BV’s Aquaintances

Commenter BV,

I’ve known only two women who could be described as WGTOW. I think MGTOW behavior, or at least empathy, is central to any coherent RP hypothesis.

Example #1:

Prominent surgeon, completely hosed and harassed in/after divorce by stay-at-home Dad. (When we met I didn’t have to discuss my difficulties in divorce and parenting and money and stuff (all the RP cliches are me). The same fucking things happened to her.) Swore she would never, ever, ever get married or live with a man. Since then she almost married a catfishing ex-con; they got as far as negotiating the equivalent of a pre-nup, to govern his moving in with her.

She had some health issues (premature hip replacement) got overweight, freaked out, had her breasts reduced (husband #1 liked pneumatic big boobs), got her neck lifted, got in shape, called me two weeks ago. She is marrying the man she knew before she met her ex-husband. He has a negative net worth.

She is the most “red pill” woman I’ve known. This is not red pill behavior.

Example #2:

Retired Fortune 50 CFO, former customer of mine. Never married, brilliant, charming, popular, not above having a bender after a night at the symphony. Said to me once, after she retired, “BV, I always thought we would get married. Just don’t bring those girlfriends you have home.” Manages her money well (downsized in retirement from two (2) Gold Coast condos that she merged on Lakeshore Dr. in Chicago, to a LMC townhouse in suburban DC. This is very RP in many ways except … she’s a 250 pound lesbian. So not really in our RP wheelhouse. I will say that she, like Camille Paglia, likes her men red pillish, not that she knows the term.

Apropos MGTOW’s arithmetic/funnel illustration: women obviously don’t understand the arithmetic and exploding risk of spinsterhood after 30. They also don’t understand that by age 40 guys are just going, “Like you know how to be a stable wife? Wouldn’t you have been one already?” They get annoyed when a man observes, “Uh, past behavior indicates future performance?”

At present I know three women who bought into the b.s. that they should Lean In and just make sure they settled down by 35. Well, I know a fourth, but she’s an ex-wife.

#1 Airline pilot. Turned 41 this year. Pregnant, getting married next month. Her fiance is a libertarian entrepreneur, and he’s imposing a pre-nup and she’s complaining to me (!) via email about how unfair it is. Invited me to meet her tomorrow 170 miles away where she has a layover (declined, duh). SIW, macho job, Porsche-driver. Freaked out that she boxed herself into a corner, so says, “Let’s give BV one last shot.” Assumes men don’t learn, and adjust behavior accordingly.

#2 Govvy, 45, missed the marriage and baby train. Asks me if I want to adopt with her (she’s overseas in a convenient place to do so). I have actually said to her, “But baby, you’v never even lived with a guy for more than two years.” Assumes men don’t learn and adjust behavior accordingly.

#3 Aerospace chief engineer on a black project. Very tomboyish, son of Navy Captain, can drink and swear like one too. Very traditional, likes men (good relationship with dad), organized. Had a starter marriage once. She’s 49 now, and the bulk of the men interested in her are married. Finds it unfair and demeaning. Well, yeah.

Feminism makes women stupid. All of us know women whose lives (and perhaps ours) would be enormously more satisfying if they could simply observe behaviors (called RP or otherwise) and modify their own behavior. It will never happen.

I will speculate on what is common between them.  Firstly, they all are very competent in their chosen fields.

Next, they all probably had the field mostly cleared for them in their professional life. Doors opened, and they grabbed the opportunities.  Men of comparable skill, probably either had to wait longer, or the door never opened for them.  Men see this at a young age; it makes them realize that there will be no free lunches for them.  To succeed, they often need to be scrappy, talented and lucky.

Of course, these women were once in their late teens and twenties.  They were fawned over.  It is probably very easy to learn to like being fawned over.  Many know what is going on (at least a little bit), and that it is all ephemeral; but still there is something that happens inside after years of such treatment.  It would take much work to not become at least a little bit entitled.

Probably these women have never experienced what it is like being on the outside looking in; to be subjected to real continuous struggle (like typical men).  That is, until now.

They never had to understand the situations of others, to develop a bit of an empathy for people not themselves, like people who struggle do.  This is very possibly the source of much of their surprise.  Unfortunately, any understanding for the at this time is too late.

