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From the conservative Federalist,

Men also used to marry younger and in larger numbers to lock down their very own real-life woman. Now, why bother doing the decent work of marrying and raising a family if you can swipe right and see a new pair every night? “Seventy percent of American males between the ages of 20 and 34 are not married, and many live in a state of ‘perpetual adolescence’ with ominous consequences for the nation’s future,says Janice Shaw Crouse, author of ‘Marriage Matters.’”

Well, it is not just easy access to online pr0n that is doing this.  Women are busy doing lots of things other than considering marriage.  In that age bracket, women hold all of the cards these days.  Oddly enough, it is always “men and stupid pr0n (and video games)” that gets blamed.

In a bizarre gambit to gain equality, women gave away a ton of the power they had accumulated in society. They held a majority of the cards in sexual relationships and, facing a royal flush, decided to fold. Women used to set the cultural standards and parameters for intimate activity. Now often the guys wield more power over sex and the girls are working way too hard, way too soon, for no reciprocity. More widely available hookups have made men less likely to commit.

There is some truth here, wrapped up in lots of BS.  Yes, women did have power because they held a cartel on sex.  Yes, they gave it away.  They also took the power that men had over them, that is; the expectation of support.  With their own fancy education on careers, women put less consideration on finding a man for this reason.

All of the above freed women to pursue hawt guys.  These are the men that she is referring to; the ones with the power. The large number of non-hawt guys have no power.  The author obviously does not see this.  I wonder if it is because women like her do not look, or maybe they see, but just pretend not to know.  Still, even empowered women must always be damsels in distress (i.e. victims).

Take what happens when there are more women than men in a dating pool. Manhattan has three women for every two men in the under-30 college grad dating pool. Men in a market like this, where there is a preponderance of available boobs women, tend to not settle down and engage in productive activities like building a family. They may even start to see women as interchangeable, as the market incentives drive them to move on as soon as they need to put in some effort to sustain a relationship.

So why does Manhattan have such a ratio?  Probably it is because there are lots of advertising and other such jobs there, but more importantly,  hawt and/or rich men.  Yes, these men probably do see them as interchangeable.  Why wouldn’t they, as they are probably not exactly signally much of anything else other than sex. And still, lots of guys are left out here.  Women always seem to not notice this.

Finally there is the “not settle down and have a family” silliness.  And who’s fault is this?  Perhaps divorce courts and the cock carousel have an effect.

Unsurprisingly, men tend to be less — I’ll say it — promiscuous when women are more scarce. Consider Santa Clara County, Calif., home to Silicon Valley and the only well-populated area in the country where male college grads outnumber female ones by a significant margin. There, it’s women who have the dating leverage. ‘I think it’s pretty good for the girls,’ one single woman told the San Jose Mercury News a few years back. ‘You can be more picky,’ because guys ‘have to try harder.’

So the rich and/or hawt men around have to try harder.  That’s great.  “You can be more picky”, she says.  As if women are not picky enough.  And still, lot’s of guys are left in the cold.  So very blind.

This may sound a bit Trumpesque, but to Make America Great Again we may need to Make Seeing Boobs Rare Again. Men did great things often in pursuit of women.

Yes, they did.  But covering up boobs will not turn the trick; there needs to much more.  Hypergamy needs to be reined in.  Men investments in family matters needs to be protected.  That is just for starters.  However, oddly enough, the author believes that problems can be solved by covering boobs.


P.S. NAWALT applies

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52 comments on “Blind Spot
  1. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    It’s the hawt guys. That is all they want and all they can see. About the three to two odds for Manhattan, do you remember Frank from SSMs? That was close to his stomping grounds and he wasn’t having any luck. Perhaps putting yourself out there for long term is a negative. I did see a picture of him and it was’t that he was bad looking.
    While they can’t all be riding the carousel in their twenties, enough of them are and they can’t be taken at their word.
    I think what has to happen is that the sexual marketplace needs to be seen by women to have crashed and they have to know that they are the fault of it. In the meanwhile, stuff like the article mentioned in the post only shifts the blame to those not at fault.

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  2. Cill says:

    Making porn illegal won’t save marriage. The only men that women want to marry are having all the fun they need without LTR or marriage.

