Letting It Go

This is the third installment of the crazy series.  In the bad old days, people had to work hard to survive.  Or at least, much of the time.  Surely, there was little tolerance for mental issues among the men,  They needed to be able to count on each other at work and elsewhere.  Any issues were resolved quickly, maybe not fully, but in a good enough manner.  This situation still somewhat applies today.

Women, on the other hand, seem to be indulged from a young age.  Mental issues are ignored, and even sometimes encouraged.  This continues throughout childhood and on into adulthood.  The result is the smorgasbord of mental issues of modern women.

So here is the question: would these women be better if their issues were not indulged their whole lives?  I am not talking about mental health care here, just a lack of indulgence, like there would have been in the bad old days.  So how about it?

Disclaimer: note that there are many fine modern women without mental problems.  Thank goodness for this.

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  1. You always get more of what gets subsidized…

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  2. SFC Ton says:

    Disclaimer: note that there are many fine modern women without mental problems.

    I call bullshit

    If nothing else 60% of the women in the USA are obese and that’s a mental problem in my reckoning

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  3. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    No there aren’t ! Some, but certainly not “many”. lol

    I think the biggest issue for women, and for men as well, is the level that they were “Molly-coddled” while growing up. indulging your kids with everything you can, has created an unreasonable sense of entitlement.

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  4. Farm Boy says:

    So do mental health issues end up worse now than in the “suck it up” days?


  5. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    they are worse, because people are acting like victims instead of owning their problems.

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  6. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/article-one-in-66-canadian-children-and-youth-have-autism-spectrum-disorder/

    1 in 68 for boys and 1 in 150 for girls.
    Used to be 1 in 10,000

    I call bullshit. Fragile, unparented, overmedicated soykids.

    Or, if true

    Something is majorly fucked up like chemicals in the environment and delayed pregnancy.

    Either way this means a significant part of the population cannot successfully navigate society and will never be useful.

    And they are going to keep society going…..

    Fuck me.


  7. Farm Boy says:

    I wonder how Justin fits into all of that


  8. SFC Ton says:

    Often autism label is use to remove socially awkward kids. I doubt the number of legit autistic kids have gone up. The quakity of teachers, parents e5c has gone done

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  9. Every boy in my older son’s kindergarten class got a referral from the teacher for ADHD screening. The bitch just didn’t like little boys who didn’t want to sit quietly and cut out doilies all day.

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  10. Farm Boy says:

    So what was the outcome of all of the screening?


  11. SFC Ton says:

    LOL my kids teachers hated The Ton. Hated. The adhd question got a two word reply

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  12. Farm Boy says:

    “Yes Ma’am”?

    Probably not…

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  13. Farm Boy says:

    “Damn Yankee”?

    Perhaps warmer…

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  14. Farm Boy says:

    Speaking of “Letting It Go”

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  15. earl says:

    ‘would these women be better if their issues were not indulged their whole lives?’

    They’d be better if they had a strong father figure in their lives. Not the kicked out father or the father who submits to the mother and has his spirit crushed.

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  16. earl says:

    The cocktail of telling women they can do no wrong, blaming men when things go wrong, putting them in roles they weren’t created for, encouraging them to give in to the desire to control everything, and engaging in promiscuity…it’s surprising women aren’t in the 99% mental illness range at least in the West.


  17. earl says:

    ‘Men vs. Women: A Reminder’


    ‘Women wait and hope to be delivered from an undesirable situation.
    Men change their situation through willpower.

    Women make themselves attractive and hope to get noticed.
    Men use aggression and ability to outperform other men.

    Women wait for permission to act on sexual instincts.
    Men unashamedly pursue their sexual instincts.

    Women need security and safety.
    Men need victory and challenge.

    Women plunder and enjoy the spoils of a man’s conquest.
    Men take risks to enlarge their dominion.

    Women talk about how they feel.
    Men make decisions and take decisive action.

