Reality Came A Calling

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The election of Donald Trump has shaken identity politics to its foundations. Appealing to minorities, women, and the LGBTQ population—the so-called “coalition of the ascendant”—was supposed to guarantee Democratic rule into something like perpetuity. Yet more than one in four Hispanics apparently voted for a man who has promised to build a wall to prevent other Hispanics from coming illegally to the United States. An angry, isolated Rust Belt working class flipped the race card, placing a successful bet on its own sense of group grievance. And 53 percent of white women preferred a Mad Men-era womanizer to the would-be first woman president.

Apparently white people (at least the non-SJW kind) felt that they were/should be a voting block group; and vote where they believe their best interests lie.  From the reaction of those who say that they should decided such things, doing this and not having women vote for the woman (who repeatedly told us she was a woman) because she is a woman is terribly showing identity politics at its ugliest.  Obviously she should have won by 50 percentage points,

Here is the bubble that they live in,

That last fact especially should be prompting a serious reckoning among Democratic political consultants and in liberal-media conference rooms. How many times did we hear that women—more than half the voting population, remember—would thrill to the prospect of breaking the “highest, hardest glass ceiling?” How many articles chronicled the disgust women felt for the sexist comments and stories of groping by the Republican candidate? The mismeasure of the women’s vote couldn’t be because men were driving the conversation. Over the past few decades, women have filled campaign staff rooms, press pools, and media opinion pages.

No, ironically, the problem is that women in media have spun their own cocoon.

It is often said that manufacturers of products should “eat their own dog food”.  In this case, the SJW class apparently did so.  They are like those vegans that you see that look unhealthy because they lack all of the essential nutrients.

Out in the real world, women have to live their lives.  One can’t eat shattered glass from the ceiling.  This really brings up the relevant question, how much do women really feel to be their own identity group?  Unmarried women probably do more so, yet 54% of them going to Trump implies that lot of the unmarried were not feeling the Team Woman vibes this time.

Education is supposedly about learning to do critical thinking and expanding your knowledge of the world,

Remember: it wasn’t very long ago that journalists were scuffed-shoed beat reporters—almost all of them men. Their siblings and cousins were nurses, cops, and firemen. They were both the sons, and the interpreters, of America’s vast blue-collar middle class.

But in recent decades, journalism has become an enclave of the college-educated, inhabited by the sons and daughters of lawyers and professors who can afford to help them during their many years on campus, in graduate school, and working at internships and low-paying entry jobs in New York, Washington, and other luxury cities. By the outset of the 2000s, a majority of fledgling educated journalists were women—or, more specifically, relatively well-off, Title IX-empowered women thoroughly indoctrinated in the history of white-male wrongdoing.

It does seem that the educational establishment has failed here.  The gaping chasm between what these people say and the reality that people see has become too much.  Small lies can maybe work in an open society, but big ones have difficulty; especially if people can actually see the relevant results.  What lessons will these people learn?  Since they have been indoctrinated into believing BS themselves, and have their entire identity built around BS, then the obvious response is to double down.  This will be a long hard war.

Let us consider further how this all happened,

Of course, journalism had attracted prominent, educated Second Wave feminists (those who waged the battles of the 1960s and 1970s). Both Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem started their careers in the media. But this new cohort was lucky enough to graduate just as the Internet began taking over the public conversation. The web was the perfect petri dish for developing the voices and politics of the young women who would become feminism’s Third Wave. Where once the young and naïve writer had to apprentice herself to seasoned media veterans at establishment publications, now she might well find her first job in the new-media adventure park. Instead of submitting to the traditional discipline of old-style “objective” journalism, she could help remake the blah, blah, blah into something more personal, irreverent—and activist

So here we have a tailor made echo chamber, with cheerleaders hanging on the side.  Did any of what was written have to actually match with reality?  Not really.  This did not matter.  In fact, it was not desired at all.  Only the narrative matters.  Reality is really a nasty thing; eventually it makes itself felt.  Though, in these cases, with well to do parents and other patrons, they are somewhat insulated from it.

People should never be too insulated from reality.  It is unhealthy.

So in this incestious stew, like the Kardashians, authors became famous for being famous.

In fact, the medium became part of the message. Journalism, gender studies, media, and sociology majors—the young women, like Jessica Valenti, Anna Holmes, Irin Camron, and Jill Filipovic, names now well-known to cable news producers and booking agents—didn’t exactly cover the news: in the early years of the Third Wave and the blogging revolution, they were the news. On sites like Jezebel and Feministing and at lefty zines like Salon and Talking Points Memo, they had the freedom to explore their feelings about sex, men, politics, popular culture, and feminism. Speaking to their own (single, educated millennial) peer group, they didn’t worry much about persuasion or analytical rigor.

How many groups are allowed to be divorced from reality?  Are engineers, construction workers, carpenters, etc.?  People who actually need to get things done, to make things work can not afford as such.  Perhaps the above is a luxury society can no longer afford.

