Teach Your Children Well

I am sure that the Ton will suggest that the above song is a pussy song.  Now with that out of the way, consider the sentiment; yes we should teach our children well.

Let us consider the current correct path(s) here in the US.  For the very ambitious high end education, one should work to get good grades in high school, join lots of clubs, be part of lots of charities, and work hard to prepare yourself for the standardized tests in an attempt to get into the “best” universities.  Notice that goal isn’t so much to learn, to become a better person; rather it is to build up a resume that will get you into an Ivy League School (or a near Ivy).  Admission committees especially like charity work on the resume, as it shows that you know how to “give back”.

Assuming that you do enter a top tier university, the goal isn’t so much to learn, but rather to network with the students there, for they will be the movers and shakers of tomorrow.  It would therefore be best that you know them.  All of the best institutions recruit from these schools, for that is where the best students come from.  But are they really the best students?  The answer is yes, if you want students that fit into the current system.

At one time these Universities were very much oriented toward teaching critical thinking; this isn’t so true anymore, as doing such would endanger the indoctrination of students with Marxist/SJW silliness.  Facts, and logic applied to them are dangerous things.  Still, in STEM areas of study, critical thinking still applies; but it is not allowed to be applied outside of STEM.  That would be unethical.

In the US, lots and lots of young people now attend the University for education.  Much of this is driven by the Griggs vs. Duke Power Court Ruling, basically stating that IQ tests cannot be used to screen possible employees.  So what could employers use instead?  Perhaps a University degree.  At the very least, it shows that a person is industrious enough to get through four years of school.  “These people would make good employees” they said.  These are the students not attending top tier schools.  They are not being taught critical thinking skills either.  There is grade inflation.  It is not all the great thing that it is made out to be.

So what to do?  First of all, one might assume that the present system will undergo some big alterations in the future.  Playing the game in the old system, gaining the knowledge that worked in the old system might not be particularly useful.  What is always useful?  The ability to figure out what the facts truly are, and to apply logic to them.   To see through BS and understand what is really going on.  To be able to do this in the real world.   This is something parents can and should teach their children.  It might be the greatest gift that they give them.


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  1. RichardP says:

    Who are on the Road,
    Must have a Code
    That you can live by.

    Q: “Given that we have chosen to live together – how, then, shall we live our lives?
    A: See “Teach Your Children Well”

    Foundational question.
    Foundational Answer.

    Pussy? Only if you think that social order is not important.

    And social order only comes from the answer to the foundational question “how then shall we live our lives?”

    That is the Code – that you can live by. Teach your children well. Or they will turn into the SJWs of today.

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  2. Farm Boy says:

    The Ton isn’t into silly pop music


  3. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    In reading the title. but before seeing the post, I was ready to link the song. You beat me to it.
    The thought of teaching children well is all fine, but, you have to have children to teach. Small people are starting to get very thin on the ground. I am not going to point any fingers, or claws.
    One thought, I was very worried for Liz’s son, while she was looking at places to send him. Kangaroo courts at colleges are making it very unhealthy for young men to attend.


  4. We are so desperate for trades here.

    Was at a buddies friday finishing haying.
    Keep in mind I am 53 and buddy is 45.

    Framing crew was working on his new house.
    As we walked past to the old house for a beer, lead hand calls us over to shoot the shit.

    “You boys know how to work right”
    We just grunt “yup” covered in sweat.

    “Wanna job? 18 bucks to start. I got 45 houses after yours to frame, damn kids never show up.”
    Buddy says “thanks but I gotta run the farm.”
    “What about you?”
    I said, I’m retired and never worked construction in my life.”
    “Can ya swing a hammer? Cut? Measure? Build a deck? We’ll show you the rest.”
    “I only wanna work two days a week, I got stuff to do.”
    “You show up?”
    “If I say I do I do.”
    “Done.” Shook hands and he gave me his number.
    I’ll let him know what days I wanna work next week.

    All ya gotta do is sweat and show up.

