Looking For Mr. Good-Tingle

Regular commenter Earl posted a link to this site.  If you have not, please go and check it out.  A young lady laments about her experiences with men.  More specifically, she rails against the bullshit that they can dispense.  Here are her words,

And the worst part is, you know he’s full of it. The problem is their bullshit convinces you that it is not bullshit this time and then *insert narrator* “He was in fact, full of shit”.

After one to many “ok yolo” moment’s gone wrong, I feel like I can confidently give my two cents on the subject of boys and their BS. (Disclaimer: this of course does not apply to all dudes and gals. just my poor unfortunate soul and some other girls who might be under the same curse as me. enjoy.)

So, if you are anything like me (A.K.A: a strong, independent woman who don’t need a man and can buy her own drinks and has no time for games), you’ll understand the frustration that comes upon you when you do in fact- fall for some bullshit.

The worst is when you’re laying in bed at 12:41 a.m. doing some deep af soul searching and remember all of the bullshit you have sustained yourself too. It is socringe-worthy.

Like, girl why did you do that? The signs were there! First of all, he was your type, so that should have been the signal to abort mission. It was all the same song and dance. You knew the damn drill! Yet…you fell hard for the bullshit.

So she likes the guys who can charm her.  She even admits that she falls hard for guys that do this and then dump her.  But she does it anyway.  Perhaps she really does like it, but realizes that these charmers will never be marriage material.  And yes, marriage is always in the back of the mind of women, even strong independent types.

She goes on,

Per usual, I have done some reflecting and realized a theme that has occurred with all of the dudes that have slide in throughout the years. The philosophical theory I have come up with, as to what makes them all alike is that- they were full of shit.

Should us girls sit around and cry because we must be cursed for having an attraction only Rico Suave’s who speak bullshit? Or should we woman-up and take responsibility for eating it all up?

Well, yes perhaps you should.  Men have to take responsibility for their lives; why not women?

It’s entertaining to them, but girls are over here getting their hopes up and obsessing with this idea of him when that’s not the reality of what his intentions actually are.

They get the tingles and want an LTR.  She admits that this happens time and time again to her and her friends; yet they never seem to learn.  Perhaps it is just too much fun trying to catch the current tinglator.  Other approaches to snagging men just don’t seem to have the same of amount of near-term payoff.  I wonder if has ever occurred to women to searchmore for men that might actually be marriage minded.

Both you and I know that woman are capable of going all in for guys because we do it all of the time. As women we are extra, we overthink, and we like to talk about how we literally can’t with life. But mostly, as women we go ALL IN with our hearts and in love.

I suppose so.  Perhaps another explanation is that these fellas make them tingle so much that they lose control.  Maybe they should consider whether men who make them tingle typically are good long term bets.

It is pretty depressing as a woman because all this BS from guys almost drives us to try and compete with other women. Well, that will not get us nowhere. So my advice is don’t.

Get out of these bullshit cycles, if you’re tired of the same patterns with guys, like I am. Focus on the real pieces and dig through the lies as best as you can.

A boy will sing you the sonnets you want to hear. He will string you along with words and false love, but he will run away when he has to put actions behind them. Once he gets you, he will go- because it’s a game.

Perhaps this is good advice.  However, they probably are not attracted to guys who don’t operate in the manner that they say that they dislike(i.e. the bullshitter men).

Here is the big question — if  a woman comes across a man who is attractive and does not play the bullshit games as per her description, he will probably have lots of choices with respect to women.  How might he choose for a LTR?  It depends on what they bring to the table.  Lots of modern young women are more or less the same, with their most significant attribute being their youth and beauty, with few other desirable attributes.

Their move.

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  1. SFC Ton says:

    Wonder how many of them dudes were full of shit vs not being as perfect as she thought or unwilling to put up with her bullshit?

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  2. Farm Boy says:

    Good question Ton.

    Taking her at face value or not, she needs to adjust her game. What she is doing is not working by her own admission

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  3. SFC Ton says:

    Most guys aren’t hard core pua or players, we all know that, so my guess is she drives a lot of decent guys away. Which she will never come to terms with

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  4. Farm Boy says:

    She might hang out where players operate. She might go to exotic locales and inbibe In Latin Passion. There might be some truth in what she says


  5. earl says:

    ‘Wonder how many of them dudes were full of shit vs not being as perfect as she thought or unwilling to put up with her bullshit?’