So the incest became an orgy.  Orgies normally don’t work well in the long run

Soon enough, an ailing mainstream media, trying to diversify staff and desperate to grab the attention of younger readers and viewers, came calling. The bloggers moved into cubicles at the New York Times, Slate, MSNBC, the Guardian, and The New Republic. There they learned to search Google for articles from the expanding oeuvre of gender research to support the positions that they were already convinced were true. They made a formidable sorority: stylish, full of sexy bravado, and, unlike their baby boomer mothers, wholly at ease with technology. Under the auspices of the media and cultural establishment, they quoted one another’s bon mots about the patriarchy and sat on the same gender panels at the 92nd Street Y or at Yale “sex weeks,” where they mocked the Michele Bachmanns of the world. In the past few years, their influence has only grown, as mass-market fashion magazines like Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Marie Claire have given them column space, effectively crowning them the new elite experts on women’s issues.

As mentioned before, how many women could afford the lifestyle/thoughtstyle of these so called journalists?  These other women live in the real world.  There are men in it.  If not husbands, ten fathers, brothers, uncles, sons.  That is their reality.

And in their reality, they needed results, not symbolism.  Which leads to this

The election itself, pitting a credentialed feminist godmother against a rude Alpha male, was the best gift of all. The Hollywood Access tape, in which Trump could be heard boasting of grabbing women’s private parts; the steady march of women who came forward to accuse Trump of abuse; the disgust of some high-level Republican women, from Ted Cruz staffer Amanda Carpenter to New Hampshire senator Kelly Ayotte: the articles could practically write themselves. And so they did: a slew of titles like “Republican Women Are Done with Trump,” (Politico’s Katy Glueck) and “Republican Women Feel Betrayed by Their Party” (Slate’s Michelle Goldberg) popped up like so many weeds after a thunderstorm.

Still, even as Trump looked headed for defeat, the experts’ gender-identity politics was leading them astray. Plenty of women were not done with Trump. That’s not to say that they didn’t mind the candidate’s “locker room talk.” But, not filtering all reality through the framework of “patriarchy” or “male privilege,” they didn’t see it as disqualifying. Excellent women reporters like Salena Zito and Molly Ball did go to the hinterlands and listen carefully to what women there were saying, without imposing their own priors on them; they weren’t shocked to learn later that 92 percent of Republican women wound up voting for Trump.

The Evil Patriarchy is dead.  Long live the Evil Patriarchy.  The defeated boogieman must continually be resurrected to be beaten as a pinata.  Unfortunately, people noticed that the empress to be had no clothes.

But the media’s anointed experts on women couldn’t see it. Gender-identity politics requires its practitioners to use the oppression of women as the organizing principle for interpreting the world. All issues can be understood as a version of this Manichean struggle—in the case of the 2016 election, between feminism and misogyny. Relying on a theory from Democratic pollster Celinda Lake, Goldberg argued that women were voting for Trump because they depended on their husbands and did what they were told. Both Lake and Goldberg failed to notice that “glass ceiling,” “harassment,” and even “equal pay” didn’t rank with the main sources of working-class discontent such as jobs, the cost of health-care premiums, and terrorism.

Working-class and other Trump-leaning women, much like their male counterparts, are well aware that media elites sneer at them (when they bother thinking about them). So great is their suspicion of their self-appointed betters that instead of being appalled by Trump stories, some assumed that the stories were planted. “I think this is the Clinton campaign,” Karen Diehl the co-owner of a southern Ohio insurance company and sometime Republican activist told me when I asked about the lurid Trump headlines. “The media wants her to win.”

Yes, the self-appointed betters have much to say.  If they actually were betters, then perhaps they might have a call on being listened to.  But they have proven themselves to dismissive of reality.  Why would anybody follow such people?

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  1. Yoda says:

    Reality really mean it would be
    Protect women from it the Government should

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  2. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy, superb post!
    While you see it as the demise of identity politics, I see it as feminists failing to deliver the vote from women as a bloc by appealing to Team Woman. Could it be that women are skeptical of the motives of feminists? One can only hope.

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  3. Yoda says:

    Perhaps not want to kill the Golden Goose they do
    Rather milk it for all that it is worth they might

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  4. SFC Ton says:

    lol identity politics is just getting started in earnest

    Thing is, Whites are starting to play the identity politics game, for the 1st time in a long time

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  5. The election, as all elections, was determined by the people in the middle. Hillary had her supporters, Trump had his, the people in the middle would go for one or the other or stay home.

    In the middle the question was really all about identity, the ultimate form of identity…

    Men: “Could you fuck Hillary Clinton?”
    Women: “Could you fuck Donald Trump?”

    Everyone admits that Hillary was a horrible candidate. The unspeakable truth is men look at Hillary and know deep in their soul that they’d rather get a blowjob from a rattlesnake than tag that woman.

    Everyone knows how it turned out, now you know why.


