If periodic surges of comments are anything to go by, there’s a real need for dating advice on this blog. “Why in blue blazes is Cill of all people wading into this hellish subject?”, I hear you ask. “He hasn’t exactly contributed much to it to date.” (Yep, pun intended. Keep a sharp eye out for puns on this post).

Well it strikes me that Spawny and I, with a sum total of near-zero dating experience between us, could proffer advice from the perspective of men who have not been jaded by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. In addition, Moehau Man, from the faraway fastness of his home in the rugged Coromandel, could contribute some stone age insights that Mrs Moehau Man (his stalwart old mum) could embellish with her primeval homilies and saws.

I confess I have not discussed this subject with Spawny to date, but knowing the altruistic bent* of the man, I have no doubt that he’ll bring us the benefit of his MSGL (Movie Star Good Looks) or least not go missing* without uncommonly good cause. (*Sharp eye, people, sharp eye.)

If he balks at the role of agony aunt, we hope to tempt him with the moniker “Aunty Pat” in lieu of “Aunty Patriarch” . Better still, “Aunt Patter*” does seem like a loaded handle* for a potent bloke whose outstanding* attribute is BTMSGL (Better Than MSGL) (*Warned there be puns, didn’t I?)

I was thinking of persuading Choicy to enrich the discussion with some homespun philosophy from the Aussie outback, but unfortunately he would compromise the crucial “unjaded” aspect of the plan (he having had considerable dating experience with ‘roos and Wombats, much of it negative).

Now according to legend, I’ve had considerable dating experience with goats. Let me say here and now, this is mere myth. It started when some jokers wrote “I Fuck Goats” on my forehead when I was once deep asleep. A couple of mornings later, those same jokers were found trussed and naked, bollocks-up on a suburban lawn. They were found by a bevy of chaste and beautiful young misses whom they had hitherto been anxious to impress. It was a “zero sum game” in a way. The amount I gained from making my point equaled their total ballsup of a loss. Or maybe their ordeal was more like “alpha fucks” (them triumphantly leaving their mark on my forehead) vs “beta bucks” (them being planted with their arses carefully angled for maximum photosynthesis in a bright and breezy dawn). Whichever way, the point was not wasted on them – although the docking rings did introduce a certain “waisted” profile to the bollocks.

Hey, that’s an example of the sort of unjaded wisdom I can bring to bear (“bear” .. get it? get it? …never mind).

And I had a rethink re Choicy. For those of you whose dating history is so mired in misfortune that you must have jaded advice, Choicy will be live online during those brief periods when his waking hours coincide with yours.

So here we are, an illustrious panel of esteemed experts. We expect questions from that tiny percentage of daters who are discerning enough to recognize unjaded wisdom when they come* across it. We can offer shafts of enlightenment to either any gender. No matter the social girth or dearth of your pronoun, our unjaded expertise has it covered.

Come on then, ask us anything. Anything at all. (Nothing too complicated, mind, or too subtle, or demanding, or mentally challenging… or unnecessarily deep or worldly-wise). Anything else is fine by us (except smart-arsery of course, or flippancy, or anything presupposing experience of dating sites). As we said, anything else is fine. (except

As a special enticement, we will offer to probe deep into female minds on your behalf. This should be a titillating experience for both all sexes. “Like poking smushed soup with a Kauri Club”, Mrs Moehau Man (Moe’s astute old mum) observed just then.

Okay, you’ve got the gist. Ask, and ye shall be given. Seek, and ye shall find. Or…

Come, and get it. (Strewth, even a comma can be punish 😉 )

Goes without saying, off-topic comments will be welcome to an unusual degree here. The subject matter and the quality of the assembled expertise will allow no other approach.

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163 comments on “DATING ADVICE from UNJADED MGTOW
  1. Cill says:

    To lurkers who are confused by the “bear” pun, a bear is one of our regular commenters here.

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  2. Tarnished says:

    So. Many. Asterisks. 😮

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  3. Tarnished says:

    Like poking smushed soup with a Kauri Club.

    Soooo. Is this like squash soup? Or overboiled stew? Or soup with smushy ingredients, like a chilled strawberry soup for the springtime?

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  4. Tarnished says:

    As a special enticement, we will offer to probe deep into female minds on your behalf.

    Are you buying them dinner before or after handing ’em over to extraterrestrials? 👽💉

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  5. Cill says:

    So. Many. Asterisks. 😮

    Too punishingly punish, eh?

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  6. Cill says:

    “Is this like squash soup?” A little. It’s an unabashedly brutal combination of “smash” and “mush” 😉

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  7. Tarnished says:

    As I was asked to move my previous question to this illustrious and noteworthy post:

    How could one “tell” a random guy who approaches a gal in, say, a bookstore and asks her out to dinner, is a virgin?

    Likewise, how could one tell, only by looking at her in a grocery queue or walking around campus, if a female is a virgin?

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  8. Tarnished says:

    Too punishingly punish, eh?

    You’re a regular Woggle-bug, Cill. 😉

    It’s an unabashedly brutal combination of “smash” and “mush”

    I love mish-moshed words.
    Love them looong time.

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  9. Moehau Man says:

    How could one “tell” a random guy who approaches a gal in, say, a bookstore and asks her out to dinner, is a virgin?

    Well you can tell by the number of dents on his Kauri Club. A virgin male’s Club will bear few if any dents. Likewise, his codpiece will appear unused and rather pristine.

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  10. Moehau Man says:

    Likewise, how could one tell, only by looking at her in a grocery queue or walking around campus, if a female is a virgin?

    Yes well, her head will bear few if any dents which shows a Moehau Man’s Kauri Club has not yet rapped her on her pate to get her attention.

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  11. Yoda says:

    Moe’s Mum old and wise like me she is.
    Showcase her wisdom more you should

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  12. Yoda says:

    Spawny to date, but knowing the altruistic bent* of the man, I have no doubt that he’ll bring us the benefit of his MSGL (Movie Star Good Looks)

    True this is.
    Spill the beans I will
    Starred as Igor he did

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  13. Cill says:

    “Are you buying them dinner before or after handing ’em over to extraterrestrials?”

