SOTU — What Modern Women Want

This is the second in the State Of The Unions series.

As discussed in the previous post, most modern women go for the tingles.  This is what strikes fourteen year old girls first, providing them with their first thrills, ones that they never forget and try to replicate for the rest of their lives. With time, women come to appreciate resources and social standing with respect to men also.  Resources are obviously useful, with social standing being desired for the luxury of rubbing their frenemies faces with respect to their relative rank.

Also desired would be “fun”.  The man is expected to be able to make her laugh, and drive her happiness in general.  The requirement is useful because it provides the justification for whatever she does (cheating, divorce) after she decides that she is unhappy.

As mentioned in the previous post, women’s built-in hypergamy drive them to want only the very best in men.  Furthermore, modern women are taught that they are all special snowflakes, feeding the hypergamy beast.  They know that they deserve the very best because they are the very best.

Almost all men will come up short of these expectations.  Most will come up short by a wide margin.  Still, most of these women will marry.  They will feel cheated.  As to who cheated them, it is not clear.  Probably they blame the Evil Patriarchy somehow.

Short answer as to what women want — they want their expectations to be met.

Disclaimer:Not All Women Are Like That (NAWALT) applies


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  1. Husband store joke is perfect rebuttal to any query of “what women want”.

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  2. SFC Ton says:

    What modern women want…….

    Who gives a fuck? If what they wanted was important God would have made them men


  3. Farm Boy says:

    Ton, it is best to understand how the world works. It is also intersting to understand how the world works.

    Newbies probably want justifications for approaches to operate in the modern world. Explanations such as this post can be part of that


  4. SFC Ton says:

    You get the best out of women when you don’t give a fuck about them or what they want

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  5. I’ve given up the retards at this site, but the link at Hawaiian blog was just too baity for me to pass on so here’s what the braintrust at ROK has to say about what younger women want:

    1. Above-average to very good looks.

    2. Good-to-great physical conditioning. This includes sexual stamina and endurance levels comparable to 20-something men.

    3. A sense of adventure that is backed up by your travels and online presence (“Indiana Jones” game).

    4. Something extraordinary about you with respect to accomplishments, life insight and experience.

    5. An exceptional seductive skill and charm. Of key importance: you need a deep understanding and acceptance of the female psyche, while also maintaining firm control over it.

    6. An above-average bank balance. You either need to be in the top ten percent of income earners or have very low overhead to compensate.

    7. Access to or directly providing exciting and entertaining options generally not available from men in their twenties.

    8. A very high emotional intelligence and calm demeanor. You need to be the alpha male lion that protects and reassures a young woman when her swirling insecurities kick in.

    9. A high IQ and social competence. This includes dress, style, dance, self-defense, management skills, your friends (who should also be similarly accomplished and charming), and female social proof.

    So be a richer, more handsome, more exciting Tom Brady than Tom Brady.

    Here’s my how-to on curing cancer. Copyright KYHH Enterprises, LLC

    Step 1: Collect underpants
    Step 2: ?
    Step 3: Cure cancer

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  6. earl says:

    ‘Short answer as to what women want — they want their expectations to be met.’

    They want to control their man (or if they are ugly…men in general).

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  7. earl says:

    ‘So be a richer, more handsome, more exciting Tom Brady than Tom Brady.’

    Sure…just as soon as she is more pure, more attractive, more submissive woman than Giselle.

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  8. earl says:

    From reports I’ve heard listening to sports talk Giselle has been pressuring Tom to retire. He’s not wanting to do it because he loves football. If Tom can stand up to his supermodel wife for what he loves…surely you stand up to yours.

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  9. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    I used to think that being able to provide what women want would ensure success with them. What I came to realize that women are so conflicted they don’t know and they won’t tell. It became another source of frustration. While this would work with men, it won’t transfer across the gender divide. I think that it all hit me years ago when someone mentioned “fried ice”. At first, I laughed, then I was sad for a long time.
    I wonder if Vulcans have an easier time of it with “Pon Farr”?


  10. earl says:

    ‘What I came to realize that women are so conflicted they don’t know and they won’t tell.’

    A woman I know was talking about how a male speaker brought up the subject of relationships and was trying to understand women’s mood swings. She said women don’t even understand what their mood swings are about.

    To which I thought…’and they claim they are equal to men’.

    I figured about 90% is probably based off where they are in their menstrual cycle and 10% is how close the nearest chocolate and/or wine is.

    It’s probably more important as a man to lead her emotions too. Doesn’t mean she’ll follow but it is better than a man trying to follow someone who seems to not know what the heck is going on.

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  11. SFC Ton says:

    Brady has good looks, fame and money. He can replace one aging past her prime super model with a younger super model in under 90 days.

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  12. earl says:

    Another woman I talked to was planning on doing a cake smashing thing on her 30th birthday. You know how little kids smash cake on their face when they turn 1 and it’s cute…she wants to do that for a photo shoot(and drink champaign) at 30. She showed me a picture as an example. I didn’t realize adult women were coming up with new ways to act like little kids.

