at least for chimping out, baby or no bay.


  24. earl says:

    I should start a new trend…whenever anything bad happens to a woman can be blame ‘the Patriarchy’?

    Shouldn’t get an education then, ladies. That’s the tool of the evil Patriarchy.

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  25. Yoda says:

    In Portland, two employees lost their job at a bakery for denying service to a black woman after closing time.

    Following the incident, “Back To Eden Bakery” issued several public apologies. In one Facebook post, the bakery’s co-owner wrote, “We are doing business in a gentrified neighborhood in a racist city within a racist state of a racist country.”

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  26. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It is their intent to make a gendered issue out of it so that they can default.

    As for the Jersey women chimping out, it wasn’t that long ago that a black blogger was having trouble with the concept that this behavior could jump the racial divide. It is one thing when this was confined to black women, they’re about eleven percent of women. It is another when it is white women who are resorting to this, they are a much larger demographic.

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  27. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    So the employees chose not to serve the woman after closing time? All parties understand this? It sounds like a blatant case of wrongful termination to me. Is it that cheap to fire a hand to mouth worker to satisfy the feelz of a vexacious litigant? Good luck trying to hire replacements.

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  28. SFC Ton says:

    Solo worked in the 1st movie because his combat pragmatist set of luke windowlickers aww shucks farm boy trope

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  29. SFC Ton says:

    Producer Kathleen Kennedy states that the Force is female. I wonder if she considers the Dark Side female also.

    Many years a go when I was bored and foolish I tried to read a fiction book that was pretty much like that. Women using magic was good, right etc, men using magic was all bad.

    Guess who threw that book in the trash…..

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  30. earl says:

    ‘ it wasn’t that long ago that a black blogger was having trouble with the concept that this behavior could jump the racial divide.’

    It’s not like blacks have the ‘wanting to defy authorities’ locked to just their race. Every human is capable of it.

    Feminism is the promotion and encouragement of rebellion especially with women with the ‘minority’ races thrown in.


  31. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Behavior demonstrated by that Jersey women can’t be allowed to stand. If judges show them leniency, they will be rewarded with contempt. This may be the issue that breaks the teeth of feminism. It is one thing to promote women over men. It is another to promote women over the rule of law. It is a good thing that people are able to record this stuff with their phones. Keep uploading it to social media.


  32. earl says:

    We certainly need more of this proof that the whole ‘abusive man/husband’ beating up the poor innocent woman mantra is almost always false. We should certainly see if she was instigating it in any way. Most guys don’t want to hit women, but if that’s how they are acting….

    White knights will still white knight because of their idol vag worship…but I take the instigating as part of the story. You can’t just spit at and hit a guy with immunity.

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  33. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    If the judge lets her off with a slap on the wrist, what is going to happen to the attitude of police officers? They will feel like the butt end of a joke and rightly so.


  34. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    While this looks like a Canadian party, we Americans should keep an eye on this. It will be interesting.


  35. Cheque d'Out says:

    A fembot gets beat down by Peterson

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  36. Cheque d'Out says:

    Automation coming for the ‘nice’ people, not them there common prole types. I wonder how philosophical they’ll be about that compared to the ‘natural’ migration of blue collar jobs to cheap labour countries?

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  37. SFC Ton says:

    Get a load of this drooling idiot from Forbes who thinks that ‘Solo’ is failing because it’s about a white guy…….

    Makes sense. Forbes is a conservative magazine after all and we all know conservatives don’t consvere shit

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  38. Cheque d'Out says:

    Don’t know if this’ll interest Ton and the Kiwis. Everyone is welcome to have a butcher’s too, obviously

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  39. Cheque d'Out says:

    I couldn’t come up with a better name to ruin Marvel (the skeezian woman perhaps)


  40. Farm Boy says:

    So sad

    Rhodes gives us a glimpse of Obama’s interactions with the political leader he most resembles. “Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany told Mr. Obama that she felt more obliged to run for another term because of Mr. Trump’s election to defend the liberal international order,” Peter Baker reports. “When they parted for the final time, Ms. Merkel had a single tear in her eye. ‘She’s all alone,’ Mr. Obama noted.”