    I’m not sure I should answer that one, unless you’d class the good burgesses of the rugged Coromandel as extraterrestrials?

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  14. Cill says:

    Note the Patriarch’s patrician acquiline nose at 12:43 am

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  15. Yoda says:

    Are you buying them dinner before or after handing ’em over to extraterrestrials?”

    Involved in this I am not

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  16. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Humans are so silly about dating. They are always making things more complicated than they need to be.

    While I have linked this before, it’s like they are best buddies in no time.

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  17. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Antidote for PFUDOR antidote.

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  18. Moehau Man says:

    Yes well, I think it would be an insult to Mrs Moehau Man (my pure-bred old mum) to be classed as an “extraterrestrial”.

    “What’s this ‘extra’ nonsense?” she called out to me just then. “I’d have you know I have been territorial all my life.”

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  19. Moehau Man says:

    “Showcase her wisdom more you should”.

    No self-respecting Moehau Man would argue with you there, as long as the woman seeks his permission first.

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  20. Yoda says:

    What is the best way to learn to recognize IOI it is?


  21. Yoda says:

    How one does know if dating a future Sith they are?


  22. Yoda says:

    How get a date with Amedalla I could?


  23. Yoda says:

    Any romantic hope for Jar-Jar there is?


  24. Yoda says:

    How Gungans do it they do?


  25. Yoda says:

    What Chewbacca under his fur he does have?


  26. Cill says:

    I nominate Yoda to be an honorary member of the panel for the fielding of alien questions.

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  27. Yoda says:

    Rather ask questions I would

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  28. Yoda says:

    Always answer questions I do.
    Tired of this I am
    Change things up a bit I must

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  29. Moehau Man says:

    Yes well, I second it for the simple reason that I never heard of a Sith.


  30. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    “How does one know if dating a future Sith they are?”
    One, they have anger issues and tend to commit wholesale slaughter.
    Two, they have an affinity for black clothing.

    “What Chewbacca under his fur he have?”
    None of your business. If you were a girl Wookie, then, maybe it would be your business.

    “How get a date with Amedalla I could?”
    She knows you are married. Now, if you knew a single boy bear, that may be different.

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  31. Moehau Man says:

    Mrs Moehau Man (my insightful old mum) says “Sith” sounds like a wave going out on a beach. She asks if a Sith is a kind of semen. “Maybe a kind of swimmer” she says.


  32. Yoda says:

    “How get a date with Amedalla I could?”
    She knows you are married. Now, if you knew a single boy bear, that may be different.

    Why a date with a single boy bear want I would?

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  33. Moehau Man says:

    She also wants to know if Cheebacca is related to Chewbacca.


  34. Yoda says:

    Moe coming out his shell he is


  35. Moehau Man says:

    Yes well, now Mrs Moehau Man (my pernickety old mum) wants to know if you think her son is a crustacean.

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  36. Cill says:

    A clash of cultures we do have.

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  37. Cill says:

    Irresolvable it might be.


  38. Yoda says:

    Perhaps more like a turtle he is.


  39. Moehau Man says:

    We don’t need to carry our caves around on our backs. Not yet, anyway.

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  40. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    “Why a date witha single boy bear want I would?”
    Silly Yoda, Amedela is not looking to fix you up. Remember, she already knows that you’re married. She is looking to fix up her single girl bear friend.

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  41. Moehau Man says:

    It would be wearisome supporting all that darkness on our backs. The central fire as well, and a hole for the chimney. Dunno if I’ll ever carry me cave on me back, when I think about it.

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  42. Moehau Man says:

    Yes well, if this Amedela sheila has chest hairs, I could be interested in her me self.

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  43. molly says:

    My question for agony aunt Choicy from me and my beau.. 😉

    A nice sheila pays a visit to your lovely home in the boonies.
    Do u kick her out as she is a sheila?
    Do u kick her beau out if he chases salties and brings his own rope and helps you drove your cattle?

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  44. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Molly! 🌯 🌯 🌯 🐻 🙄
    Something tells me that you want to visit El Rancho de Choicy. Promise to bake cookies! Bring George Thorogood albums.

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  45. molly says:

    Fuzzie I will bake cookies and play Thorogood! I won’t bring it tho as Choicy has all Thorogood now 😉

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  46. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I likie your ice cream cone. The rainbow sugar cone is a great touch. Any fembot should be honored to be assaulted by such a good looking ice cream cone.

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  47. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I was loking at music videos last night and this one made me think of you. It would have been better with more cars and less Jessica Simpson.


  48. Cill says:

    “Any romantic hope for Jar-Jar there is?”

    I think I can answer that one. It was established some time ago that Jar-Jar has the hots for Big Red, and that since he rogered her ruthlessly and tirelessly and at times distractedly, she has been putty in his hands. Locals said they heard the ruckus for 5 city blocks.

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  49. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    We all had to know that there was good in Jar-Jar somewhere.
    What a match!

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  50. Choicy says:

    Molly if the sheila is who I think she is I’d board up the doors and windows and accidentally lock myself in with her and let her beau chase salties until he gets sick of it which is never if I read him right, or with a little bit of luck they eat him, mate.

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  51. Choicy says:

    Struth Cillo, Big Red vs Jar-Jar would be a good go, mate. Big Red’s only hope would be her voice and her nutcracker thighs.

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  52. Cill says:

    How are you Choicy? We’re really looking forward to this trip, mate.

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  53. Choicy says:

    Me too Cillo. I flew out to the pub yesterday and my mate at the pub had brought in some Rare Breed bourbon and I think you’ll like this mate, The Glenlivet 18YO. I’ve brought in some Baileys Irish and light drinks for the sheilas and we’ll throw the mother of all outback parties mate. Can’t wait.

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  54. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Speaking of dating, in watching the latest Sandman video, he said that the only oes that will answer him on Tinder are Fillipinas and women with baby rabies. He’s in his mid thirties and in Toronto. There are a lot more who have swiped right (approved) in him but, they won’t return messages.
    I think that Tinder has been operating less than two years and it’s already dead as a venue.

