Self-sufficient MGTOW Handy-men

But want and need ain’t the same thing at all” (SFC Ton)

When I was a kid I met Gaffy the hermit who showed me that a man can survive alone. He made a big impression on me, and as soon as I could, I made a semi-hermitic life for myself.

Before a MGHOW can lose his dependence on the rest of humanity, he must become a jack of all trades, relying on no-one else for shelter, food, clothing, energy. For the rest of this post, I will refer to the 100% self-sufficient MGHOW as “Jack”.

In ancient times, fire was the energy. These days, it’s electric power. Jack can survive in modern comfort by generating his own power from the energy of sun, wind and water movement. He has the skills to maintain his batteries and electrical appliances (computers, refrigerators, laundry, cooking, heating, lighting, power tools etc).

Most important of all is water. Gaffy made sure he had more than one source. He built his hut by a pure stream, and his roof directed rain into a tank. There was a lake nearby holding cubic miles of clean water. Like Gaffy, Jack makes sure he has clean water at all times. Roof water + spring or river or bore, or catchment into a pond. Jack sets up a filtering system for his drinking water.

Jack doesn’t underestimate the need for plumbing know-how. He installs modern plumbing, and a septic tank with a pump to draw out the “solids” for fertilizer. Outdoors he builds an odorous long-drop as a stand-by, but indoors his odorless toilets are flushers. The water in the u-bend prevents the sewage stench coming back into the house.

Obviously Jack will need basic building and mechanical and metal-working skills. He will know how to make his own clothes as well, which will start with shearing or slaughtering and skinning.

“Slaughtering” brings me to the subject of food. Jack may fish, hunt and gather, or farm livestock and poultry and grow vegetables and fruit and berries, and make salt. Salt is essential. If Jack doesn’t have access to the sea, he’d better make sure he has other sources of sodium and chloride ions.

Another thing that Jack will learn is first aid.

How to Learn all this?

Look at videos and articles on the internet. It’s huge, but you can plan, then jump off the deep end and learn as you go. You will stay dependent on the world out there – the internet – until you finally become a Jack.

Here are some Personal Likes and Lapses of a Jack (me). I:

  • Do make my own beer (the infamous highly esteemed Cill’s Draught Down Under)
  • Don’t buy sugar or dairy or tea or coffee
  • Do drink Cabernet Sauvignon with every meal
  • Don’t know why, but people give me Scotch at birthdays and Christmas, and the contents of the bottles mysteriously disappear
  • Don’t buy vitamins or supplements
  • Do consume astaxanthin in the seafoods I catch
  • Don’t buy much food apart from white pepper, herbs and spices.
  • Do buy the clothes I wear in the outside world
  • Don’t eat cookies, cakes, sweets or desserts (except sometimes as a guest)
  • Don’t buy chemicals
  • Don’t like carpets or mats or clutter
  • Don’t drink Coke or Pepsi or any fizzy drink.

Is self-sufficiency worth it?

In my own case, yes. I live a good life in good health. I don’t get sick, not even colds. I confess to not being 100% MGHOW but my situation is highly unusual, and I sincerely believe that reducing interaction with women as much as possible is the best choice for most men. At some stage, privacy permitting, I’ll try to clarify my personal situation.

In most men, the biggest obstacle to independence is attitude. They won’t get it into their heads that they don’t need women. They want women. If a man is faced with living alone, he might want company but if he gets off his arse he’ll find he doesn’t need company in order to survive. If the rest of humanity died, he could keep on surviving until he runs out of years or dies from need for major surgery or medication.

Self-sufficiency leads to physical independence which, if you let it, will lead to emotional independence as well. Emotional independence is using your emotions instead of letting them use you. Jack won’t need someone else to make him feel good.


Once you have achieved all-round independence you won’t want to bring in a woman to share your hard-earned status as a Jack. Your understanding of the modern world was the main reason why you went to all that effort, right?

