Red Pill Knowledge and Women

In an individual women’s case, knowledge can be power.  If she understands the red pill, a reasonably accurate model of reality, she can make decisions that maximize her benefit.  Ideally these decisions would be mutually beneficial to her and her partner, but they can also be used in a very self-serving manner.  Note that red-pill knowledge is not good or evil in itself, but is just that, knowledge.

As for women as a whole, red-pill knowledge and its spread is definitely bad news.  This is why they fight every aspect of it so vociferously, calling men who touch it losers, basement dwellers, misogynists, etc.  Notice that name calling does nothing to refute any red-pill knowledge; but does have the benefit to women of distraction; discouraging many from looking deeper.

Why do women as a whole hate red pill knowledge?  Firstly, it captures most of the truth with respect to the sexes and their relationships in the present day.  It reveals the true nature of women, and the pretty lies that attempt to cover this truth up.  The present system is built upon these lies; the true reality being a real threat to the stability of this system.

Even as the system muddles along, red-pill knowledge will of course allow individual men to check-out, to become MGTOW.  Even though sometimes women act like they don’t want to get married, they really do.  More MGTOWs in existence alter the marriage market in a way that does not favor women.  Due the the one-to-one nature of the transactions of the market, a small percentage change to the inputs can dramatically alter the outputs.

In the end, red pill knowledge might be beneficial to individual women; however it primarily shifts power to men individually and as a whole.


Addendum by Cautiously Pessimistic

I missed the discussion on what the terms Red Pill and Blue Pill mean; but for me, Red Pill is the pursuit of truth over comfort, while Blue Pill is the pursuit of comfort over truth. With that understanding, I think women would absolutely benefit from the Red Pill. In the more common usage of Red Pill, though, I’m less sure about it. Women as they are now need to feel ‘magic’ in their relationships (EWALT), and I’m not sure having a thorough understanding of how men and women relate will help, if they’re not prepared to give up the fairytales.

If they insist on Twu Wuv, the less they know how the sausage is made, the better. It’s only magic because you don’t know how it works.

Addendum by BV

I’ve never met a RP woman. The scientist in me suggests that this is for a reason: the notions are incompatible with XX chromosomal types. It’s just incompatible with the feminine-primary society that allows them options that men lack, and allows them to run two sets of books. And it’s incompatible with basal nature: can someone point to a single woman who manages her own hypergamic instincts? I can’t. Well, Katherine Hepburn, but she was a unicorn. (She chose Spencer Tracy over Howard Hughes.)

In addition, given a woman’s social needs for female peer approval, even if all of her friends pine for a man we would term “Red Pill”, they’ll never admit it. Instead they’ll gossip about which woman has the man with the best job and largest package (implicitly suggesting they know the difference between alpha and everyone else).

Back in the J4G days, I concluded RP is a secret society, and today I’m more convinced. The term is creeping into the public square (somewhere around the gutters!) but it’s still more of a perjorative (like Alt-Right) than a descriptive term.

Would women benefit? Sure. But they’d benefit from being better at math and music, too, and that ain’t going to happen, either.

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  1. Yoda says:

    An intelligent woman use the knowledge she can,
    But most women believe that they should need it not

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  2. Also reducing the pool is the divorced. Still a one to one transaction but the number of men who will remarry is at best half.

    Time for Fun With Math.

    100 single straight men and women both never married and divorced scattered evenly by decade 20, 30,40,50 or 25 per decade.

    Assume 95 of the women will AT SOME POINT before 60 will want to get married. Not necessarily today but eventually.

    Of the men take out say 10% mgtow across the board.

    Now after the 20s take out another 10% as divorced never again.

    So thats 22 men for 20s, 20 for the others.

    Now for 40s take out another 20% who just wont marry a forty year old.

    Now for fifty lets be realistic and cut the field in half cause ….50!

    So just men who WILL marry, at all, we get
    22 for 20, 20 for 30s, 16 for 40s and 10 for 50s.
    Or 68 out of 100 or 2 in 3.

    Thats who will, forget if they are 6 sixes acceptable to the women.

    So combine some basic math with red pill and a smart girl says play the odds.
    Cause nowadays the house is the silent majority of men.

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  3. Imagine feminist career woman at 50 whose career peaked wanting to get off the treadmill and have a man take care of her.

    Of the 25 men in her age group (forget younger)
    2 are mgtow and dont trust her cause they dont want a woman who dont need them
    3 are never agains cause they know what she will do to them
    And 12 wont look at her cause Bitch you old!

    Leaving 8 who are dumb and desperate enough to be willing to take a never married 50 year old.

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  4. Yoda says:

    By Horseman’s calculations women need red pill knowledge they do


  5. But but Halle and Demi look great at fifty
    And that woman in Argentina had a baby at 58
    And there’s that guy from high school on Facebook
    And …yes yes I’ll feed you, momma is busy, go play with your catnip mouse.
    And I took out that loan to freeze my eggs

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  6. Yoda says:

    Simulate rationalization hamster well Horseman does

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  7. SFC Ton says:

    MGTOW isn’t the real threat to middle age broads who want to marry

    The real threat to them is 20-30 year old girls who want to marry up

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  8. Yoda says:

    Many threats there are


  9. Ton

    Yes and no.
    For the smart 20 year olds who wanna lock down early absolutely a threat.
    The other 80% of 20 somethings, not so much cahuse they still have time so why settle down.