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  55. Choicy says:

    Fuzzie, in areas like Toronto or Seattle I wouldn’t bother if I was Sandman mate. From dating sites we’re trying to find a more permanent relationship, and fair go mate its a bloody waste of time which I don’t think about any more. Best thing I ever did was go my own way and know in my mind MGTOW is what I am, mate. MGTOW the way I practice it is a way of living and not a creed. It frees me up to forget women and get on with my life, and what a change for the better it was. I decided women are just for sex which for me and Cillo is as easy as going into town although Cillo hasn’t done that for some time and it’s not my place to go into that. I gave up on dating sites years ago. They would drive a man to drink mate.

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  56. molly says:

    Thank you Choicy for the advice tho my beau might not like it! I know you joke. 😉

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  57. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I can’t let it drive me to drink. There is nothing sadder than a drunk five hundred pound black bear or, worse yet, a drunk eleven hundred pound brown bear that is passed out and can’t be moved.
    About all this, there is one thing to be said, “Grrrrrrrrrrrr!”

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  58. Choicy says:

    Yeah I got a bit carried away there molly but your beau is a good joker and he’ll see the joke. He knows this digger well enough by now and he knows Cill even better, so he knows our criminal sense of humor. 😉


  59. Choicy says:

    Good on you Fuzzie. It didn’t drive me to drink either mate. In the early days I let the hype put me on a high level of optimism from which I had a long way to fall down. Bloody waste of time, mate. MGTOW is the right way for this digger.

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  60. Cill says:

    Spawny and Choicy and friends

    Hi bro I’m Tom the Maori. The boss introduced us at his construction site. How goes it bro?


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  61. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Here’s another Molly link. No bikini clad actresses to clutter it up.

    This chase scene promted changes in vehicle equipment.

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  62. Cill says:

    good chase scene fwbear.

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  63. Choicy says:

    Yeah I remember you Tom. No offence mate but I could hardly miss you. Yeah I think a gmail account would be a waste of time for you, you didn’t look like the regular commenting type to me mate. Cheers.


  64. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Tom, your Welcome!

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  65. Sumo says:

    Re: dating advice – all I have to offer is the suggestion that a man learn how to cook. You would not believe the number of women who eye-rape me while I’m working (open kitchen, aka Dinner and The Mighty Sumo Show). Part of it is probably due to my stunning, exotic good looks, but I have no problem admitting that it’s mostly due to the kitchen skillz. 😉

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  66. Cill says:

    “all I have to offer is the suggestion that a man learn how to cook”

    I’ve never heard such a load of old bollocks Sumo bro.

    Could Bill Gates emulate your primeval sexual impact –
    Cooking? Throwing knives? Doing “Who’s yer daddy?” Tossing the fucking caber?


    [Cill edit: changed ’emanate’ to ’emulate’]

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  67. molly says:

    The Mighty Sumo is coooool as.
    I like the cut of his sirloin. 😛
    Hey Sumo Cill is right! Cmon. 😉

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  68. Cill says:

    Goodnight to you all. I’m not going to sleep, but time to be elsewhere.


  69. Sumo says:

    I like the cut of his sirloin.

    That’s what all the ladies say, Molls. 😉

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  70. Sumo says:

    Could Bill Gates emanate your primeval sexual impact –
    Cooking? Throwing knives? Doing “Who’s yer daddy?” Tossing the fucking caber?

    Slander and lies. I’ve never tossed a caber in my life.

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  71. molly says:

    Worst thou dubbed thee “Sir Loin” O mighty Sumo? 😛
    (joke) ❤

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  72. Sumo says:

    It’s all about the loins, honey. You’ll realize that when you’re older. 😀

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  73. molly says:

    URU. I’m me, molly. Both sides win 😉


  74. Sumo says:

    Well, yeah. Both sides usually “win” when The Mighty Sumo is involved. 😉

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  75. Farm Boy says:

    This comes from a lefty,

    Trump’s campaign is driven by backlash against PC. “Note, for example, how Trump turned the incident in which Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists humiliated Sen. Bernie Sanders to his own advantage. He didn’t bother drawing partisan lines or going after Sanders. Trump and his supporters couldn’t care less about any of that, and Trump until that point almost had almost never mentioned Sanders. Instead, he made it clear that he’d never allow himself to be shut down by a mob. That, for his loyalists, was the money shot, especially when Trump pretty much dared BLM to disrupt a Trump event, in effect inviting them for an ass-kicking. A lot of people loved that shtick, because they want to see someone—literally, anyone—stand up to groups like BLM, even if it’s in defense of poor Bernie, because they worry that they’re next for that kind of treatment. . . . The point remains that this is happening not because of an overly rightist GOP, but because American liberals, complacently turning away from the excesses of the left and eviscerating their own moderate wing, have damaged the two-party system

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  76. Tarnished says:

    Moe, I think your advice at 12:33 and 12:35 is a bit, shall we say, region specific. 😉

    What is the best way to learn to recognize IOI it is?

    Yes, this!
    Also, how does one avoid making an unintentional “IOI”, other than never relaxing one’s body language in public?


  77. Tarnished says:

    Why is it a strike against a female on a first date when she asks the male how his work went that day?

    On various MGTOW forums, I’ve seen members say that if their date brings up *any* questions regarding his career, she is mentally nexted on the spot. I find this strange, because…for most of the people I know…work takes up a significant portion of our lives. Why is it taboo to talk about something you dedicate 35-60 hours of your week to?

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  78. Yoda says:

    Easy to answer Tarn’s question it is.
    Makes her look like a gold digger it does

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  79. Tarnished says:

    Silly Yoda is.
    Asking “how was work today?” or “did you have any interesting customers/clients this afternoon?” dissimilar from gold-digging it is.

    Asking “what position do you hold at your job?” or “how much do you make?” gold digger flag it is. Also rude as fuck.

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  80. Yoda says:

    Men take discussions about work as an indirect attempt to learn about wealth and prospects they do.
    Men suspicious they can be

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  81. Yoda says:

    For example, asking general “how is work” question leads to these it can
    1. Is he a boss or not
    2. In what field he is
    3. What the future hold it might

    Many opportunities for gleaning info there is

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  82. Yoda says:

    Tension there is,

    Chancellor Faymann may just be acting politically to defend a policy that polls well, rather than having had a moral epiphany. But his comment cuts to the heart of the moral and intellectual hypocrisy of the “Refugees Welcome” policy: the pro-refugee factions, which see themselves as humanitarian paragons, have nonetheless managed to devise a program which in reality boils down to “if you survive the trip here, you’re welcome to stay.” . . .