    One tear: How noble, how poetic, how sad. Poor Angela. She crushes Greece in a vice, destabilizes an entire continent by inviting a million Muslim immigrants into Germany, and this is the thanks she gets: Brexit and Trump. It never seems to have dawned on either Obama or Merkel that the only people truly invested in defending the always-vaguely-defined “liberal international order” are the men and women who sit at the top of it. Certainly the voters are not as satisfied with current circumstances as they.

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  41. Yoda says:

    The month of June has come, which means a month-long celebration of LGBT Pride. This year, one Pride parade will make history by having the youngest Grand Marshal for the event ever: 11-year-old C.J. Duron.

    According to HuffPo, the 11-year-old boy, a “gender creative” kid who goes by he/him pronouns, will “return to O.C. Pride in Santa Ana, California as the youngest grand marshal in Pride Month’s 48-year history.”


  42. Yoda says:

    Today celebrities — actresses — are coming forward to essentially declare that some women just have it coming. After more than half a year pleading with us to fix the problems that women are facing we now learn that our cultural elite believe certain women deserve to be degraded. Staggering to consider, after Hollywood and the media have been posturing the need to eliminate this very poison.

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  43. Yoda says:

    Then there was actress Minnie Driver, who put her own positive spin on Bee’s foul language:

    That was the wrong word for Samantha Bee to have used . But mostly because ( to paraphrase the French ) Ivanka has neither the warmth nor the depth.

    — Minnie Driver (@driverminnie) May 31, 2018
    And she wasn’t done:

    Do you think being feminist means liking agreeing with, cosying up to ALL women? You need to go back to school. And for the record, cunts are wonderful, you have one you know.

    — Minnie Driver (@driverminnie) May 31, 2018

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  44. Yoda says:

    This cowardice is a sign, not only of how useless the entertainment media are, but how owned they are by big corporations, how cowardly they are who do not even have the integrity to tell a truth, to report the truth about Mizzz Kathleen’s disastrous arrogance, her bubbled provincialism, her strident scolding and preaching (and all at the expense of story logic and what the fans hold most dear), and how it is murdering the most iconic film franchise in history.

    Kennedy is a literal book burner when it comes to Star Wars, and to protect their access and their own delusional need to never acknowledge that left-wing politics equals box office death, these moral cowards are intentionally ignoring one of the biggest entertainment stories of the year.

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  45. Farm Boy says:

    At least she did not call her a cnut

    In an interview published on Saturday, former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton took a swipe at eldest Trump daughter and Trump administration advisor Ivanka Trump, adding credence to rumors that their longstanding friendship has crumbled post-election.

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  46. Cheque d'Out says:

    Got lent the last Jedi disc a week ago, now having a second attempt to watch it (first time ended after ten minutes – apathy) Just seen the Mary Poopins bit. What a load of rancid old pony.


  47. Cheque d'Out says:

    And Holdo gives a soytastic pep talk devoid of content. Snarky twunt slags off Poe.

    Not liking this shite.


  48. Cheque d'Out says:

    Can’t believe that the Rose Tico figures didn’t sell.

    [Somewhat unappealing she would be]

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  49. Farm Boy says:

    To be honest, “The Last Jedi” is best when you first see it. Over time, after considering it more, it degrades substantially

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  50. Cheque d'Out says:

    Canto bite and…off. I’ll try again another night.

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  51. Cheque d'Out says:

    Well, that’s not good news Farm Boy

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  52. Farm Boy says:

    For the sake of clarity, I saw this movie in a matinee, which is cheaper. I did not want any more of my money than needed to go to Disney

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  53. Cill says:

    FB and Spawny you have convinced me. I shall stay away from those movies in droves.

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    Eye Bleach Warning for article picture.

    “In a stunning move Saturday, an emotional Wynne conceded her days as premier are over when voters head to the ballot box June 7 — but called on Ontarians to vote Liberal anyway, saying a vote for her party is a vote to keep the next government in check, be it one led by the NDP or the PCs.

    At stake for the Liberals are eight seats, which they need to hang on to party status at a time when support has been floundering in the polls amid a virtually neck-in-neck race between the competition.”

    If a party does not get at least 8 of 124 seats they are no longer a party but seated independents.

    Most importantly recognized parties get a $2.71 per-vote subsidy for parties that got at least two per cent of the popular vote in the previous election. Union and corporate donations are illegal in Ontario, only individual donations.

    So the liberals are fucked.

    Can this happen? In 1993 the ruling federal Progressive Coservatives went from a 156 seat majority to TWO! Losing status and effectively becoming extinct.

