Red Pill Movie Review — Dunkirk


I will cut to the chase, Dunkirk is the best movie that I have seen in years.  It is a well done set of stories from the air, ground and sea woven together nicely. The many characters (but not too many) don’t have a backstory for they would take to long to flesh out.  Thank goodness that there isn’t any love interest stuff happening (e.g. Pearl Harbor).  We see the white men going about what they had to do, either survive, rescue or protect those doing such.  There is tension, as the white men need to make decisions quickly that will greatly affect them and others.  In fact, this is one of the best aspects of the film; thinking along with the characters in deciding what to do next.

Speaking of characters, the white men are mostly such that you care about their fate; and are cheering for them. They don’t always speak so many words, with their glances and expressions saying it all.  George Lucas could have taken a cue from this film. Not all characters are heroic, and many are flawed.  But together, the white men on the front lines got the job done, saving themselves and the free world with them.


P.S.  Many white men soldiers, sailors and airmen died in the film, many of them in a gruesome manner.   Probably, the women back home suffered the most though.


P.P.S.  History is what actually happened, not fictional narrative suitable for propaganda purposes.

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  1. Spawny Get says:

    Yay. It was a strange kind of ‘victory’, but it’s remembered with pride. All kinds of boats were taken across to pick men up, boats driven by normal white men and boys.

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  2. Farm Boy says:

    boats driven by normal white men and boys

    This was an integral part of the movie. That part of the story had a really sad tragedy

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  3. Farm Boy says:

    There was no SJW non-sense. Refreshing

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  4. Spawny Get says:

    There’s a 1958 Black and White film called Dunkirk. Ealing studios. Worth a watch.


  5. Cill says:

    I’m not a great movie goer, but this is one I won’t miss. As a matter of interest, how many of us don’t have ancestors who fought in WW2? (I’m talking about white men BTW)

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  6. Farm Boy says:

    My Dad was in the US Army in WWII
    My Mom did accounting for the US Army in WWII

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  7. Farm Boy says:

    The movie special effects were good. The best part of them was that they were not distracting from the characters or the story.

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  8. Spawny Get says:

    If you like the ‘ordinary man, woman, child rising to the challenge’ storyline then this film (made in the middle of the war) is very good. Love all the characters

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  9. Farm Boy says:

    Went the day well?

    Wow. They spoke Yodish

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  10. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Went the day well?
    The day well went?

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  11. Cill says:

    Put the verb at the end for dramatic effect they did.


  12. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I have seen previews for more movies coming to a theater near you that are written for men. This is a good thing. Let us hope they are further encouraged in that they make money. *smile*

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  13. Cill says:

    Silent the words “it did” (before the question mark) they were.


  14. Cill says:

    Not raining it is. The cattle lowing they are. Out to perform some animal husbandry I must go.

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  15. Cill says:

    Fare thee well.

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  16. Farm Boy says:

    “Moo they do”

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  17. fuzziewuzziebear says:


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  18. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Happy to see you they will be.


  19. molly says:

    Horse as well will happy he be. His head will toss and snort as he is ridden.
    The new Dog will follow and his puppy tail wag. Too close to Horse’s hoofs he runs.

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  20. SFC Ton says:

    It was a strange kind of ‘victory

    Perhaps not a victory per say but it was a moment in time a nation could feel pride in the quality and actions of its men. Military and civilian men. That always counts for something

    We still remember those 300 Spartans despite them looking the battle for the same kimd of reason men can honor those at Dunkirk

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  21. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Off topic,I am not sure if this story has been linked before. It is still outrageous enough to to be linked again.

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  22. SFC Ton says:

    Hey Cill, I am now in the beef game myself. 74 heads as of last count though mostly i bought it for the hunting and fishing

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  23. Yoda says:

    Sue for “definition of character” more like it it would be

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  24. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    My first thought was that she was suing him for his testimony.


  25. Cill says:

    Good on ya Ton.

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  26. Welcome Brother Ton
    To the holy fraternity of the farm.
    We have jackets. Plaid. And gumboots.
    The smell of a barn is the best reminder of honest, wholesome manwork on the planet.
    I will never work inside an office again.

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  27. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    What you are smelling is manure. The real kind that makes flowers grow. Not the kind that can be found knee deep in offices.