    If you don’t want to use ships and ferries, then feel free to fly the refugees. A direct, one-way plane ticket from Istanbul to Berlin this Friday can be found for as little as $44. People smugglers, on the other hand, will charge between $800–$1300 (and up) for a seat on a rubber raft from Turkey to Greece. Then there’s the $335-435 charge to get between certain countries in the Balkans and southern Europe. And at each leg, there’s a chance of death—by drowning, by suffocating in a truck.

    So if it’s true that “refugees welcome”, why not just let them fly? Because an increasingly restive German public would go ballistic—but also because even the supporters of Angela Merkel’s policies know that Germany does not have the means to house and feed, much less employ and integrate, the numbers that would then come. Yet until recently, speaking of restrictionism was taboo among the German and European elite; even now, movement toward embracing deterrence—toward sending real signals that the journey north won’t be worth it and so not to come—progresses only slowly and haltingly in Berlin and Brussels.

    Right now, a series of do-gooder decisions have turned the journey from Syria and Africa to northern Europe into the Hunger Games. Is that really what moral policy looks like?

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  83. Yoda says:

    Rape culture there is not,

    It’s not brave to “speak out” on a topic that the media loves and will defend one on. It is brave to stand up for the truth despite what the media and activists claim is true.

    That is the case of Toni Airaksinen, a Barnard College sophomore who penned an essay for the Columbia Spectator dismantling the claim that colleges across the country are fostering a “rape culture.”

    Airaksinen spends her essay informing readers how a study purporting to show that one-in-five women will be sexually assaulted while in college is misleading. For starters, the study — from the Association of American Universities — uses a “ridiculously wide definition of sexual assault,” according to Airaksinen. This definition includes “everything from penetration to unwanted groping,” she writes

    Airaksinen writes that she, and arguably many of her friends, think “rape” when they hear sexual assault, or something “comparatively traumatizing.” She acknowledges that others, such as activists who parrot the one in five studies, view sexual assault as something that could include “unwanted touching or even street harassment.”

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  84. Spawny Get says:

    Meanwhile…in a real, true, glorious patriarchy.

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  85. Yoda says:

    Where Moe he did go?

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  86. Spawny Get says:

    At 12:35 in that video my irony meter pegged and then melted down.

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  87. Tarnished says:

    Men suspicious they can be.
    Warranted this is.

    Many opportunities for gleaning info there is.
    Difficult for direct, non-gleaning women to remember this at times it can be.

    Men take discussions about work as an indirect attempt to learn about wealth and prospects they do.
    Better for woman to begin speaking of amusing anecdotes and customers from *her* job for icebreaker, it is? Then decide he wants to share (or not) he might?

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  88. Cill says:

    What is the best way to learn to recognize IOI it is?

    Not from the scent?

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  89. Cill says:

    From watching my mates IRL:
    He’ll look at you a lot, pay attention to what you say, and in some cases, look as if he finds your mannerisms amusing (he thinks you’re cute). But you know this stuff already.

    Do you mean What is the best way to learn to recognize IOI when he seems to be showing no interest or is shy ?

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  90. John says:


    It’s time to end the war on personal freedom. Prohibition never works, as the past has proven time and time again. And the demand for prostitution will never go away, hence it is the world’s oldest profession. It’s high time to LEGALIZE IT, both for the sake of the women who engage in prostitution and the men who buy it.

    Contrary to false beliefs, the vast majority of women who engage in prostitution do so voluntarily. Therefore why should they not be allowed to legally trade sex for money? Also, legalizing prostitution would eliminate human trafficking since the very small percentage of women who are forced into prostitution would be able to go to the police for help. It would also eliminate the need for dangerous pimps.

    What about STDs? Actually you are far more likely to get an STD with a regular girl since people tend to use condoms less with regular women. With prostitutes, condoms are a necessity and therefore the risk of STDs is zero. The whole STD scare has been blown way out of proportion in order to make people afraid of sex.

    Studies also prove that when prostitution is legal, the number of rapes dwindles to practically zero. By keeping prostitution illegal, we are actually causing more women to be raped.

    But the core issue is that we have NO RIGHT to tell two consenting adults that they cannot trade sex for money. It’s time to legalize prostitution!

    [SG – sorry that I didn’t check the spam filter til now. You’re welcome to try and start discussion on this topic here, if you want. You won’t be alone regarding consent]

    I copied the comment body to here

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  91. Cill says:

    Or do you mean indications of interest online? Online would be open to all sorts of misunderstandings.

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  92. Tarnished says:

    Not from the scent?

    This is tricky to use, especially because a lot of people in my area wear a bunch of perfume or cologne. Even when they don’t, the tastefeel people give off doesn’t usually match the words coming from their mouths… :/

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  93. Cill says:

    Tarn from your last Like I take it you mean “when he seems to be showing no interest or is shy”. I’m not the right person to answer this. When I’m interested I show it, and I’m not shy.

    “seems to be showing no interest”: I’ve seen that sort of behaviour in kids at school. Why would a grown man pretend to show no interest?
    1. He’s scared of her boyfriend or her brothers?
    2. She looks sexy but he knows she’s a bitch?
    3. Some ego thing?
    4. He’s just plain old shy?
    5. ?


  94. Tarnished says:

    Re: IOI

    Yoda initially asked this question, so I was piggybacking off it to determine what are typical female IOIs to men, and how a woman could police herself to not accidentally show body language that could be misconstrued as such.

    I am good at verbally flirting and using witty ineuendos, either with my love or with customers who just like the banter…but absolutely suck at body language IOIs. I’m not subtle with my guy (I’ll lick his ear, or sit just-so on his lap and rub his chest, or nibble his neck while whispering not-at-all-innocent suggestions), and you pretty much have to hit me over the head with a publicly acceptable physical IOI for me to even notice it. So I get accused of “flirting” with customers from doing regular, innocuous things related to my job, like bending over or leaning on the counter.

    For Yoda: How can you recognize female IOIs?

