Internalized Misogyny

Apparently the Evil Patriarchy’s reach is long,

Move over James Comey.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has a new culprit for its loss to Donald Trump: Self-loathing, sexist women.

During an appearance on MSNBC on Monday, former Clinton campaign communications director Jess McIntosh claimed it was women with “internalized misogyny” who couldn’t bring themselves to vote to elect the first woman president.

Oh, really?  Women have this?  Where did it originate?  Why has it not shown up before?  Are they just making this up?

When she was asked by Chris Hayes why Hillary didn’t do better with white women than Barack Obama did in 2012, McIntosh responded, “Internalized misogyny is a real thing and this is a thing we have to be talking about as we go through and see.”

Apparently it is not made up.  But then again, do we believe anything that Feminists say?  This all sounds very complicated.  Once again, how is it created.  Why did it manifest itself in all of these women at just this instant of time.  Perhaps women are like the clones from Star Wars, where on the specified signal, all voted against the woman candidate.

“We as a society react poorly to women seeking positions of power. We are uncomfortable about that and we seek to justify that uncomfortable feeling because it can’t possibly be because we don’t want to see a woman in that position of power,” McIntosh said.

Even if this was true, would it really be misogyny?

“As we go through these numbers, as we figure out exactly what happened with turnout, it seems to be white college-educated women,” she continued.

This must really burn.  All of the effort in brainwashing – down the drain.  This is so telling.  Even with all of these advantages, they could not close the deal.

“We have work to do talking to those women about what happened this year and why we would vote against our self-interest,” McIntosh said. 

But is it in their self interest?  Driving the car into the ditch is not really in the interest of any of the passengers, male or female.  Perhaps part of the simple explanation was that Hillary was just a bad candidate.

So commenters, perhaps you can explain why it would be  in women’s self interest to vote for Hillary.  Free goodies?  Is that it?


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  1. Farm Boy says:

    Internalized misogyny is a real thing

    Little Green Men from Degoba are a real thing also

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  2. Farm Boy says:

    When you have to protest that something is “a real thing”, then perhaps you are protesting too much

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  3. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Before even reading the post, I must say that I have more faith in the existence of Little Green Men from Degoba.

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  4. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    Hillary was the feminists’s candidate. Therein lies the problem. With the election, with so many women voting for Trump against Hillary, it amounted to women voting against feminism too. The political power of feminism lies in their promise to deliver the votes of women. Women are buying what feminism is selling anymore.
    “Internalized misogyny” is just their excuse for political failure. A failure that I hope breaks the political back of feminism.

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  5. Farm Boy says:

    So would it have been in women’s best self interest to vote for Hillary?


  6. Farm Boy says:

    Do women even think about what is in their best self-interest?


  7. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    Voting for Hillary would have advanced “Team Woman” and feminists. I don’t think that a lot of women like feminism any more.
    As for voting in the interest, don’t we all? Some of us take a longer view than others. If a candidate offers bears free cookies for life, I am going to be very suspicious.

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  8. Wow, how do these feminists read my mind like that? Spooky!

    Or maybe…. People, including women, just saw thru the BS? And voted for what was in their own best interest, as well as the collective, vs. more of the same losing deal, amplified likely by a power of 10 by the time it was over?

    But yeah, that patriarchy sure is ruining things, ain’t it?

    I bet lots of H donors are thinking so, anyway. And are maybe demanding answers??? Rather than the obvious explinstion that people are hip to the raw deal they cry…
    “It’s the patriarchy!!! And internalized misogyny!!!”

    Yep, explains everything for sure!!! Wow they nailed that one! I feel so naked…

    (That’s sarcastic, in case it’s not obvious…)

    Crikey!!! (Is that how that’s spelled, Spawny?)

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  9. Side note, I thought H was polling best w college educated women??? Or how many news stories to that effect did I read pre-election? Lots. Even at the time I thought, “except me, I guess…”

    Before it was uneducated women who just didn’t get the H message, now it’s educated women? Or was it both?

