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From RPG’s blog commenter Sandra wrote,

The european and especially the Prussian school always required concentration, undivided attention and willingness to push trough. But now those standards have been completely undermined. There never was a time where rough housing and being active was more accepted in schools then now. But still Men cry about boys being overly strict punished for being boys. Let me tell you something: A Boy who is disruptive and loud would have been beaten some decades ago. Nowadays he gets to stand outside or has to do some lines before he starts disrupting again. Girls are better learners. Men need to accept it. Or would it be fair to punish girls for being attentive and non disruptive?

Sergey replied,

> But still Men cry about boys being overly strict punished for being boys.

Academically punished. Physical punishment – when invoked by other men, hence not an act of cross-gender humiliation – is significantly less harmful then putting a boy on drugs for “hyper-active behaviour” or punish him through grades.

The major concern is not “punishment” on its own, but preference for their own gender that female teachers demonstrate: boys are graded better by female teachers when name and gender are withheld. That artificially reduces the academical success of boys.

> Girls are better learner

I can’t remember ANY girls at our physics and mathematics faculties back in Uni. Girls are definitely better at conforming with school norms though – which does not require much of actual learning, only obedience and perseverance.

> Men need to accept it.

Open any book on the history of natural sciences and calculate the ratio of males to females among notorious scientists. Do the same for engineers, or any other profession that requires intellectual effort. Then accept the reality.

But of course, if you are a mother of a son, you can indoctrinate them with this sense of inferiority and watch them suffer through their lives.

Sandra commented,

> Academically punished.

If they are disruptive they need to be shown the error of their ways. Otherwise we will have a lot of young people who have only half an education. THEY are preventing the success of their classmates. But this is no longer done today. Today young boys run amok in class, without any kind of response from the teachers. Maybe those who are ADHD are just not fit for university.

I am of German descent.  I grew up in a disciplined environment, one where kids were seen and not heard.  Since I was an extreme introvert, this “not heard” part worked out rather well.  I grew up as an INTJ, with the J part most definitely fostered by the environment.  I quickly came to the realization that school was for intellectual development. Those who were not engaged in this activity seemed to be an odd lot to me; there were lots of kids like that.

So naturally I did all that was asked by the authorities of me.   The boys in general did not always to exactly what they were told to do, but they mostly complied.  The boys had three recesses per day in order to go run around and do fun boy things.  It mostly worked.

Fast forward to today.  From what I have seen, there are discipline problems in schools.  The kids do not respect the authorities.  Often they do just as they feel.  Furthermore, they are not really engaged in learning.  The question is “what happened”?  Here are some ideas

I. Learning is now even “less cool”

II. Parents in general are not as good

III. Kids (especially boys) are saturated with TV / video games affecting their mind in less than ideal ways (i.e. the world must be flashy and exciting)

IV. There are fewer recesses

V. Kids (especially boys) play outside less often

VI.  Kids have more structured lives, and do not learn to “make their own fun”

VII. Women teachers and most importantly women principals have feminized the schools

VIII. Boys realize that life is probably going to suck for them as they are not the chosen gender, and as such, really don’t care about much of anything

IV. The cultural rot from liberalism has affected everything negatively.

So, what should boys be like?  How do we make it happen?


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  1. Farm Boy says:

    I must say that the old time Germans came the closest that I have seen to an INTJ based culture.


  2. Farm Boy says:

    I will also say that “bad apples” are rather distracting. In my school days, I wished that they were elsewhere.


  3. SFC Ton says:

    Don’t much care what happens in public schools. Ton Spawn won’t be exposed to it until he is well trained, and he won’t be sent for the formal academic lessened offered but to further the training I deem important

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  4. SFC Ton says:

    Trust me, as a bad apple, I didn’t want to be there either

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  5. Ame says:

    “So, what should boys be like? How do we make it happen?”

    boys should be boys.

    first … don’t send them to public school … unless you’ve got a dad like Ton.
    2nd … do not let mothers take sons away from their dads.

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  6. What kids??
    No one is marrying except the welfare breed state who dont stay in school long.

    Canada and other countries outlawed anonymous sperm donation….result Ontario has 9 donors. Australia has two dozen. Britians only clinic is closing with 10 donors. 30 men for 30 odd million people?
    So all the SIW can freeze their eggs all they want.