    For Tarn: What are they?

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  95. molly says:

    My question for agony aunt Cill
    Will you ever get married or LTR?
    . 😛

    Off to work I go!

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  96. Cill says:

    “typical female IOIs to men”

    She turns her head a lot when she speaks, and angles it exposing the neck and throat, glances at him a lot with sparkly eyes, watches his eyes and mouth intently when he speaks, her eyes glancing eye to mouth and back rapidly.

    A dead giveaway is, she rests her fingers on his arm or during a laugh gives him a playful push on his shoulder as if to say “get away with you!”

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  97. Cill says:

    Will you ever get married or LTR?

    In the interests of objectivity I’ll pass that one over to Moe

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  98. Moehau Man says:

    Well I’d say he’ll marry the first foreign sheila he can drag off by her hair. That’s how I’d look at it if I was in his loin cloth, anyhow.

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  99. Sumo says:

    A dead giveaway is, she rests her fingers on his arm or during a laugh gives him a playful push on his shoulder as if to say “get away with you!”

    I hate that; one of the waitresses did that to me. I threw her into a wall before I realized what her intent was.

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  100. Cill says:

    “typical female IOIs to men” contd

    There’s also the long lingering appraisal thing I’ve mentioned before.
    She looks at his hair then slowly looks down his body to his shoes, taking in every detail on the way, then her gaze reverses direction and slowly travels up to his eyes. This is a deliberate come-on, like ‘yeah I’m interested big boy, watcha going to do about it?’


  101. Cill says:

    That would put a dampener on her ardour, bro?

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  102. Sumo says:

    Actually, not so much. 😉 I still felt guilty about it, though.

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  103. Moehau Man says:

    a lot of people in my area wear a bunch of perfume or cologne

    Now you talk language the good burgesses of the rugged Coromandel can understand. We wear bunches of stuff too, like nettles for thrills, or seaweed to attract a mate. Codpieces can be worn in a cluster as well.

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  104. Moehau Man says:

    Actually, not so much
    That foreign waitress sounds like a Moehau Man female.

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  105. Tarnished says:

    She turns her head a lot when she speaks, and angles it exposing the neck and throat…watches his eyes and mouth intently when he speaks, her eyes glancing eye to mouth and back rapidly.

    Shit. No wonder guys always think I’m interested.

    My hearing range goes more towards the higher frequencies, so if a male has a very deep voice or is not speaking clearly, I’ll cock my head a bit to pick up the sound better. Likewise, I will look at a person’s lips while they’re speaking (to understand them) and then back to their eyes (to make eye contact).

    Combined, I guess these could trigger guys into thinking I’m sending an IOI…when really, I just wish they’d speak a bit higher and not mumble. 😛

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  106. Moehau Man says:

    I’m scratching me head for dating advice to give young blokes.

    Mrs Moehau Man (my conscientious old mum) has just suggested a good one:

    On a date, bend over and ask your sheila to switch your arse with a Portugese Man O’ War. Last time that happened to me, my rager thrust into the sand and propped me up like an insect on a stick.

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  107. Tarnished says:

    A dead giveaway is, she rests her fingers on his arm or during a laugh gives him a playful push on his shoulder as if to say “get away with you!”

    Wouldn’t ever do that sort of thing, but did inadvertently used to nervously play with my hair when it was long, and I was working too long/couldn’t indulge in blissful INTJ solitude for days at a time. It was comforting in its softness, but apparently “playing with hair” is a IOI, too.

    Whelp…can’t do that one anymore, lol.

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  108. Cill says:

    A piece of dating advice from me: just being unusually attentive to a man can send an IOI. By unusually, I mean more attentive than than other women are on average. If you’re intently focused on what he’s saying and flicking your gaze up and down, a bloke could misread you. An experienced bloke won’t though.


  109. Cill says:

    With these comments I’m talking about blokes who are inexperienced or a bit innocent or naive. He could misread playing with your hair or tossing your head.


  110. Sumo says:

    just being unusually attentive to a man can send an IOI. By unusually, I mean more attentive than than other women are on average.

    Truth. At my work, and at most restaurants, we have a “family meal” every day, where all the staff sit down and eat together. One day, I had too much work to do, and I wasn’t able to sit with the rest of them. A couple of the girls asked me if I was going to join them, and sat down when I declined. One offered to bring me some chow so I could eat while I worked.

    The same one who took an impromptu flight into the wall, of course. 😉

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  111. Yoda says:

    Wonder if Darth Maul advice he might have.

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  112. Yoda says:

    Great that Big Red and Jar-Jar work so well together they do
    Keep themselves occupied means that others subjected to them they are not

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  113. molly says:

    Cill dodged my *marriage* question! Passed the buck to Moe.
    Moe at 6:17 pm.. I didn’t know he knows Cill so well!
    (heh heh)

    Back to work
    (busy busy)

    The boss is watching. I’ve got a tough boss, eh 😉

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  114. Cill says:

    Yoda at 7:53 pm

    Of course! That’s why Big Red has gone to ground (and it’s Jar-Jar who’s been doing the grinding).

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  115. Moehau Man says:

    My overall advice to you foreign blokes is, the way to a sheila’s heart is through her head.

    I’ve always found that a crisp rap on her pate with a Kauri Club works wonders, or if she’s a bit on the delicate side, you could rap her pate with an oblong rock. A codpiece would normally be a bit lightweight for the job, unless it happens to be occupied at the time.

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  116. Cill says:

    Warning to the unaware: Moe’s Kauri Club culture would not go down well in human society. Moe is a Moehau Man aka Sasquatch aka Bigfoot aka Yeti. Please keep this in mind when reading his comments.

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  117. Moehau Man says:

    Yes well, on a lighter note re high N:
    I overheard a bunch of Moehau Man boys chanting

    “My first sheila had ten ants
    Down in her blue canvass pants”

    When I found out what the foreign word “tenant” means, I laughed till me shoulders shook. Kids these days, I dunno what the rugged Coromandel is coming to.


  118. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    You need to see John Boorman’s “The Emerald Forest”. Conking a girl on the head was part of the wedding ceremony.