    Whether it is shameful for a woman to act masculine depends on the context. But it is always shameful for a man to act like a woman. Don’t take advice from anyone who shames your masculine instincts.

    Don’t apologize for being a man.’

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  18. I don’t know tons about autism but I do remember asking my daughters pediatrician about the increasing numbers and she said it wasn’t so much due to more cases as it was to the definition was broadly widened one year and suddenly people who qualified as “on the spectrum” vs. by the prior definition greatly increased.

    Autism can range from mild to moderate to severe as far as impact on functioning. Early intervention and appropriate therapies can also really help. And people w autism can lack skills in one area yet far surpass most in others. When in their groove autists can advance science, technology, etc. by leaps and bounds.

    Same can be said of adhd/add. Many with this “condition” have accomplished far more than the average bear. (I have ADD, in fact. Clinically diagnosed and everything. Yep! If it isn’t obvious, lol! BC of it some things are more difficult for me, yet in other ways I can blow it out of the water. People ask me all the time how I do all I do, then are shocked when I say it’s ADD. And yes some people judge me after I reveal this, but usually they are sucky small minded people with superiority complexes who themselves haven’t achieved 1/10th as much except maybe they have a clean car and organized life, whoop dee, so who cares?!?!)

    Rather than seeing these things as some kind of curse, I wish they were just thought of as a variation. Not everyone is meant to be a drone or to fit in a box. The world needs some freaky deaks to shake things up.

    All this is not to be confused with what the OP is referring to. There’s good cray cray and there’s bad cray cray. Stay away from the bad cray cray. They will just sink your ship in their own self created storms. Not good.

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  19. Ame says:

    I don’t think there are any easy answers for legit mental health issues.

    the autism definition is interesting. we recently began the process for my daughter to get accepted into what is basically an adult special ed program whose primary goal it to help sped adults find gainful employment. when I mentioned she was Asperger’s and showed her the documentation of diagnosis, she told us that it’s all just called autism now – no breakdowns.

    I find that interesting, and here’s my theory on why it’s that way. all those moms who waited till they established their careers and had autistic children used their skills to lobby and implement autistic services in the public school system and other places for their kids. those kids have grown up and now the same moms are doing the same for their autistic adults.

    however it’s happened, my daughter benefits right now, and that’s a good thing for us b/c she needs it.

    ‘labels’ are a BIG deal. personally, if they’re accurate, they don’t bother me. they simply help define a person.

    (although … side note … isn’t it interesting how our culture is SO big about defining disorders of every kind and yet can’t figure out by pulling their pants down whether they are male or female?! bizarre, crazy world!)

    how it’s working in our home is that I’ve always taught my girls that everyone has something, so deal with your own something. that doesn’t mean we ignore it, but we deal with it. it would be stupid to ignore fire ants when my oldest has an anaphylactic allergy to them. in the same way it would be stupid to ignore known triggers for my aspie girl and not provide her with opportunities to help her help herself (or self-medicate).

    finding the balance as a parent is crucial and hard. ignoring that your child has something that needs to be addressed is stupid. allowing your child to use that as an excuse is also stupid. sometimes that thing is a reason for _____, but it should not be an excuse.

    Bloom – I met a woman once whose whole family is ADHD, and she said she LOVES it b/c they get so much done and have tons of fun! I swear i’m ADD, undiagnosed 😉

    Ton – teachers didn’t like me much, either, but I was a bit more diplomatic 😉 . I did tell my oldest’s forth grade teacher team that she HATED them and HATED coming to school b/c of them and then stormed out 😉 … I was justified … they were terrible … and the new principal who came in that year broke them up the following year.

    Farm Boy – if no one else had linked that song, I was going to have to. with two daughters and the little girl we keep … that song is lodged in my psyche! I will probably have full dementia and be singing that stupid song in my head!!! 😉


  20. SFC Ton says:

    I don’t think there are any easy answers for legit mental health issues.