    When I turned 30…my birthday present was going to work. To which again I thought…’and they claim they are equal to men’.

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  13. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Off topic. I always wanted to know how all the Swedes came to live in Minnesota. I don’t think that this is the answer, but it is a fun watch. Runs two minutes.


  14. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    The above video also provides a theory of how they got from the Baltic to the headwaters of the Dnieper, to get to Constantinople. I didn’t say it was a good theory.


  15. earl says:

    Just to point out…in my past I was probably as cerebral about trying to figure women out and what they want like a lot of guys here and in the sphere and in meatspace. However being subject to that nonsense lately plus not making them the #1 focus anymore…I can see the merit in the ‘who gives a shit’ category.

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  16. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I may look into a Dodge as my next vehicle. They do not intend to promote themselves by insulting men. Runs less than three minutes.


  17. Cheque d'Out says:

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  18. SFC Ton says:

    Never was a dodge fan but damn sure will never buy one of their products after that weird mlk speech/ commercial.

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  19. Cheque d'Out says:

    I reckon that thirty is still a big bad deal for a single woman.
    I still like the smurf picture though.

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  20. Farm Boy says:

    They want to control their man

    Except when they don’t.

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  21. Cheque d'Out says:

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  22. Farm Boy says:

    Another woman I talked to was planning on doing a cake smashing thing on her 30th birthday

    I was thinking more like this

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  23. SFC Ton says:

    I have always found birthday celebrations to be vanity and childish

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  24. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    The contrast between the Wife Store and Husband Store is what always got me. For men, good enough works. For women, hypergamy is a form of greed.

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  25. Stephanie says:

    LOL The wives store Be Like:

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  26. Stephanie says:

    Maybe… just maybe… someone should tell them…

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  27. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I like “Destination Girl”. As for the other, I don’t think that asking them to “lower their expectations” will help. They have already gone through the mantra of “Never settle.” Add to that, their egos have been massaged since they were old enough to crawl. One of the reasons that hats have gone out of fashion is they can’t fit into Tom Mix’s ten gallon cowboy hat.


  28. Yesterday I met a couple, he’s 44ish, she was 22ish. They have a baby boy, maybe 9 months? Dad was a swell guy and interesting but no Tom Brady. But she was digging on him and they seemed quite happy! Just one example and I don’t know the background but it seemed to be working for them.

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  29. She was quite cute in an almost Audrey Hepburn way. He was more ummmm… Not sure who to compare him to. Not overly any particular thing, love Brisbane but not overly long beard, grew up in a mill town, maybe former military? Good old boy.


  30. That was long beard not love Brisbane lol… Autocorrect?!?!

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  31. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    Taking Maxine Waters statement at face value is a little confusing. I wish that people in her district in California would stop voting her in. It’s not like they haven’t had a chance. As a Member of Congress, she is up for reelection every two years.

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  32. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Sunshine Thiry hasn’t posted since Memorial Day. We need to fill up her comments.

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  33. Sigma Frame says:

    About the Maxine Waters quote… It’s a hilarious entendre, because it could be interpreted as a statement of self-hatred, i.e. she wishes that she had been aborted.
    I used to believe that it might be all for the best if women who were capable of culling their own children did not reproduce themselves. But then I learned that abortion is usually used as a form of birth control, so the legalization of abortion only increases the number of abortions, and does nothing to decrease the number of so called ‘unplanned’ conceptions. Now that I’m older, I see that ultimately, the problem lies in the fact that women have a choice to be either self-serving, or family-oriented, and too many women prefer to make the first choice, and use abortion to avoid the second choice.

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  34. SFC Ton says:

    California is only going further to the left so when Maxine Waters is replaced / ages out she is going to be replaced with an even bigger dumb ass

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  35. Farm Boy says:

    In some ways, if we take the imaginative leap, the world Twitter feminists are envisioning—scrubbed clean of anyone hitting on anyone, asking for phone numbers, leaning over to kiss someone without seeking verbal permission—seems not that substantively far away from the world of Mike Pence saying he will never eat alone with a woman who is not his wife. This odd convergence reveals something critical about the moment: the complicated ways in which we may be snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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  36. Farm Boy says:

    An up-and-coming comic whose career was shredded when the influential improv group Upright Citizens Brigade booted him over rape allegations is now suing the troupe — claiming reverse gender discrimination.

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  37. Farm Boy says:

    Climate change is apparently like war

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton predicted Monday during a human rights event at Georgetown University that climate change will force women to “bear the brunt of looking for the food, looking for the firewood, looking for the place to migrate to …”

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  38. Farm Boy says:

    The Feminist Business School, founded by Evergreen State College graduate Jennifer Armbrust, teaches that capitalism is an “economy that values masculine traits” such as “meritocracy,” “competition,” and “individualism.” The California-based site recently launched two more online courses to coach aspiring businesswomen on how to “topple the patriarchy” and promote a more “feminist economy.”