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    Margaret. Half right, all wrong.

    Great explanation why marriage is good FOR SOCIETY!
    Not one idea why its good for men.

    This is why it is not salvageable, why a reset cannot be avoided.

    Even the media knows something is wrong. Yet they Cannot Understand or Will Not Admit the underlying cause. So more and more men withdraw and go silent.

    And the needed resources: labour, taxes, sperm, military recruits fade and fade until one of those hits a critical minimum and something happens. What I have no idea but something.

    [Wonder if the author see this they can not,
    or just pretend to see this they do not]

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  56. Farm Boy says:

    In terms of appealing chicks, the Last Jedi is in last place among the Star Wars movies.

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  57. Cheque d'Out says:

    Didn’t see any porg chicks, perhaps if I’d endured longer? Are they appealing? Or merely tasty?

    [Taste like chicken they do]

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  58. An oldie buta goodie.

    [Many pilots there were
    An amusing lot they would be]

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  59. Farm Boy says:

    We Need to Talk about Star Wars

    My personal experience with the Star Wars franchise starts when I was a child and watched (and re-watched, and re-watched) the original trilogy on video at home. I had a few toys, built some plastic models, and read almost every piece of the Expanded Universe through about 1998. My friends at school poked fun at me for having such an encyclopedic knowledge of the universe.

    When the prequels came out, I loved them because they were Star Wars. I saw Episode I nine times in theaters, but at the same time my fervor for the franchise was waning as I replaced it with enthusiasm for The Lord of the Rings. After Episode III came out, Star Wars became almost a non-entity to me. I didn’t watch any of the movies for almost ten years.

    When I did revisit them, I discovered the complete ineptitude of Episode I, the surprising decrease in quality with Episode II, and that I actually do really like Episode III, but needless to say, revisiting all six movies, while it did increase my affection for The Empire Strikes Back, did nothing to reinvigorate my youthful love for the property as a whole.

    When Disney first announced they had acquired the franchise and were planning new movies, I was actually pretty excited. That excitement extended from one movie, John Carter. In that box office bomb, which I love dearly, I saw Disney giving a property to a filmmaker who understood the material and did his best to take it to screen without any real interference from the studio itself. I thought that that trust in the artistic vision of the talent that the studio had hired would extend to Star Wars.

    J.J. Abrams was, I feel, a good choice to get the franchise back on its feet. He’s got some talent, a lot of love for the franchise, and a good sense of fun (at times, Into Darkness isn’t very fun). When The Force Awakens came out, I was entertained. The effusive love that some people expressed towards the film at the time confused me a bit, but whatever. To each his own.

    Rogue One was curious to me. I felt like the movie ended up working as a whole despite some glaring flaws (seriously…it’s emotionally dead even when it seems to be trying really really hard to be emotionally alive). The surface of the film is so well done with my favorite bad guy in the entire franchise (Director Krennic) that I end up enjoying the film despite itself. And just for clarification, Krennic is my favorite because he’s so different from all the others. He isn’t looking for conquest or domination. He’s purely a bureaucrat who wants credit for the work he’s done on the Death Star. In some ways that’s more mundane, but also a bit scarier. He feels real in ways that I don’t feel with Darth Vader.

    I’ve considered writing something about The Last Jedi since I saw it and didn’t hate it like, apparently, everyone else here, but it was only with the release of Solo that I felt an actual desire to do it.

    When I first saw The Last Jedi, I thought that my appreciation of the film would grow with time, but, at the moment, I loved everything to do with Luke Skywalker and the idea around the slow chase through space. It’s also, in my opinion, the best looking Star Wars film with wonderful color palates, especially around the final planet. I also thought that the director, Rian Johnson, was doing something interesting with what seemed like a rejection of the franchise on the surface, but what I saw as actually a new embrace of it.

    All of that I felt, along with complete boredom regarding the casino planet and total flabbergasting guffaws at the particulars of the slow chase through space. I joked with some friends at the time that it felt like Johnson had written his script, completely forgotten to include Finn, and then threw in a subplot on top just to include him.

    After a second viewing months later, what I loved remained what I loved, but what I hated grew in my mind. Rose really is one of the worst characters written in a franchise that includes Jar Jar Binks, and Vice Admiral Holdo is a moron of a leader. That’s hard to ignore when it takes up about 40% of the movie. I can understand having those same concerns and disagreeing with the choices made for Luke and hating the film. However, I think that the fact that I really do see Luke’s journey in the film to be interesting and involving is pretty obviously the difference between me and most of you fine people.