    So weird they can’t just see it for what it was… They picked a lame pony and lost bc of it. End of.

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  10. It wasn’t bc she was a woman. The fact women who likely would have loved to vote for a female candidate voted against her DESPITE her being a woman shows just how unpopular she really was! I mean, that’s really pretty bad!

    But yeah, it was internal misogyny and the ebul patriarchy. And white people voting white against her. Even tho she is white… But… Women and whites, like her, voted for people like themselves instead of her???

    Is anyone else following this bc I seem to not be getting it…:/

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  11. Ok, end rant.

    The stupidity of it all gets to me sometimes. Sorry! Lol.

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  12. Interestingly check out T’s Meyers Briggs type:

    Many of the greatest leaders in history were the same. Comforting 🙂 we could use a great leader about now…

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  13. Hillary claimed to be an INTJ, but looks like that was a lie, too. Imagine that! (Of course we INTJ and INFP and other folk here could see thru that right away, couldn’t we?)

    H’s type:

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  14. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Do you think that college educated women may have been influenced by being exposed to radical feminists on campus?

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  15. Perhaps, Fuzzie. Or maybe they like others saw thru the H greased skids, self serving, sell out, fill her own pockets be damned, shim sham?

    Since the election I don’t know how many people who were mum on the subject before have told me they are so so so glad and relieved w the outcome, tho they hardly dared hope it could be. Lots. Lots and lots.

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  16. molly says:

    “Do you think that college educated women may have been influenced by being exposed to radical feminists on campus?”

    You knew the answered b4 u asked Fuzzie

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  17. happyhousewifey says:

    For me, I guess I do have a serious case of internalized misogyny, I wouldn’t want to vote for a woman unless there was no option. Better half an egg than an empty shell (France?), but much as I enjoy discussing politics online, I am against women in politics or even their right to vote.

    But Hillary was just scary even to mild femnists. Women didn’t vote for her, because she laughed at getting that rapist off. Because she threatened Bills misstresses. Because she’s so obviously NOT for women if she accepts money from Saudi Arabia and the like.

    She’s false and she would have sent all their sons to a phony war. They’re grabbing at straws.

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  18. Spawny Get says:

    Castro has popped his clogs! Not that they’re free, but good day for the peeps

    [edit to add]


    [edit again]
    And yet…
    Though I’m not sure what updates are to be expected…if he has karked it, I mean

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  19. Spawny Get says:

    Also, UK democracy in action courtesy of Bliar, Brownstain, Major Nothing and Camermong (soon, they hope)

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  20. Spawny Get says:

    “I am against women in politics or even their right to vote.”
    Now what a post that would be *cough* hint *cough*

    Now as you seem pretty rational to me, I’m particularly keen to understand your thoughts on this. Is it a personal sacrifice required in order to stop some millions of the herd from voting their gynas? Or is it more involved than that?

    But rather than a discussion here, it would make a great post in it’s own right. If you want to do it I can send an invite, you write it and Farm Boy schedules it…

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  21. molly says:

    “I guess I do have a serious case of internalized misogyny”

    Me too!

    Stop think

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  22. happyhousewifey says:

    I don’t want to write a post, but feel free to quote and adapt my reply here.

    First of all, NAWALT. But I think the main thing in politics is that it deals with large scale decisions. And that is why policy should be based on generalities and averages, providing as much wiggle room for individuals as possible, but keeping the general good first and foremost in mind. That is why sometimes, human lives are sacrificed, for the greater purpose. On a micro level I think sexism is wrong, you treat people based on the individual they are and the individual YOU are. In politics, you can’t afford to do that. You have to look at the bigger picture.

    Because of this anti discrimination extremism that is currently going on, little blonde toddlers are being searched and bearded foreigners let through when they fear terrorism. It’s ridiculous – look at the odds. But they want to keep up a show of Gutmenschness at the expense of security.