    In 5-8 years its gonna get nasty. When stuff aint gettin done cause there is no one to do it.

    World is fucked when they literally pluck a fifty year old out of the fields.

    Hey its beer money.

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  5. SFC Ton says:

    In my AO we don’t have a shortage of tradesmen

    We have a shortage of employers who want to pay them a decent wage and treat them like men who are worthy of the title

    I offered welders $2 more per hour then the local median wage and $100 per unit performance bonus for units 5 and up per month and had to turn men down regularly once my shop was full. And it filled up with a quickness. Had 8 men show up in one day for a total of 8 slots and only advertised in 2 places.

    It ain’t workers. It’s owners that are fucking shit up. Like mgtow, workers are just responding to incentives

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  6. Farm Boy says:

    University of New Mexico Professor Geoffrey Miller also agreed, claiming that critics of the manifesto “ignored the memo’s evidence-based arguments.”

    “Among commentators who claim the memo’s empirical facts are wrong, I haven’t read a single one who understands sexual selection theory, animal behavior, and sex differences research,” he continued. “For what it’s worth, I think that almost all of the Google memo’s empirical claims are scientifically accurate. Moreover, they are stated quite carefully and dispassionately. Its key claims about sex differences are especially well-supported by large volumes of research across species, cultures, and history.”


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  7. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    I get the feeling that this Google memo thing is going to be a lot bigger than anyone expected. Employers can’t enforce political correctness on their employees. The other employees that are clamoring for it can take a hike.


  8. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Great video that builds on a commercial for women’s shoes.


  9. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    More evidence that college is a hostile environment, even for tenured professors. Runs nineteen minutes.


  10. The male engineers cwill be the ones taking a hike.
    Google will double down on political correctness and SJWs defending the firing because they percieve the market that way.
    But in doing so the engineers who design their products, who are in demand everywhere, will say Ce ya. They are looking at the political market not the labour market.

    This day will go down like thge day HP appointed the female CEO as the beginning of the end.


  11. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    That was Carly Fiorina. She ran for senator and, most recently, President as a Republican.


  12. Yoda says:

    I invested in Google and Facebook years before their first revenue and profited enormously. I was an early adviser to Facebook’s team, but I am terrified by the damage being done by these Internet monopolies.


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  13. Yoda says:

    Still, in STEM areas of study, critical thinking still applies; but it is not allowed to be applied outside of STEM. That would be unethical.

    Google case in point it would be

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  14. Yoda says:

    The Irony On Department, as Mad Magazine once wrote. On the one hand, Google insists that “diversity and inclusion are critical to our success as a company.” On the other, a Google engineer’s memo warns that they have created an ideological “echo chamber” and a “shaming culture,” one which keeps employees silent about the impact of company policies because of the “possibility of being fired.” How did Google rebut this memo? By firing the engineer who wrote it, of course.


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  15. Yoda says:

    Employers can’t enforce political correctness on their employees.

    Yes they can


  16. Farm Boy says:

    Within the field of neuroscience, sex differences between women and men—when it comes to brain structure and function and associated differences in personality and occupational preferences—are understood to be true, because the evidence for them (thousands of studies) is strong. This is not information that’s considered controversial or up for debate; if you tried to argue otherwise, or for purely social influences, you’d be laughed at.


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  17. BuenaVista says:

    Carly saved HP, Horseman. It was a corpse when she entered. I worked with HP for 10 years as a software supplier and they tried to buy my company once; two of my senior staff came from their. HP had an enormous entitlement culture in the 1990’s, and the tech bubble bursting, and subsequent wars and recession, left them crippled. Fiorina saved it and, like all restructurers, was hated for saving it.


  18. BuenaVista says:

    Blacklists are circulated in SV; HR in all these companies is controlled by hive-honoring SJWs in $800 heels. Google execs said publicly to their staff in 2015 that they were blacklisted.

    So I’m not so sure that the 40% of Google (it’s probably higher) that supports Damore’s pov can simply change jobs. They might have to change cities and verticals.

