Women Are Wonderful

That is what we are told to believe.  Obviously, having people believe in in its truth is useful to women as a whole.  Furthermore, women as a whole do band together in a loose alliance to increase their advantage; so few of them disabuse anybody of the notion that they are not necessarily all of that.

Why do people believe that women are wonderful?  Probably there are many reasons; here is a stab at some possibilities,

I. Historically they were consider to be mothers, and mothers nurture children (at least they used to).  Nurturing naturally enough is considered to be a virtuous activity.

II. The Evil Patriarchy, through reading the Bible and other sources, knew just how women can misbehave.  As a result, they set up a system to encourage women to be the kind, sweet, caring, etc.  This was much better for them to be for everybody’s sake.  Compare this to the semi-feral women that we see of today; one can see why this was as it was.

III. Women for men are pleasant to look at, they are smaller, they are soft; all seemingly indicators of virtuosity.  At least if you can convince people to associate these with number II above.

IV. Women have been known to be indirect and manipulative  Part of accomplishing this is through posing as nice,  sweet , lovable, caring, etc.  Once again, the Evil Patriarchy encouraged these attributes for real, feminism encourages the play acting of these attributes for manipulation.

V. At least during the time of the Evil Patriarchy, women did not have to make tough decisions; that was for men to do.  Therefore women could stake out warm fuzzy positions on issues, as they were not actually responsible.

VI. Women historically have been vulnerable.  As such, they try to minimize threats to them.  One way to do this is to spread societal goodies around to buy favor.  This is one reason why women tend to favor socialistic policies; always emphasizing that they are wonderful and virtuous for espousing such policies (see, Hillary Clinton)

Once again, people possessing this view of you is an advantage.  This is why modern women still encourage this view, even as evidence suggests the contrary.  Commenters can add their own ideas as to why it is the way that it is.

NAWALT of course applies

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155 comments on “Women Are Wonderful
  1. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    We need some Tarn bait.

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  2. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    As for the original post, “Sugar and spice and everything nice.”
    Do you think someone was trying to tell me a story with that one?

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  3. Yoda says:

    As for the original post, “Sugar and spice and everything nice.”
    Do you think someone was trying to tell me a story with that one?

    That the goal of what girls should be it was.
    Now it a shield to hide behind it is

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  4. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    “Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them.”
    Girls are mean. Throw dirt clods at them. Boys have better aim. Girls will stop throwing rocks very quick.

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  5. Moi says:

    A more appropriate title might be “Women can sometimes be wonderful.”

    Taken from:theredpilloroverbsbible.wordpress.com

    IM MAXIM #51 – “Women are mercenary. They do whatever it takes to win. They will switch sides or outright lie to secure the man they deem their best option. That’s what you are to a woman. An option.” Refer to Maxim #45.

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  6. Yoda says:

    Why “being stupid” justifies rock throwing it does?

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  7. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It’s their idea, not mine. I am too busy ducking to ask why or consider. It is a more than a little extreme.


  8. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Bait for Tarn, Cill, and Molly.

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  9. Farm Boy says:

    I remember my Mom trying to teach my older sisters about being virtuous. Truly the “sugar and spice and everything nice”

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  10. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    Was your Mom effective or did your older sisters turn to socially acceptable rebellion?

    A terrible fisherman I am. Bait is not working.

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  11. SFC Ton says:

    Women are wonderful! AFTER they have been properly disciplined, collared, leashed and filled with baby batter

    Otherwise they are insufferable bitches, and remain so until subjugated


  12. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    A new one from the ICMI in London. This is the first I have seen or heard from this fellow. It is an incisive historical overview and worth watching.


  13. Farm Boy says:

    I kind of like the new train wreck background

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  14. Farm Boy says:

    Was your Mom effective or did your older sisters turn to socially acceptable rebellion?

    It was kind of half and half. That was during the era of “women’s lib”, which did not have a good influence on them


  15. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    I like it too.
    Now, how did your sisters turn out? If they are like you, fairly well.


  16. Yoda says:

    PHILADELPHIA — A large, impassioned crowd of Bernie Sanders supporters — chanting “Hell, no, D.N.C., we won’t vote for Hillary” — marched on Sunday afternoon to the site of the Democratic National Convention, promising a week in which the party’s divisions will be on vivid display in the streets.


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  17. Yoda says:

    Difficult to keep track of all of the European violence it is.