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  10. Stephanie says:

    Honestly it’s better if a girl grows up learning red pill truths than finding these things out later in life in my opinion.

    Things I learned while growing up that are probably considered “red pill” knowledge…

    1. Stay a virgin until marriage, my mom always always said that there was “nothing in it” for girls to become promiscuous and “everything to lose,” and she’d play out each scenario in a way that made it scary enough to know how bad it could get for you. Most scary thing for women is to lose the respect of a man or men she loves.
    2. At the same time, she made me aware that sex is amazing and something that I’ll enjoy doing – talked about how often men vs. women probably like it and that they have to come to some kind of agreement on how often they have it a week – she said 3x a week was normal. I remember asking her what if I wanted it everyday? And she replied that my husband would probably be REALLY happy lol….
    3. Always wear lingerie or sexy underwear for your husband… men appreciate being seduced, in every aspect of the word.
    4. Red pill knowledge (from marriage) give your husband lots of oral sex… lol it will make him think he’s gone to heaven
    5. Be kind and nice to your husband – don’t nag him it will make him closed off to you
    6. Make him good food even if it’s something small…
    7. Don’t be a drama queen… you will ruin your life (and possibly your children’s lives)

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  11. Stephanie says:

    Best police speech:

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    Female minister of public works left in April for family reasons (gee a woman taking a leave shocking.)

    The best candidate is Seamus O’Regan former Heritage Minister. But he is a man and fhat would be 14:16 female male cabinet.

    So the Justin has to either not put the best candidate in for a lesser qualified woman
    Put him in and demote one of the other ministers who have been serving for a year and replace him with a woman.

    So to solve it he is going to porouge parliment, basically shutting down the sitting of parliment until 2018. Imagine shutting down Congress for 6 months.

    All because a woman wanted to leave her job to stay home with the kids.

    And you guys want him instead of Donald.


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  13. Cill says:

    “So to solve it he is going to porouge parliment, basically shutting down the sitting of parliment until 2018. Imagine shutting down Congress for 6 months”


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  14. Yoda says:

    Sometimes odd Canadians are

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  15. Justin is rumored to be considering poroguing parliments fall sitting. The governor general would then recall parliment sometime in Jan, feb 2018.

    Effectively all bills in process would stop and no debate in question period would take place. Basically all ministries would be on autopilot under their ministers authority.

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    Premier McGuinty, Wynnes predecessor porogued ontarios provincial parliment to avoid embarassment and possible non confidence vote.

    Its a common tactic of the liberal party.

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  17. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    If he tries to prevent Parliament from sitting over something that trivial, it may prove the end of him and his party for a generation.


  18. Cill says:

    You’d think so, Fuzzy, but he says it has been done before at provincial parliament level.

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  19. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Getting back to the original post, what I see is that the sexual marketplace continues to act as if it is female dominated. Women continue to act as if their dance card, or pipeline, is full and men have to scramble for table scraps. As someone observed over the stock market, markets can remain irrational longer that your patience or money can hold out.


  20. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It is just another reason for people in Western Canada to be furious at Eastern Canada. The primary reason is that Eastern Canada spends all the tax money.


  21. Cill says:

    Well I’m putting on roast hogget for my parents tomorrow so I’ll concern myself with that. The dressed carcass has been hanging for a week and I’ll dig up the vege tomorrow. I’m looking forward to the company of my mum and dad over good food and wine and maybe a shot or two with my dad afterwards while we talk politics or something more sane like fishing and hunting.

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  22. Yoda says:

    With biggest benefit being that Justin gets to strut around interference free as Justin he does


  23. Yoda says:

    So fabulous Justin is


  24. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It is good to spend time with family.


  25. Yoda says:

    “Justin spends time with Justin” you mean?


  26. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    That was in response to Cill. As for Justin, I think that he is headed for trouble and it would be good for him to consider his next career.


  27. Yoda says:

    “It wasn’t random,” Trudeau told Rolling Stone magazine in an interview published this week. “I wanted someone who would be a good foil, and we stumbled upon the scrappy tough-guy senator from an indigenous community. He fit the bill, and it was a very nice counterpoint. I saw it as the right kind of narrative, the right story to tell.”

    The comments – part of a 6,800-word August cover story on the prime minister – sparked immediate reaction. “So ‘privileged white guy beats up Indian’ was the ‘right kind of narrative?’ Seriously?” wrote one person on Twitter, while another noted: “White guy in power & entitlement looks 4 an #Indigenous human to beat up so he looks like a strong white dude.”


  28. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    The Guardian is going trow throw Justin under the bus? That feminist rag? They are devoid of loyalty.