Some handyman ideas:

  1. No more sorting items from dishwasher into drawers and cupboards: I lift the entire baskets of clean dishes from the dishwasher into the cupboards, and drop a separate set of empty baskets in the dishwasher ready for the next batch. Each cupboard has 2 baskets, one full of the latest cleaned batch, and the other for the previous cleaned batch from which some of the items have been taken for use.
  2. Easy Spring Clean every week: I lined all walls, floors, ceilings, cupboards, wardrobes, and drawers with fiberglass. Apart from beds, all furniture is built into the walls. Clothes in wardrobes hang on removable racks. Each floor slopes slightly to a small drain hole. All corners are rounded. Each room has air vents, and a vent into which I can plug a flexible exhaust. The doors are wide enough to wheel a trailer and beds through. All items in the cupboards are kept in wire baskets. I open all doors and load baskets, drawers and racks onto the trailer and wheel it and the beds straight out onto covered patios. It takes less than 5 minutes to empty the house when you’ve got the knack. It takes less than 2 minutes per room to steam-blast all surfaces and showers, sinks, basins and toilets. Open the vents and blast-dry surfaces with hot air (2 minutes per room). Turn on the fans and have a beer while the humidity blows out through the vents. Another 5 minutes to bring back the beds etc, and job done.
  3. No rodents, no roaches, completely pest-free: Do #2


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159 comments on “Self-sufficient MGTOW Handy-men
  1. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    As for your Scotch disappearing, do you think that Liz has anything to do with it? What gives her cause to exclaim every so often?

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  2. Cill says:

    Liz is too small to unscrew the tops. I think I might be the culprit. I almost caught myself once. Woke next morning with smell of Scotch in my mouth.

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  3. Yoda says:

    Wonder if Moe the culprit he is i do

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  4. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Liz may be talking you into it while you sleep. “Pour me a capful, please.” I’ll bet she is good at covering it up.

    I think that Moe might prefer beer.


  5. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    There is one good thing to say about the MGTOW lifestyle. There is no nagging. Even Liz knows not to break that rule.

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  6. Cill says:

    No cheating or asset-stripping either, or losing your kids.

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  7. Moehau Man says:

    Yes well, Moehau Mans drink our own mead. Foreign fire water makes us hump everything in sight. One old codger humped a stump for 2 minutes, a Moehau Man record.

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  8. Yoda says:

    What skills Moehau Man has he does?


  9. Moehau Man says:

    Making mead and fashioning Kauri Clubs and brandishing them at wayward sheilas. We are skilled at scaring the arse off foreign sheilas as well.

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  10. Choicy says:

    Cillo I’m a Jack mate. This is Aussie humor talking mate.

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  11. Choicy says:

    Talking serious my mates, I’m curious to know if there are other Jacks on spawny’s blog in addition to me and Cillo.

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  12. Yoda says:

    Foreign Sheilas like being scared by Moehau Men they do?
    An act it would be?


  13. Choicy says:

    Jacks as good as his masterbate. Aussie humour continues funny as a bag full of arse holes mates.


  14. Choicy says:

    Cillo put Liz in your pocket before you steam clean the shit out of everything mate

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  15. Moehau Man says:

    Foreign sheilas are attracted by the Moehau Man brow ridge and quick-lift loin cloth.

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  16. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I live alone, but I can’t claim to be a Jack.


  17. Yoda says:

    Moehau Mans wear cod pieces do they not?


  18. Moehau Man says:

    Moehau Mans wear cod pieces to intimidate folk.

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  19. Moehau Man says:

    And to make foreign blokes despair.

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  20. Yoda says:

    A cod piece and a loin cloth Moehau Men do wear?


  21. Moehau Man says:

    Yes well, cod pieces are a habit.

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  22. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Large robe you do wear. No one about your underwear do ask. Maybe for Moe, living in the hospitable climate he does, it is outerwear about you ask. Visit Moe you should. Perhaps ride in Millenial Falcon Han Solo would give.


  23. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    See Yoda crosstrain good it would be. Conk Sith with Kauri club funny it would be.

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  24. molly says:

    Moe wears a habit!
    Moehau Men behaves like Colin Meads and sense of humor like Cill!

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  25. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    While we are getting personal here, how do you keep your rainbow fur so clean and bright? I can’t imagine you taking a bath. I don’t think that Furbies are waterproof.


  26. Cill says:

    Choicy you are a Jack and a good mate of a Jack mate.

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  27. molly says:

    I can’t scrub myself down without arms, eh.
    I could get dry cleaned (heh)

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  28. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I would hate to see you put in a glass fronted commercial dryer.


  29. molly says:

    For Jacks and all that want to be Jacks.. FOOD

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  30. molly says:

    Are there dry cleaners in America? You pay them to clean your suits and they use chemical solvents and clean and press them.

