A Reply to “5 Reasons Women Leave Good Men For No Apparent Reason”

Horseman provided a link to an article where a woman attempts to explain why it’s OK for a woman to leave a man after she decides he isn’t meeting her needs. I decided that my own life makes a wonderful counterpoint to such a view:

1. She married too young:

“She married her high school or college sweetheart, and after 20 plus years of marriage, she begins to question her own happiness. She starts longing for something different and time missed, and she wonders about something better. After painstakingly making the choice to pursue the next chapter, she leaves hoping she will find what she’s looking for.”

He married his girlfriend, who left college to get him to marry her. In order to satisfy her need for steady income, he had to give up his dreams and get a steady job, one which killed his soul and drained his spirit into the gutter. In return, for many decades now, he got nothing but “I want more from you” out of her.

2. She’s the breadwinner:

“She chose a career that provides for the family and agreed to carry the burden as the provider. Over time, this wears on her, and she comes to resent him for not having to work. He becomes unattractive to her, and she soon realizes that she can do it alone and feel happier. While writing a check to her Ex will feel crazy, the choice to leave and the struggle ahead seem easier than staying.”

She carried her half of the load until he was making enough for her to decide to begin breeding. She’s never returned to carrying her share, relying upon the law to give her 50% of everything despite putting in only 15% of the investment.

3. She’s done nurturing:

“She fulfilled her need for nurturing with her children, but now they need less or have left the nest. His needs become overwhelming, and she just wants to focus on herself for once. She begins to search for herself and discovers that she is missing a big piece of her soul and that journey to find it is a solo one. She hopes her marriage can tolerate her pilgrimage into herself, but discovers that it’s just not possible so she’s forced to choose between the two.”

He was pushed away from his own children, because she deemed his parenting ideas to be wrong and detrimental to the development of HER children. His role was reduced to bringing home the bacon and being the heavy when the kids rebelled. Now that they are grown (and hopefully launched successfully), he no longer feels close to the woman he bred with. He sees no reason for hope that anything will get better without going through a great risk of losing it all, and he’s too tired to make it all again. He’d rather enjoy what meagre pleasures he’s allowed as he sinks into his sunset.

4. She feels empty:

“She has given up parts of herself for the relationship, but the return on investment hasn’t been enough. She is lonely and starving for an emotional connection because the intimacy in the marriage has been neglected for too long. She tries to explain it to him, but he doesn’t see her needs. The pain becomes too great and she has to get out to survive.”

He gave up himself in toto for the relationship, and the return on that investment made 1929 look good in comparison. He is lonely and emotionally starving, because he got tired of pursuing the intimacy carrot which was almost always dangled just out of reach. The few times it wasn’t, it was given grudgingly as a reward for good behavior. She never tried to see his needs, for life is all about her. The pain became too great, and he gave up hope for anything better as it’s easier to survive when one isn’t tearing off the scabs. He’s now merely existing, living that life of quiet desperation Thoreau described.

5. She gets ignited:

“She tries something new or deepens her connection to herself and discovers something exciting and long forgotten. She tries to feel that spark within herself while in the marriage, but the light gets blown out each time she wants to share it. It becomes clear that she will need to make a choice between her own inner fire and the marriage, and ultimately she chooses herself.”

He tries something new, only to be asked “How much did that cost? Why aren’t you at work?” His social conditioning doesn’t let him consider leaving her, for all human connection available to him is through her. She spent a lot of time running off his friends and alienating his offspring. He might as well be the Steppenwolf.

Women who take this whining path risk the wrathful response of men who feel used and abused in this manner, and who won’t be sympathetic when the grievance lists are compared. Despite all of the hype surrounding human bonding, women let men know they have been chosen before most men will “pursue” her. So if women don’t like what they end up with, why didn’t they do due diligence and vet their options better in the first place? Or are they fairy princesses for whom magic will deliver the fantasy and Love will find a way?

This is why young men across the world are refusing to enter relationships. Great costs for no gain or gratitude. Even a fool can see this. Why can’t women?

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  1. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Women who go down this path are giving marriage a bad name.I have to wonder why when it was designed and implemented to be suchan overwhelming benefit to women.

    On the previous threasd, after reading that link, it was hard to find so many rationalizations for dumping perfectly good husbands. The scary part is that they will buy into it.

