The Gap

Over at RPG’s, she writes about a single mom in her early 30’s with apparently not much going for her.  Other than the fact that she is kind of cute.  Guessing from how she responds to a voicemail from a fella, it is surmised that she gets lots of male attention, affording her the ability to be a bit choosy.  How did this come to be, where young women have so much of an upper hand?

First, consider my story.  When I came of age, the afterglow of the Evil Patriarchy was still around.  The old attitudes and teaching were still partly in place.  Home Economics courses still existed in school, and girls attended.  There were things like girls basketball teams, but mostly people didn’t care about such things.  Even so, the yugo-girl mentality was seeping into my age cohort; rather too much in my opinion.  At the University, I noticed that girls acted rather stuck-up, bitchy and slutty.  They were breaking free of the Evil Patriarchy, dispensing with the rules that evened up the score between young guys and girls.

Taught attributes like modesty, not being a slut, don’t be evil were dispensed with.  Furthermore, rule changes like affirmative action for women, divorce laws, laws related to how the sexes interact further altered the scene.  Lastly, young women now have their own money (from either Dad, a job or the Government), thus giving them independence.  Today, young women have full license to exploit the strong desire that men have for young women to the fullest amount.

How much do young men understand this unbalanced situation?  Back then, I vaguely understood it.  Nobody really stated it though; rather it was implied that it was a level playing field.  For at one time it kind of true; with nobody noticing that the situation had changed.  Perhaps some people did, but those people never were allowed to say anything of the kind in any type of mass media (note that there was no web at the time).  It sure would have done me good for someone to explain all of this to me.

Fast forward to today.  How many young men understand the imbalance, and mechanics of how it works?  I am guessing that with the gap in power between young men and women being so large, that large numbers cannot help but notice.  If there are field reports out there, please post them.  If you find a young man who is seemingly confused, please explain this power gap to them.  It is readily understandable and typically does not attack too may sacred cows, and as such, should be accepted by them.  Perhaps doing such would be the gateway to the red pill.

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  1. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    After reading this post, the first thing that popped into my head was Deep Throat’s advice, “follow the money.” My guess is that girls are supported in so many ways unavailable to men that they can’t see themselves dependent on one of their contemporaries. It has to be overwhelming.
    “Deep Throat” was the code name for Woodward and Bernsteins’s source inside the Nixon White House when they were exposing Watergate.


  2. Farm Boy says:

    Seems relevant

    Robert is your seventh sexual partner. You’re 20 years old. Margot, I don’t know what the right number is for you, but seven is too many

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  3. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    I don’t think that women are cut out for hookup culture. I have to wonder why they do it. I guess that feminists encourage them.

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  4. Farm Boy says:

    For those of you hoping for a shift in the political winds away from Alabama, Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) may have just come to your rescue.

    According to Politico, Kaptur slut-shamed the dress habits of some women on Capitol Hill. During a private meeting on Wednesday, Kaptur said “I saw a member yesterday with her cleavage so deep it was down to the floor,” and concluded that “it’s really an invitation.”

    The kicker to all of this is that Kaptur said this during a meeting to discuss sexual harassment issues.

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  5. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    So she called out her female colleagues for dressing to entice and they didn’t like it. The hypocrisy is so thick, you need a knife to cut it. Women love to dress to entice but hate being called on it. In the end, it is not very businesslike.

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  6. molly says:

    “Robert is your seventh sexual partner. You’re 20 years old. Margot, I don’t know what the right number is for you, but seven is too many”

    When I was unmarried 1 was too many. After I married 1 was my max lol.

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  7. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    You just made me think something terrible. It took you a while to find another Rainbow Furby and you aren’t about to let him go.
    Burrito, burrito, burrito.

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  8. Spawny Get says:

    More betrayal

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  9. Spawny Get says:

    As soon as the vote went ‘the wrong way’ this meant nothing.