    It’s easy to enforce a political point of view on staff. The lapdogs get paid more and accumulate power.


    Horseman, hired hands are a scarce resource here. I hire out to my friend for planting and harvest, and everyone wants to meet me. It’s like being a curiosity. There are young guys around but none of the farmers trust them to be conscientious, and this equipment is very expensive to fix.

    But some of that is the farmers’ fault, I think. The guys my age all went through hell in the 1980’s, when half of the young guys went broke, and a lot of old guys too. They were saving up for toilet paper and living on campbell’s soup. So they are cheap-cheap-cheap today. It’s funny to be given a $six-figure rig to run, that you cannot break during planting or harvest no matter what, and get paid $15/hour. It’s just weird; I do it for fun, so I don’t care. A 25 year-old would probably prefer to make a little more. And then the farmers wouldn’t have to bitch about not being able to get conscientious help.


  19. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    “Employers can’t enforce political correctness on their employees.”
    “Yes they can.”
    They may attempt. Didn’t Henry Ford try something like this? I don’t think that it worked out all that well. There are many ways Google is going to lose from this. First, the writer is going to sue them. Second, present and prospective employees now know that the company values the feelings of SJWs more highly than the livelihood of contributing employees. That will cost them in ways they can’t see. Finally, we haven’t heard from 4chan on this. I don’t think they are too happy. Google’s parent company has a share price of $930 and a market capitalization of $650 billion. This is going to get expensive.


  20. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I saw Farm Boy’s link. It is worth the thirty three minutes.

    This incident may turn out to be one of the biggest civil liberties issues of the decade, if not the century.

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  21. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Even Deep Strength had a post on this subject.

    At some point in time, political correctness has to hit a brick wall. If not with this incident, then with another.


  22. Farm Boy says:

    Yes, Stefan M. is in fine form

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  23. Farm Boy says:

    Fired Google employee James Damore is reportedly “exploring all possible legal remedies,” after the company fired him for authoring a viewpoint diversity manifesto.


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  24. Farm Boy says:

    This is the ultimate dog whistle for those, particularly on the political right, who experience regular and systematic intellectual discrimination of their world views. It serves as confirmation bias to those already wary about their opinions being depressed by algorithms because of the narrow political perspectives of those to control those algorithms.

    The precedent is further problematic inside the greater tech and free information universe, of which Google holds the keys. It seems a dangerous proposition for a company which controls the history of the Internet, and specifically your history, to be engaging in punishment of thought crimes within its own workforce. Google is a platform which encourages it’s users to share and discover a diversity of opinion, therefore punishing a member of its own staff who chooses to do so, smacks of hypocrisy.


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  25. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    After reading your links, Google is in so much trouble. If this were a small company, it would be enough to sink it.


  26. SFC Ton says:

    LOL @ Google being in trouble
    Reckon anything is possible but that sounds unlikely


  27. Yoda says:

    A “happy ending meal” this was

    A woman who allegedly performed oral sex on a man in a Pennsylvania McDonald’s is now being sought by sheriff’s deputies after she failed to turn up to court.


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  28. Yoda says:

    There’s just one problem with all of these headlines (and many more like them). The memo wasn’t “anti-diversity” it was expressing opposition to the approach Google was taking to achieve diversity.


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  29. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    There have been a lot of these instances of “sex in public” stories. More this year than I have seen in the rest of my life. This is not sex in the bushes. This is out and out getting it on in wide open public venues.


  30. RichardP says:

    Long comment here, but useful I think. Particularly as a setting-the-stage for what fuzzie thinks may be coming. Kindly forgive any formatting errors.

    A question for the writer of the Google memo, the science writers who responded to the Google memo, the heads of large organizations, the Pope (as referenced by Stefan M), fuzzie, and others:

    Of what value is telling the truth if the truth lies in so much detail that the listener won’t understand our answer?