  29. Yoda says:

    Overall, the image is designed to push the transgender strategy of splitting the definition of “man” and “woman” from male and female biology. Instead of that biological definition, transgender activists are pushing the academic-invented idea that each person has a male or female “gender” — which they say means that a person with a male gender and a female body can be called a “man.”

    Woods ridicules the menstrual blood image, slams the culture damage caused by the Baby Boom generation, and slams parents who don’t stop their sexually confused children from using drugs and surgeries to mutilate their bodies.


  30. Yoda says:

    We’re talking a lot about the kids, and I think they’re just that, kids. We are the adults. And I don’t think that we’re doing the children — I mean, these are 18- and 19-year-old kids at these college campuses. They grew up dipped in Purell, playing soccer games where they never kept score and watching Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, and we’re asking them to be mature. We need the adults to start being the adults.

    Studies have shown that if you take people and put them in a zero gravity environment like astronauts, they lose muscle mass, they lose bone density. We’re taking these kids, in the name of protection, we’re putting them in a zero gravity environment, and they are losing muscle mass and bone density. They need to live in a world that has gravity. You need to expose your children to germs and dirt and the environment to build up their immune system. Our plan is to put them in the bubble, keep them away from everything and somehow they will come out stronger when they emerge from the bubble. Well, that’s not happening.

    Children are the future, but we are the present, and we are the adults and we need to act like it. And I feel that what’s going on on these campuses is — we need law and order. We need to bring back law and order. But I think if we just had order we wouldn’t need law. So, could we just bring back order, and could the faculty and administration on these campuses act like faculty and administration?

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  31. Yoda says:

    The police in Birmingham are on the hunt for two ‘Asian’ men after a teen girl was brutally raped at a train station, and sexually abused again by another Asian man she asked for help after the incident.

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  32. Yoda says:

    A good Canadian he would be

    Tweet Hello. Have SJWs get offended by figuring some obtuse way to define it. Spend my day telling them off. You know, just a typical day.

    — William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) July 26, 2017

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  33. Yoda says:

    Nothing can ever replace the reputation lost after a false accusation of sexual assault, but students accused of the heinous crime on college campuses received some good news these past couple of weeks.

    It would be more encouraging if more schools changed their policies to protect the rights of accused students and stopped the witch hunt mentality raging on campus.

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  34. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I think the police in the UK have failed utterly. At this point, it doesn’t matter why.


  35. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It is good to see Ashe Schow in print. I wish that the terms of the settlements were public, but the amounts might bring on another outpouring of rage. If schools are going to do this, they should not be in business.

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  36. SFC Ton says:

    Less marriages? Who would have thunk it?

    but there’s little evidence that people started getting married again even as the economy recovered.
    When did the economy recover?

    These people literally don’t know a damn thing beyond their little bubble

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  37. Yoda says:

    A system in which a wrongly accused student’s best chance of vindication comes after his college improperly brands him a rapist, and only if he can afford an expensive and protracted lawsuit, is a travesty of justice. Moreover, despite some suggestions by defenders of Obama policies that colleges have responded to these court decisions by creating fairer procedures for accused students, the reverse has been far more typical. Amidst legal challenges, schools including Brown and Swarthmore adjusted their policies to make it harder for innocent students to win vindication, by scaling back the rights promised to accused students. Reflecting this mindset, the National Association of College and University Attorneys published a May 2016 research note urging colleges and universities to “promptly destroy” documents such as “e-mails … staff notes, … notes of hearing participants during a disciplinary hearing, drafts of hearing outcome reports, and other such working papers,” all of which “might actually prove very useful to a plaintiff’s lawyer” in a subsequent lawsuit.

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  38. Yoda says:

    “One time I was fighting another male gorilla. Yeah, it was over a female. Sue me. Anyway, at one point, I reached down, grabbed his junk, and tore it right the hell off. Funny thing is, he didn’t become a female gorilla. He became a very pissed off male gorilla with torn-off junk.”

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  39. Yoda says:

    First, a message to transgender people:

    “It’s your choice to do with your body what you wish, but the military is not there to serve as a social experiment, nor pay for transgender transitioning cost related to hormone replacement therapy, or sex change operations.

    Next up, a reminder of the purpose of the U.S. military:

    The military serves as a fighting force that guards this nation and does not need to be burdened with the extreme changes it would be required to undergo to accommodate such a small demographic. @realdonaldtrump has made a wise decision.

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  40. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Yoda at 4:35pm,
    That amounts to lawyers advising colleges to destroy evidence. This raises it to the level of a national conspiracy to deprive male students of their civil rights.


  41. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    Something is wrong. Her eyes are moving in the same direction.

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  42. Yoda says:

    Military about fighting to win it is
    Notice that 60 year old recruits exist not.
    Perhaps a reason for this there is


  43. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    The internet is blowing up over this? He should move on to rolling back the tules on bathroom use. Since Obama, while ladies’ rooms have continued to be ladies’ rooms, the men have had to accommodate. The mainstream media can go crazy over that one.