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  18. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I don’t know if it will translate into more votes for Trump but, I don’t like Angela Merkel’s chances to be reelected. She is going to be remembered as the worst Chancellor Germany has had since YouKnowWho.

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  19. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It’s like every day now.


  20. SFC Ton says:

    Trump is the strength, law and order dude
    Hildeabest is the warm and fuzzy it’s our fault vote

    The more turmoil the more folks want the strong hand

    Sort of like Nixon during the various chaos at that time

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  21. Yoda says:

    Dislike Anglosphere they do

    That’s according to the Sydney Morning Herald, which cites the AOC claiming the Australian athletes arrived today intending to check into their rooms, only to find them “uninhabitable.” The Herald claims the Great Britain and New Zealand delegations found themselves in the same spot upon arrival this weekend

    Rio mayor responds to Team #Australia criticism of athletes’ village by offering to “put a Kangaroo there to make them feel at home


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  22. Yoda says:

    She is going to be remembered as the worst Chancellor Germany has had since YouKnowWho.

    At least they recovered after him they did


  23. SFC Ton says:

    I’m loving the reports out of Rio

    I hate South America, the people are vile, yet I’ve been told my experience down there is wrong and it’s wonderful

    Noweekend folks are starting to see


  24. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I read the link. It sounds like the gripes are legitimate. Exposed wiring and water running down the walls is not a good thing, nor is it safe.

    I don’t think that Germany will ever recover from YouKnowWho.


  25. Yoda says:

    Wonder if the concept of “women are wonderful” accepted by the youngest generations I do


  26. Yoda says:

    It’s like every day now.

    Sometimes twice per day it is

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  27. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I think that young men have been watching girls profit by playing tricks that they are unlikely to harbor illusions.

    ISIS has to run of crazies willing to get themselves killed some time.


  28. Ame says:

    Wyre Davies ✔ @WyreDavies
    Rio mayor responds to Team #Australia criticism of athletes’ village by offering to “put a Kangaroo there to make them feel at home”#Rio2016
    12:14 PM – 24 Jul 2016
    2,458 2,458 Retweets 1,556 1,556 likes

    ewww … that’s just unexcusable to have such deplorable facilities in the olympic village.

    sooo … offer a kangaroo to make it better?

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  29. You guys are soooo just making all this up bc you are fear mongers! Everyone knows the world is, like, safer than ever. Duh!

    Oh wow, like I totally get it, you are trying to scare women into bringing back the ebul patriarchy. Tricky!

    (Kidding, of course, sadly!)

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  30. SFC Ton says:

    I see more younger women calling bullshit on female superiority then middle age and above

    What I have noticed with the younger kids is the fully indoctrinated (85% of them) are just the most usless little shits imaginable with a small core of them understanding the reality of how bad they were fucked at a much younger age then I would have thought possible 20 years ago

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  31. Spawny Get says:

    inadequate supervision?

    there was a guy present

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  32. That’s where the late boomer generation (of age around 1967+) failed, back then by thinking they could toss out all that had been before when it came to sex and gender, then they doubled down on that failed social experiment by foisting their ideals onto the younger generation (or tried to.) result? A generation of safe space needing, weak, spineless, SJW, dimwits that think the solution is more govt. involvement/dependance not self determination and personal freedom. Sad.

    The result? Our nation is more messed up than anytime in its entire history, less than 40 years to do that too.

    They will sadly soon find when the reality wake up call comes, that they bet on the wrong pony all along.

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  33. Spawny Get says:

    Poor quality translation? Probably… 😉

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  34. Spawny Get says:

    I’d like a Happy Ending Meal please, large soda

    If you’re really lucky the chef’ll let you watch the pancakes being tossed.

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  35. Moi says:

    I have to disagree. They will never hear the wake up call. They will only think that the pony needed to be fed more (taxes). They truly don’t understand.

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  36. Spawny Get says:

    Going to have to side with Moi here. Communism never stops when it becomes clear to any sane person that it’s all going to fail, they keep doubling down till the skulls of dissidents start piling up and then the fighting starts. This socialism follows the same path and always fails.

    Any state that can seriously consider electing an obviously corrupt kleptocrat with clear serious medical mental issues… you have major problems not only with the politicians, you have serious issues with the voters too.

    When you regard personal wealth as being stolen from the plebs, any rate of tax is justifiable to the true believing bigots.