    Caption under one of her photos:

    ‘She loves control, she wants it her way’

    I think that’s your answer.

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  6. Farm Boy says:

    If she wants it her way, she should go here

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  7. Her 2/13/18 post details a five plus year relationship starting when she was 16 that sounds really truly mindf* awful. I hope my girls never experience “love” like that. 😦


  8. earl says:

    ‘I wonder if has ever occurred to women to search more for men that might actually be marriage minded.’

    Shoot if they are into control…they should search for marriage minded men. Marriage 2.0 pretty much gives them all the control.

    Although it should be clear that even though they say they want control…they really don’t. They either get a man or control…but not both.

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  9. SFC Ton says:

    No way to prove it but it’s my theory these girls wreck themselves because there isn’t enough players etc out here in the wild, no matter the location so Yeah Earl, damn well could be it


  10. My college roommate was also very attractive, like this gal, and it is true a different type of guy approached her. They were guys who had lots of confidence but never wanted to commit. Other guys who would have didn’t approach her. So she truly did have this skewed pool of game/player types approaching all the time who knew what to say and do to make it all sound good, but it never was. I had a huge radar for those types and would try to warn her but she would end up spending 2+ years w guys who treated her like crap only to get dumped in the end despite doing anything and everything to try and make it work. Only to get dumped. I realized being super attractive was a blessing and a curse. I was glad those guys didn’t approach me. Not that I am saying she didn’t make her own choices, but I can see how some girls may be targets for cad guys. Which is why gals really need to hear when friends and family try to warn them! Bc they often are blind to it themselves.

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  11. Ame says:


    has no one taught her?

    where are her parents? were they buried in feminism? non-existent? or did she rebel from them?

    is she teachable?

    does she really want the truth?


  12. Ame says:

    and she needs to clean up her language … was beginning to search for bleach to clean that soiled bathroom.

    someone needs to teach her that her choice of words matters, esp in print.


  13. earl says:

    I can’t remember who said it in the sphere…but they made the claim after the relationship is said and done the woman somehow constructs some sort of alternative history of how things really went down to make herself feel better. So it’s all the guy was terrible and she was the poor angelic victim. Sure she might sprinkle in a mistake or two…but the guy was mostly evil incarnate to absolve her of her behavior.

    At least in my experience the controlling types seem to do that.

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  14. earl says:

    ‘ I can see how some girls may be targets for cad guys.’

    Makes me wonder if the women who are the biggest control freaks…makes them the easier targets.


  15. Imagine being a gal who the top 20% of guys would actively approach, want to be seen in public with (vs the one nighters) and how maybe a gal could think that was real vs she was his public piece for show. It actually does happen, and yes it messes w a gals head. Then when normal guys approach, they seem even more akward, insecure, inexperienced bc her radar is uncalibrated. Not to be making excuses and it probably sounds like I am but she was miserable, her relationships were miserable, it was sad. Yes she made her choices but she was also a target in ways “average” girls don’t experience. Thankfully, to be honest.

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  16. Ame says:

    Which is why gals really need to hear when friends and family try to warn them! Bc they often are blind to it themselves.

    what they need is to be taught the truth in a home with two parents who know the truth and are willing to teach it to their kids. they need mothers who honor and respect their fathers, and they need fathers who take and exercise their authority over their wives and children and daughters.

    you take a beautiful young girl, throw her out there and gloat b/c you know your daughter is more beautiful than all the others, but don’t protect her and take the time to teach and train her … then she grows into someone who is frustrated and searching and doesn’t know where to go next or what to do.

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  17. Very true Ame. In my roomie’s case she came from a very traditional patriarchal family, Brazillian Portuguese. Catholic, old school. Probably in her case she was raised very cloistered so she was super naive and guys took advantage.

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  18. SFC Ton says:

    I’ve been to Brasilia. Pretty sure all the chicks but maybe 3from there are sluts and Catholic girls being easy ain’t a rumor based on nothing

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  19. earl says:

    Naive is when the first guy does it to her. Preferring it is when she keeps choosing that same guy time and time again.