  44. Yoda says:

    Propaganda Gif to make Hillary look more normal this is

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  45. Stephanie says:

    “Women continue to act as if their dance card, or pipeline, is full and men have to scramble for table scraps. ”

    Fuzzie the truth is that most young women’s dance cards ARE full and remain that way for awhile… I’m seeing a lot of acquaintenances that decided it’d be more fun to party and sleep with MANY men in their 20’s, now turn 29-30 and suddenly “wake up” to seeing what they’ve wasted. It’s sad, but they made a choice. They *knew* they didn’t want marriage that young, and so they opted for sleeping around, drinking, and partying. It’s all on facebook lol… not easy to hide now that my generation puts everythng on social media.

    At least, in that way, it’s out there for prospective guys to know. Complete with pictures!!!!

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  46. Stephanie says:

    I mean… one of the main things that kept me from having sex before marriage (aside from being scared of losing the respect of my dad, grandfather, and future husband), was knowing how it was a gift for my future husband… something I’d have to explain to him that I’d given away to another.

    It’s really sad more girls don’t grow up with that kind of guidance. I think many don’t have moms that are that outright about your Marriage Market Value and sexual purity being tied into that.

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  47. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    If women are going to do that in their twenties, it kind of wrecks the rest of their life. Aside from avoidance, I don’t know how the boys are going to respond to that.
    The life path that you chose is working. It is good that you can set yourself as an example.

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  48. Yoda says:

    There is a growing trend in Austria of middle aged or older women enticing young male asylum seekers with favours and money for sexual gratification and making the young migrant men dependent on them.

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  49. molly says:

    Low sperm is because of feminism. White countries hate on men and masculinity. Other countries don’t have the man hate.

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  50. Cautiously Pessimistic says:

    I missed the discussion on what the terms Red Pill and Blue Pill mean; but for me, Red Pill is the pursuit of truth over comfort, while Blue Pill is the pursuit of comfort over truth. With that understanding, I think women would absolutely benefit from the Red Pill. In the more common usage of Red Pill, though, I’m less sure about it. Women as they are now need to feel ‘magic’ in their relationships (EWALT), and I’m not sure having a thorough understanding of how men and women relate will help, if they’re not prepared to give up the fairytales.

    If they insist on Twu Wuv, the less they know how the sausage is made, the better. It’s only magic because you don’t know how it works.

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    That timeline thing or whatever it is in FB where you can see all the historical posts in chrono order. Guys couldn’t get this evidence of what a prospective wife is like with a court order.

    Ok lessee. Hmmm
    Slept with new guy July 08
    New guy later July 08
    New guy late late july 08
    New guy next night
    Slept with new guy and his friend Aug 08
    Had a five way Oct 08 (pic not sure that was physically possible)
    Cancun March Break 09 5 days, 6 guys, 2 girls (65 pic coverage)
    May to June 09 weekends suck, community service for D and D.

    …. April 15, cant get a date for friends wedding…
    May 15, that guy from accounting wont go out with me

    Dec 16 joined match, pof, eharmony
    June 16 cancelled membership…its bullshit
    July 16 renewed membership…shut up

    May 17 joined church, see me in the long dress.
    June 17 christ church is so boring, but…
    July 17 status change to in a serious relationship
    July 17 My prayers are answered, found a sucker, I mean nice guy.
    (And thats a picture of me)

    July 17 status change to single, I don’t know what happened?

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  52. Reply to steph went to moderation?

    [SG – Worse, it went to spam filter, I don’t get a notification email of that happening. Fished it out]


  53. RichardP says:

    @CP: ” It’s only magic because you don’t know how it works.”

    The heart wants what the heart wants. You can’t negotiate desire. Just one look … that’s all it took, yeah.

    Some time ago someone posted a link to a string of pictures of women on one of these websites (maybe Rollo’s). I clicked through the sequence. All of them left me cold. Until one of them didn’t. The picture came into view and I felt like I had been hit in the stomach. I was not surprised. I’ve come to recognize the process, as it has happened to me a number of times. There is a particular female “look” that gets that response from me. Or, if nothing visual is available, there is a particular quality of voice that can get the same response from me.

    We can’t, with any degree of accuracy, provide a scientific explanation for why or how everything I’ve said above happens – an explanation that non-scientist would understand and relate to. Hence, we use the global phrase for the happenings of the things listed above: magic.

    But I think there is a whole nother side to this that is probably the larger reason for why women like to refer to such things as “magic”. Consider that Anthony Scaramucci’s wife has just filed for divorce. “She liked the nice Wall Street life and their home on Long Island, not the insane world of D.C. She is tired of his naked ambition,”

    She is not going to be upfront in the beginning and proclaim “it’s not you I like, it’s your money and the social position it can buy me”. Better that we should call what brought her breathlessly to him “magic” – so as to not scare him away with the truth.

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  54. Once you see thru the magic the game quickly becomes tiresome.
    You see the look and the heart flutters. Then some days later but less than a few weeks, the knowledge comes trickling to the forefront and the heart goes meh.

