Deti’s End Of Year Thoughts

This is what happens when you put men and women together in a workplace.

Men chase attractive women. Women chase attractive men.

Some woman somewhere doesn’t like it when an unattractive man tries to act like an attractive man. Some woman somewhere doesn’t like it when a man uses his power and influence to get a woman (women) into bed, and then that woman doesn’t get something she wants (a relationship, a job promotion) or feels something she doesn’t want to feel (guilt, remorse, slutty, used).

Men change and adapt to the situations they find themselves in. Women demand that the situations they find themselves in change and adapt to fit the women in them.

Part of changing and adapting the men are doing are:

1) excluding women, refusing to hire women

2) GTOW/refusing to date women

3) Refusing to interact with women in the workplace

4) Refusing to work with women

5) surreptitious recording of interactions with women

The funny thing is that some of the fixes proposed in that article are clear violations of employment antidiscrimination laws – treating men and women fundamentally differently solely on the basis of sex. And so I think more and more businesses will respond by refusing to hire women and by hiring less qualified men over more qualified women. And the even funnier thing is that that hiring practice IN ITSELF is a violation of US antidiscrimination laws. I am waiting for the day when a company gets sued for employment discrimination and uses as its defense

“We don’t hire women because we don’t want the expense or risk of spurious sex harassment/sex misconduct claims. One claim, even if true, could put us out of business. We want to stay in business. Men don’t make sex harassment claims. Women do – and we’ve investigated them, and found most of them to be so trivial as to be ridiculous, even more of them are a result of thin skinned hypersensitive women, or out and out false. And it costs us a shitton of money and expense and lost productivity. And we’re sick of it. Sure, some women aren’t a problem. But some are, and we don’t know who will be until they’re here. Hiring and employing women is more trouble, effort, time and expense than it’s worth.

I know, I know. The response is “then hire men who don’t harass women; and fire men who do, and you’ll be fine.” Well, no it isn’t fine. Because businesses have done that. And men have changed. But as usual with women, it isn’t enough. It’s NEVER enough. They always want more, demand more, expect more. They always push and push and demand that people, workplaces, churches, EVERYTHING, change to suit THEM.

Not only that, what the fuck do people expect to happen when you put men and women together, and some of those men are attractive? Well, shit. Women chase that attractive man. And that attractive man can do whatever the fuck he wants – he can violate sex harassment policies to his heart’s fucking content, and fuck his way through all the women in the office. And women HAVE NO GODDAMN problem with that WHATSOEVER. It’s when some middling to unattractive man meekly asks out some woman at work, and she calls HR on him and he gets his ass fired.

It is all about women getting everything they want, and men getting squeezed harder and harder and harder until they get NOTHING they NEED.

I know, I know. “You’re just pissed off because you’re not attractive! Suck it, asshole!” Well, if we’re going to have a society based on “attractive men get everything; unattractive men get nothing”, then Game is what you get. You get more and more unmarried women vying for the fewer attractive men. You get more and more divorces. You get more societal instability. You get more sluts and cads. You get an increasingly alienated, deprived, pissed off male majority living in lack, poverty and sexual deserts. You get more and more “entitled”, bitchy, masculine women.

You get extreme radical fundamentalism. You get hookers and brothels. You get moral decay and depravity. You get societal breakdown where people don’t trust each other at all, where individuals have no stake in society, and where society gives a majority of its individuals nothing and no rights. You get a society in which an increasing number of men see no reason to defend that society. You get civil unrest. You get civil war.


Why do most people here post anonymously? Because at bottom, we don’t trust each other. But more, we don’t trust those we don’t know – lurkers who read here. If we posted under our real names, within the hour the things I’ve said here would be in front of my bosses and I would very likely be fired. The things we talk about here are unpopular, and in today’s #metoo environment, would certainly “make someone uncomfortable”. That would be enough to summarily dismiss me from my employment and make me unemployable, and I’d probably be hauled in front of the state lawyers’ disciplinary board and brought up on disciplinary charges. I’d probably lose my law license or at least get a reprimand, which would be a permanent blemish on my license and likely make me unemployable.

The society we live in becomes less and less free by the day, folks. We are not free.


I’m still waiting for the time when one of these women calls my current employer to accuse me of harassment and demand that I be fired:

–that girl back in college I had a ONS with and didn’t call back

–that girl back in high school I went out with and kissed without asking her first

–that girlfriend back in college I had a huge blowout fight with and we called each other all kinds of nasty names during a shouting match

–that girl back in college i had sex with when we were both really drunk


Bottom line, boys and girls — it’s now illegal to be an unattractive man in 21st century America. If you are an unattractive man, you can make a living; but it is illegal for you to be the “man” part. It is illegal for unattractive men to act on their sexual drives. It is illegal for unattractive men to act like men. It is illegal for unattractive men to ask women out, to ask for dates, to show overt sexual interest in women.

It is illegal for unattractive men to be “men” in 21st century America. If an unattractive man attempts to act like a man, he will lose his job, be sued for damages, and possibly brought up on criminal charges.

That’s where we are at the end of 2017, folks.


And when you make it illegal for men to be men, you radicalize those men. You divest them of any stake in the society they live in. You give them no reason to ally themselves with you. You give them no reason to defend the society they live in; and every reason to attack it and destabilize it from within. You make them into your enemies.

