A Strength, A Weakness

Men have a history of providing leadership and/or sacrifice for the common good.  Contrary to what Hillary might believe, men have suffered greatly in wars fighting for for their homelands.  The essential point is that men can, should and will act collectively for what is perceived to be the common good (at least this is mostly true in the modern Western world).

Furthermore, men are taught (at least in prior times they were taught) that they need to be strong; to be able to take abuse if needed for the sake of society.  It does seem odd that this principle is still enforced (culturally, mainly through shaming), even after this era’s deliberate feminization school boys. But that issue is for another time.

In the age of Feminism, more responsibilities (in marriage at least) have been foisted upon men; in conjunction with less authority to carry these responsibilities out.  In addition, there has been general abuse thrust upon men by society (e.g. male bashing, abuse laws, affirmative action, free money for women but not for men).  Men are supposed to take it, because that is what men do; absorb abuse for the sake of all. However many men are waking up to the fact, that it isn’t really for the sake of all.

Why do men not organize against this abuse?  Once again, as men, they are supposed to take it.  Furthermore, they are not allowed to organize for the sake of just themselves, they can only organize for sake of family and society.  So nothing happens.

What is next?

Addendum: Dalrock has a very relevant comment as to what might be next



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  1. BuenaVista says:

    Why organize when you can just go flying, sailing or skiing?

    Chicks be around anyway. Actually, more chicks. Lots of chicks. The kind who say, ‘I finally know what I want … So marry me.’

    (The premise of the OP might be wrong. Women are not salvageable, the State never takes statutes off the books. Exactly what are men supposed to ‘organize’ to achieve?)

    Await the furry’s 20,987 remarks. Please the obligatory fap-to-scarlet yawner.

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  2. BuenaVista says:

    Seriously, what is the objective function men should organize to achieve? What is the dependent variable in said optimization?


  3. Yoda says:

    Save society they might

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  4. Tarnished says:

    Furthermore, they are not allowed to organize for the sake of just themselves, they can only organize for sake of family and society.

    That is why MGTOW is the best solution. It requires no organization, yet is still effective on an individual level.

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  5. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    Now that women have taken us back to the tournament social order, men are only here to compete with each other. In all of history have men ever banded together to advance their interests or defend themselves from women? If we did, it would be a first and it may save society.
    Only women seem to have the “hivemind” or “Team Woman” working in their favor.


  6. Ame says:

    do men have an instinctive need to fight for something?

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  7. BuenaVista says:

    Save which ‘society’? The one where govt and women (same shit, different modality) promise to be nice this time?

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  8. Yoda says:

    Save which ‘society’? The one where govt and women (same shit, different modality) promise to be nice this time?

    A Patriarcy good it would be.


  9. Yoda says:

    do men have an instinctive need to fight for something?

    Athletics and video games fill this need in those that need it they do

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  10. Yoda says:

    Also fill men’s desire to be part of team that accomplishes things it does

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  11. Yoda says:

    It requires no organization, yet is still effective on an individual level.

    If men could live with sex not,
    super effective it would be

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  12. Tarnished says:


    I wouldn’t say “fighting” is instinctively masculine.

    A need for competition, on the other hand, is.

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  13. Tarnished says:

    That competitiveness is what makes one motivated, and helps us strive for what is better.

    It is a good trait to have.

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  14. Tarnished says:

    If men could live with sex not,
    super effective it would be

    One can survive without sex, even if it isn’t fully living (unless you’re asexual, I suppose). It is definitely not preferable, but the MGTOW and Incel communities do speak of eventually becoming content with prolonged celibacy with the help of porn. The “no fap” community I must admit to not understanding at all, though.

    But that’s just my take on it. I’m sure some will say I place too much importance on sexual intimacy to be taken seriously.

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  15. Yoda says:

    First world problems this is.

    Actually an effective combo for picking up chicks it is

    Brocialist: a guy so in love with his own progressiveness or radicalness he is convinced he can do no wrong. This extends to being a sexist jerk.

    I befriended my first brocialist at the tender age of 18. He was staunchly left-wing, creative, charming, and articulate—all of which drove the ladies wild. I was the only female in our hall of residence debating team. Challenging, yes, but I suppose I was a wannabe hipster Helen Clark at the time. We would argue constantly. His argument was that he wasn’t a brocialist, I was simply misguided. When I pointed out that he regularly patronised and undermined women, he would dismiss it as banter and argue I was hung up on something less important to “real issues,” such as climate change.


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  16. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I think that your observations are correct.

    Status quo is of benefit to alphas with short time horizons.

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  17. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    With some Dark Triad baked into “brosocialist”, effective technique it would be.


  18. Ame says:

    unrelated question:

    best and worst military movies?


  19. Yoda says:

    Tora, Tora, Tora
    Band of Brothers
    A Bridge Too Far
    The Longest Day


  20. Yoda says:

    If men organized at the start of feminism they did,
    How different the world might be?


  21. Yoda says:

    The premise of the OP might be wrong.

    The premise mostly about why men organize not


  22. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It was a miniseries that I haven’t been able to see for a while taken from a great book by a superb author. It’s called “Masada”. Peter O’Toole and Peter Strauss.


  23. Spawny Get says:

    yes I did just up vote one comment then delete the next one.
    I’m far from sure that your intent is bad, but the effect is not helping anyone. Please tone it down. I don’t think that tough love is going to help here.
    I’m off back to sleep, so no immediate replies from me


  24. Yoda says:


    Ivanka Trump does a lot of campaign work for her father, Donald Trump. Including a lot of media interviews, where she’s asked to talk about her father’s alleged mistreatment of women. Every single time.

    The media interviews Chelsea Clinton a lot in support of Hillary Clinton’s campaign

    Have you ever seen her being asked questions about her father’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broadderick or the rest of them?

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  25. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I don’t think that men were prepared to get into a “war” with women over this at the start of feminism. We’re supposed to live as a complement to each other, not in competition.
    There are theories that say this has been building for a long time. Since the dawn of Christianity, maybe? However, it is only recently that the economy could afford this nonsense.