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  10. Spawny Get says:

    Meanwhile, in Trump Land

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  11. Farm Boy says:

    We have the same problem Spawny

    MSNBC Analyst Says It’s ‘Unfortunate’ Voters Shape Public Policy.
    Journalist has a problem with democracy, as it gives people power over their government

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  12. Spawny Get says:

    I’m not going to say much at this point beyond, fuck that cunt analyst. They should take their anal to the EU, they’ll fucking love it there.

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  13. Spawny Get says:


  14. earlthomas786 says:

    ‘When I was unmarried 1 was too many. After I married 1 was my max lol.’

    That’s how it’s supposed to be.

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  15. earlthomas786 says:

    ‘I don’t think that women are cut out for hookup culture. I have to wonder why they do it. I guess that feminists encourage them.’

    Feminists who have worked so hard to erode ‘the evil Patriarchy’ have now left women with few options other than these creepy predator guys. Then they lament ‘where have all the good men gone?’ All they have are men who try to take advantage of ‘Ms. Empowered’ who really is a woman with no protection out there.

    7 partners before 20 makes her pretty much unmarriageable. Having sex with a guy she barely knows means she makes bad decisions. Drinking a lot with a guy she barely knows means she makes bad decisions. Sex is not meant to be a recreational sport…the spiritual, physical and emotional interaction plus the fact procreation may happen. Women and men react to sex differently…and it seems most women either don’t know that or don’t get that.

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  16. earlthomas786 says:

    At least in my field pretty much every man knows that the women have all the shortcuts, advantages, and promotional opportunities for no other reason than to correct inbalances. It’s another example of how Western Civ will collapse no matter what we try to do.

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  17. earlthomas786 says:

    ‘So she called out her female colleagues for dressing to entice and they didn’t like it. The hypocrisy is so thick, you need a knife to cut it. Women love to dress to entice but hate being called on it. In the end, it is not very businesslike.’

    It pops the bubble of the narrative ‘women good, men bad’. And ‘blame the men for everything bad that happens to a woman’. Women have seemed to lose all common sense and decency with feminism. Men are going to look a cleveage and tight fitting clothes and most women already know this…they aren’t fooling anybody.

    And they always retort with ‘the 50s called, they want their narrative back’. Perhaps if somebody put into their brains that dressing modestly shows off their dignity and ’empowers’ them it might change minds.

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  18. earlthomas786 says:

    LOL the first comment on that story.

    ‘The best deterrent against sexual harassment for a goodly number of women, is for them to be seen naked.’

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  19. earlthomas786 says:

    ‘If guns cause crime as Democrats claim, is it so absurd to think provocative dress may cause sexual assault?’

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  20. “I’m here for one thing and one thing only. To balance the budget, people. Now lets get to work.”

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  21. Farm Boy says:

    So a female reporter asking about government policy regarding sexual harassment is, “doing a disservice to women.” Just by asking? And somehow this guy is expected to be easily reelected next year and is rumored to be preparing for a possible presidential bid. It’s getting to the point where I seriously hope he gets the nomination. The press conferences alone should be pay-per-view events

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  22. Farm Boy says:

    If President Hillary Clinton ran the country, and Bill Clinton were the First Gentlemen, would we be experiencing this cultural moment recognizing the problem of sexual harassment, and would the 2017 Person of the Year be those who spoke out about being harassed? Certainly not. More likely, Harvey Weinstein would be sipping Chardonnay in the Rose Garden and eating canapes while ogling his next victim, with Bill Clinton doing the same. President Hillary Clinton would be smugly presiding over a brittle edifice of equality, beneath which lurked decades of enabling, shaming, attacking, suppressing, and silencing.

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  23. Farm Boy says:

    The haunting began on Friday, Oct. 7, 2016, when we released an 11-year-old Access Hollywood tape, in which the merry bachelor Trump was recorded bragging about his status as a celebrity, which was why beautiful women in the industry allowed him to kiss them and “grab them by the pussy.” Designed to destroy Trump, this October surprise barely made a dent. We followed it up with a massive media campaign, in which the P-word was memefied in thousands of images, but the nation’s psyche remained unscathed. We organized million-strong marches of pussycomrades in pussyhats, but the country treated them as clowns.