  6. Yoda says:

    When whites realize that identity group they are,
    then others wish that they played the identity game not

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  7. Yoda says:

    Maggie Thatcher do the “woman leader” thing she could.
    Hillary, not so much

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  8. Yoda says:

    Of course, Maggie Thatcher a STEM education she had.
    Hillary, not so much

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  9. Yoda says:

    Wonder what Hillary’s education taught her it did I do


  10. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Hillary attended Yale Law School she did.
    Help her little with Ervin Commission it did.
    Find out quickly crooked she is.

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  11. Ame says:

    this kid’s a natural athlete … and he’s still in pull-ups! ahhh! 🙂

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  12. Yoda says:

    The elite is bemused by what drives these people to make perverse decisions about Brexit and Trump. Are they racist, narrow-minded or just stupid? Whatever the reason, ordinary people have frankly been a disappointment.

    Time, ladies and gentlemen, please! Instead, let’s do the opposite. Let’s try to explain to ordinary people what drives the liberal elite. The elite persists with some very strange and disturbing views. Are its members brainwashed, snobbish or just so remote from real life that they do not understand how things work? What is the pathology of liberal eliteness?

    Why would anyone support Hillary Clinton — a ruthless, charmless Washington insider with socialist tendencies? Why do lawyers, churchmen, the BBC and, indeed, most educated people support the EU — an organisation as saturated with smug self-righteousness as it is with corruption; one which created the euro, which in turn has caused millions of people to be unemployed; an organisation which combines a yawning democratic deficit with incompetence over immigration and economic growth?

    The elite are supposed to be educated. So why are they so silly?

    Ah! There is a clue. That word ‘educated’. What does ‘educated’ mean today? It doesn’t mean they know a lot about the world. It means they have been injected with the views and assumptions of their teachers. They have been taught by people who themselves have little experience of the real world. They have been indoctrinated with certain ideas.

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  13. Yoda says:

    Hillary in above video appears to be poorly programed android she does

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  14. happyhousewifey says:

    Every educated right leaning person I know is very discrete with their views. Politics is very like your financial situation and bodily functions: taboo at dinner parties. Some people I let sleep in my house don’t even know my real views.
    The ones who buy and really believe the lefty nonsense just don’t see how the rest is just politely nodding along. They mistake manners for agreement. Then they are surprised about the number of ‘trolls’ and consider that cowardice.

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  15. SFC Ton says:

    The college educated are fools; working class men have known college is about indoctrination for 15 plus years now. Reality is its been about indoctrination longer then that

    Most degrees are actually an unintelligent test and bad investment but college is also a huge racket, often one of the largest industries in any given state


  16. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Every time I think about Hillary having lost the election, I feel a sense of relief, a kind of spiritual “burp”.

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  17. Ame says:

    had to watch that video again … soooo cute! i’m imagining all the dirt his Mamma shakes out of his clothes daily before putting them in the wash … the murky bath water … the huge appetite … the continuous begging to go back outside and ‘play ball’ …. and the cuddles and kisses he gives his Mamma … ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

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  18. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Not to mention making the dog very happy! 🙂

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  19. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    What a happy thought! We need to work on putting a positive spin on things. At the least, it is humorous. Wish they were moving to the far side of Degoba but, I think it was you that linked that they are only moving across town.

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  20. Stephanie says:

    Spawny… are you at all familiar with Britain First? Their main leader, Paul Golding, has been in prison for 3 weeks for simply confronting a Muslim imam who declared to his mosque that it’s ok for Muslims to have sex slaves. Just wondered if you are aware of this group and what’s been going on. I’ve followed their group for about a year and am horrified that they’ve put him in prison for this.

    Here’s a link of his first message he’s finally been allowed to get out:

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  21. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Barak Obama had eight years. Does that define fail? James K. Polk only had four and he added the whole of the Southwest. Both were/are Democrats.


  22. Yoda says:

    At least eyes pointing in the same direction they are

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  23. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Slavery has been against the law in Britain since 1833. That this guy has encouraged compliance with the law and has ended up being treated this way by the law kind of makes a mockery of the law.

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  24. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    You have the memes!

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  25. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I would pity New York if she did end up as mayor. Maybe there is a spot open somewhere for dog catcher?

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  26. Yoda says:

    Dog catchers must be able to both walk and drive they do.
    Hillary driven in decades she has not

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  27. SFC Ton says:

    She don’t walk all that well either

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  28. At leasdt she could get the streets snowplowed…oh wait sorry wrong country.

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  29. Stephanie says:

    Fuzzie the police in Europe have serious problems…. Just watched a video the other day of a mob of Muslim men chasing the police there (the video went on for 10 minutes)! Cursing at them, calling them cowards as the police ran away, and throwing stuff at them, and … of course… screaming “Allahu Akbar!”

    The main problem that I can see (at least all the way from over here) is that they have a different law set up for British/European people than for Muslims. I mean they’re able to actually chase the police out of their neighborhoods… the police don’t even have guns most often, and would be crucified if they dare shoot a Muslim person. Very messed up.

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  30. SFC Ton says:

    The problem with police in Western Europe is there are very few men left there.
    I was stunned at how effeminate the men in Western Europe were. I imagine it’s only gotten worse.