    Men would be crazy to risk their assets and their liberty by marrying. Why put everything at the mercy of an entitled female who can strip you of your assets on a whim? Why have children when your wife can remove you from their lives and at her sole discretion deprive you of access rights? Why put yourself at the mercy of a woman who with one false accusation can wreck your career and your life?

    Not just the men that women desire, but all men, should say to hell with that. In the Western world, marriage is as good as done. Finished. Gone. Feminism has seen to that. Men have everything to lose and nothing to gain by marrying.

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  3. Cill says:

    Hypergamy needs to be reined in. Men investments in family matters needs to be protected.

    Won’t happen unless Feminism is knocked on the head, which in a democracy is not going to happen. Women have used democracy gender-centrically, and their in-built group-bias ensures that they will continue to do so. Marriage is on a one-way highway to oblivion.

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  4. Cill says:

    I’ve received a couple of questions here and privately re molly. Thanks for your concern, folks.

    Don’t worry about molly. She had a mishap and broke a bone or two, as a result of which she has found it difficult to type. She’s on the mend. Well on the road to full recovery. Molly is self-employed and has a lot of demands on her time. She’s fine.

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  5. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Good to know! It’s hard to not like Molly. She is so cheerful!

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  6. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It was a few weeks ago but, you asked the question of what women will do if the alphas turn them down. While I find it hard to consider, it may yet come to that. Every development seems to make things look worse for men.

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  7. Cill says:

    Here in NZ the alphas are turning them down. We might as well go out and fuck a dirigible.

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  8. Trouble is women are told over and over “it’s the guys” when really they should be being told, “be a better woman. Be worth commitment.” And about aiming out of one’s league might be their trouble. And lots more… Lots, lots more. I know when I first stumbled across it all suddenly made soooo much sense, and I wondered why nobody had ever told me or any woman I know all that? It was an awakening!

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  9. Cill says:

    Wales vs NZ test 3 live… watching it right now.

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  10. Btw my new insomnia solution is to stay up later, so then I sleep solid till morning. Seems to be working… And I use the time to get stuff done like laundry and dishes and such so that’s a bonus! More than 5 hours sleep a night would be nice tho!

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  11. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    There is something that I should be thankful for. I do sleep well. Tonight is unusual.

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  12. Ame says:

    ummm … there were pics of boobs long before cell phones. different medium. more available? sure. but certainly not the ’cause.’


    very thankful Molly is on the mend!

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  13. Spawny Get says:

    “to lock down their very own real-life woman”

    And that deal is off the table. Also modern marriage can cost you your life, or at least your quality of life, via divorce. So why marry?

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  14. Spawny Get says:

    “Making porn illegal”

    I think that they tried that in Iceland a few years ago. Don’t remember if things got out of hand, what the outcome was…bet it wasn’t a marry-an-entitled-munter fest.

    When Rome made a batchelor tax, the men paid it because it was worth it given the alternative

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  15. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    I would like to know more about Iceland. At a guess, they had to abandon the policy because of the size of their market wasn’t enough to warrant special consideration.
    Didn’t Farm Boy have something recent about single mothers there? From what I recall, it had gotten really blatant, to the point where even a traditionalist couldn’t find fault with the boys.

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  16. Spawny Get says:

    Fuzz, my impression is the same as yours.

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  17. SFC Ton says:

    another article bitching about UMC White women problems….. how drool

    Really this is about hypergamy. Notice there isn’t a lack of men in that area there is a lack of college educated men

    As I skimmed the link Farm Boy used for his piece…. the original article writer clearly views men as draft horses “settle down and engage in productive activities like building a family” says it all doesn’t it?

    What do women do when alphas turn them down? IF her proportion is overt and the reject is rather overt, my experience is, they turn viscous and attempt to scorched earth. A lot of the fat acceptance meme’s point to this.

    It’s been awhile since I was in Iceland. I enjoyed the people but marriage seemed rare, LTRs seemed common but the women were…. blimps. Cill set the tone on that one but I remember thinking no wonder these dudes are so good at strongman and powerlifting. If they don’t poses a world class level of strength they’d starve to death or get eaten by the women

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  18. Sumo says:

    If they don’t poses a world class level of strength they’d starve to death or get eaten by the women

    Dammit, now I have to clean beersnot off of the monitor again…..

