Our Good Friend Deti over at Dalrock’s wrote,

This is common in divorces among Christians. Marital trouble is seen as almost always the husband’s fault, caused by the husband’s faults and failures, and therefore his responsibility to fix. If the marriage fails, it is his fault. “He must have done something awful to her for her to want to divorce him.” “She’s so nice and kind and sweet and loving and giving. How could anyone do something so terrible to her to make her want to leave him?!” “We all know wives don’t cause these marital problems. Women are just better at relationships. They’re more moral, more spiritual, better at worshiping God, better at living out a Christian life, and just better overall people than men are. So it must be his fault.”

Think about what Deti said.  It is true in people’s minds.  Everybody believes it.  The reality is a bit different. First of all, modern women are not more moral or better at relationships than men.  For the most part, they have become semi-feral with little to no training in either area.

But the bigger question is: “How did we get here?”  The short answers seems to be “because guys supplicate like they are told that they should do”.    Supplication is expected, easier in the short term and why not relieve your self of responsibility?  Of course, in the olden days of the Evil Patriarchy, it was easier not to supplicate, so today’s fella who does not want to do this has to work much harder at it,  Is it worth it?  The extra work?

To paraphrase Yoda,

  • Supplication leads to loss of respect
  • Loss of respect leads to loss of attraction
  • Loss of attraction leads to contempt
  • Contempt leads to nasty divorce
  • Nasty Divorce leads to the Dark Side


Addendum by BillyS via Dalrock

The core idea is being content in marriage, not the exact method that started the marriage. Few things push and strongly reinforce the “be content being a helpmeet in your marriage.” Instead we mostly get messages focused on telling men to care for their wives better, actively undermining the very marriages many churches claim to be supporting. Not strengthening contentment in marriage is a major issue, but actively stirring up discontentment in marriage is even worse.

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  1. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Part of the problem has to do with the Church. Feminists have taken over and men are leaving. I have been told that it is common to see twice as many women in Church as men.

    Then, there is “Happy wife, happy life.”
    Also, “If the mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy.”

    The last numbers that I heard were that, overall, fifty percent of adults are married and seventy percent of 20-34 year olds are single. I wonder why?

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  2. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    This is off on a tangent, but it is news. In the video, John takes down an anonymous former Canadian prosecutor defending C-51. This is an out right attack on due process. Defense attorneys will have to submit exculpatory evidence to the judge and prosecution and obtain clearance to present it.


  3. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    The person who wrote that article has no business being an attorney.


  4. Yoda says:

    Supplicating the church is
    Guys run away they do

    The General Synod of the Church of England has voted to ‘welcome transgender people’ by considering preparing a church service as a way to “mark a person’s gender transition”.


  5. Yoda says:

    Supplicating like entering a “guilty plea” it is


  6. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It is accepting that anything you do is wrong in someone else’s eyes and accepting their judgment.
    Walk away.

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  7. Yoda says:

    Or perhaps like entering a “no contest” plea supplicating is

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  8. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    What is ironic is that it is what women say they want. I hope that they are happy on their pesestals. They can talk to Horatio Nelson in Trafalgar Square.


  9. Yoda says:

    Very aloof Nelson would be
    Perhaps attracted this women might

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  10. Yoda says:

    Perhaps carry a small barrel of whisky around her neck for Jean-Claude’s sake Merkel might

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  11. Modern women are waaaaaaay too much work for the result.

    Fuck em.

    Figuratively or literally.

    Then just walk away.

    There is always another one down the road.


  12. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Stefan Molyneaux and Lauren Southern on Hamburg for the G20 Summit. She was there and has some interesting observations. It runs thirty minutes.

    Yoda, if I were Horatio, I wouldn’t anything to do with them either.

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  13. SFC Ton says:

    Way uncool to dinegrate that beautiful dog like that

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  14. If its gonna be my fault anyway then I’m gonna do whatever I please to make it worth it.

    Thats a pretty important conjunction.

    Be a good husband AND you’ll get divorced!!!

    Don’t you mean or???

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  15. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    No, they mean “and”.


  16. Anyone who be,investors this churchian way of thinking has not read the book! Women are by no means declared by God as less broken etc. all fall short. Women are especially prone to being easily led astray. Very few Godly women in the book, but those there are, are worth women studying!