Why would anyone expect any man to give anything to a society when that society makes clear it will give him nothing and in fact will attack him and take from him what little he does have?


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  1. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    If it descends to this, women are going to hate it because the top five percent of men is not going to spread that far. What are the other ninety five percent of men going to be doing? Nothing that women can profit from.

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  2. earlthomas786 says:

    What we are seeing now is the reason why female sexuality should be regulated. It makes it more equitable for more men to have the shot at marriage and have stake in society. When the sexuality is unregulated only a few men get the women and the rest either have no purpose or turn to destructive tendencies.

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  3. Yoda says:

    If it descends to this, women are going to hate it because the top five percent of men is not going to spread that far.

    But the women spread they will

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  4. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I can’t remember which video she spoke of it in, but Karen Straughan has said that feminism ‘s promise to women is better men. Women have always had access to reproductive opportunity and they took it for granted. Hypergamy this acute brings this into question. For the first time in history, women will have to consider that they created a situation that led a lot of them to involuntary celibacy. When the realization of this hits them, they are going to be screaming.


  5. Found out why Star Wars sucks now.

    Kathleen Kennedy founded the group in 2012 when she succeeded George Lucas as president of Lucasfilm, putting Kiri Hart, a former film and TV writer, in charge of the unit. Ms. Hart’s first move was to make the story group entirely female, starting with Rayne Roberts and Carrie Beck

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  6. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I will loan George Lucas the two dollars.


  7. Farm Boy says:

    A man and a woman are facing prostitution charges after they sought law enforcement’s assistance in settling a dispute over a $150 payment for a sexual encounter, according to South Carolina police.

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  8. Its -30 (in c and f) in a large part of north america.

    Most want to hunker down inside where its warm and easy.

    Now think of all the people who are out working in this.

    Pause and make a list of the people who are out right now and tomorrow because

    And hundreds of thousands are now retiring each year.

    Now as Deti says
    “Why would anyone expect any man to give anything to a society when that society makes clear it will give him nothing and in fact will attack him and take from him what little he does have?”

    Those people out in the cold working DON’T HAVE TO BE!!

    They could go mgtow and live easily off a nice cumfy starbucks job. (Especially in Ontario with a new 14 minimum wage).

    2018 the year the masses wake up
    2019 the year the masses fend for themselves.

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  9. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I just am laughing thinking about all the women calling in to complain about the lights.


  10. Cops
    Long term care workers
    Airport ramp crews
    Plow operators
    Tow truck drivers (aaa\caa)
    Logistics drivers
    Dairy milkers
    Furnace repairmen
    Hydro workers
    Water plant operators
    Sewer line crews
    Stable hands
    Railroad engineers and linemen

    Like the girlpower remake says
    Who ya gonna call??

    Oops, they all fucked off and said let the remakes handle it.

    -30, frostbite in 10 minutes, mmm sassy!

    ( i left soldiers off the list cause they would never abandon their duty. )

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  11. And not just emergency or public services.

    Think of the critical businesses that have to run 7 days, where staff cant not show up.

    Food workers in long term care homes
    Food and medicine delivery for shut ins
    Dock workers
    Vet techs in boarding hospitals
    Building superintendents

    These are all businesses, not government services that could say fuck it, aint worth the hassle.

    Im working monday, new years. My stable owner would be fucked if I didnt show, but I would’t do that to my equine charges.

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  12. Farm Boy says:

    I wonder if Moe needs to be careful with the Sheilas at work…


  13. Farm Boy says:

    What a Mom

    New Year’s resolutions:
    1. Cultivate female friendships
    2. Band together to kill all men

    — Emily McCombs (@msemilymccombs) December 29, 2017

    It appears the editor of @HuffPost @msemilymccombs has removed this deeply offensive & misandrist tweet. Ms McCombs is also mother to a son @Suffragentleman

    — Fathers4Justice (@F4JOfficial) December 30, 2017

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  14. earlthomas786 says:

    World’s Okayest Mom

    That self evaulation might be a bit too high.

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  15. Cill says:

    I’m 4 hours into 2018. Happy new year.

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  16. In other “Women Never Learn” news, woman refuses to learn anything, makes all the wrong conclusions from her work and family experiences regarding the lack of women in tech.

    View at

    This article is pre-Weinstein/ #METOO so all the comments about men mentoring women in tech are all the more funny.

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  17. Best over reach of 2017.

    From the be careful what you wish for files.

    California is leading the charge to outlaw non disclosure agreements.

    They are the legal contracts where the victim of abuse is paid a sum to quietly go away.
    If they break the confidentiality they owe the money back plus some.

    They are also used to get rid of an employee “with different work styles” who have not done anything for cause. I.e. a new firm president comes in and a week later the CFO is replaced because of politics, yup non disclosure payout.

    By banning these it will have HUGE ripples thru both labour, business and criminal law.

    Basically it reduces recourse in ANY situation to either

    1. Lay criminal charges
    2. Take allowed employment action PROVING cause
    3. Carry on the employment WITHOUT sanction of either party if you cant do 1 or 2.

    In the case of real harassment, employeediscipline etc ….wonderful…day in court and if the actions are proven…done.

    Anything else……. NADA.
    Oh they harassed you…call the cops or shut up….no payday for you.