    Similar problem with women voting. Women as a group are muuuuch more submissive and have this herd-think. That makes them very sensitive to propaganda. They are too easily led, too easily ruled – they long for it. Much more so than I think even red pill men realise. And more so when it cannot be admitted, in a feminist climate. They will look to be controlled and dominated by ideals or government instead. They need a certain amount of oppression, as it were. And I know how harsh that sounds.

    I believe government should fear the people, and for that to be the case, the people should not meekly follow popular political thought. Male common sense and stubborn hard-headedness (NAMALT, but large scale) are a better way of keeping things in check.

    I don’t think it a personal sacrifice if I don’t get the vote. The men in my life vote based on the common good, not just male interests. They wouldn’t start trying to make womens lives miserable. And I’ve been letting my husband decide my vote for years anyway.

    What people tend to forget, is that the derogatory “keep her barefoot and pregnant” used to be the answer to “how to make women happy”. The barefoot thing referred to her not having to leave the house.

    I am very pro-women and pro womens happiness. Look at depression rates, prozac (ab)use. Women are miserable. It’s because they are made to deny themselves. Their true power is taken away because everything is judged by masculine values.

    And disclaimer: NO I don’t think muslims get it right, they actually mistreat their women. But that’s another story.

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  23. happyhousewifey says:

    My husband approves of this message 🙂

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  24. Yoda says:

    Dynamic Duo this is

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  25. Spawny Get says:

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  26. Spawny Get says:

    BBC announces death of Castro 😦

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  27. happyhousewifey says:

    By the way, wanted to mention to Fuzziewuzzy bear, from another thread, he wondered where the men were, something I forgot to mention.
    Many more women took the train in Cologne Germany may have something to do with the fact that fewer of them have drivers licenses. In Europe, especially in cities, everything is closer together and you often don’t really need a car. Between me and my 4 female friends, only 1 drives. It’s only allowed ages 18 upwards and very expensive to get a license. For young men it can be a bit of a status symbol (even if they have to borrow their parents car), so they’re not on the train quite as much.

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  28. Yoda says:

    Sending women to the kitchen is good for their mental health!

    But perhaps not for their physical health for these two it would be

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  29. Yoda says:

    “Hams” in more way than one the above women are

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  30. SFC Ton says:

    For the record, Wilkes was the traditionalist and lincoln the liberal


  31. Spawny Get says:

    Trump’s is the hypocrisy free response. What’s not to like?

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  32. Yoda says:

    News of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s death has been met with great sadness by the British Broadcasting Corporation which describes him as a “world icon”, with one division of the service even asking if he was the “most astute politician of the 20th century”.

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  33. Spawny Get says:

    I told you that our media is fubar

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  34. Yoda says:

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has praised Communist dictator Fidel Castro as a “legendary revolutionary” and “remarkable leader” after the former Cuban leader’s death Friday night.

    Mr. Trudeau said that he learned of Castro’s death with “deep sorrow”, paying tribute to him as a “larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century”.


  35. Yoda says:

    Glorious Patriarch watch the video at this site he should

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  36. Yoda says:

    The world marks the passing of a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades,” Trump said in a statement issued hours after Castro’s death. “Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights.”

    “Though the tragedies, deaths and pain caused by Fidel Castro cannot be erased, our administration will do all it can to ensure the Cuban people can finally begin their journey toward prosperity and liberty,” Trump said in his statement


  37. Yoda says:

    President Barack Obama called Hillary Clinton to persuade her to concede the White House on election night, according to a forthcoming book on Clinton’s defeat.

    Authors Amie Parnes, The Hill’s senior White House correspondent, and Jonathan Allen cite three Clintonworld sources familiar with the election-night request in the unreleased book from Crown Publishing.