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  2. Farm Boy says:

    Or are they fairy princesses for whom magic will deliver the fantasy

    You might be onto something here

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  3. Farm Boy says:

    I do know that all of my nieces think that they are princesses and that stuff should just fall into their lap.

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  4. Tarnished says:

    *claps loudly for Blurkel*

    I love the male twist you gave to everything. You should post it up on Thought Catalog as a rebuttal. Get more men questioning the script.

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  5. Tarnished says:

    I do know that all of my nieces think that they are princesses and that stuff should just fall into their lap.

    My sisters are the same way, as are a decent amount of my female coworkers…though I’ve seen it in younger male coworkers too. The “cutoff” age for such undeserved entitlement in my area seems to be anyone under 30.

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  6. Dragonfly says:

    It’s so sad that it’s hard to get other women – especially Christian women for some reason – to admit these excuses, even though we all see it, they explain them away as if they’re in denial about how women really operate. 😦

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  7. Tarnished says:

    No offense intended, Dragonfly, but from other conversations I’ve seen with our male Christian commenters, it seems like the Church *is* one of the reasons for this. Not all churches, definitely, but the ones that cater to a more pro-feminism + “churchian” flock? It’s absolutely there.

    I will sometimes accompany my younger sisters to church when they go because it’s important to them. The atmosphere is even more feminist than both Circles I’ve been to…I think that’s really saying something, when a Pagan religious ceremony is more pro-male than a Christian one. :/

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  8. Yoda says:

    More than a micro aggression it is

    Here we go again: a Mexican-American student at Scripps College woke up to find that someone had scrawled “Trump 2016” on her white board. (I gather that the board is on her dorm room door.) The student-government president has condemned the messages as “intentional violence” and vowed to punish the perpetrator


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  9. Yoda says:

    Typical modern college student this is

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  10. Yoda says:

    An organization made up of college trustees and alumni has praised recent criticism of the Education Department’s overreach when enforcing anti-sex discrimination.

    The American Council of Trustees and Alumni applauded a recent 56-page report from the American Association of University Professors that criticized the anti-sex discrimination statute known as Title IX. The statute has been used in recent years to force schools to abandon common sense and due process in the name of combatting campus sexual assault and sexual harassment


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  11. Yoda says:

    My sisters are the same way, as are a decent amount of my female coworkers…though I’ve seen it in younger male coworkers too

    The entitlement generation they are.
    Stay tuned for parts II through IV of “Always Something it is” one should

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  12. Yoda says:

    People point out an individual women’s self-centered nature they do not.
    Not true for men this is

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  13. Yoda says:

    Typical modern college students apparently wear shirts not

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  14. Yoda says:

    Selfish behavior by women “empowerment” it is.
    All good it would be the authorities do say

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  15. OKRickety says:

    The article finishes with “Her marriage can become one of the obstacles she has to overcome in order to get on the path to wholeness, and what she seeks can become more important than what she’s committed to.”

    Nothing can stand in the way of her path to wholeness, not even the loss of integrity in turning away from a lifetime commitment!

    Yep, selfish behavior it is.

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  16. Yoda says:

    selfish behavior it is.

    Yoda virus strikes it does

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  17. Tarnished says:

    I posted this over at Bloom’s just now:

    I wonder if being on dating sites long-term and consequently getting rejected by the men they actually sought directly led to the 80/20 results that OKC found?


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  18. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    To second Tarn, I don’t know what Churchian women feed their hamsters but, it is loaded with vitamins. For this, a lot of men won’t go near women who claim to be Christian.
    It’s kind of the opposite of what you would expect.

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  19. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Davis Aurinin has released “The Sarkesian Effect” on youtube. This production has been controversial and I was afraid that it would never be completed.

    I haven’t seen it yet but, I will before the night is out.

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  20. Dragonfly says:

    No offense taken, Tarn, I think you’re right. But it shouldn’t be that way, and maybe in our church I’ve just been lucky to come across a few more women that do seem pro-male, though definitely not all.

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  21. Tarnished says:

    No, it shouldn’t be that way at all. It’d be much preferable if every faith supported all it’s members, instead of favoring one over the other. 😦

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  22. horseman says:

    wow thanks guys. Never expected this. Dalrock did something years ago similiar calling out the EPL fantasy. I thought a place for 2nd time moms would know better but they called these actions courageous. How screwed is that. How do we fight that or better why bother. MGTOW is hard to argue against.

