Sticky Tape

It is commonly stated in the Manosphere that women are more affected by sleeping with multiple fellas compared to the other way around.  And by more affected, it is meant in a negative manner; that is, they are less able to bond with men as their n-count increases.  A friend attended Lutheran high school, where he was taught the “sticky tape” analogy; where the more times a piece of tape is removed and reused, the less sticky it will be.

But does this have such a strong effect on women?  Perhaps it starts with the concepts of vulnerability and investment.  A woman who has just been impregnated will be vulnerable for the initial nine months, and then years beyond.  She would like protection and help during this time.  Furthermore, the nine month investment in her child is substantial; she would like to have the extra resources needed to make it pay off in the long run.  Latching onto the fella who did the deed would seem to be a logical strategy.  Feelings of attachment and loyalty to him ideally would make him reciprocate.  It has not always worked, but it is worth a try.

As women sleep with lots of different men, this attachment response is triggered many times anew.  Like a child listening to a favorite same song over and over again, it has less effect with each iteration.  Eventually, it becomes irritating.    Furthermore, this attachment response gets associated with men moving on, and the negativity attached to that.  From a behavioral psychology perspective, it becomes something that one perhaps wants to avoid.

Ladies — destroy it at your own risk

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  1. SFC Ton says:

    Not sure if the ability to bond is destroyed or not. Women bond to men when they submit to his frame. I think what shifts is how strong a frame it takes to force them into submission, the higher the cock count the stronger the frame required ( unless she has true come to Jesus moment, and I don’t think women really have it in them to repent like that)

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  2. earlthomas786 says:

    ‘But does this have such a strong effect on women?’

    Well we live in a widely promiscuous society, and we are seeing widespread hatred of men/marriage/family…the proof is in the pudding.

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  3. Farm Boy says:

    the higher the cock count the stronger the frame required

    Can’t argue with that


  4. earlthomas786 says:

    I’d have to think there’s a n count that is so high only Jesus himself has the strongest frame to break it.

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  5. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I went looking for it a couple of years ago but couldn’t find it. I read that with very high n-counts, the effect turns back on itself. These counts are so high that only professionals could achieve them. Perhaps they see their partner as such and not as a customer? Women should take warning in this post. There is much truth in it. I think it can work in a similar manner for men, so there is danger there too.

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  6. earlthomas786 says:

    ‘I read that with very high n-counts, the effect turns back on itself. These counts are so high that only professionals could achieve them.’

    There was that story of a former porn star marrying the preacher.

    That’s not something I would suggest for any guy though. Or any woman for that matter.


  7. Ame says:

    ( unless she has true come to Jesus moment, and I don’t think women really have it in them to repent like that)

    if that were true then all these ‘christian’ women would not be unhappy in their marriages.


  8. Ame says:

    I think what shifts is how strong a frame it takes to force them into submission, the higher the cock count the stronger the frame required

    that’s what i’ve tried to articulate but, alas, being a woman . . . 😉


  9. Ame says:

    i like that sticky tape analogy, Farm Boy, that makes sense.

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  10. earlthomas786 says:

    ‘Child Support Litigation without a Marriage’

    The tl;dr version…women don’t even need to get married anymore to enslave men via the state. Just use their promiscuity on the unsuspecting rube and get child support.

    Chastity is looking more and more wise by the day as we keep going down the rabbit hole of the sexual revolution tyranny.

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  11. Farm Boy says:

    German children’s television channel Kika posted a short video on its website, using teens from migrant backgrounds, to show its underage viewers how to remove a woman’s bra.

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  12. SFC Ton says:

    Say again darling

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  13. Yoda says:

    The Ton in “darling mode” he is

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  14. Cill says:

    He might be doing what i’m doing, having a wild turkey Rare Breed.


  15. molly says:

    I am real sticky

    My n is 1, my husband. It was the plan for me from when a little girl. My parents trained me. There were 3 reasons it worked.
    1) I liked my parents plan. They really sold me on it. I dreamed of a future husband. My mum taught me to observe my dad and I saw his strong masculinity. Frame is a word I heard on ss years later and told my parents and they liked it too. I love my husband’s frame.
    2) I kept temptation away by never being alone with a boy and I try to stay out of attention, as I am a 10.
    3) I stayed close to my family and the big males looked after me. They sorted out the boys and the stalkers. I had lots of good social life in my family. I am so fortunate.