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  24. @FB
    Would Bill Clinton actually be living in the White House if Hillary won? I think he would be on a permanent round-the-world good will tour, with only brief visits for holiday photo-ops. Huma’s bedroom would be right next to the CnC’s though, with a connecting doorway that didn’t actually have a door installed.

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  25. Farm Boy says:

    I think one of my least favorite types of responses to people speaking up on sexual harassment and sexual assault is are articles like “in wake of weinstein, men wonder if hugging women still ok”, and comments like “this is why men don’t pursue women anymore”, “i don’t wanna work with women cause i don’t want a lawsuit”, or “i don’t even look at women anymore cause everything is sexual harassment”. this is a particular brand of rape culture, men acting as if women are overreacting, as if men don’t have the basic social skills to know the difference between wanted and unwanted advances, as if women simply setting boundaries is “cramping their style” and “emasculating” them, as if the rules of respecting women are super confusing, so confusing that they’re supposedly forcing men not to interact with us altogether.

    this is an act they’ve been putting on for decades: playing stupid, pretending not to know better and then getting upset when we tell them what “better” is. if that doesn’t show you how emotional and emotionally manipulative they are, i don’t know what does.

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  26. Cill says:

    Spawny at 11:22 am

    That is appalling, Spawny. We used to joke at the deluded aspirations of Jerry & his marxists. Now look at it. Jerry really could win.

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  27. Farm Boy says:

    On Friday, O’Reilly doubled down on that claim during an interview with conservative talk show host Glenn Beck, though he declined to offer a deadline for when the tape might finally be released.

    “There is an audiotape of an anti-Trump person offering $200,000 to a woman to accuse Donald Trump of untoward behavior,” he said.

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  28. Cill says:

    Surely May must have had some inkling of this. Did nobody consider it as a possibility?

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  29. Farm Boy says:

    Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock revealed in an unprompted extended tweet, titled “I am the Problem,” instances where he’s sexually harassed a female assistant and confessed to cheating on “every wife and girlfriend I have ever had.”


  30. Cill says:

    My God, May has been a disaster for the UK.

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  31. Farm Boy says:

    A leading university has apologized after a reference to “White Christmas” in one of its tweets triggered snowflake students who thought it might be a tad racist.

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  32. Cill says:

    The UK under May is like a prisoner with a shackle locked to his leg. He has a bunch of keys in his hand, but instead of bending to unlock himself he tries to negotiate with the chain.


  33. Cill says:

    May’s incompetence – the snap election and everything she did (or failed to do) before or since – has emboldened the traitors. That’s the only explanation I can think of.

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  34. Sigma Frame says:

    Actually, more people had more sex in the 1950’s. Currently, I am putting together a post on this topic.

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  35. Sigma Frame says:

    Some women look better with their clothes on, that’s a fact!

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  36. Spawny Get says:

    Cill, I appreciate the interest but I’m too angry


  37. Farm Boy says:

    So how much about their relative lack of power do young blokes understand?

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  38. earlthomas786 says:


    ‘Actually, more people had more sex in the 1950’s. Currently, I am putting together a post on this topic.’

    And it was most likely more enjoyable too. Because they had it with a person they knew and were in love with (and most likely married). The whole Don Juan-hookup scene will never have that important emotional aspect and going through experiences together (good and bad).

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  39. earlthomas786 says:


    LOL I forgot about that Will Ferrell bit. It makes people uncomfortable if you are purposely showing a lot of skin at work. (A different uncomfortable if a woman shows off and a man sees it…but nonetheless uncomfortable)

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  40. earlthomas786 says:

    If you haven’t read Dalrock’s latest post…this last sentence is pure gold.