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  19. SFC Ton says:

    mission accomplished

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  20. Spawny Get says:

    You need a Trump version of that ^^^

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  21. Spawny Get says:

    I swear that I never know when your ‘mistakes’ are:
    1) typos
    2) deliberate
    3) you know? actual spelling errors

    but that one is great (drole -> drool)

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  22. SFC Ton says:

    LOL also mission accomplished

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  23. Spawny Get says:

    Clearly not just a BREXIT related phenomenon

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  24. Cill says:

    droll -> drole -> drool


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  25. Yoda says:

    To believe this conspiracy, you pretty much have to accept that a Japanese-to-American localizer (as workers who translate games for local markets are called) is a member of this scary anonymous Gamergate group, biding his time, working up the ranks of Nintendo until he could finally get his revenge on his nemesis Zoe Quinn — by secretly inserting reference to the controversy into a game as monumental as Paper Mario: Color Splash!

    And of course “Shufflegate” could either be a random Watergate reference — or a nod to the translator’s online cyber crime network, AKA Gamergate. (Dun, dun, dun!)

    Well, Zoe Quinn herself interpreted the stills as the (admittedly, much more exciting) second option.

    what the fuck did I ever do to you, Nintendo, that y’all had to make my suffering into a fucking joke

    — teënage shirtbag (@UnburntWitch) June 22, 2016


  26. Yoda says:

    A 2010 decision temporarily disabling State Department security features to accommodate Hillary Clinton’s private server effectively laid out a “welcome mat” for hackers and foreign intelligence services, a leading IT official who oversaw computer security at the Defense Intelligence Agency told Fox News.

    “You’re putting not just the Clinton server at risk but the entire Department of State emails at risk,” said Bob Gourley, former chief technology officer (CTO) for the DIA. “When you turn off your defensive mechanisms and you’re connected to the Internet, you’re almost laying out the welcome mat for anyone to intrude and attack and steal your secrets.”


  27. Cill says:

    Everywhere I look on the news this morning I see caterwauling cry-babies bemoaning Brexit. They are even rapping about it. Shit! Time for an injection of sanity.

    JS Bach, genius:


  28. Cill says:

    Ooops. I meant to post that on the Brexit thread ^^^


  29. molly says:


    Y’all on spawnyspace are soo sweet ❤ ❤ -specially UncaS the Exiter!

    (I dun a pun heh heh)
    Luv ya

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  30. Yoda says:

    I can’t help but wonder what Dworkin and Angelou would think about the trend among today’s modern day feminists who insist on defining themselves by their bodies and not their accomplishments. All they want to do is talk about their bodies but balk at anyone else commenting on them. There is an entire group of one-dimensional feminist writers and activists who have made their body their identity. I had the displeasure of hearing from many of them when I was asked to write an article for Vice’s broadly titled “Guide to Being Fat.” It wasn’t my favorite article to write, but I wanted to inject some humor and reality into a touchy subject – and reach a new audience so I could sell some books.


  31. Yoda says:

    Orlando mass murderer Omar Mateen and his wife, Noor, were raised in middle-class American homes by Middle Eastern parents who used social media to share their passionate opinions and support for controversial groups in their homelands, including the pro-Palestinian group Hamas and the Taliban in Afghanistan.


  32. Stephanie says:

    Did y’all see the most recent happenings in Idaho? A gang of Muslim refugee boys (they were pretty young, too) attacked a 5 year old special needs girl, sexually assaulted her, urinated in her mouth, etc.

    “Davis Odell, a community resident who has been in close contact with the victim’s family said the boys dragged the unnamed girl into a utility room in the Fawnbrook Apartments, a low-income, subsidized housing complex in Twin Falls, and assaulted her in an attack that ended when a neighbor happened upon the scene and called police.”

    It gets worse… the people in Idaho have been threatened with prosecution for reporting cases like this because they may be inflammatory or false.

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  33. Stephanie says:

    So apparently these boys didn’t really rape her but just sexually assaulted her, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. It’s like they were practicing a mock gang-rape though.


  34. Stephanie says:

    “shouldn’t be a big deal” to anyone who cares – I mean. Yuck ugly liberals!