    “You need to concede,” Obama told his former secretary of State as she, her family, and her top aides continued to watch results trickle in from the key Rust Belt states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. The latter state, called after 1:30 a.m. by The Associated Press, was the clear tipping point for the White House race, ensuring Trump would crest over the 270 electoral-vote threshold needed to win


  38. Spawny. Re a post. My thoughts.

    Voting and leading together are at heart about deciding the long term good for the society.
    Food, shelter, defense, stability.
    It is looking at the overall good ahead of self, party, philosophy, worldview.
    Then practicality. View the world, actions, outcomes as they are.
    Predict realistically and choose accordingly.

    This requires rationality tempered with empathy and will to carry it through.

    E.g. Any nation requires military snd that means some of your best citizens die for you. When do you deploy them? In defense of actual attack obviously. But if your neighbors are allies (like the u.s.) then never? No. For expansion for resources or defense of allies? Yes. What resources? What allies? Logically Trump is right on the resource issue. U.S.Canada have oil. Why police the middle east? But allies in the area? World stability?
    Politically Russia is expansionist and still authoritarian. Politically they should be checked. Again worth lives? Or let Europe fend for itself?

    Just one example. Norfolk and Miami will be underwaster by 2050. Start relocation now? Build seawalls at billions? Any action panic the population but these are decade long projects. When to act?

    These are just simple examples from a lay farmer. I cant imagine the real complexities.

    To rule requires one to have in their blood a desire to do for and protect the People. First. Full stop. So self serving or emotional kneejerk actions are the enemy. Ones actions must speak for the commitment and that passion. Deeds not words.

    For me Mike Rowe or Elon Munk for leader. Trump a close second. And Paul Martin up here.

    Same to elect a leader i think only those willing or who have shown they will serve the people dhould vote. I like Heinliens idea in troopers. Only military or civil corps (engineers, miners, rescue services, etc not public office drones) who have really risked forThe People should vote.

    I also like the idea of those bred to serve…winter is coming but monarchies always get a loon in the woodpile unfortunately.


    Most people especially feminists, manginas or any non thinking blind follower of any cause is too stupid to rationally deal with big issues and no one should lead or vote who has not risked themselves for the people.

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  39. Castro dying on Black Friday the annual consumerism orgasm of the world.
    Anyone else see the karmic irony?

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  40. Spawny Get says:

    They’re talking about voting around half way through, though you might well wish to listen to it all

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  41. Ok this is funny. After the Justin eulogized Castro twitter is exploding with similar for the likes of Stalin, Nero, etc. P.s. I’d like to secede….from the world.

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  42. Yoda says:

    Clinton campaign lawyer Marc E. Elias gave the scheme away in an article published Saturday morning at Medium announcing Clinton would join the recount effort in Wisconsin by Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein and that Clinton would join Stein should she also file for recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

    Elias wrote that starting the day after the election the Clinton campaign worked to find ways to reverse Trump’s election.

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  43. Yoda says:

    If any headway Hillary does make,
    bring forward the issue of Democratic vote fraud it will

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  44. Yoda says:

    Nero popular he is?


  45. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I do believe that your Prime Minister is having crow for dinner.

    As for Fidel, he didn’t declare his politics until long after he was in power. I guess that they were all so enthusiastic to overthrow Batista that no one thought to ask. By the way, Batista was a crook, a big crook.


  46. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    “If any headway Hillary does make,
    bring forward the issue of Democratic vote fraud it will.”
    Yes, it will. I get the feeling that she doesn’t care.

    “Nero popular he is?”
    Not with first century Christians and John of Patmos.


  47. Spawny Get says:

    Renowned for its investigative journalism the Sunday Sport is

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  48. Yoda says:

    Gratuitous image this is

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  49. Yoda says:

    Wonder if indicative of Hillary Voter intelligence this is I do

    A video has surfaced online of an anti-Donald Trump protester wandering out into traffic and getting hit by car.