    Personally I looked into the abyss after year 24 and the kids were gone. After seperating for months we decided we want to be together and are unplugging from most of society. She is now a mini Tarn or Judgy Bitch. We both know we are stronger together but either will blow it up at the slightest backsliding. Even she sees mgtow as the only viable alternative.

    Is MRM a phyric victory or is MGTOW and a population death spiral inevitable?

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  23. horseman says:

    Guys just reading last nights comments. I saw the b.s. just couldnt believe it. Started on MMSL years ago then left when Athol sold out to the purple pillers. Messenger Rising on ytube is required listening in my house. Monk Code takes Mgtow to the next level. Read Dalrock daily (but he focuses too much on church for me) and Rollo. Roosh for laughs but really pua??
    sent the same link to RPG for the female take.
    I guess investing in cat food stocks is the way to go cause a reckonin is coming. Too bad I won’t get grand kids but both kids have red pill implants to survive their college years.

    p.s. the only girls here besides ms hm are percherons both over 2000 lbs and neither is a pretty pretty princess.

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  24. horseman says:

    BTW. Ian Ironwood was an early master of the sphere. He stopped red pill room to go back to novel writing. In real life he is a bigtime novelist. I recognize his style but can’t place who he is. Been driving me crazy for years!!! Any ideas??
    p.s. contibute to send JB to speak for us at the intl conference!

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  25. Spawny Get says:

    Judging by the pictures of Percheron that I’ve just seen online, either they’re a breed of horse that prefers hanging out with dwarves, or they’re biiig…

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  26. Cill says:

    I could have sworn I left a comment on this topic. Must have accidentally refreshed the browser instead of Post Comment.

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  27. Spawny Get says:

    Nothing in spam filter or trash

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  28. Spawny Get says:

    I enjoy Ironwood’s anecdotes, but he’s a little wordy for my tastes. His tale of pretending to be writing about the women in his office (or allowing them to decide that he was) was my favourite, the marketing to women being a close second.


  29. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    There is an old joke about if you cn’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with bullshit. In the video, I think she is leaning to baffleing.

    He’s not Richard Adams but, Adams did characterize Percherons as having German accents in “Traveller”. Do they neigh with a German accent?

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  30. Spawny Get says:

    Leggy shows what happens when vacuum cleaners turn bad

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  31. SFC Ton says:

    Good find Tran! always interesting to see research back up what the Red Pill concluded long before

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  32. Cill says:

    Blurkel brother, I did pen a reply at some length, but have managed to lose it somewhere. And now I’m short of time. I’ll take the lazy way out and quote you:

    “This is why young men across the world are refusing to enter relationships. Great costs for no gain or gratitude. Even a fool can see this. Why can’t women?”

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  33. Tarnished says:

    Always interesting to see research back up what the Red Pill concluded long before.

    Too true, Ton.
    Thought some here would appreciate it.

    Good find Tran!

    Y’know, I honestly can’t tell if this is deliberate or a typo. Either way, made me laugh, so kudos. 😉

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  34. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I have left two comments on this oer at Bloom’s and I will try to reapeat them here.
    First, it’s a straight knee jerk reaction But the whole post sounds like candy coated double talk.
    There is a reason that most men stay with online dating for ninety days. It doesn’t work for them and it doesn’t matter why.
    Second, if Mary Jane made a play for Dreamy McDreamboat and failed, Joe Average is not going to symp[athize. He learnd that lesson back in grade school.

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  35. Yoda says:

    Should that contraption a plunger it have?
    A scary one pointed at you it would be?

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  36. Tarnished says:

    Because guys like M. Kimmel keep telling ’em that men are all immature commitmentphobes who don’t want to put on their big-boy pants.

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  37. Yoda says:


    Assume the best about the regulars you should

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  38. Yoda says:

    For a British Robot a plunger appropriate it is.
    Contribute the toilet to the world they did

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  39. Yoda says:

    On Degoba outhouses we do use.
    Fun fact this is

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  40. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    On Degoba, swanp gas must be a real problem.