    Consider how much detail is required to explain the truth about how rainbows are formed, how airplanes stay in the air, how protestants and catholics are different from each other, how males and females are different from each other, or how a chemical reaction actually takes place – and how many levels of understanding are necessary on the part of the listener in order to understand the detailed truth that we tell him.

    If those levels of understanding are absent in the listener, a much less detailed, much less truthful explanation will be more useful to the listener than the absolute truth. In complex cases such as these, a model of reality will be more useful to the listener than a presentation of the actual reality itself. The listener needs true enough, not absolute truth, in order to make sense of the information.

    Most of us live our lives on that level – true enough – whether we realize it or not.

    Consider: saying the sunrise was beautiful this morning is true enough, although it is technically a lie. The sun does not rise. But we are not intentionally trying to mislead the listener when we say this. Rather, we are giving the listener information he can use, in as simple a form as possible. You can easily come up with many such “true enough” statements that populate your own world.

    With regards to complicated questions, the goal of honest people is to strike an appropriate balance by presenting an answer that is simple enough to be understood but not so simple that it is misleading. Honest folks also try to be alert for any feedback that might indicate that their answer was too complex or too simple. (Unfortunately, the world is full of dishonest people who would prefer to use people’s ignorance for their own benefit.)

    The Church and the Organization are populated by people who cannot begin to understand the answers that the Bible gives when translated into their own language or that the scientists give about everything they study (including the real differences in physiology and chemistry between male and female). Yet conversations must be had. That is the nature of people. So most conversations will be populated with misinformation, because few can understand the actual truth behind the question.

    Enter the meme, model of reality, rule of thumb, or whatever label you give it. It is a story simple enough that most folks can understand it well enough to discuss it. How will the Pope control the Church, the CEO control the organization, the parent control the child except through the use of these memes / models of reality. The one who must be controlled can understand no other, more specific, conversation. So the leader of whatever organization uses what works. S/he can do no better than that.

    So – if you are the Pope, or the CEO, or the parent, and you see someone informing the folks you must control that you are not telling them the whole story (which you are not, because they will not understand the whole story, but they don’t know this), – telling your subjects that the emperor has no clothes – how else can you possibly respond but to try and run the scallywag off (fire the Google guy; excommunicate Luther)? You understand that, if your subjects pay attention to the scallywag, and start leaning unto their own understanding, they will soon be mired in confusion – and productivity will grind to a halt. And productivity is the holy grail, whether for church or state.

    Such is the problem to be solved by every leader of anything, ever. The ignorant responses of the masses to the Google memo highlights this very well. Give the folks information that they don’t have the requisite background information they need in order to understand what you tell them, and what else can the folks do but either be quiet, or speak out in an uninformed fashion. If this is the case, why would you willingly tolerate one who intentionally starts such a conversation? The masses interpreted Luther’s translations in many different erroneous ways. The masses interpreted the Google memo in many different erroneous ways. They can do no other, for the lack the ability to understand what was said. When that is the case, why say it to them? Or allow others to say it to them?

    There is a middle ground that can be reached in all of this. But it requires that the listener be willing to invest the effort to learn what he needs to know in order to understand properly what is being said. Good luck with that, with those who would deny folks such an education and with folks who won’t exert the effort to learn what they need to know.

    So, memes, models of reality, rules of thumb, or whatever other labels you apply are all we have. Ripe for being exploited by folks who would be dishonest and intentionally mislead. Time has shown that there is no other way.

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  31. Richard makes a Huge point.

    It is the heart of PR, communications, politics, propeganda.

    How to explain complex issues to intelligent but unexperienced people.

    (Try explaining why you need four days of Not a Drop of Rain to hay to a city folk.
    We just lost 10k worth because of two 10 min downpours 2 days apart)

    Its the tightrope of empowering a position vs losing in the details.
    I.e. the Anti Diversity slogan used against James.
    (I read the whole thing, he is actually pro opportunity based on self selection)

    I.e. MGTOW. Me, Ton, BV, Fuzz even RPG are mgtow in that we reject cultural restrictions.
    But Ton and Fuzz are as distant in outlook as you get. Hell, I’m married.
    But MGTOW is a useful meme for a very undefined and fluid concept.