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  119. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I have to second what Yoda said about discussions about work. While this is all news to men, it says something about how trust has deteriorated between men and women. Your objections were reasonable. For the guys to defend themselves this way, is to presume the worst about beta bucks.

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  120. Yoda says:

    Perhaps check out the goods and pick up date this way one can,

    t wasn’t going to happen. This was not going to be a problem. Only honest-to-goodness women who were trapped in a men’s bodies by genes were going to use women’s locker rooms. Everyone would be well-intentioned and everyone would be comfortable. No big deal. Any concerns some might have about opportunistic voyeurism were an overblown panic.

    Except it wasn’t. Recently, a man who did not claim to be a trans-woman just walked into the women’s locker room at a Seattle public pool and started changing and watching the women change. A woman reported him. Staff asked him to leave. He resisted, asserting he was allowed to be there. He went for his swim and then returned to the women’s locker room when he was finished. A girls’ swim team was using the facility. Mothers complained, and he eventually left. The police were not called because if he identified as a woman, then he was within his rights, and if he did not, then the staff preferred to settle the issue without involving the police. The story got out when a witness called a radio station.

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  121. Moehau Man says:

    FYI on Moehau Man culture.

    Our voices sound a bit like a didgeridoo they do. The only noble foreign sound we ever heard is the didgeridoo. We tend to avoid thoughts of the land of the didgeridoos, though. The land of the Bunyip far across the sea. Bunyips are one of the few things can give a Moehau Man the heebie jeebies. And foreign sheilas who protest when we drag them off by the hair. It’s unnatural, they way they behave.

    FYI, TMI and other short sayings are very close to the way us Moehau Men speak, in grunts and snorts. AFAIAC we should go back to short sayings. That’s how Moehau Man spoke before foreigners got us started us on stupid words FFS.


  122. Moehau Man says:

    Mrs Moehau Man (my long-suffering old mum) told me I just went on a rant there, so I bonked meself on the head with a Kauri Club, leaving a good dent on it. Each new head-dent on a club adds to the wisdom embedded in it. Mine is known as the wisest Kauri Club on the rugged Coromandel. Anyone like a bonk?


  123. BuenaVista says:


    1. Preening (touching her hair, licking lips, looking at nails).

    2. Laughs, giggles — suddenly you’re the most amusing man in the world.

    3. Says pls and thank you.

    4. Compliment s.

    5. As noted before, physical touching: forearm, bicep, ‘bumping’ into your but or hips.

    6. Let’s you finish your sentences.

    7. Eye contact that would melt ice.

    8. Dresses for sexual success.

    9. Immediately responds to comms.

    10. Makes everything logistically easy.

    Ive only known three women who didn’t display at least half of these on the first date, if they were interested. One was Russian, one German, and one CIA. Each, however, was dressed to the nines: Chanel, louboutins, strategically placed jewelry.

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  124. Cill says:

    Yep. Agree with all that.


  125. Cill says:

    Something I never fully understood is, why do so many women look at a man’s shoes? When appraising him, they want to see the quality of the shoe’s he’s wearing. Has anyone else noticed this?

    I’m guessing it’s part of the wealth-checking process, but why do the shoes get so much attention?


  126. BuenaVista says:

    With Americanos, the way to confirm her interest, if you think she has some: Don’t do what the female dating coach, interviewed in the Wall Street Journal this week said: hug and air kiss. If a woman gives me a hug and turns her cheek, NEXT. A hug and an air kiss just means she wants another toy in her friendzone collection.

    You’ve got to plant them on her lips and see if she turns her head to avoid. A difficult lesson to learn after 20+ years being a Good Married Man, with zero dating experience. But 99% accurate. American girls are so licentious that you can generally move to more sexual matters immediately, if they kiss you back. Because, she’s sexually empowered. Be aware of this before you feel her up, or ask for a ride back to her car, if you really just want to go home and watch the end of the baseball game.

    The only times I got the cheek instead of the lips (from someone who proved to be interested) were with a German, a Bulgarian, and Miss CIA. Turns out the German wanted to get married, the Bulgarian sent me a naked selfie last summer (11 years after we met), and I’m not discussing the third.

    BTW, Russians don’t smile or touch much, and have contempt for men who are nicey-nice. The rules are different there.


  127. Yoda says:

    Moe wear shoes he does?


  128. BuenaVista says:

    Shoes: women are nutso about shoes. So they project some here.

    But as Mark Twain noted, a man buys every other article of clothing for others (i.e., business suit) but buys shoes (or workbooks) for himself.

    Injuries have done their work, so when I’m working on the farm I wear my German winter mountaineering boots, which I’ve had rebuilt twice — and women even notice those.

    I’ve been told that women assign value to a man’s shoes because it shows “attention to detail.” I don’t know about that. I just know that a pair of handmade British shoes both look sharp, and expensive, and that’s what girls want in their heels. So probably some projection, on top of being afraid of being at a party with a schlub.

    I pay attention to my nails, my watch and my shoes and they are a source of compliments. Evidently many men do not.

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  129. Yoda says:

    Analysis on the mark it is,

    Whatever you think of Romney’s remarks today, I think most people agree they’ll have very little effect.

    Romney isn’t talking to Trump voters. He doesn’t even seem to be trying, for the most part. He is talking to people who already agree with him.

    There’s a lot of consternation among the Establishment that, for example, Rush Limbaugh hasn’t done enough to denounce Trump. (BTW, Mark Levin has been screaming about Trump for almost two months now. But he gets no credit from the Establishment for that, and in fact is still lumped in with Hannity, because Levin supports the other candidate the Establishment finds so distasteful, Ted Cruz.)

    But the question I’d ask is this: Why do you need Limbaugh to denounce Trump? That is to ask: Why is it that you have none among your own number with the credibility with the base, and/or working class voters, who could denounce him?

    Why is it, in short, that you find yourself in a position where you have desperate need of someone trusted and respected by the base and/or working class, but must enlist such persons from outside your own ranks?

    Why isn’t there someone with credibility with these people a quick phone call away from Romney, Ryan, and the rest of the gang?

    Why do no major GOP officials or high partisans have any kind of moral authority and popularity sufficient to denounce Trump?