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  26. Stephanie says:

    “What’s next?”

    I honestly think it’s not going to be getting better anytime soon… in fact, maybe it will have dips – lows and kind-of highs – but I think we’re in a steady decline of society. That sounds so pessimistic but maybe it’s just realism? I want to be optimistic about my sons and their specific education of these things and about women, but to be optimistic about society seems odd at this point.

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  27. Farm Boy says:

    However, it is only recently that the economy could afford this nonsense.

    Yes, indeed. It all is a luxury good

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  28. Yoda says:

    Contrary to what Hillary might believe, men have suffered greatly in wars fighting for for their homelands

    One hundred year anniversary of the Somme Offensive soon it will be.
    Hillary will notice not

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  29. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    Had we no gone down this path, and, instead, applied that wealth to good works, where would we be?


  30. The over the top reactions to any group of men trying to meet to talk about “men’s issues” or “men’s rights” is proof that the OP is on track. I remember when a men’s rights conference was targeted so much that they had to switch to an American Legion Hall to meet. Imagine any woman’s issues or women’s rights event being targeted with harassment and threats like that? Equal rights would support BOTH men’s and women’s issues, right? Not demand one but witch hunt the other. Men getting together is very threatening to the current agenda…

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  31. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I remember that. As feminists called in threats to the Doubletree in Detroit, costs spiraled. Terrence Popp suggested his servicemen’s club as an alternate and it went off.
    Last winter, Roosh suggested a bunch of locations for get togethers and had to cancel. Threats were coming in that were credible.
    The next one is The ICMI 2016 in London 8-10 July. Let’s see if that is held.


  32. Spawny Get says:

    Just fished a few comments out of the spam filter (Ame & Ton). Not sure why they got caught up


  33. Spawny Get says:

    Quite an interesting one

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  34. Spawny Get says:

    6th June (part 2) : Third new poll gives LEAVE extended five point lead

    6th June (part 2) : Third new poll gives LEAVE extended five point lead
    An ICM poll of 1,741 people taken from 3 to 5 June shows 48 per cent would vote to Leave, up from 47 per cent a week ago, while 43 per cent would vote to Remain, down 1 point over the same timescale.

    Martin Boon of ICM said:

    After a fairly tumultuous week in which both Prime Minister and Michael Gove set out their stalls on TV, ICM’s weekly tracker and indeed at least two other polls published in the last 24 hours, suggest a move to Leave might have occurred.

    Our poll today has Leave on 48% (+1), Remain on 43% (-1) with Don’t Knows still on 9%. This equates to a 53% vs 47% lead for Leave.

    Our poll somewhat reinforces a Yougov poll this morning which found a 4-point move to Leave, and polls from TNS and Opinium which also gave cause for concern for the Remain camp.

    All these polls were conducted online, however, and outside of ICM’s unexpected leap toward Leave in our phone poll last week, no other evidence has been forthcoming from phone polls that Remain are falling back. If new phone polls do emerge with such an outcome, however, we could be more confident that – irrespective of where the actual standings are on a poll-by-poll basis – Leave have pushed on.

    6th June: Two new polls give LEAVE the lead
    Two new polls have given the lead to the Brexit campaign.

    YouGov puts Leave ahead by 4 points, while a TNS poll gives the Brexit campaign a lead of 2 points.

    This is the first time Leave has been in the lead with YouGov, and the poll finds that the major issue is immigration.

    Reuters reports:

    British support for leaving the European Union in a June 23 referendum has risen, giving the Out campaign a lead of 2 to 4 percentage points, according to opinion polls by TNS and YouGov.

    A YouGov online poll of 3,495 people for ITV’s Good Morning Britain showed 45 percent would opt to leave the EU while 41 percent would opt to stay while 11 percent of voters were undecided. The poll was carried out on June 1-3.

    A TNS online poll of 1,213 people showed 43 percent would vote to leave, 41 percent would vote to stay and 16 percent were undecided. The TNS poll was carried out May 19-23 but adjusted for turnout.

    5th June: Opinium gives ‘Remain’ narrow lead after changing methodology
    A major UK pollster has announced that it has changed its methodology after it found ‘Leave’ leading and could not stand by those results.

    Opinium issued a statement about their newest poll that sees Remain ahead by two points, stating that they will clarify their position on Monday.

    Major UK pollster alters methodology to squeeze out pro-#Brexit views… #euref pic.twitter.com/aWzzQYKgd7

    — Raheem Kassam (@RaheemKassam) June 4, 2016

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  35. Yoda says:

    More state coercion we need not

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  36. Yoda says:

    Political correctness is the means by which we try to control others; decency is the means by which we try to control ourselves. There is no doubt which is the easier to undertake, and the more pleasurable and gratifying. There is a considerable element of sadism in political correctness.


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  37. BuenaVista says:

    So, BV is on probation. Scared. Comments deleted by moderator. Ashamed.

    Points taken. Working now on my cat video portfolio, will share.


  38. BuenaVista says:

    Furry cats!


  39. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Yoda at 5:21pm,
    That was more than a little ominous. While I knew that feminists were more partial to socialism and totalitarianism, I thought they would be more subtle.


  40. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get at 12:32pm,
    That video does go a long way to explaining why men can’t band together. We compete. That also goes a long way to explaining how feminism got as far as it has.

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  41. Cill says:

    7 am 7th June, and I’m warming up the engines of my barge for the start of a new day. It’s pitch dark here in NZ, less than a fortnight until Winter Solstice. Looks like our luck is holding and we’ll have ideal conditions on the sea again today.

    Best wishes to all my online companions.

