Where It Crystalizes

In a recent post, it was discussed how it seemed plausible that the Evil Patriarchy restricted female behavior from a young age, trying to instill a niceness in them, all to forestall them from descending into their natural catty backbiting behavior.  In this post, we will see where the descent into such behavior accelerates, often culminating in a point of no return.  From here,

We usually think of abusive relationships as black eyes and broken noses but abuse isn’t limited to physical traumas. Psychological scars can be just as – if not more – painful and, sadly, any relationship can inflict them, even if you’re dating a teen girl.

Signs of an abusive relationship, however, is sometimes hard to spot even for the victims. Especially if they’re madly in love. That’s why someone posted an honest message on Tumblr which should help identify if a teen girl is abusing her partner. 

Here is specified as “abusing her partner”.   One can’t really argue with that.  But from the perspective of this post, she is abusing her power.  Let us consider how this manifests itself

We can already see the games, drama, underhanded backbiting working its way to the surface.  Such approaches are being positively reinforced because they seemingly work (in the short run).  They will soon be crystalized into how she operates and what she is.  Perhaps in the future, some of it could be wrung out her; but like with an being an alpha widow, once you experience the experience, all henceforth will be measured against it.  So, it can never be truly gone.

Of course, the power differential between a guy and and a girl at that age is enormous.  The fellas feel the thirst really strongly.  The supply of young women is very limited; men of many ages are looking.  The young female has enormous power by just existing.

In the face of this, the young fellas have little chance of maintaining frame.  Look above at what these young women are doing.  A young fella dying of thirst will probably aquiesce due to the differntial in power.  A side result of this is that guys become much less than they should be.

Anyway, back to the main point.  Young women, driving their power home for the satisfaction whatever their current drama/power need is only derive a short term fix.  They become a junkie, they become something that nobody really wants to be around.  Eventually, as they age, there are no more fixes to be had at any price.




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  1. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    Is it possible that the author has come to see that there are only as many men as women in the sexual marketplace and if girls continue to abuse boys, the boys won’t come out and play?


  2. Yoda says:

    Too much power teen girls have.
    Understand much they do not

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  3. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Because nobody is telling them. Abuse the boys now, and turn them mean they will.


  4. Yoda says:

    Two women in San Francisco attacked a man with pepper spray and stole a bag containing laxatives after getting into an argument with him, police said.


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  5. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Even for San Francisco, that is weird. As for that women who pepper sprayed him, she has no idea how much trouble she is in.


  6. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Getting back to the original post. If the girls are going to take advantage of the situation and torment the boys, it will set them on an adversarial path. While Horseman noted that kids in high school aren’t dating, it has been remarked that there are far fewer high school dances, and the most motivated MGTOWs that I have seen are of that age. I think they have done a good job of making the boys mad.


  7. Farm Boy says:

    A British woman was found guilty — again — for using a fake penis to trick her female friend into having sex with her on numerous occasions.



  8. Yoda says:

    I think they have done a good job of making the boys mad.

    Perhaps indifferent become they have


  9. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    “Putin murders journalists.”
    I’ll say.

    This video was highlighted in this post.


  10. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I don’t think it has gone to indifference yet. But then, I am looking at boards where these kids are venting red pill rage. If it goes to indifference, there may be little chance at salvaging the SMP.


  11. Yoda says:

    This why we teach Padawans when young they are.
    When older much more difficult it is


  12. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Padawans, lots of sandwiches eat they do.
    Keep Mrs. Yoda busy they do.
    Tells girl Padawans to not tease boy Padawans she does.


  13. Stephanie says:

    Those are only when dating… I think the way wives treat their husbands emotionally and verbally is a lot worse – and the husbands are **stuck** with them vs. a boyfriend being able to easily breakup and move on.

    The ways wives abuse their husbands are a lot more painful, too, I think. And the effects are probably longer lasting… 😦

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  14. Linny says:

    Stephanie you are right wives who behave badly have way more power than any man. Family court, false accusations and parental alienation can ruin a man both financially and psychologically. Today men who marry are either very brave or very stupid.

    If someone gave you a box of Skittles and told you one of them is poisonous would you eat them.


  15. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I can see that. The man has nowhere to go.

    On a happier note, do you like seeing your feet again?

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  16. Yoda says:

    Those are only when dating… I think the way wives treat their husbands emotionally and verbally is a lot worse

    Learn young they do
    Never change they will


  17. From the original post, a good thought.

    once you experience the experience, all henceforth will be measured against it. So, it can never be truly gone.

    Now think of that as a teenage guy experiencing what these girls care doing.
    All (girls) henceforth will be measured against it.


  18. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Rather than link a guilty dog compilation, how about a twenty day old puppy teaching her pet human to sing?