    Its like that great mystry novel or movie with the twist. No matter how well crafted, once you know the craftsmanship and the pretty is just window dressing for something that is no longer there.

    I will be faithful and married to my wife for she is a good woman rare these days.
    But love? Romantic love? I have seen behind the curtain.

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  55. Spawny Get says:

    No probs. Just flagging up that people need to let me know. Moderation sends me an email. Spam doesn’t.

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  56. Cautiously Pessimistic says:

    Women act like morons that have no understanding that one thing leads to another (EWALT). Absent contradictory proof, I’m inclined to believe that’s what they are. They do enough dumbass things to convince me they don’t know better. That said, if some guy wants to argue with me that women know exactly what they’re doing, I’m not going to argue back. Men need to assume the woman they’re looking at is a conniving harpy that wants to drain them of resources (again, EWALT).

    Like I’ve said before, if you’re not religious, don’t get married. If you’re religious and don’t NEED to get married, don’t get married. If you’re religious and need to get married, BE READY.

    Oh, and if you’re married happily, don’t assume your experience is typical.

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  57. Cautiously Pessimistic says:

    As men, we are not granted the luxury of comfortably believing lies as women do. At least, not for long. File that under “Blessed are the…”

    We are obliged to make vows to God, rather than to a tempestuous and faithless ephemeral. Otherwise, why would we stay?

    Sorry, Ira Hayes is getting his drink on. I’ll stop proselytizing now.

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  58. Yoda says:

    From Horseman this came

    An unidentified source told the Times of India that the “brand new Airbus A320”, one of the most fuel efficient aircraft in existence, had struggled to climb after take-off, prompting the pilots to settle on an altitude of 24,000 feet as opposed to a usual cruising height of 35,000 feet. The source, who made a point of saying that both pilots were women, said it flew like this at 230 knots – as opposed to around 500 knots – for about an hour-and-a-half, while the extended landing gear dragged heavily on the aircraft.

    Probably the plane vibrating much more than usual it was.
    Wonder if a red flag this might have been I do

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  59. Farm Boy says:

    A man wielding a large kitchen knife killed one and wounded four others after storming into a supermarket in the German city of Hamburg.

    The attacker is reported to have screamed ‘Allahu Akbar’ before running into the Edeka shop where he stabbed one person and slashed at four others while trying to flee.

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  60. Farm Boy says:

    As men, we are not granted the luxury of comfortably believing lies as women do.

    Without the general benefits that women have and the safety net in particular, guys have a smaller margin for error

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  61. Cautiously Pessimistic says:

    And here I am, stuck stuck in the middle with you,

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  62. Stephanie says:

    “The life path that you chose is working. It is good that you can set yourself as an example.”

    Fuzzie, my mom actually set the example for me 😀 it helped that I could talk to my parents about anything.

    And hopefully I can guide my daughter in the same direction… my husband just had a talk with our oldest yesterday about how dangerous women can be in regards to sex and trapping him (when he’s older obviously). He even touched on how they can trick good men into thinking they are the father of her baby when in reality, she got pregnant with a “bad guy” who left her.

    He explained it all really well and at an age-appropriate level. The slow deconstruction fo believing women are inherently incapable of evil towards men.

    Hopefully he’ll decide to write on some of these things!!! But I can’t make him do anything LOL

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  63. Cill says:

    Pearls of wisdom there, CP

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  64. Stephanie says:

    back on the topic though… y’all should check out the Red Pill Women Reddit or other red pill women sites like Bloom’s (RPG’s). Lots of women REALLY like finally understanding how relationships work and how to make their boyfriends/husbands happy. They used to link to my site a lot at their RPW reddit site back when I was writing more.

    So it seems like some women find this information great and useful… not sure what % that would be, but they are out there!

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  65. Cill says:

    Beautiful calm women weather here. My winter flowers are a blaze of ROYGBIV. It would be a crime not to have a civilized glass of Cabernet on a day like this. Or maybe a CDDU… I have a rule, though, which is to wait until the sun has gone over the yardarm… What the heck, rules are there to be broken (glug).

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  66. Cill says:

    3:08 pm on a sunny Saturday arvo, me hearties! Dad and Mum and coming for dinner at 5 and the roast is all ready to go in the oven.

    3:09 and all’s well.

    (bottoms up and down the hatch)

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  67. Cill says:

    It’s my duty as a host to be in a convivial mood when my guests arrive.

    “Let’s drink a toast to a bloody good roast” said Barnacle Bill the sailor.

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  68. Cill says:

    “It’s me and my crew and we’ve come for a screw!” said Barnacle Bill the Sailor
    “I’ll use my cock to pick the lock!” said Barnacle Bill the Sailor.
    “I’ll smash down the walls with my forty-pound balls!” said Barnacle Bill the Sailor.

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  69. Cill says:

    Yep I’m mellowing up quite nicely here

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  70. Cill says:

    … whilst you lot, typically, have gone to sleep.