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  17. Believe — not be,investors. Auto correct wtf??? Lol

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  18. It’s true, that dog is super sweet looking, and I bet loyal to his pack. Unlike…. sour face! 😛

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  19. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    He needs a little cask of brandy for his collar. 🙂

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  20. Even a cask of brandy around sour face’s neck would not improve things! 😉

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  21. My oldest dog, the first dog I have had as an adult, is a super senior now. She was a rescue, had five homes in three years before I adopted her, bc of severe food allergies and constant skin and ear infections. It took her three years to trust me enough to look me in the eye, and even now she still has trouble believing this is her forever home. I have had her for almost 10 years now and she’s all crippled up w arthritis, I carry her up and down the stairs and more and more almost everywhere. But that dog is so good, she has taught me more about myself than I care to admit, and I treasure every day w her. I tell her daily whoever gets there first, we’ll meet at the gate! Forever and ever amen! 😀 sniff….

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  22. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    That is a good dog.
    A cask of brandy might help her look better to Jean-Claude Juncker, but is a notorious booze hound.

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  23. Yoda says:

    A professional runner from Kenya who was out training on a nature trail in the woods near his home in Maine says he encountered two charging black bears but was able to outrun them during a frantic sprint to a nearby vacant house for cover.

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  24. Yoda says:

    Let me throw down this marker: The West is superior to the rest of the world in every significant way, we should aggressively back our allies over our enemies, and the guiding principle of our foreign policy should always be America’s interests. No apologies. No equivocation. No doubt.

    What are your questions?

    Well, if you’re a normal American, you won’t have any questions – these truths are self-evident. But if you’re a progressive, you’re gonna have a little sissy snit fit like so many libs did in the wake of the President’s triumphant Warsaw speech. There’s one thing that always sets them off – uttering the truth/heresy that not only is Western civilization the best and most advanced culture in the history of humanity, but the United States of America is its greatest manifestation.

    The immigrants and refugees get it. Which way are they always headed? North, to the comparative paradise of the Western world, or south, to the hellscape of the Third World? That’s a gimme. They are never headed south, and everyone knows it. Yet the left still insists that we stop believing our lying eyes and start believing the liberal Fifth Column of multicultural liars infesting America’s alleged elite.

    Except our eyes aren’t lying, and now we have a President who won’t lie either. It makes them nuts.

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  25. Yoda says:

    A newlywed accused of hiring a hitman to kill her firefighter husband so she could collect his life insurance money was found guilty of aggravated murder.

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  26. Yoda says:

    Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “MediaBuzz,” White House aide Kellyanne Conway said the media spends too much time “talking about themselves,”

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  27. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    We’ll never know how many wives get away with having their husband murdered. It has to be a lot.


  28. Spawny Get says:

    Your Glorious Patriarch’s movie review…I watched it last night, it’s really good


  29. Spawny Get says:

    Sadly Gemma Arterton is now MILFy rather than a sexpot. Paddy Considine is great, as usual. The ‘Girl’ (the girl in the piccy above) is played by a good actress, adjusting for age, she’s a great actress. Glenn Close does really well too.

    All the characters make sense and act in character. The ending is a somewhat twist, but absolutely makes sense.

    Definitely not a Hollywood movie. In a good way.

    Gracious Patriarchal thumbs up. It was on satellite tv, so is probably available where you are

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  30. Yoda says:

    Nearly half of Japanese people are entering their 30s without any sexual experience, leaving the country facing a steep population decline


  31. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Without reading the article, I can presume that they have no respect for the Japanese aversion to premarital sex. If marriage were viable, the Japanese situation would be very different. I think we are seeing feminists virgin shame a whole country.


  32. Cill says:

    Crap News Network mwahaha

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  33. SFC Ton says:

    Most wives don’t murder their husband in such a honest and straight forward manner. Most just grind them giving up on life. The lady hiring the hit man is a bitch and a dumbass for thinking you can find one on Craigslist but she is more direct and honest then the typical house frau

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  34. Cill says:

    I hadn’t seen this one before either. “How much crow are you prepared to eat.”

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  35. This parody site is always good for a laugh: 🙂

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  36. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    CNN has gone to war with the President of the United States. I would not put any money on CNN. As for the rest of of his political enemies, if they have broken the law, they should be prosecuted.

