What Were They Thinking?

Commenter BuenaVista stated,

I think a high IQ is a liability the moment a person concludes he/she is so smart that he/she decides that it’s unimportant to study and learn from people who know what the heck they are doing

Feminist Leaders throughout history have typically been high IQ people.  They have also often been people who never did an honest day’s work in their lives, being silly intellectuals / bored housewives / etc.  As they were developing their theories, proclamations and such; one wonders if they ever really considered the lives of the women that they were supposedly trying to guide…  Not all women can have rich husbands, parents, lovers to support them.  Not all women have a lesbian bent.  In short, it was never in the cards that all women would be like them.  Since this was the case, it would have made sense for them to talk to and learn from a wide range of women, lots of them very ordinary in the Feminist Leader’s minds. Probably these ordinary women were never really consulted, as how could they have anything of value to contribute.

So we have a one size fits all solution.  One that is horribly mismatched with what the everyday woman really does desire / want / need.  All members of society suffer, but at least Feminist Leaders throughout history have had their egos massaged.

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  1. Farm Boy says:

    I have always listened to people who would often be considered “below me”. They might have useful insight on something important to you, or they might have some skill that you don’t have

    This is something that the coastal elites should try.

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  2. Ame says:

    my late Mentor was a beautiful older woman who spent many hours mentoring me. i was always stunned whenever i said something to which she replied, “Oh, that is good! I need to remember that!” and then she would proceed to write it down. i learned for her example to always remain teachable no matter how old i am and receptive to learn from anyone regardless of their age or our age difference.

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  3. I wonder how many undecided voters decided on T once Miley said she would leave if he won? It wasn’t my deciding factor but did sweeten the deal…

    When btw is she going?

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  4. Spawny Get says:

    Smiley Virus is one of those lifetime deals, you’ll not see the end of her. Or rather, the end of her residency.

    I haven’t looked lately but I suspect that she’s hurtling towards the wall at Ludicrous Speed. When your entire career depends on attracting attention, there’s no limit to how low things can go. A future of drugs and drug rehabilitation beckons.

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  5. Spawny Get says:

    Farm Boy, Y U no mention mental illness? Many a Fembotian career ends there, but not a few begin there too, is my guess.

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  6. Spawny Get says:

    I see it as my job as resident Englishman to lower the tone from time to time.

    Here we go

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  7. Spawny Get says:

    Did I mention that it snowed here?

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  8. BuenaVista says:

    I disagree that feminist icons are smart. Betty Friedan was ill — certifiably — and Gloria Steinem was a Playboy waitress. Erica Jong wrote a couple of interesting, successful books, and was a better poet — but she’s still alive and no one knows what she does. Today feminists traffic in talking points and faux-emotion, and neither quality appeals to smart people (who like to do actual stuff all day long). This is why Camille Paglia is so compelling: she’s obviously an equity feminist, but she’s reviled for not chanting the received wisdom of the feminist brethren, and for producing books people actually want to read.

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  9. Spawny Get says:

    Serious request. There’s a video of a UK mainstream TV interview a few days ago. It wasn’t live, so this is the best they could do with editing.

    Cathy history of lying Newman claims that she won it. Others say that by the end she looked like Milo had taken a shit in her handbag. What do you think? Who won, do you reckon?

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  10. Spawny Get says:

    BV, there’s more to Steinem

    Mummy was a nutter, daddy left to pay the bills.


  11. happyhousewifey says:

    As a woman with a high IQ and sheltered upbringing, I take offense to this post! 🙂

    In my (limited) experience, people around 120-135 are the real problem. The ones below go by common sense, the ones above are actually smart, but 120-135 think they are smart and get too arrogant to realize how stupid they are.

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  12. Spawny Get says:

    News that you’re not seeing on the MSM in general

    Germany recorded more than 1,000 attacks on refugee shelters last year – a five-fold rise over 2014

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  13. Spawny Get says:

    Right-on lefty ‘radical’ has an OH-SHIT moment on BBC Question Time. By the end of the show she looked ready to cry. A ‘radical’ Scot didn’t bother to vote in the EU referendum.


  14. Spawny Get says:


    ‘Stop saying ISIS has nothing to do with Islam’ blasts Archbishop of Canterbury

    ARCHBISHOP of Canterbury Justin Welby has called on faith leaders to “stand up and take responsibility” for religious violence around the world.


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  15. Spawny Get says:

    News that you might like

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  16. happyhousewifey says:

    Is it just me or are lefties all ugly? I’m starting to think you can identify them by looks (or lack thereof) alone.

    (People on here must be smoking hot LOL)

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  17. Yoda says:

    Simone de Beaver an intellectual she was.
    Probably at least a 120 IQ she had

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  18. Yoda says:

    Betty Frieden in her autobiography said that her IQ test showed 180 it did


  19. Spawny Get says:

    Simone de Belvoir is a better misspelling, because it’s pronounced ‘Beaver’ in English English.

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  20. Spawny Get says:


  21. SFC Ton says:

    If I didn’t listen to people below me, I wouldn’t have anyone to listen too…….. ; )

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  22. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    To get back to the original post, what radical feminists see as good is not what women see as good. I think that women are coming around to this and it will be interesting going forward. However, all the advantages that feminism brought to women are going to be guarded.