    Nope. No easy answers that are practical, merciful and persevere human dignity so The Ton tends to default to the practical.

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  21. Sumo says:

    “The practical” meaning “go fuck yourself, bitch”.

    – translated from Ton-speak

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  22. Cheque d'Out says:

    A major step in treating mental illness in people, women in particular, is to make sure that they understand that they have to make an effort themselves rather than expect the whole word to bend over to enable their fantasies.

    Clearly it would help women if they weren’t raised with so much yugogurlz flimflam that hitting reality aged 30 is a fearsome impact mentally speaking.


  23. Cheque d'Out says:

    And hello Sumo


  24. Cheque d'Out says:

    I’d translate my ‘practical’ to ‘not my problem’ and so refuse their invite to come live on their personal Planet Crazy.

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  25. Spawny Get says:

    People doing their actual best are likely to get a softer response. Your Glorious Patriarch is much more kindly disposed to such people.

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  26. I should have said pre-school, instead of kindergarten. Anyway, since she referred all 4 boys, and none of the 8 girls in her class, a couple of us parents spoke to the woman running the program (it was church-based) and relayed OUR concerns. The “teacher” didn’t return the next year.


  27. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    i think this is one of the main reasons, for the higher rate of suicide amongst men these days. working for years to do the right thing for your wife and kids. inly to be treated like everything you do is wrong.

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  28. Farm Boy says:

    Over the weekend, one of your comrades, Emma Gonzalez, admitted to “ostracizing” the Parkland shooter. As early as middle school. In an event where you, her, and all your other weepy, whining cohorts marched against the Second Amendment rights of Americans who had nothing to do with the events in Parkland. Not only did Emma admit to ostracizing the shooter, she wasn’t sorry for it. An interesting development considering how the young man “turned out.”

    Meanwhile, all of you students-turned-activists are blaming the NRA, legal gun-owners, and in some cases Marco Rubio for what happened in Parkland.

    Do you see where I’m going with this?

    Lemme break it down for you:

    If you’ve admitted, as Emma has, that you ostracized the shooter as early as middle school, you’ve admitted a person, not the tool used, is responsible for the shooting. Specifically a person you made to feel excluded


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  29. Farm Boy says:

    “I didn’t think it was a big deal to elect a woman president. I didn’t really think it mattered that she was a woman — I just thought she was the best person for the job. And then not only that she lost and that she lost to a misogynist who seemed to be against all the rules of what we were taught that America was going to behave, but just how repressed people reacted to her throughout the campaign. I was like ‘Wow, we are still using an outdated model for how we think about leadership and how we think about women in the workplace.’ The exciting thing about that is that now we can imagine a new world.”



  30. Farm Boy says:

    When last we saw Hillary Clinton, she was blaming women across America for being subservient to their husbands and voting for Donald Trump.

    Oh, and falling down some stairs in India — twice. And breaking her wrist (she’s now wearing a cast on her right arm after “slipping in the bathtub”).

    But Hillary’s back in the states now and, as it turns out, her value has plummeted.

    The 2016 loser used to charge $250,000 for speaking engagements, back when people thought the former Secretary of State might be sweeping into the White House. That fee dropped 90% this week when she spoke at Rutgers University for just $25,000 (and we know “just” is a relative term).



  31. Farm Boy says:

    As a quasi defense of the tweet apparently worth defending, the blog claimed that “statistically” speaking “at least 2 Disney princesses have had abortions.”

    Statistically, at least 2 Disney princesses have had abortions https://t.co/FcmHx4B37I pic.twitter.com/OQohwUkctW

    — Jezebel (@Jezebel) March 29, 2018

    After listing a number of Disney princesses, the blog adds, “statistically around two and a half of these strong women have gotten abortions and aren’t telling you about it because of a national culture of shame and misogyny!!!”