    First, Kathleen Kennedy, the head of Star Wars at Disney, greenlights a Han Solo movie. She publicly and enthusiastically hires a pair of directors known for improvisational comedy to make this movie. 75% of the way through filming, Kennedy decides that she’s made a poor choice, very publicly fires the pair, and replaces them with Ron Howard. Don’t get me wrong, the man who made Apollo 13 and Rush is fine in my book, but he also made The Da Vinci Code and its sequels. Anyway, apparently, Howard reshot almost everything, extending the shoot by months and reportedly doubling the budget from $125 million to $250 million. The studio then releases the film to hefty fanfare (actually, marketing), and it bombs at the box office.

    Does the woman, who is responsible for literally every single decision in that chain of events, keep her job? It’s a mystery.

    Now, as to the movie itself, I was bored. I realized about thirty minutes into it that I had just watched some exchange between Solo and someone else that was supposed to be funny and it hadn’t even begun to tickle my funny bone. On top of that, what really bugged me about the movie that it’s a movie about heists that doesn’t actually have any. There are four “heists” that are literally just action scenes like anything else produced today.

    I started comparing the film to Ocean’s 11, not because Ocean’s 11 is any sort of masterpiece, but because it’s widely seen as a prototypical modern heist movie. The main character gathers a team, develops a plan, executes the plan under the noses of the target, and ends up sneaking away without a shot fired. It’s a game of tension, not explosions and yelling, but the former is all that Solo offered.

    And, on top of that, Solo ends up giving what is supposedly the initial funding to the rebellion. We couldn’t have just a Solo adventure about him in his youth, it had to connect to the larger story in someway, and Solo had to be the outright hero in that regard. That’s when I saw Kathleen Kennedy’s fingerprints.

    Kathleen Kennedy worked with Steven Spielberg for years as he made some of the most beloved movies of the 80s, 90s, and 00s. In this time, Kathleen Kennedy was responsible for roughly none of the creative content of those films. She stood there while Spielberg worked. In much the same way, Hillary Clinton stood near Bill Clinton while he was really good at politics which in no way transferred that ability over to her. However, both Clinton and Kennedy were convinced that their proximity to talented people made them talented.

    I really wish Kennedy would steal $10 million of Disney’s money to write and direct her own movie. Get that creative energy pumping into something new and original, and leave Star Wars alone. Then, when her little project comes out and gets trashed as the self-indulgent exercise in grievance politics that it would surely be, maybe she’ll stop trying to actually direct the creative ship of Star Wars.

    You see, that bit about Solo funding the rebellion at the end of his movie? That felt like a note from Kennedy.

    “Ron, I know that this is supposed to be a stand alone adventure, but we have to think that Solo is an incredibly moral man at the end of the movie, so have him give all of the incredibly valuable materials to rebels. Oh, and I fired your predecessors, so you’d better do what I say.”

    I took that theory and I retroactively applied it to The Last Jedi, and her fingerprints became obvious yet again. The Luke Skywalker stuff feels all Rian Johnson, but Vice Admiral Holdo feels contaminated (like she might have been in the original script in a different way) and Rose feels like a Kennedy creation in her entirety. On top of that, because the whole denouement of the casino planet feels so out of place, I estimate that the whole subplot was her idea as well.

    Now, if you hated what Rian Johnson did with Luke Skywalker, this theory probably won’t do much for you, but it seems to explain to me what’s wrong at the heart of the newest iterations of Star Wars. Kennedy is afraid of doing new things. The Force Awakens had a remake of the original film in its last act. All of the Anthology films have been adjacent to the original trilogy. There’s no desire to really break out from the large event film idea that is Star Wars. And, in addition to that, she must have creative input even if her ideas are terrible. She has the power to hire and fire whomever she wants working on those films, so no one is going to tell her no. They saw what happened to Miller and Lord on Solo. She’s a less talented George Lucas surrounded by even less imposing Rick McCallums.

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  60. earl says:

    ‘Female supremacist’

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  61. earl says:

    I also enjoy it when male feminists get social media tarred and feathered.

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  62. earl says:

    It’s better when they are honest about their intentions. Equality was never the goal.