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  23. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    That is the first that I have seen of that woman who “interviewed” Milo. to call it an interview would be stretching the definition beyond recognition. If that is what the BBC can field at home, they should be out of business. She is just using her position as a platform to promote feminism.

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  24. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Betty Friedan had an IQ of 180? I am doubtful.

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  25. Yoda says:

    Friedan’s earliest memory is of looking in the mirror at age 3 and seeing ”a tall girl,” though she was then and ever afterward decidedly short. ”What made me see myself as tall back then in Peoria in my mother’s room?” she wonders. Was it the nascent I.Q. of 180



  26. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It may be necessary to open up the United States to political/cultural refugees from Canada.

    This is the kind of stuff that made people pick up and leave home and take a month long voyage to start all over again.

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  27. Spawny Get says:

    Currently I are listening to


  28. Spawny Get says:

    Another shout out for Welby

    Archbishop: EU ‘Corruption and Bureaucracy’ Has Impoverished Countries
    Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has delivered a damning indictment of the European Union and Europe’s approach to tackling radical Islam, in a shock speech at the Catholic Institute of Paris.
    The clergyman characterised the Brexit vote in Britain and Donald Trump’s election in America as “a cry of dispossession and alienation”, advising the Establishment not to double down on its commitment to a failing status quo in the face of popular discontent.

    “For many the response to Trump has been more Europe, by which they mean more centralism, more imposed federation, less flexibility”, he said. “Such a response is wholly inadequate for the challenges that we face as a continent.”

    Welby argued that, on the contrary, a 21st century vision for Europe “must go beyond the boundaries of the European Union”, which has treated the people in countries like Greece especially poorly.

    The Greeks were “urged to enter the Eurozone on essentially a false prospectus”, he railed, “and because of previous mismanagement and even corruption by an elite, the poor of an entire nation have been put effectively into involuntary bankruptcy.”

    Greece, he declared, was now “the biggest debtor’s prison in European history”.

    The Archbishop, who controversially intervened in EU referendum, stopped short of recanting the “European ideal”, but conceded that the project’s image had been harmed by aspects of “centralisation, corruption and bureaucracy” in European Union practice.

    Going beyond the political realm and on into the social sphere, Welby also criticised the popular argument that the Islamic State “has nothing to do with Islam”.

    “ISIS have an ideology, indeed a theology”, he insisted, “they believe that the world is about to end, that the Prophet will return and defeat the Western powers.”

    The Archbishop also chided the anti-extremism ‘Prevent’ programme in the UK, which he seemed to regard as overly reactive and not sufficient to counter the growth of Islamism domestically. “Rather than simply seeking to prevent ‘bad’ religion we have to offer an alternative vision”.

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  29. I just can’t bieve T isn’t filling his line up w dems and sjw’s and people like that! Why is he picking conservatives? Waaaaaaa 😂😂😂

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  30. Spawny Get says:

    Bloom, it’s surprising. Trump wins and his enemies start demanding that he has to compromise by doing what they want. But he doesn’t…

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  31. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I think that Trump owes his opponents as much assistance as they gave him in his campaign. That is the price of partisanship.

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  32. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    In that video, Bernard Chapin brought up a point. A friend of his who he thought had retired had to go back to work. He got divorced and couldn’t live on half his pension. His wife had a pension too and he wasn’t getting a share of that.

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  33. Spawny Get says:

    Bernie was in good form. Marriage for raising children vs Marriage as a retirement plan. That explains why men’s interest in marriage goes away, while a woman’s increases

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  34. Spawny Get says:

    I think that he broke her

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  35. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Do I see a parallel to Miley Cyrus?


  36. Yoda says:

    Parallel to Hillary before and after election it would be

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  37. Yoda says:

    World a better place it would be if Feminist Icons and Hillary baked cookies they did

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  38. Yoda says:

    Hillary Clinton’s aides were so sure she would win that they reportedly popped champagne on the campaign plane on Election Day.



  39. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    As a bear, I would be more than happy to help them eat those cookies.

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  40. Yoda says:

    I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies



  41. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    If she baked cookies, I don’t think that she would share them with us. *sniff*


  42. SFC Ton says:

    You’re bear
    Just takenough the f#cking cookies if you want. You know a hilary event won’t be any meat eating gun toting men folk to stop 😉

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  43. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I don’t think she would share cookies with anybody. And, we’ll never know if she is baking them.


  44. Ame says:

    why would anyone want to eat anything she would supposedly cook/bake/make?

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  45. Yoda says:

    Probably drinking she is.
    No cookies for you

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  46. Yoda says:

    If cookies she had to make,
    Huma do it for her she would

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  47. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Completely off topic. I think this ,may be Molly bait.


  48. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    You have a point. I don’t think that I want any of her cookies. And, I like cookies, A LOT.

    I think she may send Huma to the bakery.

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  49. Spawny Get says:

    You’ll need to do your own.

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  50. Spawny Get says:

    Of course, it should be two fingers


  51. Farm Boy says:

    There is a new post


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