  32. Farm Boy says:

    Speaking on Wednesday on MSNBC, actress Sandra Bernhard, who was featured on “Roseanne,” said that white women who voted for Donald Trump felt “inadequate,” and “compromised” by getting married.



  33. Yoda says:

    If princesses they are,
    Sluts they are supposed to be not


  34. I just thought she was the best person for the job.

    And then court upheld the mental inquest order and placed in her protective custody in the psychiatric at the state hospital….


  35. Farm Boy says:

    Clinton reportedly received $25,000 for a Thursday speech at historic Rutgers University that promised the skinny on “politics, American democracy and her role in shaping women’s political history,” but Snooki, of “Jersey Shore” fame picked up a $32,000 pay check for her analysis of American academia, suggesting that potential graduates “study hard, but party harder.”



  36. If Rutgers has any money left, I will eat a fried bologna sandwich on stage while discussing the maintenance of early 1970’s Honda twin cylinder engines, and for only $35K. My closing remarks will feature a moon pie and a cold RC Cola, if that helps to seal the deal.

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  37. SFC Ton says:

    Depends on the crazy. Reglaur old crazy bitch crazy? Fuck off bitch

    The crazy lady living in my village, screaming at demons no one can see and fielding phone calls from dead presidents…. well confining her is brutal but has to be more merciful then allowing her to be homeless, freezing, starving, being rained on etc etc

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  38. molly says:

    Yeah Bloom the world needs freaky deaks like us!
    Go freaks! Beat up on PPPs! Smash ’em! Pow! Sock!
    I am hyper-energetic, eh.


  39. molly says:

    … A-A-A-N-D I am way more pretty than the PPPs. They hate me. They can’t help it and I can’t help it. (sob) That’s them crying not me. They beat up on pretty Thai women. When they got fresh with me my big cuzzies taught me some moves and I gave the PPP the biffo! LOL


  40. Ain’t two balls to share between the four “male” characters on BBT. Bitches be tripping indeed.

    Women college professors = Submarine screen doors

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  41. Yoda says:

    Women college professors = Submarine screen doors

    Air lock screen doors for me it would be


  42. Farm Boy says:

    During a paid speech at Rutgers University, Clinton was asked by the moderator to respond to the critics who wanted her to “get off the public stage and shut up.”

    “They never said that to any man who wasn’t elected,” she said, as the audience applauded. She accused the media of leading the charge of asking that question, pointing out that it was sexist. She pointed out that Al Gore continued talking about climate change after he lost the election and John Kerry became Secretary of State and John McCain returned to the Senate after he lost to Obama.



  43. Yoda says:

    Apparently all men evil they are

    Two professors have written a new book warning of a trend they call “toxic geek masculinity,” which they see evidenced in television shows such as “The Big Bang Theory.”

    According to the book, popular culture is undergoing a “cultural shift” whereby “geek masculinity has become part of hegemonic, white, male masculinity.”



  44. Yoda says:

    According to Christina Hoff Sommers’ recent interview with Tucker Carlson on the final installment of his program’s “Men in America” series, Sommers notes that the economist Larry Summers has projected that by mid-century, one-third of American men will be unemployed or “disengaged” from the workforce.



  45. Yoda says:

    On March 24, the two agencies released a four-page brochure. It was entitled “Information for Those who Are Married to Children.” Yes, you read that right. Its cover featured a cheery drawing of a very dark-skinned girl in hijab and a somewhat dark-skinned boy and girl in more Western-looking garb. The style of illustration was recognizable from a thousand children’s books. But this wasn’t a children’s book. It was a brochure for adults living in Sweden whose “spouses” are minors.



  46. SFC Ton says:

    I’ve seen two episodes of that show because The Girls have the host for the hot nerdy blonde chick. The dudes on that show are such pussies even their balls are made of pussy but I love seeing these extreme anti White Guy messages getting coverage.