    Shunning the “profit seeking motive” of traditional commerce, the Feminist Business School advocates that businesswomen adopt more “feminine traits” such as “gratitude,” “intimacy,” and “connecting with nature.”

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  39. Farm Boy says:

    A New York high school has canceled a production of Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame after a white student was cast as Esmeralda.

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  40. Farm Boy says:

    Monday at Georgetown University during a panel discussion on women and human rights, 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said her loss to Donald Trump was a combination of misogyny caused by globalization anxiety and “old-fashioned sexism and a refusal to accept the equality of women.”

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    “I moved back home to Montreal in the interest of starting a family. After all, this was sensible: Quebec is the land of subsidized childcare and year-long maternity leaves. I had a decent job. It all seemed wonderfully possible. This was something I could do. Until I couldn’t.

    Fancying myself a practical woman, I decided to check my fertility before trying to get pregnant. I had recently turned 39. After my first test, an ultrasound, I knew there was something wrong when almost immediately after the technician had finished the scan, a doctor called me into another room and told me to sit down.”

    Did you see it???


    I’m checking my fertility AT 39!!!


    And notice not word one of a spouse or bf? The guy who would get her pregnant or help her thru being infertile!! But Noooooo.

    Likely she was going to use sperm donation. At 39! By herself!!

    Double Dumbass.

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  42. Farm Boy says:

    Now, for their obstinance, Yale University finds itself embroiled in yet another lawsuit. A male student alleges his two-semester suspension was the result of gender bias at the university.

    As PJ Media contributor Toni Airaksinen writes at Campus Reform: “The student — identified in the lawsuit as John Doe — was suspended for two semesters after he was accused of groping two female students. He is the fourth male student to file suit against Yale alleging gender discrimination since 2011.”

    Doe was apparently accused by two supposedly long-time friends of groping them. However, the suspicious behavior started almost immediately. For example, the two complaints were filed just minutes apart. Further, the two women were communicating via text message during the hearing in what the lawsuit contends was “an obvious attempt to present consistent and unified testimony.”

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  43. Farm Boy says:

    In 2012 Rebecca Sommer founded the refugee aid association Arbeitsgruppe Flucht + Menschen-Rechte (AG F+M) [Working Group Asylum + Human Rights]. At the end of 2015, this artist, photographer and journalist and documentary maker applauded Angela Merkel’s decision to open German’s borders to the “refugees” who had been blocked in Hungary, despite the vacuum effect this would create. “At that time I wanted to help everyone and truly believed that all these people were fleeing hell and were in a state of complete distress,” the German activist explained in an article published by the conservative Polish weekly Do Rzeczy on 15 January, discussing how she woke up to reality.

    In 2015, her NGO had almost 300 volunteers who were giving German courses to the new arrivals.

    …”I thought their medieval view was going to change with time…but after having seen these situations occur repeatedly and observing what was happening around me, as a volunteer, I have had to recognise that the Muslim refugees have grown up with values that are totally different, they have undergone brainwashing from childhood on and are indoctrinated by Islam and absolutely do not intend to adopt our values. Worse, they regard we infidels with disdain and arrogance.”

    She thinks it is already too late for Germany and she plans to emigrate for her retirement.

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  44. Farm Boy says:

    Cries of pain and sadness could be heard across the country yesterday when Doritos announced it would be making chips designed to appeal more to women. PepsiCo global chief Indra Nooyi, one of history’s greatest monsters and a traitor to her gender, said that women typically dislike their product because it is loud and messy. The new “Lady Doritos,” as the internet started calling them, would hopefully address that problem by being less crunchy and coated in less of the neon orange powder that, for the sake of argument, we will call cheese.

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  45. copperfox3c says:

    I think what’s critical is to remember that while a woman’s hypergamy is a constant, what she measures as “better” can be variable. Some women are more impressed by money, some looks, some status, some other things. Much of that has to do with her innate personality, as well as how she was raised.

    Which is why all these game “rulebooks” never quite work. No matter how much game you have, you’re not gonna get every woman. But if you work on yourself, you will appeal to your demographic. And perhaps widen your demographic a little too.

    Your goal as a man should thus be to filter for women who have a moderate-to-high interest level in you. Women who are naturally attracted to you. That won’t be 100% of women. It won’t even be 50% of women. Real game is realizing that you should be rejecting 90% of women, cause they are not a match for YOU. This is what lay at the core of Anti-Dump and Pook’s writings back in the day.

    Most men in modern times, unfortunately, are running in such a scarcity mode they never get to the point of realizing they should be doing much of the rejecting.

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  46. Farm Boy says:

    With his name back in the spotlight, his past statements surrounding sexual assault are being reexamined. During a 2003 interview with shock jock Howard Stern, for example, Tarantino disturbingly downplayed the heinous actions of convicted rapist Roman Polanski, saying the 13-year-old victim who was drugged and raped “wanted to have it.”

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  47. earl says:

    ‘Did you see it???


    I’m checking my fertility AT 39!!!’