    What was the highest rate of tax charged by the Labour party in the 1970’s?
    I recall stories of ridiculously high tax rates for higher earners when Labour were last in power in the 1970’s. I seem to recall the rate being over 90% for certain income levels. Is this correct? Any details on what % was charged and for what income levels?
    Follow 4 answers Report Abuse
    Best Answer: In 1974 the top-rate of income tax increased to its highest rate since the war, 83%. This applied to incomes over £20,000, and combined with a 15% surcharge on ‘un-earned’ income (investments and dividends) could add to a 98% marginal rate of personal income tax. In 1974, just 750,000 people were eligible to pay the top-rate of income tax.
    Polo · 8 years ago


    Ever since Labour lost the 1992 general election, it has sought to exorcise the high tax ghost that came to haunt the party when Denis Healey promised to “squeeze the rich until the pips squeak”.
    Under Labour in the Seventies, the top rate of income tax rose to 83 per cent and reached 98 per cent when an investment income surcharge was applied.
    But while Healey is often remembered as the villain of the piece, it was Roy Jenkins who raised taxes on income to an all-time record of 136 per cent.
    These penal rates were imposed on high earners during the 1968 economic crisis as a special income tax levy for one year only on “unearned income” or savings and investment returns.
    John Whiting, a partner in accountants Price Waterhouse Coopers, said: “It meant a person with investment income of more than £6,000 would pay tax of 20 shillings and nine pence – or £1.04 today – for every £1 of income, while someone with investment income above £15,000 would pay total taxes of 27 shillings and three pence or £1.36 on every £1.”


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  37. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    About that tiger clip, It is hard to believe the depths of stupidity in humans.

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  38. Spawny Get says:

    This is a parody based on the attempt to suicide bomb a music festival in Ansbach last weekend.

    Did you miss the report of the pregnant woman murdered by machete, also last weekend in Germany?

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  39. Spawny Get says:

    El Fuzz, that’s Darwin in action right in front of your eyes.


  40. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Tax brackets in excess of one hundred percent? That won’t last long.

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  41. Spawny Get says:

    It didn’t, but for some reason stupid people keep trusting lefties to run the economy… it ALWAYS ends in disaster. All their plans seem to rely on money-trees being developed. Currently the mongs seem to believe that if you call excess expenditure ‘investment’ then it’s okay.

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  42. Spawny Get says:

    The lack of upticks forces me to assume that people aren’t watching this funny video. Funny in a rather pointed way

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  43. Spawny Get says:

    Another interesting article on my political home-from-home, it’s probably not for the likes of you 😉

    Which brings us neatly on to the subject of gender politics within the Dredd universe. A comment on IMDB regarding the recent Dredd film mentioned how both the film and graphic novels score highly on the Bechdel test. (The Bechdel test asks whether a work of fiction features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man. The requirement that the two women must be named is sometimes added).

    Frustrating as it may be that a ‘law’ scribbled on the back of a beermat is treated with the same reverence as, say, Boyle’s Law of Gases, it’s undeniable that the Dredd writers were ahead of their time in their portrayal of women. Female judges carry out the same roles as their male counterparts, with the same expectations, and there’s never a scene where the narrative screeches to a halt so a character can announce proudly (always with the proudly) that she, as a woman, is just as capable as a man when it comes to yadda yadda yadda.

    Instead, it’s taken as read and the stories are the better for it, meaning that the character of each individual is more important than their pigeonhole – again, as it should be. Sure, Judge Cassandra Anderson was added as a partner for the Dark Judges series (the Dark Judges being Death, Fire, Fear and Mortis) to add a bit more heart and humanity to the story – she’s more of a cheery joker in the way that Dredd, uh, isn’t, but not all women are necessarily emotional types. If Dredd has a best friend it’s arguably Judge Hershey, who’s just as big a misery guts as he is.

    In the interests of openness and honesty I will admit that I bought the first 20 or so 2000AD comics when they came out. But they were thrown away years ago, Tharg dammit


  44. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    Never mind the silly lady, what about the tiger? Now, it has to be put down and tigersw are endangered.

    Somebody has been watching too many “Hitler” parodies.


  45. Spawny Get says:

    That dry sense of humour is… perfect


  46. Spawny Get says:

    Maybe the SCBBC finds the video too opaque?

    A Syrian failed asylum seeker has blown himself up with a rucksack bomb, injuring several bystanders, in the town of Ansbach, Germany, apparently after being thwarted in an attempt to attack an open-air music festival.
    But you’ll never guess how the BBC chose to report the incident when news first broke.