    Those that do marry and find thier own sperm source…averager age 30 with a sound fertility window of 35? Maybe?

    Vasagel is three years away?

    Nope. No need to worry

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  7. Yoda says:

    Wonder if single sex schools good idea it would be

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  8. I don’t have boys myself but I do observe them at school. Schools today (at least where I live) are doing much more “group” and “collaborative” learning. Kids are sat four to a table facing on another, not in individual desks facing the teacher like when I was in school. There is a lot of opportunity for distraction. Too much “sitting and being still” time. Less recess. Less extracurricular in general. High expectations of reading and math skills right from the start (many boys learn to read later than girls, so this may be especially frustrating/demotivating/stigmatizing for kids less read for reading at the K level what I remember reading in 2nd grade. So much learning is geared toward “scoring well on the tests” vs. actual understanding or comprehension. Lots more. Public school has changed, big time, from when I was in school. It’s kind of a zoo, and while kids rarely got the paddle back int he day, we all knew it was possible, and towed the line accordingly. Today when kids get in trouble, the parents often come in and berate the teachers rather than tell the kids to shape up. It probably works better for extroverted social kids than quieter ones. I could go on and on. Things have changed, but I would not say for the better, especially for boys.

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  9. Spawny Get says:

    I’ve not been keeping up with the issue, but last I heard about the egg freezing thing was that the eggs aren’t ending up being used successfully. It’s easy money for the cryogenics guys. It enables the fable of you can have it all from the femeroids. But it hasn’t been proven to work out (whether for medical or just still not finding a guy reasons IDK)


  10. Spawny Get says:

    Brillo’s Castro tribute

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  11. Yoda says:

    Homeschooling the only solution it is?


  12. Cautiously Pessimistic says:

    Based on my personal experience, schools are only slightly more valuable than the kindling they’d provide; but only because they could theoretically be repurposed for something useful.

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  13. SFC Ton says:

    Mandatory public education was about indoctrination and making good drones for the work force.

    It’s really an evil concept from its inception


  14. SFC Ton says:

    I don’t have boys myself but….. The Ton can fix that for y’a

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  15. Yoda says:

    How much rambunctiousness boys really need they do?


  16. Yoda says:

    The Ton homeschool he will?

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  17. Yoda says:

    Schools at one time indoctrinated less they did
    Actually taught “critical thinking” they would

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  18. Ame says:

    “Homeschooling the only solution it is?”

    i will not say that homeschooling is the only option. i will say that parents need to do what’s best for each, individual child when at all possible. there are actually kids that thrive in public education, some that thrive in private schools, and others in homeschool.

    forcing one type for stupid reasons is . . . stupid. make informed, intelligent, knowledgeable choices for your family and individual children. know your family. know your kids. know your community and environment and what choices are available.

    don’t make a choice that is set in stone for life – things change. be flexible.

    my kids learned a lot in public schools. we talked about what went on, what was being taught, how kids were handled, indoctrination, etc.

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  19. SFC Ton says:

    Around here homeschool co-ops are real popular which is most likely the way we will go, but fuck man I work my ass of most days and it ain’t to send my get to public school

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  20. What do you guys make of this? Thousands of African men waiting at a Mexican border crossing?

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  21. The news article is dated Sept. 1, 2016….hummm


  22. Did they vote? Hummm


  23. Yoda says:

    Good videos posted I did
    Watch them you should


  24. Farm Boy says:

    There is a new post


  25. Yoda says:

    Gratuitous picture this is

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  26. Jesus…my eyes.

    Whats next the Shwimmer Pirelli calendar???

    DO NOT even think about it!!!

    Cue the avengers clip in 5 … 4…. 3….

    (Just kidding Bear!)

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  27. Yoda says:

    In his talk at Ohio University on defining the patriarchy, MILO said that the patriarchy is syonymous with western civilization.


  28. Yoda says:

    The plot of the movie will feature Schumer, as Barbie, being kicked out of “BarbieLand” for “not being perfect enough,” finding herself misplaced in the real world. The family-friendly film is rated PG and will likely hit theaters the summer of 2018.


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