    Yes…these outrageous stories of women thinking they are fertile around 40 come out all the time.

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  48. earl says:

    ‘Most men in modern times, unfortunately, are running in such a scarcity mode they never get to the point of realizing they should be doing much of the rejecting.’

    They’d rather drink saltwater or sewage than deal with the thirst one more day.


  49. earl says:

    What Modern Women Want

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  50. Yoda says:

    Not sure if mansplain Justin does I do

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  51. @copperfox Your goal as a man should thus be to filter for women who have a moderate-to-high interest level in you. Women who are naturally attracted to you.

    So, let’s say you’re guy by the name of, oh, I don’t know, Tom Brady? You should be filtering for the chicks that are into the kind of dude you are. We’ll collectively call them, Giselles. So you find a Giselle (after rejecting pretty much all non-Giselle types) and everything is going along famously until your Giselle finds another Tom Brady that is just Tom Brady-er than you to make dumping you the “right thing to do”. Hypergamy, bitches! it blind sides even the Tom Bradys of the world.

    I do actually agree with copper’s point, just saying that no game plan is full-proof and even a Tom Brady can drop the ball on occasion.

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  52. @FB (DPRK post)
    Didn’t know Justin was married. That explains a LOT.

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  53. SFC Ton says:

    Doritos announced it would be making chips designed to appeal more to women……..

    Make them cock shaped and 9″ long?

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  54. SFC Ton says:

    Which is why all these game “rulebooks” never quite work. No matter how much game you have, you’re not gonna get every woman. But if you work on yourself, you will appeal to your demographic. And perhaps widen your demographic a little too.
    Never read a book on game but I thought that not going to bang every chick etc was built into them.

    Ex the model I dated in Hawaii hated actors, denied A list big name actors on the regular but was enthralled with athletes of all sorts of sports.

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  55. SFC Ton says:

    Not sure if mansplain Justin does I do
    Agreed. Got to be a man to mansplain

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  56. SFC Ton says:

    LOL headhunter…. wonder how many chicks arent into Tom Brady? Maybe 3 out of 3.5 billion?

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  57. Cheque d'Out says:

    What reaction do you get from a useless female politician when she and her ilk are criticised?
    Ups her game?
    Proves the criticisms unfounded?

    Get real, dreamer

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  58. Yoda says:

    Make them cock shaped and 9″ long?

    Use the Ton as a model they might


  59. earl says:

    We need state sanctioned tyranny so that a woman doesn’t get her feelings hurt.

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  60. SFC Ton says:

    They are trying to appeal to women Master Yoda, not scare them off


  61. Make them cock shaped and 9″ long? Don’t forget salty.

    Maybe they can much a lunchable type product that pairs the doritos with a proper wine-in-a-box varietal.

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  62. In a just society a politician who calls for legislation to ban criticizing politicians would burst into flames, I mean be immediately recalled.

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  63. @earl One thing that I do think that Jordan Peterson does well is explaining that only real tyranny can accomplish the things SJW/Cultural Marxists say they want to accomplish. You want 50% of engineers to be women? Well, since only 3-5% of women actually want to be engineers, the government is going to have to compel a whole bunch of women to do something they don’t want to do.

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  64. BTW, I don’t think Gisele (just actually googled her name) was the best of her crop looks-wise.

    Still, I’m not throwing her out of bed for eating doritos.

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  65. RichardP says:

    “What do women want?”

    Don’t remember if I’ve told this before. Some time ago someone here or at Dalrock’s or at somewhere close by posted a link to a series of photos of scantily-clad women. I clicked through them, growing more bored with each new photo. Until I clicked to the next picture and had an immediate and vigorous visceral response. Felt like I had been slugged in the gut; muscles all over body tightened up, and breathing picked up (not talking about erection here). That response was not negotiated. All it took was just one look. Over time I have learned that there are several different types of “looks” that will get that reaction out of me. I can say with certainty that I have not ever had a woman affect me that way and not noticed it. Neither have I ever had that type of response when told how much money a woman makes. (And I’m experienced enough to know that hearing a pipsqeaky voice, or a potty mouth, or seeing tatoos all up and down the backside would have turned off my phsyiological response in an instant. That is, attraction was visual and instant. But it takes more than visual to sustain attraction over time.)

    On the other hand – in the recent past there were links here or somewhere close by about the results of intensive study of female physiological sexual response. The results of those studies show pretty conclusively that, on a fairly regular basis, women reported that they had no physiological response to a particular stimuli – but the equipment measuring the appropriate spots did register a physiological response.

    For those who wish to seriously consider the “what do women want” issue, the last sentence in the previous paragraph is probably important. I cannot imagine being physically aroused and not knowing it. On the other hand, it seems that this happens with (some? / all?) women frequently enough to be visible in research studies. (And I understand that studying an object often changes the behavior of the object being studied.)

    Someone upthread said something to the effect that women don’t know what they want. To the extent that that statement is true, I think the disconnect between what women think is happening in their body and what actually is happening in their body explains at least part of women not knowing what they want. They are not made aware that their body wants it. If women could truely be made aware of each time some stimulus triggers a physical response in their body, perhaps they would make the connection and come to know better what they (or at least what their body) wants.

