Listen to Reason She Should

On a previous post, our Glorious Patriarch placed this before our eyes.  Watch it.  Prepare to see what women have become.

When I was a wee lad, I saw my older sisters being taught to be lady-like.  I, on the other hand, was taught chivalry.   Open doors for females, never hit girls, etc.  I grew up as the world was transitioning due to yougogurl feminism and stuff.  As my age cohort got older, the girls got more sassy and aggressive.  For example, in seventh grad a girl put pins in the rubber eraser of her pencil and repeatedly poked me with it.  Since one is not supposed to hit a girl, this left a dilemma as to what to do.  In fact she started taunting me about this fact.  In the end, I did as she did, put pins in my eraser and poked her back surreptitiously.

That is when I understood the reason that girls were taught to be ladies, and guys ere taught not to yell at or hit girls.  There was a society wide agreement.  Basically if females acted like ladies, there would never be a need for the fellas to respond to a challenge (either verbally or physically).  Of course, grown men are much bigger and stronger than women, so setting up such a system made sense.

Now consider the above video.  Repeatedly she plays the “I’m just a 100 pound woman” card.  Well, yes she is.  She is hiding behind this.  She is taunting him ( a most unlay-like behavior), and he has no recourse that is considered legal.  This is the key.  Just like my case in seventh grade, what is it that he could do?  Basically whatever he did, he would be the one in the wrong.  This one sided situation makes for a frustrated and impolite society.  The cop, being a fella, could understand.  But she apparently had no clue.  I wonder why…

P.S.  After I wrote the above, I ran across this,

WATCH: Woman Harangues Man, Accuses Him of ‘Sexual Harassment’ for Saying Hello

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  1. Farm Boy says:

    To be honest, the women in the top video is not at all appealing. Not wife material at all. I wonder if she knows and/or cares…

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  2. FNU MNU LNU says:

    I think she’s a “10”.

    Two six packs and a -2. lol

    But it goes to show you, guys will fuck anything.

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  3. Farm Boy says:

    So you drink the six packs, and her -2 morphs into a 10?

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  4. FNU MNU LNU says:

    Only until the BAC drops below .28 lol

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  5. Ame says:

    they are an embarrassment to women and humankind. totally delusional. and they recorded themselves being like that and then put it out there like a banner of pride.

    if my girls ever acted like this, they know they’d best run from me.

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  6. Yoda says:

    Do it because “get away with it” they can

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  7. Ame says:

    some mamma didn’t kick her butt when she was younger.

    and *she* is raising a son?!

    (i made my girls read/watch this)

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  8. Yoda says:

    What more the girls say they did?

    Impressed with meeting the real Yoda they are?

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  9. Ame says:

    they were disgusted … and indicated that they know that if they ever acted like that, their life would end.

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  10. SFC Ton says:

    Good example of why I am a White Separatist because that is fairly typical negro behavior


  11. Ame says:

    my girls would be extremely impressed to meet the *real* Yoda! 🙂

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  12. BuenaVista says:

    The guard bands are off female behavior. You can now accuse any man of anything at any time. The government will respond.

    I was invited to teach a class at the local university this winter. The Dean suggested I do so with a senior research librarian, since I’m new and I know the librarian. I really wanted to teach the course.

    The librarian is a devout Catholic single mom (husband lives 1800 miles away). We’ve almost dated a few times. I’ve always canceled. Reason: prior to dates I get middle of the night lurid emails ‘begging’ me not to take advantage of her vulnerable, innocent person. From my perspective, this is the profile of someone who kisses a man — and the following morning calls the cops. Or worse, fabricates a kiss that never happened. Way too much projection for my taste. Mind you, this is a senior, middle aged university administrator. She’s acting like a teenage girl in 17th century Salem.

    She did it again the night before we were supposed to lock down the course with the dean. I then declined the opportunity.

    The dean came back yesterday and asked that we do the class. The librarian is promising not to accuse me of being a tricky, suave sexual predator, again.

    If this woman makes one accusation I’ll be banned from the campus for life, and town police will press charges. I’ve been up since 2 am overthinking it.

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  13. SFC Ton says:

    That’s the problem with being intelligent. Thankfully I wasn’t cursed with an overabundance of it.