    No, actually, you probably will.

    The media are making parodies of themselves at the moment, along the lines of Comical Ali

    Still, the good thing is that the German authorities aren’t jumping to any conclusions. Here’s Bavaria’s Interior Minister quoted in the BBC article, which has now had its headline changed to ‘Ansbach explosion: Syrian asylum seeker blows himself up in Germany.’

    “We don’t know if this man planned on suicide or if he had the intention of killing others,” he said.

    Fair point. It’s the dilemma everyone goes through when contemplating suicide. Do I overdose on pills? Or slit my wrists in a hot bath? Or hang myself? Or should I just take the simple, painless option of going onto the internet, downloading a bombmaking manual, assembling all the ingredients, stuffing them in a rucksack with lots of bits of metal to make sure I’m really properly deaded, then heading towards the nearest music festival so that I can enjoy a few top choons in my final moments and perhaps share my personal tragedy with a few others….?

    What with all this Islamic terrorism about it would be all too easy for the more closed-minded among us to jump to premature conclusions. Thank goodness organisations like the BBC and the Guardian are there to wag their fingers at us when we do!

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  47. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    I resumed the clip was a parody not a real news item. Gott catch on the BBC headline. I asked some sheep what they thought of all this and they said, in unison, “Baaaaaaaaaaad”.


  48. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    This time, different Tarn bait.


  49. Moi says:

    That’s because they are very happy to go to the extent of building their own Kolyma Highway, at everyone else’s expense.

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  50. Yoda says:

    Wonder if ever enough evidence behind motivation there will be,

    The Syrian suicide bomber who injured 15 people in a Sunday night attack on a music festival in Ansbach, Germany, left behind a video pledging allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said Monday.


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  51. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I didn’t get the reference, so I looked it up.
    As with much that is associated with Stalin, this is grim.

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  52. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    They will deny that too.

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  53. Moi says:

    Actually the real prophecy is in it’s unofficial name:

    The Road of Bones

    The Kolyma Highway is also known as the Road of Bones, as the skeletons of the forced laborers who died during its construction were used in much of its foundations.[1][2]


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  54. Spawny Get says:

    Expert’s guide to skiddies (the origin of this word being rather obvious in this context)


  55. Spawny Get says:

    That’s the great thing about Stalin, always willing to go the extra mile.

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  56. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Have someone else go the extra mile, or be shot.

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  57. Spawny Get says:

    Ooh ‘ello, didn’t expect this

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  58. Spawny Get says:

    Fuzzie, you can’t fault the guy’s gift for motivating people.

    Also, road… extra mile…

    I’ll get me coat. Taxi!

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  59. Ame says:

    Spawny …

    i just … i just … men. men + men = body things talk!

    unless talking about diapers or potty training or the health of their children … or their sons … women just don’t have these same conversations! i guess i should be used to it with a husband and a (step) son, but it still takes me by surprise!

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  60. Spawny Get says:

    Jealousy, Ame, is a negative thing to have in your life. Enjoy your glimpse into the world of the Glorious Patriarchy. But don’t dwell on the fact that a glimpse is all you’re getting.

    BTW catching up at the moment, but Goose Down Endurance Emulsion for the win. I am decided. Also Sandtex Cornish Cream outside, it’s traditional.

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  61. Spawny Get says:

    There was this time in Surat Thani I where I had to bid adieu to a fine pair of underpants that had given their all…and more…to save my dignity on the trip from Koh Tao to Phuket.

    I may have said too much…

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  62. Farm Boy says:

    Bernie Bro’s,

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  63. Spawny Get says:

    I find it really disconcerting that they’re mixing religion with scumbag politicians like that.

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  64. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    You do have a point but, all that had to go by the way side to win the Second World War. He tried a little of it in the beginning but, he would have run out of military talent in short order.

    Farm Boy, I get the distinct feeling that Hillary is not too popular with Democrats.Oops!
    It’s a long way to November.


  65. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    A female pastor to boot! Salt in an open wound to a traditional Christian.

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  66. Cill says:

    Y-fronts for me. And a stretch belt to hold my trouser snake against my abdomen. It’s a big mistake for me to go to town with my pyjama python facing down. If a good looking broad touches me, my rager leaps forth to precede me like a bowsprit. It’s prudent to arrange things so that the force will be directed upwards.