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  20. Ame says:

    that’s really sad, Bloom.

    i will say that it isn’t easy teaching these things to your daughters, but they are so necessary. i try to make them ‘normal’ so they don’t react to them.

    since she was so beautiful, i’m sure her parents were, too. i wonder if they were protected into marriage and didn’t know how to teach her to manage her beauty in this culture?

    i look back on what my parents did to me, and it’s a miracle i didn’t slut up the world. they just threw me out there with no boundaries and no protection of any kind – they never met my dates, i never had a curfew, etc. and they gloated about boys being interested in me and passive-aggressively scolded me for being distant with boys, telling me that i intimidated them. it wasn’t intentional if it was so; i was more introverted and quiet and actually very insecure. but, for them, it was as if me being attractive to boys boosted their self-worth. as crazy as that sounds, as a mom i’ve seen it in parents over and over again. it’s truly by the grace of God i made it out of that home as unscathed as i did.

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  21. Ame says:

    i didn’t grow up catholic, but all the girls who got pregnant in high school went to my church.

    ain’t nobody teaching young kids the real facts and truths of life. parents send their kids to church thinking that’s enough, and church . . . not even going there.

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  22. Yes Ame I think her parents were completely unable to prepare her for college American culture bc they never had experienced anything like it. They married her off at 18 to the wealthiest man in town’s son thinking that would protect her but the son was spoiled and always randomly quitting his job and was also quite effeminate. She divorced him at 22, no kids, enrolled in school, and was on her own. She always desired a family but serial monogamy dated a string of cad types for several years each until she met her current husband, a player type wanting to “retire” at 38. They were unable to have kids. I have lost track of her since as she pulled away when I had kids and she could not, but from the facebook photos they look happy and do a lot of travel.


  23. @ Earl true that she did not seem to learn from the choices…

    @Ton w time she did become quite, ahem, unchaste and I would lecture her to slow down, don’t go all in first night. She would use her incredible figure and such trying to “hook” a guy but instead she seemed to get put in the “for now but not forever” basket. I had not seen her for years about the time of my divorce. By then she was almost like a sex addict, predatory almost. I really worried for her. She slept w her husband first night too, but it didn’t phase him. They married wi a year. He was a player but also oddly effeminate, so I wondered… I hope they are happy, I was not so sure at her wedding, it seemed somewhat fake, forced, but I hope they are happy.

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  24. Many of the guys she dated truly were top 20%ers, rich, good looking, great jobs, GQ model types. Her husband was not bad looking but not GQ, not rich, average job (less $ than her).


  25. earl says:

    ‘He was a player but also oddly effeminate, so I wondered…’

    Players are often effeminate.

    It really shouldn’t surprise people anymore that the predatory females are actively seeking the weaker men (goes back to control again). And a player having lots of sex isn’t necessarily a strong man.

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  26. Hyperborian XRP says:

    What are we looking at here? Average California girl who obsesses over herself by posting Instagram photos and writing about bad experiences with guys, but there is one factor that remains the same in each circumstance. It’s her.

    Sorta seems to be a bit deluded about her independence and interactions with guys. Give her a few years and maybe she’ll be humbled a bit.

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  27. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Leah LaRosa pretty much typifies the American feminine ideal. There is no way a good man is going to fix her. Best to stay out of her way and avoid her.
    I was told recently that I wouldn’t like seeing into the hearts of women. It turned out to be true.

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  28. Love says:

    Lol yes Brazil does have a much more sexualized culture.


  29. RichardP says:

    From the link that Bloom posted – she has a twin brother that she seems to like. And she posted the following under one picture on Page 3:

    “I’ve been doing so much thinking this week about my younger self and what women struggle with in general. Let’s stop teaching young girls how “ladies” should act. What does being a lady even mean? Instead, let’s teach both girls and boys to be whoever they want to be. To speak their mind, to fight back and to break the rules society has set for decades. Girls don’t be a lady, just be you. Be strong and tough.” (And guys, just be yourself – full of shit and stuff; be the kind of guy she is complaining of in her post. Yeah, that’s the solution. Not)

    Says she in that quote “I don’t know what being a “lady” means, but we should stop teaching young girls to be that.” Why does she not know what being a lady means? Suggests she had no role models. Seems nobody taught her that she would need to be one of those – more or less – to attract the kind of guy who would not be full of bullshit. But then there is the issue of whether she would be attracted to a guy who would be attracted to a lady. Anyway, she doesn’t know what being a “lady” is, but she is sure that we shouldn’t teach young girls to be that.

    She has problems that she is not aware of.