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  31. Stephanie says:

    Oh I forgot… and as they were chasing the police out of their neighborhood for 10 minutes on video, a couple of them were calling for a “war.”

    I don’t think this massive migration will end well. I really do think we’re probably going to have to come to some kind of worldwide war against them everywhere. Maybe not anytime soon, but I do think eventually that will be the only answer to this insanity.

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  32. Stephanie says:

    I agree Ton! It’s gross to me even how they talk! Nothing like Texan men… or normal warrior-type Americans which thank God we still have quite a few.


  33. Ame says:

    watching Kilo Two Bravo with my Husband … a bit too much for me … am having to distract myself. super kudos and much gratitude to you guys who have been there. i couldn’t do it.


  34. RichardP says:

    Excellent points made in this thread, the article this thread came from, and the comments at that article. Thanks.

    When the conversation first started to get serious about the election, I was puzzled by the fact that some people actually thought Hillary could win. I was genuinely surprised when she chose to run rather than stay home and play with grandbaby. Not because that is woman’s “proper” role, but because I thought she understood she would likely embarass herself in front of the whole world if she chose to run.

    “No, ironically, the problem is that women in media have spun their own cocoon.”

    Which is in keeping with the observation made all over the manosphere that women have trouble with cause and effect, at least in the part of reality where the STEM subjects live.

    Solipsism?? Only see what they want to see??

    Julian Smith – Reservation

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  35. Spawny Get says:

    The arrows are a good thing. By still sitting there beyond 5 seconds he proved that he was sackless. The unnecessary shit that some men will go through to drain their balls is fucking depressing.

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  36. SFC Ton says:

    LOL the 1st time I visited Western Europe I was on my way back from parts undisclosed. I land in Germany and was thinking the home of tough ass goose stepping White dudes! I’ll finally fit in with the locals.

    I stood out just as much in Germany as I did in the brown skin countries I had been operating in.


  37. Spawny Get says:

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  38. SFC Ton says:

    Powerful people live in bubbles their underlings create for them. Said underlings doing so out of commitment to their superior. Mostly

    These powerful people are often controlled by their underlings who control the flow of information.

    I have that from the horses mouth as I got to over hear one of the most powerful men alive bitch about getting shit intell and how hard it is to get legit intell. Not that the legit intell isn’t there but their subordinates filter everything while at the same time being busy every minute of the day making decisions but having little time to gather their own intell

    Powerful people really do live in a fucked up world.

    All that to say this; probably the only honest thing hildabeast said or did was be surprised at loosing the election.

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  39. Spawny Get says:

    Farm Boy I have parked a draft post on February the first. Please feel free to re-schedule at your convenience to your convenience


  40. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I don’t know how much longer Muslims are going to be able to bamboozle the police in Europe. Everyone is running out of patience with them. In principle, they shouldn’t even be trying this as we all should be subject to the rule of law.

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  41. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I liked the bear meme.

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  42. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It has gone beyond silly with refugees. This news is from Canada.


  43. Spawny Get says:

    “Spawny… are you at all familiar with Britain First?”
    they were the ones used to demonise the killer of Jo Cox MP iirc. As if a lunatic murderer needed demonising any further. I have no idea what they really stand for. though I’m sure they’re not all they’re described as. The media blew all its remaining credibility last year.

    Jo Cox was murdered by a guy with a long history of mental problems. A man, I have since heard, who had been told that he was about to lose his housing to make space for immigrants. Jo Cox was his MP and was very strongly for immigration. I don’t know if that’s true because the MSM will not address anything, leaving everything about housing as rumour. According to the MSM he murdered her because he was a far-right brexiteer extremist shouting Britain First slogans while killing her for no reason.

    I’m not interested in race or religion, I’d prefer google, netflix (whatever) etc wasn’t mentioned here. I just want to be left alone by the state. And I want the state to look after the nation’s interests first and foremost.

    I don’t want a fuhrer from any alt-right group. I’m not saying that the alt-right started with the race stuff, but they sure are being targeted for being racist now (like the Tea Party was for being loons iirc). And the genuine racists seem to be trying to muscle in to take it over. Fuck that. I’ll ot chnage what I believe, but I’ll not use labels that have been changed to mean something else.

    I want my wallet left alone. I want to live in a country where we don’t need a police state because we don’t let nutters in (of any colour or creed) in the first place. We are more than full already, we don’t need any more people fit only to do menial jobs, if they work at all. Mine is the group that is going to fight for freedom from the state and we won’t do it under a banner driven by haters. And if you want an idea of what I want, look at what Nigel Farage says (not what his enemies tell you that he says). I’m also optimistic about Trump, but not being American I don’t wish to presume that I know better than you lot about him.

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  44. Spawny Get says:

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  45. happyhousewifey says:

    “And I want the state to look after the nation’s interests first and foremost.”

    This is what makes a fuhrer so attractive. Daddy looking after us.


  46. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Good government is the sort of thing that people will take for granted, until government starts going its own way.

