To Be, Or Not To Be — For Men, That is the Question Not

This concept has been touched on before, but here it has not always been well received.  That is, men have to accomplish, and women just have to be.  This is especially true for young women.

Society still expects men to work.  The bible does also.  Probably that is where much of the expectation started.  Men who are not working are considered to be bums.  The shaming aspect is high.  But not only does a man have to work, he is expected to work at his maximum ability.  If he is trying to attract a woman, this is true.  If he has a family this is also true.  These views don’t look like they are going to change anytime soon.

For women, it is very different.  A modern young woman really doesn’t have to do anything.  She just has to be.  It used to be that there was an expectation of domestic skills, an attempt to stay presentable, and level of general graciousness. Today, a plain young woman who is not fat is like a golden child.   She is maybe in the 80th percentile.  She can get lots of attention and resources from men.  She, like all women who desire it, can also get lots of attention and resources from the government.

And what is it with all of the fat girls in high school these days?  At that age, one has to work hard to be fat.  Yet, it seems that the majority of high school girls are so.  But then again, they still have “customers” even so.

NAWAF — Not All Women Are Fat

NAWJSB — Not All Women Just Sit Back

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  1. Spawny Get says:

    “To be, or not to be…”

    Make me an offer, or rather, make me another offer


    *looks around* what else do yer got?

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  2. Spawny Get says:

    Leggy has a not so merry chrimbo

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  3. Dragonfly says:

    LOL that tree is scary is Spawny!

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  4. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Someone told me the story of how the angel ended up on top of the Christmas tree. Santa was having a very bad day and the little angle said “Merry Chridtmas, Santa!” and that is all it took. It looks like the Grim Reaper caught it too.

    Farm Boy,
    It has always been that women are human beings and men are human doings. What is different now is that all the incentives to men, even pride, have been taken away. We are at a social crossroads because men have to find other reason to live.

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  5. Tarnished says:

    That’s my type of tree topper, Spawny!

    A modern young woman really doesn’t have to do anything.  She just has to be.

    But what kind of person would be content with “just being”? A rock is capable of “just being”, and that’s as low a bar as you can get. How could someone live with themselves, knowing that they have no accomplishments? I would think that the normal, human desire for action and creativity should make it almost impossible to be this way.

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  6. Yoda says:

    But what kind of person would be content with “just being”?

    Galaxyfulls of sentient beings like this there would be.
    Look very far for such you should have to not

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  7. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Tarn’s comment struck a chord in me. In the nineteenth century, being “accomplished” did add to a woman’s attraction. Playing musical instruments, learning foreign languages, and all the parlor learnt talents counted. I don’t think that present day women are as motivated. Maybe that has been replaced with career?

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  8. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    While I don’t know how much more lami8nate you have to lay, here is another four hours from the Honey Badgers. Good grief, ten hours to fisk a one hour BBC program.
    I haven’t seen it yet.

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  9. Tarnished says:

    Look very far for such you should have to not

    True, but my question was not a rhetorical one. Literally, what would the personality of a human who is content with simply being…not gaining knowledge, learning skills, etc…look like?

    Maybe that has been replaced with career?

    Methinks you are correct that merely having a career is automatically seen as a major accomplishment nowadays, especially by women. Strange, as Forbes has found that the majority of career women would actually prefer to either be part-time/work under 20 hours a week, or be a housewife. This is quite a significant disconnect between socially condoned goals vs personally desired ones.

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  10. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    They would like to have the option to scale back or stay at home but, most families are carrying so much debt that both parents have to work.


  11. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I just completed the Hiney Badger video. All four hours of it.

    To add to the original post, not only are women human beings and men human doing but, feminism had made women into goddesses and men into demons. There is sno wonder that men and boys do not want to participate.


  12. Spawny Get says:

    Hi Fuzzie,
    do they get any more focused on topic? I lost patience with the wittering before getting far into part two.


  13. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    Their chief virtue and vice is that they are unfocused. That’s why it took them ten hours to cover this and, in three parts. There is a lot of knowledge but, it’s all coming out without any sense of order. To be honest, I like a lecture format better. Less time and you take it in straight.
    They do cover the part where Reggie digs into Roosh.
    If you’re linstening while doing other things, it may be profitable.

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  14. Spawny Get says:

    Okay Fuzz, I’m going in

    For you


  15. Yoda says:

    Hiney Badger

    An appealing thought this is not.

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  16. Spawny Get says:

    Fourteen minutes in and…nothing of interest. Fuck this shit. This self indulgent shit.