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  41. Tarnished says:

    Assume the best about the regulars you should

    So neither this⬆ nor Ton’s latest comment was a typo? Got it. Lol. 😀 😀 😀

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  42. SFC Ton says:

    lol typo…… darl….. 😉

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  43. Tarnished says:

    Pffft. Ha ha!

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  44. horseman says:


    Yes my little girl is 18 hands 3. or 75 inches at the shoulder and about 2300 lbs. Her sister is bigger. Nicest mannerly girls you could meet but instant death if they kick you.

    See judgybitch article just up on rape culture and Ghomeshi.
    (Judy is from Thunder Bay and I am from eastern ontario.)
    and dont get us started on pretty boy Justin Trudeau.

    Daleks have the answer for feminists…..Exterminate!

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  45. SFC Ton says:

    I horse-sit my friends Belgium. Not sure what she weighs but damn is she a dream girl

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  46. horseman says:

    Belgian. Belgium is the country. Like calling me a Canada instead of Canadian….eh. (p.s. we really really hate the eh thing.)

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  47. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    If Average Jane only wants the attentions of Alpha McGeorgeous, Joe Average will see this in time. If fore her, it’s apha or nothing, Joe Average will have found a way to entertain heimself by the time she realizes that she is getting nothing.

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  48. horseman says:

    fuzz. hence the problem. McSteamy doesnt want kids, Joe goes MGTOW and withdraws his labour and Janie McOldHag takes up cats and alcohol. Society does a wingover stall into an irretrievable death spiral.

    I have my marshmellows ready to watch the burn but I had kids before my awakening and kinda like em. Hate to leave them this mess.

    Personally I have 0 F given for the post modern post wall ahem Ladies. I truly believe in personal responsibilty and informed choices.

    Growth of MGTOW shows the info is reaching the males. Why won’t the females listen? oh right logic. But they saw their parents blow up just like the guys so why aren’t they equally resistant? Red pill lets you see but I will never understand the stupid.

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  49. horseman says:

    Real men don’t typo. We just have really really big thumbs. Makes typing hard. 😉

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  50. Tarnished says:

    But they saw their parents blow up just like the guys so why aren’t they equally resistant.

    See, this is the part I don’t get. Ideas, anyone?

    She is now a mini Tarn or Judgy Bitch. We both know we are stronger together but either will blow it up at the slightest backsliding. Even she sees mgtow as the only viable alternative.

    Sounds like the lady of the house has a good head on her shoulders. Congrats on making it work. I’ve often wondered if the extremely few pro-MGTOW women are just ahead of the times? The fact that we will never push our SO for marriage, cohabitation, children, or needlessly involve the state/gov in our lives seems like one of the few ways we could all coexist unless things get better…


  51. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    “But they saw their parenents blow up just like the guys…”
    That is a big question. Could it be that they see themselves as having the power in that given situation?

    As for typos, one kind commenter said that mine may be due to overlong claws.
    “Bear walkis into a nail salon. Film at eleven.”

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  52. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Now I remember why Richard Adams gave the Percherons German accents. Thet llived in Pennsylvania.

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  53. Tarnished says:

    Could it be that they see themselves as having the power in that given situation?

    Ooooooh. I didn’t think of that possibility. Maybe?

    All seeing my parents, friend’s parents, and neighbors divorces/lousy marriages did for me was make it seem like a bad deal for *everyone*…and hence something to stay far away from unless you were actively looking for trouble. :/


  54. Cill says:

    You lot can have your Belgians and Unicorns and sissy pink ponies (PFudors? BRonies?). I have Horse.

    Horse is one of a kind.

    Horse is nothing fancy, just an everyday Down Under hack whose gender is irrelevant. If Horse is in fact a “she” (which he will neither confirm nor deny) then for convenience sake I will nevertheless continue to address him as “he”. Horse is as stable as they come, and couldn’t give a toss which pronoun people address him by. Tarn should kick her pink ponies to the kerb, and cast an eye at Horse instead.

    Horse for President.

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  55. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    You looked at it rationally and saw it having a destructive outcome all the way around. I don’t think that modern women are looking at it from that perspective. They are looking at it from a standpoint of exercising power.

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  56. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I like Tarn’s pink fluffy equine friend. Given proper introductions, I think Horse would too.

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  57. Cill says:

    The PFufor can’t make sandwiches, but would make good Dog food. I’ll give you that much, Fuzzy.