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  47. Fuzz

    Dont get me started

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  48. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I guess I had better not. However, one of the things that I always thought distinguishes Canadians from Americans is that their government has done less to foster skepticism in their people.


  49. Spawny Get says:

    HHW, that’s an interesting point (fuhrer – literally ‘leader’). Maybe there’re national differences in temperament?
    (Please be sure that I’m suggesting a conversation, not imposing a judgement. I spent a few years in France, I’ve travelled Europe, I like Europe. I can’t stand the EU)

    My only interest in a leader is that someone needs to get shit done. I want someone who’ll get shit done. I want them to be honest. I want them to live in reality, not some dream world. Listen to Farage, listen to Trump. We’ve not had them in power (and Farage never will be except perhaps behind the throne) but they both address reality. They don’t fantasise, they are pragmatic. This is why I’m hopeful for the reality of Trump. But I don’t idolise him (or Farage), I merely regard them as the closest to the type of leader that is needed. I’m not picking a daddy, I’m selecting a servant of the people. There is an immense difference.

    Regarding the national differences thing…

    I’ve posted this image before (but maybe before your time here).

    So it’s from Occupied France given that it’s posted in France labelled ‘Easter 42’ (is that a Petain stamp?).

    The whole ‘our mother Europe’ makes me want to puke. What is this peasant mentality? Britain doesn’t need a frigging ‘mother’. (Screw the Jewish symbol implying that there’s a semitic trap). And despite our wallet taking a pounding, no one can deny that we needed the US as a friend at that point. The US brought much to the table in a time of desperate need.

    What was the British reaction (in the media at least) at the time that we were apart from Europe and had yet to find friends except for our cousins in the distant Empire (who stood with us from the start)

    It may sound sappy, but that image brings strong feelings. People of my blood did that. People from around the world of my blood made it work. The RAF in the Battle of Britain really was multi-culti (see the end of the film of the same name, made in the 60s. The list of countries around Europe and the world). More Empire troops hit the beaches of Normandy on D-Day than Americans (to indicate the scale of the collaboration between countries), the voluntary bonds of blood. If Trump can resurrect the feeling of kinship and shared culture, the world could be a happier place. Hopefully a more peaceful place too. We don’t need empires. We don’t need endless wars in the ME.

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  50. Spawny Get says:

    So HHW, I’m sure that your experience of different cultures is wider than mine (or I have that impression), what do you think? Is there a personality/outlook difference between the world in general and the British Commonwealth and the USA?

    I’ve heard that the British are very prone to hold politicians in low regard, but then look at our politicians. Only a fool could hold them in high regard. Hollande’s rating are apocalyptic, but did he ever have belief in him? I can’t see how.

    I’ve heard that the Americans honour the office of the President. I am interested to see how that works with Trump vs the scumbag left. 0bama seemed to get off lightly until recently, but the right are just better people in general (says me).

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  51. Spawny Get says:

    As they say around here, “Made oi larf”

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  52. Spawny Get says:

    A bit off time off

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  53. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    The problem with good leadership is that it takes an absences of narcissism. That is a tall order with people of ambition.

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  54. Spawny Get says:

    I can’t believe that he’s going to be short of material

    The still is of Lilly UtterBellend Allen who burst into tears whilst apologising for her white-guilt to some illegal immigrant wannabe in a Calais refugee camp

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  55. Spawny Get says:

    Hearing Sargon ranting at Corbyn (‘leader’ of the labour party) is most sweet. He’s come such a long way. One day he’ll be an adult…probably…some day…perhaps

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  56. Spawny Get says:

    Not perfect, I don’t agree with everything, but not a bad summary

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  57. Yoda says:

    DAVID BROOKS: Putin is a guy who murders journalists, who has destroyed the democratic process in his own country and now suddenly he feels the freedom to try to do that in our country. It’s not normal statecraft.


    RICK SANTELLI: To see Russians happy because Trump won — on election night, I never saw you so unhappy. You pick sides. Everybody picks sides.

    ANDREA MITCHELL: That’s not true, Rick.

    CHUCK TODD: Who picks sides?

    MITCHSLL: That’s just not true. Let’s get back to the facts here.

    SANTELLI: What are the facts? We were hacking [Angela] Merkel’s phone. Everybody does it.

    MITCHELL: Rick, here’s the difference. We do it, they do it. What made this different is that the Russians weaponized it by transferring it through intermediaries to WikiLeaks. They dumped it out. We do it and hold it. They do it and hold it.


    MITCHELL: Let me finish my sentence — WikiLeaks was out from the end of the summer and it was being investigated.

    SANTELLI: So where were these headlines then?


    MITCHELL: There was plenty of headlines. There was no proof of who did it.

    SANTELLI: People in charge of intelligence are political as well.

    DONNA EDWARDS: What happened here is the intelligence gathering that normally takes place was operationalized by the Russians to interfere with our elections. If you look at the report —

    MITCHELL: They did it in Ukraine. They’re doing it in Germany.