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  67. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Here’s another speech from the ICNI in London. WARNIG: the topic is circumcision and there are graphic photos.


  68. Spawny Get says:

    It seems that competition for Tarn in the oversharing department is stiffening. oo-err missus


  69. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Tarn has been silent. I hope that I didn’t offend her by saying that she would look good dressed as Natasha Fatale.


  70. Cill says:

    Wasserman Schultz to resign

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  71. Ame says:

    Spawny –
    roflol! y’all crack me up!
    yes, i did send it to my husband *rolling my eyes* … and he had to add his commentary. this is where i just say, “Men.” and leave y’all to your whatever 😉


    great choices.
    traditional has its place.

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  72. Cill says:

    Edit: my rager leaps forth to precede me “like a bowsprit” should have been “like a dog taking his handler for a walk”.

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  73. Cill says:

    This is not over-sharing. This is sound, practical good sense.


  74. Yoda says:

    “Women Are Wonderful” the theme of the Democratic Convention it is.
    Poor examples to convince us with they did choose

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  75. Yoda says:

    Hillary always pissed me off with this comment she did

    When told the healthcare plan could bankrupt small businesses, Mrs. Clinton said, ‘I can’t be responsible for every under-capitalized small business in America’!”


    Businesses in the business of providing goods and services to customers it is.
    So who pay the taxes they will?

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  76. Cill says:

    Article 50 should be triggered now. Let’s hope Nige and the other UKIP Europe MPs are in a good position to see and report on what happens behind the scenes.

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  77. Yoda says:

    BTW, one hundred years ago, British soldiers still dying in the Somme Offensive they were,
    Women clearly the hardest hit

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  78. Yoda says:

    Hillary probably “punch-drunk” by the election she will be

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  79. Yoda says:

    To be fair, Kiwi Aussie and Candian men die at the Somme they did.
    Kiwi, Aussie and Candian women still hit hardest they were

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  80. Yoda says:

    For some odd reason, spell “Canadian” I can not


  81. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I saw a documentary on the Battle Of Jutland a few days ago. That was a hundred years ago. One hundred ten years before that was Trafalgar. Have we advanced that much?
    In the meanwhile, women are still the hardest hit.

    Hillary should realize that when the bottom line turns from black to red, all capitalization can do is prolong the inevitable.

    Hillary has to be the most extreme example of the Peter Principle in action that I have ever heard of.

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  82. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It may be time for a cute animal video.
    “Worms!!! My favorite!!!”

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  83. Cill says:

    ‘Struth. That’s a typical cute Kiwi.

    IRL they’re just one of the more brainless members of the bird family.

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  84. Farm Boy says:

    Despite famously swearing that they took a long, hard look at themselves and found no hint of bias, Zuckerberg and Co. still have a hard time hiding their agenda:

    Facebook is blocking #DNCLeak email links. Monday is the Democratic National Convention


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  85. Farm Boy says:

    The conservative twitterverse erupted in outrage last night when Twitter summarily pulled #DNCLeaks from its trending topics.

    The story had 250,000 tweets when it was pulled. After thousands of complaints, Twitter returned the issue to its trending topics 20 minutes later.


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  86. Cill says:

    The male Kiwi eats roots shoots and leaves.

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  87. Farm Boy says:

    Keeping with today’s theme,

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  88. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I guessed at worms. It seems like a normal baby bird treat. I hope that they weren’t chilis.


  89. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    “Mind the speed bumps!”


  90. Farm Boy says:

    So are women wonderful?

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  91. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    Men are predisposed by nature to like women. We grow out of teddy bears because they won’t hug back and we hope that girls will.


  92. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Captain Capitalism found this.
    Curious that it is closest to the media. I wonder how female media are going to feel about this?

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  93. Cill says:

    I wonder if Spawny will appreciate mine at 2:12 am…

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  94. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Now, I need an explanation. What do Kiwis eat? That is what do the feathered ones eat?


  95. molly says:

    I get it!

    The male Kiwi
    ..and leaves


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  96. Tos a glorious summer eve, the Bloomettes and I dined al fresco and are now enjoying lemon cake. It’s the simple things!

    I wonder what exactly squeaking pips are? I am sure a google search will quickly turn it up! I’ll have a look to see if my guess is right!

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  97. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Molly!!! Burrito, urrito, burrito, 🐻 , roll
    Thank you. I didn’t expect innuendo with endangered birds who are national symbols.
    At least Canada is safe.