    The answer is simple: Because rather than incorporating outsiders into their movement — coopting them, forging tactical alliances with give-and-take – the Establishment has instead pursued a strategy of simply squelching such persons and closing them off from any position of influence completely.

    Let’s look at the Freedom Caucus. A group of 40 Representatives which has a lot of credibility with Trump voters (I assume) due to their outsider view of politics and (generally) anti-amnesty agenda.

    Sure would be a good thing if Paul Ryan could call upon them now to urge voters to abandon Trump.

    But Ryan can’t do that. Because the establishment has spent years making fun of them, calling them stupid and crazy, etc. Freezing them out of all positions of power. Hell, Boehner actually had a plan to strip them of what few committee postings they had. (He didn’t go through with it.)

    Instead of co-opting this force, they instead ran liberal SJW exclusion/ostracism games on them.

    Not to mention the constant denigration of Limabaugh and Levin as the “Entertainment Wing.” Hey, maybe that’s why they’re not exactly rushing to bail your asses out of this one, guys.

    Is this a Big Tent party, or is this a party an exclusive little cocktail party for a certain breed of government-friendly, liberal-assumption-conceding, Upwardly Mobile Middle Class Professional (or Aspriational) Country-Club types?

    And yeah, let me once again repeat my observation that the same people saying that Trump is the New Hitler are still unwilling to even consider rallying behind Cruz, because Cruz is Not Quite Our Class, Dear.

    He’s Annoying and Loves Jesus, so, obviously, he won’t do.

    Gotta be the guy who most represents our class — or we’ll Burn it all down our own damn selves.

    If you spend four years disappointing members of your would-be coalition, promising the heavens and delivering.., the Ex-Im Bank, then another two years actively pounding them down into nothing, you’re going to learn, at a time most inconvenient to you, that it really would have been far better to seek accommodation with a somewhat different (but still very similar) bunch of people, instead of fighting to keep All the Toys for All the Time.

    As Princess Leia wisely observed, the tighter you clench your fist, the more systems will slip through your fingers.

    You share power with people who you need as allies. You do not seek to deny them every single bit of influence in the decision-making apparatus but then demand they rush to your aid when you’ve found you’ve shriveled the party into a pale, sickly thing, bent and stupid from inbreeding.

    A herd that is genetically monoculture is easily wiped out by a change in climate. Herds that survive tough times are genetically diverse.

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  130. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It has to be projection. The reasons why you or I would prefer one type of shoe over the other is not in line with what women think. They use shoes and accessories to project status to other women.


  131. Spawny Get says:

    Yoda, that is NOT a good reason. You keep Smiley Virus. She’s yours. Deal with it.

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  132. BuenaVista says:

    I would emphasize that a woman who wants to see you, makes it easy to see you (she makes the logistics easy). You’ll notice this before, during and after the first date. She might be a total PITA to other men, but if she likes you, she’ll change her schedule.

    Just as it’s rare to hear “please” or “thank you” from a woman today, so too is it unusual for one to say, “Let me call you back, I need to see if I can move my meeting.

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  133. BuenaVista says:

    Of course there are other IOIs.

    There’s the comment from the woman whom you’ve known for 20 minutes: “I think I should go home with you tonight.”

    There’s the woman who invited you to the Vineyard, who starts undulating her hips on the porch swing, staring, an hour after she picked you up at the field.

    There’s the woman who invites you up for a drink, and walks out of the powder room in her thong.

    There’s the married woman who sends you an email: “I think we should have an affair.”

    Basically, it’s gotten pretty easy to discern American IOIs.

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  134. Liz says:

    “Basically, it’s gotten pretty easy to discern American IOIs.”

    You’ve unlocked the code for all those women engaged in such subtle arts of seduction, BV? 😛

    Actually, the old stalker (haven’t seen her since she stole our pineapple over a year back) sent Mike a text, and one of the things she mentioned was her “subtle art of seduction” (while also using words like “juicy” and “vulgar” and “come fuck on my boat, the kids are asleep”
    It was quite subtle.


  135. Spawny Get says:

    The Swiss parliament has voted to withdraw the country’s long-standing application to join the European Union (EU) amid a row on immigration.

    The National Council, the lower house of the Swiss parliament, voted by 126 to 46 to formally withdraw the application, 24 years after the country first applied for membership of what was then the European Community (EC). The withdrawal motion will now go to the Council of States.

    Lukas Reimann of the Swiss People’s Party proposed the motion, arguing it was “high time” to withdraw the application, and that Switzerland should no longer be treated as a country that wants to join the EU.

    He also gave a good-luck message to the people of Britain who wish the quit the bloc: “This is a clear and historical message from the Swiss parliament to British voters. We wish you the best of luck for Brexit. These days, Switzerland is called Britzerland because Swiss people support the Brexit”.

    “A big advantage of leaving the EU,” he said, “Is free trade worldwide, not only between the member states, making it easier and cheaper for British companies to export their goods to the rest of the world. The boost to income outweighs the billions of pounds in membership fees that Britain would save if it left the EU.”

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  136. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    While it is an empty threat from Miley Cyrus, I do wish it were a promise. Rather than go where you are, could we suggest someplace warm, like tropical Africa?

    After a little more thought about Cill’s question about shoes, it is amazing that women can relate to men on any level at present. They have given themselves over to too much fru-fru. For instance, bedrooms decorated entirely in pink. If decor is described as “masculine” is is clean, ordered, simple, and functional.

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  137. Liz says:

    And NO folks out there Mike did not fuck this person.
    He has taste (obviously!). 😛
    Point is, she weren’t coy.

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  138. Spawny Get says:

    Someone looking around Spawny’s Old Town House commented on how masculine the decor was. Wishing to sell the house, I decided to keep my big fat gob shut.

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  139. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    I hadn’t known that about Switxerland. Why would the EU drag their feet about admitting them?
    More to the point, while Norway is one of the original NATO countries, they never bothered with the EU. From all that can be seen, no harm done and, maybe they are better off.

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  140. Spawny Get says:

    I didn’t even know that the coffin lid was loose, but it looks like they put another nail in it anyway

    Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, announced her support for Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)97%
    and said she would like to be Ted Cruz’s “trans ambassador” if he becomes president.