    It’s wise to avoid that chick, unwise to dwell on it

    What sort of class do they want you to teach? How to be the most interesting man in town?

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  14. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    There has been a whole bunch of these hit youtube this week. Here’s another.

    Someone coined a new word to describe them, “femiloon”. The only thing that will curb their behavior is to charge and punish them as if they were men. That woman in Florida should get ninety days alt least but she is out on one hundred dollars bail.
    Back at J4G, Obsidian showed several Tommy Sotomayor “Beastie” videos in a row. He thought it only pertained to black women and thought I was crazy for believing that it would jump the racial divide. I think it has. While it was limited to black women, at only eleven percent of the population, it was tolerable. Since it has jumped, the criminal justice system will have to attend to it because it is intolerable.
    Here is another from last summer, it is a classic and over two million views.

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  15. SFC Ton says:

    Good point bear

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  16. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    What is jarring is that those two videos that you linked were both uploaded by the womjen who behved badly. It is as if they are proud of what they did not embarrassed.

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  17. FNU MNU LNU says:

    Because they don’t believe that they are wrong. Because they believe that every is just picking on her because she is a strong independent woman. Because she knows that no matter how bad she acts, all she has to do is to start to look like she is going to spread, and some dumb guy will white knight her.

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  18. BuenaVista says:

    Ton, Title of the class was going to be “Persuasion.” (What is persuasion and how do we use it — and how do people use it against us.). From Aristotle to Trump.

    I’m not going to do it, which sucks. Was really excited about mixing it up with the kids. You’re right, crazy, selfish and horny middle aged women best be avoided. I think crazy and horny is probably OK, and maybe selfish and horny. But the trifecta puts us in “What’s my lawyer’s number again?” country.

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  19. Bv perhaps next quarter/semester you can give the class solo, or the dean would even consider that now? Does the librarian absolutely need to be a co-prof for some reason?

    I’d trust your gut on her. Avoid any potentially ambiguous situations…

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  20. I have not watched the videos yet but will. I want to preview them w/o little people around first…


  21. Yet not get, w/o not so… Lol. Need coffee!


  22. Spawny Get says:


    first to stop clapping gets shot

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  23. OKRickety says:


    “The librarian is a devout Catholic single mom (husband lives 1800 miles away).”

    I’m confused. Is she married or not?

    Regardless, her behavior clearly shows not to touch her with a ten-foot pole.

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  24. Yoda says:

    We were only a minute or so into the debate before Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton uttered her first fabrication by implying we don’t already guarantee equal pay for women.

    “…guaranteeing, finally, equal pay for women’s work,” Clinton said, in response to the first question about why her policies would be good for the economy.

    Well, Clinton, equal pay is already guaranteed in the Equal Pay Act of 1963.

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  25. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    You made me think of something worse, much worse. Sitting in the front row of a comedy club and it is Josef Stalin who is performing.


  26. Yoda says:

    At first, he ran a pretty ordinary hypotism business — using hypnotism to help people lose weight or quit smoking. But around 1991 he discovered a unique way to specialize and differentiate his practice. He became a “breast enlargement hypnotist.”


  27. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Lots of bad words in both but it doesn’t go beyond that. Not something they should overhear.

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  28. Yoda says:

    With robot sex dolls already on the market and sex industry pundits predicting cyborg brothels will open in the near future, sexologist Lev Shcheglov believes it will “end badly” and could result in “psychopathic disorders.”