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  16. Cill says:

    Bloody hell, you got lots of attention on your bike. The rubber-necking when you rode by was like a row of puppet heads all turned by the same button.

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  17. molly says:

    That’s coz they saw the vapour trail!



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  18. Ame says:

    Molly, your family is priceless; what an incredible gift … I know you are passing the same down to your baby girl 😊

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  19. […] Space: Sticky Tape (January 28, […]


  20. Cheque d'Out says:

    FarmBoy, I have created a post to run tomorrow (Monday) at 8am patriachal time. It is time sensitive. Feel free to schedule a normal post at your normal time if you wish. I’m not sure that it’s a discussion starter or merely a customer announcement.

    Free ebooks everyone!

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  21. Cheque d'Out says:

    Feel free to adapt for CNN et al

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  22. Cheque d'Out says:

    Some people won’t learn from the experiences of others.
    Some people won’t learn at all.
    I give you the liberal bubble dwellers

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  23. Cheque d'Out says:

    Prolly just for Cill.

    This is what you get when you elect a pusillanimous woman devoid of spine, leadership and vision. Who wants to make everyone happy and freezes when it becomes clear that that cannot be done.

    This is why very few women have the balls to be in charge, whether we’re talking of countries, political parties or large companies. Thatcher. The Norn Irn woman leader of the DUP Arlene Foster (she has balls, huge metaphorical ones).

    From the Sunday Times, so take it with a pinch of salt

    Its quite long. And I’ve cut some bits out which I thought weren’t exactly relevant

    “The atmosphere in No 10 on Thursday was one of “controlled panic” as Theresa May’s aides contemplated the possibility that 48 of her MPs would demand a vote of no confidence in her leadership.
    In Davos, at the World Economic Forum, Philip Hammond, the chancellor, was contributing to the prime minister’s problems by announcing that Britain would seek only “very modest” changes to trading rules with the EU — a move that unleashed fury among Eurosceptics.

    May has been weakened by a growing realisation among her ministers that she is temperamentally unwilling to make decisions or give them the freedom to do so — and, in the case of Brexit, by her failure to decide what Britain’s future relationship with Brussels looks like. It emerged this weekend that May had ditched plans to make a speech spelling out the position on Brexit, ostensibly because the cabinet cannot agree. Just one meeting of May’s Brexit war cabinet has been held this year. Another, due next week, is scheduled to focus on security, data sharing and the Irish border. But ministerial aides summoned on Thursday to discuss the government grid of announcements say it was “virtually empty” and has been for weeks.
    At least one cabinet minister is contemplating a “suicide bombing” resignation to bring down May but wants colleagues to join in. “I am prepared to do it but there need to be several of us,” the minister said. “It matters who, as well as how many. But if she wants to cling on we will have to do it. I do despair of my colleagues.”
    Tories who have left government or not been promoted are lining up to plunge in the knife. The Sunday Times understands that at least two former cabinet ministers are submitting letters to the chairman of the 1922 committee demanding a vote of no confidence in May — and another four are considering putting in a letter. Up to eight members of the 2015 intake of MPs have also discussed putting in letters and rebels met on Friday afternoon to consider a mass “air drop” of 20 letters to tip the balance.
    In an interview with The Sunday Times, Johnny Mercer, the MP and former army officer, refused to say that May should fight the next election. He warned that unless more inspiring leadership is provided, the Tories will hand the keys to Downing Street to Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn. “I think he could well be prime minister if we don’t get our shit together,” Mercer said, questioning whether May was capable of taking the tough decisions.
    Eurosceptics have warned Tory whips that May risks losing their support unless she sacks Hammond, who they believe is pushing Brexit policy towards permanent alignment with Brussels.
    Marcus Fysh, who represents Yeovil, told fellow MPs on a WhatsApp group for Eurosceptics on Friday: “I think we should insist on Hammond’s resignation. It is absurd he is still in post. He has done nothing to prepare the country for a decent negotiation.” Andrew Bridgen, the MP for North West Leicestershire, replied that he was ready to submit a letter demanding a contest. “I told my whip last night that either Hammond goes or I will no longer be able to guarantee my support for the PM,” he wrote.
    Eurosceptic jitters are likely to escalate this weekend after EU officials told this newspaper that Oliver Robbins, May’s chief Brexit negotiator, had indicated that the prime minister was prepared to stay in the European customs union after the two-year transition period that the government had previously mapped out.
    In another incendiary development, EU officials have told the government, and MPs campaigning to derail Brexit, that if parliament votes down the EU deal this autumn the article 50 process could be put on hold — pitching Britain into a potentially perpetual stasis half in and half out of the EU. That would mean Britain could not negotiate individual trade deals and would continue to pay into the EU budget, while the UK rebate, negotiated by Margaret Thatcher in 1984, would be lost.”