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  58. Liz says:

    Completely OT but I just read that the FBI unlocked the San Bernardino iPhone successfully and then proceded to spill water on it, rendering it useless:


    I find this incredibly hard to believe. But what would be the motivation to make this up?

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  59. Cill says:

    Strewth it’s great weather here. I’ve been out on the ocean wave with my “young men”. They are good sailors now, some of them good enough to train for racing.

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  60. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    You wouldn’t consider eating Fluffle Puff? Would you? 😦
    It’s true, horses can’t make sandwiches.

    If it is a story, it is one the stops further questions. However, there is enough human fraility in it to make it credible on its face.

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  61. Cill says:

    I think Dog would like them.

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  62. Cill says:

    Western women will learn nothing from running out of available Western men. They will simply import a horde of very non-Western men to replace them.

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  63. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Importing men would not be an option for Western women. The “imported” men wouldn’t stand for it.
    There is something that I linked to a long while ago about Swiss statistics on marrying Eastern Europeans. While Swiss men had only a fifteen percent divorce rate, for Swiss women it reciprocal at 85%.

    Please don’t feed Fluffle Puff to Dog. She is much more entertaining alive. 🙂

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  64. Tarnished says:

    They are looking at it from a standpoint of exercising power.

    Power? Ha.
    How much power can one wield in a broken kingdom?

    Edit: Above was written whilst thinking of a doomed relationship from *my* point of view, where I’d be frustrated and dismayed that I/we weren’t strong enough to reach a compromise. I would feel as though I lost all power of love and ability to find balance, not that I deserved “revenge” or cash + prizes.

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  65. Tarnished says:

    Or rather, is this real power at all, or just manipulation? There is a difference.

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  66. Cill says:

    Fuzzy, I was amused to read divorce stats by race. White women’s longest-lasting marriages were to white men. White men’s shortest-lasting marriages were to white women. Hasn’t stopped the feminists being the prime movers behind the import of all those very non-Western men, and white women in their droves welcoming them in with teddy bears.

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  67. Cill says:

    In my mind, feminism’s doctrine of The Patriarchy explains it all. I know I’ve said it before dozens of times, but here it is again: Feminism blames The Patriarchy (i.e. straight white men) for just about everything that’s wrong in the world. Remember Big Red’s harangue? Feminists really do hold to that crap. It’s the mainstay of their ideology.

    Feminists are obsessed with The Patriarchy. They think any other alternative would be better, including ignorant and brutal cultures. Feminists and their supporters (including feminist men) have gone out of their way to alienate and marginalize straight white men. Consequently they’ve been losing the support of these men for at least a decade already. Instead of backing off, feminists with the tacit support of the great majority of women have deliberately driven men even further away. Far from learning from the shortage of available men, women have actually compounded their ignorance.

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  68. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Did you mention flying pigs?

    They are being self destructively stubborn. I believe you and your take on their intentions. It’s hate and they are consumed by it.
    Now, I have to go to the drawing board.

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  69. Cill says:

    Good luck, Fuzzy 😉

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  70. Cill says:

    BTW molly says “Hi” . She and her beau and a few others have taken my keeler out for a spin. Magnificent weather here.

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  71. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    For Molly, 🌯 🌯 🌯 🐻 🙄
    Please tell “Hi”back.


  72. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Could wordpress have changed their emoticons?


  73. Cill says:

    Fuzzy they’ve come over the horizon and I’m going down to keep an eye. That means I’m out of here for a while. When it comes to your sleep time, have a good sleep Fuzzy. Cill out for now.

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  74. Yoda says:

    In what should come as a surprise to no one, blatant misinformation about the prevalence of campus sexual assault was peddled to college administrators attending a conference on March 24.

    The misinformation peddler, predictably, is a federal attorney with the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, which has been bullying colleges into adjudicating campus sexual assault or risk losing funding. Attorney Camille Lee told 60 representatives from nearly 20 colleges across the state of Indiana that about 1-in-4 women will be sexually assaulted while in college.

    Lee acknowledged that her numbers may be a few years old, but insisted that meant that the current share of women who get sexually abused in college is higher than one in four. Actually, in recent years the preferred scare statistic is that 1-in-5 women will be victimized, so Lee clearly chose an even more frightening number to assert her agency’s authority.