    You did harass therm….no hiding…no hush money…Officer…

    But all the gray where you just want to part ways…….never again.

    A legislation to address a narrow problem will be huge. Especially in organized labour.
    Ive done hundreds of arbitrations. 2% go to judgement, the rest are settled in minutes of settlement. Non disclosure in exchange for something is boilerplate because you never settled who was wrong.

    Think of it. Every single union grievance must go to arbitration and settlement itherwise it becomes past practice and jurisprudence.



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  18. Kentucky

    From the article…the diehard feminist admits

    “Despite that, we paid premium salaries to bring a few women who did well in our interviews. But, they lacked the energy to put us into overdrive. Worse, they were starting to drain the energy from the rest of the team. Eventually, we had to do the right thing for the company and let them go. ”

    The women who had the like to go into stem, who could hack the program to acquire the skills……did not have the drive!! I.e. the desire to stay up to solve the problem!!

    Now reverse the roles….men hired to run the PR and find the perfect picture and tagline for thier twitter account….same thing!!! They can do it but they dont lime it enough to “put us into overdrive”

    Let people self select to thier abilities and talents.

    Its not hard.

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  19. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    To you and Molly, Tom, Choicy, Moe, his Mum, and all the rest of the down under crew, Happy New Year!

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  20. Farm Boy says:

    Maybe that mother could force her son into s sex change operation before she goes on her rampage to kill men. Would that be too logical?

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  21. Farm Boy says:

    Academic: Teachers must prevent ‘assimilation’ of ‘whiteness’

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  22. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    I hope not. I feel rotten for boys who have to grow up with feminist mothers. While we see it as child abuse, I doubt a court will.

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  23. BuenaVista says:

    Concur with Deti, except that I dissent from his comments suggesting that the dilemma is restricted to “unattractive” men.

    A man, today, is deemed “attractive” if a woman gets what she wants out of him. So she may grant total license to this week’s Tom Brady. But if Tom doesn’t give her what she wants (LTR, chocolates, New Year’s in St. Bart’s, sperm) he will immediately, and spectacularly, become “unattractive.” And then Tom Brady becomes the target, too.

    Most everyone in the manosphere appears to think the current situation celebrates and benefits alpha cads. However, by their nature, the hawt dewdbros are not going to be giving their HB7 infatuated woman friends what they want. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a scorned average-looking chick with a 101 IQ who is now staring at spinsterhood or marrying Bob from accounting. She’s walking around with a .44 Magnum in the form of the anonymous sexual harassment hotline.

    Laugh, but NBCTV already has such a hotline.

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  24. SFC Ton says:

    Don’t trust each other……. yes and no. There are people around here I trust and they have my legit contact info like phone number. There are people around here I trust to SWAT me if they had that info. Either way I trust them

    My favorite business so far is chickens. Why? So few people to interact with, no full time employees and lots of money. Employees suck ass most of the time

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  25. BuenaVista says:

    One other observation: I wouldn’t get involved with any enterprise that self-promoted by virtue-signalling how tough it is on (nonexistent) harassment/rape culture. To me it is just as dumb to invest in, or work for, some enterprise that prattles on about how they’re “making a difference in the fight against climate change.” I do wonder if other people think this way, or if they all just go ghost on the faux-issues in order to draw a check and make their payments on their borrowed cars and homes.

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  26. SFC Ton says:

    LOL Horseman, it was 19 degrees last night and I had to spend about 2 hours in it tending to a heating problem with one of my chicken houses. Still better then employees

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  27. Spawny Get says:

    Cill, thanks for taking the plunge for us. Best wishes for all

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  28. BuenaVista says:

    Happy New Year, Ton. You’re the best.

    Up here in the arctic, we just do pigs and turkeys. And laying chickens (eggs). The challenge with confinement livestock is the risk of catastrophic disease, and in these verticals, getting the fulltime help required. (I wouldn’t want to be shipping pigs tomorrow, and no one else does, either: High Temp: -15F.) Curious how you manage the disease aspect, not knowing anything about confinement chicken ops.

    The noobs on the police here asked me last summer why I answered the front door with a holstered pistol on my person. This was the conversation that ended with some fat asshole with three stripes telling me that if I asked him one more question he was taking me in. It was 0030 at the time of their visit, of course I was fucking armed. The SWATTing phenomenon just exposes local SWATs for the amateurs that they are.

    End sovereign immunity.

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  29. earlthomas786 says:

    ‘. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a scorned average-looking chick with a 101 IQ who is now staring at spinsterhood or marrying Bob from accounting. She’s walking around with a .44 Magnum in the form of the anonymous sexual harassment hotline. ‘

    Yup women have made marriage unattractive with the no fault laws…they will now make relationships, sex, dates, and interacting with them unattractive by going way too far with #metoo.

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  30. SFC Ton says:

    SWAT guys know what they are doing( by and large). The main problems are……

    #1 they believe the hype about how dangerous being a cop is. Last I checked it wasn’t even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in America

    #2 is all cops are big government liberals who think the government use of force is always legit.

    #3 militarization of law enforcement

    Combine the 3 and you get all these lethal responses because their training and rules of engagement giving them more rights to shot drunk ass Harry Homeowner then we had to zero out hajjis because they all think they are seconds from death at every moment.