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  71. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Yoda at 7:48pm,
    If middle aged Austrian women are going to do that with refugees, why are we even bothering? On the other side,the EU has cut off immigration from the Ukraine where most to the immigrants would be women of child bearing age willing to work as live in domestics. Not a problem with double standards much?

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  72. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    You would think that all the noise from the landing gear being down might serve as a clue? It may be a good idea for passengers to find out which airlines have hiring quotas.


  73. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    At your site, in one of your pictures, you are dressed up to work out and the baby looks pooped out at the thought of it. *big smile*

    I am glad that your Mom was able to get through to you. After giving it some thought, trying to talk a girl away from riding the carousel is a tall order. On the face of it, it sounds like a lot of fun. It is never considered that it is against what women naturally want.


  74. Farm Boy says:

    If older Austrian men were taking advantage of the power differential between them and refugee women, we wouldn’t be hearing the end of it

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  75. Farm Boy says:

    The Kentucky lawmaker added that eavesdropping and subsequent leaking to the press needs to be punished, regardless of politics. He said millions of Americans are changing their behavior because of the intelligence community’s surveillance program, and “that’s wrong.” He also noted that 10 members of Congress communicating with Israeli leaders were recently subject to surveillance.

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  76. Farm Boy says:

    The federally funded corporation, Planned Parenthood, is now offering advice to parents on how to approach sexual and gender identity topics with toddlers and preschoolers. When they’re not killing unborn babies with tax dollars, they have to at least make sure your kids grow up to be ill-adjusted, gender confused, and hyper-sexual.

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  77. Farm Boy says:

    The University of Minnesota is banning white and straight students from a safe space on campus, according to a Thursday report.


  78. Yoda says:

    Cuter than Ewoks I am

    In the re-imagined Disney version of the Star Wars universe, some of the creatures then agreed to travel off-world to help Rebel veterans recuperate by acting as ‘therapy Ewoks.’

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  79. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    If older Austrian men were taking advantage of immigrant women, we would never hear the end of it. I wish that they would incur harsh penalties for their duplicity.

    It is amazing that Planned Parenthood can keep their doors open. They are killing babies to sell them for parts.

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  80. Yoda says:


    Virgie Townsend can do something that many new mothers only ever dream of doing: She produces unbelievable amounts of breast milk. While still in the hospital with her baby, she realized her gift. She became engorged, only to pump six bottles (or 15 ounces) of the liquid gold in a short time. (When most nursing mothers are at their peak, they produce 30 ounces in an entire day!) “I felt like a Holstein that had just won the blue ribbon at the county fair,” she wrote.

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  81. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Your link made disparaging remarks on the Ewoks. I thought they were universally loved. Who could possibly hate them, outside of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine?
    Cuter that Ewoks you are not. More cuddly they are! Great fun to watch too!


  82. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    It is still hard to believe that France fell in only six weeks.On paper, they had more of everything.

    I bet there are lots of hungry babies who wish that more women could do this.

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  83. SFC Ton says:

    I do love a good round of Barnacle Bill


  84. Yoda says:

    It is still hard to believe that France fell in only six weeks.On paper, they had more of everything.

    Had many fewer German officers they did

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  85. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I feel much happier. Closing with the “Thesaurus” was a great idea!

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  86. Yoda says:

    The habits of progressive social and political discourse almost seem calculated to alienate and aggravate lower class whites. I confess that if a well-dressed, university-educated middle-class person of any gender or ethnicity so much as hinted at my ‘white privilege’ while I was a lumpen child, or my ‘male privilege’ while I was an unskilled labourer who couldn’t afford basic necessities, or my ‘hetero-privilege’ while I was a homeless solitary, I’d have taken special pleasure in voting for their nightmare. And I would have been right to do so.

    As an aspirational teenage lumpen, I learned to embrace a working-class ethos. It was a simple, experiential lesson: whenever I allowed myself to feel like a victim, I fell into paralysis and deep poverty; whenever I took pride in my capacity to work and endure, things got slightly better. One world view worked; the other didn’t.

    Even if I was wronged or oppressed or marginalised, claiming victim status seemed absurd (since I often came across people who were more unfortunate than me), limiting (since there were other, enriching aspects of life to focus on), humiliating (because in the working-class world self-pity is reviled), and self-defeating (because if you allow yourself to think and behave like a victim, you quickly fall into lumpen despair).

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  87. Yoda says:

    If a recent ballot initiative proposed in the Washington state legislature passes, Evergreen State College will be renamed “Social Justice Warrior PC Indoctrination Compound.”

    The measure would change the college’s name and official seal to display a brown-shirted, black-masked anarchist trampling on the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

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  88. Yoda says:

    J.K. Rowling no Bill Shakesman she is

    The original (now deleted) video posted by Ansel Herz, who serves as Deputy Communications Director for Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), was picked up by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling who had a meltdown on Twitter, accusing Trump of being a “monster of narcissism” during an eight tweet tirade.

    Herz’s follow-up tweet from Friday night read, “Deleted an earlier tweet because it turned out to be missing some context. Apologies.”