    Perceive –> What does this mean? –> response.

    We don’t respond to things we don’t first perceive through any of our five senses. Once something registers, we do the cognitive thing to figure out what it means (even if done in a nanosecond). Only when we have come up with an answer (correct or not) do we respond. (ignoring the autonomic response to being startled by the touch of a feather, etc.)

    Given the “perceive –> What does this mean? — response” pathway, what are “tingles” – from a physiological perspective? There are lists here and elsewhere that say what usually triggers tingles. But, from a physiological perspective, I’m wonder what they are – that the woman can understand she experiences them when she observes a buff, wealthy man but cannot perceive that she is having a definite physiological response when watching bonobo monkeys mate.

    Sussing out the nuances of what explains the last sentence in the previous paragraph would make for a fertile field of study for someone. Perhaps the first step would be to do research to see if women who intellectually say they are not interested in a particular man might at the same time be having an actual, measurable positive physiological reation to him. That is, if women can physiologically respond to bonobo monkeys mating, but honestly report that they are having no response at all – is it possible that women can also be reporting no attraction to or desire for a particular man, while their body responses (of which they are oblivious) are saying something different?

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  66. Yoda says:

    When eat Dorito, cheese squirt out it should

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  67. Yoda says:

    Lady Doritos pretty much sums up sexism in one chewy package.
    I wonder if it costs 23% less than regular Doritos

    — Luisa Haynes (@wokeluisa) February 6, 2018

    To compete with Lady Doritos, Lays has designed a new chip especially for men: It requires them to understand enthusiastic consent before they can open the bag.

    — Childless Gambino (@faithchoyce) February 6, 2018

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  68. Cheque d'Out says:

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  69. earl says:

    ‘ I cannot imagine being physically aroused and not knowing it. On the other hand, it seems that this happens with (some? / all?) women frequently enough to be visible in research studies.’

    Well they don’t have a pointer so I could see why that’s the case.


  70. earl says:


    I wonder if their ‘arousal’ state is when they are in some sort of prime receptive mood. And perhaps it is more subconscious than conscious…or could do with ovulation-menstrual cycle.

    I don’t know if that’s the case…just throwing out ideas.


  71. earl says:

    ‘Interview with a German journalist: “Like many other women in Germany, I no longer feel safe.”

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  72. women reported that they had no physiological response to a particular stimuli – but the equipment measuring the appropriate spots did register a physiological response.

    Women lie a lot too. Don’t even need a reason most of the time.

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  73. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I would like to know how women manipulated the sexual marketplace to make men so thirsty. Socially, this is pretty new, as in this last generation.

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  74. earl says:

    ‘BTW, I don’t think Gisele (just actually googled her name) was the best of her crop looks-wise.’

    I always thought she had a bit of a manjaw. Still way better looking than most western women though.


  75. Yoda says:

    Monday on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” openly gay freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy questioned the decision to have Vice President Mike Pence to lead the United States delegation to Pyeongchang, South Korea, for the Winter Olympics.


  76. Yoda says:

    Industrious these girls are

    On Friday, San Diego marijuana dispensary Urbn Leaf posted a photo on Instagram of a girl outside the store’s front entrance wearing the classic Girl Scouts’ green vest with badges and holding two armfuls of boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

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  77. earl says:

    Pence is known for two things…the Pence rule and bringing terror into the hearts of sexual perverts.


  78. Yoda says:

    A traditional father-daughter dance at a Staten Island school has been postponed on the basis of not being inclusive enough of other genders. The school claims city policies are to blame


  79. Yoda says:

    A federal judge has recommended that James Madison University pay nearly $850,000 in damages to an anonymous student who says the school punished him for a rape he didn’t commit, using a secretive process that didn’t allow him to confront witnesses or present evidence.

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  80. earl says:

    ‘Many feminists have abandoned equal treatment of men and women, seeking new standards that give women new privileges. As we see here, feminists want the authoritarian apparatus of government and corporations engaged to prevent women from having hurt feelings from their interactions with men. This is just one aspect of their professed plans to remake America’s culture. They are doing this the slow but effective way, molding the thinking of young women — one classroom at a time, generation after generation.’

    ‘Pride and Prejudice, the feminist edition’


  81. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    As for women claiming to be unstimulated, or not be aware, this is evidence of denial. It is one thing to lie to others, but to oneself?


  82. Yoda says:

    Women lie to themselves very well they do

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  83. earl says:

    Remember how I kept saying that just because a woman consents to sex doesn’t mean she won’t regret it afterwards and then suddenly turn it into rape: We’re different emotionally when it comes to sex (a duh to red pillers but the egalitarians seem to think otherwise). Long story short women can’t handle casual sex like a man can and they should quit trying to think they can.