    It’s fucking insane


    Trying to explain this for the non famers…. verticals is basically the critter supply chain. I am a contract grower, doing broiler houses for one of the biggest poultry firms around. Basically where the chicks grow up to slaughter weight. Some guys do eggs, some guys hatch them and raise them a few days before sending them to me and some dudes breed the breeders who drop the eggs and what not

    I am in the least technical end of things. For us out here climate control is the most important part. I have certain things I need to look for( my part time help actually) when we pull the dead ones out of houses. If I see those things I call a 1-800-oh-shit number and they send help.

    I get new chicks every 14 weeks. 12 weeks to fatten them up, 2 weeks to clean out the houses and repair whatever is jacked up. Most days a retarded monkey can do this shit, and if things go well I will be diverted of everything I have but the plant and the chicken shit by June.

    So to BV… chickens are easier then turkey, it’s mostly controlled via cleaning the houses and climate control and I have technical back up 24-7 via the partnered slaughter houses. By far the best way to make money I know of. If you have an eye for detail and can stay on top of the small stuff….. Which is basically what e7’s do for years on end

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  31. Cill says:

    BuenaVista, that’s as I see it here too, in my part of the world (an admittedly small population of 4.5 million in an area about the size of Great Britain).

    The “Beta” is not the only man at risk of being accused. Hot men can make women furious by declining or ignoring them. An average woman thinks she’s a hot man’s equal in attractiveness. If she wants to make him pay for turning her down, accusing him of sexual abuse is an easy way to do it.

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  32. Farm Boy says:

    It has become impossible to distinguish the LGBTQWTF cause du jour from a 4chan prank these days. First it was the unforgettable new acronym LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP unveiled in Canada that set everyone wondering if we were being pranked (apparently not) and now it’s #MyIdentityIsValid. Signs are floating around Twitter and Instagram showing gender nonspecific people looking dour with demands for the rest of us to use awkward pronouns like “they” and “them” for a single person. If I was the sort of person to entertain such an asinine request, the grammar freak in me simply could not do it under any circumstances. Sorry, dear, but I can only refer to you as the third person pronoun that refers to you in the singular form with the appropriate gender, of which there are two. I will make exceptions for conjoined twins.

    Is this real? I honestly can’t tell.

    Only you can prevent pronoun violence.

    — I,Hypocrite (@lporiginalg) May 10, 2017

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  33. Farm Boy says:

    We should look at other measures of success aside from the male-typical indices of sheer earnings and positions of power when we consider what women want.


  34. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    “Only you can prevent pronoun violence.”
    I wonder where that came from?


  35. JDG says:

    We should look at other measures of success aside from the male-typical indices of sheer earnings and positions of power when we consider what women want.

    Why would any sane person attempt to measure success from the point of view of what women want?

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  36. JDG says:

    “Only you can prevent pronoun violence.”

    I wonder where that came from

    SJW lala land.

    “pronoun violence” LOL

    Those two words make as much sense together as Hollywood and intelligence.

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  37. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Could success be measured in sandwiches?


  38. JDG says:

    Could success be measured in sandwiches?

    I could make that work.

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  39. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    There is a small matter of eating the evidence of success. Still, it would make my tummy happy.

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  40. @ton 15 or so years ago I was working an IT contract at the main post office branch in Louisville and when walking through the main truck loading docks was surprised to here a bunch of chicks peeping in several boxes on a pallet. Apparently they were being “mailed” to someone at your stage in the process. I just though it was weird that farm animals would get sent through the mail.

    How much space does your operation take?

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  41. Love says:

    Oh boy! Sorry if my gender specific exclamation was offensive to anyone 😉. Now we are to refer to non-binaries as ‘they’? Doesn’t that make them plural rather than singular? Isn’t the singular form ‘it’? Thank goodness this hasn’t been applied in the romance languages. Their entire vocabulary would have to be dismantled.

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  42. Love says:

    Awww Smokey the Bear ❤

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  43. Farm Boy says:

    There were many crazy moments to choose from in 2017 as universities became free speech battlegrounds.

    Between protests that involved students carrying baseball bats around campus and the interrogation of a teaching assistant who simply showed a debate clip from public television, 2017 may have been one of the most tumultuous years for college campuses in recent memory.

    Here are our picks for the craziest stories of the year

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  44. fuzziewuzziebear says:


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  45. earlthomas786 says:

    I never got the ‘they’, ‘them’ substitution for gender either. I’d be inclined to ask if they have schizophrenia than what sex they are.


  46. Farm Boy says:

    A woman who requested a female nurse for an intimate procedure was given an “obviously male” member of staff with stubble and tattoos, who claimed to be a transsexual.

    The National Health Service (NHS) patient said she was “embarrassed and distressed” when summoned by a nurse with “an obviously male appearance … close-cropped hair, a male facial appearance and voice, large number of tattoos and facial stubble” to carry out a cervical smear

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  47. Farm Boy says:

    The symbol of the Iranian freedom protests, this time around, is even a woman who threw off her veil in front of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and stood defiantly as freedom fighters massed around her.

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  48. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    Feminists opened the door to all this. I have read posts from men in the UK about how nurses afford no privacy, presuming that men are undeserving of it. They don’t like it when the shoe goes on the other foot.

    I wonder when overseas advocates for the rights of women will call American feminists out?