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  89. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I think that Evergreen should close their doors. No ballot measure like that has ever been proposed that I am aware of.

    The President has enemies and they don’t care about what is true. I don’t think we’ll hear any apologies from JK Rowling for getting it wrong.


  90. Yoda says:

    Funny if ballot measure won it did.
    Hee, heee


  91. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    A while ago, you asked if Evergreen graduates would be employable. I don’t think so. It may be good policy to hire only people with verifiable work histories.

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  92. Cautiously Pessimistic says:

    Pearls of wisdom there, CP

    In vino veritas.

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  93. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Make enough people angry and many things are possible.
    My personal concept would be to give everyone in the college their pink slip and convert it to Naval ROTC. I once had a roommate that was a resident of an inland state that attended a school in Oregon to meet that requirement.


  94. Yoda says:

    The knife killer in Germany being apprehended

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  95. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I don’t know what to think of the knife attacker. I just hope that the police responded quickly. and that they have nice upholstered room to put him in.


  96. Farm Boy says:

    Hamburg police reported that a knife attack in a Hamburg supermarket on Friday afternoon has left one person dead and several injured.
    In a press statement, a police spokesperson said that the suspect had entered the supermarket and suddenly began stabbing customers before fleeing the building. Bystanders followed the suspect and alerted the police, who arrested the man shortly thereafter in a nearby street.

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  97. BuenaVista says:

    I’ve never met a RP woman. The scientist in me suggests that this is for a reason: the notions are incompatible with XX chromosomal types. It’s just incompatible with the feminine-primary society that allows them options that men lack, and allows them to run two sets of books. And it’s incompatible with basal nature: can someone point to a single woman who manages her own hypergamic instincts? I can’t. Well, Katherine Hepburn, but she was a unicorn. (She chose Spencer Tracy over Howard Hughes.)

    In addition, given a woman’s social needs for female peer approval, even if all of her friends pine for a man we would term “Red Pill”, they’ll never admit it. Instead they’ll gossip about which woman has the man with the best job and largest package (implicitly suggesting they know the difference between alpha and everyone else).

    Back in the J4G days, I concluded RP is a secret society, and today I’m more convinced. The term is creeping into the public square (somewhere around the gutters!) but it’s still more of a perjorative (like Alt-Right) than a descriptive term.

    Would women benefit? Sure. But they’d benefit from being better at math and music, too, and that ain’t going to happen, either.

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  98. BuenaVista says:

    (I broke up my comment because I didn’t know if it would pass the filters.)

    I’ve known only two women who could be described as WGTOW. I think MGTOW behavior, or at least empathy, is central to any coherent RP hypothesis.

    Example #1:

    Prominent surgeon, completely hosed and harassed in/after divorce by stay-at-home Dad. (When we met I didn’t have to discuss my difficulties in divorce and parenting and money and stuff (all the RP cliches are me). The same fucking things happened to her.) Swore she would never, ever, ever get married or live with a man. Since then she almost married a catfishing ex-con; they got as far as negotiating the equivalent of a pre-nup, to govern his moving in with her.

    She had some health issues (premature hip replacement) got overweight, freaked out, had her breasts reduced (husband #1 liked pneumatic big boobs), got her neck lifted, got in shape, called me two weeks ago. She is marrying the man she knew before she met her ex-husband. He has a negative net worth.

    She is the most “red pill” woman I’ve known. This is not red pill behavior.

    Example #2:

    Retired Fortune 50 CFO, former customer of mine. Never married, brilliant, charming, popular, not above having a bender after a night at the symphony. Said to me once, after she retired, “BV, I always thought we would get married. Just don’t bring those girlfriends you have home.” Manages her money well (downsized in retirement from two (2) Gold Coast condos that she merged on Lakeshore Dr. in Chicago, to a LMC townhouse in suburban DC. This is very RP in many ways except … she’s a 250 pound lesbian. So not really in our RP wheelhouse. I will say that she, like Camille Paglia, likes her men red pillish, not that she knows the term.

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  99. BuenaVista says:

    Apropos MGTOW’s arithmetic/funnel illustration: women obviously don’t understand the arithmetic and exploding risk of spinsterhood after 30. They also don’t understand that by age 40 guys are just going, “Like you know how to be a stable wife? Wouldn’t you have been one already?” They get annoyed when a man observes, “Uh, past behavior indicates future performance?”

    At present I know three women who bought into the b.s. that they should Lean In and just make sure they settled down by 35. Well, I know a fourth, but she’s an ex-wife.

    #1 Airline pilot. Turned 41 this year. Pregnant, getting married next month. Her fiance is a libertarian entrepreneur, and he’s imposing a pre-nup and she’s complaining to me (!) via email about how unfair it is. Invited me to meet her tomorrow 170 miles away where she has a layover (declined, duh). SIW, macho job, Porsche-driver. Freaked out that she boxed herself into a corner, so says, “Let’s give BV one last shot.” Assumes men don’t learn, and adjust behavior accordingly.