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  31. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Yes, but I haven’t been to one in ages. They can easily get into trouble over hydrocarbon emission issues.
    By the way, a press is anther place I don’t want to see end up.
    i think your Big Cuz will think of a way to keep you clean without short circuiting your electrics.

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  32. SFC Ton says:

    and I sincerely believe that reducing interaction with women as much as possible is the best choice for most men……….

    LOL I live with two of them and agree it’s wise to limit interaction with women.
    Familiarity breeds contempt. The more a man keeps himself separated from his subordinates the easier it is to retain your command/ air of authority

    Course it’s a balancing act but always err on the side of less contact vs more

    Which applies to all such things, always err on the side of alpha/ masculine/ dark traid/ command/ authority etc

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  33. SFC Ton says:

    Locally, our community collages off all sorts of continuing education classes that can teach men to be jacks of all trades. Won’t make you an expert on any topic but your learn how to do the basic shit on your house, car and what not, including how to cook, how to garden and basic nerd skillz

    Self sufficiency always gets 2 Ton thumbs up. On top of the independence factor people respect a man who can tend to these things, especially now that most Western men are raised by women and no longer learn these things from their old man

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  34. Spawny Get says:

    Speaking of nerd skillz

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  35. Spawny Get says:

    Clegg has made me suffer. If I suffer, you suffer along with me

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  36. Spawny Get says:

    You guys may have the guy in power, but we have the opposition cutting it’s own throat with reckless abandon. (You’re still ahead, but we have some good news too)


  37. Spawny Get says:

    2:1 so please, ABBC, STFU about ‘we are worried that BREXIT will break up the union with the sweaties’. ‘We’ have higher priorities

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  38. Choicy says:

    Spawny that joker was pretty pissed off by the cabbage password ballsup and I don’t blame him a bit.

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  39. Choicy says:

    Mate who is this Clegg joker you mention from time ti time

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  40. Yoda says:

    Yelling that he wanted to kill and die for Allah, a suspected Islamic extremist attacked a French soldier Saturday morning at Paris’ Orly Airport and wrested away her assault rifle

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  41. Choicy says:

    “wrested away her assault rifle”

    There’s the reason he could take away the weapon of an armed soldier mate. “her”

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  42. Choicy says:

    See you tomorrow mates

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  43. Yoda says:

    Wonder if went for the woman deliberately the terrorist did I do


  44. […] Cill got me to thinking, dangerous pastime, I know, about how men who were not raised up by traditionally masculine men can address their condition and improve their standing among men. […]

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  45. Spawny Get says:

    Choicy, Clegg was the leader of the lib dems / limp dumbs that propped up Camermong’s government before the last General Election. He’s a real piece of europhile work. He was replaced by Timmy Farron who is unspeakably demented.

    So Cleggover was sacked and replaced by lil Timmeh!

    Timmeh looking at Cleggy

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  46. SFC Ton says:

    The terrorist isn’t White, heterosexual Christian so he can’t possibly be sexist enough to target a lady cop due to her lack of physical strength

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  47. Spawny Get says:

    That’s right, that’s the stamp of a hard right white supremacist alright

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  48. Cill says:

    Clegg and Farron are unspeakably stupid. I asked my granddad a few days ago if NZ ever had anyone as bad as Clegg or Corbyn or Abbott. He immediately said Robert David Muldoon, which didn’t surprise me, and more recently Margaret Wilson, insufferable privileged loony leftist born with a silver spoon. Otherwise we’d have to go back to the Union leaders in the days when they had excessive power, and actually managed to be worse than Clegg and his ilk. All before my time.

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  49. Cill says:

    Ton thanks for the pingback.

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  50. Spawny Get says:

    Clegg backed Camermong forming a government when the alternative was Gorgon Brownstain getting another five years. For that he earned serious good will, but it was all downhill from there. Regarding BREXIT you cannot get a straight word from the cunt. He’s crazy delusional or a corrupt sociopath…allegedly


  51. Spawny Get says:

    Not seen Mancy before. Good, useful word.

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  52. Cill says:

    If any man reads this post and decides to give it a go, it will have been worth my while to write it. There’s already one young man teaching himself to follow my lifestyle to the full “Jack of all trades” stage. There are others whose circumstances make it impossible to go 100% self-sufficient but can at least improve themselves. For them, Ton’s post at his blog (linked at 5:24 pm above) is relevant.