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  42. Spawny Get says:

    “So, BV is on probation.”
    Clearly not, your comment just came through directly, didn’t it. Ton and Ame had a couple of comments end up in the spam filter – you did not. Their comments weren’t spammy so I don’t understand why they were filtered, though Ton was trolly (I was shocked!, shocked! I tell you)
    I know that I’m convinced of that
    “Comments deleted by moderator.”
    By me? Just one. I have requested a few others intervene when / if required, but that request was made many months ago. I’m not aware that anyone else intervened in my name – any complaints should be addressed to me.
    I know that I’m convinced of that too

    Come on man, I think that you’re maybe trying to bounce the other out of his pain in order to help. But I don’t think that what I deleted helped. I don’t think that you’re a bad guy. Can you not just move past people that irritate you?

    I enjoy time on the blog, I don’t want to monitor comments, I don’t wish to censor comments. Not from any of the regulars or any new commenters. I much prefer to let things free run.

    (IB would just be banned (for her good and ours))

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  43. Yoda says:

    High school girls in Alaska are crying foul after a male sprinter took home all-state honors in girls’ track and field. According to local reports, it was the first time in Alaskan history that a male athlete competed in the girls’ state championships.


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  44. Yoda says:

    On June 1st, the Massachusetts’ House of Representatives passed a law that would eliminate biological sex and make male and female dependent on gender identification rather than genetics. At first, you might take issue with this law, but that’s only because you’re small-minded and have failed to see the law’s potential.


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  45. Ame says:

    Spawny Get says:
    6 June, 2016 at 11:15 am
    Just fished a few comments out of the spam filter (Ame & Ton). Not sure why they got caught up


    no worries! i know it just happens to the special people 🙂

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  46. Yoda says:

    Billboards about “gender-stereotyping,” LGBT book clubs for kids, an opera about child bullying, and poetry about climate change are all being billed to the taxpayers as new projects from the National Endowment for the Arts.


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  47. Yoda says:

    Peggy Noonan captured this point quite eloquently in her column for the WSJ last week. She wrote that:

    I keep thinking of how Donald Trump got to be the very likely Republican nominee. There are many answers and reasons, but my thoughts keep revolving around the idea of protection. It is a theme that has been something of a preoccupation in this space over the years, but I think I am seeing it now grow into an overall political dynamic throughout the West.

    There are the protected and the unprotected. The protected make public policy. The unprotected live in it. The unprotected are starting to push back, powerfully.

    The protected are the accomplished, the secure, the successful—those who have power or access to it. They are protected from much of the roughness of the world. More to the point, they are protected from the world they have created. Again, they make public policy and have for some time.

    I want to call them the elite to load the rhetorical dice, but let’s stick with the protected.

    They are figures in government, politics and media. They live in nice neighborhoods, safe ones. Their families function, their kids go to good schools, they’ve got some money. All of these things tend to isolate them, or provide buffers. Some of them—in Washington it is important officials in the executive branch or on the Hill; in Brussels, significant figures in the European Union—literally have their own security details.

    Because they are protected they feel they can do pretty much anything, impose any reality. They’re insulated from many of the effects of their own decisions.

    The protected were thus protected, if you will, from the effects of their decisions on the rest of society:

    You see the dynamic in many spheres. In Hollywood, as we still call it, where they make our rough culture, they are careful to protect their own children from its ill effects. In places with failing schools, they choose not to help them through the school liberation movement—charter schools, choice, etc.—because they fear to go up against the most reactionary professional group in America, the teachers unions. They let the public schools flounder. But their children go to the best private schools.

    This is a terrible feature of our age—that we are governed by protected people who don’t seem to care that much about their unprotected fellow citizens.

    Life thus has been good for the protected:

    But the unprotected watched and saw. They realized the protected were not looking out for them, and they inferred that they were not looking out for the country, either.

    The unprotected came to think they owed the establishment—another word for the protected—nothing, no particular loyalty, no old allegiance.

    Mr. Trump came from that.


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  48. Yoda says:

    Reports of Texas teachers having inappropriate relationships with students are on track to beat last year’s record total.


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  49. Yoda says:

    post-Cold War left-right politics of the nation have been breaking down in slow motion for two decades. They are now being replaced by a different type of inside-outside politics.

    The Trump phenomenon is neither a disease nor a symptom – he is instead the beta-test of a cure that the American people are trying out. It won’t work. But this is where our politics are going: working and middle class Americans are reasserting themselves against a political and cultural establishment that has become completely discredited over time and due to their own actions. …

    In other words, Trump is the unprotected class’ beta test for a cure for the revolt of the elites. And its about damned time. Which leads me to hope Domenech is right about his next point:

    This is not a temporary adjustment. It is a new reality, as Angelo Codevilla writes today.“America is now ruled by a uniformly educated class of persons that occupies the commanding heights of bureaucracy, of the judiciary, education, the media, and of large corporations, and that wields political power through the Democratic Party. Its control of access to prestige, power, privilege, and wealth exerts a gravitational pull that has made the Republican Party’s elites into its satellites.

    “This class’s fatal feature is its belief that ordinary Americans are a lesser intellectual and social breed. Its increasing self-absorption, its growing contempt for whoever won’t bow to it, its dependence for votes on sectors of society whose grievances it stokes, have led it to break the most basic rule of republican life: deeming its opposition illegitimate.”

    Democrats and Republicans who still think that this is a phase – a fever they just need to wait out before a return to normalcy – are utterly delusional.

    To the establishment, this breakdown looks like chaos. It looks like savagery. It looks like a man with a flamethrowing guitar playing death metal going a hundred miles an hour down Fury Road. But to the American people, it looks like democracy. Something new will replace the old order, and there are a host of smart, young leaders on all sides who must prove they have the capability to figure out how to create or retrofit institutions that can represent and channel this new energy.


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  50. SFC Ton says:

    The Ton was trollish?
    Balderdash even.

    But no more ridicules then the Bear praising Che, Abigail Adams and what not

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  51. Ame says:




  52. Ame says:

    Yoda says:
    6 June, 2016 at 11:31 pm
    Reports of Texas teachers having inappropriate relationships with students are on track to beat last year’s record total.



    “”Our goal, outside of preventing these inappropriate relationships from ever developing, should be to identify and quash these cases at the point of grooming before any abuse happens,” she said.