    This is otherwise known as the tradcon-white knight-mangina code.


  63. earl says:

    Make you rethink the whole ‘ladies first’ doesn’t it?

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  64. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    I think that lack of good looking women in films may be a feminist “tell”.

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  65. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    As for the Wente article, the last thing women will ever consider is what men need or want. While they may understand that that a good deal has to benefit both parties, they just don’t care.

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  66. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I wish that I could have something more positive to say. Bringing down patriarchy and replacing it with gynocentrism has been a bad idea. The only ones benefiting are alpha cads.

    Farm Boy,
    It would be good if Disney canned Kathleen Kennedy, but there was no bloodletting in the wake of the new Ghostbusters.

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  67. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    For Horseman,
    Words from Trump about NAFTA.


  68. Cheque d'Out says:

    The labalive concert is real and it looks like it’ll lose the labaparty quite a bit of money; the tickets aren’t selling

    Tracey Ullman (dressed as Corbyn) is the woman that did all the Sturgeon and Merkel skits that others have posted here previously.

    [Play footsie with the Russians also did he not?
    Also, believe that is Ms. Ullman I do not]

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  69. Cheque d'Out says:

    Corbyn has always been a great friend to the enemies of the country, cunt.

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  70. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    That was good, but this has to be her best. I think it is Farm Boy’s favorite too.

    Today is the day Canadians hold a demonstration at an illegal border crossing. I hope that goes well.

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  71. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It can’t be just me. I have this need to talk about cheerful things. We have been talking about sexual politics too much. Over at Bloom’s, Ame shared a picture of a dessert that is one of my favorites. That was cheerful.

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  72. “Send us your naked photos to help block revenge porn, Facebook invites users

    Trust in the social network is low, so this offer might make people skeptical”

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  73. Farm Boy says:

    The New York Times has uncovered a new menace to America: “Tradwives.”

    Running alongside what could be mistaken for a peculiar style of mommy-vlogging is a virulent strain of white nationalism. Who are these women? They call themselves tradwives.

    — NYT Opinion (@nytopinion) June 1, 2018

    From the NYT, “The Housewives of White Supremacy”:

    In a podcast interview posted last spring, Nicole Jorgenson, a singer and former schoolteacher in North Dakota, explains to her host that she has never been happier since marrying and having children. And yet between cute pastoral anecdotes of growing her own vegetables and making banana bread, it soon becomes clear that Ms. Jorgenson is advocating something sinister — not just a return to agrarian motherhood.

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  74. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    We have heard from Stephanie Guthrie before. I am surprised that she has surfaced.


  75. Farm Boy says:

    Yet that’s an unforgivable crime for our so-called liberals. That’s what’s really behind the demand for public funding of abortion, contraception, and the like: The strategy is to ensure that everybody is implicated, corporately. The pretense that Sandra Fluke can’t afford a rubber is ridiculous. Nobody really believes that. It’s like Antiochus and the Jews, whose insistence upon their own faith and their own ways offended those who desired to “oblige them to partake of the sacrifices” and “adopt the customs” of their political rulers. It is not enough that gay people should be allowed to organize their own lives as they wish and to follow their interests and their pleasures where they will. You can decline to stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner,” but when they raise the rainbow banner, you’d damned well better stand up straight and salute.

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  76. I read that NYT piece. Again just showing the decline is inevitible because even a hat tip to babies and marriage is a growing menace.

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  77. Cheque d'Out says:

    “It can’t be just me. I have this need to talk about cheerful things. ”

    No, not just you. That’s why I share so many crap jokes. I can be dead serious whenever that’s the required response, until then I intend to keep my mood even. It’s easier that way. And it keeps the bots amused.

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  78. Cheque d'Out says:

    I assume that any marriage to a ‘tradwife’ will be under a tradlegalcontract?

    Because otherwise? Same old shite; I’m not like those other women, I won’t frivorce you (even though all the laws are there, we’ll just ignore them for now), me love you long time.

    I really doubt that these people understand that men comprehend how thoroughly trust of women has been devastated by their actions and those of the state And that the fix requires irreversible change to marriage and the behaviour of wimminz, not just more marketing bollocks befitting a third world whore searching for their next mark.

    Fucksake these people are retarded. Another generation will pass before they wake up to the current reality, let alone what they need to do to address it.