    ‘Feminism is a disease of envy. It spreads via women due to the temptation to envy the position of men. For men, it spreads via the temptation to declare oneself the only real man, as other men aren’t worthy of respect.’

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  41. Cill says:

    “Cill, I appreciate the interest but I’m too angry”

    Interest? It’s not interest. I fucking appalled.

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  42. Spawny Get says:

    Cheered up a bit now. Have just found out that there’s free beer arriving tomorrow.

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  43. Spawny Get says:

    So far my favourite is
    But I’ve yet to try the first two.

    Can’t remember whether they said that they sold in Kiwiland or Oz (it’s one or the other at least). If you see it I’d definitely have a go.

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  44. earlthomas786 says:

    ‘This is no surprise, as libertarianism is basically the Marxism of the Right.’

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  45. Cill says:

    They tell me it’s available at The Beer Cellar. I might jump in my boat and head off to get some.

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  46. Spawny Get says:

    Old Hooky is a must. I’ve got a variety pack coming tomorrow…8 different ones.

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  47. Spawny Get says:

    A mate preferred the Twelve Days.


  48. Cill says:

    Me from aboard ship. Yeah i might as well buy a variety pack and i’ll check out the twelve days.

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  49. earlthomas786 says:

    More proof male feminism is about creepy guys trying to sexually assault women.

    ‘If Feminism Is Going to Accomplish Anything, We Male Allies Need to Get Laid More’

    View story at

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  50. earlthomas786 says:

    Although it could be satire. I can’t ever tell anymore.

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  51. Cill says:

    I’m wondering if it will be as good as cddu. That might be asking too much.

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  52. SFC Ton says:

    “I don’t think that women are cut out for hookup culture. I have to wonder why they do it. I guess that feminists encourage them.’

    I disagree. Women have no value outside of sex and no weapons besides sex and manipulation. So the only route to security and resources is that shit between their leg ie hook up

    What they arent suited for is happiness or contentment. Chances are bitches are going to be equally unhappy in a hook up culture as they are being married and what not.

    Success for civilizations lay in not giving a shit if woman are happy. Which oddly enough makes they as close to happy as they can get

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  53. earlthomas786 says:

    Do most women in the hookup culture get security and resources out of it? If it is like it is usually displayed…the man leaves and she gets nothing other than being violated the nth time.

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  54. Spawny Get says:

    I like it either way LOL


  55. Spawny Get says:

    Question Time was lively this week


  56. Cill says:

    Hey Spawny I’m not even thinking about bloody May. I’m just sitting here enjoying a bottle of Greedy Goose. Good beer.

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  57. Farm Boy says:

    ISIS was dealt a crippling political blow on Tuesday when its senior leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, resigned amid numerous allegations of respectful treatment of women. One accuser even described him allowing a female hostage to drive a motor vehicle. Another claimed he was known to not only ask, but to wait for consent before engaging in sexual acts.

    ISIS issued a rare public comment, saying, “We have a clear moral stance against the fair and dignified treatment of women, and with that in mind, it is time for him to resign.”

    In his resignation speech, al-Baghdadi apologized to all of the women he did not harm and to his fellow ISIS members who truly believed in his hate speech. “There are so many young men who have I have inspired with hate, bigotry, and misogyny… and I feel like I let them all down.

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  58. Farm Boy says:

    Did it snow in the Land of the Patriarch?

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  59. Spawny Get says:

    Curse you Cill *shakes fist* I have wait till tomorrow afternoon

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  60. Spawny Get says:

    Farm Boy, not round here. Slight hail today. Warming up this weekend (mid forties in old money)

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  61. Spawny Get says:

    I’ve got a dozen Red Rye, eight Greedy Gooses and a variety pack of eight coming tomorrow. Still got a few Old Hookys around. I’m not beaten yet.

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  62. Spawny Get says:

    Seeing as my chance of tasting cddu are rather slight, I hope it’s not better than Old Hooky.