  19. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Diana Davison on the Bill Cosby Trial. Good video, runs eleven minutes.


  20. Yoda says:

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A huge crash jolted 11-year-old Zach Landis awake in his Anchorage home, but it soon became clear it wasn’t a human intruder or his sisters playing a trick on him.

    A black bear had broken through the garden-level window of Zach’s tiny bedroom and was whimpering like a scared dog in the room.


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  21. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Poor bear! Poor human! It did end well for all.


  22. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Having given it some thought, it is going to get to be very popular in Alaska to have bars on all the windows. Strong bars.


  23. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It looks like Bernie Sanders wife has attracted some trouble. how she did this ahead of Hillary is anyone’s guess. I do have a home for the disabled a stone’s throw away from me. They are no trouble.


  24. Yoda says:

    A therapy-animal trend grips the United States. The San Francisco airport now deploys a pig to calm frazzled travelers. Universities nationwide bring dogs (and a donkey) onto campus to soothe students during finals. Llamas comfort hospital patients, pooches provide succor at disaster sites and horses are used to treat sex addiction.

    And that duck on a plane? It might be an emotional-support animal prescribed by a mental health professional.

    The trend, which has accelerated hugely since its initial stirrings a few decades ago, is underpinned by a widespread belief that interaction with animals can reduce distress — whether it happens over brief caresses at the airport or in long-term relationships at home. Certainly, the groups offering up pets think this, as do some mental health professionals. But the popular embrace of pets as furry therapists is causing growing discomfort among some researchers in the field, who say it has raced far ahead of scientific evidence.


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  25. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    They want to turn the world into a petting zoo? How bad can that be? Granted, it is pretty silly, but how bad is the downside? You had to know that I would cone down on this side of the question. 🙂


  26. Yoda says:

    Petting zoo women want they do not.
    Sexual harassment power goes out the window it does

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  27. Yoda says:

    A faculty member who sat on the Equity Council explicitly called him a racist in two different faculty meetings. When Professor Weinstein asked for an opportunity to defend himself, he was told that a faculty meeting was not the appropriate venue for such a defense. When he asked what the appropriate venue was, he was told that no such venue existed because he was a racist. Neither the president nor the interim provost interceded to make it clear that leveling such charges against a fellow faculty member was unacceptable within the college community. When Professor Weinstein spoke privately with both of those administrators about these incidents, they both acknowledged the inappropriateness of the behavior but each said that it was the responsibility of the other to do something about it. Neither administrator took any public action in response.


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  28. Yoda says:

    F’ing stupid both the faculty and students at Evergreen they are.
    Wonder how such blatant moronitude exists I do

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  29. Yoda says:

    Foremost among such deep rumblings are the anxieties of the European publics on matters to do with immigration, identity and Islam. These things are closely connected (so closely that I recently put them together in the subtitle of my book, The Strange Death of Europe), but they are unarguably stifled discussions. While politicians talk about immigration solely in terms of the benefits it brings — and clearly it does bring some — the public are understandably concerned that the downsides of migration are not merely ignored but actively covered up.


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  30. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I can see why feminists would be opposed to petting zoos. “Donkey ordered to pay woman one dozen carrots.” Feminists would not be impressed with that judgment, but the donkey would be crying.

    Just shut Evergreen down. It is obvious that the administration is not in control.

    Silly CNN is.


  31. Spawny Get says:

    Happy Fourth of July

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  32. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Thank you!


  33. Yoda says:

    Old joke there is.
    “British have Fourth of July they do?”

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  34. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Perhaps they do.

    WS Churchill’s mother, American she was.


  35. SFC Ton says:

    My dogs cause a lot less problems in public than the various diversity. Therefore pets should be allowed out in public and the diveristy kept at home and in cages


  36. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Housing discrimination in London.


  37. Guests says:

    Spawny or Farm Boy. M y friend read › Where It Crystalizes. His ex is a BITCH that he dumped. Many thanks! You do good work bru. Tom the Maori said I could get in as Guests. Thank you.

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  38. Guests says:

    Spawny your right on the Epic Privacy Browser. Many thanks bru I can watch porn on it and my mum dont know….. kiding you bru. May I please ask more from “Cill for my reading. Thank you.

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  39. Great article Ton!

    My current rental and last two houses were all over hundred years old.
    The rough stone foundations have long settled and actually compress the mortar tighter.
    The oak, maple and walnut hand hewed trusses actually pertrify not rot.
    The locations tske advantage of the contours of the land so the wind is channelled around the house.

    When you do it by hand it takes backbreaking work, so you do it right.

    And a quaint atribute called PRIDE the youngins have no concept of.