    ‘The findings show how human emotions such as regret can play an important role in survival and reproduction. They suggest that men are more likely to regret not taking action on a potential liaison, and women are more remorseful for engaging in one-time liaisons.’


    “For men throughout evolutionary history, every missed opportunity to have sex with a new partner is potentially a missed reproduce opportunity a costly loss from an evolutionary perspective.” Haselton says. “But for women, reproduction required much more investment in each offspring, including nine months of pregnancy and potentially two additional years of breastfeeding. The consequences of casual sex were so much higher for women than for men, and this is likely to have shaped emotional reactions to sexual liaisons even today.”

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  84. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Eight hundred fifty thousand? That is the first amount that that I have ever heard of. It seems that too many of the cases are settled quietly and if, by some miracle, the guy wins, we never hear the amount. However, even a judgment this steep is not going to slow down feminists.

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  85. SFC Ton says:

    It won’t slow down feminist fuzzie but it will make college boards think twice. Settlements like that will cut into a colleges profit margin and they are for profit enterprises

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  86. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Less than a minute.

    Rescue? For the Special Air Service they may be prepared. For this, they will not.


  87. SFC Ton says:

    No one and I mean no one could have possibly seen this coming…….

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  88. Yoda says:

    From Ton’s link this is

    A new set of findings from women’s empowerment non-profit LeanIn.Org and online survey platform SurveyMonkey reveal that, since the media reports of sexual harassment first emerged last fall, male managers are three times as likely to say they are uncomfortable mentoring women and twice as uncomfortable working alone with a woman. The hesitation to meet with women outside of work is even more pronounced: Senior men were 3.5 times more likely to hesitate having a work dinner with a junior female colleague than a male one–and five times more likely to hesitate to travel for work with a junior woman.

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  89. Yoda says:

    Justin married to a unicorn he is?

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  90. Yoda says:

    In my effort to achieve some level of bipartisanship, my goal this year was to sleep with a Republican—
    voluntarily. It’s going to be tricky. —

    Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) February 6, 2018

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  91. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I am laughing at Chelsea Handler. What makes her think that a Republican will sleep with her? She has to be painfully aware that conservative women are better looking.

    As for the women sad about losing their male mentors because of #metoo, this is what happens when women go to war with men.

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  92. SFC Ton says:

    You ain’t wrong bear but I bet women are surprised men are backing off professionally

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  93. FNU MNU LNU says:

    women have no idea what they really want. i had one tell me just that, about what had happened between us two years ago. afterwards she thought she wanted her ex back. well that happened, and guess what? she’s incredibly unhappy and put on 60# of unhappy-eating weight.

    they have no clue

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  94. Yoda says:

    Women aren’t automatically credible when making accusations of sexual misconduct. Getting very drunk with a man could lead him to make a pass at you, or vice versa. Power is and as always has been a turn-on for women. Not every woman gets sexually harassed. Not every male sexual transgression is serious enough to merit his losing his job.

    It’s all common sense. And yet Katie Roiphe must be counted as courageous for saying such things in her thoughtful Harper’s essay “The Other Whisper Network: How Twitter Feminism Is Bad for Women.” On social media, Roiphe finds herself being scored all over again, having been vitriolically denounced last month when rumors about the contents of the essay hit the Internet while it was still being written.

    Roiphe detects a gleeful overreaction in the wake of the revelations of sexual misconduct by powerful men in the media and entertainment industries

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  95. I know it’s probably hard to imagine if not female, but I do think that the study Richard cites is pretty accurate. Estrogen seems to have a fog effect, and then depending on levels things become more or less clear. And it’s not like we can just decide to not be like that, even if we try to deny we are. All I can figure is it must work in some way bc biology strongly seems to select for that. I have no idea why or what or how it could be helpful for men or women really. All I can figure is mating and babies would never occur wo it? If it weren’t so, biology would not support it so.

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  96. Likewise for reasons described above while male sex drive is really clear, consistent, and very much a driver, female sex drive is ambiguous, inconsistent, and not even well understood by women themselves.


  97. Stephanie says:

    I’ve read things like what Richard posted as well, and I do agree with Bloom that I don’t think women can control a lot of that stuff. But women do seem to have types sometimes… maybe a little like how men can prefer a certain “type” of woman (like what CopperFox said).


  98. Or in other words it takes a lot of obfuscation for women to choose to do something (have sex) that could lead to them dying (in childbirth) or being pretty much incapable of independently functioning for years afterwards. It’s not logical. It’s bio-logical. Lol.

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  99. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Female human sexuality is unlike any animal observed. While you are presuming there is an evolutionary reason for all this, I don’t. Most of what we see is counterproductive to species survival.


  100. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    To add to that, in the time that feminism has liberated female sexuality, what has happened to the the rate of reproduction? It is falling off a cliff and it stands at about two thirds of what is needed to maintain. We are losing population in every country that has subscribed to feminism. It amounts to a death cult.