    Green said it’s important not to pretend the issue doesn’t exist.

    “The part that’s hardest is having the courage to initiate a lot of these conversations,” she said. “This is not an issue that people like to talk about.””


    the hardest part is talking about it … ‘doing’ it is, apparently, not an issue.

    hummm …

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  53. Yoda says:

    For sure, Amelia Earhart one should praise not,


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  54. horseman says:

    The simple answer is we dont need to. Dalrock’s brilliant piece that it is not a strike.
    Collectivism will not work in this case. The power is supposedly with the government, society, media etc.

    But the true power is at the individual level. When the men individually wake up and on their own walk away. Then all the defense, effort, money, attention etc that the women need simply wont be there.

    The single mom needing funding for spawn. The growing cohort of forty plus women with 75 year old parents needing care, the SIW wanting a spouse, the workforce bleeding skilled motivated trades, the bankers needing someone to take out a loan.

    Beuller? Anyone? Beuller?

    cue crickets.

    It is just beginning. All of this need. To be met by???

    No the metephore is water. each man is a droplet. The force of society’s gravity is leading them individually in the same direction. To each they are just a drop going its own way. To the observer they are a river, growing, speeding up. But the river has no agenda. it is just water. And water, following the path of least resistance and patiently over time, can level mountains.

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  55. Sumo says:

    In the age of Feminism, more responsibilities (in marriage at least) have been foisted upon men; in conjunction with less authority to carry these responsibilities out. In addition, there has been general abuse thrust upon men by society (e.g. male bashing, abuse laws, affirmative action, free money for women but not for men). Men are supposed to take it, because that is what men do;

    Men are also, apparently, supposed to put out upon demand:


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  56. horseman says:


    “The Alliance keeps expanding, we just move a little farther out. Take jobs as they come, aint gotta be under the thumb of no one ever again.”


    “I didn’t fight in no war. I’ll be over here.”

    Both fighters, both men of their own morale(ish) codes. Both the ZFG men produced by a society that saw them as disposable. Both free.

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  57. Yoda says:

    Dalrock does opine,


    Where does this all end? The current feminist paradigm is not sustainable because as men are edged out, the burden of maintaining civilization falls on women’s narrow shoulders. This would inevitably lead to a declining standard of living at some point. The only alternative, as Rollo often says, is to coerce men. I can’t see how this will be accomplished save by a totalitarian state that coerces men to play their role in a civilization that openly disdains their interests.

    This has already happened, as we have moved from a marriage based family structure to a child support based family structure. The former created incentives for men to be productive. The latter relies on an elaborate system of coercion to set income quotas for each individual man and imprison men who don’t meet quota. Part of what makes this new system palatable is the game of make believe that we really haven’t fundamentally changed the model. Marriage still exists in theory, but it can always be transformed to the child support model for any or no reason at the whim of the wife. Thus even though only half of all fathers formally fall into the enforced quota model, deliberate public policy is to keep the other half in line with threats to formally put them in the new model.

    But coercion based models are far less effective at getting maximum productivity than incentive based models, especially over the long term. Under a coercion model, economic actors learn to avoid excessive production, lest their quota be increased accordingly. There is also the problem that men can avoid the quota system altogether by avoiding becoming a father.

    The system is a prescription for long term decline, but what we can’t tell is exactly how long it can be sustained (it could well be decades), nor how hard vs soft the landing will be. There is enormous good will among men, even today, and this is what we are squandering to keep the new model functioning. It is impossible to say how long this good will will last, but my guess is that once it starts to measurably decline the decline will accelerate. The other question is how married we are to the new system. Theoretical pain is one thing, and it is easy for people to say they won’t change course no matter what the cost. But real pain is something different. Notice how quickly public opinion on immigration has shifted in just the last year. When it hurts enough, I have no question that we will start trying to move back to an incentive based structure (we already see rumblings in this direction). The only question I have is how quickly that can be done, and how responsive men will be after the good will is exhausted.


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  58. horseman says:

    Think about it. My personal hero to emulate and workin hard to do it once the farm is paid.

    Tom Bombadil

    The Master of his own little land, ruler of no one, protector of his land, at peace with the ‘verse, Works at his need, wanders at will, always singing, content in his little land.
    And Goldberry compliments him but he would be content if things changed.

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  59. horseman says:

    Once the good will is exhausted there will be no responsiveness.

    Men will work for three reasons in order: respect, to protect loved ones, and personal reward.


    Loved ones? …the thrice divorced mom who raised him, the bitch who frivorced him or the kids who hate him (but he would still die for) if he has any

    Personal reward…single men need very little. The man in a paid off house and working part time is not as motivated by money as yiu might think.

    You get the perks? your own room?
    You come over to this side you get a fair share, own room, run of the kitchen

    (BLAM! Shoots his boss)
    How big a room?

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  60. SFC Ton says:

    It’s single mom season at my roadhouse as in single mom’s trying to lock down some old dudes with money or get some biker cock.

    The stories would be unbelievable bullshit outside the man o sphere

    The dumbcunt prize goes to the chick with 3 babies between two baby daddies bitch about her 17 year old daughter being a whore. Wonder where she learned that shit?

    My bar needs a no single mom policy but that would go over like a turd in a church social punch bowl

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  61. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I remember reading that when the story was fresh. The entitlement is strong in that one. I don’t want to think what would happen if something like that got out with the sexes reversed. In reflection, if this guy went with his gut feelings, he was more than proven right.

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  62. SFC Ton says:

    As for Sumo’s post…. was the bitch ugly? Or such a harpy she couldn’t produce a boner?

    Also two fiction reference I get. That has to be a record

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  63. Yoda says:

    bitch about her 17 year old daughter being a whore. Wonder where she learned that shit?


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  64. Yoda says:

    “Firefly” great science fiction it was.
    Better than Star Wars it is

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  65. SFC Ton says:


    Camp Ton has a new name. And know we all know why Yoda is on the Jedi Pimp Council

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  66. Yoda says:

    Yoda is on the Jedi Pimp Council

    Samuel L. Jackson and I really badass we are.