  63. Cill says:

    Snow? Hail? I’m basking in beautiful early Summer sunshine. The birds are singing, the flowers are shining, the sea is sparkling, the butterflies are fluttering around…

    Hell it’s hard to be alive.

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  64. Spawny Get says:

    Summer? Stop making shit up. There’s no such season. They just tell it to kids and the little suckers believe them.

    “Daddy, daddy, when can we go to the beach?”
    “In the summer” *smirks disingenuously*

    Case proven, it’s a con.

    Anyway, I like seasons. Meh


  65. Cill says:

    The fish are out there just waiting to be caught, the cattle are waiting to be culled, the deer are waiting to be hunted, the sheep are waiting to be eaten. All is well.


  66. Cill says:

    Tell me honestly. Do you think 1:30 p.m. is too early in the day for a man to be in his cups?
    I’ve got no deeds to do, no promises to keep.

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  67. Spawny Get says:

    And instead of going on a murderous rampage, you’re chilling with a beer. Civilisation has come to Cill Island.

    Good night

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  68. Spawny Get says:

    Nope. It’s all good. You only just got back from the sea.

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  69. Cill says:

    Sleep well my old mate.

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  70. Cill says:

    Well I had time to write another post today.

    Things are looking up. I could get used to this idleness. Although bending the elbow is not idle I guess.


  71. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I guess, from the point of view of a cad, that argument might make sense.


  72. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    My previous comment was a response to one made at 11:14pm.


  73. molly says:

    Watch out Cill is idle! He will get up to mischief!

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  74. Cill says:

    Hello Tom is here with a crate of CDDU. Shall I keep to the Greedy Goose or switch to the CDDU? Decisions, decisions…


  75. earlthomas786 says:

    ‘I guess, from the point of view of a cad, that argument might make sense.’

    Nothing brings out the cads like feminism.

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  76. molly says:

    (psst y’all.. I asked Tom to go around and keep Cill company so he doesn’t get up to mischief at his keyboard. heh heh)

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  77. Cill says:

    Ah… good company, good beer, a man could do worse than this.

    I feel sorry for you Northern Hemisphere lot with a freezing Winter ahead of you. Whereas I am destined for a Summery haze. I feel like launching forth into a verse of Barnacle Bill the Sailor, but it would be too coarse for civilized ears.

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  78. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It is good to see you looking out for your cousin.

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  79. SFC Ton says:

    I dont know Earl. It’s a good point but most women arent hard core cock hounds, most women do get married and I reckon most marry guys they sleep with rather early so yes in a way they do secure the resources and protection. I aint saying this is ideal or how it should be but i am trying to describe how things seem to be. I have this idea that most men delay marriage based on the diminished return on wives and how divorces play out vs a woman’s sexual history.

    I don’t have any way to quantify that notion but like I said it seems to fit the tactical reality on the ground


  80. molly says:

    Fuzzie he sees my comments and it is just good fun 🙂
    I’d join him if I could, and tie him to a deck chair when he sleeps like I once did. I tipped a bucket of water on him and he jumped up and hopped after me with the deck chair on his back like a big turtle. Hahahaha! He almost caught me before I locked the door. It was funny and scary eh!

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  81. molly says:

    I tied him to the deck chair real tight with sailor’s knots that he taught me! LOL

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  82. Hello Spawny and Farm Boy. Greetings from Aotearoa. Hey I am not used to my avatar. When I look at it I feel like dinner.

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  83. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    From I am told, Cill doesn’t sleep much. Best to leave him be. *smile*


  84. earlthomas786 says:

    ‘I don’t have any way to quantify that notion but like I said it seems to fit the tactical reality on the ground’

    Not if what the hookup culture is what it says it is. It seems like playing Russian Roulette if trying to get commitment and resources are your goal.

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  85. SFC Ton says:

    That the thing earl, people don’t have goals. Most folks are nothing but biological robots never exercising and sort of self determination

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  86. Farm Boy says:

    A top congressional ethics official who oversees investigations into misconduct by lawmakers is accused in a federal lawsuit of verbally abusing and physically assaulting women

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  87. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    There is something odd about that story. I didn’t read all the way through but there are too many witnesses against an out of towner.