  28. SFC Ton says:

    Welcome? I grew up on a farm. Livestock is new’ish to me but not farm life, though I did not change headquarters

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  29. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    It may not be Theresa May, it may well be nearly all of them.

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  30. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    He was quite the YouTube celebrity years ago.


  31. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I think that he left the bees a nice note asking for honey. Now, he is waiting for them to bring it. I wonder if he told them what he would do if he ran out of patience?


  32. Farm Boy says:

    In 2003, a child support court in Texas ruled that Gabriel Cornejo, 45, had to pay child support to his ex-girlfriend who had recently given birth because she vowed that there was no way he wasn’t the rightful dad.

    Cornejo, who is currently raising three children of his own and two nephews, claimed that he was not made aware of this and only found out about the child support payments last year when a deputy served him court papers claiming that the state of Texas lists him as having another child. He soon met the minor for the first and only time – describing her as a “wonderful girl” – but after taking a DNA test, learned she was not his after all.

    Only Cornejo’s ex-girlfriend and the state still want the $65,000 in back payments.

    “I never thought in my whole life I would have to defend myself of something that I am innocent of,” he said.

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  33. Farm Boy says:

    Last week, Department of Education secretary Betsy DeVos did something extraordinary: after meeting with students who said that they were sexually assaulted in college, she spoke with seven others who claimed that their institutions had found them guilty of sexual assaults that they did not commit. She also met with a group of lawyers and education administrators, including two attorneys who have represented students accused of sexual assault in subsequent lawsuits against their colleges.

    Hearing both sides of a controversial issue would seem routine for any policymaker, but that hasn’t been the case for campus sexual assault. Catherine Lhamon, who headed the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) in the Obama administration, refused to meet with groups advocating on behalf of accused students. She even initially declined, in writing, to confer with representatives from FIRE, the nation’s preeminent campus civil-liberties organization. Lhamon’s approach reflected the Obama administration’s strategy of redefining Title IX—the federal law banning sex discrimination in schools that receive federal funds—without soliciting public feedback. The administration made two important policy changes—one in 2011, the other in 2014—not as regulations, which require public notice and comment, but as “guidance” documents. Then, when asked whether the Education Department expected colleges to follow blindly the documents’ demands as if they were regulations, Lhamon said yes. . . .

    George Mason University law professor David Bernstein recently noted that, despite the Obama administration’s reading of the statute, “Title IX itself doesn’t actually speak to specific procedural protections.” More broadly, according to Bernstein, it requires an “aggressive interpretation of Title IX to think it speaks to student-on-student sexual assault at all.” (The interpretation, which made sexual assaults the only felonies that colleges are legally required to adjudicate, dates from a Clinton-era OCR regulation.) But it has become an article of faith among accusers’-rights organizations—joined by Democratic and even some Republican legislators—that any shift in the Obama policies would suggest tolerance of campus rape.

    House members who purport to worry about civil liberties in all other contexts fault DeVos for talking not only to advocates of campus accusers but also to advocates for the accused.

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  34. Farm Boy says:

    HuffPost’s James Michael Nichols, the same writer who organized boycotts and attacks against any gay person who supported President Trump’s campaign, has a new piece out. This time, Nichols is applauding women who say that they’re men who widely spread their legs and “free bleed” in public.


  35. Spawny Get says:

    We’ve also had the Dutch fishermen crying because if we take back our territorial waters they’ve nothing to catch. The French too iirc. Waiting on the Spanish.


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  36. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    The EU really cut into the fishing industry. They should be nervous. They are catching and eating your fish.

    Farm Boy,
    I hope that it is not posturing on Betsy DeVos’ part.


  37. Spawny Get says:

    The EU dominates our national waters. The Dutch built dams and drained their fish spawning grounds to create land. Fine. But don’t bitch when the fish catch crashes.

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  38. Spawny Get says:

    Good piece by UKIP’s Patrick O’Flynn…

    So imagine how a large proportion of the 17.4 million Brexit voters would react to having their verdict overturned on the basis of decisions by MPs who would in turn be ratting on promises made in their own manifestos just months before.

    I do not know that there would be riots in the streets – some special British tendency towards self-restraint would hopefully prevent that, one cannot be sure – but public faith in politics would be shattered altogether. Clearly there would be significant civil disobedience, and a very large number of British people would be left stone-cold certain that they did not live in a democracy.