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  67. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    ‘Better than Star Wars it was.”
    Unlike the speaker, small praise this is not.

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  68. Yoda says:

    “Firefly” much better than the last piece of crap called Star Wars it was

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  69. Tarnished says:

    From Sumo’s article:

    ‘Like what’s the issue? Are you actually gay and lying? Am I that fucking hideous? Not that fucking hard to whip your dick out??? Is it broken? No? Then what’s the actual issue?

    The “issue”, you lowlife scummy bitch, is that men don’t owe women sex any more than women owe men sex.

    Being horny as hell without a partner sucks. Everyone knows that. But that *never* gives anyone the right to force sex onto another man or woman. It’s called masturbation, you disgusting sexist freak. Go buy yourself some toys and leave men alone.

    Gods dammit, but some people really piss me off.

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  70. Tarnished says:

    Tom Bombadil

    Yes! He’s only there for a short time, but Tom is my favorite character in this universe.


  71. Tarnished says:

    Or such a harpy she couldn’t produce a boner?

    Even with a hard-on, sometimes guys don’t want to actually do the deed. The body does one thing while the brain does another.

    Doesn’t matter, regardless. She’s a harpy personality-wise.

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  72. horseman says:

    This chick is just one symptom of things to come.

    Early Dalrock from 2014 on what happens when women overplay the sex card and themagic vajayjay loses its power like in this case. Forget the no means no crap. Imagine when many many men tell their wives, dates, bar trolls… “nah, just dont feel like it.”
    Horny + shock + loss of power = BSC


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  73. Tarnished says:


    Perhaps if more women didn’t even *think* of sex as a power game, we’d have fewer troubles in general.

    It takes 2 to have sex, after all, and sometimes it is the male who holds the cards as to whether sex is had that night or not.

    Why is this such a difficult concept for anyone not living under a rock?

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  74. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It seems to me that men have always had to be careful about where they stuck their peckers. This woman confirmed it. However, her entitlement caused her to overlook this fact. It does take two consenting adults.

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  75. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    That was great post from Dalrock. He was the only one who was able to get to the heart of it. That woman had overplayed her hand. All other women, who were playing this game, had to distance themselves for fear they would be found out too.

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  76. horseman says:

    The hand is always overplayed eventually. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    Either thru heaped abuse, the Wall, the Cliff, the man aging beyond testosterone need or just fuck it. Eventually the power of the pussy ends.

    The hundred yard stare of older married men is from being trapped not thirst. Thirst brings hope and hope is exploited by power. But once hope is abandoned, the power dies. Hence Dalrock re moving from incentive to penalty.

    Pussy was incentive. Cash/pprizes servitude is stick. But the system will collapse.
    The children cannot unsee.

    So men not marrying. Men early getting sterilized. Men avoiding the trap.

    Soooooo after say, be generous…35…and the magic pussy power ends and the guy is NOT trapped by marriage or child support. What power does she have FOR THE BACK 35 YEARS of her life. That is the true payback.

    A 40-50 year old bachelor tired of sex and women. Happy. Content. Powerful.

    A 40-50 year old spinster SIW? Adjectives? Anyone?

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  77. horseman says:


    Bat Shit Crazy.

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  78. Tarnished says:

    Ah, thank you.
    Sometimes the meanings behind the multitude of acronyms used nowadays eludes me.

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  79. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    You would think that the spinsters would be yelling. They are being vey quiet and I don’t think that they are hunting wabbits.

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  80. Tarnished says:

    A 40-50 year old bachelor tired of sex and women. Happy. Content. Powerful.

    A 40-50 year old spinster SIW? Adjectives? Anyone?

    I think this binary would be true for some, and not go others. To use a personal anecdote, Seamus (my lover of 10 years) is a 47 year old bachelor. He is no longer a “spring chicken” obviously, but he retains most of his bright, youthful mentality on good days and is still interested in women. In some ways he is content, in others…mostly work related…he is not.

    When I am a 40 year old spinster in 8 years, I hope that I’ll remain as content as I am now. Perhaps I won’t. I may get into a debilitating car accident, or lose my job and be unable to find another for a long time. More likely, the neurological issue I have will make using my hands and voice ever more difficult. But with continued proper planning towards both bodily and financial health, I should be okay. As should most of my fellow commenters, I pray.

    Now, for those “SIW” who *didn’t* choose to be such for their whole lives, I see a far bleaker future. It is one thing to ponder the what the life of a perpetually single woman is like, but an entirely separate scenario to actually be one. If the recent news articles and advice columns are even a small indication, it would seem that many “SIW” did not consciously plan to continue on that particular journey all their lives. Instead, they believed it would be easy to step from the moving platform onto stable ground…yet unfortunately for them, the speed is too great.

    A shame this is, that wisdom often comes at the cost of youth.

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  81. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I have seen a few articles but, they aren’t howling yet.

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  82. Tarnished says:


    That is because women do not howl. They seethe.
    The howling only comes after all else has failed to produce the result they desire.

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  83. Farm Boy says:

    I thought that women “stewed”

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  84. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    And they never burp or fart.
    Groucho Marx has some land in Florida. 🙂

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  85. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    The over fifty spinsters should be howling. All it takes is a quick check of demographics.

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  86. Farm Boy says:

    That is because women do not howl.

    Not quite so.
    The dogs howl.

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  87. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Yes, they learn it at an early age and try to teach their pet humans.

    Better than the screeching feminists trying to sing.

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  88. Spawny Get says:

    Ton re. Trolly

    hmm you’re reading negativity into something that can swing both ways.
    Trolling leading to vicious argument = bad.
    Trolling leading to knowing good natured banter = amusing, fun, male bonding or team building

    This might explain why some might be mystified why I ‘like’ some comments that they assumed that I’d be annoyed by.