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  40. Spawny Get says:

    No problem ‘Guests’ happy to pass on the good stuff. I’ll try with Cill. Cheers

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  41. SFC Ton says:

    I figured you’d dig it Horseman, Cill too so I posted it

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  42. Yoda says:

    Know this I did not

    Actress Emily Ratajkowski called out Hollywood in the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar Australia for what she claims is its “anti-woman” employment practices, explaining she is sometimes turned down for acting roles because her breasts are “too big.”


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  43. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    My apologies. In seeing this, I should have thought to link because both you and Farm Boy like the subject so much. Still, she is not outrageously large. She will look good when she finally fills out.

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  44. Spawny Get says:

    Oh dear. That’s torn it. The chans are on the Don v CNN suicide attempt by the MSM

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  45. Spawny Get says:

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  46. Spawny Get says:

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  47. Spawny Get says:

    That is, of course, Shia LeBoeuffoon from his bizarre ‘Just do it’ video

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  48. Spawny Get says:

    You know of course, this means war…

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  49. Spawny Get says:

    Go to 3:15 for a bunch more memes

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  50. Spawny Get says:

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  51. Cill says:

    5:50 a.m. here.
    Looking at the screen and laughing my head off.

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  52. Cill says:

    The creative genius of my fellow man…
    There is hope. It’s good to be alive.

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  53. http://nationalpost.com/news/world/from-doll-brothels-to-robotic-rape-the-rise-of-sex-robots-raises-ethical-and-legal-dilemmas/wcm/57156ad1-a36d-4b9c-8c67-cf66d83f43c7

    “If people bond with robots it’s very worrying. You are loving an artefact that can’t love you back, and the best they can do is fake it,” said Prof Sharkey.

    Aaaaaaaaaand how is that different from most women??

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  54. Cill says:


    I set up the Guests account for visitors to use at my house at New Years Eve. Tom trusted you with the account and I trust Tom. Don’t go around advertising Guests to your mates. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the barrel. It would be easy for me to change the password but it shouldn’t have to come to that. Behave well and you’ll be welcome, bru.

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  55. The authors said it may be necessary to criminalize “robotic rape”

    A new cause for the SJWs!!!

    And how are they going to know?? Does the robot regret it six months afterwards?

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  56. Cill says:

    … And it goes without saying, if you use your own gmail account (instead of Guests) the delay while you wait for approval as a first time commenter here is usually not long.

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  57. Cill says:

    Ton, I used Roman concrete on my foreshore. Good link.

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  58. Cill says:

    Makes a good marina for boats.

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  59. Tons linked article is hilarious.
    There is no man shortage. Half the population is still male. Its just the 56 point checklist the womenz want. Even the study author points it out!!!!!

    And the comments.
    Lots of guys spouting mgtow but just not using the term.
    The fact that they think this way, independent of knowing the term is telling.

    Finally finally finally the chickens (and their frozen eggs) are coming home to roost.


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  60. Wonder what they would make of me. Going to welding school (at 50+) because I want to.
    Then after the sneers let them know I never have to work for money again.

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  61. Ton’s linked telegraph article is golden.
    Another brutal comment (a mgtow in waiting).

    “Feminist, you made your bed, now sleep in it alone. When you are a senior citizen with no one to come see you or give two cents about you, you can look back at your career and how you loathed the women who married young and had a family. While your pocket book maybe full your life is empty, for what? To show that you were better than a man. “

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  62. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    All CNN has is its reputation for veracity. They may not survive this. If people look at them and start laughing, it is all over. I wonder what Ted Turner thinks about all this?

    Anytime that feminists address the subject of sexbots, they should be treated in similar way. Just look at them and laugh. That and remind them that they created demand for this product.

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  63. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    While it is very early days yet, Anne Marie Waters is declaring for UKIP.

    She want to see the European Union taken down completely.


  64. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Found this. It looks like CNN has stepped over the line. Extorting a fifteen year old kid is not the best course.

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  65. Yoda says:

    They said sweeping social changes meant that many professional women now struggled to find a partner that felt like an equal match.

    In recent decades, the gender balance at British universities has tipped dramatically.

    In 1985, 45 per cent of UK students were female, but by 2000, 54 per cent were women.

    This group, now in their late 30s, is finding it harder to find a man of equal status, fertility experts said. And the trend is set to steepen in future generations, they warned, with nearly six in ten current students female.



  66. Farm Boy says:

    A new post is coming soon


  67. Farm Boy says:

    Once again with the Telegraph article, news travels slowly to Degoba

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  68. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    While they are freezing eggs today, tomorrow they will make demands of government to provide them with men that meet their qualifications. I don’t knowhow that will work out.


  69. Farm Boy says:

    They just have to have men of at least equal status. It is a given

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  70. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy, It is not men of equal status but men of what they see to be equal status. Their subjectivity does some amazing thing to graphs. That is why OkCupid can say that women see eighty percent of men as “below average”.


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