    EDWARDS: They’re doing it in Germany right now and this is really serious. We’re not going to get over by just saying everybody does it.

    SANTELLI: Right, we should be solving the problem instead of making it a political hot potato. Let me see the Cuban missiles on the island picture. Trump needs to see it before networks need to see it.

    MITCHELL: I went to the hearing —

    SANTELLI: Oh the hearing. There’s hearings on everything. They’re kabuki theater.

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  58. Yoda says:

    Has one star because zero stars not allowed they are

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  59. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    Sargon just keeps getting better. He’ll never run out of material.

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  60. Farm Boy says:

    Back during the second Gulf War, I read a story about a soldier and an embedded young chick reporter. The Army was moving forward at a good clip, and is likely to happen in such an advance,there was a building on fire. The reporter tried to browbeat the soldier to do something about the fire, as to which the solder replied, “What do you want me to do, piss on it?”

    Now imagine the classic WWII reporters saying such to the soldiers that they were covering. Who could imagine them giving orders to the soldiers. But being the daughter of some rich guy, and going to some fancy school, make her snowflake opinions awesome.

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  61. Spawny Get says:

    Had to copy this


    Why? Just heard some turble noos about the weather in the Greek Islands

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  62. SFC Ton says:

    Are we not Red Pill? Red Pill means we deal the ugly in reality of life. And we do it like men. We don’t hideven behind our mommy’s skirt of how things should be

    Skypes are historically hostile to their host host people. This is as easy to prove as 2+2=4.

    There are differences between the races. This is as easy to prove as 2+2=4.

    Reality is liberal democracy has failed us. All the various leftist soical causes has rotted our souls.

    If the West is to survive, we will survive because we shit cam liberal democracy, embrace strong, common sense authoritative leaders like Puttin and we get back to our racist, homophobic, anti semetic etc colonialist expansionist roots

    If we do not, Whites will be hunted down in Europe and America like they are in South Africa.

    Those are your choices Spawny. Embrace what you find distasteful or be hunted down in the land of your forefathers.

    This is most especially true for Europeans because y’all are unarmed.

    There are more guns then people where I hale from. This is no accident

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  63. Spawny Get says:

    Waiting for numbers. At the moment we live in a democracy (though I’m waiting for brexit, maybe I’m wrong about that), so numbers can change things peacefully (consider me an optimist if it helps). In the meantime I find myself living in a surveillance state practically unrivalled in the world under a PC establishment. So forgive me for guarding my words and asking that others help me out by showing some judgement themselves (on this blog). Also, some things are so obvious that I don’t think that they need saying.

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  64. happyhousewifey says:

    Spawny, few comments because family game night 🙂 (I won the limbo dancing contest and toddler threw chess pieces in the air LOL)
    I think my experience with different cultures is more obscure, but likely not more extensive. I stick very much to my kind of people. What I consider regular people is what I know more of a subculture and my family would probably be considered almost like a cult by mainstreamers. But as far as my knowledge goes, your Hungarian hunters, Austrian farmers, Portugese fishermen as well as doctors and engineers and other STEM educated folks all hate the EU but love Europe. Most still see America as to blame for all the cultural detoriation (macdonalds and tv). People from the Netherlands were liberated by Canada, not USA, and more likely to dream of emigrating there than to USA. Mainland people often think of the English as a breed unto itself, and your American style idolising of celebrities is very strange to Dutch eyes (not sure about the rest of Europe), our celebs never get taken as seriously and are more popular if they talk about mundane things, wear a sweater, look regular. Everything is more low-key here, including political opinions. It is a sign of desperation that our people like Wilders now, we have always prefered politicians to be boring and not too out-there.
    Many people remember the time when we had a rope hanging out of the front door, so kids could let themselves in without keys. I remember many people who always left the back door open.

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  65. Spawny Get says:

    Congrats on the limbo, but a have a sore lower back just thinking of it.

    Didn’t know it was the Canadians that did the liberating, though I was generally aware that the Empire took the northern route ‘a bridge too far’. We were to the northern flank of The Battle of the Bulge (I think. I’m not a historian by any means).

    “Mainland people often think of the English as a breed unto itself”
    Sounds great to me! And that’s not a negative view of anyone else. I’m just perfectly happy to be the odd one out. Great. I liked the French as people though as representatives of companies that I had to deal with…not so much. The customer is always an annoyance seemed to be the way. I think that American visitors here used to think the same of the British, perhaps we changed? A bit?

    I don’t understand celebutard (celebrity retard) culture personally. I like Europe but don’t feel particularly part of it. I like the people generally speaking but feel closer to America than to Europe most of the time. I like the American can do spirit. ‘We’ Europeans seem to be meagre in ambition in comparison. The political earthquake video describes the two British reactions to BREXIT. I see it as a huge opportunity, unlike the pansy arsed remoaner. But you knew that.

    Your regard of Gert is likely similar to many peoples’ view of Nigel and UKIP. There’s just nobody else even talking about the issues. Or not till recently.