    Builders (Contractors) in the UK are famed for their relentless trolling* where they seem to prefer the other to lose their temper…at which point everyone laughs at the losee. They’ll settle for someone returning the trolling. That’s a right of passage…proving that:
    a) you’re able to see the trolling for what it is (not dumb)
    b) you can return it (not dumb and have skillz)
    c) you can handle your temper (you can be trusted when blood is up)

    The number one key rule with those guys is losing your temper means losing your dignity… don’t fall for it, don’t lose your temper.**

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I think that you’re doing some of that kind of trolling. In the forces, you need to know who gets ‘it’ and who can be trusted under fire. Of course any women seeing experiencing this hate this stuff because it isn’t female nature to argue and then move on in brotherhood. So to accomodate women into such environments screws the effectiveness of men in those environments. Which is why male only spaces are important (and this place is a half way house imgpo). I linked to a video on this subject up above.

    I’ll do you a deal; how about ‘provocative’? Does that suit?

    * ‘Hazing’ is another potential term for it. An unpleasant right of passage into a male space

    ** this is also why I don’t lose my temper online…what looks less impressive than someone losing their shit when there’s no possibility of real world follow up? In a battle of words only, the first to lose his rag, loses the argument. And will be the target of ever more trolling until he leaves or learns his lesson.

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  89. Spawny Get says:

    What’s the etymology of Malamute?

    It looks kind of frenchy ‘mal á mute’ (making this shit up now) ‘bad at being mute’?

    Seems a highly ironic name for a creature so adept at howling.

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  90. Ame says:

    ” Of course any women seeing this hate this stuff because it isn’t female nature to argue and then move on in brotherhood.”

    actually … no, i don’t hate it. rather, i watch, read, listen, and learn. and am greatly amused that men can have it out and then grab a beer together, and the brawl is behind them. i wish more women were like that … but no, women have to hold onto things, churn them, manipulate them, and allow them to morph into something entirely different. that has its place when trouble-shooting or creating something good … but not when ‘fighting.’

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  91. Ame says:

    so, Oh Great Patriarch, thank you for letting us womenz in and letting us view what it’s like in a man’s world 🙂

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  92. Spawny Get says:

    “Of course any women seeing this hate this stuff”
    edited to improve it, thanks

    I meant that women don’t like it done to them. Very, very few women actually do want to be treated just like one of the guys. Not once they experience it…

    And that’s okay. Men are fine with the difference, though it’s best kept out of some situations…’traditionally male roles’ probably covers it.

    Men actually like femininity when it’s not thwarting efforts to get necessary shit done.

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  93. Ame says:

    ahhh. i agree … i don’t want to be ‘one of the guys’ … i like being a woman 🙂 … it would just be nice if women could move on from stuff and let it go.

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  94. Spawny Get says:

    I cheated and edited the 10:36 comment too. Devious are the ways of the Glorious Patriarch

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  95. Ame says:

    the benefits of being The Glorious Patriarch are, well, glorious! 🙂

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  96. Tarnished says:

    I meant that women don’t like it done to them. Very, very few women actually do want to be treated just like one of the guys. Not once they experience it…

    I’ve lost/accidentally pushed away so many female friends in middle and high school by not realizing this sooner.

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  97. Tarnished says:

    a) you’re able to see the trolling for what it is (not dumb)
    b) you can return it (not dumb and have skillz)
    c) you can handle your temper (you can be trusted when blood is up)

    Yup. Very good way to put it. Banter and how you handle your hazing when coming into a new group is very important. It’s the difference between being accepted or being looked down on as a whiny Little Bitch.

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  98. Tarnished says:

    I meant that women don’t like it done to them.

    I’ve taken to telling people, after getting to know them a little, that if I’m “mean” to them it means I like them and enjoy their company.

    If I’m polite to you, it either means we’re not close…or I don’t want you around.

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  99. Tarnished says:

    I’ve taken to telling people, after getting to know them a little, that if I’m “mean” to them it means I like them and enjoy their company.

    AND fully expect them to be “mean” to me in retaliation. *grin*

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  100. SFC Ton says:

    LOL Of course I am trolling! I am trolling the whole world, it being my bitch and all. Besides this place is to easy not to troll.

    But 90% of what I do in life is trolling. Like carrying my Pit Bull around like she is a baby. I am trolling the VA who is fired up to make me a PTSD victim ( I think PTSD is bullshit but it lets my pet be my service dog); I am trolling the bitches who like to carry their toys dogs around; I am trolling the male bitches who are too weak to carry their children in their arms like a man and use one of those baby sack things instead; I’m trolling the anti Pit Bull crowd…..

    Sometimes I am trolling to make a point or to provoke some thinking but the world is my bitch and trolling it amuses me

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  101. Tarnished says:

    Is that your newest dog you’re referring to?
    The “little” girl?


  102. Spawny Get says:

    Didn’t think that I was explaining anything to you, Ton…

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  103. Yoda says:

    Been 2 days since someone over shared they did

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  104. Spawny Get says:

    Yoda should have faith.

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  105. Tarnished says:

    Been 2 days since someone over shared they did

    I got nothin’.

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  106. Yoda says:

    The Force pushing Tarn and Liz to overshare strong it is

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  107. Yoda says:

    The weight of Hillary Clinton’s history-making campaign reduces some women to tears, according to a “question” from NPR White House reporter Tamara Keith on Monday. As though she were doing PR for the Democrat, Keith gushed, “Secretary, last night when you took stage in Sacramento, there was a woman standing next to me who was absolutely sobbing. And she said, you know, ‘It’s time. It’s past time.’”

    She continued, “People here and people just come up to you and they get tears in their eyes…. Do you feel the weight of what this means for people?” Unsurprisingly, Clinton replied in the affirmative: “I do. I do. And you saw it yesterday. I’ve seen it for more than a year. My supporters are passionate. They are committed.”


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  108. Yoda says:

    The journalist interrupted Sanders as he tried to call on another reporter, repeatedly asking the Vermont senator how he’d address women who say he is acting sexist for standing in the way of Clinton becoming the first female presidential nominee in American history.
    “Is that a serious question? Your question implies that any woman who is running for president is by definition the best candidate,” he said during a press conference in California a day before the state’s primary.