  88. Farm Boy says:

    Author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling, recently expressed her belief that God is a black woman

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  89. Farm Boy says:

    An important driver behind the so-called gender pay gap is that teenage girls aspire to lower-paid careers than boys, according to a major new study

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  90. Farm Boy says:

    The 32-year-old victim entered the Musa Gourmet Deli on Jerome Ave. near E. 167th St. in Highbridge early on the morning of December 2 and was immediately met with verbal assaults from the teens, according to the New York Daily News.

    Deli manager Zid Ali said that the teens quickly began taunting the female customer, reportedly calling the woman a “stupid white c***.”

    Police also say the teens yelled, “You think you can live here in the Bronx, you Trump supporter? You white b***h!”

    Witnesses said they saw the teens pelting the woman with store goods as they continued to yell at her. When she said she would call the police, the two then pushed her around and stole her cell phone and purse. The pair then ran out of the deli and disappeared.

    A roommate told the media that the victim is not a Trump supporter


  91. Farm Boy says:

    A professor at Boston University has proclaimed Christmas carol favorite “Jingle Bells” to be a “racist song” and is urging people to shun the jaunty tune.

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  92. earl says:

    ‘Author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling, recently expressed her belief that God is a black woman’

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  93. @FB Further proof that the sexes are not the same, that there is no pay gap, and that university professors are idiots.

    Platt, one of the co-authors of the research, added that young people should be “encouraged and supported to think beyond gender stereotypes” when they think about their job opportunities for the future. Um, why can’t people be let alone to make their own decisions. Why must they be driven into fields that they have no interest in?

    Co-author Dr Sam Parsons said he was surprised to find such “gendered differences” in the aspirations of teenagers, stating: “Despite aiming high academically and professionally, girls still appear to be aiming for less well-paid jobs.” Surprised? Are you this stupid at home as well at at “work”? Who dresses you in the morning?

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  94. @ FB A professor at Boston University has proclaimed Christmas carol favorite “Jingle Bells” to be a “racist song” and is urging people to shun the jaunty tune.

    How about this professor moron?

    Go fuck yourself, go fuck yourself,
    go fuck yourself, you moron.


  95. earl says:

    I swear these screwy courts are doing everything to give loose women all the incentives to get money for their terrible choices.

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  96. Here’s another good take on the 10 feminist dating points:
    Before examining these gems from the Romantic Conversation Hall of Shame, some quick information for those of you who are already confused. An “intersectional feminist” is a species a bit more specific than your typical misandrist harpy; rather, the “intersectional” denotes the carrying of grudges beyond just the general loathing of all things masculine. To be an “intersectional feminist,” one has to build a totem pole of victimhood and thus assign value to the perspectives and thoughts of people based on their distance from the white male patriarchy.

    And from the comments:

    NOUN – Feminism

    Feminism is a political movement designed to capitalize on society’s naturally gynocentric outlook by gendering human rights issues to exclude men from consideration as human beings, and women from any obligation or accountability should they violate another person’s human rights.

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  97. earl says:

    There’s a scale of victimhood points. That’s basically what intersectional feminism is all about.

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  98. thedeti says:

    Upshot: One of Matt Lauer’s conquests dishes. Basically it’s young girl from the sticks gets to the Big Apple with an internship at Today on NBC, Lauer takes an interest in her. Tingles ensue, as do sexual trysts in dressing rooms and toilet stalls. Money quotes “It was a consensual encounter”.

    Later, the National Enquirer shows up in West Virginia where she’s working after her internship, she tells them she and Lauer were ‘just friends’.

    She claims she was “kind of uneasy” and “distraught” afterwards. (There must be something about having sex with celebrities that tingles women at first, then skeeves them out. Or something.)

    And now she has to dish about it. To “get it off her chest”. “He made me feel like my looks and my body were my true assets.”