  49. Farm Boy says:

    Looks like some have moved beyond debates about sex education in public schools and are instead advocating something new — such as buying children sex toys.


  50. Cheque d'Out says:

    Happy New Year to all

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  51. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Happy New Year to all of us!

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  52. Farm Boy says:

    I feel no sisterhood with women because we share a common body part, preferring to select those women I feel friendship with akin to sisterhood. My wish for 2018 is that all women participating in it, End the War on Men!

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  53. Agree with ton

    Most farming is not overly smart just common sense and knowing what to look for.
    And its as honest as honest work gets.

    We run 150 acres of hay plus another 100 in pasture plus the training areas. Covers about 30 to 35 horses. Haying is easy for most of the summer followed by three weeks of hard work bringing it in.

    Daily its just a matter of moving horses between their paddocks or pastures, graining, watering. Check them for injury, check their coats, switch blankets, mucking out.

    Taking care of thirty in four paddocks incuding mucking out is about five hours this time of year. Summer maybe 4. Rest of it is maintenance, fixing fences, etc. Frozen water lines common.

    Similair is the dairy operation I help with.

    Three herds of 100 ish each. One inseminated, one recovering, one waiting. Morning routine is 4 am to 9 to milk all 300 odd. 20 lires each on average. Then offloading to the truck and sterilizing every other day. Then feeding and maintenance. Insemination is a two weeks every three months or so.Then milk again 5 to 9 pm. Checking for injury, pregnancy or disease is about an hour a day. Calving is the only real bitchy part.

    Farming is knowing a thousand tricks of the trade for the type you do and hard work and the tenacity to get up Every Fucking Day 365. And putting faith in things outside your control like weather.

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  54. Kentucky

    Was a ramp manager for Fedex. You’d be amazed what gets moved. We didnt do livestock much but loomis and others did. Chicks, reptiles are common. Horse when drugged and a vet on board.

    Semen for insemination were priority. I’d get a list each morning of bottles coming thru in dry ice for customs so I could expedite it. Some farms save for years for one shot to increase their herds. Horse, cow semen can be 10k plus a shot. The dry ice is only good for 48 hours so a customs hold could kill a farm.

    Worst was the time we moved two elephants in a 747. Three handlers and a vet.
    Know what we used to keep em calm?

    Baby chicks.
    Turned a couple dozen loose at their feet. The elephants didnt want to injure the chicks so they stayed still.

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  55. Boys check ze filter pleaze.


  56. As Ton gears up in the chicken biz, I have a mixed poultry flock I am in the process of downsizing. Dancers bf just gifted me w a chicken cone today, in fact. :/ (one puts the chickens in head down, blood rushes to their head, they apparently go to sleep or pass out, then a peaceful dispatching w a cut to the jugular finishes the job. It all sounds good but… We’ll see!) I have 12 birds now, realistically need to keep it at five or less. We just don’t eat that many eggs and I am too busy otherwise to mess w selling them. At the moment they are breaking most of them anyway so… Time to downsize. :/

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  57. Cill says:

    Report from “Stuff” Australia about New Years Eve (NYE) tensions on the rugged Coromandel:

    Our neighbours in New Zealand truly are a wild bunch, and they’re constantly gifting us with just great news stories

    “Some Crafty Kiwis Made An Actual Island Out Of Sand To Avoid A NYE Booze Ban.”

    Occupying the “island” as the tide came in, the Kiwi New Year’s Eve revelers told onlookers “they were safe from the booze ban because they resided in ‘international waters’…

    Inspector John Kelly, a local police official, told Stuff that law enforcement didn’t know about Booze Island, but if they did they wouldn’t have given a shit. ‘That’s creative thinking,’ Kelly told the publication. ‘If I had known that I probably would have joined them.'”

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  58. Cheque d'Out says:

    Promote that cop. Or send him over here.


  59. Farm Boy says:

    Does Moe drink alcohol?


  60. Farm Boy says:

    In September, “Outkick the Coverage” founder Clay Travis said live on CNN that the First Amendment and boobs had never let him down in life, causing anchor Brooke Baldwin to cut the interview short.

    Baldwin later tweeted to men that such language “is never okay.”

    That was… I just… it was one of those thought bubbles “did he actually say that on MY SHOW?!” Note to men — that is never okay. #smh

    — Brooke Baldwin (@BrookeBCNN) September 15, 2017

    Sunday during CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage, Baldwin touted her balls as being bigger than fellow anchor Don Lemon’s.

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  61. That news anchor sure is a (not) good example of the double standard! :/ Hopefully she got called out on that!

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  62. Slept in. -11 F going out to care for ponies.
    Still beats the office.
    Happy new year

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  63. SFC Ton says:

    Yup Horesman, attention to detail and giving a shit…. plus a healthy dose of Jack of all trades

    The cold front is more serious then perdicted so i will spend the next few nights sleeping in my truck and checking on the chicken houses every 2 hours. I have beef too but they can handle the cold better and who the hell wants to eat the cost of 80k chickens? Give or take. I piled up some round bales to make a big ass wind break for my cows. They’ll be fine and th3 drunk fucked I pay to watch them might be pretty useless in the most of life but he knows beef and loves tending to cows

    I get 3 cuts a year on my hay. Which feeds my stock then some but it’s not a very profitable way to use the land. I would make more renting that land out to a solar farm outfit.