  35. Yoda says:

    As Whoopi Goldberg does say,
    “Rape-Rape is was not”


  36. Yoda says:

    About above story this is

    The spread of false information or inflammatory or threatening statements about the perpetrators or the crime itself reduces public safety and may violate federal law. We have seen time and again that the spread of falsehoods about refugees divides our communities. I urge all citizens and residents to allow Mr. Loebs and Chief Kingsbury and their teams to do their jobs

    This, it seems to me, goes beyond calling for accuracy (and trying to deter threats, which are indeed criminally punishable). The prosecutor — a prosecutor backed by the might of the federal government — is not just condemning “threatening statements.” She is equally condemning “inflammatory” statements “about the perpetrators or the crime,” as well as “the spread of false information.”

    There is no First Amendment exception for “inflammatory” statements; and even false statements about matters of public concern, the Supreme Court has repeatedly held, are an inevitable part of free debate. While deliberate lies about particular people may lead to criminal punishment in some states that have carefully crafted “criminal libel” statutes, that would be under state law, not federal law; and though Idaho still has an old criminal libel law, it is almost never used, and is likely unconstitutionally drafted given modern First Amendment standards. Moreover, honest mistakes on matters of public concern are often constitutionally protected, especially against criminal punishment.

    The federal prosecutor surely knows how to speak carefully and precisely about what very limited sorts of speech she can prosecute. Yet she chose to equally threaten federal prosecution not just for the punishable true threats — or for the deliberate lies that may be punished under state but not federal law — but also for an unspecified range of “inflammatory … statements about the perpetrators or the crime itself,” as well as for “the spread of false information” (with no limitation on the spread of deliberate lies). It looks like an attempt to chill constitutionally protected speech through the threat of federal prosecution.

    One way of thinking about this is to imagine that the political valences were different. Imagine that there was an allegation of an unnamed white police officer sexually assaulting a young girl, and imagine that there were stories — even highly inaccurate ones — circulating online accusing the police department of covering up the assault, which led to threats to local government officials. And imagine that a U.S. attorney in the Bush administration made a public statement saying, among other things, that “We have seen time and again that the spread of falsehoods about police officers divides our communities,” and that “The spread of false information or inflammatory or threatening statements about the police officer or the crime itself reduces public safety and may violate federal law.”

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  37. Farm Boy says:

    There is a new post


  38. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    From an earlier report, the perpetrators were seven, ten, and fourteen wit he oldest serving as lookout. While I don’t doubt that a seven and ten year old can do some sick things to a five year old girl, it still is a juvenile on juvenile crime.

    AS for spreading falsehood, who is to say what is true? Can US attorneys be trusted to make the distinction?:

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  39. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I have to make something clear. Because it is a juvenile matte, confidence has to be respected. Young kids cannot be held to the same level of responsibility that adults are.


  40. SFC Ton says:

    I favor post birth abortions for all moslems, age not withstanding

    I get the juvie thing when its stealing gum or some such but when it is a group sexual assault?

    [SG – Sorry, it really goes against the grain, but I had to chop that]


  41. Spawny Get says:

    …can we just…you know…keep a slight lid on it?
    You don’t live under the regime that I do.


  42. SFC Ton says:

    lol I thought that was rather moderate


  43. Spawny Get says:

    I’m not saying that you hadn’t tamed it down.

    I am genuinely unhappy about it, but I had to chop part of it. Things really are different here.


  44. Spawny Get says:


  45. SFC Ton says:

    fair certain that bothers you more then it would ever bother me Spwany


  46. Spawny Get says:

    Well, thanks for that. I appreciate the adult attitude.


  47. Spawny Get says:

    An update might help explain.

    The MSM is now pushing the typical SJW manoeuvre of claiming that wayciss attacks are taking a place on the back of the Brexit win. Even the PM / government (can’t remember which) announced that they’re very concerned about these alleged attacks. All the elite would love to start threatening people for hate speech just for mentioning immigration. Shut down the debate.

    It used to be that merely calling someone raciss was sufficient to shut discussion down. The referendum broke that down. Now they need a little (real) legal backing.

    That’s the reality behind this piss-taking tweet by Godfrey Elfwick

    He’s a frigging hero


  48. SFC Ton says:

    Same sort of thing here too Spwany
    hajji sets off bombs at some yankee marathon? They worry about anti islam back lash
    hajjis shoot up an elder care facility? They worry about anti islam back lash
    hajjis sexually assault a 5 year old girl? They worry about anti islam back lash

    Personally I am sadden there is no anti islam back lash. The most I have ever seen is the actions I take


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