    She doesn’t know, and doesn’t know that she doesn’t know. The worst position to be in.

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  30. Cheque d'Out says:

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  31. earl says:

    ‘There is no way a good man is going to fix her. Best to stay out of her way and avoid her.
    I was told recently that I wouldn’t like seeing into the hearts of women. It turned out to be true.’

    It’s important to start viewing what they present to the world…what they are saying and their actions.

    There’s no doubt most men would find her physically attractive…however her heart would make most discerning men think ‘uh oh’. The only men who wouldn’t care are the ones who just look at superficial aspects…so I wonder if she’s just looking at men superficially too. She only goes for the tingle of hawt guys yet keeps getting burned because she can’t discern their hearts at all.

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  32. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I don’t know what she is doing and I doubt that she does too. Still, she is feeding her narcissistic supply. This whole post is depressing. It brought home that there is a lot wrong with American women and men are powerless is the face of it. We can’t fix it.

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  33. earl says:

    Fuzzie brings up another good point…good men not being able to ‘fix’ her. I think outside of conversion to the Lord…it would be impossible for say a Steady Eddie to fix her if she’s adament on staying on that path. It’s the same thing when women think they can ‘fix’ a cad or player (and it seems they think promiscous sex would do it…never by good chaste behavior).

    That’s the sad part about today…there’s a lot of talented people wasting it on going on the worldy feminist path and they don’t even realize it.

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  34. Agreed, I also got the sense she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know yet. She’s got a darling figure and she puts it out there proudly, and I am sure she works hard on it, but the “marketing” and “packaging” basically double dog dare the cad while the marrying man type would likely admire from afar but sense danger. The cads are thinking, “hit it and forget it” so they aren’t seeking g longer-term wifely traits or modest women. She speaks highly of her mom and dad, that’s good. But in some pics she’s got “the stare.” She’s got the fun time party girl thing down, not realizing that doesn’t lead most guys to think, “wifey!”
    [SG fixed this]

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  35. Cad not car! 🙂


  36. earl says:

    From one of her posts she does sense regret…she liked her personality (at 13 I think) before getting into that lifestyle.

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  37. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It just dawned on me how gynocentric we are in looking at this. Not a word has been said about all the damage she has done to the decent men she has come in contact with. They had to come away from her thinking all women are as damaged as she is.

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  38. […] recent post at another blog got me thinking about how so many young women today who say they want marriage and family may not […]


  39. copperfox3c says:

    Met so many girls like this here in Chicago the last few years. And during pillow talk time, I have heard some crazy ass stories about when they were in high school and college years. Sneaking out, lying to their parents, bizarre “relationship” stories.

    The girls are hot, but I swear to god I think they are all permanently damaged by the time they are 25. They’ve had these intense experiences that are difficult to replicate. Many of them seem to turn into alcoholics and just live a vapid sex-in-the-city lifestyle.

    If you’ve ever visited SoSuave, and read Desdinova’s “High Score Theory” … I think it explains a lot about these kinds of girls.

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  40. Cheque d'Out says:


  41. Farm Boy says:

    Jaye, documentary filmmaker of The Red Pill, offered her comments on Tuesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with co-hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.

    Describing “public opinion” as succumbing to a “mob mentality” in pursuit of prominent men accused of sexual assault or varying misconduct, Jaye warned against premature judgment.

    “Without due process, we cannot take sides, but that is what’s happening, mainly driven by the mainstream media that is calling for public stoning of these people without due process taking place,” said Jaye. “I think we need to recognize that the falsely accused are victims, too.”


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  42. Farm Boy says:

    Marvel Studios’ upcoming blockbuster Black Panther has been criticized for its lack of LGBT representation, and the particular exclusion of a lesbian scene featured in the comic book on which the superhero film is based.


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  43. Farm Boy says:

    Tucker Carlson said Thursday on Fox News that psychiatric drugs, social alienation, the destruction of the nuclear family and the war on men are far more relevant topics to discuss than gun control if our goal is to stop mass shootings.


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  44. earl says:

    ‘Not a word has been said about all the damage she has done to the decent men she has come in contact with. They had to come away from her thinking all women are as damaged as she is.’

    We don’t know if they were decent. They could have been as damaged as she was if they were only into superficial aspects. While I don’t think all men are evil like feminists…I also don’t think they are all virtuous either.

    That said…if they were, then yes that could really mess up a decent guy.