  17. Spawny Get says:

    “To be honest, I like a lecture format better. Less time and you take it in straight.”

    Plus lots.


  18. Yoda says:

    Hibernation season it is.
    Bears easily sleep they should


  19. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    They do like the sound of their own voices. Since Tarn is likely fast asleep, I hope this will cheer you up.

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  20. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Sorry about “Hiney Badgers”.
    I should be sleeping.


  21. Spawny Get says:

    PFUDOR? Well, it made me laugh (I didn’t watch it though)

    ‘Hiney Badgers’ I reckon they’d laugh at that too.

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  22. Spawny Get says:

    This should be better

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  23. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Spawny Get,
    In our little corner of the internet, there is always someone singing off key.
    Not so with Reggie Yates.
    All opinions come down to him being a stinker.

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  24. Spawny Get says:

    DD is much better

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  25. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I like her too. Having listened to Karen Straughan for years, she likes to talk and go off topic. While she can give good information, a lot of it is tangentaial.

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  26. Spawny Get says:

    I’ve actually enjoyed a few of the rantzerkers. It’s just the latest three that irritated me so much, recently at least. I wrote a summary of what I thought went on, didn’t take long to read. DD did two episodes in one video.

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  27. It’s true, many women do seem to just “be.” I wonder if its a combo of them not being raised w traditional role expectations plus the self esteem movement — they have been clapped and cheered on from childhood just for being a girl?!?

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  28. Yoda says:

    DD is much betterl

    Double Damn.
    Many a man agree they might
    But too big for me they would be.
    Envelop me such things would.

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  29. molly says:

    I was clapped and cheered on for being a girl. My mum told me to watch out for it, and I heard it all the time. “Girls can do anything”, girls are better than boys! As I know it’s a lie, it gets on my nerves! I like to turn it off by naughty thoughts like dumping an icecream on a fembot! XD I am obsessed LOL

    [Cill edit: The emphasis is mine. I thought it might be a good idea to add it 😉 ]

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  30. Moehau Man says:

    Yes well, a Moehau Man female could do more than a foreign sheila, I reckon. Foreign sheilas have hairless little arms. As Mrs Moehau Man (my shrewd old mum) observed, “What’s the point of hairless arms? Hairs stick straight out under arousal, that’s what hairs are for. Hairless arms are pointless.”

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  31. Moehau Man says:

    That’s why sex with that foreign sheila Big Red wouldn’t have been too bad if I’d had a gag to shove in her gob. She didn’t have many arms hairs to stick out, but the hairs on her chest sure did.

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  32. molly says:

    It’s Xmas Eve tonight! 🙂

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  33. In my babysitter’s culture, girls (and boys) are raised to work and contribute to the family right from a you g age. Gender roles are traditional so girls cook, clean, do laundry, help with childcare, etc. boys might help dad in his biz, and do the more “male” type chores. Because they shun pop culture and only use Internet for school projects, the kids aren’t spending time playing video games etc. they are not allowed to date or hang out unsupervised so they are mostly at home helping out. Being a hard worker is part of their faith, as well. It’s not a bad way to live.

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  34. Spawny Get says:

    DD? The second clip

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  35. CF says:

    Like fuzziewuzziebear had mentioned I have yet to find enough women today to count on my hand that have any sort of hobbies that are noteworthy– shopping, gossiping, binge watching Netflix don’t count. Having a “career” is fine and all but its not interesting. It doesn’t reflect you as a person. A career is something that has been rolled out by someone else. So what you have a career to do what with? Buy more things that you don’t need? That will only make you have to work even harder because of the debt you incur from spending your money on “stuff”. Hobbies or side- projects entrepreneurship show a persons real passion because its theirs. Not societies dream.

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  36. Cill says:

    Spawny, any ideas for a banner for the “Greetings of the Season” post? There’s a draft (very incomplete) in WP Admin.


  37. Cill says:

    I could use Ed Miliband choking on bacon again, but it’s no longer current

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  38. SFC Ton says:

    We have a whole underclass apparently content with just being but on the other hand, being content should be valued and comes from when you are happy in the moment, with what you have, what you have done, who you are etc

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  39. Spawny Get says:

    Corbyn is too obscure

    Hillary vs Trump?
    Hillary as a convict?

    There are some good videos of Trump as Darth Vader


  40. Liz says:

    CF! We have a new poster!
    Welcome CF. 🙂

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  41. Guests says:


    hello all! from cill’s guests now arriving

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  42. Merry Christmad Cill and crew!

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  43. Liz says:

    Hi Cill’s guests! Merry Christmas!

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