    Where I live, my neighbour still leaves his front door wide open all day, even when he’s out. Has done all his life. I hope he continues to get away with it.

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  66. Spawny Get says:

    I still find this unreasonably funny

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  67. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It is funny. Maybe because it is completely unexpected.

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  68. Yoda says:

    Used to call them “Tele-stoopies” I did
    Not all happy with this they were

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  69. SFC Ton says:

    What’s to forgive?


  70. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Didn’t the Teletubbies draw the wrath of a noted evangelical pastor? Something about one of them symbolizing homosexuality? It did seem weird at the time and weirder still because I wasn’t watching it.

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  71. Spawny Get says:

    Ton, it’s just a phrase. No forgiveness was required or offered.


  72. Spawny Get says:

    Today’s news.
    Our ‘right’ wing government thinks it should be at the centre of everything making sure that we all share nicely. This is not going to end well. May needs to go.

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  73. SFC Ton says:

    Yup a TV preacher did say that, folks laughed at him then the showas creator said the preacher was correct

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  74. Spawny Get says:

    It’s a BBC production and people doubt it’s got a right-on agenda?

    That’s perhaps why I find them being turned into thugs and arseholes so funny.

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  75. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Is there anything the BBC can produce that doesn’t have bias of some kind?

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  76. Stephanie says:

    Its scary the way the culture has changed in America… there is a very clear anti-white agenda, just like I believe (I could be totally wrong Spawny as you’re there and I’m not) that there is a growing anti-British sentiment that is just weird to see. When I hear people talking about this there and over here, they sound like being white is extremely undesirable and racist in and of itself! Being British is now considered offensive by what seems like a growing number of people – or have you not experienced this?

    I’m so glad my parents didn’t raise me to be racist, and they could have based on the things they witnessed growing up. When my mom had just graduated from high school, the year after a mob of black students surrounded a white girl with long blonde hair, and ripped all of her hair out. The teachers and administration couldn’t get to her in time. This I believe was shortly after they started bussing in black students to stop the segregation.

    She had other negative encounters with the blacks in our city as well (and we live in a very diverse city that’s considered really happy!). When she was in high school, she was a majorette and the band performed at the football games… one game they beat one of the all-black high schools. Instead of acting like normal high schoolers when they lose, the entire team and crowd became extremely violent against her high school team and band. They threw rocks at them and chased my mom and her team/band all the way to the school buses. They then pelted the buses with rocks and tried to get the bus to turn over (pushing at the sides and rocking it). It was terrifying… but again, just like when they ripped the white teenager’s hair out for being white/blonde, the media covered it up and never reported it. The parents were so angry… and yea… it did make people a little more upset/scared of blacks.

    Now currently, we have a homicide and other kinds of death (drug overdose, child abuse related death, poverty related death etc.) EVERY DAY in the all black section of our city (our eastside). It’s tragic but it’s not like people haven’t tried to help and make changes 😥 They are extremely racist against not only whites but our large hispanic population also. Many of them do not want us in their neighborhoods even to offer charity and help. You cannot even DRIVE into the eastside without being worried that you’ll be shot while driving. Its very bad.

    It is that insane, and again, our city is considered very nice and pleasant and friendly. Everywhere else (even on the bad sides of town) you’re actually pretty safe.

    Even with all this, I still hate racism and want to help anyway I can (and I’ve tried but it’s way too dangerous). We have many blacks in our city that totally reject thug mentality and do very well… but it’s sad how so many successful middle class ones still side with the criminals when the police have to shoot them… and voted for Hillary. We have a small but growing black lives matter group here and “Mothers of Black Boys” (MOBB I think is what the unfortunate acronym is). And talking with them is very difficult. I was briefly a member of a group that was formed to help police and race relations… but quickly realized they were only there to present one side of the story – that blacks are always the victims, no matter their record or criminal history. And that the police should always take the apologetic stance and let them get away with it – ask them 100 times before using their weapon – in other words, they told me my husband is just there to be a living sacrifice (his life matter infinitely less) – not to actually protect innocent people from violent predators. They want our police (husbands) to be “retrained” to be more like European police (and after seeing that video of a mob of Muslims CHASING the police away, our men and women are the furthest thing from that!), they would LOVE for them to not have guns. That way no black rapists, serial murderers, drug dealers, etc. would ever be in danger of being shot when confronted by them. They want anarchy really. They want the thugs to be in charge of the streets, under the guise that because they’re black, they should never be shot. It’s very strange and hard to understand.

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  77. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    There is a lot of speculation that race relations have worsened over the eight years of the Obama administration. Maybe, with a new President….

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  78. Yoda says:

    A new post there is


  79. Yoda says:

    Silly the above movie stars are

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  80. Ame says:

    HATE teletubbies!