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  98. molly says:

    Kiwi vernacular. A pipsqueak is a runt

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  99. The light is that beautiful golden magic hour light, so lovely. Life is good, even if not perfect. This moment is rich in beauty and loveliness, anyway. Sunset soon…

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  100. Yoda says:

    Mind the speed bumps!”

    Tarn and RPG big speed bumps they do have

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  101. Cill says:

    3:45 pm Tuesday July 26th here. I’m sitting in my “public” area, which is the only part of my new home that’s visible to the world. The weather has been gale force winds and rain. Right now it’s bright and quiet. The Pacific is rolling past. I did a couple of hours kite surfing out there this arvo. Life is good.

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  102. Yoda says:

    The Daily Caller is at the Democratic National Convention and it doesn’t look like there are any American flags.

    The stage is bland and grey, with no red, white or blue present. A thorough look at the crowd present also turns up no American flags.


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  103. molly says:

    I wish it was a weekend for me to go surfing after a gale! My boss makes me work during the week, eh. (wink)

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  104. Choicy says:

    I’m a bit partial to the speed bumps mate. I am easily taken advantage of by the big bosom sheilas. I can be a bit of a sucker with a pair of them in front of me at eye level mate.

    As a connoisseur of all shapes and sizes, the white ones are the best of the bunch my mates.

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  105. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny noticed something similar in his neck of the woods. My hypothesis is that feminism is inimical to nationalism. However, it is really exaggerated here in the Anglosphere. Even feminist Sweden is not that bad. For example

    Maybe they are not the best example. This band performs a number of songs that recall Sweden’s past.

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  106. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I don’t know why but Choicy’s comment reminded me that I haven’t had any melon, canteloupe, casaba, or watermelon, in a very long time.

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  107. Funny how something I don’t even really notice or think much about (the, ahem, speed bumps) are perhaps making friends and influencing people and I don’t even know it! Probably a good thing or I’d be so self concious I could not go out in public! I am glad we can’t read people’s minds, lol!!!

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  108. So there you go, to get back on topic, at least two wonderful things about women! Lol!

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  109. Cill says:

    at least two wonderful things about women! Lol!
    Maybe 3
    (although the first 2 are awfully good)

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  110. Cill says:

    Coming up 7:00 pm here and dark already. The sky is more rough weather tomorrow. No prob, I’ve planned for it. I don’t want beautiful weather 365/365. Give me contrast.

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  111. Spawny Get says:

    “This is not over-sharing. This is sound, practical good sense.”

    Often confused for each other these two are.


  112. Spawny Get says:

    Kiwis eat fushenchups, whatever that is.


  113. Spawny Get says:

    Pips squeak…

    Imagine squeezing an orange so hard it’s pips squeaked with the pressure.


  114. Sumo says:

    That sounds like my last date.

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  115. Spawny Get says:

    Pipsqueak also in use here. Council officials and politicians with little power but grouper sized gobs.

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  116. Cill says:

    sounds like my last date.

    Bro tell me seriously, whence that damn pressure?

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  117. Spawny Get says:

    Sumo, how’s your weather doing? Cool enough for chocolate yet?

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  118. Sumo says:

    Bro tell me seriously, whence that damn pressure?

    I have an amazing grip strength – from squeezing lemons, massaging pork belly, marinating pork shoulder, etc.

    Also from fondling “melons” of various and diverse sizes.

    Restaurant life, yo. 😉

    Sumo, how’s your weather doing? Cool enough for chocolate yet?

    That depends upon the day, Most Noble Patriarch. 15 Celsius yesterday, 26 Celsius predicted for tomorrow. :/

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  119. molly says:

    Imagine squeezing an orange so hard it’s pips squeaked with the pressure.

    I think a lemon.

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  120. molly says:

    or a PPP pip Lol

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  121. Sumo says:

    Did I interpret that correctly…..? Does wee Molls want her lemons to be squeezed….?