    I have no idea who that German woman was, but a lot of women have taken to posting their exploits on social media after doing stuff that should put them in jail. Is there a back story to this? While she claims that a “foreigner” did this to her, he has an attitude with all men.


  37. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I sincerely hope that they find something incriminating.


  38. Yoda says:

    Wonder if checkerboard make her look fat it does

    Planned Parenthood supporter Lena Dunham is selling her clothing to benefit the nation’s largest abortion provider.


  39. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Horizontal stripes would make the wearer appear wider, while vertical stripes would minimize the effect. Notice the vertical stripes are much bolder on Lean’s dress.
    As for donating her clothes, Goodwill is a much better charity.


  40. Farm Boy says:

    At least Lena’s eyes are pointing in same direction

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  41. Farm Boy says:

    It was Professor Bret Weinstein’s decision to step outside of the progressive bubble and speak to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that earned him the anger of many of his colleagues. Michael Zimmerman, a former provost at Evergreen College, published a piece at HuffPost today making the case that this, more than anything else, is why faculty wanted him to resign or be investigated. Zimmerman included excerpts from emails sent after Weinstein’s appearance on Fox:


  42. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    There is that to be said in Lena Dunham’s favor. After what I linked yesterday, she is not getting anywhere near a dog I know.


  43. SFC Ton says:

    Walter Cronkite threw the Vietnam war for the commies so I wouldn’t rule cnn out


  44. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I don’t know the source and can’t read Hungarian, so I’ll take it on faith. George Soros is from Hungary. At least, Austria still loves the former Gubinator of Kalifornia.


  45. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    One can only hope.


  46. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I think this happened nearly a year ago. It was a case of female on female groping aboard an airplane. What is remarkable is the the light sentence that resulted. You might think that if a female is the victim, it would be harsh. What seems to be the most powerful variable is the perpetrator’s looks.
    I don’t want to think about what kind of a sentence they would hand down to a man for this. There were a couple of complaints last year that were specious. It may be wise to not sit next to women.


  47. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I don’t think that anyone has brought this up here. It seems that the Supreme Court in Canada has a problem interpreting clearly worded law.


  48. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Feminists in Sweden have converted rape at the hands of immigrants to at the hands of all men. This is the result.


  49. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I had hoped that we all had heard the last of Harriet Harman. Not quire yet.
    In the wake of Jian Ghomeshi’s acquittal, feminists all over the world have been looking for ways to make perjured testimony stick.


  50. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    The link in my last comment goes back to March. Here is an update.


  51. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    I think your previous conclusion was the correct one. Aside from a few exceptions, the whole political class is not up to the job. The only way to fix it would be to shorten the terms of MPs to bring in people from the real world to displace as many of the professional politicians as possible.
    Still, he is more likable that Theresa May and would be more effective.


  52. Yoda says:

    Over the past generation, members of the college-educated class have become amazingly good at making sure their children retain their privileged status. They have also become devastatingly good at making sure the children of other classes have limited chances to join their ranks. . . .

    The educated class has built an ever more intricate net to cradle us in and ease everyone else out. It’s not really the prices that ensure 80 percent of your co-shoppers at Whole Foods are, comfortingly, also college grads; it’s the cultural codes.

    Status rules are partly about collusion, about attracting educated people to your circle, tightening the bonds between you and erecting shields against everybody else. We in the educated class have created barriers to mobility that are more devastating for being invisible. The rest of America can’t name them, can’t understand them. They just know they’re there.

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  53. Yoda says:

    When you think of the word “gamer,” the first thing that comes to mind isn’t “puritan who is offended by bare female skin.” But that’s exactly who the “gamers” are on NeoGAF, the world’s largest and most influential gaming forum.

    With the rise of feminism in video games, most of the forum’s wrongthinkers were purged from the ranks and the only ones remaining are millennial schoolmarms, who are more than eager to share their disdain about characters who appear to be “too sexy” to them.