    Hey Headhunter! I get mine via truck but they mail bees too….which I have always thought was sketchy.


  64. Cill says:

    Farming. We were no strangers to work. Up until the age of 8 we were “dogs bodies” fetching things for adults, helping men with round-ups, crutching, lambing, calving, fencing, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, building etc. At shearing time we were dog’s bodies in the woolsheds. Being with the men we learned and gradually worked with less supervision. By the age of 8 we were expected to handle tasks without supervision. Going out to move stock and manage them on the mountains in all weather from heat waves to blizzards. Excellent animal husbandry = profit. Less than excellent = loss.

    There’s no co-operation from nature. Man does all the co-operating while nature goes its own way e.g. any global warming or cooling is Nature, not Man. I learned that man fits in with nature or fails. Feminists, LGBT, with their multiple sexes etc are fools to think they can beat nature. They will fail, and if we allow them to lead us against nature we will all fail.

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  65. Happy New Year to all.

    Dear Lord,
    Give me a few friends
    who will love me for what I am,
    and keep ever burning
    before my vagrant steps
    the kindly light of hope…
    And though I come not within sight
    of the castle of my dreams,
    teach me to be thankful for life,
    and for time’s olden memories
    that are good and sweet.
    And may the evening’s twilight
    find me gentle still.

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  66. SFC Ton says:

    Excellent animal husbandry = profit. Less than excellent = loss.
    Like a boss


  67. Farm Boy says:

    In a recent interview with Spiked Review, Christina Hoff Sommers said feminism has officially gone off the rails in the age of Trump. “It’s all quite absurd,” said the American Enterprise Institute resident scholar. “This is not how men came to power. These are antics that reinforce some of the worst stereotypes about women. And it’s just going to isolate the movement and not make it more attractive.”

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  68. 80k chickens?!? You don’t do anything small scale do ya? 😉

    I got 10 Cornish cross this spring and they have offed each other until I am down to four. It’s like hunger games in my chicken coop. I am kinda grossed out by the whole thing. I’ll keep you guys posted on how the cone works out.

    In other news they found evidence of dinosaurs having feathers in a sample of amber found in China. I always thought the chickens acted very much like dinosaurs.

    Wishing both you and Horseman and the critters the best in the cold snap. Stay warm!


  69. A farmer whose works I admire is Joel Salatin. He’s an activist, always fighting w big govt. over laws that put small scale farms out of biz. One of his books is, “Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal.” Highly recommended. The company you grow for (there’s only three I believe) wouldn’t approve of his methods but he’s interesting.

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  70. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I think that Christina Hoff Sommers should know that feminism has always been “male averse”. The moderates can’t hide anymore.

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  71. […] I found this comment over at Spawny’s Space. […]


  72. molly says:

    Happy new year Spawny and Americans!
    GO! Go kick a** this year!
    A** is an Americanism eh. We say ar**.
    GO Y’ALL!

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  73. molly says:

    An Ass is a Donkey not an ass!
    (heh heh)


  74. SFC Ton says:

    Economy of scale darling

    12 chickens is a pain in the ass
    240,000 chickens nets about 150k


  75. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Molly!!! Burrito, burrito, burrito.
    Think warm thoughts. It’s cold here.

    More on Christian Hoff Sommers. It looks as if moderates are deserting feminism. As they leave, the radicals will remain, making the whole ideology look radical.Still, the moderates never did have anything to say to the radicals to keep them reasonable. It will just get worse.

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  76. SFC Ton says:

    The moderates arent leaving feminism. They arent asking to repeal alimony laws, child support, title ix etc etc. The moderates want to hold the current level of anti male business as usual vs expanding it

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  77. 12 chickens eat a lot of feed, I can only imagine what 240k of them would eat. Does the company provide the chicks and feed? How do you manage all the poop? Are they caged or running around on the floor? Did they provide the buildings or did you build/buy them? Just curious how all that works… Is it 150k profit or total?


  78. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    The last numbers that I heard were that eighteen percent identify as feminist in the US. In the UK, it is seven percent. There is only one reason for this. Feminism has an image problem.

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  79. SFC Ton says:

    women wanting to hold the shitty line of feminism at this point ain’t the worse sign but as always deeds not words

    they don’t call them feminist…… yet the still support feminism to the hilt on a whole lot of shit?


  80. I’d say far more women are feminist than the numbers suggest. They may not self identify as feminist but start asking about giving up feminist “gains” (voting, birth control, affirmative action, etc) and chances are they are for all those things, assume they are as a given “right” as water is wet.

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  81. Cill says:

    The effect of “Moderate” feminists is to divert attention away from the truth that feminism is the name for a defect in female minds.

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  82. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    If they won’t identify as feminist, they must see something wrong with it. I wonder what that could be?

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  83. SFC Ton says:

    Net. Expecting to do better this year due to equipment upgrades reducing maintainince cost

    I provide the houses, all the maintenance on the houses, baby sitting and clean up. Every 12 weeks I remove the litter and clean the place. The chickens free range inside the house 😉

    hey cover all other costs, sent us to chicken school, provide tech support etc all.