    As a result, all kinds of important cultural and political norms would be broken – from accepting the outcome of elections even if one does not like them, to paying taxation, to sustaining a civilising public realm. Britain would surely be close to ungovernable.

    Too true. If such a huge vote’s results don’t matter then democracy is dead. If democracy is dead then taxation is just arbitrary theft. Politics is dead. I don’t know where this leads but it will require a ton of popcorn

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  39. Cill says:

    Spawny at 4:28 pm

    As a fisherman myself, I went around the coasts of the British Isles and visited fishermen and processing plants. The industry was all but replaced by French, Spanish, Dutch, Belgian etc fishing – who rank with the Chinese as the most irresponsible fishing nations in the world. It’s disgusting how UK governments have let this happen to the island race, greatest seamen the world has ever known (including Kiwis who are the best of the best seamen to come out of England).

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  40. SFC Ton says:

    The. UK is also the place that created the greatest dog breed in the world then made owning one illegal in 1991

    I think after colonizing the world and looking so many brave men in the world wars the UK pretty much doomed itself by destroying it’s most hardy and boldest breeding stock

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  41. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    Governments tend to forget that they only govern by consent of the people. A government without the the confidence of the people can’t help but be a tyranny.

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  42. Farm Boy says:

    It’s not a bad maneuver, but it unravels at a certain point. The British team consists of well-educated and experienced civil servants. In claiming that this team is not up to the task of understanding the complexities of EU processes and regulations, the EU has made the strongest case possible against itself. If these people can’t readily grasp the principles binding Britain to the EU, then how can mere citizens understand them? And if the principles are beyond the grasp of the public, how can the public trust the institutions? We are not dealing here with the complex rules that allow France to violate rules on deficits but on the fundamental principles of the European Union and the rights and obligations – political, economic and moral – of citizens. If the EU operating system is too complex to be grasped by British negotiators, then who can grasp it?

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  43. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    “If the EU operating system is too complex to be grasped by British negotiators, then who can grasp it?”
    Why does this remind me of Captain Kirk explaining Fizzbin?

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  44. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Captain Capitalism has given some thought to online college.


  45. SFC Ton says:

    Never could take captain capitalism serious

    And my already low regard took a nose dive after seeing this

    He knows fuckall about hajjis or islam


  46. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Laughing you should be.
    Played a good trick he did.


  47. Cill says:

    “we own your children”

    Well don’t expect me to produce for you,

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  48. Cill says:

    “Can Muslim and Western Men Unite Against Feminism and Socialism?”

    Feminists and Muslims are already aligning against white men. Neither has anything in common with me except, in the case of feminists, their race. Muslims are handicapped by their ignorance. Feminists are handicapped by their self-imposed victimism. In terms of backwardness, they are made for each other.

    I could no more align with either of them than abandon my sanity by converting to ignorance or victimism.

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  49. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Melissa Harris-Perry is pretty bold. Why did it take so long for her to get fired?

    Cill, one at a time we can deal with, but all at once? It will get messy.


  50. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I linked this over at Bloom’s. It proves that internet dating is for the birds.


  51. thedeti says:

    Warning: Rant.

    Im sick to fucking death of this Trump/Russia/election hacking bullshit.

    1. I want someone to explain to me EXACTLY what Trump’s opponents are claiming Trump did wrong. I want precision. Cite the statute(s) he’s alleged to have violated and EXACTLY what you believe he did that broke the law.

    2. I want someone to explain to me what the President did wrong while he was a candidate. Not his son. Not his daughter. Not his surrogates. Not his campaign or its employees. I want to know what TRUMP did wrong, and I want someone to tell me with specificity and citation to legal authority or precedent. To paraphrase: What did candidate Trump do, when and where did he do it, and with whom did he do it, and precisely what was illegal about it?

    3. It is normal for major party presidential nominees to meet with world leaders. On the off chance that they are elected, they want to start developing relationships and rapport, and the photo ops make them look presidential. Obama did this. McCain did this. Romney did this. The Bushes did it, Clinton did it, Reagan did it. What the fuck is the big deal? So Trump met with Putin a few times. So Trumps surrogates met with Putin’s underlings a few times. So fucking what?

