Risk of injustice builds MGTOW

The only thing that could make me avoid women is the risk of imprisonment or loss of my future. I can cope with bitchiness by telling the woman to shape up or ship out. I can defeat shit-tests with humor. I can live with the excessive privilege of women without bowing down to it. I can deal with the controlling behavior of a typical western female without being cowed in the least. The one thing I won’t do is live with the risk of injustice at the whim of a woman. The injustice is a false accusation and the way it is dealt with.

Feminism and the legal system work hand in hand to give women power over men. The “Yes means Yes” consent laws are just one of many examples. Things have reached the stage where it doesn’t matter what a woman’s whim is, the State is ready to oblige her. If she decides to accuse a man of rape, the State will leave no stone unturned to bring him to “justice”. Regardless of eventual conviction or acquittal, his life is ruined from the moment he is charged. Feminists have made sure of that. They and the media and the police quickly label her the victim and him the accused. If he is acquitted, feminists and others will do their utmost to damage him. The rape charge will follow him into employment and accommodation and his social life. Doors will close. He will become a pariah.

Meanwhile his accuser will be free to carry on with her life. Doors will open. She could even make a career out of her deceit, with all the resources and duplicity of feminism to back her. She could become a role model for victims of rape.

The whim of a woman is greater than the life of a man.

I won’t give anyone that amount of power over my life.

The false rape cases show that the targets of false accusations are usually the sought-after men. Hell hath no fury etc. For me personally, the stakes are as high as they could go: I’d rather be dead than locked up in jail.

Here’s something else I’ve been wanting to say for a while: The detractors like to say MGTOW are lonely losers and women don’t want them anyway: What’s the big deal, they scoff, these men are no loss, let them go their own pathetic way, and good riddance to bad rubbish.

It would give me great pleasure to reply to them along the following lines:

“YOU ARE WRONG. I know a group of men IRL who are anything but losers. It makes no odds to them, but women make it clear that they’d like to know those men better – a lot better. Whatever it is that makes a man attractive to women, those men have got it in spades. And they have one thing in common: they’re MGTOW.

MGTOW is not an ideology. It’s a phenomenon. All kinds of men, including increasing numbers of the ones you’d like to date, are going their own way.

The fact that you turn your nose up at most men actually expedites MGTOW. You make it easy for millions of men to do without you.

Any interaction in which one party has an implicit right to employ the power of the State against the other party is to be avoided like the plague. Such is the case with all male/female interaction.

How many of us know men who were falsely accused by women? I personally know two. One was able to prove that he was not in the city where and when the rape allegedly occurred. The other barely knew the accuser and had an iron-cast alibi  as well. In both those cases the man accused could easily have been me.

Don’t think it couldn’t happen to you. False rape accusations in New Zealand are so numerous, I don’t have time to count them (“It’s a false rape epidemic in New Zealand”).  Even then, the listed cases are just “the tip of the iceberg”. If you need more convincing, read this Submission to Justice and Electoral Select Committee Inquiry .  The Police are under pressure from women’s groups to prosecute no matter how flimsy the evidence (‘Year of hell’ after false rape claim).

Men can no longer ignore the growing risk of injustice. Although some of us are less visible to women than others, no man is safe in the western world. The decision we all face is simple: (a) MGTOW, or (b) accept the risk.

You can’t eliminate the risk, but you can minimize it by reducing interaction with women as much as possible. Don’t dwell on the thought that it’s an extreme thing to do. Women are the ones who made it this way, and every year, as sure as the sun sets in the West, they make it worse.

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  1. Yoda says:

    Much risk there is
    Perhaps move to Degoba one should

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  2. Not Degoba. For me its Bombadil’s valley.
    I hasve my Goldberry of 30 years and my wee cottage and the ten acre wood.

    But as Cill says, its not the losers going mgtow. If I lost the mrs I would be.
    And regarding the average single moms list, lets see
    6 foot 1. 180 lbs.
    At 50 still run 5 miles every day.
    Can brnch my weight. Did 225 last friday.
    Make 110,000 cdn per year salary
    Cottage I paid in cash last month when we sold the farm
    Over 100k in my chequing account. (Showed my boss, she shit cause I obviously dont need the job)

    So yeah, loser.
    Proud to be all three.