  109. Yoda says:

    Students complained that they felt “unsafe,” that Holtschneider was on a trip to France during the Milo event, that Holtschneider only apologized to the student body via email, that no action was taken when vandals wrote “Trump 2016” in washable chalk on public sidewalks, that disabled students were told to “walk home” by public safety officers the day Milo event occurred, and that Holtschneider apologized to Milo for how students had treated him.


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  110. Spawny Get says:

    The weight of Hillary Clinton’s history-making campaign reduces some women to tears,

    She has that effect on many a self respecting man too.

    according to a “question” from NPR White House reporter Tamara Keith on Monday. As though she were doing PR for the Democrat, Keith gushed, “Secretary, last night when you took stage in Sacramento, there was a woman standing next to me who was absolutely sobbing. And she said, you know, ‘It’s time. It’s past time.’

    Too true! WTF FBI, CIA and NSA?

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  111. Yoda says:

    In the weeks preceding this brief royal audience with HRH HRC, reporters embedded with her campaign have had to cool their heels without the ability to get an answer on major stories involving the former first lady. You’d think journalists wanting to grill Clinton on issues ranging from the State Department IG report to a new book featuring a former Secret Service agent’s damning recollections of his time covering the Clintons in the White House would e sure to throw some tough questions at the woman who wants to be president.

    You would be wrong



  112. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I had trouble reading your last comment. It’s hard to HRH and HRC together.


  113. Moehau Man says:

    Been 2 days since someone over shared they did

    “Don’t look at me”, Mrs Moehau Man (my righteous old mum) said just then.

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  114. Spawny Get says:

    All his stats are bent

    Four times Andrew Neil asked Hilary Benn if immigration could be controlled inside the EU. Three times he failed to answer, before eventually admitting it couldn’t. He says uncontrolled immigration “is part of the deal…”

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  115. Spawny Get says:

    Wise peeps start listening at around 18mins in


  116. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    What is it with these people” They have to know that Andrew Neil will ask tough questions and they think that they can get past them with weasel tactics? They only end up looming worse.

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  117. Spawny Get says:

    *rubs hands together*
    Cameron and Farage Live
    Tue, Jun 7, 09:00 PM to 10:00 PM (60 mins)
    Julie Etchingham presents a live hour-long programme in which David Cameron and Nigel Farage will in turn answer questions from a studio audience in London. (Widescreen, Stereo)

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  118. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Nobody here has thought to bring up this.
    In short, she was married to him for a little over a year, wants twenty million dollars, has had lesbian affairs while married, and is probably making false DV accusations.
    Terrence Pop is going to have a field day with this one.

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  119. Spawny Get says:

    Speaking of weasels

    Why did the Prime Minister seem surprised when a studio audience monstered him on television last Thursday? As a former PR man, he should know the dangers of believing one’s own publicity. Or did he really think all the scaremongering, dishonesty and waffle – as one young woman in his audience correctly called it – that had marked his campaign to remain in the European Union was truly unanswerable? And, 24 hours later, when Michael Gove had outlined what he called “Project Hope” and talked of the possibility of our building a truly great United Kingdom, didn’t Mr Cameron realise that he had sold Britain short?

    Nowhere has the waffle been more blatant than in the lies told about immigration. Mr Cameron claimed the problem could be solved within the EU. As Mr Gove correctly said, it can’t, and it is an appalling act of deceit to suggest it can. There are nearly 450 million people in the rest of the EU and every single one has the right to arrive at Dover, or Heathrow, at any time and live, work, and claim welfare assistance in Britain. If we remain in the EU, that will remain incontestable: because the real boss, Angela Merkel, made it abundantly clear to Mr Cameron during his so‑called “renegotiations” that ending free movement of people simply wasn’t an option.

    Mrs Merkel – who unwisely intervened in our politics last Thursday in advising a Remain vote – uses her superior power to make up immigration rules on the hoof. She decided to admit a million Middle Eastern refugees to Germany. Once they have qualified for citizenship, they will be able to go anywhere they like in the Union, including here. My heart bleeds for displaced Syrians, who deserve whatever help we can give, but Frau Merkel did not consult her partners first. Even within what Mr Gove correctly called “the sneering elites” of the EU, some are more elite than others.

    More worrying still was Merkel’s unilateral decision to allow visa-free EU travel to 80 million Turks, as a bribe to stop them letting illegal immigrants into Europe. We were reassuringly told that only 14 per cent of Turks have passports – or rather, it was only 14 per cent before the free pass into Europe. This is a country whose increasingly tyrannical and capricious leader, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is daily edging towards the unacceptable face of Islam.

    Mr Cameron knows that since his “renegotiation” does not contain something about immigration controls, he would struggle to sell it to the British people. Most Britons are disadvantaged by our lack of these controls, though Mr Cameron won’t acknowledge it in what Mr Gove justifiably calls his “depressing” campaign.


    Sadly this article is on the once legendary Telegraph, now just a very slightly upmarket Daily Mail (Waily Fail) that lacks the testicules to entertain the comments of punters.

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  120. Spawny Get says:

    Just watched the Farage half of the programme I mentioned earlier. Reasonable but sceptical audience, Nigel looked unflustered and knowledgeable.

    Now to see DoomsDave. Same tone of questioning?

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  121. Cill says:

    I have yet to hear a good reason why the UK should remain in the EU.

    Liked by 2 people

  122. Spawny Get says:

    The tone of questioning was mostly the same, less out and out accusations of being a wrong ‘un. Overall the programme was reasonably fair. No drama for Camermong.

    I doubt anybody changed their views. If you believed the mong beforehand nobody challenged what he said.

    Should have been head to head, but mongy Dave bottled that. Nigel would have kicked his arse.

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  123. Spawny Get says:

    Cill, project fear is all they have.