  29. Spawny Get says:

    A reasonable person describes the lefty leader’s thinks

    Dave Hedgehog • 31 minutes ago
    SOCIALISM IN THE 21st CENTURY, brothers and sisters.
    A precis of Jeremy’s speech today. Promises/remarks made are as follows:
    1. Justice for all (this was not defined)
    2. Winning power and the next general election by “rebuilding trust and support”
    3. The Labour Party will be a “safe space” for all
    4. Build over 1 million homes, half of which will be council houses
    5. Control private rents
    6. Repeal the Trade Unions Act (restoring considerably more power to Trades Unions)
    7. Raise the minimum wage to a living wage
    8. Ban Zero hours contracts
    9. Renationalise the Railways
    10. Full employment
    11. Public ownership of services
    12. A house for everyone
    13. Municipal Socialism for the 21st century as an engine for growth (no, I have no idea what this means either)
    14. A National “Investment” Bank to “borrow to invest”. £500 billion of new “investment”
    15. R&D to be funded by a government administered fund equivalent to 3% of GDP (same percentage of GDP as our defence budget)
    16. A National Education Service (I think he means a new Ministry For Education) which will be as important as our NHS and will be paid for by a tax rise
    17. Tax avoidance will be a thing of the past – it is unpatriotic and actually direct vandalism to our NHS – paying tax is patriotism, comrades
    18. The benefits Sanctions regime and the Disability Work Assessment regime will be abolished
    19. All people being demonised will be protected by government (but not Brexit voters, obviously)
    20. Migrants:
    a) Are NOT a cause of any strain on the NHS. In fact the NHS would not be able to function without heroic migrants
    b) Are NOT a cause of a housing shortage – that is the fault of the Tories who failed to build any houses
    c) The REAL issue of migration is the undercutting of wages. Labour will establish a “Migrant Impact Fund” to support migrant areas (he means migrants) to be paid for by taxation and some tiny levies on visas and citizenship[ applications.
    21. Brexit will be opposed unless it includes access to the Single Market (thus freedom of movement is to be preserved – a real vote winner)
    22. Suspension of British Arms sales starting with Saudi Arabia
    23. Inequality will be abolished
    24. Labour are now to return to their constituencies and prepare for a General Election
    I was utterly convinced and transfixed by this wondrous oratory and never before heard ideology. I have today put my house on the market and will be donating all proceeds to the “Burnham for Mayor” campaign and will henceforth live under the shelter of the large wheelie bin at the rear of my local foodbank.
    (Sings Red Flag with gusto)

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  30. Spawny Get says:

    Please ensure that you know that ‘investing’ by The Labour Party Of Today is completely different to just spunking immense amounts of money and ruined lives up against the wall. TOTALLY DIFFERENT. This is investing

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  31. Yoda says:

    What rate of return the investment does have?

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  32. Spawny Get says:

    A leading expert feminist…who is a enthusiastic user of a dildo? The ultimate in objectifying one sex…just saying. Please understand that they are welcome to use three monster dildos at a time as far as I care…Fire them babies up. But stop lecturing us, okay?

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  33. BuenaVista says:

    True Catholic s don’t divorce. Church denies Communion if they do. That’s a big deal to a believer.

    Historically, Catholics of a formal stripe “separated.”

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  34. thedeti says:


    Funny. Your Catholic librarian friend has a real problem with divorce. As does her (probably also Catholic) husband.

    But they obviously have no problem with adultery.

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  35. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I am glad that sexbots are makihng feminists nervous. It is not that men have to avail themselves of them, it is that they are available. Feminists have always been very careful to be able to claim that they have not reduced women’d ovrall SMV but improved it. If they actually reduced it, they would be very unpopular with women.
    Anyway, it is good that the fembots ar nervous.


  36. Spawny Get says:

    related, what were the odds?

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  37. BuenaVista says:

    Funnier yet: he’s Muslim. Yep, farmgirl German Catholic goes to grad school, marries Iraqi, puzzled at outcome.

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  38. thedeti says:

    “farmgirl German Catholic goes to grad school, marries Iraqi, puzzled at outcome.”

    This has “Nope” written all over it.

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  39. “…and sex industry pundits predicting cyborg brothels”

    You would think feminists would celebrate fewer real actual women being in brothels…. Wouldn’t you?

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  40. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It is hard to accept that there are people this mean but, feminists want to see men sufer more than they want to see women benefit. They are that cruel.

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  41. Spawny Get says:

    More philosophy

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  42. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    When I was a child, I was watching a movie with my Dad about this sldier who went into the jungle when the Japanese invaded the Phillipines. After years, he was able to make some jury rigged sailboat and got rescued by the Navy. While taking his first hot shower in years, he got the beverage of his choice-milk. I had my doubts but my Dad confirmed. If you are out there long enough, milk is very good stuff.