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38 comments on “BV’s Aquaintances
  1. SFC Ton says:

    The women i can think of who would semi qualify as going their own way would be widows

    A couple of literal alpha widows and a maybe one or two figurative but in no way do I get they are doing so on a voluntary basis


  2. SFC Ton says:

    Oh and the BV bitches are doing well in traditionally masculine fields of endeavour meaning they are probaly unusually high T for hatchet wounds

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  3. Yoda says:


    British spelling used you did

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  4. okrahead says:

    Lonely spinster: Where are all the good men?
    Okrahead: Right where they’ve always been, darling… back in your 20s.

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  5. okrahead says:

    Women who wait until their 30s to start looking to marry are incapable of basic cost/benefit analysis…. and their counting on the men they’re after having the same problem.

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  6. mgtowhorseman says:

    All that ever needs to be said.

    Women? Who gives a Fuck?

    No seriously! Does anyone give a fuck.

    I sure don’t.


  7. SFC Ton says:

    LOL just impressed with myself that I spelled it correctly in any fashion

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  8. Yoda says:

    The Glorious Patriarch give you an “Order of the Empire” Medal he will


  9. Cill says:

    An OBE that would be. Order of the British Empire.

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  10. SFC Ton says:

    There is an MC out there who’s mission statement is about helping kids like that. Can’t rightly recall their name but if there is a cause, there is an MC working it


  11. BuenaVista says:

    Farmboy on female empathy: If they’re ascribing any value to contemporary feminism, and that is a bedrock position they all share because they know how feminism protected and advanced them preferentially, they’ve really had the empathy gene engineered out.

    When was the last time you listened to a woman issue an empathetic response to, or about, any man?

    To be fair, they have to be pretty drunk to let the mask drop, and hence assume we can’t evaluate and adjust our behavior. Frustration turns to anger or contempt or painful-to-watch tears very quickly.

    I had a bad breakup this year, and did too much moping. But an honest reaction, when I bumped into her from time to time, was to ask, “You doing okay?” That question? You will never hear it from a former intimate.

    Also, again referencing Farmboy, I suppose it’s very difficult when you’ve been given sex-based advantages and lots of attention between 20 and 40 — and then a guy declines same at 40 or 50. Same shit, different day is not a life plan.


  12. SFC Ton says:

    Women don’t have empathy

    They have tingles

    If they don’t have tingles, they don’t have any other feelings for a man

    If they do have tingles for a fella, then they can semi sort of care, and the more the tingles the more the caring etc etc

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  13. Farm Boy says:

    Tingles Uber Alles

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  14. Yoda says:

    Glad to have no problems with speech I am

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  15. SFC Ton says:

    Fuck the DOW and it’s record highs. Don’t mean a damn thing has changed for working class and middle class White men. In fact the DOW often does well when working Whites are on the ropes because of the war on wages equals more money for the p and e statements


  16. Yoda says:

    Dow Jones value very high it is
    Silly this would be


  17. Yoda says:

    “Enjoy your miserable life on your island,” left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore has told Britons in a rant against Brexit and U.S. President Donald Trump.


  18. Farm Boy says:

    In June, the film rating non-profit Common Sense Media (CSM) announced it would develop a system to rate films on the basis of whether or not they “defy gender stereotypes” and offer “progressive depictions of gender roles.”

    “In theory, the system is quite simple: a film will be awarded the organisation’s seal of approval if it presents characters that defy gender stereotypes,” The Economist reported.

    Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, thought this was a marvelous idea. “Thank you Common Sense for your work helping parents choose films for our kids with positive gender representations,” Clinton tweeted.


  19. BackInTheSaddle says:

    Farm boy … what we need is for Trump to grow some nads and start fighting back. And it starts with this … ANY state who refuses to disclose their voter rolls … get excluded from the electoral college. The math is simple … exclude NY and Cal and no democrat will ever be in the Whitehouse ever again. And again … the math is simple … exclude the dead, those voting 3 times, and illegals … and 10% of the votes for Dems goes away. And R’s win. Both NY and Cal. Enforce voting rules and R’s win. That simple. The question is … why doesn’t the R Party realize this ? Or maybe they do … and want a plausible excuse as to why they refuse to get anything done. Say one thing. Do another. Ryan ? McClain ? Why aren’t they in jail ? … And there is your answer. Drain the swamp ? Can it be done ? How about some term limits … that would help !!!


  20. thedeti says:

    “She is the most “red pill” woman I’ve known. This is not red pill behavior.”

    They are all Red Pill. But they are all also women. Which means they’re for Team Woman uber alles; they are for their own interests uber alles; they are for themselves uber alles.

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