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  141. Yoda says:

    A mob of 30 migrants chased three teenage girls through a German mall before threatening police officers, local media has reported.

    The men, thought to be from Afghanistan, are said to have used their smartphones to film the girls at the Sophienhof mall in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein state.

    Police officers were called out after several shoppers reported that 30 men of ‘immigrant background’ were following the girls, aged

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  142. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    I don’t think that I could last a whole day in the Vatican. From pictures, it’s all Rococo.I heard a story about a decorator who ran screaming from a fully restored Victorian house in Eureka CA in the middle of the the night.

    Of course hen never touknowwhat withe her. That is why she wants him. That here advances are so tacky underlines the attitude that so many modern women have. Men are expected to be their sex slaves at the drop of a hankerchief.

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  143. Cill says:

    What about this . Do you think it was a come on?

    On top of a crystal glass that smelled of lemon:

    Sleep well Sweetheart
    See you in the morning
    Water and Lemon Juice

    No, it was not from M


  144. Liz says:

    He had to keep all her texts for evidence of the exchange (to show he did not reciprocate at all) just in case. She is one true psycho. She was separated at the time and her husband was a friend of Mike’s. It was super weird.


  145. Yoda says:

    No, it was not from M

    Perhaps 007 it was.
    Trying to keep up with the times MI6 might be


  146. Cill says:

    I decided to keep my big fat gob shut.

    One brief sentence shatters my illusion of BTMSGL

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  147. Cill says:

    Perhaps 007 it was.
    It came from someone who had snuck under my radar. I had no idea.


  148. Yoda says:

    A new post there is


  149. fuzziewuzziebear says:


    She’s a nutter. I hope that, with time, she’ll find someone else.

    Spawny Get,
    The prospective buyer was llooking for a reason to fault the propery. Had it be decorated with the wrong feminine touch, she would really have been incensed.

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  150. Tarnished says:

    Wow. She is a real piece of work, Liz. Holy crap.

    Men are expected to be their sex slaves at the drop of a hankerchief.

    Weird, isn’t it? Women are “empowered” by using a Not Tonight, Dear excuse, even for weeks at a time (Google: Sex Spreadsheet guy), but if a man isn’t harder than Chinese algebra when the woman in his life is ready to go…suddenly he “has erectile dysfunction” or “doesn’t love her anymore” or is even “refusing sex as passive aggressive manipulation”. Obviously this last one is a bright, flaming double standard.

    Here’s a radical idea:
    Maybe he’s a person with too much going on mentally and emotionally to get in the mood.
    Shock and awe, amiright?

    said she would like to be Ted Cruz’s “trans ambassador” if he becomes president.

    Oh, for the love of…
    *resumes facepalming the wall*

    For instance, bedrooms decorated entirely in pink.

    Despite living with her boyfriend and being over the age of 20, one of my sisters has done this. I avert my eyes while visiting them, for fear of sudden optical hemorrhaging.

    Something I never fully understood is, why do so many women look at a man’s shoes?

    FwB and I went shoe shopping together last month, actually. He got a pair of blue and green sneakers, mine were black (hides work related scuff marks). Buy 1, Get 1 Half-off sale, bitches. 😀

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  151. Tarnished says:

    Says please and thank you.

    Oh, you mean that thing we learn in kindergarten that only about 12% of adults seem to remember? 😉

    Immediately responds to comms.

    Sorry, but what the heck are “comms”? Communications…like calls and texts?

    I have to second what Yoda said about discussions about work. While this is all news to men, it says something about how trust has deteriorated between men and women.

    Truth. I guess I’d just be a bit sad to not be able to talk about said topic. I usually enjoy my job, and think you can tell a lot about a person from where they choose to work and why.
    Are they in a field they love? Do they dread going in everyday? Do they hate it and only put up with it for the paycheck? Is it something worthwhile, even in the barest form, or is it purely a soulsucking make-work cubicle hell? Do they have customers or coworkers that make everything awesome…or not?

    See? So very much to talk about, and none of it has to do with what numbers are on their paystub! But…I understand how this is maybe not what a modern man would be expecting. :/

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  152. Tarnished says:

    Re: please and thank you

    Most often, my man and I will do this in German. Forget when we started doing so…must’ve been years ago.

    Sometimes, we’ll say to each other or our friends “you’re awesome” or “radical, dude” instead of “thanks”. Yeah, we’re wild and crazy like that. 😉

    The important thing is, that everyone knows that they are appreciated and not taken advantage of. Acknowledgement of doing something good/nice shouldn’t be over the top, but it still needs to be there.


  153. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    There is one good thing to say about these guys, they are trying to minimize beta bucks. Take beta bucks out of it, and it would force women to be honest with men.


  154. Tarnished says:

    There is one good thing to say about these guys, they are trying to minimize beta bucks.

    Agreed. This is a good thing. Like you said though, it’s sad to see how far the sexes have fallen from each other that a man has to read into what a woman says…just to protect himself. The honest few among us are hit hardest, methinks.

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  155. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Straight players are hit hardest. At the rate we aer going, they may never find each other.


  156. Wow, how did I miss this thread? Ah well, I have probably asked enough questions about dating over the time we’ve all known each other that I would just be repeating myself. 🙂

    I have recently discovered that dating can actually be a lot of fun, with the right person. Refreshingly drama/angst/question/ambiguity free. Like that! I’ve heard people talk about it before, but have never experienced it myself until now.

    Ahhhhhhh………. 🙂

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  157. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Good for you! You’re due a break.

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  158. Yoda says:

    For RPG this is,

    Notice the McDonalds dripping in Patriarchy one should

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  159. Cill says:

    John at 5:30 pm
    I wrote this post: “Prostitution More Honest than Marriage”

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  160. Tarnished says:


    I wholeheartedly agree! The points you made pan out according to my own research as well. Unlike Cill, I never knew any prostitutes per se…It being illegal in my state and all. However, in college I did attend classes with a couple young ladies who were “escorts”. Very knowledgeable and kind they were, and incredibly aware of what their job entailed. They quite voluntarily decided to take on said job, nobody forced them. And they were happy.

    Sadly, I think we in the US will see a mass legalization of marijuana before prostitution. 😦


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