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  3. Yoda says:

    “Due process” important it would be

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  4. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Then, there is the matter that every year it gets worse. Jian Ghomeshi was acquitted in Toronto last year because his attorney, Marie Henein, was able to create enough doubt through cross examination. Now, the UK is going to submitting video taped testimony from women without any provision for cross examination. Government is willing to compromise the justice system and toss due process out the window to placate feminists. What should men do? Start looking at government sideways.

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  5. SFC Ton says:

    We all have different comfort zones on risk but the legal risks of some girl getting you tossed in jail seems over played. Wives and live in girlfriends have a much easier time of getting your ass locked up

    The best reason to go your own way is to escape a generally sick culture so you can establish your own sense of sovereignty, dignity and what not

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  6. SFC Ton says:

    Ever notice how Trump rallies have better looking people in attendance?


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  7. Yoda says:

    Lots of pictures here there are


    People like being attacked with pepper spray not

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  8. Yoda says:

    Wonder what do with that flag pole he will I do

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  9. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I have the feeling that the guy in black does not want to find out.
    Only three arrests? These guys in black are being paid and they are getting bailed out. There is some serious money behind this. It might be a good idea to find out who is behind the money and prosecute them for conspiring to start riots. It’s not so much the riots, it’s the conspiracy.

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  10. Yoda says:

    Wonder how much the impact of MGTOW being felt it is I do


  11. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    While MGTOW is vocal, what may be far more powerful is the men who are dropping out of the sexual marketplace on their own, for their own reasons. I don’t know if women are fully aware of how deep this goes. Well, maybe Helen Smith knows. 🙂


  12. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Off topic. It looks like Italy will offer female employees three days off with pay for “menstrual leave”. I have no idea how business will afford it.


  13. Mega says:

    Agree with Ton above … the risks to men from false allegations of rape are small. And for the most part avoidable … if you have 1/2 brain. Most men have heard the phrase “you don’t fuck crazy”. And its true if you the women is mentally unstable and would accuse you false allegations … true is you shoulda figured that out and not put yourself in that situation to begin with.

    By far the thing that drives men into MGTOW is Divorce-Rape. And that is almost unavoidable and far more damaging. You get married to what you think is nice girl. Get marred have a couple of kids an 8 hrs down the road morphs into an entitled cunt who thinks you should now be your slave. What recourse do you have ? ANSWER: NONE. So she decides to go full “woman scorned mode” or things “destroying you is what is best for HER KIDS and HER FUTURE”. Know what can protect you against her lies ? ANSWER: NOTHING. She will steal every dime you’ve earned in your life. Steal every dime you will make years to come. If you try to fight it you will end up broke. If she wants to you’ll end up in jail. If she wants to … she’ll accuse of of rape, being a pedophile … etc … and you’ll end up in jail and wish you were dead as you are being tortured and raped by the other inmates. And what can you do to protect yourself ? ANSWER: NOTHING. And some men … get a prenupt. ANSWER: A prenupt is not worth the paper it is printed on and your life will still be destroyed.

    So the biggest reason men should consider MGTOW is that within marriage Women have the ultimate power and can destroy you whenever they want and there is NOTHING you can do to stop it or even defend yourself. And who would be stupid enough to sign up for that ? Until divorce laws change NO MAN IS SAFE. And that is the real reason men should go MGTOW. No marriage. No kids. No child support. No alimony. No accused is found guilty with no evidence. NO NO-FAULT DIVORCE. Until that changes … no man is safe.

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  14. SFC Ton says:

    I think the women are feeling the mgtow pinch in the over 30 and want to get married bracket

    Some economic wonks are seeing it as well as in the men who aren’t out working… though that is a more complex issue I think.

    I would say 50% of the men I know are going their own way. Can you only think of two who don’t date at all but I have been to two weddings in the last 5 years or so and most of the men I know are single who are unlikely to marry or remarry

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  15. Yoda says:

    According to articles the University of Oregon suggests students should read, clothes that fit are an example of “cis privilege” and, to “dismantle” whiteness and “cis privilege,” capitalism should be “disrupted.”