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  47. http://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-cheers-for-the-meat-eating-hero-who-took-on-privileged-vegan-bullies

    Skinned and filetted a venison leg in front of the protest then returned to eat the steak in front of them. Now its booked up for weeks!

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  48. Farm Boy says:

    I don’t have any sort of attachment to him, but he’s a comforting presence. I can focus on my pleasure and I don’t feel like “Ugh, god, I’ll have to spin around on his dick in return.”

    Since I’ve been seeing him I’ve been calmer and I feel much less urgency with men. I don’t want to go out and have sex with a different guy every other night. It’s making me a little more selective. And I don’t have any of that sex anxiety like, “Ugh, do I have to sleep over?” Or, “Oh no, will he still be here in the morning?” . . .

    I think for me the main appeal is that excitement that you’re going to be with someone for one hour who has no other purpose other than to please you. There’s nothing reciprocal. There are almost no other instances in your life where that holds true. You don’t have to smile. You don’t have to make anyone else feel good. There are few good things that happen to you in life that are quite so selfish.



  49. Farm Boy says:

    Demitry Peskov, a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, publicly referred to the many alleged victims of Harvey Weinstein’s reported sexual harassment as “prostitutes.”

    Speaking to students at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Peskov said that Weinstein’s accusers should have come forward with their #MeToo stories earlier and are only doing so for money.

    “You know, this reminds of the Hollywood stars, who became stars, who did a lot that is not compatible with our notions of honor and dignity,” Peskov said, according to reports from Radio Free Europe and Newsweek. “But they did this in order to become stars.”


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  50. Farm Boy says:

    On the commandment to “honor (obey) your mother and father,” Republicans (92 percent) proved much more likely to uphold this principle than Democrats (79 percent), with independents in the middle (88 percent). This trend held true for each of the other six commandments.

    On the commandment against adultery, independents (89 percent) actually proved more committed than Republicans (88 percent), leaving Democrats in the dust (78 percent).

    More Republicans (86 percent) than independents (79 percent) or Democrats (74 percent) said the Tenth Commandment, “You shall not covet (desire) other people’s possessions,” was a good principle by which to live.

    In each of these three cases, Republicans are at least ten percent more likely than Democrats to uphold the moral principles of the Ten Commandments.



  51. Ame says:

    btw … is anyone else excited that with the coming of summer in a few months, Liz will be able to return?! 🙂

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  52. Yoda says:

    When return Liz will?


  53. SFC Ton says:

    Liz? Liz who?….. 😉


  54. Yoda says:

    The reports allege that actresses Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack joined a secretive New York-based multi-level marketing cult — dubbed a “sex cult” — known as NXIVM (pronounced Nexium), led by a man named Keith Raniere, who allegedly tasked the two women with finding female sex slaves.



  55. SFC Ton says:

    Who doesn’t have female sex slaves out looking for more sex slaves?


  56. Yoda says:

    found that testosterone levels are associated with how diverse and homogeneous business teams perform, in opposite ways. Among diverse groups, high testosterone correlates with poor performance and low testosterone correlates with high performance. In homogeneous groups, the effect is reversed such that homogeneous groups with high average testosterone per member perform better than homogeneous groups with low testosterone.



  57. Yoda says:

    Vulnerable sick” women who love guys like Cruz are the left’s wet dream because they are easy to control and manipulate, men and women who wish to protect themselves are the left’s biggest nightmare. It’s no wonder they lash out at innocent women like Dana Loesch and overlook women who encourage murderers with love letters and devotion



  58. JDG says:

    Farm Boy says:
    30 March, 2018 at 10:21 pm

    How do I remove that picture from my mind? You could have at least warned me to close my eyes until I scrolled passed.


  59. Yoda says:

    Cure for JDG this would be

    Gratuitous image this is

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  60. Ame says:

    If I remember correctly, this was a two year deal that began summer before last. So I’m guessing that it will end sometime this summer?