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  53. Spawny Get says:

    Watson is Corbyn’s deputy. Row is over leaked plans by hard left to take over the party and move it hard left. Many laba MPs would be dumped by their taken over local constituency parties because they don’t like Corbyn and don’t believe his catastrophic ideas. Most Laba MPs are poles apart from the party membership. With the activists even further gone. There’s no way to dump Corbyn. And they’re working on changes to the rules for the next election to make sure that the nutters select his successor.

    Party time if you like your lefty parties to lay dying in a ditch after beating themselves up viciously. Laba delenda est. Yayski comrades.

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  54. Cill says:

    Jon Lansman: “For 20 years the left was denied a voice…we need our mass membership to win again”
    Totally deluded

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  55. Spawny Get says:

    Ed Sheeran has overwhelmed the pop charts with his latest album.

    BBC Tumbleweed Watch Leftyliesrefuted
    2 hours ago
    Rod Liddle tells the story of the spoof Ed Sheeran hashtag in his ST column today:




  56. Spawny Get says:

    Many people are too young to remember the fucking unions of the sixties and seventies

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  57. Cill says:

    I was but a twinkle in my granddad’s eye back then.

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  58. molly says:

    “I was but a twinkle in my granddad’s eye back then”

    I like!

    LOL I wonder if William the 1st of England had a twinkle with me in it? One side of the family is descended from Bill the Conk. It is easy to trace as the Normans hogged the records. Just think, we might go back to Rollo the Pirate! YO!

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  59. Spawny Get says:

    Could be good news

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  60. Spawny Get says:

    Seeing as I and your dad are probably around the same age (maybe I’m a little younger) and I remember the unions…best leave your grandpa’s winkle out of it


  61. Cill says:

    Buggar. I’d intended to spend some time here today, but something has cropped up and now I’m going to be away for most of the day. Catch up with you later.

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  62. Cill says:

    I think granddad was talking about the 1950s.

    Gotta go.

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  63. SFC Ton says:

    Thanks for the shout out Cill

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  64. Ame says:

    Cill – excellent.
    (Ton – i didn’t use ‘awesome’ 😉 )

    interesting … we have a good plumber who i trust well enough to give him access to my house when i’m not here. once, when he was fixing something, we got to talking about my husband. he complimented me on talking well of my husband, said it was so refreshing to hear a wife talk well of her man, and said most wives whine about their men and complain that she *had* to call a plumber b/c he was too (lazy, stupid, incompetent, whatever) to do it himself. he said that he’s in their huge, expensive house, fixing their plumbing, and thinking her husband must be doing something right to be able to afford such a house. so . . .

    – woman expects husband to provide super nice house (3000 sf +++)
    – woman doesn’t work.
    – woman complains that husband is working all the time even though his work is what provides such luxuries.
    – woman complains that husband can’t do his own plumbing – either b/c unqualified or not enough time … cause he’s working to provide her all her ‘stuff’
    – BUT … in the real world, the same woman would NEVER be married to a plumber b/c that’s beneath her.

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  65. Ame says:

    all boys should be raised learning how to be independent, to know how to survive. they don’t have to use those skills all the time, but they should have them in their ‘toolbox’ of life. why? because it gives them confidence, and confident, hard-working men can pretty much write their own ticket in life.

    my first husband’s father was pretty much a Jack, but he despised being so b/c he wasn’t wealthy, and he coveted wealthy men. he was also a neurotic, narcissistic perfectionist who demanded perfection from his son, my husband, without a learning curve. that translated into him not allowing his son to help him repair things or make thing b/c, as he told his son, he would screw it up. so his son grew up believing that if he even tried to fix something, he would screw it up. that seriously messed with his confidence (though i was probably the only one who saw that side of his lack-of-confidence). however, son was a brilliant man so excelled in academics, earning a couple degrees and soared into corporate america, traveling the world in his work. BUT he could NEVER get over the fact that no matter what he did, it was NEVER enough to please his dad, a dad who REFUSED to give out compliments (and even condemned me for complimenting our children, condemnation which i ignored to his great chagrin, which turned him strongly against me).

    so this man, my husband, who was brilliant, who had a super short learning curve for anything he wanted to do, who could travel the world and fit into any level of society seamlessly, still had this deep insecurity that overrode all of that b/c his dad told him that he was incompetent and unable to ‘fix’ anything.

    from what i understand … and you men can correct me if i’m wrong …

    – men need to be able to fix things
    – men need the approval of other men, especially their fathers

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  66. Ame says:

    this also brings up the thought that the gubmnt doesn’t want self-sufficient, independent, men b/c such men don’t NEED the gubmt, and the gubmnt feeds off people needing it.

    also, only self-sufficient, independent men can teach boys to become self-sufficient, independent men. women can’t do this, so women, in general, don’t like it. also, self-sufficient, independent men don’t *need* women, which takes the control away from women, so those women who want to control everything don’t like it.