    My boldy

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  24. Cheque d'Out says:

    Keep watching…

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  25. Cheque d'Out says:

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  26. I agree the sticky tape analogy is a good one. From what I have seen, it really is the case. Today’s culture is giving girls such self destructive advice. By encouraging girls to think its empowering and healthy to engage in casual sex and hookup culture, it’s almost guaranteed they will be unable to be good wives or moms, leading to each generation being more broken than the last. It’s anti progress, ironically, this supposed progressivism. I wish all girls had the advice and strong family support Molly does, what a gift!

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  27. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I don’t know about Molly being a ten. I just can’t bring myself to think of furbies that way.

    I thought you gave up Va-ROOM when you had your baby? Did you get a special trailer for the motorcycle? I can hear the baby now. “Faster, Mommy, faster!” “More air on the next jump.””Wheeeeeeeee!”


  28. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I have to second Bloom about the “sticky tape” analogy. It is good. However, It occurs to me that who would stand to benefit from women going down this road? When most of the women can’t bond into a relationship, society disintegrates, and that makes everyone poorer.

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  29. Farm Boy says:

    A researcher barred by Bath Spa University from studying people who regret having undergone gender reassignment says the university is trying to “bully” him out of taking it to court over the decision.

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  30. Farm Boy says:

    U.S. President Donald Trump has indicated he is unimpressed by Prime Minister Theresa May’s approach to the Brexit negotiations, saying he would have been far tougher.

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  31. SFC Ton says:

    Maybe we could get Trump a part time gig negotiationing for the English

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  32. Farm Boy says:

    A University of Michigan professor recently presented a paper at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association arguing that “male-dominated” textbooks may be partly to blame for the lack of women in the field.


  33. earlthomas786 says:

    ‘However, It occurs to me that who would stand to benefit from women going down this road?’

    Contraceptive and abortion industries. And if you throw in depression and anxiety that’s more of big pharma’s pills.

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  34. The ultimate chick magnet…Johnny Bravo.

    What’s not to love….

    (This was an awesome cartoon back before p.c. b.s.)


  35. SFC Ton says:

    Lots of folks shot stocks….. meaning lots of folks cash in on dysfunction


  36. Ok how did cartoons years ago forsee the catastrophy of young girls shopping on the interwebs.

    This is freaking hilarious!!


  37. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I saw TFM take that apart. I wonder if the the author, although she is from NZ, has some land in Florida to sell?


  38. Mike Rowe for president, prime minister, king, clan chief, boss.

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  39. Cheque d'Out says:

    She’s ba-ack

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  40. Cheque d'Out says:

    Just watched C4 News – I know- Cathy Newman was back and I was interested to see how she would take becoming a global Meme star. She stuck to the autocue and did not spin anything, or do an aggressive interview. She looked suitably chastened, very nervous and blinked a lot – she seemed to be almost on the point of bursting into tears.

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  41. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    “she seemed to be almost on the point of bursting into tears.”

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  42. Farm Boy says:

    “she seemed to be almost on the point of bursting into tears.”

    So you are saying that her return was as smooth as silk


  43. Farm Boy says:

    Wouldn’t being an international meme star be a good thing?

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  44. Yoda says:

    Being an inter-galactic Star even better it would be

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  45. Yoda says:

    Real or fake this is?