  101. @ fuzzie I am not disagreeing feminism is not helping, I do think women were like this before feminism. Have always been like this. In a way feminism is women’s attempt to mitigate their risks, although it has largely led to more instability. I was reading an article just today on gen X women and it basically said women of that generation are in almost every way worse off in every measurable way than ever, but of course bc it was from it didn’t mention the “ideals” feminism as a prime cause.


  102. How many red pill things are confirmed in this? So many I just cringed reading it. It identifies the problems but completely misses the causes.

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  103. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    While reading your Oprah link, I could imagine Tara Palmatier whispering in my ear, “Don’t stick your dick in crazy.” This is what passes for normal women these days. They want to live in a world without men. I can still remember leafing through two copies of Woman’s Day in the doctor’s waiting room. There were only three pictures of men in both. This is completely out of balance and unnatural.

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  104. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I wonder how feminists would take it if we all showed up at one of their meetings, said nothing, but ate Doritos and drank root beer while burping loudly and often.

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  105. Cill says:

    “This is completely out of balance and unnatural.”

    And it’s old.

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  106. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It takes a while for fish to realize that they swim in water.

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  107. Cill says:

    I do enjoy life at times. Fuzzy my old acquaintance here, I do wish you all the best mate.

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  108. Considering the publication’s readership, I am sure the article was meant to generate pearl clutching empathy for “these poor women” or to somehow normalize the s#itshow. Not confirm what’s said in the “bitter, angry” manosphere about women today is actually dead on. Ironic? What scares me is someone who can’t see what’s wrong w this picture, celebrates it even, is considering a presidential run. (Hyperventilating into a paper bag.) No wonder I have chronic insomnia :/

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  109. SFC Ton says:

    Take away the focus on women and that’s a good article on what the Gen X’ers have gone through. I remember a lot of boomers wondering why my generation was always down/ wrote such depressing music and what have you. That article kind of spells out why and right now, fiscally at least, there isn’t much reason to suspect we’ll bounce back. Which is also readily dismissed by boomers

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  110. Cill says:

    Today I sailed back from Waitangi to my pad. Whilst in the Bay of Islands I stayed in my sister-in-law’s pad. My bro had a rum or two. An old white fella down on the beach was surrounded and needed help so we went down and (ahem) helped him out.

    I feel good that I helped him out. Why not

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  111. Cill says:

    I have had a few.

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  112. Exactly Ton. Easy to call us slackers as we’re left to cope w the smoking wreckage we didn’t create and multiple huge economic corrections when we were to be building. And like you said in a comment the other day, those coming of age now are facing another 25+ years of compounding negative interest on top of that. Ok I am going to go hide in the closet now. :/

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  113. And not to make excuses, but the women of my generation were at the same time brainwashed w the most experimental and downright self destructive life advice from the generation of women before us. Many tried to be good little feminists as directed, but it was a broken script, a trap. Even now those who try to resist are mocked, scorned, and shamed. I was one of few women I know professionally who wasn’t wearing a pink hat and marching… and they noticed… And noticed I did not bring my daughters to that either. Will I pay for not joining team woman? Time will tell but if so I am OK w it, better than misleading my girls to think that’s the way…

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  114. earl says:

    ‘Will I pay for not joining team woman?’

    That’s not team woman…that’s team wimminz or team feminist or team Jezebel.

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  115. FNU MNU LNU says:

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  116. FNU MNU LNU says:

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  117. Farm Boy says:

    According to Powers, Timberlake embodies “white male privilege” because his music does not reflect the “moment of struggle” that the country is apparently in now in 2018.

    “[W]e are living in a moment of struggle, and we want our pop music to also reflect that struggle,” said Powers. “And, frankly, Timberlake now embodies that phrase so often spoken today: white male privilege.

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  118. Farm Boy says:

    While most people don’t really get modern art, Sulkowicz’s protest performances take the seeming nonsense to a whole new level. Sulkowicz is protesting the potential exploitation of women by being scantily clad? Isn’t that a bit like protesting oil dependency by driving a Hummer?

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  119. That Oprah article is the most pathetic thing I’ve read on the interwebs this year, and I’ve read stuff in The Guardian.

    In midlife, women men often look at their husbands wives and see an obstacle, or a co-worker at Parenting HQ, or a distant, shadowy shrill, blubbery figure, rather than as someone they’d like to have sex with. Many women men I spoke with said things like, “I do it all. What is he she even here for?”

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  120. Farm Boy says:

    A new YouGov survey asked American men and women if they were willing to literally invest in the gender equality movement by agreeing to a cut in pay if they learned that other employees were getting paid less than them. To the surprise of no one, YouGov found that most respondents weren’t so enthused about getting paid less “for fairness” — even a majority of Democrats and women are not willing

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  121. copperfox3c says:

    Fuzzie, the easy thing to point the finger at for the dysfunction in the modern sexual marketplace is Feminism, but there is a much deeper history of entangled “post-modernist” ideals. Someone actually asked me a similar question on the Red Pill subreddit, last week, so I will just link my full response there:

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  122. Farm Boy says:

    Turning men and women into hostile opposing camps is not going to be good for either sex.