    I am partnered up with the outfit that pays the last per pound but covers the most expenses so I am sure that’s a wash. They have been great so

    Big money in chickens, the farmers are aging out and their spoiled ass rich kids don’t want to deal with it. To low status I reckon

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  84. SFC Ton says:

    Do they see something wrong with feminism or has feminism become to directly confrontational for most women to run with? Women prefer backstabbing at night vs open and honest conflict

    I don’t know the answer but it is always wise to question the motives of women


  85. SFC Ton says:

    Get into the chicken bidness


  86. Have you looked into USDA grants and programs to maybe help w buildings etc?

    For example I was looking into alternative power/solar and found a grant that will reimburse 25% of a renovation I planned to do anyway, all I have to do is justify its an “energy efficient” upgrade, which is no problem. I was thinking of adding some solar banks as well, also 25% off and zero % loans for the rest that pay themselves off in five years, then it’s 100% selling power back to the grid after that. There are programs for hoop houses and all sorts of things. When I called to inquire the gal was so excited, said they have more funds than applicants, she offered to practically fill out the papers for me they are so keen to get folks to do it. I haven’t yet as I wasn’t quite ready to pull the trigger at the time but I likely will be ready this year. Maybe you already found all this but… Hopefully it’s helpful!

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  87. The same program also covers wind, hydro, and geothermal. Maybe some heating for those coops?


  88. Cill says:

    That chicken business sounds like a good setup there Ton. I think the NZ market would be too small for something of that scale.


  89. SFC Ton says:

    No darling I have not. I am playing the disabled vet card though. Which so far has been good for 10% down on the ag loan vs the 20% they initially required AND 100k interest free loan on rehabbing some houses that are no longer in operation. I want that land, really pretty but of dirt with bear shit all over the place but not sure 100k would make that place profitable. Well thats not correct. I am damn sure 100k ain’t enough to turn it around.

    I have a tentative agreement from this one elderly family to buy their whole operation piecemeal. Which if it works will rebuild a large part of their grandpaw’s operatioin under one roof. They seem to like that and they seem to think their grandpaw would approve of The Ton. Reckon he was a rouge back in his day, lots of trips to Vegas when he still owned cotton gins and an untold number of children….. the Old South loves her rogues

    The folks I grow for do not go in for any hippie shit like solar power. the solar farm people pay $500-$700 per acre per year vs the median of $88 locally. I’ll get into the solar scam the second any of my dirt qualifies

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  90. SFC Ton says:

    Thanks Cill and I am sure you are correct. It’s hard for folks to imagine how big the usa is or how large we do things. You’re a travel man so I am sure you get that. NC has twice the number of New Zealand and we aren’t big by US standards. We have maybe 14k people living in this county, only 18 people per square mile. So damn rural folks around here think I am a city boy 😉

    300 acres in a lot of places would make me a big deal. Around here it’s cute little operation with some fancy cows, a nice little water fall and some Confederate graves…. I love this place, and good Lord willing my grandkids grandkids will be here, stable, healthy and prospours

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  91. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Could it be that they are embarrassed to associate themselves with feminists?


  92. Cill says:

    I still run a profitable operation mostly beef cattle and sheep. Nothing too complicated for managers to run when I’m away. I don’t need the money, but I’ve worked hard almost all my life and have an inner need to be productive. Molly is right, when I’m idle I get up to mischief.

    I made my money by good luck. Sold my first property for enough money to buy my current property and retire for life. It does mean I can put more time into diving, surfing, fishing, hunting, sailing. Not to mention sex. I add drinking to that list when I’m not too busy with other things. Nothing better than a shot or three at the end of the day. Thanks for recommending the Wild Turkey a year or two ago.

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  93. Cheque d'Out says:

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  94. Yoda says:

    A Churchill she is not

    Prime Minister Theresa May is set to cave to pressure from left-wingers in her own party and cabinet in their bid to fudge UK immigration figures.
    Leading leftist Tories have been campaigning for the Prime Minister to remove student numbers from the nation’s immigration data, artificially reducing statistics to help the government reach its long-standing aspiration of lowering numbers into the tens of thousands.

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  95. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Not good. Fudging figures is where faith goes out the window. How can anyone make a sound decision when the numbers can’t be trusted?


  96. There are loads of retiring farmers in my area in the same situation – their kin aren’t interested but they want to keep the farm going. Lots of opportunity for folks who want to work the land to step in as that next generation. As always, developers try to get farms to convert into subdivisions and cheap tract housing. Once the current old time farming generation is gone, their kids will likely just sell. Too few want to choose hard work and long term over quick easy money. So people keeping that land on agriculture before that happens is key! I hope those folks see that in you Ton. Good luck!


  97. SFC Ton says:

    Sounds like opportunity for you to exploit as well

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  98. I have, picked up some more land on a contract with just such an elderly couple. I missed another great opportunity this year when a local farmer would likely have given me a 40 acre piece of land had I asked, he wanted it kept in ag so badly, instead he passed away suddenly and his truly awful son who was on drugs and broke into his house and lied to him and broke his heart inherited it all. 800 acres in total. That was a huge reminder to ASK when one can! But it wasn’t mean to be. ASK while you can!


  99. Guests says:

    Happy new year from Jim. What is the difference between a blonde and the Suez Canal?
    One is a busy ditch.