  32. Farm Boy says:

    Try explaining why you need four days of Not a Drop of Rain to hay to a city folk

    I recently tried explaining field drainage tile to suburbanites. They didn’t get it.

    Some people really are not so curious. They are focused on whatever they are focused on.

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  33. Ok this Trump, Kim, Fire and Fury, Humph I’ll strike Guam crap is getting real.

    And Trenton CFB (our version of Nellis) is 10 klicks away.

    Best scenario is Kim launches on a small u.s. target (sorry) and trump convinces china and russia to weapons hold as he nukes N.K. off the map. They would never agree without provocation so U.S. has to be the victim of a NK first strike.

    N.K. is to dug in for a conventional first strike to get it all. Gotta be nukes.

    Then we pay thge chinese through the ass for having a wasteland next door and the fallout drift.

    Im thinkin its a good time for a Huge trip to Costco.

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  34. Yoda says:

    And Trenton CFB (our version of Nellis) is 10 klicks away.

    An Area 51 also you do have?
    If so, very interested I would be

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  35. SFC Ton says:

    China and Russia etc will not back anyone who would launch on another nuclear armed state

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  36. Yoda says:

    John Banzhaf, a well-known activist professor of public interest law at George Washington University Law School, says experts disagree on the consequences of allowing people to engage in mock acts of rape with humanoid dolls, and lawmakers should vet this issue as soon as possible.


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  37. Yoda says:

    Emmett: It’s depressing, mind-numbing, and extremely stressful. It’s also harmful to your health. There were many days I couldn’t do any meaningful work whatsoever. I’d arrive at my desk and simply space out. Perhaps read Twitter or random Web sites. Perhaps fume over posts made internally by people who are very clearly proselytizing what amounts to religious dogma (of the social justice variety), and of course no one dares contradict it, because everybody knows it’s a quick trip to H.R. if you dare say anything against the antisocial order.

    Or sometimes you get punched. I know at least one engineer did get punched in retaliation for something he posted — I am sure he will corroborate this to you directly.

    Many Google engineers who could not cope with the constant hostility and the reminders that “you are not one of us” have left the company. It bears reminding that some left in poor health — drinking problems, insomnia, nervous breakdowns, depression. All of this is understandable. Constant abuse, sneers, insults and smears from people who detest that you disagreed with them, or pointed out evidence that refutes their dogma, combined with the low-level terror of being fired (and in many cases deported), combined with a learned helplessness because you know your abusers are supported by management, make for a very demoralizing experience.


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  38. Yoda says:

    But the actual memo simply does not say what CNN claims it does. To begin with, the author of the Google memo is not opposed to “diversity” in the abstract, but is opposed to Google’s methods for advancing it.


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  39. Any ideas how to put Kim back to the stone age
    Without someone getting nuked or the chinese getting involved.
    Hell its only 100 k from the NK capital to Chinese territory. A guidance error.

    Isreal, India, Pakistan are at least somewhat sane.
    Bad Bowlcut Boy is nuts.

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  40. Farm Boy says:

    Emmett concurs with our source. “A number of friends have privately confirmed this to me. I know there are efforts to demote anything non-PC, anti-Communist and anti-Islamic terror from search results. To what extent that has been successful, I don’t know.”


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  41. Ton, thats why U.S. would have to take a hit then respond.

    China, russia wont back NK but with a 100k distance, will the chinese checkfire when they see our birds in the air in retaliation? Thats a lot for them to do.

    Would NYC hold if Kim was striking Montreal. Watching the missile track that looks to go either way until the last 20 seconds.

    And just imagine all the splattered poutine!!!


  42. Most good engineers have backups. Its in their blood.
    How many bad issues that Google thought were buried are going to come out now that the boys are pissed off?
    Is Wikileaks publicly traded? Need somewhere to hold my Google shorting profits.