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  16. Choicy says:

    Struth any young joketrs reading this, don’t take any notice of comments that you have to put youself in a situation before you have risk of getting accused. I know men who did nothing to deserve it mate. For the love of Pete, read the article and take it from someone who knows mate.

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  17. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    You have given another reason to prosecute false accusers. If they fabricate a story to that extent, they deserve to spend some time in prison.
    Yes, I have to agree. That is definitely a contest where you need no be present to win.Now that California has lifted the statute of limitations, It’s going to be a lot harder to prove where you were at the time, if it was decades ago.

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  18. Choicy says:

    Yeah Fuzzie one young kiwi man reads this blog and for all I know there’s more than him in the background. We don’t want them to get the wrong idea mate.

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  19. molly says:

    Hi Choicy and Fuzzie and all! How’s your weather in Australia and USA and UK? It’s hot here. Yall deserve a beer. One each

    It might be Cill’s Draught Down Under in the mug. Do you know lots of strong drafts down under are a sign of good condition in a man? (tho not so much in a woman)

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  20. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Molly!!! Burrito, burrito, burrito.
    We had a warm rain here. It is beginning to look like spring. No beer for me, please. It will make me sleepy. I found out what the toughest beer to brew for a home brewer is. It’s root beer. How do they get bubbles without fermentation?

    Also, It is hard to refute if they take months or years to report it. California lifted the statute of limitations. Accusations could go back decades.

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  21. fuzziewuzziebear says:


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  22. molly says:

    Thankyou for approving my comment at 1:27 am somebody 🙂

    Fancy WordPress algorithm sends draft down under for moderation!
    O dear..

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  23. Cautiously Pessimistic says:

    Some economic wonks are seeing it as well as in the men who aren’t out working… though that is a more complex issue I think.

    Agreed. While I think there is a growing number of successful men who have gone MGTOW, that’s on the margins. Right or wrong, sex and the idea of having a reliable sex partner is a big motivator for young men. The way to do that for most men was marriage. Since confidence in that institution has been nuked, a lot of men are no longer motivated to prepare for it. The thing that’s going to hit women hardest are the men who might have been successful, but didn’t bother. This will be magnified by economic and social factors that favor women over men.

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  24. Spawny Get says:

    “Drafts down under sign of good health”

    Yesterday (following a curry Saturday evening + lager turbo-boost) shows that I’m healthy as all hell then


  25. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    “The more you fart, the better you feel.
    So, eat your beans at every meal.”


  26. Yoda says:

    Online voting to choose San Diego’s Major League Soccer (MLS) team currently shows “Footy McFooty Face” leading other possible names by a wide margin.


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  27. Yoda says:

    Former Hillary Clinton operative Huma Abedin is reportedly “working hard” to save her marriage with former Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner, just months after the pair separated as a result of his multiple sexting scandals.



  28. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    There is a lot of similarity between Footy McFooty Face and Boaty McBoatyface. This can’t be coincidence.
    As for Huma and Anthony, would they be making up if Hillary won?


  29. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It is a great essay that addresses fundamentals without resorting to cliches.


  30. Choicy says:

    Since Cillo used nz links I got a bit a kiwi info mates.
    The ratio of sexual assault accusations per male lifetime works out at 1 to 6.
    4800 sexual assault accusations to police in year.
    2.256 million kiwi males.
    av male life 78 years.

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  31. Choicy says:

    On that note I’m off to the sack for 40 winks mates

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  32. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I don’t think that I will go buy coffee here. the place is full of cockroaches and female staff assaults patrons.The business is claiming molestation against the man.


  33. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Weirdness form Canada.


  34. Yoda says:

    A new post there is


  35. Spawny Get says:

    Dear Leah,
    If you want to read the fucking news to me, stop mugging to the camera while you do it. And the stupid voices too. Thankyouverymuchindeedy


  36. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    That wasn’t Leah McLaren. That was Faith Goldy. Here is the story in print. Lots of weirdness from Canada.


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