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  67. SFC Ton says:

    Nothing is ever enough for most women

    I was tier one for awhile, 87% of SOCOM vets don’t make that cut. I still wasn’t good enough for myou ex wife

    Let that sink in.

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  68. Ame says:

    Ton, that incenses me. i hate women like that, and i hate women who encourage it.

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  69. Spawny Get says:

    And relax with an innocent domestic scene

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  70. Spawny Get says:

    No upticks for this #sheeranalbumparty ? Have I overestimated you guys?

    Sheeren Album Party is only one way to break it down guyzngals


  71. Spawny Get says:

    Is this ❤ ?

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  72. SFC Ton says:


    How can I up tick something I don’t understand


  73. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Those women the plumber told you about, expect fried ice. It is hard to believe how they can live with all the contradiction. Very busy hamsters?

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  74. SFC Ton says:

    Regarding the plumbers, I would say part of it is the bitch brag but most of it is driven by discontent of women stuck with icky betas

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  75. Yoda says:

    Nazly Sobhi Damasio, founder of La Feminista Descolonial, an feminist, anti-colonial, and anti-capitalist platform, demanded this week that men and “white womxn” pay her “because they consume intellectual, emotional & creative labor 24/7 w/o my consent.”

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  76. Yoda says:

    Even within this environment of pie-in-the-sky statistics, a recent survey from Duke stands out. According to the survey, 40 percent of Duke’s female undergraduates (and 10 percent of Duke’s male undergraduates) describe themselves as victims of sexual assault. This data would mean that each year, a female undergraduate at Duke is 5.5 times more likely to be a victim of violent crime than a resident of St. Louis, which FBI statistics listed as the nation’s most dangerous city in 2016. And yet, incredibly, parents still spend around $280,000 to send their daughters into this den of crime for four years.

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  77. Choicy says:

    Spawny at 11:15 pm
    It’s a sheer-anal-bum-party all right mate. I reckon someone had a bad dose of whooping cough on that bed and the spot the squirrel is looking at is where an arsehole picked a button right off the mattress when the owner of the arsehole coughed.

    Don’t expect a dinkum Aussie to understand the Marmite joke mate. Marmite is not an Aussie’s kettle of fish.

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  78. Ame says:

    Fuzzie – the truth is we are ALL a contradiction. whether we’re people of character or not depends on what we do when it’s pointed out. do we straighten out butt’s out, or do we continue being stupid.

    Ton has a valid point: “most of it is driven by discontent of women stuck with icky betas” … if their husbands don’t take care of their bitchiness and allow them to continue being stupid, contradictory women, they will almost always continue. very few women will do what’s right regardless of their circumstances. the woman is still responsible for her behavior regardless of her husband, but a man with a strong frame will not have a whiny wife – at least not for long. she’ll straighten up or get kicked out.

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  79. Choicy says:

    Vegemite is more up an Aussie’s alley mate

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  80. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I hope that video promoting online university gets wide circulation. It may very well be that the only way to combat the lie that rape culture is is to “agree and amplify”. That study from Duke points to the fact that belief in this is pervasive to the point of being mass hysteria.

    While they may pine for alpha husbands, they don’t even deserve the ones they have.

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  81. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I wrote that before I saw your last comment. I saw this stuff go on for years in my own house.all the red pill wisdom in the world would have been of no use to my father. My mother was responsible for her misery and she shared it all with us.


  82. Choicy says:

    Fuzzie women at online universities will invent online rape. The sheilas can’t live without us to accuse or they would have to accuse each other mate. Acusations are zero value when the accused is a victim as much as the accuser.

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  83. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    You have a point. They will create it out of thin air. They already are.


  84. Choicy says:

    Yeah mate they already are.