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  54. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    From Yoda’s NYT link.
    “These rules have a devastating effect on economic growth nationwide. Research by economists Chang-Tai Hsieh and Enrico Moretti suggests that zoning restrictions in the nation’s 220 top metro areas lowered aggregate U.S. growth by more than 50 percent from 1964 to 2009. The restrictions also have a crucial role in widening inequality. An analysis by Jonathan Rothwell finds that if the most restrictive cities became like the least restrictive, the inequality between different neighborhoods would be cut in half.”
    My little round ears leaped off my head and my eyes came out on stems. Supporting rich people is expensive.


  55. Stephanie says:

    WOW!!!!!! Dalrock’s post on the single series….

    So it’s been 3 weeks since we’ve had our daughter ( ❤ ❤ ❤ ) and my husband made us go to church this past Sunday (yes, he has to force me sometimes lol) but we were BOTH disappointed with the "sermon."

    It was literally a single woman MY AGE lecturing us on singles in the church – particularly single women. I felt sorry for her, genuinely, but it was so weird that it was the entire "sermon"?!

    My husband didn't like it at all. And it really *was* weird that she was almost exactly my age… I mean our lives couldn't be more different 😦

    She did have some good or thought provoking things to say (I thought, my husband doesn't), but overall, it just felt wrong that the entire church body was subjected to hearing her complain about being a bridesmaid NINE times and never having any relationship work out.

    Personally, I don't get it wth these women. The ones who look good and decent – she looked like she'd get male attention enough, how they don't find someone in all those years.

    Anyway… thought I'd say it's very strange that our family literally just experienced this.

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  56. Stephanie says:

    And it was so “in our face” …

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  57. Spawny Get says:

    More like this

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  58. Yoda says:

    Bridesmaid nine times means what it does?


  59. Yoda says:

    Busy RPG is

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  60. Yoda says:

    So what exactly “bridesmaid” wanted she did?


  61. Stephanie says:

    A bridesmaid is one of the attendants to a woman (one of her friends) getting married. There’s even a movie about that with Katherine Heigl called “27 Dresses” where she’s always the bridesmaid, but never a bride.

    It’s like every girl’s worst nightmare 😦

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  62. Stephanie says:

    LOL Bloom! So sweet you put him up and taking care of him!

    Women are crazy!!!

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  63. Stephanie says:

    Sorry I keep commenting on this… but wow! I keep thinking back to Sunday (and I keep thinking today is Monday… this sleep deprivation thing…).

    I mean… at various points in this woman’s “sermon” about how hard it is to be single when she’s really pretty and thin and has had years to land someone good, I kept wondering (and worrying) how all the single men in our congregation were taking it. My brother used to be apart of their singles group and still attends church there sometimes (so he may have heard this, I’ll have to ask him… LOL) But our church divides it up for college-aged and then another separate singles group for 30+, and most of the men there can’t even pair up with the women even though there are more women than men. There are some that I could imagine would feel pretty bitter seeing her complain about that topic when I’m dead certain she’s had at least 10 guys interested in her that she’s turned down in those past years. That’s a lower number, too… it’s likely even higher that she’s turned down.

    I kept thinking when she was talking – “how many men have you passed up all these years, and why weren’t they good enough for you?” along with the sleep deprived thoughts of “OMG… is this really happening?”

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  64. SFC Ton says:

    I would have left said sermon


  65. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Doesn’t Paul say somewhere in his Epistles that women are not to teach? Yes. I would find it jarring to see a woman get up in the pulpit and start lecturing the congregation. Especially about her not being able to find a husband. If she is reasonably good looking, she has had offers. Your presumption is correct. I wonder, as she was delivering, how many women were looking back at her, rolling their eyes?

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  66. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I am going to take your story that we have reached peak gynocentrism and peak hypergamy. That this woman was given a platform to complain when she probably has shot down every single man in the congregation at least twice, tells me things have gone too far.


  67. Yoda says:

    A new post there is


  68. Stephanie says:

    ” If she is reasonably good looking, she has had offers”

    Yea Fuzzie it just doesn’t add up. I can’t wait to talk to my brother… that will be great lol…. He probably didn’t go, but it will still be funny to hear his response.

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  69. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    There is something else. With all these offers she has had, it reminded me of why so may men pack it in. It’s not so much hypergamy, a lot of these women are just rejecting to reject. Men have long since figured out that this is BS. How many times does a guy have have to get shot down for asking for a coffee date before he stops bothering?


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