    4. It’s really precious to see democrats and liberals playing Chicken Little about Russia. When Russia was the dominant power within the USSR and during Soviet Communism, Liberals and democrats were almost sucking the cocks of every General Secretary since “Uncle Joe” Stalin. Now that Russia is under the command of a very aggressive nationalistic leader and their precious beloved worker’s paradise has collapsed, it’s a mortal enemy.

    5. I want liberals and democrats and the fake news media to STFU about this until questions 1 through 3 are answered and explained in full to my satisfaction.

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  52. Yoda says:

    Has it occurred to any of these people that Tony Stark is more than just the suit? Like, Batman is more than just the costume; people respond to the character of Bruce Wayne, too. You can’t just take a completely different character — and one the audience hasn’t spent decades following — and put him in the same costume or give her the same name and say “This is your new Batman.”

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  53. Yoda says:

    Made me a chick they have not.
    Grateful for this I am

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  54. Yoda says:

    “So I’m watching CNN the other day (stop laughing) and they show a bunch of anti-Trump protestors marching around and waving signs, and it’s obvious that the signs all have the same slogan and all look to be professionally printed. Why does it never occur to any of CNN’s crack journalists to ask one of the protestors where did they get their signs from, and who printed them? Or, how about: did you ride to the protest on one of those buses over there, and where did the buses come from and who paid for them? These seem to be simple, basic, Journalism 101 questions that they ought to be asking right out of the gate, but never do. Sigh. Nobody listens to a gorilla.”

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  55. Yoda says:

    May 1940 was, as Winston Churchill said at the beginning of his peerless “finest hour” speech, a “colossal military disaster.” Nolan’s film is a powerful and moving work, but it still understates the magnitude of the calamity. The German newsreels of the time are more chilling for their black and white sobriety. For once, Joseph Goebbels had no need to exaggerate for propaganda purposes: Hitler’s forces really had inflicted a crushing defeat on Britain, not to mention France and Belgium. So chaotic was the retreat of the British Expeditionary Force that the shattered survivors had to be quarantined on their return for the sake of civilian morale.

    The key point about “Dunkirk,” however, is that it could have been much, much worse. In a fateful decision often wrongly attributed to Hitler himself, Field Marshals Gerd von Rundstedt and Günther von Kluge recommended that the German forces around Dunkirk should halt, at a moment when their marauding panzers might well have finished off the encircled BEF. The killing or capture of around 338,226 Allied troops — the total number evacuated in Operation Dynamo, of whom roughly a third were in fact French — would have been a devastating blow from which British morale might never have recovered.

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  56. Spawny Get says:

    Shirley a fake?

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  57. thedeti says:

    Rant warning.

    I am sick to fucking death of the Trump/Russia/hacking thing. Once and for all this needs to be explained.

    1) I want someone to explain EXACTLY what statute(s), laws, rules or regulations that President Trump is alleged to have broken. With all this discussion I’ve heard maybe one liberal commentator speculate about what federal laws might have been violated. Out with it already. Explain, simply and finally, exactly what you believe was wrong about anything Trump did or didn’t do, or what his surrogates did or didn’t do.

    2) I want someone to explain EXACTLY what they are claiming Trump did as a candidate and what his own personal involvement is. Not Trump’s children. Not his employees. Not his surrogates. Not his campaign staff. TRUMP HIMSELF. Out with it already. To paraphrase something from years ago: What did Candidate Trump do, when, where and how did he do it, and who was there when he did it?

    3) The fake news media needs to either put up or shut up. Same with the independent counsel. If you’ve got something, let’s see it already. Go public with it. If Trump really did do something wrong and you in good faith have evidence that could establish that, let’s see it. The public has a right to know. What should NOT be happening is the endless speculation about what Trump’s second cousin 4 times removed might, maybe have said to some low level Russian clerk at an embassy somewhere 3 years ago.

    4) It’s really fucking precious to see commielibs playing all Chicken Little about Russia. When it was the USSR, those very same commielibs were practically sucking the cocks of every General Secretary of the Soviet communist party since Uncle Joe Stalin. Now that Russia is flexing nationalist muscle and is more capitalist (but corrupt to the core), liberals and fake news media are all up in arms. Yeah. Right. Give me a fucking break.

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  58. thedeti says:


    Goddamn it I wrote two long comments that got eaten. See if you can fish one of them out.


  59. Spawny Get says:

    They skipped moderation and went straight to spam. They’re up now, I believe

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  60. Spawny Get says:

    Unspamming them put them in moderation.