    #2 Govvy, 45, missed the marriage and baby train. Asks me if I want to adopt with her (she’s overseas in a convenient place to do so). I have actually said to her, “But baby, you’v never even lived with a guy for more than two years.” Assumes men don’t learn and adjust behavior accordingly.

    #3 Aerospace chief engineer on a black project. Very tomboyish, son of Navy Captain, can drink and swear like one too. Very traditional, likes men (good relationship with dad), organized. Had a starter marriage once. She’s 49 now, and the bulk of the men interested in her are married. Finds it unfair and demeaning. Well, yeah.

    Feminism makes women stupid. All of us know women whose lives (and perhaps ours) would be enormously more satisfying if they could simply observe behaviors (called RP or otherwise) and modify their own behavior. It will never happen.

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  100. Yoda says:

    Feminism makes women stupid

    Probably changes basic intelligence it does not
    But makes them act more stupid it does

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  101. SFC Ton says:

    Women are stupid
    Feminism exposes said stupidity

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  102. Yoda says:

    Attendees at a recent academic conference on advanced manufacturing techniques spent a full hour learning not about materials sciences, but rather about “implicit bias” and “microaggressions.”

    The researchers and professors were asked to write examples of microaggressions on sticky notes and then post them to a bulletin board, prompting one participant to complain about “dealing with snowflakes and trigger warnings all morning.”

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  103. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    An excellent response to J.K. Rowling.

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  104. Yoda says:

    I’m pretty alert to such problems these days. Soap doesn’t work. Toilets don’t flush. Clothes washers don’t clean. Light bulbs don’t illuminate. Refrigerators break too soon. Paint discolors. Lawnmowers have to be hacked. It’s all caused by idiotic government regulations that are wrecking our lives one consumer product at a time, all in ways we hardly notice.

    It’s like the barbarian invasions that wrecked Rome, taking away the gains we’ve made in bettering our lives. It’s the bureaucrats’ way of reminding market producers and consumers who is in charge.

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  105. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    You may not know. I just saw an op-ed piece from the New York Times written by Lindy West. It is not a one off. They are going to allow her to write one every week. *sad face*


  106. Yoda says:

    One presentation, called “Whiteness in schools,” provided “a history of Whiteness, and will invite participants into a discussion of how Whiteness and White culture shapes what happens in schools,” according to a description.

    One workshop discussed “3 ways to face white privilege in the classroom.” Presented by Teachers College postdoctoral fellow Jamila Lyiscott, a summary of the workshop states it included “activities and critical dialogue around White privilege to connect personal responsibility to pedagogical possibilities for the classroom.”

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  107. Yoda says:

    As I chronicle below, there have been a dozen terror-related incidents in Germany since January 2016, indicating that the problem may be at a tipping point as the number of fatal terror attacks in Western Europe has exploded in just the past few years.

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  108. Yoda says:

    But of course, we all know what happened next, and Clinton will be tackling the cringe-worthy horrors, the feminist triumphs, and everything in between in her new memoir What Happened, to be released this September.

    Here is the book’s summary, which in itself hints that the book will be an unapologetic, authentic criticism of patriarchal politics. From NBC:

    “In the past, for reasons I try to explain, I’ve often felt I had to be careful in public, like I was up on a wire without a net. Now I’m letting my guard down.”…

    The memoir is also billed as a “cautionary tale,” about the adversarial forces that might have had a hand in the “stranger-than-fiction” election.

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  109. Yoda says:

    The first writer to publicize exculpatory evidence in favor of Paul Nungesser, the target of Sulkowicz’s Columbia-backed campaign of harassment, Young shares a “minor but fascinating detail” in Reason:

    A source familiar with the case confirmed that in her original complaint, Sulkowicz mentioned talking to a friend, “Toni” (not her real name), the day after the incident.

    Investigators interviewed Toni, but she was not called to testify, the source said; all she could say was that Sulkowicz had told her she felt weird about what had happened between her and Nungesser.

    This “Toni” was “both a social justice activist and a sexual assault peer counselor,” based on her online profiles reviewed by Young:

    It’s entirely possible that Toni asked Sulkowicz whether her experience might have been nonconsensual. But if she is indeed the mystery friend, her activism makes it even more remarkable that she did not corroborate Sulkowicz’s claim of rape or publicly support her.

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  110. Stephanie says:

    BV you always know the most interesting women lol… hope you’re doing well!


  111. Yoda says:

    You’d think someone who advocated for a “white genocide” on Twitter might feel an inkling of responsibility for the backlash he has faced. Unfortunately for George Ciccariello-Maher, a professor at Drexel, he clearly hasn’t.

    After being blasted over his earlier comments, Ciccariello-Maher now claims sites like Campus Reform and The College Fix are part of a coordinated effort to unfairly attack left-leaning professors

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  112. Yoda says:

    A Marxist student group at Swarthmore College disbanded itself earlier this year after realizing that its members were too rich and too white to be real commies.

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  113. Yoda says:

    Via Horseman

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