    Feminists don’t care. Isn’t that obvious by now? It does not actually matter to feminists whether women benefit from the destruction of males. The #MeToo crusade isn’t about “equality,” it’s about revenge.

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  123. From a comment at the othermccain article.

    “Well, the non-lesbian-radical feminists are about to discover that 1) there are no husbands available; and 2) there cannot be male mentors from high paying, high prestige positions, because men in those positions know too well that they are targets.

    Really, really stupid, feminists.”

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  124. Farm Boy says:

    “You know, if everything is a social construct including gender, then so is eating. I don’t need food. Screw biology. I say I don’t have to eat, so I shouldn’t have to. And who are you to tell me I’m malnourished? That’s just propaganda from the racist white patriarchy in cahoots with Big Food.”

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  125. Farm Boy says:

    Silicon Valley culture and its evilness


  126. Farm Boy says:

    Two friends of mine on the political left have given me cause to believe that transgender activists may have overplayed their hand and provoked a pushback. One of these friends is a twenty-something man who, with some bemusement, pointed me to the viral video du jour in which someone who describes herself as an “intersectional feminist,” a “queer girl,” etc., declared that having “genital preferences” is transphobic, and that “preferences for women with vaginas over women with penises might be partially informed by the influence of a cissexist society.” And no, this was not satire.

    The video lecture went on: “If you’re a woman who only likes women, go ahead, identify as a lesbian! But some women have penises. And if the fact that some lesbians might be attracted to those women offends you, it’s because you don’t think trans women are real women.” My friend objected to being judged transphobic and cissexist merely on the grounds that he dates biological women only. And when lesbians are accused of bigotry because they prefer women who don’t have male equipment, you have to wonder how long the “L” and the “T” can be held together in LGBT advocacy.

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  127. Farm Boy says:

    As I’ve noted before, Feminism is the assertion that men are evil and naturally want to harm women, followed by pleas to men to solve all of women’s problems.

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  128. How can men and women be “all in this together,” when women have joined forces to destroy the family, destroy religion, destroy everything that makes life beautiful, wholesome and happy? Feminism Is a Totalitarian Movement to Destroy Civilization as We Know It, and it has succeeded so remarkably that most young women can think of no answer to their problems except to repeat radical slogans: “No means no! Smash the patriarchy!”

    It’s like I tell my boys, “Snakes might not be your enemy, but they are snakes.”

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  129. earl says:

    ‘Feminism Is a Totalitarian Movement to Destroy Civilization as We Know It’

    I still haven’t figured out what they intend to replace it with. That would require men to build it.

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  130. Farm Boy says:

    Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg claimed the #MeToo movement hasn’t gone far enough, despite also noting that an overwhelming amount of men are now afraid of mentoring women.

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  131. Farm Boy says:

    I still haven’t figured out what they intend to replace it with.

    Mud huts

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  132. The fact the facebork has a “global head of employment law” is scary and mystifying. That’s it’s a woman makes complete sense.

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  133. Marlene Jaeckel’s eye movements are worrisome. I’m not sure if she has a thyroid condition, or maybe some medication is causing the issue. Doesn’t seem to any overt cognitive issues, though.


  134. Cheque d'Out says:

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  135. Farm Boy says:

    A sophomore at Columbia University is arguing that the feminist philosophy class he took last semester was “indoctrination,” and that voicing dissent was “nearly unthinkable.”

    Coleman Hughes, a black philosophy major, detailed his experiences taking the school’s feminist philosophy class in an article for Heterodox Academy. The site publishes articles related to viewpoint diversity and free inquiry on campus


  136. Farm Boy says:

    Three transgender people sued an Alabama state agency on Tuesday, alleging its policy requiring proof of gender surgery to change the gender indicator on driver’s licenses was discriminatory.

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  137. Cheque d'Out says:

    This is what we need now

    Instead we have a semi-ambulatory blancmange, the Saggy Mess May.

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  138. SFC Ton says:

    Well Earl the shot callers ie sons of the father of lies don’t want to destroy civilization. They want to destroy western civilization ie Christiandom. They want to keep their tradtions etc all.


  139. Farm Boy says:

    Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg claimed the #MeToo movement hasn’t gone far enough, despite also noting that an overwhelming amount of men are now afraid of mentoring women.

    Well, you would have thought that they met their metrics

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  140. earl says:

    @ Ton

    That’s probably the main reason. The feminists are just their ‘useful idiots’.


  141. Farm Boy says:

    The Three Stooges

    Donald, Justin and Jean-Claude

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  142. SFC Ton says:

    Most of us are useful idiots for someone but yeah earl that’s it


  143. Justin should have stuck with acting. Loved him in The Dark Crystal.


  144. Farm Boy says:

    Which one is Justin?


  145. earl says:

    Justin has no business being a leader of a country. He should of stuck to his days of surfing and raising his wife’s boyfriend’s kids.

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  146. SFC Ton says:

    LOL nice one earl.

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  147. @FB He played all three roles. That’s how good he was!


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