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  81. Ame says:

    saw the movie Hidden Figures tonight, and i have to say … extremely well done. they stuck to the story in the setting and time it happened. race was not *the* issue, and it was not treated poorly, rather as something one dealt with and a challenge – as in we’ve all got something, so do the best you can with what you’ve got, be proactive within the boundaries of your time and place. *hate* was not the issue, either.

    and the math … MIND blowing freaking amazing. (Friend we saw the movie with: “I don’t even know what all those symbols mean!” Me: “Me, neither. I’ll just call them art!”

    and the very early days of technology … first computers … fortran.

    and how much of a daring bad ass John Glenn was to get into that tiny capsule and be blown into space.


  82. Yoda says:

    Berkeleyside, a local independent news outlet, rushed a story to the presses on Friday, but it had to issue an important correction. Reportedly, the suspected murderer would rather be called by the pronoun “they,” as opposed to “he.”

    Facing murder charges is nothing compared to being “misgendered,” apparently. (A later update would clarify Gomez’s age at 22.)

    Police have identified the wanted person as 24-year-old Pablo Gomez Jr. of North Hollywood. According to Gomez Jr.’s Facebook page, they are a UC Berkeley student who lives in Berkeley. [A friend contacted Berkeleyside after publication to say that Gomez Jr. uses the pronoun “they.” This story has been updated.]

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  83. Yoda says:

    Funny she is

    Streep called on Hollywood to support the Committee to Protect Journalists, “because we’re going to need them going forward — and they’ll need us to safeguard the truth.”

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  84. Yoda says:

    Glorius Patriarch probably danced a jig he did

    Britain will no longer subsidize Ethiopia’s version of the “Spice Girls” after a public uproar over the millions of pounds that had already been pumped into the African girl band.

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  85. Yoda says:


    Over the weekend, for example, Dunham posted a photo of herself wearing a dog collar on her Instagram account

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  86. SFC Ton says:

    Reality is racist

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  87. Spawny Get says:

    “Britain will no longer subsidize Ethiopia’s version of the “Spice Girls””

    as soon as everyone from top to bottom in the decision chain is hung…dance time

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  88. Spawny Get says:

    Ame, yeah, They oppress the lovely nu-nu. A character much less sexy than one might hope if just taking the name and running with it.

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  89. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Lena Dunham wearing a dog collar is an improvement over potty selfies. We should be grateful for small favors.

    Four million quid to promote Ethiopian “Spice Girls”? Enough of gender subsidies!


  90. Cautiously Pessimistic says:

    saw the movie Hidden Figures tonight

    Saw a précis of it. Group of women bein’ all empowered and shit in a male dominated world.


    “But it’s a really good movie and that’s not the main focus!”

    Hey, sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I’ll never know ’cause I wouldn’t eat the filthy motherfucker.

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  91. Ame says:

    CP – the trailer did exploit that. but the movie didn’t.

    the movie did show a group of black women who needed jobs, and a ‘leader’ of the group having the foresight to find a way to help them keep their jobs.

    the main female character happened to be a math prodigy. she did not force her way into the male dominated world, neither did she try to usurp the males in the field. she did know more than the males at a given time – not b/c she was female, but b/c she was a prodigy who happened to also be female. she worked b/c she needed a job b/c she was a widow with three young children. she was brought into the male-dominated world b/c they needed someone who was brilliant at that specific kind of math who could look beyond the status quo.

    what the movie did do was show how to suck it up and to do the best you can with what you’ve got with a good attitude.

    yes, there were a few scenes of ‘fem empowerment’ put in there, but they were very short. the overall film told the story of one woman who was a child math prodigy and two other women who were also naturally gifted in math, all three of whom were thankful to have jobs in the dungeon … and all three of whom were pulled out b/c there was a need they each could fill.

    i’m not advocating for anyone to see the film. just simply stating that it truly was well-done, stuck to the story, didn’t exploit race. if anything, when race or gender did get in the way of getting the job done, the head guy removed the issue. his goal was to get the job done as efficiently as possible with the best minds possible. his job was to get a person in space and to get them back home. when obstacles came up hindering his goal, he removed them, not b/c it was an issue of race or gender, but b/c it was an issue of getting the job done.

    the movie did do a good job of showing that life is not equal, just or fair … and you have to deal with it. the movie did do a good job of showing that if you want something, you have to work hard for it within the structure, culture, system, that you’re in. the movie did do a good job of showing a time in our history where people weren’t sure whether black people were people or not.


  92. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It would be good for NBC to let Rick Santelli run. He is a model of candor and I haven’t seen him in years. CNBC had him reporting from the bond pits in Chicago for what I thought would be forever.


  93. Stephanie says:

    Ame, your city is having serious problems as well as I’m sure you’re aware. But I talk to officers’ wives from your city… and it’s gotten so bad there (the attitude against police) that they can’t even go to church in the same area – the men feel that uncomfortable with the citizens in that area. And after the mass killings of police over the summer, I don’t blame them. It was bad before that, but the black on white/police murders shows they just don’t care anymore.

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  94. Ame says:

    Stephanie, i choose not to keep up with it. my husband does, but i don’t. it’s too stressful for me. race has been a huge issue in the school districts and the judicial system for as long as i can remember. we live in a different county, too, so that helps. but it’s just too stressful for me to keep up with it all 😦

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