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  50. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    According to Helen Smith, more people are seeking therapists since the election. her thoughts.

    Lena has announced that she isn’t going to Canada, much to their relief. I stlll thjink an nice little cabin north of Yellowknife would be good. She can wave at the Ice Road truckers as they go by.


  51. Yoda says:

    Castro dead he is.
    Another Trump victory before taking office this would be


  52. Spawny Get says:

    Potentially useful


  53. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Angela Merkel has promised to send one hundred thousand migrants home. It is a start but she let in one million last year.

    Of the 100,000, one third of them won’t be volunteering.


  54. Yoda says:

    When you have to protest that something is “a real thing”, then perhaps you are protesting too much

    Bill Shakesman said something about that he did

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  55. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    You mean that fellow who spelt his name five different ways?


  56. Merkel deport refugees. Like Obama sorting thru the undocumented immigrants.

    Conjours up Don Drapper

    Bitch please
    Leave the false advertising to the cigarette companies.
    The Marlboro Man you aren’t.

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  57. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    i gave a link. There a lot of bad things to be said about her but she doesn’t lie like Hillary. She may even follow through.


  58. Re the dr helen article.
    Dems being diagnosed with post traumatic stress?

    This pic of Sarajevo brings back memories of one of my deployments when an election was actually contested.

    Dems with ptsd??
    After three combat tours my only post traumatic stress is when I burn the bacon on sunday morning. Noooo. Not the Bacon……now thats traumatic.

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  59. Fuzz no way.

    Her politics are too tied to the Europe is for everyone camp.
    She would have to acknowledge the main driver of Brexit.
    This is lipservice to the growing right.
    She would have to do a 180 and become a hardlinert to actually pull it off.

    As soon as a few thousand go and some sick kid gets deported then the think of the children crowd starts protesting and she will collapse.

    She may say it and think it even but she aint got the balls.

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  60. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I am skeptical too. Let us hope that she surprises us. Add to that, she has to know that she has gone too far.


  61. Yoda says:

    Re the dr helen article.
    Dems being diagnosed with post traumatic stress syndrome

    This pic of Sarajevo brings back memories of one of my deployments when an election was actually contested.

    Hillary in the former Yugoslavia was shot at not.
    But brave she was.
    Wonder if PTSD she has I do

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  62. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It must be a very special form of post traumatic stress disorder given there is no stress because there was no trauma. That Hillary! Telling fibs about places where people filmed her!


  63. Yoda says:

    Funny these are

    The hashtag #TrudeauEulogies is trending on Twitter, mocking Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s praising of Fidel Castro following the Cuban dictator’s death.

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  64. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Do you think Justin Trudeau has lost the confidence of his electorate?
    Is water wet?

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  65. Yoda says:

    It must be a very special form of post traumatic stress disorder given there is no stress because there was no trauma.

    Special Hillary is

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  66. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Completely off topic. I am watch a documentary on the Battle of Britain. Having seen a few of them, the older ones have more interviews with key personnel. The newer ones, not so much. It must be because they were so young then. Yoda would have this problem not.


  67. Spawny Get says:

    And the WankPuffinary is in full display on ABBC today. Castro was slightly relevant to world events during my lifetime (southern Africa) but other than that he was a brutal dictator with a great PR machine ruling an island off the US. And breaking the ebul white rule in southern Africa has been catastrophic for everyone (but ‘nice’ people don’t mention that)

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  68. Spawny Get says:

    The modern ones are very desperate to pull women and diversity into the glory. Not that there weren’t brave women, but the Battle of Britain was about da menz. I’ve also seen efforts to convince that there were noticeable numbers of women on the ships of HM Navy back since the trun of the 19th century. It’s just shite.

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  69. Spawny Get says:

    I hope that the bionic penis comes with a little patriarchal flag on top and plays a little tune at the moment of total victory.