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  61. earl says:

    ‘The reports allege that actresses Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack joined a secretive New York-based multi-level marketing cult — dubbed a “sex cult” — known as NXIVM (pronounced Nexium), led by a man named Keith Raniere, who allegedly tasked the two women with finding female sex slaves.’

    I believe they call that ‘thirty pieces of silver’, women.


  62. earl says:

    ‘ Two professors have written a new book warning of a trend they call “toxic geek masculinity,” which they see evidenced in television shows such as “The Big Bang Theory.”

    According to the book, popular culture is undergoing a “cultural shift” whereby “geek masculinity has become part of hegemonic, white, male masculinity.”

    They act effeminate and are controlled by their flesh…there’s your ‘toxic masculinity’. Has nothing to do with their biology, skin pigment, or the fact they like women.


  63. Ame says:

    we’re trying a new herbal supplement to help my aspie-girl in one of her greatest areas of challenge. first day it worked great. we’ll see. everything else we’ve tried over the years that worked, her body has adjusted to, and it stops working for her. it always takes months to try something new and see if works for the long-term. it would really be nice. she was sooo excited that it even worked one time!

    I don’t get my hopes up too much anymore. I can’t even begin to list or count the number of things – supplement, otc, script, lifestyle-changes, diet changes, routines, etc, that we’ve tried and moved on from over the years because they didn’t work.

    but … we’re always moving forward, researching, seeking out ways to improve and help her, and even if it’s just the teeniest tiniest baby steps, we’re moving forward. and that’s what counts. it has to, or we’ll get really discouraged.

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  64. Yoda says:

    For JDG

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  65. Yoda says:

    Looks like Liz disappeared on June 15 she did

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  66. Cheque d'Out says:

    Labour party currently ripping itself apart over antisemitism. Jezza Corbyn ‘liked’ a mural involving unfortunate elements but claimed not to have noticed them at the time. New meme is born


  67. Cheque d'Out says:

    Sargon addresses that meme


  68. SFC Ton says:

    So master Yoda, high testosterone men favor their own kind. Low testosterone men are like women and favor the out group.

    Did that really take research to prove?

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  69. SFC Ton says:

    her body has adjusted to, and it stops working for her. it always takes months to try something new and see if works for the long-term.

    Same with my niece. Even told thts age related but don’t know for sure

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  70. Yoda says:

    For JDG this is

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  71. Kristin Kreuk looked delicious during her Smallville days.

    But at 30-something she’s already hit the wall. Where’s that hybrid vigor we’re always being instructed to admire?


  72. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    so let me get this straight. women should be free to be who they are. but men aren’t free to do the same?

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  73. Yoda says:

    Yes, true this is


  74. That Chicago-Mayberry meme needs to be a T-shirt they give away with NRA memberships. It’s also proof that leftists don’t give a shit about anything but power, so there is NO POINT in talking to them, debating in good faith. Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, D.C., etc…; all are proof of what happens when leftists get their way, and they are all shit-holes.

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  75. Farm Boy says:

    The greater problem is that left projects their confusion about what little boys and girls are made of onto society at large and has made it their project to eliminate men. What they’re doing instead is creating the thing they see everywhere, and which didn’t exist without them: toxic masculinity.



  76. Farm Boy says:

    This is by the way of being an idiocy on a par with the academic whom I heard state that biological gender didn’t exist. (And before you get lost in the weeds of gender isn’t sex, yeah, because arguing over words has got us so far. Also in English, there are two genders that apply to human beings, period. So stow it.) It might make some sense to say that psychological gender/sex doesn’t exist, that the amazing variety of gender behavior we see is all the result of gender conditioning and social. Not that it makes sense per se and even the left obviously can’t square that circle. But, by definition, you can lie with impunity about things that are inside people’s heads and invisible. It’s much, much harder to deny the biology. Biologically there are males and females, which for our species (but not all of them) are XY and XX. Yes, sure there are intersex individuals, but claiming that because of a birth defect there is no biological sex/gender, is the same as arguing that because some kids are born without hands, it’s not normal for humans to have hands. Defects don’t deny the matrix.