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  85. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I’ll bet there is a lot more in your history along with William of Normandy. My grandmother had her mother’s history looked up and i saw the great scroll in her house years ago. I should have seen it sitting down. While I now remember William being there, there were a host of others, some of greater repute.It is my guess that this may be true for you.


  86. Choicy says:

    Fuzzie you might be distantly related to molly and Cillo mate. This digger is not related any which way. I’m from a long line of convict stock mate.

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  87. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Given all this, I feel awful for men at college now. It is like they are statistics waiting to happen.


  88. Choicy says:

    In my opinion it is a reason men numbers are dropping at college

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  89. Choicy says:

    It is getting as risky as marriage mate

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  90. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    There is a drawback to it. They are all people that I can’t live up to. Since your not American, you can appreciate this. When I was still in school I had dinner over at a friend’s house. The host kept going on about how he was related to two signers of the Declaration of Independence. By the end of the night, I had to tell him that it was not all that unusual. I was too, along with everyone in my family. His family was from Massachusetts, while mine was from Virginia. Years later, I heard that one of the Nazis condemned at the Nuremburg trial, Baldur von Schirach could claim as much. He had an American mother.


  91. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    If the feminists make it so hostile that men won’t attend, they may think they succeeded until they realize they failed. I think a lot of women attend college in hope of meeting men.

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  92. Choicy says:

    Fuzzie the Cillo clan is not hoity-toity or Cillo and me would not be best mates, both ways. I reckon molly thinks her being related to Bill the Conk is funny.

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  93. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    If you want to turn it around on her, remind her that William was born on the wrong side of the blanket.

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  94. Choicy says:

    So was I mate. Choicy the Bastard.

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  95. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    That is liberating. You don’t have any ancestors you have to live up to.


  96. Choicy says:

    I’m not embarrassed about it mate. Bastards are as common as a cat in Springvale nowadays.

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  97. Choicy says:

    Back to the grind mates. Go well until we meet again.

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  98. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    While didn’t know that, it did lead me to wonder how you and Cill came to be buddies. You live in remote places a few time zones away from each other.


  99. Yoda says:

    Cill and Choicy met through common friend Moe they did

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  100. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Yoda tells story he does.


  101. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Tell story about Yoda I will.
    Yoda and Farm Boy on the set of Star Wars they met.
    Taking care of Banthas Farm Boy was.


  102. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    i don’t know how many here have been following the misadventures of Uncle Waldo at Sunshine’s, but the news is that he is reprieved!
    It looks like goslings will be trailing after Abigail, Uncle Waldo’s mate.

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  103. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Off topic. It looks like they have found a work around to cross examination of accusers in rape trials in the UK. Not only does this deny due process, it facilitates false testimony.

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  104. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Toy Soldier on the move to eliminate cross examination in sex trials in the UK.


  105. Spawny Get says:

    The Great Australian Emu War
    might be amusing to some

    After the army’s withdrawal, Major Meredith compared the emus to Zulus and commented on the striking manoeuvrability of the emus, even while badly wounded. ‘If we had a military division with the bullet-carrying capacity of these birds it would face any army in the world… They can face machine guns with the invulnerability of tanks. They are like Zulus whom even dum-dum bullets could not stop’.

    A second campaign was mounted by Major Meredith on 13 November 1932, killing 40 emus. About a month later it was reported that 100 emus were being killed every week. Even so, Meredith did the maths and concluded that it took around 10 bullets to bring down one emu, which was a pretty dismal effort. He was recalled and the Great Emu War had finally come to an end.

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  106. Spawny Get says:

    On a common theme with the genius #sheeranalbumparty (kind of though there’s no anal bum party in this one)

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  107. Spawny Get says:

    “Vegemite is more up an Aussie’s alley mate”

    Nice one *applause*


  108. Spawny Get says:

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  109. Spawny Get says:

    Oh yeah, the truth is out about equality vs wimminzday

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  110. Spawny Get says:



  111. Spawny Get says:

    That’s a real place

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  112. Spawny Get says:

    Ton, Choicy broke down the #SheerAnalBumParty upthread


  113. Spawny Get says:

    The highlight of last week’s Question Time

    (listen to the reaction from the crowd – yay)

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  114. Choicy says:

    Spawny it’s good to know someone appreciates Aussie refined and sensitive humour mate. Like Cillo I wanted to put more comments on the Jack post. My issue was an internet glitch which I fixed in the dark, and bugger me as well it’s now bed time in the great southern land. Goodnight from a hard working Jack my mates.