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  61. Spawny Get says:

    Good rant BTW. Me too.

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  62. Choicy says:

    The cat is taking one for the team mate.

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  63. Cill says:

    Choicy just as well it wasn’t the last comment on this post. It would’ve been a rare ending mate.

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  64. Choicy says:

    Cats with hemorrhoids
    Cats with piles
    Cats with their arseholes wreathed in smiles mate

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  65. Cill says:

    Good one m8

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  66. Choicy says:

    Yeah m8 Time for a sp8s

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  67. Cill says:

    You should join me in a sp8s. You must be s8ed on Fosters by now m8.

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  68. Choicy says:

    I reckon sp8s might be a bit overr8ed m8.

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  69. Cill says:

    I bet sp8s would be preferred by me old garden g8

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  70. Choicy says:

    Spawny is a pom and poms would not r8 sp8s or Fosters m8.

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  71. Cill says:

    Yeah give him a cr8 of pommy beer and leave him to his f8. Anyway I don’t think he (the p8riarch) can hear us. He must be out on a d8 m8.

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  72. Spawny Get says:

    Back when I was a kid Fosters at 4% iirc was pretty decent compared to the 3% harp etc. A standard student tipple of mine. Castlemaine XXXX too. Paul Hogan’s adverts raised a smile.

    I like Czech beer rather a lot. Stella Tortoise is my usual tipple.

    If I lived in your heat I’d trade alcohol strength for volume too. Drink enough strong beer to quench your thirst and you end up drunk with a liver like a rugby ball.

    Tried some Carlsberg Elephant in Thailand. Happy daze. 8% iirc but I was quite pished at the time, I thought it was normal strength for the first few bottles.

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  73. Spawny Get says:

    Not seen Spates(?) to sample it.

    [Note from Cill: sp8s is Speights]

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  74. Choicy says:

    Your a good sport Spawny mate.

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  75. Spawny Get says:

    Cheers Choicy.

    That fucking cat thing is still making me laugh.

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  76. Choicy says:

    The cat is fucking funny but he might gr8 on the nerves of the prim and proper bods on the blog m8.

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  77. Choicy says:

    It doesn’t matter anyway it’s everywhere mate, plenty of animal sodomy goes on in the bush.

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  78. Spawny Get says:

    You should see the stuff I don’t post here

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  79. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Chihuahua and cat was funny. Chihuahua is a state in Mexico where men are tall and dogs are small.


  80. Yoda says:

    Agree with Deti more I can not


  81. Yoda says:

    Know this about the movie I did not

    Unfortunately, due to contractual disputes, Samuel L. Jackson’s portrayal of the commander of the H.M.S. Mother****** was cut out of the finished product. Thankfully, a battle royale that included agents, lawyers, SAG enforcers, and several rabid dogs has brought about an agreement that will bring his performance to the extra-special BlueRay release just in time for Christmas.

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  82. Yoda says:

    Feminists have a habit of obsessively dividing the world into teams — us, them. Ideas and even facts get considered in the light of whether they are good for Team Woman or not. Instead of seeing men and women as close collaborators in the human project, feminists often suppose that the sexes are rivals, opponents. This is sheer tribalism. Bonner looks at Dunkirk and is irritated that men like the film. She sees it as a celebration of manly courage and bravado, or at least manly endurance and grit, and this repulses her. Feminism means constant maintenance of an imaginary set of scales, and she fears Dunkirk adds weight to the masculine side, tipping the culture away from women. If Dunkirk — “Christopher Nolan’s new directorial gift to men,” she calls it — shows men at their best, it must therefore be bad for women.

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  83. Yoda says:

    The cruel fickleness of fate, the terrifying helplessness of exhausted men harried in retreat, the myriad awful ways in which it is possible to die, flashes of heroism, long periods of gnawing fear and boredom and miserable exposure to the elements and confusion: Dunkirk tells you not just about the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force and elements of the French army from France in 1940, but also, more generally, about the experience of men in combat through the ages.

    And yes – pace the odd historical anomaly: the Amazons; female Soviet fighter pilots; the YPJ in Syria – we are definitely talking mostly men, here.

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  84. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It does seem that feminists are opposed to films that are positive to white men. They haven’t figured out that men are sick to death of misandry.


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