    Why do I say even the left doesn’t believe it? Because if the left believed that males and females are exactly alike, they would be horrified and offended by transgenders. After all, why would you go through all the trouble of changing your body shape if it would be enough to behave however you wanted to? How could your brain be a different sex from your body if all brains were alike?

    So the left and their sex/gender/what little girls are made of project is crazier than usual.



  77. Farm Boy says:

    Girls who are properly brought up learn to curb their manipulative tendencies and not to use them to get people at each other’s throats, or to get away with not doing what they should do. Instead, they use those abilities to smooth the waters, to make peace, to encourage team bonding, to help those who are lost.

    We are dealing with a lot of badly brought up children, most of them on the left. Which again would be okay, except the women who are in charge of most things now (even tech has HR departments) have decided that the female – the uncurbed female – mode of behavior is sane and balanced, and the – curbed – form of behavior is evil and scary.



  78. Farm Boy says:

    Perhaps Horseman could comment on this

    [The smile so similar it is]


  79. His “father” in wikipedia. Picture in link.

    Lalalala I’m not listening…..


  80. Maybe we can get Justin a pony.

    [Seems oddly appropriate this does]

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  81. Cheque d'Out says:

    Cracking joke delivered in the first 20 seconds.


  82. Ame says:

    age related? howso? I haven’t heard that one before. curious mom here.


  83. Cheque d'Out says:

    The reality of eating tide-pods and the like


  84. Farm Boy says:

    It would seem that Tide pod control might be more productive than gun control

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  85. Farm Boy says:

    An 18-year-old French girl escaped the captivity of her illegal migrant boyfriend using a knotted bed sheet to climb down from a ninth-floor apartment balcony after he had held her prisoner and tortured her.



  86. Farm Boy says:

    On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway responded to former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s argument that unsuccessful male presidential candidates haven’t been told to leave the public eye by stating that the other candidates were “much more gracious” and Clinton only wants to talk about herself



  87. Farm Boy says:

    My penance

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  88. Yoda says:

    Perhaps in self-defense it would be

    “I think the truth that it illustrated is working-class white people may claim to be against identity politics, but they actually crave identity politics. They want to be a part of it. They want to be seen and witnessed the way women and people of color are demanding representation.


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  89. Yoda says:

    Roughly 100 Google employees in the U.S. are coalescing in order to propose new workplace policies because they have become so unsettled with internal bullying, Reuters reported Friday.



  90. Yoda says:

    The hubris of these educators who think they know better than nature is astounding. Even if gender was a social construct, who decided that screaming “No!” at the top of your lungs was an acceptable behavior? Who put Tommy in the kitchen? In service of wiping out a construct that doesn’t exist, Swedish educators are creating one that does. One that could just as easily be created here, if feminists had their way.

    The more you try to build a society on a lie, the more the people in charge have to force its members to comply. Sweden should act as a wake-up call to us. We know what truths our society was built on — they are self-evident. Let’s not live a lie.



  91. Cheque d'Out says:

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  92. Farm Boy says:

    I am Catholic. This Pope is the worst Pope of the Modern Era. Hopefully he will see the light and resign.

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  93. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    fuck him! his cult can’t even deal with stopping pervs from raping young boys!


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  94. “Is the Pope Catholic?” is now an open question, and no longer an absolute.

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  95. Farm Boy says:

    The US drags the world forward. The Pope wants to drag it back. Ideally everybody would be in misery, except for the “rent seekers” from this view

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  96. Cheque d'Out says:

    Well…this is awkward


  97. SFC Ton says:

    I have been told the younger the person the quicker their body chemistry adjusts to the meds, making whatever positive effect short lived.

    So a drug that will work for years on a 35 year old will have a shorter working life span on a 9 year old.