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  79. Farm Boy says:

    let alone what they need to do to address it

    Double down on everything of course. That is the only thing that could possibly cross their mind


  80. Cheque d'Out says:

    Lot of rumours that Krazee Kathleen Kennedy has got the boot over the last few films. Suits me.

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  81. Farm Boy says:

    Somehow this seems relevant to the conversation

    UCLA Chancellor Gene Block is making a huge deal out of a program UCLA and The Atlantic sponsored a “conversation” about the state of the American republic:

    “America is at a crossroads. Internal political strife has caused a reckoning — a rethinking of who we are and what we are about. Is the United States still the beacon of freedom and hope? Is the American Dream still alive? And, perhaps most crucial: Is the American Idea working for everyone?

    The Atlantic explored the state of America and pondered its future. At the core, we asked: Who are we and who do we want to be?”

    They invited 14 speakers. Not one was a conservative or populist. (No. David Frum no longer counts. And hasn’t for a long time.)

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  82. Farm Boy says:

    Student protesters tried to derail a free speech event at Portland State on Thursday featuring YouTube commentator Sargon of Akkad and Professor Peter Boghossian by pulling the fire alarm during the event.

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  83. earl says:

    The video talks about some of the biological effects of single mother homes especially for boys.

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  84. Farm Boy says:

    As many as one in four students at some elite U.S. colleges are now classified as disabled, largely because of mental-health issues such as depression or anxiety, entitling them to a widening array of special accommodations like longer time to take exams…
    Small, private schools have the greatest concentration of students with disabilities. Among the 100 four-year, not-for-profit colleges with the highest percentage of disabled students, 93 are private, according to a WSJ analysis of federal data.
    Public schools have also seen a significant uptick in test accommodations. From 2011 to 2016, the number of students with special accommodations increased by an average of 71% among 22 flagship state schools, according to data obtained by The Wall Street Journal.

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  85. Farm Boy says:

    On Saturday, strippers, prostitutes, and “allies,” hit the streets for the 43rd annual International Whores’ Day.

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  86. SFC Ton says:

    Movies arent for men like you and me Cill.

    Men use movies to escape from their reality vs living out our realities


  87. Farm Boy says:

    Sunday on MSNBC’s “Kasie DC,” longtime Clinton confidant and former Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) said former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did “a horrible thing” in the way they attacked former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, who had an affair with Bill Clinton.

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  88. Farm Boy says:

    While nine teachers earned cultural diversity certificates Saturday, eight Albemarle educators have earned them in the previous three years.

    “It’s a really reflective internal journey that calls you to really look deep inside and think about what are your assumptions and biases,” Kale Elementary School assistant principal Ben Allen said.

    “The school district is taking this seriously, which makes me feel better as a person”


  89. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I will offer this as a final thought. It is going to get harder for houses that sponsor this SJW propaganda to get investment and they will have to pay higher interest for it. For the houses that eschew it, financing will be much easier. The SJWs have forgotten that business has to succeed before their antics can be tolerated.


  90. Farm Boy says:

    Solo: A Star Wars Story misses a huge opportunity to explore droids as an aggrieved class with parallels to racism and slavery.

    — Vox (@voxdotcom) June 3, 2018


  91. Farm Boy says:

    Ticket sales for “Solo: A Star Wars Story” dropped by 65% in its second weekend, pulling in just $29.3 million from North American theaters, the Associated Press reported, citing studio estimates on Sunday. The latest installment also had an underwhelming opening weekend despite a massive PR budget.


  92. Farm Boy says:

    The downward trajectory from The Force Awakens should have told Disney something about how much the audience was actually enjoying these movies. I suspect it did; there was a reason Disney replaced the Solo directors midstream, after all. The miracle of Marvel’s astonishing success is that its movies really deliver, and in unexpected ways. The disappointment of the recent Star Wars movies is that—with the major exception of the thrilling return of Harrison Ford in The Force Awakens—they haven’t delivered. And if the next one generates the same sort of “meh” emotion in audiences, that will be the end of the franchise.

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  93. Farm Boy says:

    As far as I know, and I have given it a good faith perusal, no one, not a single member of the establishment media — even as commenters fill their sites with complaints about how the infusion of Kennedy’s obnoxious politics have ruined the franchise for countless fans — has shown the moral courage to even raise the idea that this might, maybe, could conceivably, possibly, be, perhaps, part of the perchance problem.