  43. SFC Ton says:

    That sucks BV
    Persuasion is a vital life skill. Game should improve every aspect of a man’s life, and charming a girl out of her pretty pink panties isn’t any different then selling potential employees on your company or potential customers on your products and services

    Fuck, just dawned on me I am in the service industry hard core.

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  44. SFC Ton says:

    Fuzzie, my 1st beverage of choice would be a blonde chick


  45. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Not on a WWII US Navy ship. Also, for Spawny, beer would be out of the question. I think the US Navy went dry prior to WWI. One of my Dad’s favorite stories was how good it was to find huge cabbages on Guam. They made salad. WWII Marine logistics weren’t all that good.


  46. Ame says:

    Spawny’s … where one goes to get the best education out there for the stuff that really matters in life:

    – – – – – – –

    SFC Ton says:
    27 September, 2016 at 8:33 pm
    “Her ex wants her back?
    Now class…. what does that tell us about her ex husband?”

    – – – – –

    BuenaVista says:
    28 September, 2016 at 2:42 pm
    “Ton, Title of the class was going to be “Persuasion.” (What is persuasion and how do we use it — and how do people use it against us.). From Aristotle to Trump.”

    – – – – –

    “SFC Ton says:
    28 September, 2016 at 11:06 pm
    “Persuasion is a vital life skill. Game should improve every aspect of a man’s life, and charming a girl out of her pretty pink panties isn’t any different then selling potential employees on your company or potential customers on your products and services”

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  47. Yoda says:

    The University of Michigan yesterday unveiled a new webpage that allows students to choose their preferred pronouns, including “they” and “ze.”

    Preferred pronouns will appear on class rosters, and if professors accidentally use the wrong pronoun, “you can acknowledge that you made a mistake and use the correct pronoun next time,” said the university’s provost and vice president for student life in a campus-wide email announcement. It also called using preferred pronouns “one of the most basic ways to show your respect for their identity and to cultivate an environment that respects all gender identities.”

    A university spokesman tells Heat Street, “If there were a persistent pattern of ignoring a student’s preference, we would address that as a performance matter.”

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  48. Yoda says:

    Learn to spell the students might

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  49. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    This has to be a disappointment to a close friend of yours, as this is his alma mater. I wish that more campuses took the hardline University of Chicago approach. There is no point in coddling these people while they tear down the university.
    Yes, spelling would help.

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  50. Yoda says:

    There are many ways to support your presidential candidate of choice, chief among them voting. Other options include fundraising, attending rallies, canvassing, and, if it’s Hillary Clinton you support, stripping naked. This week, Katy Perry starred in a video.

    Fervent Hillary supporter Madonna also decided to get in on the action. She’s been active on Instagram, so she posted what appears to be the first in a series of nudes encouraging her followers to vote for Hillay

    Lena Dunahm next she is

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  51. BV, additionally after pondering your librarian matter, it’s a no win. If you do make a move, you are “violating her boundaries.” If you don’t make a move, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” What does she want? Depends on the hormonal mix du jour.

    Either way? BV loses.

    You are wise to see this already, as you have.

    Add in perhaps vengeful estranged husband? Double (perhaps squared?) the possible negatives for you.

    Steer clear Will Robinson… 😉 Not that you need me to affirm this but just being female and supporting you! Lol.

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  52. Supporting/affirming/validating etc.

    Not that you need it… But hope it helps. You or others in a similar predicament reading along…

    La la la…

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  53. Yoda says:

    A 21-year-old Australian tradesman has been bitten by a venomous spider on the penis for a second time.
    The man was using a portable toilet on a Sydney building site on Tuesday, when he suffered a repeat of an almost identical incident five months earlier.

    Identified only as Jordan, he said he was bitten on “pretty much the same spot” by the spider.

    “I think I’m just very unlucky to be honest,” he told Sydney radio station Kiis FM.


  54. And perhaps more importantly to help point out to other women that such games are not OK. Not at all OK. Totally unfair bullshit, really. Just don’t.

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  55. That spider story is… Umm… I can’t imagine… Poor guy! :/

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  56. Yoda says:

    Clown update

    Authorities are urging residents to use common sense when dealing with rogue clowns, to keep calm, and to call authorities instead of handling the situation by themselves.