    But even the 1-in-5 statistic is riddled with flaws, as it is a self-reported survey with a broad definition of sexual assault (that includes everything from a stolen kiss to rape). Even with those flaws (and many more), the authors of the surveys have to apply the “victim” label to respondents, as more than 70 percent of those who answer affirmatively to receiving unwanted sexual attention say they didn’t report the incident because it wasn’t serious

    Of course, Lee’s job depends on colleges believing that sexual assault is an “epidemic” that must be combatted by any means possible. The solution provided by OCR has been an evisceration of due process rights and a campus mentality that prefers “guilty until proven innocent.”


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  75. Yoda says:

    Libya will “open the floodgates” and let thousands pour into Europe if the West does not help combat illegal immigration, officials have warned.

    As Europe fears a bumper year for Mediterranean crossings, detention centres and coastguards say they are chronically underfunded and lack the basic tools they need to stem the flow.
    Last year, 154,000 people crossed the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy, according to Frontex, the EU’s border agency. This year the number could more than double as migrants are redirected via war-torn Libya following the closure of the Balkans route.
    Lacking funds, supplies, tools and training, Libyan authorities say they have been abandoned by the West and have not benefited from £3.6 million supposedly committed to combat illegal immigration. EU support programs are on hold as the civil war escalates.
    “The state is very weak and there is no money,” Colonel Mohamed Bourgiba, head of the Gweea detention centre, said. “Most of us here aren’t even getting paid.” Gweea, 30 miles (50km) east of Tripoli, holds hundreds of migrants. If things do not change, he said, “We will just stop working and open the floodgates. Because at the moment we are doing all of this for nothing.”


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  76. Yoda says:

    Wonder what would happen to a fella I do

    New York nurse who took pictures of an unconscious patient’s penis turned in her nursing license according to the New York State Education Department.


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  77. Farm Boy says:

    “Today in Stupid”

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  78. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Farm Boy,
    I think this thing has blown up the internet. For my money, she wouldn;’t have pulled this if he weren’t male and white. Kid’s response.


  79. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    The womn in the video has been identified as a campus employee. I don’t think that the State of California hired her to harrass students.

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  80. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Another thought. He is fortunate that he had a buddy that recorded the entire encounter. That woman and her “winess” wereup to something and, in the end, it must have been to put money in her bank account.
    There is one thing that this video underlines, college is a hostile enviorment for men and, for white men, more so. We can’t expect any relief from the government. Men will have to collectively deal with this.

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  81. Sumo says:

    Leggy shows what happens when vacuum cleaners turn bad

    Did you know that if you empty out a vacuum cleaner, you become a vacuum cleaner?

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  82. Spawny Get says:

    Rat hair boy should just say that he doesn’t care what the woman thinks about any issue whatsoever. That she assaulted him and he’s filing charges. Him buying into the fucking ridiculous concept of cultural appropriation does him no favours. Just reject all of the SJW Bollocks and stand on the law.

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  83. Spawny Get says:

    Being a vegetabletarian, is Tarn, in fact, a Uniquorn?

    Curious minds, etc

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  84. Spawny Get says:

    Sometimes justice is swift…

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  85. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    Why do I have the feeling that it is only starting to get ugly? It is a long way to November.

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  86. Yoda says:

    Argue over appropriation of a rat’s nest hairdo they did.
    Argue over washing it they should


  87. Yoda says:

    Trump warms the women down under he does

    Period pants that let women ‘bleed on Donald Trump’s face’ are so popular they’re selling out.

    ‘Bloody Marys Undies’, an American company that creates the knickers with faces of Republican who want to hinder women’s access to abortions and birth control, has received an “overwhelming number of orders.”

    On its Etsy page, the company has said that customers now have to wait more than a month for the knickers to be shipped out after unexpected demand.

    The knickers are high-waisted handmade pants that are designed to help women feel comfortable during their periods, and have attachable heat packs to help women with cramps.


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  88. Yoda says:

    Thinks highly of herself she does

    A 42-year-old American woman has revealed she spent up to $7,000 (£5,000) on a trip to Paris – so she could marry herself.

    Beautiful Existence – who changed her name from Desiree Longabaugh – from Seattle, splashed the cash on a romantic ceremony under the Eiffel Tower, flights to France, accommodation for a week, and a birthday celebration while there.