    Basically, “I really liked fucking this powerful rich man, because I was hot and I could attract his attention, but now it’s kind of weird and skeevy and I got all depressed. I could not have resisted him! It’s all Matt Lauer’s fault!”

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  99. Farm Boy says:

    California’s Pomona College got slapped down in court in October for denying a “fair hearing” to a student accused of sexual misconduct.

    Its response? Replace the Title IX investigator, but use the same “evidence” and procedures faulted by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mary Strobel to re-try “John Doe.”

    The member institution of the private Claremont Consortium is pursuing the same strategy as Pennsylvania State University and the University of Texas when courts found serious problems with their Title IX adjudications, according to Brooklyn College Prof. KC Johnson, co-author of The Campus Rape Frenzy. . . .

    Pomona ignored repeated credibility problems with Doe’s accuser, its hired investigator relied heavily on school-requested Title IX investigations for business (suggesting conflict of interest), and it let the accuser skip the campus hearing – meaning she was never asked any questions by anyone in cross-examination.

    Despite Judge Strobel telling the school that this failure to even indirectly cross-examine the accuser was unlawful, and that it violated its own rules by inventing an unwritten procedure to accommodate the accuser, Pomona is going forward with a new hearing against Doe.

    Title IX Coordinator Sue McCarthy told Doe last month that the “same Investigation Report, Investigation Notes, and Statement of Alleged Policy Violation” issued before the May 2016 hearing would be used in the rehearing.

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  100. Farm Boy says:

    Brown University’s American Studies Department offers a course that uses specific objects “including sugar, milk, vibrators, and Spanx” as case studies “to critically consider how material culture informs and signals identity.”

    “Trying Socrates in the Age of Trump,” a course offered by Harvard University’s Philosophy Department allows students to “determine why the Athenians killed Socrates” and ask “what should be done with people who spread dangerous ideas?”

    Harvard also offers “Tacos, Tamales, and Tequila: Eating and Drinking in Ancient Mexico,” “Body Burdens: Toxic Tales and Politics of Environmental Racism” and “Leaning In, Hooking Up.”

    Princeton University’s American Studies Department asks “Is science gendered, racialized, ableist or classist?” in a course titled “Science After Feminism.” They also offer “Black to the Future: Science, Fiction, and Society,” “FAT: The F-Word and the Public Body” and “Media Spectacles, Scandalous Citizens and Democratic Possibilities.” That course examines “The Women’s March, Trigger Warnings, Black Lives Matter, and Travel Bans.”

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  101. earl says:

    ‘She claims she was “kind of uneasy” and “distraught” afterwards. (There must be something about having sex with celebrities that tingles women at first, then skeeves them out. Or something.)’

    That’s what happens to a woman after fornicating. They don’t teach them that in sex ed.


  102. earl says:

    It doesn’t matter if it is a famous celeb or a cad she met at the club. Having sex (even consensual) with a strange man who isn’t your husband will produce that type of emotional reaction in a woman. What little positive feelings or tingles she had in the beginning will be replaced with feelings of fear, doubt, anxiety, regret, angst, scorn, etc.

    This is why I think consent is bunk. She can rescind it at any time when she thinks her feelings have changed.

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  103. Cill says:

    (If there is a god)

    “God is a black woman”

    75% of the western world is emotionally dependent on that being true.

    75% of the rest of the world is physically dependent on that being false.


  104. earlthomas786 says:


    Finally! I was waiting for the reverse to happen. But as I brought this scenerio up with guys in meatspace…a lot of them wouldn’t mind or would like being sexually harrassed by a woman.