  43. SFC Ton says:

    Why does Kim need putting back to the stone age? Not every problem needs a hammer


  44. Farm Boy says:

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA—At a special press conference held at the technology giant’s sprawling campus Tuesday, Google engineers revealed exciting new technology that autocorrects any errant thoughts its users are having, replacing them with positions approved by the company.


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  45. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I had no idea that Google was such a nest of SJWs. It sounds like we are in a war. What kills me is that the mainstream media is supporting the SJWs when the memo is so easily available. I think that Google is going to regret the side they chose.

    There may be no shares Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent, available to short. i wonder if we will see a repeat of Enron with management selling shares like crazy while advising the help to buy?

    As for North Korea, we can be certain that better minds have considered it. I think that everybody has been waiting for the country to collapse internally since the fifties.


  46. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Yoda at 1:30am,
    They are going to pull out all the stops to fight the introduction of sexbots and male contraceptives. Sexbots aren’t even here yet and they are doing this?

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  47. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Gavin McInnes from Rebel Media chimes in. Normally, I don’t like this guy.


  48. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Stephan Molyneaux interviews him. He is is very young and innocent.

    Seeing how Google treated him, the only conclusion is that the culture there is poisonous. Throw him under the bus to protect the sensibilities of HR ditzes who wear eight hundred dollar shoes?

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  49. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Rollo chimes in on this. He does bring up something I was not aware of. The forum this memo was posted on was supposed to be anonymous. This just keeps getting worse.

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  50. Farm Boy says:

    Despite how it’s been portrayed, the memo was fair and factually accurate. Scientific studies have confirmed sex differences in the brain that lead to differences in our interests and behaviour.

    As mentioned in the memo, gendered interests are predicted by exposure to prenatal testosterone – higher levels are associated with a preference for mechanically interesting things and occupations in adulthood. Lower levels are associated with a preference for people-oriented activities and occupations. This is why STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields tend to be dominated by men.

    We see evidence for this in girls with a genetic condition called congenital adrenal hyperplasia, who are exposed to unusually high levels of testosterone in the womb. When they are born, these girls prefer male-typical, wheeled toys, such as trucks, even if their parents offer more positive feedback when they play with female-typical toys, such as dolls. Similarly, men who are interested in female-typical activities were likely exposed to lower levels of testosterone.

    As well, new research from the field of genetics shows that testosterone alters the programming of neural stem cells, leading to sex differences in the brain even before it’s finished developing in utero. This further suggests that our interests are influenced strongly by biology, as opposed to being learned or socially constructed.

    Many people, including a former Google employee, have attempted to refute the memo’s points, alleging that they contradict the latest research.

    I’d love to know what “research done […] for decades” he’s referring to, because thousands of studies would suggest otherwise. A single study, published in 2015, did claim that male and female brains existed along a “mosaic” and that it isn’t possible to differentiate them by sex, but this has been refuted by four – yes, four – academic studies since.

    This includes a study that analyzed the exact same brain data from the original study and found that the sex of a given brain could be correctly identified with 69-per-cent to 77-per-cent accuracy.

    Of course, differences exist at the individual level, and this doesn’t mean environment plays no role in shaping us. But to claim that there are no differences between the sexes when looking at group averages, or that culture has greater influence than biology, simply isn’t true.

    In fact, research has shown that cultures with greater gender equity have larger sex differences when it comes to job preferences, because in these societies, people are free to choose their occupations based on what they enjoy.


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  51. Farm Boy says:

    With few exceptions, American conservatives respect the Constitution. The modern American left, by contrast, thirsts to get rid of one of the most fundamental protections that the Constitution enshrines: free speech. If you want to see where that freedom is currently under attack in the United States, accompany me to some institutions where you might expect free expression to be revered.