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  45. Farm Boy says:

    Girls don’t be a lady, just be you

    I suppose that one can do this. But the typical question is who is going to pay for it?

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  46. earl says:

    Let’s play the game of flip the sexes on the statement.

    Boys don’t be a man, just be you.

    Sounds ridicuolus doesn’t it.

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  47. earl says:

    I think the sphere has constantly claimed the advice of ‘just be yourself’ was terrible for men. Well terrible for men who think being themselves is emasculated.

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  48. Cill says:

    “The philosophical theory I have come up with, as to what makes them all alike is that- they were full of shit.”

    I wouldn’t class that as a very deep philosophy right there. That mind is rather shallow, I believe. Stream of consciousness does not sit well on a shallow brain. That brain is (IMHO) sheer veneer.


  49. earl says:

    She is woman in her early 20s. I wouldn’t expect her to have much of a concept on life.

    Problem is at that age…we all think we know everything. The older I get, the less I know.

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  50. earl says:

    The answers won’t surprise you.

    ‘What is the root cause of multiple-victim public shootings?’


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  51. OKRickety says:

    Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Did she damage the guys, or did they damage her? From her story, it seems it would be the latter. Overall, I think there’s plenty of reason to blame everyone to some degree.

    I find her fairly attractive (although she does have my peeve of dark eyebrows with light blonde hair), but there are more red flags than you’d find in a year of NASCAR racing. The biggest problem is that she thinks they don’t amount to much (reminds me a little of my ex-wife but I was too ignorant to see them or pay enough attention).

    Hopefully, she won’t get married to some decent guy and screw up his life and that of any children. Not that I hope she gets screwed over further, but I don’t hold much hope that she wants to or is willing to recognize her issues and improve.

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  52. Farm Boy says:

    Boys don’t be a man, just be you.

    Play video games in your parent’s basement until they die.

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  53. Cill says:

    “She is woman in her early 20s.”

    Okay. I remember how daft I was in my early 20s. I still am as daft as a headless chook.


  54. Cill says:

    OKRickety 7:33 pm

    She reminds me of women in my own past as well. I began reading her blog and all the warning bells under the sun started ringing in my head.

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  55. earl says:

    Funny how as you get older and you’ve been through it you see the warning bells a little easier and clearer.

    My last one taught me how determental it is for a woman who thinks she needs the ‘control’. I think that might be their biggest source of unhappiness and discontent.


  56. earl says:

    ‘Not that I hope she gets screwed over further, but I don’t hold much hope that she wants to or is willing to recognize her issues and improve.’

    If what she says about her 13 year old self is true…I think she at least has some regret she isn’t like that anymore.

    Placing all the blame on the abusive guy though isn’t going to improve the situation or help with her issues. Your sins don’t get forgiven by pointing out others.

    I’d tell her to seek repentence and God’s mercy…and understand the important lesson from that relationship. Just because a guy seduces you in the tingly charming way doesn’t mean it’s a good decision for you to choose him.

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  57. RichardP says:

    @earl: “how determental it is for a woman who thinks she needs the ‘control.”

    To carry on the theme started at Bloom’s – consider the Proverbs 31 wife. Based on what is written there, she has a significant amount of control. Desire for control is natural (although different personalities desire different levels of control). Part of husband “ruling over her” properly would be to acknowledge this natural desire and give her / allow her to develop something of her own to control. A wife’s desire for control need not torpedo a relationship if the guy manages it properly. For those who don’t know the image that Proverbs 31 creates, it would be useful to read it. Just Google “Proverbs 31” (quotes included).

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  58. earl says:

    I suppose my statement of control was vague.

    Control over her husband is the source.


  59. Ame says:

    off topic … but maybe not?

    just picked up the little girl we keep from school – she’s in 4th grade (9-10 year olds). she said, “Our class won second prize for the Kindness Award, and we get a prize! When they announced it, we looked at each other and said, ‘What did we win an award for?'” None of the kids knew why they won the Kindness Award. then she said, “I don’t know why we won it, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t participate.” she is naturally kindhearted, so i’m sure she is kind at school, but she didn’t do anything special or different or knowingly different.

    so this whole class gets an award for something they knew nothing about and don’t know what they did to ‘earn’ it, but, of course, 4th graders are glad to get a prize! and i’m sure a notification will go out in the school newsletter and the district newsletter.

    and they have taught these kids . . . responsibility? reward for achievement? pride in accomplishment? nope.

    another public school fail.