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  70. Spawny Get says:

    cynic • 14 minutes ago
    The news of Castro’s death just got better.Two for the price of one. Not only was he a murderous Communist dictator, he was also a ‘Climate Warrior’.

    ‘Despite the criticism, I’m confident that Fidel Castro will be
    remembered by the liberal elite as one of their own – someone who
    stopped at nothing to address the twin problems of overpopulation and
    carbon pollution, by murdering lots of people, especially people who
    disagreed with him, and by doing everything in his power to halt harmful economic growth, by shackling his country’s economy to the grinding misery of decades of communist stagnation.’

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  71. Yoda says:

    Green Party perennial presidential hopeful Jill Stein praised former Cuban strongman Fidel Castro on Saturday, as encomiums by many left-of-center politicians continued to roll in following his death.


  72. Yoda says:

    The pope, who met Fidel Castro when he visited Cuba last year, said he had received the “sad news” and added: “I express to you my sentiments of grief.”

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  73. Spawny Get says:

    More funny than you might suspect

    Dr Harold Shipman (for you foreign types)


  74. Spawny Get says:

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  75. Spawny Get says:

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  76. Yoda says:

    Hope we can

    UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has taken one step closer to backing Front National candidate Marine Le Pen in the French presidential elections in 2017, declaring that if Ms. Le Pen wins, the European Union project will collapse entirely

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  77. Spawny Get says:

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  78. Spawny Get says:

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  79. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Fidel Castro had an opportunity to make a great nation out of Cuba. It is a tragedy that he went the wrong way. My father told me that we had an ancestor that got caught bringing supplies to Cuban rebels. This was a long time before Castro, Another thought, very few nations have the fortune to have George Washington as a founding father.


  80. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    Now, why do I think that meme is going to have wide distribution in Canada?It is going to be all over, from Newfoundland to BC.

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  81. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    I guess they didn’t find any voter fraud by Hillary supporters? I was hoping for that.


  82. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Something silly youtube put on their home page.


  83. Spawny Get says:


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  84. Spawny Get says:


  85. SFC Ton says:

    Demographics is destiny and Cuba etc don’t have the demographics for greatness


  86. BuenaVista says:

    Furry, your “Castro could have been a great man” schtick is appalling and more evidence that if you had a pair you’d open your own blog and stop destroying this one. But you won’t. Because no one would read it.


  87. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Buena Vista,
    I didn’t say that that. What I said is available for all to see if they only scroll up.
    I didn ot come here to proke people and make enemies but, obviously, you have.


  88. Ame says:

    Me: leaning down to look at the meat at the meat counter in my local grocery b/c … after-50-bifocals … and if i don’t lean down, i can’t see or read!

    Meat Market Man: walks up to the other side of the counter and says, “What can I do for you, Young Lady!”

    Me: stand up straight smiling, “Ahhh! Thank you! Looks can be deceiving 🙂 .” and notice the MMM is probably within ten years older than I with a friendly, handsome face.

    Meat Market Man: with a chuckle, “It’s all part of the greatness of being me!”

    Me: *laughing* and enjoying the moment. i love fun people!

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  89. Spawny Get says:

    Certainly seems to be a pattern of ‘freedom fighters’ becoming tyrants in large areas of the world. It takes colossal talent to crash a country with huge oil reserves like Venezuela to the point of cannibalism in the jails. And yet the lefties still claim that it only fails because nobody has done right. Unfuckingbelievable.

    I don’t think there’s a Mollynux truth about Castro, but I’d certainly like to see one. He made it clear that Che was a born killer long before he got to power.

    The idea of Justin as his son is delicious, it sounds like his mommy was a right party girl even after marriage to Alleged Cuck Trudeau.

    P.S. can we not have a war over a dead commie. Everyone’s glad he’s dead. I know that I am.


  90. Spawny Get says:

    The Jetsons?

    Pretty sure that the pilot is the crumple zone.


  91. Yoda says:

    A new post there is


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