    Yes, I have been drinking. And also yes, I am deliberately being a jackass. Apologies, wee Molls. 😉

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  122. molly says:

    I thought SQUEEZE A PPP TO A PIP

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  123. molly says:


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  124. Sumo says:


    Beloved little sister, I promise you that I will absolutely not harm you (much) if you try to play out that scenario. 😉

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  125. molly says:

    “I will absolutely not harm you”

    I am un’armable lol

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  126. Sumo says:

    I am un’armable lol

    That sounds like a challenge. Do not challenge The Mighty Sumo, unless you want to be humiliated. 😉

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  127. molly says:


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  128. Spawny Get says:

    Hmm Yoda’s image reminds me that I need a nice mug of coffee

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  129. Spawny Get says:

    Also a doctor shot dead in Germany

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  130. Cill says:

    Mr Hollande warned: ‘Today we must be aware that the terrorists will not give up as long as we don’t stop them. That’s our will and that’s what we are doing tirelessly.
    Yeah, I’d noticed.

    Hollande said “he had spoken with the priest’s family, as well as with some of the hostages, who expressed ‘pain and sadness and also their will to understand why this should happen'”.

    Mass murder by Islam will continue and Hollande will continue to fail.

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  131. Spawny Get says:

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  132. Yoda says:

    Hillary Clinton’s coronation as Democratic candidate for the White House opened in chaos on Monday as delegates booed every mention of her name.

    The Philadelphia venue erupted in jeers and shouts of ‘Bernie’ every time Clinton was named, and outside thousands also chanted for Bernie Sanders.


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  133. Yoda says:

    What has now largely displaced the Founders’ government is what’s called the Administrative State—a transformation premeditated by its main architect, Woodrow Wilson. The thin-skinned, self-righteous college-professor president, who thought himself enlightened far beyond the citizenry, dismissed the Declaration of Independence’s inalienable rights as so much outmoded “nonsense,” and he rejected the Founders’ clunky constitutional machinery as obsolete. (See “It’s Not Your Founding Fathers’ Republic Any More,” Summer 2014.) What a modern country needed, he said, was a “living constitution” that would keep pace with the fast-changing times by continual, Darwinian adaptation, as he called it, effected by federal courts acting as a permanent constitutional convention.



  134. Yoda says:

    “Saying you want to ban guns altogether, that’s going to piss everybody off,” the Clinton alternate delegate, Mary Bayer, told a Project Veritas reporter.
    Instead, Bayer revealed, Democrats use “moderate” language when it comes to guns to obscure their true purpose, a complete elimination of the Second Amendment.

    “You have to take that sort of moderate… ‘We just wanna have common sense legislation so our children are safe!’” Bayer told the reporter, adding, “You say shit like that, and then people will buy into it.”



  135. Cill says:

    A woman outside the church was murdered too.
    Dance instructor Aurelie Chatelain, a mother of one, who had just attended a Pilates class, died after she was shot three times in the head, in what police believe may have been an attempt by Ghlam to hijack her car.


  136. David Foster says:

    Yoda…Woodrow Wilson. There is a really interesting character study of Wilson, co-authored by Sigmund Freud (!) and William Bullitt, a diplomat who had worked with Wilson closely. Key observation:

    “Throughout his life he took intense interest only in subjects which could somehow be connected with speech…He took no interest in mathematics, science, art or music–except in singing himself, a form of speaking. His method of thinking about a subject seems to have been to imagine himself making a speech about it…He seems to have thought about political or economic problems only when he was preparing to make a speech about them either on paper or from the rostrum. His memory was undoubtedly of the vaso-motor type. The use of his vocal chords was to him inseparable from thinking.”

    Wilson seems to have been what I call a Word Person….as is America’s current president.



  137. Spawny Get says:


  138. Spawny Get says:

    Still, let’s keep things in perspective, shall we?

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  139. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    From the little I am hearing about the Democratic National Convention, it sounds like Hillary has really stepped in it.


  140. Spawny Get says:

    Nothing to see here, folks

    Move along now

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  141. Cill says:

    Why everyone wants to move to New Zealand (if Trump wins)

    The last thing my country needs is an influx of the loopy “liberals” and “progressives” who have fucked up the USA. Let them move to Ontario. They’d be more at home there.

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  142. Sumo says:

    Let them move to Ontario. They’d be more at home there.

    Fuck dat noize. We have more than enough home-grown morons; the last thing we need is to import more from the USA.

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  143. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    According to Rebel Media, Canada doesn’t want them either. The question has to be asked, what contribution could a Hillary voter make to a host country>


  144. Moi says:

    Inevitable destruction of their present way of life. And higher taxes to pay for it.

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  145. Spawny Get says:

    Please don’t misunderstand, that deal sounds grrrreat. It’s just that I don’t remember signing up for it. Hell, I don’t remember even being asked about it.

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  146. Yoda says:

    A new post there is


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