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  60. RichardP says:

    @earl: “If what she says about her 13 year old self is true…I think she at least has some regret she isn’t like that anymore.”

    For both boys and girls, the mind is not as developed (therefore perceives less) and the hormones are not as fully in charge at the age of 13 as they are at the age of 22. Guy/girl friendships cannot possibly be at age 19 what they were at age 10 – because hormones change perceptions and expectations. They don’t call it The End of the Innocence for nothing (lyrics only).

    “… she at least has some regret she isn’t like that anymore.”

    The well-known longing for the innocence of childhood that all of us slip into from time to time.

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  61. Ame says:

    Girls don’t be a lady, just be you

    that IS really terrible advice.

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  62. Stephanie says:

    That poor woman…. She is really beautiful, too.

    I think it was probably like y’all said above – the lack of parental involvement.

    When you have a daughter, it’s really scary! I’m asking women right now, including my own mom, and writing down tips from them on how to deal when we get to that age with ours.

    When I was just barely 16, I had a freaking 20 year old – very good looking man in our town VERY interested in me and pursuing me. He was kind of a bad boy type, but I didn’t see it back then because I really was very naive and extremely sheltered and just coming from a Christian private school (like a nunnery lol) to a public school.

    But my mom was right on that – part of that is having a good relationship with your kids so they’ll tell you EVERYTHING. I told her everything I was doing and thinking… so she was like “Heck Nooooooooo!!!!!!” And put a stop to that very quickly and wouldn’t let me go ANYWHERE with that guy. He would call the house a lot and talk to me and soon she put an end to those phone calls too – claiming he was WAY out of my league in that I had no idea how to be with a 20 year old at that age.

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  63. Stephanie says:

    And some men just have magnetism or charisma… and those are probably the “high alpha” types that go after women as “trophy wives.” I was always actually repulsed or afraid of men like that, but then I remember faintly my mom warning me when I was a teen that men like that would cheat on you when you’re pregnant and feel too sick to have sex.

    Men in real life like that are men like Tiger Woods (married to a Swedish model, beautiful family, and yet was cheating on her probably throughout their entire marriage and when she was more than likely pregnant).

    Brett Favre – married to a very beautiful woman (9 I think), caught flirting and sending sexts and pics of his nude self to other random women he’d meet.

    Tom Brady is also one of those kind of men in my opinion. Married to one of the most gorgeous women in the world, Giselle, but probably cheating or will cheat in the future.

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  64. earl says:

    That’s why we need more mothers like that.


  65. Yoda says:

    Much to say today the ape has

    “Remember when progressives squealed like stuck pigs when John McEnroe observed that Serena Williams would be ranked about #700 if she competed against men? They were all, like, wetting their panties, and You Can’t Say Things Like That, because “grrl power”. Well, I was thinking about this grrl power hooey a couple of nights ago when I was watching the pairs figure skating finals. It suddenly occurred to me that you never see the girl hoist the guy over her head with one arm and spin around a bunch of times. If grrl power was *really* a thing, pairs figure skating would be very different: we’d be watching itty-bitty women tossing the men around like sacks of flour, right? Just like the movies where the kick-ass female beats the stuffing out of 3 Special Forces guys at the same time. Let me put it this way: the first time I see a woman figure skater lift her male partner up with one hand and skate around on the ice, I’ll eat a damn bug.”


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  66. earl says:

    Biology and testosterone doesn’t care about their grrl power.


  67. Cill says:

    Nature couldn’t give a fucking toss about feminism.

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  68. Cill says:

    Nor does feminism give a fucking toss about nature.

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  69. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Poisonous Leah LaRosa is.
    Much company she does have.


  70. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Flirting with out and out rebellion Alberta is.


  71. Cill says:

    Gidday Fuzzy,

    I have time on my hands, and due to good luck I have money. There’s an old widow, a nice old biddy. I did some much-needed work for her before she went on an overseas trip. She was worrying about the costs getting out of hand, even though I told her my fee would be one of her famous hogget roasts.

    She went on the overseas trip and I got into the job. The south west corner of her house was sinking in a bog and her soffits and barge boards were cracking. I excavated the muck and set drains on gradual fall down to the public culvert. Sunk foundations and jacked the building to level. I own machines that could do the job but prefer to sweat it myself. A form of pennance for being male and white? No I enjoy hard work.