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  115. Cill says:

    Marmite rules, Spawny me old mate.

    You at 10:26 am

    I had to check to see if Amin Yashed was a name made up for the purposes of the joke. It wasn’t:

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  116. Cill says:

    Amin Yashed is in the dog box there. Bwaha

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  117. Cill says:

    re Amin Yashed, the mischievous malevolence of trolls never ceases to amaze me.

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  118. Spawny Get says:

    Confession time. The anal bum party was my first read of the tag. I had to try again to get the album party. #notproudnotmuchanyway

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  119. SFC Ton says:

    Women want tingles, alpha cock and men who keep them in check more then they want material wealth and beta bucks

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  120. Spawny Get says:

    Choice, that’s my sense of humour too. Go for it.

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  121. molly says:

    Young women swoon over pretty boy bands. It’s group think, eh. Deep down strong body and rugged face is WAY more attractive. It is irony that if other things are equal in men, women want the independent ones. I’ve watched women watching men working hard. It affects them! They are interested to see purposeful hands. The men look confident and independent and way more manly than boy bands who are too soft to work hard.

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  122. molly says:

    “Choice, that’s my sense of humour too” says Uncle Spawny

    Choicy said his humor is “refined and sensitive”, so Unca S’s humor is “refined and sensitive”?


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  123. molly says:

    Marmite joke is refined and sensitive

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  124. molly says:

    Sensitive nose maybe!
    (at 11:15 pm eh)

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  125. Cill says:

    The Glorious Patriarch is the ‘sole of decorum

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  126. Cill says:

    And Choicy of course.
    (apostrophe intended in his case)


  127. Spawny Get says:

    Arr. Oi yam definitely the ‘sole of decorum, oi be.

    The vegemite comment was the winner

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  128. Yoda says:

    Article 50 coming soon it is

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  129. Cill says:

    “The vegemite comment was the winner”

    Yep. Penetrative wit by Choicy there.

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  130. Cill says:

    A passage of unusual power.

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  131. Cill says:

    To come up with that one, Choicy must have gone deeply into the matter.

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  132. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    At least you know what you want. I think most women want what they don’t have. I wonder who Amal Clooney fantasizes about? This pattern was obvious with my niece when she had to be helped in or out of the car seat. Se always wanted the attention of the parent furthest away.


  133. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    If seventy MPs are angry enough to append their signature to a letter, the BBC better straighten up. However, they are so thick that they won’t. This may be the beginning of the end for them.

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  134. Cill says:

    The BBC are a .bunch of dunderheads

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  135. SFC Ton says:

    Yup wo,en tend to want what they don’t have. Ie the fried ice deal

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  136. Farm Boy says:

    There is a new post


  137. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    You should see what people in Canada are saying about the CBC. It is much the same. It is as if they are their own political entity.

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  138. Ame says:

    curious what you men think of this movie:


  139. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I see it as an example of how petty and extreme they have gotten.

    Without knowing the first thing about the movie, I heard that after WWII, dogs were returned to the families that raised them as puppies. That didn’t work out all that well. In Viet Nam, the dogs were there for the duration and their handlers were rotated. They did not come home.


  140. Like it! Whatever they pass, THEY also have to live with! (It’s now over 700k!)

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  141. Sorry I thought it would show the blurb, it’s about the affordable care act revision, Congress has to go with whatever we do! Like it.


  142. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy has a new post. It has an Old West theme.


  143. Ame says:

    because … it’s a guy thing … my husband’s watching tv and calls me in to watch this commercial. *Ame’s rolling her eyes!*

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  144. SFC Ton says:

    No part of the cathedral will ever tell the truth about females and the military

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  145. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It was funny. I like your husband’s sense of humor.


  146. Ame says:

    that’s what i’ve thought. i don’t see any good, from my distance pov, of women being in the military.


  147. Ame says:

    Fuzzie – my husband’s hilarious – he keeps us laughing all.the.time! 🙂


  148. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It is good that you feel that way. It would be awful if your husband’s sense of humor didn’t work for you.
    As for women in the military, they can help in places where another pair of hands would be welcome. Before they went to subcontracting everything, it was standard that for every soldier in combat, nine more were in support and logistics. Power steering was invented to allow women to drive deuce and haves in WWII.


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