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  94. Farm Boy says:

    The film is projected to stall out at $400 million total global ticket sales, making it the weakest performer of any Soy Wars movie.

    Also, it was very expensive — firing the original directors Lord and Miller after they had already shot 70-85% of the film, and then bringing in Ron Howard to re-shoot the same material all over again, might have ballooned the movie’s costs to $250 – 300 million, and that doesn’t even include prints and marketing, which generally equals the cost of the actual film. So the total cost would be $500 to $600 million, using that rule.

    Given the huge cost of this film, though, prints and marketing probably cost less.

    Still — something north of $400 million, surely.

    Wall Street analyst Barton Crockett says Solo will lose more than $50 million. Industry financing sources, however, say that figure could come in at $80 million or higher, although no one knows the exact terms of Disney’s deals for home entertainment and television, among other ancillary revenues.
    Solo, directed by Ron Howard, isn’t likely to gross much more than $400 million globally against a budget of at least $250 million and a major multimillion-dollar marketing spend. The movie lost major altitude in its second weekend of play to finish Sunday with a domestic total of $148.9 million and a global cume of $264.2 million.

    “This marks a tough return to movie reality for a Disney that had in recent years enjoyed a can’t-miss mystique,” Crockett wrote in his note to investors.

    I know I’m mentioning this story a lot, but I don’t think our opponents are the Democrat Party. I think the Democrat Party is just the frontman for the leftist transnationalist movement, and the most important political organization in that movement is the American media.

    And Disney is the current behemoth of the American media.

    And I’d like to see Disney understand that it is not untouchable. And I’d like conservatives and traditionalists, who’ve long shrugged their shoulders at the media, figuring there’s nothing that can be done about it, also understand that the media is not untouchable.

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  95. Farm Boy says:

    It’s an apt way to sum up the troubled performance of Solo: A Star Wars Story. In one of the biggest box-office surprises in recent times, Solo is badly underperforming and will become the first of the Star Wars movies made by Disney and Lucasfilm to lose money.

    Wall Street analyst Barton Crockett says Solo will lose more than $50 million. Industry financing sources, however, say that figure could come in at $80 million or higher, although no one knows the exact terms of Disney’s deals for home entertainment and television, among other ancillary revenues.

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  96. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    What is a business worth without its founder? In the case of Lucasfilm, less than nothing when handed over to a feminist. I wonder if they will offer George Lucas something generous to come back?

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  97. SFC Ton says:

    Goinng to be intresting to see how they spin that movies shitty performance because you know they won’t say “our movie was no fun to watch because of xyz reasons “

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  98. Farm Boy says:


    The subplot to that, and it’s an odd one, comes from “Star Wars” fans who see “Solo’s” underwhelming results as vindication — a blow against the Disney empire, and Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy. Reinforced by Internet echo chambers in the way intense political partisans find like-minded brethren online, they harbor what is almost certainly a magnified vision of their numbers and how widely their passions are shared.

    As politicians have discovered, there are tradeoffs involved in allowing the loudest and most belligerent voices — those prone to speaking in Sith-like absolutes — to define the terms of debate.
    Hearing and being sensitive to what various fans want makes sense, but bowing to the force of a vocal contingent — one that’s perhaps a small minority — is a road fraught with peril. As Han solo himself once said, it’s not always possible to fly by committee.


  99. Farm Boy says:

    We wanted Spielberg, and what we got was his third rate lackey Kennedy.

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  100. Farm Boy says:

    As politicians have discovered, there are tradeoffs involved in allowing the loudest and most belligerent voices — those prone to speaking in Sith-like absolutes — to define the terms of debate.

    Gee, I wonder if there is some projection there…

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  101. Farm Boy says:

    While Kathleen Kennedy worked wonders relaunching this property from the abyss of the Lucas prequel trilogy and turning it into a bigger than ever all-devouring cultural force, there has to be more than some thought that it’s time for new blood at the helm. The talk out there is of a September changing of the guards. We’ll see.

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  102. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    I think the biggest offense someone can make in Hollywood is to make investors skittish. Kathleen Kennedy has done that. There is no forgiveness for it.


  103. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Since the terrible accident that happened on the set of the The Twilight Zone, every movie is made as a separate corporation to limit liability. Every movie has to be financed individually. For investors, it is make or break on that one movie, the risk is not spread among several.


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