    The above-named plaintiffs — and others to be included at a later date — allege that in separate instances the above-named defendant, James Bond, repeatedly made unwanted advances upon their persons, in locations including public areas, private hotel rooms, corporate-jet interiors, ski slopes, and hollowed-out volcano hideaways. Further, plaintiffs claim that defendant refused to accept their demurrals, would not take “No” for an answer, and in some instances used his considerable latitude vis-à-vis License to Kill etc. to coerce, intimidate, blackmail, and relentlessly pursue the plaintiffs into unwanted situations.

    Plaintiffs allege that defendant utilized the full powers of the British Secret Service to entice — via threats and promises — each plaintiff into acquiescing to acts and services beyond the normal, expected bounds of business behavior.

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  46. earlthomas786 says:

    ‘she seemed to be almost on the point of bursting into tears.’

    That’s what happens when your entire worldview has been shattered.

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  47. SFC Ton says:

    Mike Rowe seems allright. I respect how he has never walked away from his simple small scale farming roots

    By all appearances he is both a good man and good at being a man

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  48. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Fake it is. A Spectre plant it is. Up to mischief they are while laughing we are.

    International meme star and butt of repetitive joke she is.
    Nightmares I have with her dressing up as a lobster.

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  49. SFC Ton says:

    Being an inter-galactic Star even better it would be
    I don’t know. I kind find it a drag. Sure having chicks throw there panties and hotel keys at you is fun but there are some big bitches in the galaxy and who wants circus tents dropped on them?
    Not to mention hordes of creaming girls scare off ducks, geese, deer, hogs, bears and fish. And hunting is way more important them hot inter-galactic alein chicks

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  50. Cheque d'Out says:

    My sympathies, Mighty Ton. The load you carry is immense. As is mine. Obviously.


  51. Cheque d'Out says:

    Ton, we desperately need someone with balls in charge. If you’re not available then Trump is almost as acceptable as your stand in.


  52. Cill says:

    “she seemed to be almost on the point of bursting into tears.”

    So you are saying women aren’t allowed to be emotional?

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  53. Cheque d'Out says:

    It’ll never end for her. Her lobster’s cooked.

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  54. Cill says:

    Theresa May has stayed in office because the Tories have had no alternative, they say. That seems to be the way things are done these days. The western world is in the grip of a sissy paralysis, and it’s new. It invites its most ancient and intractable enemies inside its gates. It identifies its most productive citizens by gender and race in order to bring them down along with everything that made western civilization superior to all others. It’s the way of women.

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  55. Cheque d'Out says:

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  56. Cheque d'Out says:

    Saw that interview, Ton. The moron is right there with Bernie.


  57. Cill says:

    Someone suggested Justin might be a bit dense. I have to agree. He’s a bit dense the poor buggar. We should stop criticizing him. He can’t help it.

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  58. Cheque d'Out says:

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  59. Cheque d'Out says:

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  60. Cill says:

    You couldn’t get two more different people than Maggie and May.

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  61. Cheque d'Out says:

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  62. Cill says:

    Rod Stewart’s old song of that name (Maggie May) was about his time as toyboy for an older woman.

    But you turned into a lover
    And mother what a lover!
    You wore me out
    All you did was wreck my bed
    And in the morning kick me in the head

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  63. earlthomas786 says:

    ‘Because of immigration, I said Brexit was going to be a big upset and I was right.’

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  64. Cheque d'Out says:

    The comments are…unkind
    And relentless

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  65. earlthomas786 says:

    ‘Someone suggested Justin might be a bit dense.’

    I can’t imagine why.

    [Perhaps the “Jar-Jar” of Canada he would be]

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  66. Yoda says:

    Unhappy with women folk he is

    The leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula griped about wives spilling their jihadist husbands’ secrets in a recent video that concluded with the terror group, frustrated about spies and subsequent drone strikes, issuing a blanket ban on cell phones.

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  67. Cill says:

    It’s a time of moon phenomena. The full moon Jan 2 was huge and early next month there will be another full moon and then an eclipse. I might get up in the wee hours and record it. This was the one in 2015, a “Blood Moon”, as seen in New Zealand:

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  68. Farm Boy says:

    Chelsea Clinton promoted a Washington Post op-ed written by the slimy John Podesta and United Nations globalist, Timothy Wirth. The op-ed which blatantly pushes eugenics and global population reduction is titled, ‘Women’s Rights Issues Are Climate Change Issues‘.