    When she returned she was full of joy and aghast at the possible cost. I am a bit of a bastard so I let her worry about it for a second or two.

    When after a lot of thought and scratching my chin I told her the cost was my original estimate of zilch she already knew I don’t bullshit. She was delighted.

    To cut it short, she remembered my favourite roast even better than I remembered. There were details there that I had forgotten. I was flummoxed by how much this old lady had observed my likes and dislikes when it comes to hogget roasts. Some women are better than most men at that sort of thing.

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  72. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    She was truly grateful. I am impressed. She knows how to reward a man with food.

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  73. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    The woman you did work for sounds like she is a vanishing example. While your little cousin Molly will take pleasure in cooking for others, this is getting to be rare. You would think more women would be into it. While men are interested in many things, food is consistently near the top. Since I am a bear, I fully understand this.

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  74. Love says:

    Women are very observant. We notice color , decorations, preferences, hair cuts 😉 I think we pay much more attention to detail …

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  75. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Since it has not been uploaded to YouTube yet, I am guessing that Dr. Helen is saying that this is tonight, Saturday.

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  76. I know there were links to articles about this former refugee volunteer now against German immigration, but I wasn’t sure if there were links to what this gal actually said or if they were news articles. Here it is. Word for word. She’s right, Germany is lost. (Supposedly that she’s moving was a mistranslation, she supposedly said she knows German people leaving, not that she’s leaving.) It’s long but worth reading. What she says does not surprise me at all and is why I am opposed to the US making the same mistake. I don’t see how else this will end except with blood, the Germans will either have to push back or if they do not, Germans will cease to exist. It’s really clear after reading this. https://vladtepesblog.com/2018/02/07/those-people-who-ate-with-me-drank-danced-laughed-they-talk-about-me-as-stupid-german-whore/

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  77. Has anyone noticed, btw, how nationalistic the Olympics are? (Kidding!)


  78. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I was shocked when Mutti Merkel was reelected. Why do I get the feeling that that the German public may take matters into their own hands now that government has not only failed them, but betrayed them?

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  79. Farm Boy says:

    A woman is charged with child abuse after she was accused of cutting her 20-month-old son’s genitalia with a scissors last month.



  80. @Fuzzie, I know a gal who is German, about 70, now married to an American soldier she met years ago. She says it’s related to WW2 guilt. And that the German people don’t want to seem unkind. She said friends who live there will not hear or say anything against it. Kinda like my NY work friends who seem to live in an alternate reality?!? There seems to be a lot of pressure for people in Germany not to speak against it. To me it seems like a powder keg. I really worry for what’s to come.

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  81. Farm Boy says:

    When the UCLA Intergroup Relations Program recently hosted an event to allow the campus community to discuss “toxic masculinity,” 10 students showed up.


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  82. Farm Boy says:

    Reporter-model Becky Griffin took to Twitter on Thursday and responded to Wednesday’s mass shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida by insinuating that alleged shooter Nikolas Cruz wouldn’t have carried out mass murder if his mother had aborted him instead of putting him up for adoption.


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  83. Cheque d'Out says:

    UKIP has just voted to dump it’s useless leader Bolton

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  84. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    I am happy for you! Now, UKIP should trash every fembot MP every time they put a foot wrong.

    Farm Boy,
    That has to be the most callous argument for abortion that I have ever heard.

    Ten students show up for a lecture on toxic masculinity out of forty two thousand? That is not much enthusiasm. I wonder if feminism is beginning to lose credibility on campus?

    Germany has a lot of post World War guilt.They are being manipulated because the Nazis never did anything to Muslims. I knew an Egyptian DLI instructor who was still mad at the British and had nothing but praise for them. I had to remind him that the SS never got to Africa.

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  85. Yoda says:

    Impressive pair they are not

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  86. Yoda says:

    The US National Labor Relations Board’s Jayme Sophir rejected James Damore’s labor complaint because his claims about “men’s prevalence at the top of the IQ distribution” and “women’s heightened neuroticism” were “discriminatory” and “constituted sexual harassment.”

    Sophir, who is the NLRB’s Associate General Counsel in the Division of Advice, attacked Damore for trying to “cloak” his comments “with ‘scientific’ references and analysis” and said Google did not violate labor laws by firing him over his diversity manifesto, which she said was “so harmful, discriminatory, and disruptive as to be unprotected.”