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  100. “A Statistics Canada study found last year that the average age of Canadian farmers had reached 55 after rising for decades, and 92 per cent of farms had no written plan for who will take over when the operator retires. It also found there were more farmers over age 70, than under 35.” Jul 16, 2017

    Huge issue here. Farmer is one of the oldest profession per capita and no one wants to replace them. I think a large part of it is the daily commitment. “You mean you work Saturdays too?!!”

    Lots of farms locally are being sold off piecemeal because no one wants to take them over.

    Good for the Ton for keeping that farm intact.

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  101. SFC Ton says:

    Glad you can enjoy that bourbon Cill.


  102. The farmer liked me and what I had done with my own place, we hit it off w a mutual love of complaining about govt. overreach and such. No kidding he likely would have gifted me one of his places (he had several) just bc he liked the cut of my jib. We’d sort of discussed what I saw on his one family farms, and he LOVED that vision, but I never actually made the ask. Lesson learned… do not dally.

    He was a great guy, old rabble rouser, Vietnam vet, loved beer in the afternoon. He was so happy with the election results, I was happy he lived to see that. I said a prayer at his funeral that if he could pull some strings, I was ready and willing! Stranger things have happened! But even if not, I am beyond blessed already and learned a valuable lesson. ASK.


  103. SFC Ton says:

    Saturday’s, Sundays…. sleeping in your truck to be close to your stock….. Which I am about to do. Me, my lady pit and the new girl who just showed up at the house one day

    It’s been interesting seeing how things play out. Pills have ravaged the family I am working with. Maybe one great grandson is worth a fuck but he doesn’t want to farm. He has his own furniture store he built from scratch but he has been helpful in dealing with the various family members and I haven’t been making friends along the way.

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  104. Love says:

    I have always lived in the city and am very much a girly girl but I love nature. I think having a farm seems like such a great life. I picture picking apples and baking apple pies. Too bad I have no other skills in the farming realm.

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  105. BuenaVista says:

    Where I live farmers are also aging, as Horseman describes. However, consolidation is the game, and if a man dies some of his neighbors will be importuning his widow, to purchase or rent, before the funeral has even happened. Ground goes for $10-$12K at the moment.

    Because of the cost, it’s harder for a child to take over the operation. Farmers are scrupulous about treating all of their children equally. So if there are three children, but only one wants to take over, the other two have to be paid out (using bank debt) at the same time the other one borrows to take over the operation (current year operating loan). Or perhaps they’ll do an intra-family contract, but the financial effect is the same. Current commodity prices make that dodgy. So the patrimony of land and homestead is losing out to a rush for consolidation.

    I have one friend who is inheriting 2000 acres, after working for his father and uncle for $20/hour for 20 years, and living in a $50,000 house. I have another friend with three children, and two of them want nothing to do with the farm (1500 acres). I think he’ll farm until he’s 80, and then it will be sold off.

    As Ton noted elsewhere, it’s all about scale and eliminating labor inputs these days, but consumers of food should pay attention to how the food they’re consuming is produced and assembled.

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  106. @Love I bet farm guys love home baked apple pies! That’s a true contribution! 🙂

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  107. Love says:

    Aw thanks RPG! I actually wouldn’t mind leaving the city and moving to a farm. Maybe I am romaticizing it but I think its a more fulfilling life.

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  108. Love,

    It is more fulfilling but it is Work! Constant work.

    Lots of little hobby farms (under 50 acres) in my area as town is 15 minutes away.
    See lots of city folk come out, buy a small place and put goats, lambs, llamas on it.
    Within two years its a house on two acres of manacured lawns and 45 acres of fields gone wild.

    Orchards maybe but crops need planting, weeding, turning, harvesting each being weeks of 12 hour days. Stock of any kind is DAILY care. And the worse the weather the more you have to chesck. Cold freezes water, wind takes down fences, heat brings disease and pests.

    I love this life. Coming in yesterday from the cold on a bank holiday reminded me how nice a snug cottsge is. Summer fireflies and a beer in the quiet is the best. But its not for the naive.

    Thats the difference, why people fail at it. Not intent, not weakness, naiveness.

    Oh the lambs are so cute! Yes, but dont name them cause they are just junior lambchops.
    Oh apple pies! In ten years of feeding, watering, tent catipilars.

    Not saying you cant. Say 1 in 5 with good hearts take to it.
    Those who take to farming all stay til carried out in a box.
    The rest throw their hands up to Nature and move back to the safe, easy city.

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  109. Cill says:

    BuenaVista and horseman,
    Your comments at 3:41 am and 3:28 pm respectively went into spam and sat there for hours. WordPress programming does this. I try to keep an eye on it but have been asleep (only 5:56 am here).

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  110. Love says:

    Thank you Horseman. I am naive about farm life. I definitely couldn’t do it alone. I would probably need to give it a trial run for a short period of time to see if I survive. I do enjoy the little amenities city life has. Guilty pleasures, such as spas, massages, pedicures, facials, etc.


  111. SFC Ton says:

    Farming alone…. most def chickens but I would say most hobby farms crash and burn at 10 to 1 ratio. It’s tough, especially since so many who try it drive 20 plus hours a week back and forth from work.

    I told my kids there will be nothing fair about how things get passed down. Ton2.0 pretty much gets everything. Not how it’s done these days but I don’t want to see everything get chopped up and I know he will tend to my younger sons like the man of integrity that he is.


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