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  124. Spawny Get says:

    Looking forward to Juncker the druncker visiting

    Juncker only managed to convince Cameron to give him a small loophole: If Brexit supporters have a clear lead in polls in the week prior to the June 23 referendum, the Commission president will be allowed to make his voice heard. That, of course, would be too late to significantly shift public opinion, but it would mean that Juncker could not be accused of having done nothing to prevent a Brexit. Under no circumstances does Juncker want to go down in history as the first Commission president to preside over a member state departing the EU

    This guy

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  125. Spawny Get says:

    Newsnight says that a key poll analyst will tomorrow declare that LEAVE is on track to win. He was close to getting the last General Election right (most pollsters were way off).

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  126. Spawny Get says:

    He says that demographics that were supposed to be remainiacs are coming out as brexiteers.

    There’s been a big push to get da kidz to register, the expectation being that they were the kind of turkeys that would vote for Christmas…erm suckers wanting to remain. Maybe not, we’ll see tomorrow.

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  127. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I wanted to think of a good reason for staying, to satisfy my contrarinesss, but I couldn’t think of one.
    Not one.
    The first thing that will happen is that fish will become much more available and inexpensive.


  128. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    At a guess, that may be why Norway has stayed out. Their national diet must be a lot more dependent on fish.
    People do vote with their stomachs.


  129. Spawny Get says:

    If the story of the poll analyst is correct…cue Druncker visit…done deal for out.

    Top quotes from the Junck ( http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/eu/10967168/Jean-Claude-Junckers-most-outrageous-political-quotations.html )

    On Greece’s economic meltdown in 2011
    “When it becomes serious, you have to lie.

    On EU monetary policy
    “I’m ready to be insulted as being insufficiently democratic, but I want to be serious … I am for secret, dark debates”

    On British calls for a referendum over Lisbon Treaty
    “Of course there will be transfers of sovereignty. But would I be intelligent to draw the attention of public opinion to this fact?,”

    On French referendum over EU constitution
    “If it’s a Yes, we will say ‘on we go’, and if it’s a No we will say ‘we continue’,”

    On the introduction of the euro
    “We decide on something, leave it lying around, and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back.”

    On eurozone economic policy and democracy
    “We all know what to do, we just don’t know how to get re-elected after we’ve done it”

    Let’s start bringing those to the public’s attention…he’s toxic and loose lipped. He says he wants to put his ego and reputation ahead of whether his presence helps the remainiacs…my hero

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  130. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    This video was suggested to me by youtube. This could happen all too easily by surrendering sovreignty to a government that is not directly elected or accountable.

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  131. Spawny Get says:

    All talk of the EU’s plans for an EU army have been delayed until after the referendum, rumours are it’s the day after

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  132. Yoda says:

    An asshole Mr. Junker he is.
    Summarizes rather well this does

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  133. Yoda says:

    A democratically unaccountable Army they do desire?
    Cloudy things are.
    Palpatine around somewhere he is

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  134. Yoda says:

    A new post there is


  135. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    Well, they do have some intelligence. All plans for an EU Army would be moot if Britain leaves.


  136. Cill says:

    Fuzzy from what I saw, Norway manages its fisheries well. When I was there, they had surplus reserves.

    On the other hand, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain are the most irresponsible countries in the world when it comes to raping the sea. Under the UE, these countries are wrecking Great Britain’s fisheries.

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  137. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    When I left California, it had been more than three tears since commercial salmon fishing had been allowed. At the time, someone told me that Alaska handles it very well and enforces quotas strictly. They are still in business. Management makes a difference.
    The point that I was trying to make with Norway is fish, as a source of protein, is critical in the nation’s diet. I doubt that they could raise enough poultry, cattle, sheep, or pigs to make up the difference.


  138. horseman says:


    Watch any animals fight for mates, territory? Posture, yell, maybe scratch but rarely major damage. Why? Because once its over the other may be needed for mutual defense or resume its role in the pack. To damage unnecessarily is to lose the use of an allie. and the loser knows they cannot win so dont push it.

    Hence once done, let it go.

    Also men hierarchy adapts to the task. Doing taxes or planning in laws retirement whole family deferrs to me to lead. Opinions yes but I lead. Building my BILs cottage, I become gopher boy. Go for lumber, go for concrete. Because I am strong and all my wifes family are tradesmen. Hell I defer to my son the electrician on the sparky stuff. Men fall into place.

    And trolling. For any red pill man (some purples) insulting thier ability brings out the fuck you watch this. And notice men NEVER troll embarass the trying but incompotent man. Slacker is fair game but the incompotent is given a task thry can do. Because they are part of the pack.

    All goes back to men inherently re!y on men. Women follow each other, group together to obsure the target but they nevertbecome thge single collective focused entity men do.

    Clarity: They form collectives but not a larger functional collective singular entity.
    Men Team, Women Gaggle.
    (its like watching 5 year olds play soccer….gaggle but no real action)

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  139. Cill says:

    Thanks for keeping us up to date, Spawny. The 23rd June will be the most momentous date in my memory. I was too young to remember 1989.

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  140. SFC Ton says:

    I have yet to hear a good reason why the UK should remain in the EU.

    Well leaving the EU is reactionary and their is no rational counter argument to reactionary politics

    Are those nations fishing practices worse then Twain, Korea, Japan etc?

    Critters fight to the death over females all the time. Bucks don’t have those spectacular antlers just to look good on my wall; lions fight to the death over pussy; male bears, among other critters, kill young critters to force mommy critters into heat

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  141. Tarnished says:

    Critters fight to the death over females all the time. Bucks don’t have those spectacular antlers just to look good on my wall; lions fight to the death over pussy; male bears, among other critters, kill young critters to force mommy critters into heat

    Not even the Great Apes are immune to this way of thinking. Chimpanzees, baboons, and gorillas have all been known to act as such. And of course, you can’t turn onto a news channel nowadays without hearing about a guy who killed his girlfriend’s child from a previous relationship (women do to though…Because people are still a part of Nature, and Nature is not fluffy and kind all the time.)


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