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  87. Cill says:

    Feminist icon Kate Millett died recently in Paris. Here’s her sister talking about her (MY SISTER KATE: THE DESTRUCTIVE FEMINIST LEGACY OF KATE MILLETT):

    “In 1969 I attended consciousness-raising sessions in New York City with my sister, Kate, where a group of 10-15 women sat around a long oval table and plotted the New Feminist Movement and the founding of NOW. Their template was Mao’s China and the group confessionals conducted in each village in order to ‘cleanse the people’s thinking’…
    They went on to form NOW and, with that organization, achieve their stated goal of taking down the Patriarchy through a massive coordinated promotion of promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution, abortion and homosexuality…
    One of their most desired results was… the normalizing of every taboo: polygamy, bestiality, Satanism, pornography, promiscuity, witchcraft, pedophilia.”

    I’ve contended for a while now that there’s a connection between feminism and the normalization of pedophilia.

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  88. RichardP says:

    “Ten students show up for a lecture on toxic masculinity out of forty two thousand?”

    Perhaps this was expected?? From the linked article:

    “The talk, facilitated by two administrators, was held in a small conference room in the Student Activities Center.”

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  89. RichardP says:

    That Kate Millet article Cill linked to is pretty good. Here’s a “well, duh” example:

    “I get a kick out of the feminists’ love affair with the word “empowerment.” They have clever formulas for ensnaring hapless souls into their deceits. One of their slicker moves is to create a vocabulary designed to get around long-held beliefs, mores, taboos or fears. “Pro-choice” is their Newspeak euphemism for the casual murder of an human being; “Dreamers” means illegal immigrants; “Progressives” denotes a group dragging us back to the cave; “Sanctuary City” means a place where no actual US citizen is safe. This “empowerment” thing makes me especially crazy.”

    … So, after fifty years of the almighty “consciousness-raising” experiment to empower women, and during the recent Harvey Weinstein [sexual assaults] scandal, what we are hearing from the little girlish voices of the victims is, “I froze, I was paralyzed. I gave in because I didn’t know what to do. I was terrified!” Hey, that’s some weird kind of empowerment. When I was a girl we did what our moms instructed: we yelled “NO,” slapped his face, and left the room or called a cop.

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  90. earl says:

    ‘They went on to form NOW and, with that organization, achieve their stated goal of taking down the Patriarchy through a massive coordinated promotion of promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution, abortion and homosexuality…
    One of their most desired results was… the normalizing of every taboo: polygamy, bestiality, Satanism, pornography, promiscuity, witchcraft, pedophilia.”’

    Is there any doubt taking down the ‘Patriarchy’ is God the Father? A person can freely choose that…but it’s a dumb idea to try it.

    These women are Lucifier’s useful idiots.

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  91. earl says:

    ‘Has anyone noticed, btw, how nationalistic the Olympics are? (Kidding!)’

    Haven’t watched much. All I know about the Olympics are Shaun White was taken into the #metoo tornado, grrl power everywhere (until they race a man), and the athletes are whining it’s too windy and cold….at the WINTER Olympics.

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  92. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Earl just reminded me of the last winter Olympics and Pussy Riot. This newsclip is of Cossacks rousting them. They just got out of jail, so that wouldn’t work.

    Still, how hard would it have been to start off with a Cossack song?

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  93. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It took me a while to find the mouse in that group photo.

    Farm Boy,
    Since no one has mentioned it, here is the movie that this post’s title is modeled after.
    Diane Keaton was at the peak of her beauty. She must live well, She has aged well in the last forty years.

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  94. SFC Ton says:

    Apparently polar caps arent metling at alarming rates…. though they ain’t honest enough to say that straight up like men should.


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  95. Farm Boy says:

    The left wants to get rid of feminine modesty and masculine protectiveness and social restrictions on sex — but when the abuse and rape and harassment rise to the surface, they start whining about toxic manhood. Perhaps they should have listened to the Catholic apologist G.K. Chesterton, who wrote about the difference between reforming society and deforming it — a passage that was neatly paraphrased by John F. Kennedy: “Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up.”


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  96. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Frm Boy,
    Curious how it is always the fault of men? Even when women come to a decision independently.


  97. […] Looking For Mr. Good-Tingle […]


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