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  105. Spawny Get says:

    Deplorable, just terrible

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  106. Farm Boy says:

    Could we have seen Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino in the Lord of the Rings trilogy instead of Cate Blanchett and Liv Tyler? Maybe, maybe not, but they never had an opportunity to try. Peter Jackson has ended his silence about Harvey Weinstein and confirmed to New Zealand-based Stuff that the Weinsteins spread derogatory information about both actresses after alleged sexual harassment incidents, and their feedback convinced the Oscar-winning director to take them out of consideration for auditions. It’s the first independent public corroboration of alleged retribution and career damage made against Weinstein

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  107. Yoda says:

    An entire family – man, woman, son and daughter – in Arizona is transgender.

    The father identifies as a woman. His fiancée, the mother-to-be, identifies as a man. The son considers himself a girl and, of course, the daughter thinks she’s actually a boy. An entire transgender family, all under one roof.


  108. Cill says:

    Yoda at 10:39 pm


    What else is to do but laugh?

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  109. earlthomas786 says:

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  110. Cill says:

    FB I scheduled a post for approx 1 hour hence. Reschedule with alacrity if there’s a clash.

    [Cill self edit: should have said kindly reschedule my post if there’s a clash]


  111. earlthomas786 says:

    ‘The father identifies as a woman. His fiancée, the mother-to-be, identifies as a man. The son considers himself a girl and, of course, the daughter thinks she’s actually a boy. An entire transgender family, all under one roof.’

    Which one is going to be the one that snaps and slaughters the rest of the family?


  112. earlthomas786 says:

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  113. This was linked on the page Spawny linked about the female congress race dropout. Have we laready seen this one?

    @Earl most guys wouldn’t mind being felt up if their boss was Nicole Kidman or Salma Hayek, but what if it was the Dunham Horror or Hitlery?

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  114. earlthomas786 says:


    I read that teacher story earlier this afternoon. You know how some guys give off the creepy perv vibe by their face. She has ‘predator’ written all over hers.

    If it was the blob or Hitlery coming on to me…I’d go ‘hell no!’. It’s not like they could phyiscally overpower me.


  115. Yoda says:


    The Force suggests that all clear it is

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  116. Cill says:

    “most guys wouldn’t mind being felt up if their boss was Nicole Kidman or Salma Hayek”

    Well, when I was a little kid I hopped into bed with the sexy nanny my parents had hired to look after us while they were overseas. I’m still not sure who was the exploiter and who was the exploitee – the nanny or me. She had a good pair of jugs.


  117. So in that family, in the divorce who gets support from whom and for who??

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  118. earlthomas786 says:

    And the women would of got away with it…if it weren’t for your meddling biology.


  119. Yoda says:

    There is now more freedom of speech in Beijing than in the San Francisco Bay area — and this could kill the Silicon Valley tech industry.
    While right-wing commentators have been saying this for years, it’s extremely unusual to hear it from the lips of a Silicon Valley tech guru as impeccably liberal as Sam Altman.

    Altman, influential and respected CEO of Y Combinator — an accelerator program for Silicon Valley start-ups — has triggered outrage in the tech community for having dared to suggest that political correctness has gotten so bad that it threatens to destroy their business model.

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  120. Yoda says:

    California State Sen. Bob Hertzberg (D-Los Angeles), whose penchant for hugging has earned him the nicknames “Huggy Bear” and “Hugsberg,” is being criticized for prolonged embraces that some women are saying border on sexual harassment.


  121. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    For those who don’t know, Josef Stalin was a seminary dropout.


  122. I starred in the U.S. production of that movie. 16 yo HH and the 20 yo who was looking after my under 12 siblings for a week. She also had nice jugs, pretty face and nice hair, but was carrying maybe an extra 20-25 lbs. Thick but not fat. I didn’t mind a bit.

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  123. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    This witch hunt has gone beyond ridiculous.

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  124. Cill says:

    New post. Clicking here will open it in a new tab -> Unbridled Hypergamy will produce a Police State

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  125. @Horseman Yep, men of all ages want hot, fertile women. I am supposed to be ashamed that I want to bang this?

    Yeah, I don’t think so.

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  126. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    i saw that picture elsewhere recently. It was described as Taylor Swift at age sixteen. What is the picture trying to tell us?


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