    Most importantly, don’t hunt the clowns, say Phillipsburg police. Shooting clowns on sight could have serious consequences, not just for the clown, but for the hunter.

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  57. People dressing up as clowns in penn should also possibly consider they are putting themselves at risk. Or is that not ok to say? Is that anti clown? Clown-ist?

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  58. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Maybe the spider guy could talk to Lee Trevino. As for all these naked endorsers of Hillary, it is not enough to change my mind. I would bet a doughnut that it is more a publicity stunt for them.


  59. Yoda says:

    Wonder how to determine the difference between rogue and non-rogue clowns one does

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  60. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    At least they are not shooting bears.

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  61. SFC Ton says:

    What’s the world coming to if you can’t shoot clowns on sight? Next thing you know they tell us we can’t keep midgets in zoos and we have to let gypsies move into our neighborhoods.

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  62. BuenaVista says:

    You’re right, RPG. She’s already written again complaining about my treating her as if she is “radioactive.”. It’s self aggrandizing to mention but my concern all along has been her romance novel fantasizing of being swept up and ravished by a man she’s ” powerless” to resist. That’s a walking, talking regret sex false assault claim right there.

    I could care less about her husband, I’m just concerned about retaining my library privileges. I often spent my evenings there until midnight when its largely deserted. Can’t do that anymore. I already have a target on my back with the local police chief for telling the mayor he’s imposed a daily quota of “contacts” on the cops. Restaurant and bar business in this little town is off 40-50% because no one dares come here from out of town. (Its a kind of blue collar resort town on a big lake.)

    This iis my first direct brush with the kampus krazy kult of false rape kulture actresses.

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  63. Yoda says:

    After a recent comic faced a barrage of social justice warrior outrage for being “too ableist,” Shen caved to the pressure and removed the comic (seen below).

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  64. Yoda says:

    In yet another sign of Social Justice Warriors poisoning the well of education, one high school in Maryland has decided to move into the bold new frontier of discarding gender and basic science during their homecoming festivities this year. Rather than electing a homecoming king and queen, they’ll just toss accepted gender roles out the window and pick two students who are free to be whatever they like

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  65. Ame says:

    BV – that is all really creepy, and scary. is there no place ‘safe’ in america anymore?


  66. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Tyhis may be one of the last comjments on the thread, so I will take it back to the original post. I think the courts are going to have to start treating all this bad behavior from women differently going forward. Giving them a slap on the wrist for felonies is only going to encourage them. Letting them slide on what would put a man in jail for ninety days is a bad idea too. If they have kids, they should told by the judge that they should have thought about that before they stepped over the line.


  67. FNU MNU LNU says:

    No, because it reduces their ability to control men.


  68. FNU MNU LNU says:

    If you have already told her no once, You need to take a copy of that letter with you to the local courthouse and get a peace order against her.


  69. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Off topic but, thought provoking. Janice Fiamengo points out that feminists maintain that women have sole discretion with regards to their bodies while this guy is is being cut up postmortem to facilitate his girlfriend getting pregnant.


  70. Ame says:

    my girls are taking upper level maths classes from a former math teacher now homeschool mom, and i’m paying for these classes. she and i were talking about the format for youngest, my aspie-girl … how much should teacher work around her, etc, because teacher learned quickly upon meeting her that she is quite intelligent and can learn it all. i told the teacher not to adapt the format right now but to let her fail if she doesn’t do what is required.

    my aspie girl has these grand dreams for life. can she reach them? only time will tell. but if she doesn’t learn how to do the little, trivial things, she will never reach the big things. i tell her that, yep, in a lot of ways life IS harder for her … but God also made her smart enough to compensate for all that, so get over it, pull a nike, and just do it. for both of us. but i do her no favors otherwise.

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  71. Yoda says:

    A new post there is

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  72. FNU MNU LNU says:

    It’s really worth repeating… you need to go get a peace order against this chick, before she tries to have you arrested for something.

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  73. FNU MNU LNU says:

    Yet another example that it is never really about equal rights, but about getting special rights.

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  74. FNU MNU LNU says:

    I think that they should start using a pronoun that identifies their reproductive organ. So call them dick or cunt.

    That should fix everything…


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