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  52. Yoda says:

    Besides the fact that Lena Dunham is not particularly popular in my circles (we really object to child molesters, as well as people who lie about having been raped) there was the feeling that, yeah, we’re adults and we understand that when representing your company, such as when you’re in uniform, you should be careful about expressing opinions the public at large – or your company head – might find objectionable. On the other hand, in public, adult human beings give other human beings a certain amount of space and tend to assume the best – according to our lights – of them. After all, you can’t be sure that the conversation you just overheard wasn’t the tail end of a long in-joke between friends who have been giving each other a fair amount of ribbing for a long time, and whose real opinions might, in fact, be the exact opposite of those expressed.

    Besides all that, there was a feeling that Lena Dunham was doing her best to get these people fired for thought/word crime, and because their words deviated from Lena-Dunham approved speech.

    But the plot thickens, since apparently Lena Dunham was, in fact, inventing the whole thing. Or as we mere mortals would put it, “lying.”


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  53. Yoda says:

    Importantly, the solutions advocated James Damore in his paper are eminently more sensible and are in danger of getting lost in the furore.

    He has concrete suggestions to:

    Demoralise diversity: To stop making disagreement ‘immoral’, harshly punishing those we see as villains to protect ‘victims’.

    Stop alienating conservatives: to the point conservatives need to stay in the closet to avoid open hostility

    Be open about the science of human nature. Not all differences are due to discrimination.

    Stop restricting programs to certain genders or race. These discriminatory practises are unfair and divisive.
    Have an open and honest discussion about the costs and benefits of our diversity programs.

    Stop calling for empathy on diversity issues. Being emotionally unengaged helps us better reason about the facts.

    Stop making people so sensitive. Microaggression Training incorrectly and dangerously equates speech with violence and isn’t backed by evidence.


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  54. Yoda says:

    The truth is that the mainstream media outlets may be right that it is an “anti-diversity screed,” in the sense that it offers arguments and evidence where none are typically permitted. In this telling, diversity is more of a faith commitment. [Google’s Vice President of Diversity, Integrity, and Governance Danielle] Brown continued her statement:

    Diversity and inclusion are a fundamental part of our values and the culture we continue to cultivate. We are unequivocal in our belief that diversity and inclusion are critical to our success as a company, and we’ll continue to stand for that and be committed to it for the long haul. As Ari Balogh said in his internal G+ post, “Building an open, inclusive environment is core to who we are, and the right thing to do. ’Nuff said.”

    The striking thing about this is that it is not even an argument. It is at best a reassurance. The statements in it are all creedal. The same belief is expressed, in barely varying language, in three successive sentences. It is less a paragraph containing thought than a kind of mantra or spell.

    The reaction on the outside of Google — even from those who support the memo as if it were Luther’s 95 theses — confirms that religious values are at play.


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  55. Spawny Get says:

    I LOL’d, I did

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  56. BuenaVista says:

    The big problem with NK are the 20,000 tubes pointed at Seoul, and are capable of incinerating it. They are a kind of dead man’s switch if Pyongyang is offline. We could do thunder runs up the line with the B-1s until the NKs are bored with them. Synchronized MOAB drops can then take them out simultaneously. But this leaves the problem of their missiles being mobile and moved around via tunnel, where the Dear Leader also lives.

    Most anything is cheaper than another war, so perhaps someone has suggested that we just give him free passage and $10 billion to blow on European hookers.

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  57. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    I don’t think the management at Google has bothered to consider that there is close to six hundred and fifty billion dollars tied up in their stock. They are reckless.

    I can remember when the left welcomed the attention of the press and believed in free speech. I don’t know who these people are. They claim to be progressive and they are, in fact, regressive.

    I think that Lena told another “story”. At some point, she will lose credibility.

    What is not to like about Katie Hopkins?

    Spawny Get,
    “No, she’s a Methodist. Take it up with them.”
    It must be bad when the Church of Satan doesn’t want any part of Hillary.

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  58. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Another Google related meme.
    I don’t think that I will buy one of these self driving cars. Thank you very much.


  59. Cill says:

    Poor Maus. What an ordeal.