    The op-ed encourages women to abort their babies

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  69. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I think that I need a lobster suit of my own to chase Cathy Newman in my dreams.

    “I had this door installed to keep feminists from braking in.”
    Still laughing. Imagining Big Res’s reaction. Laughing some more.

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  70. Cill says:

    Feminists would pass through that doorway nipples first no problem followed by boobs then heads with yards to spare but halt at the belly and bum.

    And I would oblige Big Red by slamming the door in her face when she yells out “shut the fuck up”.

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  71. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Chelsea, Eugenics? Have you been talking to a pug in Scotland?


  72. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    They would get stuck and expect a man to help them out. At least you can say that Big Red is consistent.

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  73. Yoda says:

    If ride on Big Red’s shoulders I did
    A Christmas Decoration we would be

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  74. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It has been a while.

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  75. Yoda says:

    The nation’s highest military court has thrown out the 2012 rape conviction of a Coast Guard enlisted man because admirals and prosecutors packed the seven-member jury with five women, four of whom held jobs as advocates for victims of sexual assault.

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  76. Yoda says:

    Emotional isolation has calamitous health implications, and it’s becoming more prevalent in America. Why? One developmental psychologist says America’s toxic masculine culture kills young boys’ friendships right as boys are expected to “grow up” into men, and those loss of friendships may echo throughout men’s lives.


  77. Farm Boy says:

    Failed Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance at the Grammy Awards Sunday night as part of a parade of musicians reading excerpts from “Fire And Fury,” the gossip book about President Donald Trump released just weeks ago.

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  78. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Liz reacts to the news of the bogus conviction being overturned.


  79. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    More on Patrick Brown from Diana Davison. Runs eight and a half minutes.


  80. Cheque d'Out says:

    I think I love the latest James Cordon Show

    He’s sitting there with Sting and Shaggy at the end.

    p.s. Just joking about the ‘love’ thang. I can’t stand the cnut. How he gets to identify as a comedian I have no idea.


  81. SFC Ton says:

    I am fairly sure Emotional isolation has calamitous health implications.

    The rest is bullshit


  82. Cheque d'Out says:

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  83. @Horseman re: links
    “Hey, guys don’t freak out! We won’t call HR if you hold the door open for us,” said the scorpion to the frog.

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  84. earlthomas786 says:

    ‘Don’t freak out! We won’t call HR if you ask us how our weekend was,’ said the spider to the fly.

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  85. because admirals and prosecutors packed the seven-member jury with five women, four of whom held jobs as advocates for victims of sexual assault.

    Will these admirals and prosecutors now be charged with conspiracy? Obstruction of justice?

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  86. Yoda says:

    A new post from the Glorious Patriarch there was going to be?

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  87. Cheque d'Out says:

    Point Good. I shall look

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  88. Yoda says:

    The only thing worse than being black? Being a woman.

    That’s the bold claim by actress Julie Delpy, who revealed at the Sundance Film Festival that the toughest gig in Hollywood is being female.

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  89. Yoda says:


    That’s the hashtag brewing after Sunday’s Grammy Awards, where only one of the nine main prizes presented during the telecast was won by a woman.

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  90. Yoda says:

    The BBC said on Friday that it was reducing the salaries of several of its most prominent male journalists following Carrie Gracie’s decision this month to leave her position as the British broadcaster’s China editor to protest unequal pay between men and women at the organization.

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  91. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Curious about the absent post from our Glorious Patriarch I am. Time sensitive it was supposed to be.


  92. Yoda says:

    The Grammys are under fire for falling woefully short of the Time’s Up movement’s “gender equity” standards. In fact, as the New York Daily News points out, only one woman won any main event award Sunday night, and for some reason many of the female nominees didn’t perform solo, like most of their male counterparts. To make matters worse, leading up to the event, a research team did a little digging and found that Sunday night was not an anomaly.


  93. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Solipsism does interfere with objective perception..

    Not the outcome women at the BBC were expecting, was it?


  94. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Tomorrow’s news today. Many humans indicted for attempting to bribe the mayor with beef jerky.

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  95. Cheque d'Out says:

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