    I was told that was part of the reason they kept my very troubled niece off meds for as long as possible

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  98. […] Cheque d'Out on Letting It Go […]


  99. Farm Boy says:

    Humans, in this view, are the only species on Earth largely unaffected by recent (or ancient) evolution, the only species where, for example, the natural division of labor between male and female has no salience at all, the only species, in fact, where natural variations are almost entirely social constructions, subject to reinvention. We are, in this worldview, alone on the planet, born as blank slates, to be written on solely by culture. All differences between men and women are a function of this social effect; as are all differences between the races. If, in the aggregate, any differences in outcome between groups emerge, it is entirely because of oppression, patriarchy, white supremacy, etc. And it is a matter of great urgency that we use whatever power we have to combat these inequalities.

    Reich simply points out that this utopian fiction is in danger of collapse because it is not true and because genetic research is increasingly proving it untrue.



  100. earl says:

    ‘fuck him! his cult can’t even deal with stopping pervs from raping young boys!’

    I hope you have the same ire for Hollywood which is a million times worse in that regard.

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  101. SFC Ton says:

    More then not stopping the child rapists the RCC covered for the child rapists and moved them around so they could rape more children


  102. earl says:

    ‘I am Catholic. This Pope is the worst Pope of the Modern Era. Hopefully he will see the light and resign.’

    I hope he sees the light and quits talking to an atheist reporter who seems to distort what was actually said in the interview any chance he gets.

    “Is the Pope Catholic?” is now an open question, and no longer an absolute.’

    Is the Pope atheist? Then things like denying hell and one world governments make sense. However the reporter is atheist so I at the very least I could see some bias there.


  103. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    i absolutely do! those fucking hypocrites are the worst.

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  104. earl says:

    Just checking…often the pedo thing is just an excuse for people to hate the Catholic church. Those bishops and priests who covered it up or engaged in it are going to have to answer to God for that for that sin and the damage they caused. Being a clergyman doesn’t save you from going to Hell…look at Judas.

    The stuff I read and hear about in Hollywood…it’s par for the course there for kids. Pretty much anybody that gets into it is going to get butthexed as some sort of initiation tactic.


  105. SFC Ton says:

    No one needs an excuse to be anti Catholic. There are plenty of legit reasons with out making anything up


  106. earl says:

    So how Protestant are you Ton?


  107. Ame says:

    thank you, Ton. that makes perfect sense.

    very very sorry to know about your niece. it’s so hard. (((hugs))) to her parents. I know they’re weary and often frustrated and always searching for answers and hope. let them know one someone out here in the world understands 🙂


  108. Farm Boy says:

    Isa Herrera wants to help New York women find their inner “goddess-ness.”

    “I am the secret to a better sex life,” said the 55-year-old.

    Herrera is a pelvic therapist — a physical therapist who works to fix overactive and underactive pelvic floors via internal vaginal massages



  109. So what happens to the pelvic therapist when the patient changes their mind that thery didn’t enjoy it?


  110. Herrera — whose calendar is booked through April — blames the growing popularity on urban life. “People in New York, their vaginas are too tight,” she said. “Everyone is so stressed out in this town.”

    Yeah thats it, stress. Vaginas too tight because of stress…in NYC.
    Couldn’t be because the Past Expiry Date SIW haven’t been laid in six years?

    And check out the gleeful smile on the therapist, tell me she isnt enjoying it


  111. Yoda says:

    For Horseman this is

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  112. Yoda says:

    For those of us who still pin our hopes on the American civil rights tradition, this book is a disturbing call to account. Melnick unravels the convoluted process by which Title IX became a barrage of mandates detached from any constitutional or statutory roots and oblivious to the law’s goal of increasing educational opportunity for women and girls. His smart and compelling critique suggests a way forward: follow the Administrative Procedure Act and keep your eyes on the prize.–Deborah Stone, Distinguished Visiting Professor, Brandeis University.



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