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  60. Cill says:

    I wonder if he’s still shafting her

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  61. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    I don’t think that Maus can be faulted. A case like this requires the wisdom of Yoda. In any event, Maus’s wife will escape any and all consequences.

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  62. Yoda says:

    An up-and-down relationship it was

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  63. Cill says:

    Maus deserves a medal for his desperate effort, even though he did shaft her for $2500.

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  64. Yoda says:

    The Maus that roared not

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  65. Yoda says:

    Things went swimmingly not

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  66. Yoda says:

    The mauskateers are mauskateers not

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  67. Cill says:

    I too would have shafted her desperately, for that sort of money. I’d pray like hell that it would take me a good 6 months to impregnate the beauty queen wife.

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  68. Yoda says:

    Though if one looked like a young Annette Funicello, good this would be.

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  69. Cill says:

    A Maus he is, her having child-bearing hips and all.


  70. Cill says:

    I’ll shift next door and give her a nursery full of wee Cillos

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  71. Yoda says:

    Possible employment for the Ton this is

    “Google will begin rebuilding your mind, piece by piece,” he added to the cheers and applause of the tech bloggers and industry professionals gathered.

    According to the spokesperson, Google is also utilizing crack teams of ex-military personnel to round up anyone who resists the new technology, taking them to a new portion of Google’s campus known as the “Department of Love” for questioning, reconditioning, and re-introduction into civilized society.


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  72. Cill says:

    A post I have drafted. Publish it at your convenience you should. I mean in the WC not.

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  73. Cill says:

    Or consign it to the flush you might.


  74. Yoda says:

    Do this I will.
    Next up after the post in two hours it will be

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  75. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Odd that you brought her up. While she remained above suspicion throughout her life, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Miley Cyrus did not.

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  76. Yoda says:

    Flush it I will not.
    Intervening comment by Cill there was


  77. Yoda says:

    Sold peanut butter Annette did.
    Wholesome protein it would be

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  78. Yoda says:

    Fecebook that would be

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  79. Cill says:

    Bloody hell, the Patriarch has come up with the goods again.

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  80. Yoda says:

    Perhaps the greatest British invention ever the flush toilet was.
    So a great invention that the Daleks honored it via their anatomy they did

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  81. Cill says:

    A real clanger this time.

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  82. Spawny Get says:

    Complete accident. I just happened to have found it just now

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  83. Cill says:

    Not too voluminous an accident, I hope.


  84. Cill says:

    Like, enough to make the lid flap like a gossip’s tongue?

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  85. Spawny Get says:

    Hmm…pretty sure there’s an issue here

    Just need to work out what it is.

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  86. Yoda says:

    It seems that women at Google did indeed take Damore’s memo personally. Kelly Ellis, a software engineer who used to work at Google, told NPR that some women at the company stayed home on Monday specifically because the memo made them “uncomfortable going back to work.”

    Ironically, this seemed to back up Damore’s basic point. The memo suggested that “women on average are more cooperative” and “more prone to anxiety,” and that this often involves a search “for more work-life balance while men have a higher drive for status on average.”

    What could demonstrate these arguments more clearly than women staying home (focusing on life over work and accepting a cut in status) in solidarity with other women (more cooperative) and feeling “uncomfortable” going back to work (more prone to anxiety)?


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  87. Yoda says:

    He recounts the story of an autistic Google employee who was fired shortly after questioning the idea, popular among progressives, that gender is a “spectrum” rather than a “binary” of male and female.

    “There used to be a Googler very high on the autism spectrum. At our TGIFs (weekly propaganda sessions) he would always take up time during the question period with long, strange, frustrating questions.”

    “This went on for months, and was always tolerated until one fateful LGBT-themed TGIF when he expressed skepticism about the gender “spectrum.” He was fired very shortly afterward.”


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  88. Yoda says:

    It’s an old totalitarian trick – you break the will and the spirit of your enemies by forcing them to say, over and over again, what they and everyone knows to be false. After all, truth-telling is the province of the free and the proud, not the enslaved and the humiliated.


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