    The bride, who works in social media and marketing, wore a casual white dress and trainers, and recited vows that she had written to herself as an officiant oversaw the ceremony via Skype – as she couldn’t find anyone in France to do so in person.


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  89. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I don’t th8nk that Donald Trump is trying to make gender an issue. It looks as if his opponents will.

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  90. Yoda says:

    Wonder if find a guy she did,
    divorce required of her it would be

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  91. Tarnished says:

    Being a vegetabletarian, is Tarn, in fact, a Uniquorn?

    Given that one of the popular vegetarian food companies over here is actually named Quorn, I’d say that’s a definite. 🙂

    Not All Vegetarians Are Crazy…Just a very significant portion. 😛 :/

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  92. Yoda says:

    How many Vegans crazy they are?

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  93. Yoda says:


    Between 1980 and 2010, the proportion of American women who were married declined from 74 percent to 56 percent. There are plenty of trends during that 30-year span that can help explain the shift in women’s decisions to marry or not: increasing college attendance, growing labor-force participation, increasing rates of incarceration, and changing cultural norms, to name a few. A new study suggests that as their wages increase relative to men’s, female workers become less likely to marry.

    A recent study takes a look at the shift in terms of economic incentives and finds that while factors such as increasing employment options and the growing ability for women to choose when or if they have children have certainly affected marriage choices, a shift in women’s wages may be among the most significant factors influencing the decision to pass up on marriage

    In a recent paper, Na’ama Shenhav, a Ph.D. candidate at U.C. Davis, estimates that as much as 20 percent of the decline in the marriage rate over the past 30 years is attributable to women’s growing wages. More specifically, it’s the increase of women’s wages relative to their potential mates and the growing importance of women’s wages to overall household income that have contributed to women’s decisions to delay or forgo marriage. The idea is that for many women, especially those on the lower end of the economic ladder, higher earnings allow them to be less financially reliant on others for things such as rent, groceries, utilities, or other basic necessities. That means that the choice to marry becomes less about financial need and more about other things, like love, social norms, religion, or the desire to start a family.


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  94. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I think that I would have a very hard time trying to be a vegetarian.

    I was worried about the Eiffel Tower. Some other woman has married it. It would be embarrassing to prosecute it for bigamy.
    Note that no one in Frace would officiate and that Skype was needed.
    It this the height of narcissism?
    Who left this women in charge of two boys?

    That women are making more money does explain a lot. That PhD candidate may be on to something.

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  95. Yoda says:

    A new post there would be


  96. Cill says:

    Women’s “choice to marry”

    In most cases men make the choice for them. Marriage is declining because women are so unattractive to men. OFF (Obesity + Fucking Feminism).

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  97. Moehau Man says:

    Yes well, Yoda asked How many Vegans crazy they are? Mrs Moehau Man (my alert old mum) says “Only the ones who don’t know they are.”

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  98. Yoda says:

    Always good to hear from Moe it is.

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  99. Tarnished says:

    How many Vegans crazy they are?

    I’ve yet to meet one who wasn’t militant about their chosen diet, held other batshit insane thoughts, or some combination thereof.

    I think that I would have a very hard time trying to be a vegetarian.

    It would probably depend on the reasoning behind it, Fuzzie. From what I’m told/what I’ve seen, it is kinda difficult for those who are doing it due to environmental concerns (which the jury is still out on anyway), “doctor’s orders”, or peer pressure from hoity-toity friends in high school/college.

    But for people like me, who are just literally grossed out by the idea of eating flesh, it’s pretty damn easy. For example, I’m going to assume you don’t eat cow eyeballs, and would probably be a little nauseated if presented with a plate of them for dinner. That’s how I react to all meats/seafood/poultry. So yeah…it’d be a lot more difficult for me to *not* be vegetarian.

    That women are making more money does explain a lot. That PhD candidate may be on to something.

    Though it isn’t a reason behind my anti-marriage stance per se, I’m certainly very thankful I live in a 1st world country where I have the ability to be alone and work for my own living instead of *needing* to get married.

    In most cases men make the choice for them. Marriage is declining because women are so unattractive to men.

    At the same time, this⬆ is no less true. I see very few women who actually desire eternal bachelorhood, and more who simply seek marriage after age 30-35. And then they need dating coaches, because “where have all the men gone?”.


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